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6-17 7:10am Scoot, Jimmy Graham & politicians

Jun 17, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about Jimmy Graham and whether you've ever been disappointed by a politician

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- about this eighteen Wheeler stuck on the high rise zero in from the world -- music you know an eighteen Wheeler. If a vehicle like that is having any trouble at all a high rice is going to be the big test. If you get over the high -- you just I doubt -- human. It's gonna challenge the vehicle you guys and it's going to be a problem did not that darn thing that you stuck in the traffic in -- on the high rise in mean it is it is a beautiful day that's though. Highest vantage point for the city you'd get a good view of a New Orleans so so just kind of applause yeah yeah -- back in May be able hot coffee some practice. -- three read the paper listened to the radio went well David this past weekend there were 35000. Jehovah's Witnesses and meeting in New Orleans convention at the Mercedes and superdome. And living downtown I always get a gauge of of what it's like when different groups are yes you dearly and I and I always find your gauges fascinating on on the different. Completely different groups that come into town and they all have their own personalities. We could not advance for a nicer. Better behaved. We could not have asked for a better dressed group of people to -- in New Orleans in the jehovah's witness octagon I mean they were just they were polite. On a lot of families they were that we get -- they would leave the hotels going to their their meetings in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Coats and ties kids -- dressed. Aren't they were a really really manners yes very very polite they were a great. Addition to that the city over the weekend now. If if you know if you're a barn you're looking for tips it in a bar and I don't know if it was a good group for for that but you know -- -- odds -- good on the bruise on every every group is not going to be good for for everybody. I would think that some of the the clubs in the French Quarter point on it's seen as much action as they'd see when other conventions are -- but overall. We could not advance for a nicer. Better dressed group of people -- be in -- in the Jehovah's Witnesses to come back against him -- glad to hear about it was a nice crowd -- is Jimmy Graham at tight end or wide receiver Robert -- grievance hearing is today. I am still confused about -- you just don't hate the player that the best regardless of the position and if if the tight end. Is better than a wide receivers and you pay the tide in the war. But this could mean five million dollars and -- in money for Jimmy Graham. All you've heard all morning about. The experts telling us want Jeremy Graham has accomplished in. Just a couple of years that is never. Never been done before in the NFL and the house so. The guy's got an argument he doesn't want to be limited but he thinks he needs to get more because he's producing. More than tight ends do. Here's an update on our WW -- -- general opinion poll is Jimmy Graham a tight end or wide receiver 76%. -- -- -- -- -- 24% say so wide receiver so. Lot of -- responding in this David are not siding with Jimmy grain on and off his and his agent. And I I've always had this sense that in this particular case if Jimmy Graham. Appears to want to which money I think some fans are going to be willing to -- goodbye even though he has been such a great addition to the saints and while I would hate to see that happen if you wanna join our show with your comments your whole state witness were gonna get to your calls are just a moment. If you wanna join us with your comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is 87870. Also President Obama is sending about 275. Marine and army soldiers. I into Iraq they're going to be on the ground and the going to be armed. Does this concern you something else we'll talk about also we've been talking about. A congressman Vance McAllister the guy who got caught making out whether a marriage staffer. He ran on family values now he he he was he was asked to resign by a lot of different people including governor Jindal and now he says he's leaning toward running for reelection do you forgive him and should he. I'm astute in the morning in for Tommy Tucker will be right back with you all of your comments and to be WL. President controversy concerning the American flag it's in a suburb of Denver in Littleton Colorado and -- blog today is titled should the US flag be exempt from neighborhood rules because this is America. And it's a US flag. However. This controversy involves a guy who lives in neighborhood that only allows the current American flight. To be displayed. And he made the horrific mistake of putting up the Betsy Ross. The American flag which is a thirteen stripes at thirteen stars. In a circle and a blue background where there's fifty stores are now scoop like us on our website at WWL dot com from New Orleans Carlos your WW. -- -- -- America pageant glam you know -- -- humble means they -- him and immediately. Audience that -- a little bit. Of change. And the rookie it can be. Years so you can make him a little bit. Anybody. Did that. And that is that your tactic -- And -- are paying them -- I. Guess is that I think are present a bit. So it. Should look at the Pentagon and shame so you'll get more. -- And Carlos are are you still confused like Miami it's just seems to me that the best player should get paid regardless of the position -- we only pay this much for. This position I I got a text earlier from somebody said well he should apply for another position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know should be pretty -- out in -- may make it work. Carlos of Politico the -- and have a great day here's a Texas Jimmy Graham a tight end. I don't know well anyway I can't continue to read that when I -- inevitably it's Baxter would come in and make light of the the fact that we're talking about tight ends and wide receivers. Here's a text and Jimmy is a great player many records many accomplishments as a tight end. He's not all white out. Here's detects the Regis Jimmy Graham got shut out I shut down during the playoffs. They know how to play him now. Let's see how he does this season. -- -- something else that I've noticed with a lot of players and like I guess it did is centers around the big human idea of of complacency satisfaction. I see a lot of players over the years get the big contract they wanted. And the next year. Is a down year it's not a it's not a stellar year. And it's almost predictable. It's almost as if well okay they they worked hard to get what they thought they were worth they got what they were worth. And and they didn't play with the same kind of intensity. If you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven or text number is 87870. Here is a text. That reason Jimmy Graham set for four years. And kept his mouth shut. Even though he could have easily. Set out and asked for more money. He wondered at the time so now it's time to pay up and and that's indicative of a lot of the a -- that are coming and also this morning we're talking about. A congressman from the fifth district this -- the guys caught making out with this married a staffer. And he ran on Christian values. And was highly criticized the governor of Louisiana Jindal. Should he should resign and a lot of people say he should resign. But he he he's leaning toward running for reelection here's a -- -- most people that how Christian values. Are hypocrites. Themselves. If you wanna join Russia with a -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- your -- Texas 8787. It's seven -- I'm -- -- for Tommy Tucker and here's another WL traffic update -- -- Robinson. Is going to be another hot day today so be prepared for that also just like yesterday possibility of some big thunderstorms. Erupting so keep that in mind this year. Driving around if you're stuck in traffic coming in from new world seized. There's a breakdown eighteen Wheeler on a high rise eleven of the traffic update coming up -- news here. In just a few minutes on WWL I -- in for Tommy to record ledger witness do you forgive -- McAllister for making out with that married staffer. And charity run for reelection. Is it wrong to. Two. Hold this. This congressman accountable. When other congressman make mistakes as well. Look I think the guy should be judged on what he did an end in office now if he continues to make out with married people. That's different. But people do make mistakes he says he's a better person. Because of what's happened he's a better father. Better congressman. And just a better person. Does making out with a merry staffer does being involved in a sex scandal disqualify you. From being a respected politician. As I said I think the biggest mistake that people like -- -- make is they brag about their Christian values. To get your vote. I mean god doesn't endorse people. But people proclaimed that essentially god is endorsing them and they use god as as an endorsement. And they don't always fulfilled their Christian value promises. When we see them in in real life so that's the big mistake and it. I guess politicians can't be -- because people will. Will buy into this idea although that's a good Christian I'm gonna vote for him but how many times have we all. Been disappointed. If you enjoyed a show with a comet this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a tech support is -- 7870. Here is a text of it breeds and I Jimmy -- is just trying to milk the saints for all their worth. With the crop of talent. The saints had at receiver. That this offseason -- Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham -- and well I'm not sure I can read what this Akron and I think what it -- orbit anyway that the point is. But we have a lot of talent when it comes to wide receivers. I hear is -- an update on our -- you'll pretty -- opinion poll is Jimmy Graham at tight end or wide receiver. 77%. Say sit tight and it only -- 3% season wide receiver. So most of the people responding to this to this poll. Do not side with Jimmy Graham and they say a year tight yet. Here is a text. About two Christians and politicians. Claiming to be a Christian doesn't mean. You're going to be perfect. Should someone with a drinking problem not warn others but the danger. That's an interesting point. But. When you use. Christian values moral values. To run for office. And then disappoint people because you don't act the way you said you were going to act even though it's in European private life that. I think that's very hypocritical and I think it exposes. That so many people use god. -- as an endorsement to run for office and voters need to be Smart enough to realize that. And not just automatically buy into somebody who's spews Christian values. Christian values are great they're criticizing Christian values. I criticizing those who use god to run for office. -- from Gonzales David you're under the W a good morning. Morris who aren't sure David. Our retirement on -- -- situation yeah. Are. On football many years and our program there's attack him because it cannot block. Why we put on a wide open system because we cannot be your. And nitpick these he called back due to. That review. All week that. Saw big. Player on all. No I do understand that he is he is unique in in the NFL and their other tight ends that have played a similar roles. He's a great asset to the saints do you think they should pay him whatever he's asking. Made -- back to the world did he act to give him point. You don't you're in between what you -- about it won't make out now called open and you have. You cannot be denied it and it -- -- and I cannot. It. And luckily. On. Jimmy Graham. He ought to spew it out. All -- once it. David and logical -- you have a great day have you ever been disappointed by a politician. Have you ever not been disappointed by a politician mean politicians disappoint us as McAllister not the first one I mean I didn't know that much about it so I can't tell you that it -- That disappointed. That he was caught making out with a -- personally I'm disappointed that somebody again would use god as an endorsement during their campaign. And then not act the way they claim they're going to act once they're elected if you wanna join us with your comment this morning numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Weights heavy tax is a 7870. It's 7:30 on Tuesday morning -- -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker here's Debbie WL those updates -- -- and David did a lot of a lot of the response to the controversy whether Jimmy Graham is says a tight end or our wide receiver. Here's a quick update on a WWL pretty general opinion polls -- 4% say is -- tied in only two he's 6% say -- a wide receiver. A lot of people don't think he should be. Considered tight end because he doesn't really block and he's he's put in in the offensive schemes Ortiz -- protected from for blocking -- is supposed to catch the ball. Now most of the time he's a wide receiver according to the numbers on. Will. It's gonna be real interesting to see. When the decision does come down you heard Mike -- to alienate. Who I trust emphatically. With his knowledge of the game and how things work and he thinks Graham's gonna win this battle. And you know get that extra money self. I don't know it's and then we got some fans count kind of turn a little bit on Jeremy. Los Angeles gonna talk about this or 1 o'clock and I should be joined by Kristian -- T body there and Doug -- -- from -- -- eyewitness sports talk about that at 1 o'clock. And then of course the experts this afternoon we'll be talking about this. On every WL from Gonzales Charles welcome to the show this morning. -- A couple of comments yet about their program involved. It's all the time. You were practically an upper arm where where church. Well leaders or entities -- or not at all. So here's what you have no idea whether block. Lamentable block some of -- You know that's leader here and there are. He's a tight end. Well -- really you'd welcome if you. Look at it only argument here is. That it where he can sign a contract like -- year. So what are what are what counts not which it will consult them probably in that medical. Well I'm hit I'm still bothered by the idea of its opposition only pays so much of me what if he gets somebody who is so good at that position. Where you you pay what their work regardless of the position -- play that should be inconsequential. -- Contract agreed to a contract or. What laughter what are the that the difference between -- sentiment importantly. Because. -- what the future or your public. These fabric. To go there you know. Position. And -- specify that you and contractors to. What position they play. -- you know in this particular -- Just. Dictating what region might seek to negotiate which I'm sure. And -- that would -- homeowners and. Here Charles I'm glad you called have a great day here is a text. There are about to politicians and using god as an endorsement -- -- most of politicians believe that god endorses them. Most Christians believe that whoever wins. It's the will of god. Here is attacks -- -- players should have a base -- based on the position. -- treated with -- bonuses based on performance I think to some degree that that does happen. I'm student for Tommy Tucker your -- -- -- if you and join us with your comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Servants of the text is 87870. And we'll be right back on WWL. I put a lot of thought into it and the bumper music we play that's radio terminology for the songs that we play it out of the ranks. And I thought we would just. -- some classical music distillate here with that sounds like. I have students -- time. Under the -- little classical music download and the US won their first game of the World Cup in soccer and then. Boeing is here and what's in -- they've begun a two to one that was an amazing victory because -- that's not that's not our sports. The way it is in other countries to agreed to seated the US went -- discuss blog is titled should the US flag be exempt from neighborhood rules. And this is about a controversy in a Colorado outside of Denver. The guy who put up a Betsy Ross American -- -- 200 dollars because. The homeowners association in his subdivision. Only allow the current American -- to be displayed. But also this brings up a bigger issue about should the American flag be exempt from neighborhood rules since this is America. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour and -- you can read it -- -- others it's on our website at WWL to account. I I've read all of your text they're still coming in I'll get to as many as I can on the ability to back to your calls a for the West Bank teeth you're on WW on good morning. Yet it wants to. And at the -- -- -- -- -- now at night. -- I have to consciously thinking every night when I go to sleep. OK now let's see what time in my work and tomorrow and anyway I I I love it miles my life is very exciting. Yeah all that good that it. -- the -- about their religion and politics. It really it shouldn't be issued he shouldn't conflict the two because that that would happen optic. And -- -- -- -- and a minister. Thought about how bad the war that's for -- it does is it getting it because it is religious view because of the week at war with. Forward he would being is because -- -- Democrat you know what what is reason but nobody can. So I don't think you can hand out. We should have religion. In when you make decisions for the corporate. -- be based on your knowledge of what happened. T -- I agree with Syrian man -- quite often talked about the news controversy that. Surrounded John F. Kennedy when he was running for president in 1960 -- a Catholic. But he constantly told the voters that he's running as a Democrat. He's not running as a Catholic. And then into the presidential election of 2012 and to this day we continue. To hear a lot of politicians brag about their religion is if that should be part of of of how the rule once in office. Andy Kennedy said I am not going to allow my Catholic faith. To guide my decisions as president. I will make decisions based on what is in the best interest of of the American people. So religion has become a part of politics today. And I wanna I -- president or any politician to be a moral religious person. But I don't want him to use their specific moral and religious beliefs to would dictate that decisions I'll Alter your WW on good morning. And -- its earnings. It was gonna get hold outs to do that it because -- let you know bigger. -- -- -- If we should be using the senator who did more than make it out and she knew where the it would Graham. All in his right we should receiver. It's just that good but then as traders the -- again I mean what what you gonna do could that we keep them out of the ball. What Paula thank. You. I don't know this is it this is an interesting debate dates when it doesn't come up then offering got a text Jolie from somebody -- what's next. A fullback -- gets paid like an offensive lineman because he he blocks a lot. Got -- thank you execute. I don't know world -- no word about the poor people getting executed them at least been telling you right. -- so we would you be in favor of forgetting what did or did and forgetting what McAllister did or holding on both accountable. Pretty conservative tomorrow and have a problem with both I don't think I could -- don't want them ever again. Both are going to -- shall have a great day if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in our text number is 87870. -- studio for Tommy Tucker -- your calls Georgia Tech's coming up next it's 750. Ten minutes until late appearance scheduled this morning here's another Debbie WL traffic updates from external -- A lot of people -- disappointed with the fifth district congressman Vance McAllister. Because she got caught making out with marriage Stafford he. -- promoting Christian values in his morality when he was running for for office. As a politician disappointed you. I'm student for Tommy Tucker if you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which simply text is 87870. A -- -- shown here on WW well good morning. -- You own Darien. -- shortly after -- united elected committee. And on that like a lot like you know politician you know kind of motivate people unfortunate particularly the dollar counts. Can you talk about Norman in the paper as saying you know if you had a comeback this city -- get to work and register I'll watch soap opera and caught fire. Put my arm -- before the chip about -- ala. Now -- finishing college try to -- -- still very young and talked out of the art. And I'm real world and architectures about my future. You know I wrote a letter to -- -- -- Alec -- -- -- -- kind of rhetoric that somewhere out there aren't you out. That like three or four weeks later economic partner scandal certain parking garages and MarketWatch. So. And you know are you sure that the Arctic -- Actually the person on the you know of a politician. And whether it's morals and religion and our weather's -- you know outright breaking alliance site. You like I would think it is guys that. And then you find out while other humans. There and triggered a -- they all are human no question about that but I I've always been bothered by this idea that it that there are a lot of politicians who who use guide. I've been making it seem as if god has endorsed them. For office when god really hasn't endorsed -- and I I want somebody to be moral but to brag about your Christian values. And then to disappoint I think is the height of hypocrisy. Like it's a cycle Obama source got their endorsement tomorrow -- Dutch -- -- do something Thomas saint Thomas -- how the -- reattached in my state and in a -- and like it's. You don't get more votes that's an yen they have been here Leo you know voters are just like left on the sidelines like OK there's a reason why we trust and I'll. Joseph -- called men have a great day. From home -- Roy you're under the WL. And -- -- You know you don't watch -- purple Capote -- themselves out there are never. Elections you know David duke for that whatever but you -- was -- racist and went up to what the crook and thought that but don't vote on the -- because yet -- -- this -- that the you know as a double and it's gotten so -- You know they'll exit the -- -- it but it hit the -- you get past that Republicans -- insecure. At all like that you're you know that support at all on what went on board. There's a great line and Gin Blossoms -- for speaking at a jealousy and it's something on the line says. If you don't expect too much it may you may not be let down. Of that truck and hit it it's just. That comes to that you know. People aren't hard neglect other -- I would but they did not vote for him productive critic dot governor -- what you call like apparently on the board job. Especially so I'm gonna do you not total -- Who ignored in you when you to build roads do little but both sides of the ball so to guilt at all that in a sport Jimmy Graham. I think he's got a call but by the end its like when god sent poppy is a bottle at the block a completely different positions are -- on certain papers now. Can do that. Growing up a great day and moment -- called. A -- chip it out Tim -- under the W on good morning but it's him. Public the aroma of the past. Sit here very well. What -- oh for centuries ago. Hypocrisy is a tribute by -- to virtues. And number two. You know they one is. This simply you know are -- old girl on how to -- politicians lying his lips are moving. Good -- let's -- let's face it you know people abroad I was able to bring about that -- brought -- interruptions either -- -- also would go there. When he first went off as promised to visit all mobile -- school. I think he does it war on Wednesday I was there. I've got to get to a news break but I'm I'm glad you brought that up Brenden thanks was to have a great day hit your -- stay with -- -- stood in for Tommy Tucker will be right back with more. Right after the news -- to -- if you will.

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