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06-17 11pm Scoot, EBT Card Abuse

Jun 18, 2014|

Louisiana Govenor, Bobby Jindall, has signed into law prohibitions on the use of ebt cards in liquor stores, strip clubs, and tatoo shops. Do you agree with the govenor and/or should people be allowed to use their ebt money as they see fit?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for us do tonight. Here's what's on our WWL -- -- last hour of the show governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill and this bill prohibits. Adult oriented entertainment stores. Liquor stores nail salons. Tattoo shops and a whole bunch of other things so the people cannot -- on their EBT a benefit card. Mike my question is is there anything that you would like to add. To the list out most of the -- text messages and the phone calls we have received tonight. Have pretty much of that. People who -- of these benefit cards and these benefits provide cash assistance to help play. For families basic needs such as food shelter and clothing that it really should be limited to. Just you needed it that it that it shouldn't they shouldn't be able buy candy and stuff like that on it should be strictly -- What you need one person David suggested that the should be a special placed ago. Other people's said. That what you -- you should do is rather than have this list of things that they cannot buy there would be a list of things that you can. One of the complaints that a lot of people have is is just the abuse. Of these cards and I don't know what you've ever seen this happen. If you go to one of the major supermarkets. Their program not to let them -- it. Things like Lichter war. Like -- the things of that that not not supposed to purchase. But what happens a lot as they go win and I've seen this happen with my own -- and they buy a whole bunch of food. And today given the card and then of course the pressures of OK you gonna have to give me cash for your beer and -- cigarettes and your wine. And your your Jack Daniels -- I have seen this. What my own -- obscene -- -- -- behind the people don't I'm not just making this up. And you know my point is is that if you have cash. To pay for those things and you should be you should be used that it took to pay for your -- so. What the governor's trying to do is try and I guess keep a lot of the shops that may be violate the law and take the cards and under under this bill. Retailers who violate the law by accepting benefits will be subject to penalties. From about 502 point 500 dollars so my question for you tonight it is. Should we have further restrictions of the things you'd like to and published or do you take the attitude today. It's their money they can spend it anyway they want to six year old late 78668. At 90870. And the weather continues to get hotter and hotter and a -- to tell me about a time. When you had to live with out her commissioning war. -- division in your cart is now you've got to have a car air conditioner. No one drives around all day car -- just generally it's 78668890. At seventy. We have the lines of -- -- -- and though we'll talk about let's go to Richard in home -- -- Richard. -- -- -- -- I'm -- Richard what these. EBT cards do you have you have things you'd like to add to the list that the people shouldn't be able to purchase or. Do you think -- been able purchase anything it blocked. Love to. Hear whatever their. There at the door your your. Sort here that are all new. -- there walk and but the oh. A year ago your packet down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It really. Oh territory. You know pop -- on the ground. You -- the. Well I think what what bothers me first of well -- won't make the statement that. I believe in this program. Believe that people. When they are indeed they need to eat and -- to feed their children. And and I have I have no problem that again are -- the thing that gets me. The most of thing that just I mean it just great media I wanna say. This is not right with when you see people. Buying in big baskets of food. And they pay for that with a card but they still have enough money to buy a couple of carton of cigarettes you know Bob appear and I wanna say wait a minute. We're giving you that card so that you can afford to buy -- if you can afford to buy these other things with your cash than you should be able paper your own food. They let -- -- very memento that people. -- -- -- -- There -- about an. Order. That power -- you that. Well there is there's so much fraud in these things and I don't I don't know any way to stop I think and unfortunately we live in a society where people always feel they can get by with that it doesn't matter. Think it should be our start our -- you live there. Should -- -- sort our our help Bob out that perseverance. Are and they enabled. Note what a popular though all been. Right there have been able to order. So Richard have you ever been in the situation where you had to live for any period of time with -- and AC in your home or in your car. All time record about all. -- top -- and in the window yeah. About this little. It. Forty years ago Ahmad Pollack. Cheryl you know certainly. The current. All -- years ago. Ohio toppled it during the summertime. I. I. Woke up. You don't. Now. Actually cold that showed. No vote. But. In mind it. All right -- I appreciate you toning and okay. There are -- to go to Hammond is that holly I do have that relate how you edit the guardian -- budget. Aren't -- okay. All right let's. Talk about the governor and looks like he's trying to taken keep people from using these cards in ways that. They shouldn't and one of the things he's doing is gonna start trying to penalize the businesses that allow them to take it. But -- do you have anything that you like to add to the list of ways they should not be able to use these cards. -- Not really too much I mean about the candy. You know. -- -- for decades you know bet. You know. Candy. Probably. But like that and before. You know these people. You know they -- two and made it in cash and and they do so you know. And a -- people pay him by the actuary yeah. And you know and and using them alcohol not yet. I'd bet you like you just right understand get the dual. In that is don't think that that that's right now. A committee. That tournament that season. I don't think you can stop people from treating but you can slow them down I would like to see them pass some type of law a law that says. If you -- Lying if you at a supermarket and you're buying your food that you can not. Pay cash for anything else that you cannot -- such a rush that you can you can not. Alcohol you can't buy all the other things because. I'd like -- -- obscene it's only times I thought this lady not long ago obviously she was having some type of large Barbara -- not a problem that meant she bought round lead in the ribs. And and chipped in and and and bonds. And while it was checked out and she also -- like it looked like the pocket well. Like they'll almost the case of the year couple bottles of tequila candidate she paid for all that cash and and I just remember thinking to myself that locate these these programs are supposed to leave for assistance. And and if you can afford to buy all this other stuff then why can't you afford to buy assembly world food you know. Exactly I agree with that. Demonic and why. Alcohol or cigarettes which is something you don't need in your life -- you'd -- now now this all wrong you know and maybe. Use money from the wrong. -- you know. Let's let you know and ordered an I don't know whether they can do it but it it would seem to me. That they can draw right and and pass them by the law that says. You know if it when you shop. With this card and you use his card for food you can't. Purchase anything else you can make and and and you -- because it -- I don't again I get really frustrated with this. -- -- -- the idea actually what you say about having won the war and then to go shop that and simple as that and I think that Woodward really. You can -- -- there would be no alcohol no cigarette you. -- That they. So -- you know not any extra things that you actually works for Dubai you know. Obviously -- a -- and Iran at a time where you had to live without air conditioning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right but any videos -- add to the show. Note can say is that that's wish everybody could jump on it and -- in the but because that bank -- and take advantage of the situation. You know they take advantage of the taxpayers and it's not right. All right obviate thank you so much men are all right text message I'm Eric in Covington. I didn't have air conditioning in high school till I was a senior graduated from saint Paul's in Covington in 1991. Not that long ago. While here's here's the text message saw a lady get two bodies full of Coke six pack when they were 99 cents. This -- with food stamps I complained to the cashier. And she she blew me off. Right because what happens in situations like that is a lot of these people. They have businesses on the side they owned restaurants and stuff like that and and and they buy all the stuff they put on their card. Let's go to Clyde Clyde how are you tonight. I -- how you do. I'm doing okay. Have you ever had a situation where you had to live about air conditioning. Sort of that will. Stop -- La -- well -- -- ultimately recognition. In the 1974. From Beijing -- he should -- keep it all out it would wouldn't it. When plans were good window open and really pulled the house yeah. And I was I think it was in the back of miles. And -- Right and on Monday -- boots on and get up to me yet so called. He would go -- plug but then of course about half hour later you're smothering you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- That they need to about dignity it's definitely. Right. About that Albert bell taxpayers might yet there are. No. And I are good foundation in new -- -- -- appeal -- -- but it should go to -- didn't -- the next -- -- don't they not old Beagle that pork chop yeah yardages and that is the. Well that's that's going to be the way most people think and you know what what what's amazing is that there was a text message that I receive that someone said. When you know common sense would tell you that regularly used this. Four. For food but sees some -- cards. I actually come with little cash. Am -- right. And and and people were taken that cash and going to the going back to the adult bookstore bark up the portal tapes. Go to tattoos and -- jewelry just everything that it was it these things are designed for food shelter and clothing. So now now it looks like they're gonna try to go after the people that take the cars because I think that's where the biggest problem is. When you go to a big time supermarket. They will not allow people to bodies things. But -- -- other people within its cash on it then -- -- can use it as a debit card and you can get anything you blow it. In your that you penalized Q hesitating -- do that but you're right. -- -- -- -- Clyde and the usual -- to the show. Ray Nagin all right if if if it goes on TV it's those. I'm sorry sorry what did -- no -- no. -- -- Don't know for no forgiveness and order -- all right five years you'll hard man plod your hard man but I agree with -- okay but it's not. When we. Come back we have big -- we have Kevin -- -- Jolie we have Joseph just. Hang in there I promise I'll get -- I'm Bob Mitchell this -- -- show -- WWL AM -- -- dot com and to get into the show to take part our conversation that's 260. 1878866. In the nine only sending text -- at 878878. Hurricane season is here. -- wanna remind you about this before get to the polls is really important and annals of time to get ready for all the information you need you don't wanna wait to the last minute. Go to WW old dot com you can get parish by parish instructions Contra flow and evacuation -- family plan and apparent plan. The checklist and a list of emergency conflicts. Plus sign up for text alerts and more part in Central -- companion before during and after Emmerich and or major weather event. Sponsored by cool view aluminum. The American protection people in your official emergency management station WWL it's 02. The big -- in Slidell what are the things that we are talking about tonight is that as the weather gets hotter and hotter. And you're -- experience living will hold a seat what about you big -- Not not for a very walkers are -- -- condition now. Maybe Summers ago. -- would -- about everyday read all. Day. Well let me steer the company back good to anybody while Australia. But marine miserable. Lot of and then we got -- We -- one of the things that they Italian. And I don't know what you vote a lot of times you just don't wanna put the ball Leo. That every year you need to get the AC people come out and tractor unit you know cost about a hundred bucks or something like that. That's that's the best way to maintain those -- with. We are so used to AC human you know there was a period. When I was growing up that we had we have the window open between that we didn't have -- But once you get used to living in a seat when that AC goes up the middle of summer it is a mystery. It ought to do when you're so it's all -- -- All I really called and EP treaty. But in Marco. Oh not long ago -- a lot of callers. There's the monetary market it is. They'll live similar. You know though. I don't really care public certain outnumbered and ma -- my kids are. I'm New Orleans so you know if you Egypt's good education -- -- right so. You know I'm I'm you'll see me go down twice -- you know -- pay my taxes -- And also. Additional -- -- marketed an and I have a who obviously you know -- -- -- daughter who's going to be forced this ball and on -- and spend money on their education since you -- I remember those expenses Monica's gone up that's a that's a big chunk yeah. All right so I'm in what it is you know eat it you live -- more about in the next -- basket in the war about what their convenient war where. Our current excitement up 20. You know people. Would we lost. 00. You should people arm. -- they're hungry and people. People that will. Girls. You know. -- -- -- -- So you know there are always so be cures what I'd do it it's on. I'm a little let me ask you this question I -- we come from but you know. We view and the taxes that -- -- Help fund these programs and you don't feel take an event drove of someone goals and applause for -- cards and and they said look I'm makes so little money can afford read about family can afford treatment kids. And then we give them the money and that's what they are supposed to use for and they go use it but a tattoo put them or go to their nails done that that. That's the stuff that doesn't bother you. They call it is no I mean I honestly can't see it bothers me because. You know I'm I don't know I mean I don't. I'm I'm I'm not looking. And more importantly -- you walk around what kind of aimed at that here you. But. Sometimes you're just exposed to a you know like. I've been exposed to the public and work I'm putting my groceries opened the person in front of me as. And -- -- large amount of groceries and an NC you know. They asked -- card and then then that gesture comes back and is OK now you owe me X number of dollars for the line to be a year. And the cigarettes that mean an -- or realm. Trying to determine what type of credit card -- of American Express -- Visa Mastercard but it's but when when I witnessed these things in person. Or when you when you -- someone like. An option in this report says. A lady gets to buddy's fool of Coke. And pays for these cars will you know old that that that that's not for them to survive at that that that there's. Yeah. Yeah I agree I agree it is never. 08. Yet because. Apple news is it is you know people. Nobody certainly. -- -- -- Like in exit. It would what. We're really -- You know and and you know if you actually kept up to. So you know that -- -- or sure. I'll. How -- -- -- Melbourne there are -- and you know it will work. All the time in a lot alike look like. Like common like all of a beer which. -- -- Iconic core and I got out there now -- -- you called and heard your current. An economy picabo would have been an outlet burning here that we you know we. Got -- Kind of so the only -- they gave. Rick roll call. You know and re -- -- -- probably. Entries were when he. So. So now like -- a little. The system regional system you know -- All -- -- All America McConnell like -- And the people. Talk about you know people. Oh cool. Actually hit it went in there what court. You seldom. What. Do you make my eight iron. Actors always. About what Robert they brought me. All of the people. And and and oh. He. Which you've -- -- -- And when supposedly. Tracked to. Light. On number that should. All. So -- -- know waste more than. What we should be. That. -- -- -- -- -- And or they pick it up. And we -- to people really. Old people. That. You know. Want. To. Come out of the way one -- So. -- and that's what. And it -- to take so. Okay victory. I understand where you're coming from I'd I think it is not a win win when the government. -- to play. Past the pass a law this is this the point improvement. With the government passed the pass a law that. When you get one of these cards. These cards are for York survival these cards or for your families. Basic needs like food equally but when the government has the castle law because too many people play these cards. And get -- at the bodies is nails salons like jewelry I'd go to the movies -- used in the night club used on a cruise ship. Goes to go -- go visit slightly. And then they and you know that there's going to be incredible abuse going on with these parts. And what. So Putin on the people. -- beat him because. -- he should look and I would sport there. And so on and so the and collect it. The article again be true as. To. -- -- outlook and and I'll beat. People that actually hate in their voices in and such as well as much as we all just lost. And put this lady who. And so are ours to -- -- and what Red Cross court game and our our our place of business machines would. You know back. -- identity. At all. Thank you so much -- All right let's go to -- in pearl were -- how are you tonight. -- -- -- And doing total budget Julia rather live on air conditioning. -- Very -- but it. And the bring hadn't yet heard your comment. -- I can barely hear you are you on a speakerphone or something. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's much better. Or in Q and -- What are the other thing that we're talking about tonight is Ray Nagin if if -- -- to bill before. The public and apologize for what he did and say he's sorry and did admit to his guilt would. Would you then feel different about the judge cut animals like. Sure. So. -- and all of my. Or spiral. We're -- you stick Hamlet. A spark. That would probably take the rest of his life. Finally pay off. They have already hit him with a pretty big -- and hit that I don't think you got the. Megan -- But coming now. -- restitution. You. Account circa. For. The people of new -- of its Barry Barnes it is to. Foreign anyone's pocket book party nomination manic here. Then. You know -- foreign. More criminal there. And things so many watchdog groups out there watching all. The pennies and dollars leave and they're leaving Angela I think just. Solar or under were I mean. You know like you -- Being you know -- cash payment span and that brought the middle of the night you know. Alicia got caught in a long time ago on -- Got a -- government go to Kevin around Kevin thank you for calling WWL. Era or going OK what's on your mind Kevin. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our our terms -- agree with big G on that to some degree but I can't understand the frustration of people but it is. Outside of school but I do. Some of the money is allocated toward salute Indians some of the money is history can't. Right and and and that's what they're talking about they're saying that people or using the cash portion of these cards. For things like getting tattoos going to the adult bookstore. And booze and Brandon Knight Arabs and you know yeah. This story right and we see here in my pocket -- it's like BG. Epic entry. In -- that have people intact is all my life. -- as -- the Beijing at the picture either what are led to taxes and I had the B. Make me and would you usual form. Oh if they're like my tablet and a little bit and it. What mr. -- -- off the clock well. That conclusion. That mr. So you hit -- -- -- used -- -- Did you get what someone's instance for the girls and stick it in their and their waist band. All of the older black -- that would WT GM because. Earmark in the area. Yeah yeah let me get this right camera. It's a bit target their places in the law and the only. Whether it's far were attacked -- to have done. Yet it's Robert peck out the rules. Are gonna understand frustrated at people's feet visually and Eritrea that BO when they go to grocery -- to seven did it. Yet it is the -- -- taxes because that few decades. 50000 -- Salary. They've -- goals to EBP call. Another 4003. To 4000 go to corporate subsidies and so what are thought to what I read articles say that the Wal-Mart fairly me. So that you -- is easier. But mr. trichet of their employees. Do EDT on the select a big -- why. Kevin let me ask a question how difficult. Wasn't on you have to -- that strip club to use your ATM card. What -- -- at all. So it carbonated and it could put. Had -- -- and I know you are but did they have nice women and there when you went in. They had Brit actor now than most in doubt that the the funniest thing about that you Google and a poster of -- Hollywood on -- picked it -- The winner of the women looked okay when you're in there though. Rule. That would go to date I guess that would distract us. There really isn't that reason they want you to do that. Is that the more alcohol you drink the better of the women look. What -- out of their children are good. That's. That. Right Kevin where it was a only ATM machine was in a strip club. I think -- motivated so let those life all right -- come back we have -- and we have I think it's toys. I'm Bob Mitchell Bill -- seventy WWL AM implement dot com and I'm Bob Mitchell and WW goes -- -- -- that the at a promotion and running. What -- it was only a month and -- You thought about EPT. Call. Our do you have things that you'd like to add to the list of people should not be able purchased with that. -- believe. All of the things that aren't are important you bring it on. You know act I think they have about what I believed that he made was that wait to meet people. Shouldn't penalize them -- the only one made it would be paying that it was -- at least. See people are being patronized they could care less where it should be in our rhetoric. That's what they're trying to do now they're trying to set up some penalties where if they can -- the people all right -- -- and that where where they'll -- the businesses anywhere between 52500. I'm like Q I would wanna see them come up with some type of a system may be a computer print out or something. But. A lot of the people take the larger right they don't care at its cash on the card. There they're not worried about Tuesday they get the money for their profit from that. Yeah I mean. We've got it does what you -- chewed you. -- I'm -- in the in the one that old. Easily maneuvered it. At it is currently Corey -- That there are part of the day you're looking eagle it -- no legal to. The year all our -- -- into -- -- -- the report a couple or more. Good news -- it's ridiculous I am giving it -- for your children you. And you you know. You don't. Being. Think it's sport utes can't help you which are utility. You're below the not at all. Right I'm -- -- it's a party is the court. Under and now I mentioned this earlier I don't know if you're listening to think the thing that bothers me. Is that when you see someone go in the supermarket. And they used they used a card to buy all the legitimate things that they need to by the food in The -- in the bread in the stuff like that. But then. They turn around and went about 5060 bucks to pay for the cigarettes in the Bogosian and you know I wanna say wait a minute wait wait wait wait we're giving you this card. Because you say you can't afford to feed your family but yet you have sixty bucks to spend four cigarettes and booze and that that just drives me nuts. Yet it -- you know. And one repeal it act up for. There are some people that I need -- are sure -- Buy or build better. Manipulating. In asked I'm I'm it's if they'd need to be am humbled in a bet that it curry. Listen I can remember. Years ago one and I would see people a little doubt in the east. And you have and you would see people and obviously it was a whole bunch of family members and obviously there were blind for restaurant that they would buy a whole. Buggy full of soft drinks and that'll hold buggy full of all of hot dog and bones in the -- the -- -- And -- here and you can tell they promise a mom I'm assuming it looked at appeared amid I don't know how many people need to go by. You know well bottles of ketchup and twelve models of mustered only air and you know that they were just stock in a restaurant with a. Yeah and mean technically mean there there are in the ways they. And Matt signs are there certain. It to curry. You know Beck -- or -- to get it. They -- eight and actually -- -- -- debate where it be penalized. Like ul. Every one -- -- leader. On the for. -- in the system. He's making. You know politics is it. Evil is full of evil BQE. Eight point. Arsenic -- the all Guinean -- the wrong read only need to meet him. And a boy and here's something I looked at and I'm I'm not accusing anybody of anything but we keep finding these crooked politicians we keep. Exposing them so what you have to ask itself as you know. We are catching all of -- You gotta you gotta wonder if we catch this many. How many are doing illegal things that we don't know about. You know. I want rooms and -- team leader. Mean going on the court until the body on each you know I gave. Act before and he party using him as. Point in the category. I would like they have me and -- because they can't. It these people need -- the old. It is it to be as they are walking around speaking on oil and even. -- even. -- it may collect. I appreciate it well I enjoyed the conversation and management thank you so very much are coming right back I'm Bob Mitchell and let's go to WW well. Welcome back the Shelby before I get to -- Before I go feature. On the take one more phone call. Man let's go to Antonio Antonio how are you tonight. Query. All right got about a minute and half -- what's on your mind. Body. And. On the he'd be -- little minute battle that was one of dignity if you know and I to Selma who stands to catch. That was only because you know I needed time it was some. But but. Didn't you didn't need the food. So why don't you get the good sense -- -- in need the food. Actor and our beauty who are switching now would there are our. -- saint. I hadn't been loaded nine needed actually catch. In order to get -- Might be -- yet. But the -- You know not a not a I don't worry about another person bet either when -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Company or whip on me. Like you know there's coal fuel -- no nobody. I obviously obviously -- overseas and level wasn't valuable -- if people. Abusing and real -- like a Ray Nagin -- -- you know. I don't mean the community that. You know I believe because -- bad. Vol man don't aren't that stuff come on come on David talk to you that well come on. Ray Nagin was a -- that's like you to life at boy went to jail and he got that kind of sentence while. -- well we Mitt almost the whole night. Without someone trying to play that flow I wanna thank pummeling John. For being part of the show for being in the in studio producer for answering the phones for keeping me on my toes and I think Jesse Jack Harris and there were comes in the last few minutes to the John what are you wearing looks like you're. Onto your hat on backwards but I thought you had a -- -- may be future ahead and you had a golf around your head well before Argo. I've got one more thing and mrs. guy is a monetary right now loosen on this as this story is going to hurt. A man in Canada. Was injured -- having sex with his life. He injured his penis right. -- you relatives told them that was just minor trauma. And so he went home without further examination. Now for several weeks the man was unable to have sex before he was finally diagnosed with. Are you ready hold your breath it's gonna hurt when -- say -- diagnosed with a fractured penis. Then the guy went under the knife. You know -- embroiled with us he said it left a permanent scar. But he said the worst part of it. Was. He lost the ball an inch of his penis size. And it gets worse his wife left him well. McKay -- old man. His wife left in net for the -- is suing the hospital for negligence. And indescribable. Anguish. Well that's it for the show I'll see you again. Tomorrow night -- wanna thank everybody for calling it's just been if there was a great show tonight and it's it's always great when when you take part of the show. Thank you for all your calls. Thank you for all your text messages. Effect on the on all this week's -- is filling in for a Tommy Tucker tonight. And god blush -- from the big -- seventy WWL AM FN dot com I'm Bob Mitchell.