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WWL>Topics>>6-18 910am Tommy, should Graham get paid like a WR?

6-18 910am Tommy, should Graham get paid like a WR?

Jun 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL & college football analyst Mike Detillier about Jimmy Graham's contract situation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk about Jimmy Graham wide receiver or. Did tight end of first off I guess we should for people that know of it but don't know about it what exactly we're talking about here and and mind there's even a dispute. Tremendous difference in money you are you going to branch on site in that neighborhood -- -- million dollars where. You gained attention on what the secret twelve may now the year but the -- the financially. Are. All on -- is that. You know -- get up almost changed so much now you've -- -- -- it is accurate position. Because you -- out on watt receiver tight end. That. All of that the real on law that you walking on today. Now. Outdated but -- In the first one seed in the -- though he's caught more passes. Than any item in the history. Of the national football. This guy that played a -- -- one year of college football. And -- you -- it -- foot injury that he'd admit a lot of I don't know he and you it will it. Well -- you danger is appropriate. And -- -- as well as to -- greatness were well it all on. And we're. -- that it will pass. Jimmy Graham -- real -- Soul. Don't know what the debate is going to be out that view is that the arbitrator will rule in -- that he has what they're cheaper. What you all are asking for back money here we -- -- you personally apartment. You should. You know on track. That you know might well you -- -- from New Orleans with Nadal and now -- you should be million dollar contract. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is what you want and it got Jimmy Graham. It's easy. -- Graham and got it up for it cool now. All you're got you know got a little bit of ebitda should not put him sort of speak at the -- Blair would not a lot of experience. You can make it ought. Put option is reduction and it -- Ortiz and he's got more than a great receiver. On a helmet and it got. I when it comes sued -- grant money text and he's not a top ten wide receiver in the NFL -- -- up ahead. Double wit is top ten feet in -- That's where the getting paid is it as a restricted free agent comes in you get paid an average of the top ten money. Yeah exactly what's gonna happen -- -- I think it awkward situation and shielding. Like playing long term contract it had been I don't -- -- global. But -- it all -- and you know adequate. I think -- plant contract and communism. Somewhere in between. Canada. -- let me and now that your somewhere in that range. Where it's gonna happen now with Jimmy Graham. Which is not well -- has -- wide -- money. But certainly. A lot more than what would pay that -- on site and -- -- Hartford layer and in the in -- -- -- -- Argument. It if I'm. In. Court acted alone. Did why. Would you know putting up big numbers. Couple. I got injured and out and got a book which will the deal. -- -- -- -- -- You know I think in the argument that he's a wide receiver. They're not -- 812 million dollars a year is gonna come in between. Content with -- -- altering what is around again. In what you want it well in the even even numbered. In point six to eleven million dollar average a decent. We will be. Well -- in the law that you don't hold it is unbelievable contract that that -- Time now but on the quarterback. So I mean it -- You know what your career short. To later ultimately on this football audited every moment it won't get him pocket -- How much is Drew Brees is contract might forget. It I know -- the second highest -- all -- guarantees. With let me get back on guarantees was an extra rain lions -- -- it will undertake an old beat. Right not only have there have been six contracts in the NFL will exceed that my recent contract with the BWL exceeded that. Yeah our -- snow as that. Colin properly that you could incorporate into an end. On a more money all on the table the injury and been to. -- I -- you pay and -- is that -- was born in the CPA. The money that allocated should go to lead stick coming out of college to that -- don't. Get it -- player. One more production. Crew you have war and what you got -- Graham. And see if we got it but you at least we welcome Kyle he's a tremendous -- and on Paul whatever week we umi. The problem. He doesn't get this week police at a series of at least injured is that at all. That does chronic -- to getting all it has yet well their -- more -- that the programs in again. If it is accurate. That make it this guy basically had one year of college football and play a role. An interview accurate would that. That gave them a lot of problems and -- what. Superb. Numbers on the -- Jay and Jimmy Graham calls himself a tight end on his Twitter account. Muller de -- percentages. And where it wears a breakdown here urges just come name and -- saints are reaching an agreement. Yet that it. Tommy basically all that perch and everybody and -- -- that we're now that you know what is unprecedented. I bet I can spot you can put the numbers about -- -- -- cornerbacks and and -- it's important that all of that is that the leopard -- -- sought to get the best deal they hand. The bottom line in fact that you're gonna ask you gonna get a contract unprecedented. Or a tight end in the National Football League the European Union what are. He's been useful -- them on why. Is it submit that that caught his defense is now feel. And -- You should open up that area. And make the play. It got elected chairman program and you don't want the other -- should he get caught up actually. Check back -- the other is a sport. In India -- you consider that. The model for now it had in that time -- only one guy in the National Football League or would you call more. So he has now in first in receptions. And to think about all the excitement that played in this week. -- that pretty impressive numbers for a guy that really had little to no experience -- position. Mike you know calm people a very passionate when it comes saints you deal -- the when you second guess that the missile silver slipper casino after the game and I get a lot of tanks about Graham in his last four games including the playoffs. Again this text that's very very critical of Jimmy Graham from a fan and says. Jimmy Graham as big strong tide and you can block looks like a blank every time he gets manhandled at the line. My five foot nothing defensive end and you know a defensive back -- no. For alive a lot of people -- become when it comes Jimmy Graham near -- months -- As of late during the offseason you're. Would have to become -- -- -- when he's up that it were to chairman of when he went up against the -- to leave it you know and that argument. All the way because you know the success in that area the way it is a foot factory and a the fact I was playing -- what happens and I know well and do we. We don't know how injured Jimmy Graham war that Internet until we went through that injury. And you know what it all a lot of guys pick -- law in the country albeit not feeling well. You get the football every Sunday put his team and in the because it. Where I think probably it is -- -- got to get a little bit. Is that when they put that top cornerback on you know it's initiate that get away from him humans. That the talent he more at that position but remember what football poppy. Shall be learning the tricks of the way of -- and then it got played football I need and for using column. So you have to take into. That ought to and everybody out the truth German didn't do what we get to keep the lead. What it okay the actual cornerback -- -- good numbers where would you won't make it all police. -- putting up all these numbers going up against somebody else's -- Bottom line you'd think the deal gets done by a lot of July hot line at all it's -- though. Also gone if all that. And I would say very quickly. But within the next couple weeks if not so. You see slam finals don't view this site and you end -- -- that ten point six to eleven million dollars. And people. -- don't think you deserve money will complain complain complain about that that they speak with them yup I think it is good work. I want you go -- wanted they don't look for. And that's what line is that's what property did Tony Romo did. All of it got a music contract that would where he's got. And how would you give him that the I would much rather pay. And so don't know anything about. Mike I thank you -- time I'll see at the blackjack table and look don't be afraid to hit 19 am I just feel lucky to. People who don't at a good day thank you -- 9213.

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