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6-18 615am Tommy, crisis in Iraq

Jun 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Mike Lyons about

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- WL once again talking about the situation in Iraq with ices the Sunnis Shi -- And major my client desire CBS military expert joins us who I understand it's time -- announcer. I -- Iraq this year have been and -- to see what's happening right now it's concerning but something he probably expected. Once we took the troops I think the I think eight to 101000 troops in Iraq now at least kept these two sides in Spain -- it separates him from joining. Despite this group which is to the bounce back in their -- One thing I was surprised to read that this actually goes back the formation of this group to the surge in Iraq. It's you does it goes back to. To back in 2008 than result surge happened Sunnis actually where. Who worked -- American forces to fight against al-Qaeda and that's when the first got to know them. Now now that we stepped forward that without the US forces there and given the sectarian government that's been created. They just -- go back to this. Once was an enemy for them to did try to you and I gain the upper hand within the government could eventually be split there and that's what you were talking about right now they're saying it. It's it's just inevitable before the decision to recognize that this crisis. That organization in the in this relationship won't work along with them. Yep because I -- on CNET piece it's a -- wrote for CNN and it says while people are is supporting the guesses sub sedation of there. A subsidized bread and fuel prices once a public flogging amputations in crucifixion began. They they may well loses support of a vices and I'm just wondering who would they be flogging hand amputating the limbs from and crucify. Well they're picking out individuals that are in the sheet this in the Shia sect that were in the military and or those that debtors and sprinkled around in those certain areas that. That don't believe in what they're doing and they -- making him. Repent of their making them swear allegiance to crisis or else this is what happens this is an excellent band and getting -- I'd sell it along those lines against again I'd think -- the numbers 8000 that they're talking about. Unethical terrorists soldiers whatever and -- -- volunteers with whatever the word would be. And I'm just wondered about them holding the country because so much have been made about. The US leaving and Tom against them multi government and those Antonio this year rather not been able country. About once you know I sometimes he'll management want to chance we might just get it will they be able -- countries -- That's exactly right and that's I think that's part of the reason why that caused somewhat on on Baghdad at this point because. They get to for the Celtics and extend -- reach is not you know really in doubt and that if you look at the chemistry military perspective. Into the Iraqis in force and a 100000 people inside of Baghdad alone there and the surrounding area is it would be no match as a result they fight and that's the other option -- they've got to fight. So. And they need to improve regardless of how many people -- as military equipment they picked up. That would be no match so. Is they would have a difficult problem actually holdings and in this -- did -- take it but nothing to hold up. A couple of questions I have by the Iraqi troops first off revealed active Kuwait in an even. Iraq too if you want a college that it seems like did the Iraqi troops. You know I mean no disrespect here -- quick to surrender present. Yeah absolutely. Disrespect it's just there. Not capable. -- fighting and feel that loyalty to fight for the -- I think up until just like Lee came upon. Iraqi unit -- it completely abandon their positions field artillery units and the like. And then there's food in the moment -- that they were union and the Americans were coming in and really let them. Even finish their lunch majors and -- telling -- exactly right and finished and I just remember him and so my gosh US infantry Marines. Put -- and fight and -- at the last person to defend our home at the time that would have been a -- look at homeless so. That this is not -- bury them -- a very storied history with regard to to military gouging you go back to the Iran Iraq War since same thing they were pretty much routed. And then there was -- by the Iranians. So that being said. I mean could this be like what is the 300 live with the spartans where 8000 and actually control 125000. There's not the will there. That's debt that. A good analogy -- you got -- that for the modern warfare I think. What do Iraqi Government gets to women in the first few doubt that they get some confidence in their equipment -- win. They're still winning certain things and then -- could -- very quickly over in the favor of what they're trying to do I think that's. What they're just suffering from you know they just haven't stood up at this point but once they decide to come across that that that -- -- -- and that's that the US. Social forces look to do here they'll look to kind of give them the confidence now that this group -- this is -- some equipment kick up dust will be able to figure that target them. I think it today you'll see them -- more -- and their equipment. You know assuming is a dangerous thing to do -- Nino happens both parties when it happens but given everything we've been talking about a 125008000. Crucifixion amputations that could motivate in the fight. Is there really necessary to the United States to do anything -- there's a problem might be -- and they talk about armed suicidal problem that'll take care of itself and I don't mean that. Disrespectfully -- a Jay Leno joke but is that something that'll eventually take care of itself. -- -- is something that we've got to be very careful getting involved with just for those reasons and this is civil war in and that we would confident that the bounce very. It quickly on the side of the Shia the Iraqi Government state don't change and that's the point here they've got to. Let these groups together and it's the Iraqis you can put it down -- very simple. Saying there's three groups there's as the Kurds the Shia and Sunnis in the three of them must work together. And I don't work have a country if they don't work together they don't have a country in the external force comes in and doesn't want to. -- I don't think you get handed look at. A war military outside of a political context because it did. I think the two are inexorably linked but. Well why is it that that war isn't your opinion and I know you've studied this World War II I guess Korea at the time united the country in and subsequently Vietnam and some of the other conflicts in Afghanistan Iraq seem to divide the country and -- -- They do it does have to do it. You know kind of crap why why do people support to go to war in this regard I think. -- extremely you know war is our extension of foreign policy. But internally here these are fights that they attend escalated. It gets funded by outside forces and there's no question we have and that's what's taking place shall we we -- we -- in 2003. It is partly to blame for what's going on right now. And it's yet to that that heavily and heavily armed militants on both sides involved funded -- -- the kind of damage in the slaughter you're seeing right now. On a lighter note major and I appreciate your time but you -- military guy tough man been through a lot of combat I got to -- -- ready jaguar opinion poll question which is are you afraid to go on to the dentist. Now I'm not I'm assistant to take. That's that you got to pick the music you -- that the -- and it -- -- that walked into the dense smoke in the military -- at -- point actually and -- -- -- -- being and they take extra days and that a year you're ms. indeed coming out now psychotic and have an echoing out right now in fact sell out. That in the military do what you with the people are gonna take when they -- so there's that is that these and its unit that. But you probably like that better in heaven. Will it worry about it think about it for a couple of days like let's do it let's -- -- -- That's it that's my sister completed then and now so let's have a get it done thank you major appreciate your time and target advertisers now.

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