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6-017 11:10am Garland, ISIS media hyped

Jun 17, 2014|

All the polls show Americans don't want to send troops back into the Middle East…..in particular no troops to Iraq. The same polls show many of us think President Obama is showing weakness by not saving Iraq or defeating Syria. Garland was joined by Peter Zuul, Policy Analyst with the Center for American Progress's National Security and International Policy team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Going to be talking about. Iraq in the middle aged and and it is really confusing. Perhaps weren't reading news is to simply applied -- Everything. -- section Shiites. And rock and is basically. They had to be only government there. Has about 700000. Troops at his disposal. -- and so and 200000. And their 7000. Of the soon to use that or attacking. And in college so many of the soldiers -- -- of the uniformed and abandoned billion dollars worth of equipment. When this news came that. So little confuses -- -- -- and then. A -- of the quotes and some of the stories. This is this whole thing is a little bit of hyperbole by the media. And it it's really. Not a threat to Baghdad at that point in time. And then marching season and then -- box during the breaks. And lo and behold. I received reports that the sooners about an hour it's not a bad and and getting ready to threaten Baghdad. Sure a lot of questions in a very complicated is 212 nation and all of them so he. That if bid is as Syria's says most have been telling us. That it threatens all were interest would try to find out why won't compute when it comes to rock when we go into the middle reached. I've read a lot of stuff from general votes he wouldn't German ones. Commander of multi national security transition command to -- and 20072008. He's got some ideas around here what we should do -- we do any of them. I sure read an article out that there's so do the media an eagle eyed hyperbole to this. You know it's not that large of -- contingent. This Sunni fighters. And Baghdad with the help of -- and should be able to shut down. So what we always -- confusing we don't really in the world talking about we go to be experts. And we have both computers -- -- this policy and -- -- -- -- for American progress is now from security. And international policy team -- welcomed the show or appreciate call. Our problems and -- but I just start -- simply what do you think the -- Christians there explain it to. Well. -- you know last week a group that's largely Sunni Arab militants apparently led by our existence. Can't terrorist group that's just too brutal -- kinda. Took over Iraq's second largest City Council and it. -- south. Heading towards Baghdad taking some other cities along the way and from the information we have stated that committing atrocities such as executions of people who have surrendered. That the -- they -- able to do this has largely because -- Iraq's security forces which. We roll over there respects point four plus billion dollars trying to build. They just -- part and managed to put up a fight. And now that their backs against the -- the Shiite malicious. Are mobilizing and there are. Working with the Iraqi Government to try to stop -- city's Sunni Arab forces. Better will be trying to get back and so that's sort of the situation where -- right now there's fighting in. Certain northern. Region above. Baghdad in and there are reports that sectarian. Atrocities there are being committed. Not just by but he's not but -- suspect also there's been proper -- but I. Government facilities forces abortions in. In those areas now -- -- so it's it's getting. It's getting pretty pretty bad pretty. Quick. Now for a pro pollution audiences Greg may have five but remember incorrectly. Islamic state of rock and Syria. That means this is the problem with anywhere Arabic is their life to return -- what considerations can you this year. It's an Islamic state of Iraq and public on or Iraq and that is Iraq and also -- basically yesterday works. To be here -- for wouldn't -- long -- these -- so does. LaMont is the -- but certainly the east eastern part. Land in the Mediterranean he has. Syria Lebanon. Israel Palestine. In that general area. Where where where people and so. And in their intentions Sunnis -- tension could use this group of some news is to. Establish an Islamic state in both -- in certain is that round. When I've -- every two reports. One says the Sunnis sports is 7000. -- wooden Wall Street Journal says that sport. And the singing reports both reports report. That now the and she uses have bail military 200 holes. How is it that 4000 or 7000. These figures are. Cause. Two divisions of 200000. To -- of the uniforms and abandoned billions of dollars of equipment. Well I think this -- this can be laid at the prime minister out he's he's been. Even while we where you know in the country in hundreds of thousands of troops there he would -- and politicizing. The Iraqi security services. Are running them that's something called an officer of the commander and chief where he's basically been trying to assume personal control. He -- Iraqi military units like the special operations forces which by all accounts were quite effective. Wouldn't what we elected in 2011. As well as you appointing division commanders. Who are loyal more to him than anything else who may or may not be competent. And we need. You know -- competent commanders are. Gonna fight very well. So did the politicization of the Iraqi Security Forces which has been -- mean it can be attributed to necessarily anything that. We. -- top by leaving Iraq. Two years ago two years ago and now. Because this is going on for sometime before and after. So that sort of it. It when you when you or your air force has more to keep your leader secure or you regimes to -- and are going to be effective. Fighting force against external threats -- homes and you know I think. Feel like you mentioned in your intro that the media is playing a lot of this crisis has been very effective sort of social media campaign. That. I think it probably does exaggerate there are there impact I mean we've all been talking about how it went what they're doing and I think that that. You know their effectiveness on the battlefield might not be its grandiose incidents like. Well what they're better -- PR rates today well what we might fear by the same time if you don't have you know soldiers on the other side Wellington. She's back it encountered some points and you know there's not much we can do in terms of teaching Iraqi soldiers. -- -- fighter. -- get loans or giving them. Giving them guns or or other sorts of weapons that will remedy that sort of political problem that happens. From the top and that's not. Mean that's it might we -- decently not diplomatic. Level. We happened to be able to differ. Since hockey game the power in 2006 we helped them put the power. That's so awful that it meets -- you start work on because not. You know you can you can decent guys to shield law. If -- -- in -- when they need to because of poor leadership and the politicization. Of military. And you know -- it doesn't make the difference. Does this is a Specter American news and America and anyway and so now. Well I mean I think. It's it's been in direct incident one there's always the danger. The foreign players shouldn't have -- to Syria and probably don't know rock and some -- perform. -- crisis and not just crisis spoke and other other. Groups that are similar like -- militia which is. The official Qaeda. Organization in Syria. And you know if they don't blow themselves up. Which -- -- and do they could be dangerous if they come back. And the fact that this is just sort of general sort of proving ground for these diesel content types even -- al-Qaeda Central Bank capital eleven there are additional of the tribal regions of Pakistan or not. Really directly involved. -- cute -- metastasized into something like that. And that's sort of the worry here asides from just the general general stability of a significant swath of territory and key region for the global economy. Coming under the control. You know mad -- for lack of better term. On the general that I mentioned. The taller -- Jones show. General James in -- In the article goes I've been asking your rebutted that that keeps saying. Obama is weak and hadn't done anything and always tells -- what he -- do. And the general says. Providing -- would more military stuff is not an answer. The introduction of large numbers of viewers -- core relations troops is not the answer. We have no easy options to start the United States and its allies must commit to -- pending crisis victory. But he didn't say how. For the people that saved -- Obama as weak on this and should do something. Do you hear what the something or other than air strikes in drones. Well I mean it's usually. -- airstrikes on option whether it's worth it and aircraft we have on the on the carrier that's Sudan moved into the gulf war. Overthrown missed. That's usually wore user properties something there also you know -- -- talk about having an training -- some sort but again that's. That's hard to determine what -- that. Has an immediate impact the same way that airstrikes might and the problem with their airstrikes in intelligence we we don't. Have that clear particular point what exactly is going -- who would want to hit exactly and in this situation especially. -- you don't want it's something you don't want to hit and and kill innocent people. That you're trying to help. And don't they have a history books and -- tinged answer you here and there. Areas of Africa where they base themselves in the middle of civilian populations. Yeah again I -- they -- to do happen again the specifics of this this scenario name it I've read things where they're operating like. A regular sort of motorized infantry force with where they're writing you know trucks again they might. Certain high -- park next to a school -- or order a mosque or something like that so that if they can be targeted. You know it'll it'll blow them out but it'll also blow up a -- -- structure so I think that I mean that's just part of the bigger intelligence question okay how are these guys fighting. It is the way they're fighting amenable to what we didn't. What what we can do their power in this situation. And I don't know that there's a clear answer to that police from the brilliance of the open source the if the public information that you'd have to what else happens. I mean. I don't know what sort of information that the president is getting on that but I'll -- I simply just can't tell based on the public information. I get so confused in this region crew correct me if -- -- which probably isn't. Iran and in particular the the leader of -- lead troops. Is meeting well mentality and all of the commanders both with the military group tribal groups and in Rawlins is she. Mallet. The the terrorist in Iran to give ups. Over Ross -- and now. We're maybe. Going to work with the wrong. In fixing this -- torch. Yeah I mean it's it's very complicated situation they warned that it. If yes maybe maybe make despite rebel. -- Vietnamese Iran. And the thing is that. The United States has seen its interest that's propping up to the Iraqi Government since 2006 which is also been in the interest. The big picture interest of the running government. But Iranian government also wanted our troops out of Iraq so they've pretty much spread their money Iran and the support around. Mostly focus attention is on this malicious. Like. You know soccer. Title arteries and prominent. Shia Islam. Populist political leader he had -- problem mighty army which is responsible for a lot of -- sectarian bloodshed. In 20060072000. About a project like history with Iran but -- there are there were reports that they would also. You know find ways to get things -- Sunni militants and al-Qaeda types. Which were not you know that wasn't their main purpose there their goal was. To get -- out by depleting and so. They did. There -- -- to date had their fingers in the occupied their main effort was so we have the issue of elections which they're now. Reactivating -- actually they've helped get. -- some of these Iraqi Shia militias to fight pretty sound machine and Syria but now they're coming back to Iraq now that that the -- -- itself. Peter I think. That I feel like I've been. For economic tree. And yeah who do you control in the conclusion a little bit in the middle. All have you back -- leader David we can spew more time. Complicated subject I think I think it's important all and so I appreciate the time during.