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6-17 8:10am Scoot, wrong US flag?

Jun 17, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about a man who was fined for flying the wrong American flag

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Maybe it's June 17 two big anniversary today this is the anniversary of the OJ Simpson's slow speed chase. The infamous bronco and if you if you watch any of the news channels over the last week you have seen it countless references to it you've seen countless. -- specials about the the trial the trial was such a media circus in attracted so much attention. 22. Just that builds -- life to live coverage of the trial. But now their resurrecting it publisher and to get the to get the attention they -- the ratings. Hit how I can't help but think that. And I thought this at the time. If OJ Simpson was guilty why was he running. I mean if he was not guilty why was he running now -- point and it was a slow speed chase so they've really weren't trying to get away. Member of vapor -- on the overpasses yes I had sharing -- it and so what what you're you're cheering on. A suspected fugitive from justice. And we see that in Los Angeles. And -- and we CNET with countless. On the car chases a throughout Los Angeles people will be watching the news it's covered live on the news and then they go outside. And they applaud the person who's trying to get away from police. So what does that say about people or why I don't know what -- today is also the anniversary of the Watergate break it. And it's I I guess it's hard to put this in the context of the political times we live -- by. I mention it's a presidential election year. And the Republican candidate is. Is absolutely dominating the democratic challenger in the polls yes this city report mean you're dominating and it's going to be a breeze yes. And -- what the sitting president does or what his people do we don't know how much he was involved in the in the in the planning of this. Addictions maybe they were bored. Some of Nixon's people broke into the democratic national headquarters in the Watergate building just to name Watergate -- and the -- names -- to everything else that has been a scandal since then that rifle through the finals of the Democrats trying to find some goodies and they didn't need to and they got caught. And and Nixon ended up resigning. I mean it was semester. You know that is that that's a flash point in time when. It was demonstrated that. That journalists. That people in the media these were two newspaper guys we -- bursting. This showed that they could become superstars Arianna deep throat -- and this was a moment in time win. Journalist and changed and really helped. And set the stage for what was to come with a 24 hour. Seven days a week -- -- news channels and of course OJ Simpson and a lot of that is. Well our young -- the ratings not only -- the -- of this Los but he chase but the entire trial went through the roof. And then people started saying you won't you know we could do this news thing round the clock. News is entertainment and you can blame the media for that by. We actually as audience members without realizing it we actually tell the media. What we want and they give us what we wanted and we respond. By watching those the -- maybe not you -- me put down but. The audiences in general the bottom line though is Dodgers right don't you really wanna know what's going on. In these times -- I wanna know what's going on. I know I'm a newsman. But I just think people in general who block out there building. And one of the classic examples of good news being entertainment I've mentioned this year before. Which -- Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC. One of the more serious. There's people when Andrea Mitchell broke into a story about the NSA to give an update on the Justin Bieber rest. In Florida. Okay here's an update on our -- -- you a pretty jaguar opinion poll these Jimmy Graham at tight end or wide receiver 75 for so don't just changed 73% season tight end. 27%. Say so wide receiver. I've -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker. We're coming right back in tech we come out of this break or play up a local band from Louisiana one of the new bands it's very talented that to me. Reminds me of a lot of the stuff from the eighties we'll be right back but if you will. Maybe because I started out in music radio music always has meant a lot to me and really do all of a city that don't -- talk radio music is still part of the show going in -- the -- This is a band called royalties. And so it's also -- glow -- Louisiana and several teeth I think is sort of the the upcoming new bands that it's really does reflect his desire for music that sounds like it was from the -- -- -- Jazz Fest it was really. Impressed. We've been talking abouts. Vance McAllister is the fifth district congressman who got caught tennis racquet on unmarried. Stafford. And he ran a Christian values and governor Jindal and others call for his resignation he now says he's leaning toward running again. Do you forgive him and should he run again is this another case of a politician who who disappointed. Is may be the biggest question. Whether or not politician should -- on specific Christian values if you wanna join -- -- with the comment about any of this stuff for talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is 87870. I just applaud today's title should the American flag could be exempt from neighborhood rules. This is America. Should there be rules about the American flag. It's on our website at WW real dot com you can read it and share with others. And we'll talk about that coming appeared in just a few minutes also we've been talking about Jimmy Graham the grievance hearing is today I've gotten a couple of -- -- people who have asked the question do you know what time the hearing is. As far as I know I I don't know what time we're gonna get any word on when Jimmy Graham and -- was going to be talking about this -- 1 o'clock on her show today should be joined by Kristian garic. T Bobby beer and Doug who -- W real eyewitness sports. -- also -- talk about. Now what the what with the homeless population is like right now do you see homeless people in prime locations. In New Orleans. And also a trick like enjoyable talk about two this. This new state law will help eliminate the quality of life concerns in the French Quarter and other neighborhoods in talking about the excessive noise. Four from businesses heavy trucks barreling down streets tasteless T shirts. Mean I see it says in almost every day in my life in and around the French Quarter. Can anything be done to change that would that change the quarter. That's gonna be financially he'll join the legendary Angela -- an open mind and Angela today one to four. And weekdays from went for here and to PW well. I'm still -- -- for Tommy Tucker it's a Tony and Tuesday morning here's another WWL traffic updates from -- Robinson. I love this so it's hypothetical match. Exclamation point. When -- record pixelated magic explanation was sort of called -- vehicle summertime reggae ish kind of saw -- -- students for a -- -- since we don't know exactly when it's gonna happen. You can be among the first to know when decision is made the decision is indeed made today on whether Jimmy Graham is a tight end or wide receiver. This controversy dollar's continued the grievance hearing is today. If you watch sports updates including the one that will tell us whether Jimmy Graham is a wide receiver or tight end. Simply text the word sports. 287870. Text the word sports. Too late 7870 do that now this morning. And as soon as there is an update children gave you then updating you'll be among the first to know in your office in your group wherever -- Should the US flag be exempt from neighborhood rules. There's a controversy over the American flag and rules concerning a homeowner's association this is in the suburb of Denver Littleton Colorado. Town homeowner. David radler says the the south Bridgetown -- association sent him a 200 dollar fine for flying a Betsy Ross like outside of his talents. -- said he put the flag up -- before flight day which was this past Saturday June 14. Homeowners association rules say that only the current American flight can be flown. The Betsy Ross like -- the flag with thirteen stripes and -- circle of thirteen stars representing the thirteen colonies. In the blue background with the fifty source or are currently placed. Read her claims that he has a right to fly the Betsy Ross like under the freedom to display the American flag act of 2005. Which he says doesn't. So specifically define what an American flag as he said I don't want a blank off my neighbors. Or make them angry I just -- under our history. The temporal association has had a problem with this guy before back in April he started a controversy by flying. Against and that's the yellow -- revolutionary like during the words don't tread on me outside of his. It's -- in May -- it was fine of 100 dollars for flying to Colorado State flag. And now he's -- 200 dollars were flying to Betsy Ross like and that's causing a controversy. This happens once -- while. Harley-Davidson owner recently talked about this of the year criticize Charlie Davidson for not honoring his corporate issued warranty on news is partly. And drive train because the company argued that. The Harley owner was riding with numerous big flag Tony's bike including an American flag. Which put additional drag on the drive train is hardly the for the -- tee was forward. -- these controversies come up surrounding the American flag. They seem to be presented at such a way that. It's an American. To say anything negative about flying the American flag or to ask anybody to abide by certain rules is Harley owner in this case. Accused Harley-Davidson basically being unpatriotic because they were. They wouldn't under his -- strike train -- but -- -- -- was not singling out the American flag. And there have been other like controversies. This is America. So should the American flag be exempt. From any and all neighborhood rules should the American flag -- perspective and allowed to be flown. Anywhere. A residence in the United States. Many people are gonna consider this to be an attack American flag which is not. But art rules rules. And if there's a neighborhood homeowners association that rules that flags. Like the American flag should not be -- and should those rules be accepted. Firstly I don't understand why there would be an objection to flying the Betsy Ross flag if you allow the American flag. To be believed and not a lot of difference between the two. This guy apparently -- a lot of flags and he says that he takes great pride in his flag she says I love flags. And I love flag history. So should the American flag be protected everywhere even if there -- rules against flying the American flight. If you rejoice with -- this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text of receipts of negativity. I get the impression that. Because people think we're losing this country. Which we are not. Mean America's experiencing a lot of changes but that's been part of our country's history since the inception. There are people who feel like we're we're losing America we've got to stand up for the flag. But it's almost as if there's there's not as much respect for the fact that patriotism. Leaves within the hearts and minds of Americans. More than at least in the display of the tangible. Plan. I respect the American flag. And all those who fought for the freedoms of like represents. But should rules be respected even if it comes to the American flag. Using the flag to incite others. Distort the controversy. Doesn't seem to need to be the proper way to respect or American flag in those who died defending it. David do -- disguise Littleton Colorado. Who recently in trouble now with his homeowners' association again for flying and flying that they considered it appropriate to Betsy Ross like. If he anybody disagrees with rules concerning the the neighborhood rules with a flag. Then maybe they should look at the flag. And respects with the flag represents. The freedom to move. If you and join us our numbers 2601872. -- free 8668870. And it takes -- it's it's -- it's -- I stood in for Tommy -- it's 830 here's David -- but another WWL news updates they've becoming interested in news at 9 o'clock I want -- talk about a guardian angels who -- come into my life woman -- tightening just a couple weeks ago when she's. Become overly trusting guardian Angel and it it brings up this idea of people coming into our allies in maybe we haven't known for that long but. They come into our lives -- we meet them mandate. They have an immediate impact -- allies don't talk about that coming up in the next you've got my interests aside and I'm I'm suggesting that if anybody hasn't done this year that you want sports updates from WWL sports. I text the word sports too late 7870 that way you will be the first in your office to know if there is a decision today and whether Jimmy Graham is a tight end or wide receiver. That's great text sports to 87870. And the Alabama. The Alabama appeals court has ruled that the anti sodomy law is unconstitutional. You without going into any details on this and is -- the Supreme Court ruled on this in 2003. And I'm not sure why. -- at some states and I think the we CNN may still haven't on the books as well. Why orbit they've reported back on the books and know there was some talk about that in this legislative session if this has already been determined by the Supreme Court and why do I hear stuff like estates bother trying to be involved in. In somebody's personal private life. You know if you if you look at the definition of the word encompasses. A lot of activity participated in by heterosexuals. Now I subsequently I and I get the bedroom cops. Exactly. The moral police and yet. Conservative ideology really is about. Less government influence all but it -- it comes in this world and we've government -- out you can and cannot take great every one of the officers in your bedroom. For a a leader and it's. There's an American flag controversy in a suburb outside of Denver. -- -- resident David Brenner says he's been following 200 dollars for displaying an American flag outside of -- town -- what's the problem and -- well it's the Betsy -- American -- Thirteen stars in a circle in the blue background with our -- -- beautiful and the the -- bridge -- association rules say you can only displayed the current Americans like I'll carry. But it's the only American to me it's yet to me it's like putting out an antique on the front porch here you know something from that Europe. But I guess are people offended. I know it's against it's against the rules but that I think the the bigger question is this comes up -- -- controversy occasionally as it should the American flag be exempt. From neighborhood rules. Do you consider yourself to be patriotic and what makes you patriotic. The flight the American flag. Mean it doesn't make you patriotic anymore than going to church. Makes you a religious good person. Are you patriotic and what do you think makes you patriotic. Our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. It's -- pretty. -- oversee 7870 -- scoops in the morning to Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back on him VW well. Even if it breaks for match -- every radio station in America be able to play this song whenever they want to. I'm -- fertility Tucker we're talking about the American flag -- the controversy this time involving a a townhouse resident David -- in a suburb of Denver Littleton Colorado. He says the south Bridgetown homes association. Has ruled that he is on American flag to Betsy Ross American flag which you put up prior to Flag Day which was Saturday. A violates the of the rules of the of the neighborhood. Only the current maker American flag can be displayed when it comes to America's place should the American flag be exempt from rules. They banned flights. Should he be able to display the American flag anywhere. I hear is -- that reads I think everybody should respect the American flag and those that served. And died those who served serving and -- Died -- or get out. Here is a text. Then it's reads. Because the Republicans can't get elected unless they convince people. To -- something. They might as well Ibanez will be -- that was in response to a comment that I made about Alabama. An appeals court in Alabama mr. Clinton Alabama anti sodomy law unconstitutional which the Supreme Court did in in in 2003. So. Any state the tries to adhere to an anti sodomy law is going against. A precedent already set by the Supreme Court. And it's a waste of taxpayer dollars and it's a waste of time although. This this text -- brings up the good point there there is an attempt to make people afraid of things. And this fear mongering. Does get some people to vote for a particular party. Here's a text about the American flag and -- -- seems to violate freedom of speech. Itself flags if they have nothing vulgar on him what's the problem here's a text the homeowners association needs to be done away with. Here's attacks I live and gated community with very strict covenants. You know with the covenants are prior to moving it. And I think that's a good point. If if Harley-Davidson tells this Harley owner -- we're not an honor the -- -- your drive train because you're flying an American flag and other flags on your Hartley were not and patriotic. But we didn't tell you to fly those flags on your bike. And he did not use partly recommended. Whenever attachments to attach to flights to a spike. So in some cases it's it's fair to. Say that the American flag. Might not be welcome in a situation because it violates rules. But that doesn't say anything negative about the American flag itself. And doesn't patriotism. Like our faith in our morals isn't that something that lives within us in sight of us not outwardly. You don't have to display an American flag to be patriotic. I do think it's ridiculous that is homeowners associations -- flight occurred American flight but not the Betsy -- But this does bring up of a bigger issue about those who have argued that hates the American flag and I should be able to display it. But there have been some people who have displayed American flags that are obnoxious we large in. Condos and highrise apartment buildings. That and -- did he change the the appearance of the building or have covered the view of somebody else. We shouldn't be afraid to say follow the rules. Without somebody saying. You know you're against the American flag. I'm not against the American flag. But rules are rules and even if I can't display the American flag you can't take patriotism away from me or from view. I -- at the -- Tucker it's a 51. And here's another WWL traffic updates -- Gerald Robinson. Is Jimmy Graham a tight game story C a wide receivers that decision apparently is gonna be made today we don't know what time but we'll have before you just as soon as that story breaks -- -- -- WL. And Angela will be talking about it harsher starting at 1 o'clock with Kristian garic. A T Bobby -- Doug Vogt taught from WWL eyewitness sports and if you wanna get acts that breaking news as soon as it happens text the word sports. 2870. A seventy. And here's an update on -- -- -- -- jaguar painful and the question is is Jimmy Graham the tight end or wide receiver 76% say he's a tight -- 24% season wide receiver. So in most of the people responding to the poll are not siding with Jimmy Graham and his agents. They're citing I guess with the saints. And as I said earlier it just seems to me that the players should be paid what he's worth. And it should matter what the position news. But apparently it could mean five million dollars more. A season of giving grand is designated a wide receiver although I've gotten a number of text from people who have made the argument. He's a great tight end. But he don't agree wide receiver when you look at his statistics. If you -- join us for comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy tech's number is 87870. A -- -- today's title should the US flag be exempt from neighborhood rules that's on our website you can read it -- -- others. At WWL dot com here is attacks and asked the question can I burn the American flag if it's made in China. Because it's truly not an American flag. Buddy is an American flag though not made in America it's. It's the design of the flag and not the cloth that where the where the flag is made that makes it an American -- in my opinion. And I'm just getting a number of text about I should be able to fly whenever I want. Here's a text you know the flag thing. Bugs me. I'm a free man I should be able to display whenever -- on my property if I wanted to I should be able to fly in my underpants. That neighborhood and others -- -- -- their own business sounds like a snooty neighborhood. Well there are neighborhoods are still. And and if you move into a -- neighborhood where there aren't these kinds of rules. Don't you have to abide by the rules. And if the rules. If you don't like the rules and work with other homeowners in your neighborhood. To change the rules but if the rules say you know. American flag. Is it disrespecting the American flag to say you can't play the American flag in the neighborhood. I again I think this this neighborhood outside of a Denver hospital to Colorado I think it's ridiculous disable that you could only fly the current American flag not the Betsy Ross flight. And there's a guy at a town house owner in this neighborhood. -- he loves flags he has thirteen flag -- says he loves -- history. And he's been in defiance of the rules of the neighborhood several times by flying flags one time it was the state of Colorado a flag and the time it was the the flag against flag says that don't tread on me and now it's the Betsy Ross flag. But it's. Shouldn't neighborhood be allowed to have rules. And should he respect with the flag represents and that would be your freedom to move if you didn't like the rules in your neighborhood. I scoot it to Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back after the news but it VW well.

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