WWL>Topics>>6-18 4:10pm Sports Talk: Redskins Patent

6-18 4:10pm Sports Talk: Redskins Patent

Jun 18, 2014|

Deke and Booby talk to WWL listeners about team names after the news that the Redskins patent has been cancelled.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports talk all the Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up in a 6 o'clock hour. Saints quarterback Drew Brees will visit with us RB RO TA's David media was. Is supposed to a team in its been moved to tomorrow so we'll be talking more about the saints' final OT eight tomorrow. On sports talk also tomorrow will become -- do you -- from the Louisiana sports hall of fame beautiful front street inactives the Louisiana. -- -- Alan Faneca Shane Reynolds. Many of those will be joining us as it is the official press conference setting off the week in and was the classic 2014 will be in trying to the Louisiana sports. Hall of faintly commodity alive from the actress tomorrow from four to eighteen campus where the latest. On Saints OT. Operated jaguar opinion poll the US and all of us through the Washington Redskins nicknamed the spotting a native Americans and therefore the team's federal trademark. Is being canceled. We're asking you this force the Redskins to finally change -- your vote on line. At WWL. Dot com academy Robertson Bobby is gaining national teams as a player they could be one that makes that leap in FL network in nfl.com is doing a series on the top 25 players they think torn fabric is that they will make a leap -- Robinson is one. How valuable is he to the same -- that a little later in the program and his numbers are very interesting good job break in his down you find it. Very very interesting on what Robinson did last year coming really out of nowhere to make the ballclub and he wouldn't trade a tryout player there was signed on. Went to camp and made the roster. The cajun -- allowed it to Drew Brees would Jonas but I like to start us on the affair passionate about you're telling me -- -- Taylor how much no big deal that is. But the team I guess you put it to me be like when the Patriots won back to backs who Bos -- the Broncos won back to backs who Bos so who I was one back to back titles. And you get knocked out like the heat. That's what happened in the World Cup today Spain won the last two World Cup to -- they had eight year. 68 year run that was that dominant may be is one of the ones ever in -- World Cup history. They -- out. That showed that today Tuesday. -- that that's. That's a shock cute -- how they've all fallen from grace considering the dominance of Spain. And it was almost really in Chile there's support it was like a home game when you're coming. You know cross in South America annually to go to Brazil a united gonna have a great following and I was surprised and it shows you I guess how far. They've fallen that being Spain when you hug the dog fight the Netherlands. Was it Australia. You know they came out on top 32 there. And and then they -- Spain like five to one. So yet you know there is going to be the home folks. You know that we maybe need to go to a younger players and obviously in the future because you get all really class. But big they've been the dominant. Soccer team as far as the country the last six years and so. To be. Done and knocked out after only seven days of play. You know going -- to scorers wins. And in those at 512 -- so Dallas. Pretty shocking insurer the soccer world. Considering how dominant Spain is has been as ugly. 2601878668890. Eighths in his number getting involved and Bobby some of pressure now. Put on the L Washington Redskins says the US patent office as a basically says -- way you can no longer had the right today meaning when they did that by -- -- basically nobody. As the rights to a now. He had -- look at though Washington Redskins fragile a federal trademark registration has been canceled by the United States patent and trademark mark office. Because it is disparaging. The native Americans. Now if you look at it the team obvious he's going to be expected to appeal the decision. The may be let the process kind of -- the process of dealing with Donald Sterling. And LA Clippers. Not USA today wrote last month. And the team is applying for our federal trademark protection first reds game in name. In today's world it would almost certainly be denied. Not -- -- -- at least twelve times since 1992. -- -- United States Patent and Trademark Office has refused to register to -- marks. On despair and grounds and that being seven apathy from the Washington in team seven out at a twelve. For the terms such as a Redskins fanatics. Redskins rulers and and one on the NFL properties even got involved. Trying to -- a throwback old school of the Boston Redskins. And they say that you -- became do that so they refused them that opportunity. To register those trademark so. The it's all a matter of putting pressure -- And on Daniel Snyder now. -- that being said. You know and until it's truly a -- and as we talk about this financially in and -- it really touches his pocket and hole NFL. All hours involved as far as taking money out of their pocket. And rounding out to be done and we'll be done out of political correctness. -- Jesus you know because -- things in the name is offensive is going to be because from a financial perspective -- taken a beating. So be interested to see what would approach. You know you look at a Saint John university they were called. The red men. They changed their name to a red storm. So Venus -- he would be in -- -- keep and I think I'm just predicting now on the road part of the name may be called the Washington skins. Our summons that Redskins could you know and union. When you when you cut thing and half the things that happen as far as manages a -- by the skin as he does Kansas weekend. You know people who use that as far as abbreviation -- when -- be surprised. In my go in that direction Daniel Snyder's -- figure by his guns so in Philly has. Financial. Hurting the team I think. Financially not gonna do anything in. Big if you look at I was reading some also written by Cindy Boren. You know who is a -- the black horse and the Redskins a trademark case. Amanda black cars I guess who look at. Where's he's at right now deserve a large part of the credit. Putting the pressure. Continue to put the pressure on the Redskins she's. Ms. black -- in -- union. Native American should say. And she attacked car challenge a pro football ink incorporated. And now this goes back to when you look at it. She essentially made the same argument as -- a profile. By cordial pronouncing that right. Vs pro football playing trademark back in 1990 -- is not something new. Is just it was tied up in litigation that is designed Lila this how long -- -- to process -- and challenge in trying to change something. Going back to nineteen attitudes been tied up litigation with seventeen years. After Susan shown marginal and six petitioners won a decision from the -- -- board back in 1999. The -- -- overturned on appeal. On the bases that they had waited too long to too long to assert their right. Now you -- Now ms. black cars. She's been accused in that's a business and Justin. Now if if you look commits a hard -- them is black cars was marginal and she shy and shows she decided to to seek younger plane of they -- a fight followers are you found six. A native Americans some as young as eighteen in the second suit was filed in 2006. In the NL 1 -- later dropped -- look. Ms. black cars at that time. Was 24 was all the and she said that now this the way it. -- pro football ain't saying well that. That basically. Ms. Hart Joseph recruited ms. black horse mr. Eagles in the say of course. Recruit her I recruited them all you really must think we're stupid Arnett everyone recruit NFL franchise and recruit recruit the army recruits. Schools recruit businesses recruit it just doesn't make any sense that we wouldn't do that to try. And in and has their cause our target. Going forward they would get done now -- black cars big Hewitt goes on the challenge. Daniel Snyder. That you ever meet him on -- would you dare call me a redskin. Right here to my pace. She says it's goes I suspect that no he would not a do that. So the get a lot of -- that are offended with this and that's like. When you attack in the trademark. That's really. Where you -- and the money part of the NFL also -- to see where Eagles and here I don't think it's going to be going away. It could be a long process. Like Donald -- with the Clippers. Who knows grab and also that. But I don't models it is going away. Music so -- -- 78668890. Aides said they will this force the Redskins to finally change you as an office drew Washington Redskins nickname it's just barging through native Americans a native Americans. And the federal trademark it being -- cancel give us your take Drew Brees jaundice and a 6 o'clock now here on WW. The last World Cup champion is out Spain have been the most dominant. To coach about that program the last eight years in the winning -- -- Sixers is 2000 tickets -- -- now. And again that creates excitement among people who follow the world. Yet begun especially when you defeat. A team I must always I worry Roloson of the week. Notices a month process you probably what we mean that seven days that he three weeks yeah and -- that whole month. Indeed I just hopeless and come Sunday now I don't know what they do I hope they can overtake Portugal I think it's a great. You know opportunity united these -- place and it 5 PM we've banged up with so -- Portugal. You look -- the human history. United States. They could become the first American team to win consecutive World Cup games. It's a two and will start at the first cup in 1930. Man so you look at the ethical and there's now I'd be a great accomplishment in Dayton -- -- any -- you yet that is 1930 the last and his tarnoff. World Cup. You know going two -- -- Not a big if you look at it in Brazil now I was today at home favorite. You gotta give Mexico a lot of credit you know I never seen a sport like his though. When you look at their goal people -- Sola. Allow normal I think Coachella. It was a tie game and he's going to be considered. Hero -- there. As well as you play in Mexico there calling his defense. They said it was at least four -- miracles. Now the Brazil striker begins -- his name is you know -- have one name in his name's Fred. -- -- in the end of the classic red common names of Brett. Fred has said that. Or -- Ochoa. The goal at the Mexico chemo went at least for miracles. That a -- you know getting goal. And so did he even said is you're either all tournament Scofield if he displayed good from here on out the he set the tone Libya and a hero he said it was a match in my life this is Chela who has been as if visibly moved after the match. The dude in the world -- cup record of all the fans it's incredible. Even though I'm Mexican captain Raphael Marco as sent a chill was the savior. And even as head coach Miguel her errant call him hero. Of the match and he -- David -- Images that story -- Brazil is to hold and that -- -- 00 they have -- don't want him broadcasters saying is that you out now is like a win yes it is to get a point in right right on you but -- -- to -- with the psyche again that I hate and and and the coach said McCain -- other Mexican -- -- doing such a great job. In the World Cup considering when you look at Brazil. At -- all three BL three previous World Cup matches. And against Mexico. Regular could be the last last time these Latin American rivals admit in the World Cup. We got to go back in 1962. So what is comes around it is a major you've been. And and so when you look at that and that to me sports you can say where you didn't win beginning lose but he count with a lot especially if you were an underdog. Like Mexico buying -- Brazil. All right let's go to the phone about Verdasco to teeth on the West Bank thank you for calling WWL. -- -- -- -- -- On things with being -- -- -- -- the at the apple with yeah a redskin. I'd been burning lots opened. Just bought a patent on but not necessarily -- but it had changed change. They had been -- -- -- taught affordable. In the Miami -- If I had a lot and it was range become the Saint Louis Williams. If it. It will -- become a result of -- those. You can't do all scared because the -- Georgia right guy but what with the -- that would fit well with the old. You know. It's more. Instead like -- the city. Like -- -- of this nativist habits when the bought the team in this city. Mr. -- -- cells that very well would have been like that Jacksonville Saints and that sounds. But you look at likely antagonism that the deal would add to write a pillow book if you look would have an Art Modell. When he left Cleveland. Somehow. He gave it back to the city the city purchased at the Browns name right. And so it didn't become that and become the Baltimore Browns and acumen of what do you mean the Baltimore Ravens that as the one example. Where usually you know the name follows the owner. You know when they move a but but I don't know somehow have to Modano. -- but but his stunning. I don't know Cleveland. -- purchase it -- from a legal standpoint to battle by Howell and you know he -- the city in no the exact terms. But it's almost like -- the willingly gave up the name brown also Cleveland you keep him when he got expansion team obvious necessities. Steve thank you so much for the call WW and whose time is 430 -- time the first news we'll go to gym him. And welcome back. To the phone to go let's go to camp here in New Orleans thank you for calling WW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Loved the Redskins haven't done anything. In the pile up very disappointing yeah. And -- Gavel look my college -- would put it through that it's bad. Palpable optimal title in like -- -- And I. Ultimate moment -- notes. Are you. Out. So wait so it you're from Baltimore how disappointing -- that you -- when the Colts game and a mayflower trucks moved him and I -- than. Our -- fouls in the middle and right now we're in the Baltimore at that time now travel in the middle of the night and they moved him diligent in. People look for like -- of people and everything else you know -- -- Baltimore can get and that that was so big ego. Yeah if you look at rob Thursday. You know -- with -- obviously Jimmer statement. Governors say no date they couldn't stand the ball solid land this evening have an Art Modell. He left Cleveland but Indy welcome him the ball to you know let's go to JB on line three thank you calling WW yeah. Got everybody gets and he does. It -- I have a comment. -- -- be a -- or on net wrong. But I don't think any sports franchise that door at all in their original city. And it stayed near -- city at their urging her nickname. So he's saying and hours when they go from like the Rams went from Los as a Saint Louis as far as changing their names. Out on and if it ain't that are in their original city at -- their original city. I had to go back and look I think the bands used to be Chicago Cardinals. Right. -- clear clear that the Rams starting Cleveland 1930s then yeah but it's been you know I mean it's it's hadn't been meaning in that. Of the pack of at all -- you know stayed in middle move what's and I haven't changed names unless there was. Like Bobby says I mean right now you got a unique one I mean. Shawn Shawn that was the Hornets the reality came in Connecticut on it matters at Butler and company. Right that's why that's why I used to Chicago analogy from -- do you know when he won and on wanna know and I'm not sure that's correct but. That the Chicago Bears used to be the Chicago Cardinals. -- that would be the only one that I can think. He had -- and you -- -- and go right and you think of Cleveland. How much embrace the Browns name. That even though our mode okay you want it on you can leave town and and -- they were open and again an expansion team which they did. But you know a lot of leave an old school Cleveland fans think the Ravens when they won this -- with the daylight was shoot that bad accident Cleveland Browns. Ride back on an -- that I couldn't understand what little article on. And I guess a question about -- that up at ruling yet yet. -- -- -- -- Redskins logo. Does that mean you need Tom picking Eric and go out make T shirts and caps and they now absolutely he can develop and he can break up on the money. Yeah and out of a guy's got a right to it is fair game and that to get their attention. Okay I think he got very much expect a call that pretty. ID -- -- appreciate 260178668890. Rates in the is the number two game -- -- Washington Redskins and this is. I don't know. In between tell by the Redskins over the course of the last month in the world cook. If you had those two things in the and also episode of full house alone. I don't know which one would be more miserable for music I'm gonna go through I mean the Redskins thing is is it's now it's just like okay. It's going to be beat off of a big a deal because this has been involved. On oracle to bigbie but the kid to be a little long long winded so you know I mean I think people aggravated waited. And it's I hope I got most of what you -- them that well but he comes in waves though if I can hear he had a big a big -- -- first. He kind of went back out Coco Wainwright and come you know you kind of tolerate that topic as it comes we don't think it's over but it's not over it now here I must say like right now all we know is that they they hung in second ago but they're -- on the other owners and previous commissioners. And then of course I guess that I'm making him before that. He had -- -- just around the corner over -- -- -- -- -- -- about every 23 weeks and I -- that some of my nose ahead -- get -- haven't -- the beginning of July so. It kind of comes in waves. And eight he's he's not too far -- being you know it was a close thing also. When you look at you know trade marks and all that the -- the batter we've had a right here wood who -- and occupy who'd annuals who -- And you know the Saints obviously will want that but I don't think they've paid today. And what we're talking here dead. Right and we got some callers about was incorrect to Chicago called -- different teams so Alan Johnson and Bob Melvin thank you so much you'll correct. So the call before but we have to look and see if there has been a team that's starting in the city. If they had it had to change in name of it may be moving him maybe this may be the only situation. Yeah yeah and the Washington bullets. B yeah I had to look conceived the bullets that originated in Washington knows Baltimore -- the NCA. Over so there they ego the -- lobos have now -- on -- on them lose. If they are all the wanted they're few and far between right and we've got to bulletin knowledgeable people in this position or they would be it would. Be able to enlighten the IBO light and so. But the USS that in near the US patent office through the Washington Redskins name is responding a native Americans. And the federal trademark for the Redskins is being canceled -- his fourth the Redskins to finally changed. But taken off paraded jaguar opinion poll online at WWL dot com and welcome back to sports talk. Caller called in was asked about a team and originally. That starting in one city's statement city but changed. Logo the -- and that's with the Redskins facing now. One that we did so I thought the Chicago Cardinals with but they came Saint Louis and went to Arizona which was -- -- when Bobby. Chicago was the right city because George Alice was. Coach of the Chicago State race. -- indicated in Chicago and became the Chicago bandits with the Staley. Staley is a mask that now it is what an element marte would stated that you -- it goes back to. Just thought company in Chicago like agreement Packers a -- right come right right but. The band mascot. Is actually stating that there. So it's cat is that's about -- definitely don't like one who -- -- team and they would talk about that too long ago -- -- issue in a regional. A few weeks ago from a dog that did this Moscow. What was the name of the team that they've played this year you added bowed out with America. All point you don't know nothing and not. Is on drugs known as the only Anthony and if I -- -- in -- -- in -- I -- know my thing and -- I mean I mean I -- -- -- -- an injury -- would it be -- -- would be. An easy. At LSU Houston southeast than. Who else was -- from Rhode Island yeah from -- I'm not looking -- own own own own it takes the -- -- I wanna find out you know on days one and only get aggravated but anyway. Their mascot Bryant Bryant via their mascot was in Indian. They changed it to a -- -- and they gave the name of one of their famous alone. Topple the bode well last couple of as a man elevated Tupperware and went to school went to school or -- Well I was not in and it Cutler how we should leave him -- with two I was I don't know if you -- England you're gonna Tupperware. And it pay cuts that guy's David Tupperware but know that that we're talking about our and that -- so thanks so much that they be to bring in Oakland that was interesting. It was 60187866. 8890 and Drew Brees jones'. In the 6 o'clock hour also cajun cannon on the on the sports front. Tomorrow we will become until folks live from the sports hall of fame -- Louisiana. As -- inch closer. -- because a big week for many things about because on the 23. Guys like Carmelo Anthony can go ahead and make it official that he is going to test the market. And a big story now on the team being as the draft is coming up -- in the next week but also what will be the future of the Big Three. And that is the Big Three state again though I don't think now it's we know it's not enough. As far as face in the west I think -- may still be enough to come out and he's right I don't know -- where Carmelo. They went slow -- LeBron said he's going on vacation. The Eagles have a minimum minus government thing about it president playing this season. In -- -- one occasion hang out with the family and -- my decision from there and obviously LeBron. In the privacy whenever he doesn't. Mean I don't think is going nowhere but you can say that as a out of the question is you wait one more years and any decides. What he wants to do it. We in his Tennessee that your name's. Our our teams are cities like Chicago Houston. About trying to build teams that you can win a championship. I mean a lot of fans just appreciate. You know when you look at what the Spurs have been able to do -- -- the whole team concept. I mean when you look at if you were to start a team does not like ovals. One -- did you start. Start with all of the Spurs roster. You think may -- young Tim Duncan it. You know somebody can argue that it might have like Kobe Bryant -- LeBron James would be more individually. Talented but when as a whole. The Spurs that that's something you appreciate as a fan when you see. What they've done now well over a decade going close to two decades. As far as would pop in that organization. We're truly to have international flavor ranges. You know the great players. -- look at Tony Parker what he's done. But if you put him individual and team does he had that success. Is telling you all know their role and I think that's that you appreciate. With the Spurs and what they've accomplished. But I know LeBron gonna put himself in the situation -- in that slot and obviously Miami. He's gonna do his -- LeBron and and trying to build a legacy as far as winning. Bryant arcade again at this on this spikes Mercury us I found is very interesting I was talking about it's obvious they but he get to a lot. Nfl.com. And Saints -- you be interested in this department get to know even a bit more about that mean streak at 29 last year. Carry Robinson. From the New Orleans Saints came in from west Texas -- as a tryout player that means he got 83 day tryout and a rookie can't. He did enough looks a little want to come back work out the team has some OTAs mini camp -- -- now in the weight room and go to training camp -- a shot. He took full advantage of a shot and made the same trust. Last year about it during the post season Jon -- The fox NFL analyst former great defense to back. Said that he had heard from below par sales. At one point coach Parcells called Sean Payton. And told him what he says he -- as him but not saddling -- Robinson. What's policy -- considers the next version all eight lookalike to his were course Curtis mark. Now -- goes on to say that Payton had anoint him Robinson's teams most talented Raanan. The football. Now it goes on talk about some interesting numbers here there Robinson Robinson -- Robinson in as his second season. He forced more missed tackles on 76. Regular season snaps. The and Ray Rice the hit on 730. -- pro football focus metrics. They got all these different sites that. Did run eight in the day does not just you -- -- but can't look at all different numbers heat forced more missed tackles. On nearly seven aren't less attempts in Ray Rice did on 700 more. It also -- owners say about me and rabbits and led the league in fourth missed tackles during the pre season. And averaged more post season yards after contact Woody Bergkamp CO MR silence and the Garrett -- We got to play them playing man. In my hand held by I struggled you'd in my have -- out how you dogs game am -- to say it. All I know -- any running -- guy sitting at the sea -- nobody's broke more tackles and Corey Robinson ranked. Tom I don't care where I would draft him marking whatever. No it don't matter whose whose name it is what it would you look at their production out -- I'm saying breaking tackles. I'll when he did pull this on the missed time is I'm -- about from initial contact knock in -- I mean not going down right now all of a sudden in my -- had been a three a four yard gain but it took three guys to take him down. You know and and I would just say well -- on knows. Miss tackles broke tackles. -- -- in record time as a Mark Ingram known and I'm not eight not just let them observe we could we could be on the verge of seen another. Know the big step fall off a carrier Robinson will continue to get more more attention as he can play anyway I credit to junior he's a Chris -- I know one thing he runs he runs violently and that's a compliment. This -- sports talk on WW.