WWL>Topics>>Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill to prohibit adult-oriented entertainment stores, liquor stores, and nail salons and tattoo shops from accepting EBT benefits. Would you add anything else to the list or it’s their money they should be able to

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill to prohibit adult-oriented entertainment stores, liquor stores, and nail salons and tattoo shops from accepting EBT benefits. Would you add anything else to the list or it’s their money they should be able to

Jun 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to show our thanks dude is filling in for Tommy Tucker in the morning so I'm Ellen ports don't and I'm Bob Mitchell. Before I lay out what's on our WWL talked cable bill heard about this I would have thought by now. That the International Space Station would have had this the International Space Station is getting a critical upgrade. Its first ever. Coffee machine the espresso. And a -- -- published the personal wish mainland able astronauts. To brew hot coffee as an alternative to the instant coffee that has been their only option. For the past thirteen new countries in the magazine well all this technology. Is taken us this long. To figure out how to run a coffee machine. -- the space station right here's what we are are talking about tonight as we take -- all the way to midnight. Our governor governor Bobby Jindal has signed a bill that's going to. I guess -- correct or try to restrict what people can by using their EBT benefits. The benefit provide cash assistance to help pay only for a play at least one going basic needs. Such as food -- floating the law prohibits recipients from losing benefits from the purchases. At adult stores or it can going to buy your porn -- anymore no ought not to shops. I know you're disappointed I can tell not know. You can't go by your girlfriend Julie no jewelry no alcoholic beverages adult about oh no lottery tickets. No jewelry. Again okay. And if you get caught selling these people these things under the bill. You could be penalized and find anywhere from 500 the toll 500 dollars. The women given new throughout the night some things are on the list like you take it should nail done. No tattoos. You can't use that for a bail bond. You can't use on a cruise ship that just cracks media so much to think that people had these cards and how would you use it on the crucial by. Will adjust their stores on the crucial Putin you can -- I guess so. -- Do you have any things that you would like to add to the list. We're also talking about the mayor Nagin as you know by now former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is asking a judge to go easy on them legal well -- him. Actually -- for her on his July 9 sentencing. So if the -- article pressed to approach. Because we didn't show in this last week everybody said. He's never apologized. He's ever been man enough to admit that he was guilty if -- were to call a press conference and apologized to the city of New Orleans. And admit his guilt. Would you ask the judge. The cut him a break. And go one more thing. It's. It's hotter and hotter that that's Donovan -- statement hesitant but have you ever had to live. Will -- air conditioning in your home or walked so if Seoul calling. And that tell me about it tell me how long. You had to live without a seat where were you room will win at -- was recently was a long time ago. 260 late 786688. And poets of its gonna Janice how are you -- Janice. I'm doing I think the -- Joseph Connolly. Brian what about you just of the ever had a period of your life where you had the live -- air conditioning. Well. I've admitted that yes it. -- but the problem. We paid the man in the benefit management was on the table that. Money that would add conditions came out we had this big. National window opening yeah. That would lead out innovate out and I had to -- company and indicated and and that began when you'd like and the bedroom window and I don't look at how she would -- like everything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those of you who were calling in right now -- can take John a little bit longer and the ball trophy voting in right now just keep but keep calling. Jungle eventually did to you and a couple -- don't hang up on the origins go ahead and. Anyway -- You know that's happening. And then at one point my luggage and it condition. And she put that in the wind I would have. I think he can get into it -- yeah it's just that and the -- He tried beautifully conditioned. Thank you found out that the human rights in Cuba isn't going to be able to do and now this connection well. But I noted. That is. Living in everybody can edit and society. Canyon and it's not. I have not been Italian red -- attempted not to but I have -- -- -- -- that when it condition in the back bedroom window. Right now I'm sitting here at the -- and podcasting and on the table but money. And I put a condition and sometimes when I really can't take the heat any no. I didn't -- a little bit technically at one. Time I -- that the ballot again. And I have. Almost a hundred like that while he -- I have to. The blue and the like and a contradicted him if he hadn't and the minister today. And I -- -- -- that I had to keep. -- only the federal government would run their house the Selena. I and that's it I'm happy to know. About what happened to eat and I am really happy. Antenna that can get it and -- I would spending. And given that they're doing you can. China. I do not have to. Money making. Cabinet hitting McCain yeah. Yeah. -- Janis Kelly a seal on the screen you wanna talk about. Ray Nagin now -- never remember what we talked last week. Most people called in and said that it's very hard to have sympathy for because it never apologize if he -- -- He left in if you were if you were to apologize and and say -- forgive me. I have a I have I'm gonna take a shot the dark you still wouldn't -- mini slot. I didn't know. I had to him is that Spain he would have been. Kind. People he hit it. And arrogant and cocky and his -- executed him. I that it can anyone quite like he could not get him in the beginning I was -- him. He. I don't know and that he attended an appetite and and getting used to make it sound reasonable. And then you can really pick and I am. But recently. I could keep okay that's not the and I can't even in black and that would meet you. What do you really think would happen -- I think -- probably get the book thrown out of stated Janice I appreciate your colleagues are does that. You have been and it made you look at and understand Bob Ray Nagin when he took office on the desk of the mania was this book. Published -- Are hard to run a clean -- up. -- -- -- -- -- Ironic clean corrupt. How can how can you run a clean wrote it. Did what was on his desk when he took office the -- -- yes I did this book how to run he cleaned. On corrupt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- know queen's until the public. At. The moment I guess not. I mean that there was in the window before he became mayor the guess the first corruption in the world. It just blew it to me. There is so yes I'm listening of that yeah -- now you know we don't have many politicians in the state go to jail lap salute. Now one thing. Look in he picked the ball boy. He can depicted -- and later you know drag -- who. But equally well bloody Lehman right now running. I just didn't read his book that he wrote OK it's all about him but that -- should be called at one. -- but -- got a better deal fall. Underweight at this to turn it -- but -- generated good book read drag. You know like I've got to -- to doping rule book and don't forget about it. That it it just flashed -- lush green and a I think a lot of pot -- Yeah solely about the forty treatment -- wait a minute 43 million dollars to culture -- Our encouragement. -- And that that they ain't that good now remembered not if that VP went up 41 of this bustling port. And that's the ticket appropriate my woods can't distribute. This particular run it back to the -- -- think. It's an effort -- take it pretty good. But I think the -- just want to get out of business but. There's no way cases like -- -- no activity supported music. But what I'm trying to figure out and I read the story a couple of times. And may be John -- today actually play. 43. Million dollars just to get the recipe to -- that chicken yes they did. -- fact I think the deal. Were getting beat three million dollars annually just to use the recipe. So I think they wouldn't have gotten. -- kinda evens out because we don't know how many years -- -- is going to be a 43 million Maine I would I just to duplicate it is close like totally disabled only think about the money in the world why they make. Way more than point three million trust. Vote. In fact. That that's spicy chicken its original pop -- recipe even not churches corporation com two portal which is owned by the pop. Let's listen I would have to imagine. That if we sat down with us three set down and ate the chicken. And -- our specially if you head of one of the real classy chefs and -- right let's try to break this stuff let's see what's in this we should be able come. Closer than 43 million dollars for the -- Oman they don't know my name pop eyes teenage. My ticket home capitals packets that's what I'm trying to sell you. You know really you guys you would sell -- for a million right here you know really. Don't -- that I. I write my eyes sick in the ninety's -- remember when you -- -- -- balancing ignored back in the seventies right yeah that was -- the spies like ultimately -- the -- you know I was -- is to condemn him. It produces talk about weight which -- exploit from yeah yeah clip 55 Popeye it's fried chicken is being used steroids little places. If not the same. You know I'd -- I just saw that I saw that on TV this afternoon. That 43 million dollars for chicken recipe on main. Boom a lot of when the market to -- appraisal spices together the most are US open. You look we -- work -- something. And something about being needs. That we have. Cream -- filling in the day. That's disgraceful. Now now. That's like that's like king -- I don't go for all the stuff it in king -- like the original pink -- it -- icing on it. MacKenzie king cake that -- an -- bottle like Alba I tell you mention great intrigue -- always -- for a subject down but. Lecture on the for a -- period on the Phil and I can do whatever will -- Where we'll -- think -- and dazzled bakery in Slidell. They have the original king cake in the habit that puts some great -- in -- absolutely ghoulish. That's coming up -- David producer -- I don't know a couple of guys that -- -- -- cream of annual man. And a talking to some people about possibility of -- he would be gay I screen. Now -- is police incumbent in that answered I ice cream that you -- -- can't get. Like to think about -- coffee is being gay. -- screen. There is no better ice cream as far as I'm concerned. Anywhere the globe well. What we -- you sense that list and he's an area yes. Might I wouldn't Chapel Hill and it took the road if you ever give me a call. -- -- while we're would go up and look at the -- It's really need to go to a tour and some people do really good to a point where Bob you take it out you know. Remember usually got the greatest -- okay. All right Howard thank you so much a right person -- I'll get right back to use -- we got so well placed equipment. -- just to not be happening that 43 million dollars for or recipe. On how to fried chicken. -- packet -- for a couple hundred. All right the two sixer -- 78668890. It's heavily on Bob Mitchell in pursuit will give back to our opponent get back to our subjects. On the big 870 WWL AM implement dot com. I'm Bob Mitchell imports -- surrogate to the polls are kind of stacking up -- to go to crystal lake front how are your crests. Our our Chris so if if Ray Nagin. Calls a press conference all the TV station show up but he says please forgive me. I'm sorry and sorry really put you people. In the world isn't a bad position I apologize. For give me. Would you then be more. Easily talked into cutting him a break on the sentence. Once that it really bright. -- Commit crimes you know running. And I feel like you're a politician -- like that but we just. Don't usually -- so you know. -- Isn't it amazing though how so many of them treat us. And think they're gonna get away with a here's here's what scares me OK and -- the global by light bulb came on. Look at how many politicians. That we have -- In in this state and and and other states and all on a national basis now. Do we catch each one of them that does that tell us that have probably a whole bunch of them were cheating and stealing and we don't know. Yeah. So hopefully there -- a lot. Joey Georgia never get caught the first time the -- you do so in Rome you know everybody says that's the first time I did it. But it you'd never get caught the first time. Here because the first archaeological the last. Month but -- That he would go to the striking thing in spring term pairs of Louisiana have been -- the and what do our corporate. Portland and -- it you know. Yep I agree with you so but you'll Emeka. Comment on the -- sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- They should be used scored just like. Vehicle whose ward. Of new church has -- program. In -- like you're suited. Only. Stumbles. Shouldn't be our -- All political you know like -- -- -- alcohol cigarettes out. They pressure you you'll agree -- this tech budget -- that they say instead of telling people. What they can't buy there should be a list of what they -- body. Of course and also are selling it you're getting it. -- believe. Apology isn't Washington agree you should -- get tested before you get those things you got a lot of people who are on. Unfinished brought from north like hardest. But speculating. That a lot of people on those assistance programs also do illegal things properly if you're on assistance program you should be calling all the -- great. Like it. Yeah and all of -- heard you talking about -- -- International Space Station on the product that -- to -- a copy machine is an amazing. I don't want to have maps. That's. One of the blue bell ice cream to. I don't doubt that I don't know they keep anything else Chris -- and it about what are you what are you studying for. Are protesting college and get back at school trying to get my education. What would come -- is just that the -- whether you can be admitted to college. Yeah. -- good luck to you Chris. I'd go to a Lloyd on the north to lord you don't tells of the time that you had a little air conditioning. Lloyd turn you told a little put Lloyd on hold. John picks him up the the and they what he's doing let's go to a group this group -- -- warrior. Why don't ruthless. I'm doing good on they've but be so happy when Nagin finally in Orange you can stop talking about. That that it. See -- he escaped but we've seen yet he still many times separating the -- into the get sends it. I know what I can't understand about that and I'm not picking on the judge. It took the judge that long to figure out. I've got something on my schedule that day and I can't passed down the sentence mean does this date has been set for months and months and months and all of a sudden the judge all got a conflict. That's a little fishy to me. I don't get it down since then they've been -- this. Security be behind bars since he's. He could get him a break he's he's gonna put me up fourth of July holiday with the family -- you -- you know he could light the fireworks for more time with the kids and etiquette while ago -- So even -- three apologizes. And admits to it you say don't give him a breaker. Yet the order to keep hearing is arrogance. And -- that then it's probably true actually pass some want the long time ago at the racetrack and you're round the past but we kind of walking out directions and noticed two things. They -- crossed my mind when we walked pat each other one was. I'm six feet tall surprise to the taller than me to tell you -- you're -- 66 degree to buyer and the key was that tell you. The second thing was even -- he walked. It had an air of McCain if he -- at the air but we've walked like that who has just been untouchable nothing could get to him and it it. It shows. Well you know they'd they'd tried to illegitimate take a plea bargain and where he would have got -- Lower sentence but he thought that on everybody and go on the witness stand and and be mr. smooth and instead it it didn't work. I am aware I'm aware the technical and mentioned Bob is here -- fascination with. -- -- You know let me ask you what you like we -- them. -- the taste so good in them it looked at the name is attachment drew put like. Blue -- -- the day ice cream that sounds great because I think it tastes so great that's like. I'd get they have. They have a lot of flavors and -- good flavors I had I think it LaBelle it's that I bide my paper about is that it has. It probably breyer's and Ben and Jerry's. I it's it's all natural -- might. Maybe that's waddle like that but that's the I think it. Meet with blue bell is the way they cut the lead people with their marketing it better if you -- the radio at -- TV commercials they always say it's it's like the that'll -- well. I don't recall people -- farms turning. Screen with -- -- -- here at the highlight I think with actual real sugar and and and that kind of button that they kind of market by extreme to make it like it. It's all natural and -- I -- I don't like breyer's and I don't. I'm allowed to fund faced I mean I'm I'm -- on global area and I'm not getting paid to say that if I don't get three blue bell -- prima I have to play. The way that the way you have to play in that went when I used to work the night show before a couple of years in -- ago on a regular basis. I've put on ten pounds of weight. On my belly right -- the blue bell ice stream because what I would do is I would buy a half gallon. I'd I'd buy it but three have failed and go home from work and have a little that and that and have a little blue bell history and then I realized. Why go through the trouble putting it in the bowl I'll just -- out of the box. And I would go through an entire half gallon by his -- every other night. And next thing you know I got this nice little culture blue bell belly now I did have a beer belly and a blue. Its newest reality it without a doubt that they want thing Ben and Jerry's has some great flavors you. It's so expensive but it's really good has been -- Jerry get hot inaudible great streams then but based you don't abide by the -- not by the end gallons. It was ever been a situation where you had a dual air conditioning. Besides. Hurricane. No just you know. Regular living. I think it in the northwest before -- -- that they are built me and everything they have -- Well so it's but the good thing is that the two weeks the year -- you only. If you article -- a window unit for -- test. -- -- that might have -- really needed most of the time you -- just kind of separate like two weeks in August and you're good. -- have a good thank you ruthless let's go to Mary Mary how are you tonight. -- -- Okay. I kept saying it but I'm gonna tell me about that to poll. I'm almost 74 -- -- on the tape that they have been like empathy for the lead them saying this because I can remember back. Cool awake and I don't remember being content. And NL if you don't want -- -- -- -- -- Anthony dom Wallace went aboard a group of -- if there's no way conviction at all amendment in hot. There wasn't in the air conditioned. And my my parents moved on May move to lay out. Central and -- -- 1958. What was that behind that title for what is it about that I -- -- I don't remember even went -- sciences school now. Nothing like that. And down. I don't know I don't I don't even remember air conditioning when I went to high school that that I don't call. I don't know how would you -- you can't count double so don't worry about it. But so hot it is that you're fifty something. Now now that it won't be alive come April polls are you looking for a dollar and 54. I want it to port and I don't need. It and you mayor -- Mary -- yeah I just. Need to know you have time you have. Now you have a -- need blatant lack. Why you hold Howell valuable reference. And I paid cash and my name until you were told. I want a soldier what does that mean. I -- allotted to him a soldier who -- You know pumping anti incumbent. At the -- look -- younger and younger men. Without. Agree with that ally via do like and. From well a judge rebel on the screen she's marry the cougar okay. Yeah it's. The opposite. But any way okay. That they would help a lot outside and they'll remember any and it commissioner now with I don't know. And talent that I am profoundly adult like -- not that I don't like -- I don't like that have a fire. And I hate to bring to find home. I think anything you -- that one sitting. Out every three days yes they might -- skinny little bit. Yeah us Bachmann and apply it well what the different to get rid of it is now and if you. Absolutely capsule I'm Hamlet two which would like it's what's your favorite Brent. I -- your favorite flavor. -- -- -- Well I -- and now yeah -- while my mom but they have been steadily and old alike then applauding. Like but now like to operate and I watched -- but you know didn't make home and I -- and a it would. You know wanna put my moderate. 19100 so you. And I mean it's a very end of I don't know I think he doesn't pay -- -- and I came -- remember what. Mary I have to run and go do that I would not. An average of all right appreciate your call in okay. Right that is -- the cougar on the big -- seventy WW LA -- on the dot com. 26 or -- late 78668890870. David Lloyd and Mary from -- to bill you guys hang on a bit tedious and public and both lines are open to 601 late 7866. Andy and I know it's seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell this is don't show on WWL. And if you wanna call the show it's 2617866890870. Against the pulled in just a minute but I do wanna remind you that. Tomorrow on WWL first news of Tommy Tucker. Should US troops be in Iraq as the crisis in the Middle East worsens some Iraq War veteran which now question. With their service sacrifice what sport did the EU was heavy duty to keep troops in Iraq I think we're going to be probably. Discussing Iraq on and off again probably. Who go for a much longer let's go to David and Alabama one of the things we are talking about. It's hot and it's getting hotter. Tell us about time that you had to live with out air conditioning in your hold or -- total was about time when you were flooding Euro. Your hat off. As David. I you don't blood. May have been great cabinet you. Do little hanging in his. I will remind me. But I recognize Albert about when you didn't -- -- Well. I got it. I don't. Go. He's had a I remember pat and I know I. And that would have rather be. Relevant lingers yeah and it looked like it sprouts you know. I remember when department stores that were there is and signs outside of the park historic. Say in where we have air conditioning. -- Yeah. I bet money Albert eight. No. Warning. I mean all it was our audience. You know my grandmother right. Emblem -- Such an hour. An alcoholic and -- -- is. What are absolutely that was your -- Yeah. You know it. Bet that. The latter numbers now. I don't and cable. All right David and the bigger issue and add to the show. Ray -- while Ray Nagin has everybody knows has been asking for mercy. And the big complaint that people had was that you never apologized to the city when he never. Messed up and admitted to his -- so my question was. If he were to do those two things would you then be more likely to one as the judge to cutting the little slot. I don't think that eight normal you know them -- He's more guilty in the -- while -- the judge guilty. Now opted out in a normal you know it. Then that -- ideas and then you get a coal iron and I mean. Oh Dutch. Nobody on the right day -- -- Blatant. All right David listened to me a -- turn the year conditional okay. All right let's let's go to Mary. Well for you merry. -- You well what do you we'll talk about the pop -- recipe about. -- out in the -- -- and it is our nightly quick about it can't imagine that sector would know that conditions attached the content about. Okay now Copeland when he was acute that. He lived down. And jam down around Canton I'm intent on and and then he could do and this and at a place that can help kick out -- the attack by -- -- you know. And the Internet guide our work is far. And when he decided that actually would get. He took place and that and he told me that -- I know that I -- yours you tell me it. That's right out of his. Act like they're back to that -- and it was a lot of. 43 million. Fine during -- and you know what he got from him you know. Mechanic funny about him. Consequently I don't I don't like in and -- you -- you remembered it quite intense -- -- that crashed out. The Christmas tree lights. Right. Right. Anyway he had -- It. Must again that just heard that -- like and he had a party in his backyard. The question why is it about Pakistan. Sounds like he didn't mean this guy did -- That count and gigantic thing in congress that -- tax. -- -- -- -- It keeps and -- I agree. That assistant Chris -- that can hit his commitment. And the time until. I don't quite cut. It. Cubans would -- -- and screaming and I was happy about it. -- -- across the road and I can't sit out. The hard. -- -- Milan is at that time she does this man -- wrap around. It and go on and that can accuse them. Q was that that waste. She was. -- -- It. Like. That and step up front. I miss that party and I would show -- in this thing that in us. Mary did you notice -- -- you know is one thing -- Al Copeland blogs and all the light. Yeah. -- -- -- -- to the basket to put a yeah. -- -- -- -- there. -- no I'm not I'm related to any anyone like that. She was -- them. There and she has had a technical school for -- I am totally new England and -- -- our primary got to go we come back William Lloyd and nick do we have a roof over your phone calls at 2601. Late 78668890878. It's hot and getting hotter have you ever had to live without air conditioning in your home or -- tell -- about time. When you had to do that a -- or -- 870 pretty drive or opinion poll 97%. Of everybody. Who's -- lines says that they had at one time to live without air conditioning on Bob Mitchell is a good show on WWL. Welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell and -- to our poll numbers 2601. Late 7866889. Point seven you can text me. At age 7870 much prefer. A phone call. Let's go to Lloyd on the north short Floyd told me about a time when you had the exist without air conditioning. I don't know it sure. Didn't. We did not air conditioning. And eighty. What they would go to -- -- out the back in what year is this slowly. Well I'd say it's the -- that certainly isn't real. Sharply on. I had -- when the fans also it compulsory school. Irrigated -- a really good job you know you know weaker or you don't grow without heat we watch out what for eleven. I'll reach out or Italy. -- -- Awards opening -- and what's to open a literal that's how we are yeah. -- -- so many people nowadays you know if Pinkett central player he is much out there right it's it's here. -- do you know. -- -- I don't know we need better you know the work to explore this more -- -- -- -- -- day I had to go to Wal-Mart -- it's all looking. -- -- -- -- -- You don't go home. You should put that on human or dog the sun. As the usual put a stop on before you go out the sun. Yeah but where it's so bad the federal yeah right. And let off you know what I thought well -- an air conditioner. You know I don't have any in house that jolt. Central heat air conditioning vents there. You know it's really nice thing else things and brought out air condition right. You know and a lot of people think it's -- diet without air conditioning don't know what that. Now listen we went out after Katrina -- most of us live look air conditioning for quite some time. Yes and you know what about our jobs is I didn't servers generators. And I do not get -- calls in in the last couple weeks especially since that. -- tropical storm children in the -- that they run and so people of color like let them right now as they don't want to do without air conditioning. It does. Would have never pretty big a seat to run a central unit would you. The issue -- you know and what people -- the money out new. To run there's a lot of people that money's actually junior senator earned run. We know we're really up for an -- and all in this city and enrolled shall we. Really. That helped you -- a lot of almost all nobody wants you saw. No lawyer I appreciate you calling in tonight blood. They do so much to secure a late 78668890. Late -- -- take part of the show called during the news that John look at your. Already to go with me after the pop Leo where news and WWL.

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