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6-18 645am Tommy, more US troops in Iraq

Jun 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Aaron Miller, a Vice President & Distinguished Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, about the crisis in Iraq

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy 211 WL is just continuing to talk about Iraq and ice is gone through the country one thing I was surprised to find is that just in terms of going through Mosul alone. I think they picked up some 400 million dollars and -- Some gold is well and it's gonna help them subsidized I guess some of the prices in Iraq does understand to try to win the people over to their side of course. Fun they're African. What we're pleased right now very honored to hand Erin Miller with this right now needs a vice president distinguished scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. For studies good morning sir how are you on primary thanks for taking the time Miami was by the way I should say a Middle East negotiator in democratic and both Republican. Administrations and his pieces on cnn.com. It's held Obama don't get sucked into rocks three. And me and I thought there's a lot of information in here will post an under Tommy's recommended. Reading Tommy's homework on my web page tell me if you will sir Tom. Did the gist of what you wrote in the points you had to make. Well the reality is that don't Iraq is -- is it failing broken and dysfunctional state and with a iron 40000. American forces. Over a period of almost two decades. Trillions of dollars. Much of her credibility expanded we were unable. To create the kind of political structure that's necessary. In order to ensure stable includes zero. We're now out. The odds that we will be able under these circumstances. -- we know forces. Limited appetite in the part of the American public congress. Two. Have a chance suddenly altering course correcting its strikes -- slimmed down. You think. And so that's not been done the president already mean reports out of to mean his -- skewered him less nice considering a range of military options probably the one that they'll choose. Is. -- -- strikes with predator and reaper drones meteor -- overtime against these crisis positions. Once they can -- once they can be identified and that's gonna require a limited number of Americans I would suspect special forces on the ground. In order to collect intelligence and work with. Look -- the Iraqi intelligence in the north. And parts -- these been in in in part to -- here is Iraq. Where it has a presence but. Again no -- American forces know. Extraordinary effort -- intervention will fundamentally. Alternative political equation has long is new world Maliki the prime minister. Believes in in the exclusive rights initiative predominate. And continues to repressed Sunni community in which he is -- troops the military which is one of the reasons. It performed so poorly. But more than in out type gonna get people. To act like Iraqis. And fight for country if they feel their own government. Essentially -- and so. It it's its ways. Toward one privilege to confessional group in the country. Interest you can't and therein lies. To present dilemma. -- -- thing about this for a long long time and I'm I'm wondering if the United States China Russia. Iran. You put put the entire world together to try to establish. Peaceful. Existence in Iraq is adding when would that even happen when you when you did take into consideration this year the Sunni and Kurds. Well if you look to the north. Hey look it's serious the poster child for why it's tough to do some 160000. Dead nine million refugees probably the largest single refugee flow. Since the end of the circles war. And so much blood flow has has -- inside the country and that you cannot prompting international community. Including the United States and I'm not suggesting -- -- -- here. That you can't get the United States the Russians the Chinese. Little Iran and Bashar Assad the president's series most preeminent defenders. To basically. Do what you're suggesting. Now you -- you might take a regional approach to Iraq and the pollute on the political side effects if Iran is prepared to cooperate. That your and you could try regional conference but. The basic dysfunction lines within. The Iraqi houses broken. And unless you hand you know someone once in the history of the world nobody ever washed a rental car. And that's a profound piece of philosophy. You don't you don't watch rental cars for obvious reasons that you care only. Truly in -- they had sometimes you care only truly about what you loan and the fact it is Iraqi. Have to old new reality that they wanna have a country that's a real country. There's got to be inclusiveness it's got to be more equitable distribution political. And and -- economic power he just don't have -- And yet to go on and wish him more time with you perhaps next time thank you sir. -- you're welcome.

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