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6-17 10:10am Garland, La. BP funds

Jun 17, 2014|

Governor Jindal is pulling out a billion dollars from BP oil spill money to plug budget holes. Does that put coastal restoration money from the federal government in jeopardy? When we’ll get the money to replace the billion Jindal borrowed is unclear. And, some in Washington are already questioning our state's decision NOT to sue oil companies for wetlands destruction. Garland talks to Attorney CB Forgotston about the issue. Is using BP money BEFORE we have it another indication of we can't be trusted?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do year old big -- 212 no room. Sworn in we breached that we should billions on securing America's southern border. And I know we're gonna talk shows on illegal immigrant numbers being recently reduced. So -- -- get 70000. Plus unaccompanied children. -- by themselves. Going through Mexico but me from others sell American countries. And what they've been driven here by the drug tree. A thought at all our law enforcement people that totally against. Legalizing things like Merrill woman sitting that there were on that to and in their duel to good job and doing -- open. But you have to -- article yesterday who were. Were all hemorrhaging -- heroin epidemic here and the Border Patrol people that the CIA. Says they think -- up between five in 10%. Of that when it crosses our southern border if you give somebody -- draw. In the world 10%. Productive. Paul would you -- along the draw. We're gonna talk about all we added twelve noon. 11 o'clock portability doses forget about -- Were things confused me all the poll showed that we Americans dole is send in the troops. Back into the Middle East in particular. No true actual well. The same poll shall millennium this -- President Obama is showing weakness. By not saving rock board meeting -- So you're trying to figure out. How do you do those two do not go back in. And a big week. And not. Called a rock and curious do what we want them to. And not group backed him tip for you that -- -- some experts. Sell or are -- deal of the day governor general impact -- read the exact equivalent. Bobby do agrees to one billion dollar earmark. A BP oil spilled money. And actually I think the little short story is little confusing. Exactly what causes ulcers -- So as always Doug Gordon -- and web sites to be forgotten. And so a story that says I think understated the on the call CB and he agreed to gives couple minutes talk about it -- big welcome back to the show -- was pretty sure Richard. Well thank grant me now gone appreciate you know. Did tell me what's happening you know dude the headline says we're not have -- Texans Torre says it's. One billion dollars BP oil spill recovery money is Gordon who we -- read deep ball and and an elderly trust on what's happening. Well. Earlier in the session hours on -- show we talked about Bobby Jindal. Barring money from various times one problem was the Medicaid trust bond form. Medicaid eligible people living in nursing homes and he would drain that down from 800 million dollars to about. Thirty stab me in an order to balance the operating budget and that was -- -- that was never intended to be drained down it was. Response to -- the interest only. Blessed to be used to help. Medicaid eligible people -- people. To be able to remain in nursing -- but instead general took the money. And use it to balanced budget then there's a rainy day on which is really not a rainy -- on its budget stabilization. Armed. So that when the state has a large amount of influx of oil and gas revenues it doesn't -- and the group. And then set us up for more products and it helps destabilize. And periodically. The legislature can about 23 take money out of -- on. And used that or -- State's operating budget. The combat -- of those two is about -- in dollars and -- -- -- have to be to repay. And so I hope they -- Scratching their head where they should ask him where they were gonna get that money and I kept reminding people that that there were billions coming from Washington. From big BP. All disaster. And they said that that's earmarked for coastal restoration and not think. Everybody believe that's what response because that was what did said that -- caused the damage to the coast of and and me while liable on the coast in the fisheries now that that's led yeah that's. That's -- Bobby Jindal doesn't have to use it and oh yes yeah -- -- Washington. Earmark that proposed to restoration process that you've forgotten about that little. Loophole that ball. That says 30% can be used to. Mitigate economic damage done to the state. And I said that's a very broad. Term. And you can blame most you could use that almost anything. Well turns out that's exactly what Bobby Jindal is building. Thus far there's been about a mid day in dollars -- BP just -- compared to the study. -- initially they just wrote a check and that's been spent on promoting the state made various fairs and festivals around the state things like that. You bet that was a billion dollars we'll. That BP just wrote a check right up -- bat and it says here that so that's all hell. Mitigate some of the damage and then the band that there was more money coming the Gaza. And in other things -- And there have been a lot of lawsuits against BP and so forth. And it is estimated that that there be -- dollars that. Washington. Has collected from various kinds of things against BC. And so. Is it actually bought the entire coast. This money is being collected. Are overexposed to. Larger part of it to go to Mississippi are rabid Alabama apartment some part of Texas. But -- and get some land share -- 40%. Well we -- gotten money along time ago except Bobby Jindal. As -- often does daily now it around and held out while Alia the governors of affected. Signed the agreement. Bobby Jindal didn't do that. He said -- we can't get more. So in the -- and he's now brought into this problem needing. I'll be in dollars to -- in two of these parts. And he's already. You know allocated. The legislature allocated the money. Problem here is that that money does not exist. It's imaginary. It it it may be owed to the state and it may not be but right now there is nobody in dollars. Coming from Washington. The -- these two funds. Even though that Bobby Jindal has spent the violence. So. Once again revealed that imaginary money we don't know. If apple in the -- dollar will come in and that it doesn't we have they'd be in dollar coal. But the hole is even bigger than nap because we -- Other bonds. That are about eighty dollars that state treasurer John Kennedy apparatus talk about and -- ball that we don't let nobody in bonds. That we have been barred from but now replaced. Where in particular look to break your old right there. And and for a debut born. Talk about the -- to usage or when -- did he told the billion dollars out of BP's money we already and or just out of the stability -- That bet that a crucial oil money. While he's proved he's pulling them being in dollars. Money that we don't have from the federal bailout. He previously had and it drained two -- That that and state money in it. That the war a manager of the inbox then this session. He signed a deal. That would it to allow him to take it be in dollars. From BP proceeds. That are coming from Washington. The problem is they haven't come from Washington. Nobody knows when they're coming from Washington. So we all replacing. -- the farms that Bobby used to replace other arms because you want to have. Whitmore imaginary. Money as a -- -- right now we're just speculating. That'd be in dollar world is do the state. Com the federal government the problem is that. That is not there and finally decided. And we don't know win it will be shut meg not even be this year. So we used that power lines balance with this problems of mine that may or may not come here. And worth the money becoming. An ample understood you correctly -- Florida Alabama and Mississippi. Have all said. OK we we agreed to the equation Republicans split the BP moments and a dog. And it's it's not there yet because Bobby Jindal says no I think Louisiana's 40% we could get more -- is that correct. Doubt that's hard evidence part of it is just didn't know about them would tend to an apron decided well here's an annual right to check should. Just opening -- Ordered to be an -- dollars is to be in dollars up and that may or may not coming. But we're using it to fill a hole that that we previously created. Now you you were in the legislature. Currently our staff are well but I mean you'll work yeah and -- -- yet. It didn't seem to do phase rather that you -- -- I don't know -- opinion -- and a and -- I do a little glitzy. A price for the legislator don't know anything still drop and play -- much skewed on the floor. And end. Somebody says -- you'd you're good road for the vote. The government can pull billion dollars out of voted upon that we don't have yet. And then I would Syria and whose column and since we would go back and I would say. Well how to try to get money from something with a little money will we think there's going to be money. -- in the -- legislator. Ever say. Well. I can't do that in my business in the I can't do that in in Moscow. We gonna do that does anybody question. They just they just ignored the details that practice this particular transformation just went completely unnoticed. In fact I don't think -- single person in the legislature. News. That the BP money to repay these -- wasn't already in the state hands. And I've just been gradually try and explain to them not only is it not a mistake pain and it's not like. There will give it back up August the harsh. A lot -- where would we don't know when it Mike that we don't even know if it will calm during this next fiscal year which means. Even though we have. All paperwork filled out forms of the funds are still -- it needed to be field. And may never be -- and bill that's about the source of revenue. -- -- -- -- could bring you one of our listeners David in -- Euro mostly being appreciated. Hey. Just like unfortunately Eric George Bush did it kick the can ever touch with Bobby Jindal stolen. This same -- to get these aspirations to run for president. He's eliminate each week and stand on that he eliminated -- fortunately piano he's got a level what you. But when you really -- on these guys in knucklehead from the word go I'm actually at the -- that there would drag you into them. They hit that same important thing a lot of people think that that everything is brutal big stolen truck in the end up -- the vice president. How did that bit there's there's no question this is about Bobby Jindal political ambitions. And what am saying is that it one panel only those of us who lived in -- -- being what it was -- but it's obvious now that the that the national. Media has picked up on it and if you noticed. And any of the polls that have been on straw polls -- over Bobby Jindal doesn't he's not even visible means you. When you -- one and a half percent and that any national poll that you well. You're here virtually invisible because. One and a half percent. And for the people would say that that they knew. Black -- if it was in Apollo. They just don't want to appear to be down. And and whoever the next governor has -- bidder or more. Is gonna become like Andrew and taken land Rula. Come told the incumbents better. Don't believe -- war. That the total amount I mean initially just to keep the lights sound gonna have to come up with about to be in dollar which -- What that shortfall will be with the new government coming in and 26 team. And that's gonna mean. Two billion dollars -- taxes to be in dollars and reduction in services and and just based on the history outside that the lion's share of it probably three force of the all of the -- have dollars will come from the taxes. And the idea have to be in world. -- cut from the budget so we'll have been paying more for government and have even the last additional four. -- I -- risk group forward you a -- forward about the proper review can. In the nine years and I've been here. Probably done two quarter trillion shows and kicking the can down the road -- state bond courage flawed federal law. And we will never get to the end of the road that that's an accident on an amazing end to me. How long do we kick the slowing decade well. And you know -- about imaginary source of revenue and seriously. Garland as long as we're beating. One -- like from BP and there will be more calming at some point in the future as long as they can use that. They will. Be able to keep kicking game and that that thing has. The road is getting shorter along the coast. The -- the longer we delay. And used the coast restoration farm or other things. The last land we have and I -- -- that slums and you were the first to raise. The issue. And frankly while weird you know talking about it and actually doing all companies. We're taking them money and using it just in the operation of the state and rookie -- that as long as we can squeeze money out oil companies. And I remember I interviewed -- senator. Pro and one whom considered to protocol abroad. Because they get 50% of -- oil royalties. And we don't. And I don't remember talking to him. And when that Williamson into portable or we get more state waters when we increase our blue line to we get more money like to go. And that thing to me and on on that that's. US money goes in the general and we're gonna give your own money the general fund both of the senators. Were obviously. Totally against giving -- anymore oil royalties. Do you think Washington is watching what the legislature's. Doing. -- -- eventual registration. Absolutely it's going to be hard you you raised that Fulbright is going to be hard to convince Washington. That lead that the the coach is so important to us in the country. That we understand fifty billion dollars to fix that no -- I -- we say in golf that -- -- being -- a year and Ali I'll do is adopted and an operating budget Yahoo! and -- in the first we will -- dark down there via. Very interesting -- beer as always sir appreciate you expertise the tender and the talk and who agreed to. It is -- governor of actually we're gonna talk to -- legislature about pollution and more things in the legislature. If you've got commons got questions Gibbs call 260170. Told -- anywhere in the current created 66 aided nine and zero. Cent.