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Jun 18, 2014|

Monica Pierre in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about Saints OTAs, power outage, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning to you David good morning boy what a morning -- -- Wednesday morning but it feels like the perils of Monday this dvd won't rule -- apparently a little power outage downtown here has raised abdic. At least in our building absolutely among -- I mean that just impacts everything from getting into the parking garage kept complaining about that. I'm yelling -- me I got stock in the elevators. They weren't working very well on the lights were kind of Deion and some people were little scary and it was because I scary person and. Usually it was usually dark it was and then the other thing is old elevators already for me but -- -- working now. Don't light was on that was nice but they were just door open you know going up going so we battled through all of that I had to -- park my car bring it down the street. And then you came in was some news. Could tell by the look on my face yes and regularly aren't -- kind of you -- look at the hits just keep on coming you know it's not good news what was it. On the electricity for -- -- making working for cook off that's unacceptable. I David. Every. -- something. But I -- -- -- with heat TU I had my hand yeah would have economic data as you out about it would be controlled -- dated so I think it's the security people -- -- were -- -- Do people without a cup of coffee on them on Iran and you know -- there -- more people still coming on duty. Ones that I know. That may takers may take this harder than I -- right. Weekend you're show without dropping out even without and a Broward and at. Apparently this family in Vermont they went thinking five members of the month and a -- -- police officers. Doing this -- that erupted with security guys at the -- itself. Excuse me sir you can't bring these ties -- to the amusement park I'm sorry. No I news guy now that -- family -- into the amusement park some of them had knives actually on their belts. It's excuse me. Out here now love set them off. Guess -- copy either. They -- belligerent. Actually two officers responded to -- latest service which made the family even more rate and yelling at capacity at the officers in Friday the visitors. After several verbal warnings. Once it look of arresting people on the countdown. And that's when family members just like kicking -- jumping on officers back grabbing their weapons. -- -- -- -- -- -- Clamp down on the spam and random addresses in Vermont this isn't friendly beautiful. Is upset about and nothing ever happens in Vermont wherever you're jumping around as you know that it -- but applies not come. The mother of the family she fakes a seizure. Realities. Convinced because Nolan does. Bill Clinton does all family carries and tired. And mom has cancer Macy's. The rest rate at age from eighteen to 45. -- all sorts of things including felony right. Felony riot and a exit felony ride you know I am gonna check the wire for more those Vermont story I united I don't really want to hear very often about the treasure trove of stories that you're holding out yeah usually it's about -- Packers and things like -- hear ya hear about it here. -- -- -- hopefully leaking gets an eye on it and copy editor at this very does that present in this piece. See what happens I don't have my cop out just 50001. Giant will be back will be back where Iran anywhere on the whereabouts of the matter now what happens after. Man. It's and coffee in that right thanks so much David yesterday -- good morning everyone will look at the brand. -- -- It will be held coming up we'll take a look at our Wednesday forecast meteorologist. -- -- in the Eyewitness News forecast better. Thank you for starting your day out with us this is the early editions that WL first news. And seventeen on the early edition QL first news we talking about are feeling here we don't have any coffee and Texas and 787 he says. The lake now I have a thermos. Of coffee in it for eight on. Nice. How helpful it is doubly. Scientists say you can top it off -- -- card just letting him know that you have your copy. And help that they keep texting at the -- hates them. Well it's going to be another hot day today with highs in the lower -- These highs for the next several days will be in the low ninety's as we heat things up -- rain chances looking fairly light just 20% today. And then dropping down to 10% for Thursday and Friday is -- screws up to ninety T. From the eyewitness to news forecast -- I'm meteorologist Clark. -- thank you -- right now it's 75 an Ottoman 76 at New Orleans international airport 79 at the lake front and clear and 72 in slide down. A big day for the media as -- can look at the OTA today Steve skeletal I could get more seat. Good morning and that's kind of like -- Walking Dead around I'd like to know -- for all I get this degree of cattle like maybe about it in. This is that's it -- does that -- We we need -- at beating here it's back. That just detects about I have I have my service will copy it is pretty darn good. What I'm hoping those folks are coming down to the studios and hooking us up then let me check is so -- doubt that I can't see them coming back -- well good morning everyone it's the final week of organized team activities for the saints in the team's defense definitely has a noticeable swagger as they get ready for the upcoming season. CT Raphael bush makes it clear that the Fort Lee. Being the best I mean you guys -- Riley -- religious -- investment and we we don't wanna settle for a second we were social -- you know Boston's side. I know we just one of these events. Seattle Seahawks running back Marshall which was attendance with a Super Bowl champions open their mandatory 3-D mini camp. Reports surfaced last week that lynch might consider not attending the practices in hopes of getting a higher salary. We signed a four year contract for the 2012 season and is scheduled to make five million dollars this year plus per game roster bonuses. Or the US soccer team has injury issues following their win over -- at the World Cup Jozy Altidore was carried off on a stretcher in the 21 minute. And is awaiting test results on his injured left hamstring. Meanwhile capping Clint Dempsey should be able to play in Sunday's game against Portugal despite a broken nose. In action on the field resume is it Brazil and Mexico played to a scoreless tie in their second game at the World Cup leaving both teams atop group today with four points. Also Belgium open its schedule by scoring a pair of second half goals to beat Algeria total one. Russia and South Korea plea to a 11 draw. Ole miss and Virginia were winners at the college World Series the rebels pulled out at 21 win against Texas Tech on a pinch hit. By John gatlin in the bottom of the ninth inning that scored and RBIs Daniel and -- had to sacrifice fly in the bottom of the fifteenth inning. To lift the cavaliers past TCU three to two. -- men's basketball head coach Johnny Jones says that former NBA head coach and recent college assistant. Eric muscle man -- join the tigers' coaching staff and as as an associate coach the 49 year old spent the last two seasons as an assistant. And a leader associate head coach at Arizona State University. And his effort lost at home to Fresno by the score of -- of three. -- on sports still accumulated from saints head coach Sean Payton and players following OTA's plus quarterback Drew Brees drops by with the guys at 610. -- Robinson's getting national attention as a breakout player for 2014. Do you think he'll lead the saints running back corps in carries this year. I'm Steve -- natural early morning look it's. Boards and see what do you guys look for our. To -- guys and girls when you're looking abilities. Yet to meet the main thing was right. Now is because you're not seeing these players have full pads so there's not much if any contact going on. A lot of the things I was looking for right off the bat were the guys that were banged up last year and injured especially you know knee and foot injuries you wanna see how they're moving in they're cutting. The sea of you know everything's okay if they're fluid they're the look and fast out there and obviously some of the receivers you wanna see some of these young guys if they're able to catch the ball. A guy out I was pretty high on coming into this camp was rookie Brandon Coleman who was undrafted. This offseason and the saints picked up in free agency. He's do little case of the drops -- which is not good for him right now and he does look a little he's a tall tall guy at six foot four. And just seems to run awkward is not really that fast so I'm worried that he has roster spot might be in jeopardy. Some drop -- that you really -- take a look at that the for the defense and everything to see how -- Let me jail yet what's -- is -- you're seeing this saints secondary right now has really been giving Drew Brees some fits during these practices. Are getting your hands in a lot of balls even picking off passes. There were times when last week when trump paid even piped in some crowd noise to get this team used to playing on the road. And the first played. With the crowd noise going on senator Tim Alito and Drew Brees had a botched -- so he gets you these team this team is definitely knows where their problem issues are. Are working to correct him right now and are poised to have I think a really huge year and I think who -- have great reason to be excited for a run this year. All right very good -- check on the -- see where we are with that so everybody on that ski area -- don't -- the control room it is better. Out there. They realized the coming up phone apps that can make yourself these look a little thinner and would you ride the back double whale shark. We'll tell you about one voter who just could not to resist that's all coming up this is the early edition of WWL first news five point five on the early addition if you -- for us news I'm not hearing from being calling today and the heat continues with not very many showers around the hot weather continues the -- Your new highs today 91 with a 20% chance for a pop up shower or storm. And even hotter and dryer for Thursday and Friday rain chances drop to 10% as highs reach about 92. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark walked out into our right now it's 75 and -- 79 at the lake -- 76 at New Orleans international airport and clear and 72. In slide down. Well you've probably heard that the camera adds fifteen pounds but there's a new phone app out there called the skinny picks. -- -- That was created to. Instantly take weight off in yourself please. And I get everybody would want. But there's one there it's -- says that then basically -- apple because it might make you feel. Worse the doctors. Because you'll always be looking at yourself in -- stealthy. One away and and the reality. Would be something out and the way the apple -- is that user takes a photo itself. And the app alters the picture to show what the user will look like if he or she lost. And fifteenth round by economy out she than making these inner. -- -- in the vote. Well that actually cutting people's faith and from there the user has the option of posting the image on social media. FaceBook and Twitter but all the pressure and opponents say that the app that made. Very vulnerable people feel more obsessed about the away game. The self feel a little weird anyway and take pictures to be old she faced and eyes that. Created. It. Would be. Can really help men and con. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If he's mean just a couple of -- I think it. Interesting. Ideally with that working sell them. Which you create you'll probably equally. I think about that points or -- off the lights. We still haven't. This is the only edition of WWL first news coming -- -- as a forecasts lately since with with Steve Geller plus we'll tell you -- A conflict. Nun's outfit that's coming up in the moment all right you know today is doesn't feel like it. Head stomped down a. I doubt it. -- Like that how could not stop me. Today -- Now we've got popular reviewer David -- knowledge update on top of the -- because reverse or distress. Old and distracted in the dog it's yeah news darken elevators acting up and then no problem not -- -- and still a copy of the that was the texture earlier. Let David Bentley note that I have a thermos full of coffee and it's pretty doing good. Or really that was applied to say hang on my away dollar Dodgers just that they were joined them. -- in. -- very helpful. Rather welterweight against -- ago well apparently love thy neighbor. Nuns are suing and you're biased -- they just can't take it anymore. Apparently the continent's. You know I neighboring club has us all that the -- music. It's disturbing prayer time pol yes right next in the non -- Mexico on on the ground. You -- the suit says that the area around a club lore Chicago and littered with trash including anti booze bottle out you're you know what happens and now -- the not so we're trying to do is pray. So they went to court to get rid of them the sense that -- more than a public violence drunkenness and litter right next to my beloved -- And right now all we do is hear that music when we're trying to pray it is uncalled for up and in defense and saying that club owners say hi Kate. You know good neighbors reached check everything out -- not breaking any laws -- and guess what I dances of the strip clubs monsters. Their mothers their daughters. -- heard them or even. Catholics. I ask. Good cat that's a great answer. Yes yes I would want to be the judge on this one and -- itself like that the tough ones that already knows who the suit was filed in the the the battle is on as non users is strippers -- ago -- -- -- epic battle -- They David -- Boyer our rate. Well and I was. And behind I'm not even though. It was that was. Some time girl's home run around let's bring in your knowledge as Laura book knowledge of the Eyewitness News source yes senator. John. I had my nine Euro partly on. Yes Miami party animal that OK it's a -- up at 539. And I weren't like -- -- about a hour hour and a. Our situation you know little power surge or no holiday -- and elevators excellent work. We you have to walk all the way out in the dark they don't know but I was able to again but -- David -- and it was a big to do with him getting him over here and the and I walked in there are a year -- floors up right. If it was -- I let these heart -- that early in the morning. Think it to pump and so line. Walked dance at insulin David we don't have any electricity and I can't brew coffee for you. There you on the ship with that -- that looks. That I'll write that off the Yankees or -- like. Eight life that's there that operate out I think that minute at Starbucks did -- have a little pull. And lever system where -- like -- Out the window and drop a bucket people at Starbucks that he can not hateful. At -- and I offered as answers. Wednesday. And colleges that people. Report on of people. Top prize in the morning I did I mean personally I electric off but I I used act act on the year the all time -- you have the -- one like the regular people and in the super -- -- and almost to pack the right right they'll feel it yeah. At the only to -- and it will be on that forecast here in Scotland. And let's talk about today. -- -- -- -- -- And that -- expert downpours today Friday that he after time. Here 1283 clockers a couple of bodies. And they. Where they -- it quick bursts of rain and hit it off it's just that but that. OK go. Back and take it to be up on. Horrible rain just a -- -- downpours that he. 9192. Degrees over -- advertised. Your response to be at night that's normal for us. -- 9192. That tree it's normal. Here. Will follow at stores for about what people remember the -- -- -- -- and I her yet there was a follow through the story apparently those who don't remember basically. He. Dom dropping. Any political and it political rival and it got up and I'd like. -- that it's. Definitely. And sidewalk at. Okay now apparently he's OK ambler resign he resigned yesterday home -- gate yet. A floodgate -- really give my hat. With that the mayor of Toronto who. I mean did the -- -- Hillary off yet -- it's now Google is you know he. He and he even rotted for real -- -- it's going to be a musical Bob Dole not but go through the -- on the sidewalk it we gotta get out of here people pushed back against -- -- yeah I mean. And that make this stuff he resigned yesterday at the outcry from residents who say he smeared. It is there anything yet it's ending. Like it's she -- you know you have surveillance video and -- and -- it will rival apparently of the of the -- rub -- viral. -- Yeah who gate. Here. And there are going to be parent not to. -- -- went -- as immediately given that the eagle learned a bit and don't learn to hit. It's funny OK. Have a great day. Hopefully we'll have lights and copy tomorrow. Now an elevator work eight hours David lay low and it was awful thing to pull away it was the whole debacle all the black. It gave a great day at a. I thought coming up let's check in with the gallery we'll talk about it over -- and day two of Jimmy Graham. Arbitration and it. Think it's all gonna play out. If you could just pretty much get. Him and say happy. With the solution -- we can -- -- Very wise solemn and help solve this issue itself coming up by Monica fearing for vehicle and on the early edition of them -- -- -- And my big banks this morning to Shelden Williams and Jordan -- producing these early edition. This morning and well banding together and helping each other through trying times -- no electricity. Elevators not working and no coughing but we're doing it by doing it with smiles on our faces because we view out there in the well the only PA's continues Steve -- joins us with a look at sports. Well good morning everybody has organized team activities continue to saints' defense is out to prove. They deserve to be feared just as much as the offensive side of the ball it's. Safety -- -- bush says there's definitely a noticeable comfort level as most players are entering year two in coordinator rob Ryan's system. The more spirit she gives him more confidence you have. And I think a lot of -- soon as the first time -- around skiing accident and so are millions into all the some do -- think a lot of us have a lot more confidence and myself included. The browns have agreed to terms with quarterback Johnny millions that allowed his rookie contract Cleveland moved up in -- NFL draft to select the former 2012 Heisman Trophy winner with the 22 overall pick. Johnny football went twenty and six into season that Texas a and M. Result of Mexico played to a scoreless tie in their second game at the World Cup leaving both teams atop group -- with four points also Belgium open its schedule by scoring a pair of goals to beat Algeria to one Russia and South Korea or Korea played to a 11 draw. Meanwhile the United States team has some injury issues following their win over Ghana. Jozy Altidore was carried off on a stretcher after his left hamstring gave out in the 21 minute. He awaits tests that will determine whether or not he can return for Sunday's game vs Portugal. Clint Dempsey should be able to play this play a broken nose Texas Tech is that the college World Series Ole miss pulled out at 21 win against the red raiders raiders face to a pinch hit RBI single by John gatlin in the bottom of the ninth. Also Virginia won its in its final at bat for the second time in two games. Big doping Euro hit a sac fly in the bottom of the fifteenth inning to lift the cavaliers past TCU three to two. And its efforts fell on their opening game of their series against Fresno by the score of 43. Four on sports talk to the latest from saints coach Sean Payton and players following OTA's plus quarterback Drew Brees drops by its sixth then. Hi -- Robinson's getting national attention as a breakout player for 2014. Do you think he'll lead the saints running back quarry carries this year. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. -- I went to sleep last night thinking you know what to do I do or say to. Make Jimmy Graham field. Are saints feel good the organization we don't do to get. Jimmy Graham and saints uniform let me make something good compromise someone to mean that's been. That police on the on the table I've thought about since the start of this why can't. Rob Gronkowski is the highest paid tight -- in the NFL right now at nine million dollars a season OK you know what I agree Jimmy should be the highest paid tied it in the NFL. And the saints I would think would be willing to do ten million a year Jimmy wants twelve million a year. So wait a minute is that in between right that you would think they'll be -- meet in in at eleven million dollar mark so. Yep on the sands -- going with Jimmy what's it gonna take to get Q&A scenes uniform right now to admit. Well you know what we could maybe meet you in the middle little bit how about 1111. Million dollars a year -- -- in. Seventy. You know -- hold on hold on -- to go talk to my manager and I'll be right back cars. Others see what I can you hear the bad -- Obama which could do this the believe I'm ticket. That's that's all right what we can do Jamie. Eleven in the half. And a lot of my signing bonus of from we're gonna give you X amount of dollars. Yet to sign on the dotted line right now though I don't know if this deal last. And -- last offer. Tickets sold Jimmy Graham on the on the field folks and safety of our. -- out of the terms of the contract is now a five year deal. You are in black and gold now offer for the next five seasons anchor gradually -- we know you'll you'll love this this deal. And the saints fans in the organization are quite elated. And that's simple and I think -- something. All the saints organization yes I got on the -- and I yeah I allegedly with people that I have there now and we we got the solution. Everybody's. Maybe we're in the wrong business which had been sports agents. And general managers. A an -- -- longer if you. I know this deal is only good today it's it's limited time only okay. I hear that that you have agents and to do anything to get pat Terrell the cars that you reported that Jimmy sixth and isn't I'm talking with the saints that's got to be a great site considering. The arbitration hearings going on in New York I thought he would have to be there. Maybe we get something done by this weekend which would be awesome. Definitely something -- will happen by July 15 the deadline. And he'll be NC LB and uniform for training camp. Obama not to go big worry we figure this thing out its bid and it's wearing on the next challenge Steve Galen we got it we got respective contracts and -- And elderly is god and how are we getting for nothing but airtime he hopefully some coffee. The Lebanese who it's been accused the Q. Coming up the state education board is working on a student privacy changes we'll tell you about that and a what is wrong with people that involves a football. A prison yard. Drugs. And a -- me -- coming up and asked them. Sheldon makes a great point earlier we talked about that the nine suing a nearby strip club because all that strip and in -- owned. And people patronize the place it's interfering in there for airtime with pepper time and illnesses -- -- -- and you're absolutely. Right. Old school nuns and I know them since the Mary Agnes and sister Ursula as the -- Sissy if they would have grabbed their rove -- and their habit. And there are good book and -- -- foray. Until everybody left wouldn't go on the court. Come on now on new school -- into the program sisters of this it's affected by the name of this water. Win -- bag but the outlook for the second but apparently they're not as tough. Sisters of saint Charles I'm not familiar with this -- but that. Grabbed those b.'s let's start praying save souls saved souls. Well this authorities say a man tried to the role of football. Loaded the drugs and cell phones into the yard of a state prison bunt. You never really good you know Drew Brees it failed chart with the football lending between two fences and not in the I would prisoners exercise. Of course an officer saw all of this not a man throw the football and he was arrested on the spot. The ball contain heroin. Marijuana. Tobacco three's cell phones and chargers -- he needs your chargers the 22 year old Kristin Moore was arranged. On contraband charges and ordered jail on without the jail on a 550000 dollar bond. And of course you'll be going actually have a court case next. Actually the end of this month apparently the nuns were not involved with this. And another thing to pray about them. Coming up a lower but fellow Texan in the look at our forecast this is the early edition of -- WL first news -- my goodness gracious look who it is. It's Tommy Tucker. Well. It was not hear yesterday that little issue but. Better now and -- on vacation. Vacation yet like big listener trip to Ireland and I'm looking forward beaten him. To talk about Iraq today and now I don't know what. Any resonance is supposed to do with this I really don't know now. A thousand years is still there and it's with spill happened that day later than I thought about is that. In wars past it united the country in World War II. Hear. Talk about goal of the terrorist organization it divides us deal. And it just is remarkable -- differences. Talk about anything months and I. Thank you so much to come.

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