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6-18 15am Tommy, NOPD job requirements

Jun 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Donovan Liviccari, an attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police, about a loosening of requirements for NOPD candidates

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Donovan -- Kerry joins us right now attorney with the fraternal order of police. About a decision to I guess relaxes standards when it comes to recruiting officers is. Candidates haven't used drugs like heroin or crack cocaine in the past ten years of marijuana in the past two. They'd be eligible to -- -- asking you visited good decision or red line you don't across the morning Donovan Al Arian. Or are very good thanks for taking a time when Sami what the effort -- order of police thinks about this. Well -- -- that we we weren't initially only told about the idea. We we're always concerned about any type of lower standards. But it is that the changes that we made are consistent with large number -- -- across the country. And we did receive commitments from the department from the administration that they wouldn't lower actual hiring standards. In fact don't really doesn't allow people to applaud the police are not actually be part. For people be what's that done and done 20 -- apply to not actually we are well. It is -- immediate change in hiring. In this seems. Like it kind of wasted effort and it. Well it may ultimately end up being. That means species not I'll tell you that there was also accompanying measures -- change. The other day. Which are changed the allow local substitution for the college. Armaments are for took -- apart the please farm and we were much more student back. Partly because people -- People substitute former law enforcement experience or military experience with a sixty called credit hours or part art. I guess what -- and in my mind is. If it's about applying -- not being hired in and it's not really gonna change anything why are we doing it unless it's a red Herring to take some. Some degree of scrutiny offer the other policies for examples that. -- things so -- fact. That you bring its -- product and yet we still like to see that. Policy removed. And anything else that you think is hindering recruitment more then this relaxation as it relates to the application process. -- -- think that the application process. I think they're getting a lot of our people that are are. Don't know about patients and whether they give people that are suitable aren't as obviously -- only did it start on account require. And frankly we think that it they they need to focus justice march on and attention also as a straight. That you -- on crime recruit our Susan and I don't think that there's been that hasn't been much well. And that's I guess I'm trying to get to so when it comes a retention. Will will would you like to see change so that more seasoned veteran officers only. Well I think that obviously answers. That there would it would be nice to see some theories as we have seen in a long time. Com. I think we've had ongoing problems with this to changes to the to the police details system. Which is ultimately ended and also is not making as much money it's typical. Tell losses and years and years as the worst -- art world and -- was part of the world. And then expect officers -- excited about make more money to work at the worst police department world. And we know it's not forcefully sport in the world but we note that there also parent works a lot more. So tell me again just on clearer on that on this. Restriction of the of the drug history marijuana crack cocaine ten years two years. An and then he'd come also coincides with what they do any FBI and a lot of other departments but you're saying they told you it was. For applications only end and would they have nothing to do with who got hired. Well that the change itself was made in what's known as automatic law. So there are some things that once you shall shall serve and so like the -- the the least far from -- if you can't beat these particular Austrian right back in uniting collapse what are the that that would change me. So that they no longer automatic is all ours for the automatic -- are modified to ten years instead of outrage. Arts and that's the treatment that app and investigation processes remain -- Now. You know they may be willing to. To reconsider. You know -- circumstances that that would have been automatically does -- that they would -- certain first. Are now. On board you know the notion that it. You're -- -- somebody who smoked crack for twenty years all of a sudden problem. Policeman topic this is for now of course we're always in particular always vigilant. As far as that term Google -- and we want. It is to slide down a slippery slope of lowering hiring standards. Art that we don't need returned some goodies that we saw early ninety's. Police from the word you know that and they are convicted felons. Exactly how bad -- gone. Would tell me Donovan formula to go when it comes to drug testing for cars -- officers is -- is there any drug testing is it random. Yet they you're they have random testing program and there's also -- -- program of its promotions. And if you are are in -- -- any type of arts. So the only thing that you can you can drink apparently it's illegal subs is a problem with that. And when it comes a prescription pain medicine we hear about so much of a problem with that if summit comes up positive for that they'd better have a prescription I guess. Just. I would be here to thank you -- and I appreciate your time. Our -- thank you.

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