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6-18 6:10pm Sports Talk: Drew Brees

Jun 18, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Saints Quarterback Drew Brees about the World Cup and NFL rules.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And evening. And welcome to Alabama Dario sports talk. He's Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia yes the long -- Gaines as someone he can again. No Louisiana team in the seed -- humans. -- don't have no picks in in the -- -- -- a couple of SEC. -- -- -- -- Egan has because I'm not -- -- over -- -- then and total myth that the care that. Speak about this all is -- got in the win column. For the first time since 1969. That was a hell of a game to yet they take Tuesday came mangled bloody got the momentum in the top of the ninth inning critical -- Oh I'm not there yet on their bad play. And in the bed bound again -- overthrown at second. -- over a better fan and loop today there was no word yet and a rebels beat last night and at 169. Archie Manning shorts. But at Vanderbilt looks like they can they overtake Virginia Virginia and lived up to expectations -- at three. National -- And a bullet that was the game I'll watch ways and it's like me and TCU fifteen and yeah. Saints quarterback Drew Brees Jordan Andrew thank you so much follow the time and drew a lot without Kobe Bryant yesterday some athletes follow soccer do you do you -- -- sucked. Yeah you know it -- soccer as a kid I love the sport you know it's watch a lot of it on TV. But when the World Cup are. And that is something or something special about it I think -- just one of those things that carry unite the world and it. -- the Olympics yet you know if you're -- for years you feel like. You know it's so open like that your trainer -- for. It Bob Rotella and Bobby I mean I don't call. You know 85 people trying to break in the media room to suitable to get in Oakland they want to go to a game a man suit both the big event but to date their -- game are there to Jimmy. Spain gain eighty fat people trying to break into the media room because they want to go with the game that got out property. -- mean it's unbelievable and then -- Almost like watching -- like watching games when their other languages. Specialist. You know like -- south American game you know about a record -- -- -- a patent field in. Probably commentators. You know they're not that bad if soccer president that you know actually not -- -- -- goal in that goal in the hotel what going to be. You know screamed yelled you know sort of celebration and a great way it goes oh -- like we'd like him I've scored doctor. Right. Well I look at it and I -- deacon and everyone here is soccer's and continued to be the world sport. If you look at it doesn't matter now or you cut areas that are it's for the common man at Third World whenever everybody can play soccer. You know you look at the cause yet and if we have a ball you -- ticket that's what I think is soccer will always be the world sport. -- Hear your -- I mean a -- -- -- country that doesn't put soccer ultimate. Drew now you guys have another OTA -- it's in my downtime and in training camp beat him before you know it. -- -- foul drew it in his new CBA the time that the players have all together. Is is -- a big difference from before this new CBA and that is it now mountain making more of what time you have. Is that time allowed you've got to maybe be of -- what chemistry move awful. Yeah you know I think it's critical thing I mean I'd say the secret thing about it or is it standardize everything it -- each school uniform. Regard through their practice schedule both. From on the field activity currently room pre condition to you know meet and everything else so. You know exactly whatever you're doing. And because of rule to replace our tutored at the top five compartment that they're not follow that's the good thing of particular -- You always wondered you know who or why -- -- to a break -- ruled an error error by breaking the rules -- You'd you'd you'd cookies -- rule in place now. There are very standard. And then if you move from team -- came you know which obviously happened this week. You know exactly what to expect when -- go to another team committees. Somebody else not -- him no different than yours you know. I think it is about their talent because you do have -- So I think for young guys especially. You're kind of in the throughout -- -- everything Belichick and you're in the probation. And and then hopefully they've sort of you know it. I think what it does require got to put more on themselves to be -- although it depends on the road with thirteen makes it that the vocal coaches so. I think our guys report of the more spots you know without significant thing that think. At the -- day -- you bigger guys they're really. All the work for them and maybe go to. Now drew look at it now although it's DA's. You know mini camp. Obviously. You know -- going to be a practice tomorrow when he gets to go today bit finally get to work could have branding code two part question. How's it been this week would branding -- Maybe who would you compare to type receiver you've had in the past and then also are Travares cadet. You know everyone's trying obviously we all know how you feel about Darren Sproles with -- EC may be cadet. And the capabilities to do the same type plays as roles and just break down coaching could it. Church. Yet so tired you know true to bring practiced it wherever and you don't think they're important most if you tell himself than one car and you can tell that you sort you know he. Sort of very intelligent guy who is got hot -- -- as well and pursuant to realize carry over from what you've done in the past the offense and ordered state as to what we do to there -- -- route street rotting -- The way that they're being taught that kind of thing is I think it's a similar West Coast system which is great you feel like you know party that occur. His athletic ability is unbelievable and I he's not always he's very short area where you know like Darren Sproles but is also you know. Fast. You know longest since he covered ground -- think about all downfield routes and concepts that we incorporated are. Offense that's something he can be very very good. Very natural catching the ball in -- Cardozo plucks it. Doesn't fight it now so you just got a lot of natural ability all -- it also took a work ethic. You know he's got all the makings of being a great player in Ottawa this year put. Is super high expectations on on the guys but no I think what's what also greatest. That -- got some guys like Marcus Colston Robert Meachem -- did in the system now for a long time. And he can really sit there and -- learn the nuances of the offense from god like that. And then you know we've got other young talent you know with with the nick -- Com and Kenny stills and educator. And you know other guys that. Or have a great opportunity you know to. That'll make police force this year -- -- you know again another guy who I think it absolutely terrible that that was vacated by strolls. Now again -- put too I've actually based on the Packers he's going to be -- old guy. But he can do everything that you wanted to do in the nickel package just you know he's a great -- back field on with big time play making ability you know -- states. On a Smart football player -- working football player guy who -- the breakdown of all. And just chopped at the bit about Terrence. -- quarterback Drew Brees -- drew we talked about it last week tomorrow is that big dates June 19 from eleven aimed at 3 PM. You can that about the green and opening new location of Jimmy John's. 7380. Highway 21 in the comments and take this out now folks. Eating so that just the dollar that's from eleven to three now that doesn't include every one -- The man drew out the comedian -- passports and we does all of that one call. And Brendan dollar apiece and come away with that's not a bad deal for a while opening day -- him and I mean that's that's about as good a -- as usual fine. As a -- is going to be hoosiers -- right hand and I'm sure a lot of people are who are already trip to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- or -- or is there's people who are not familiar with our brand. Just give it to try. And I guarantee you'll be hooked it will be mutual party your lifestyle. As much as it is. Mine I can tell your agent out twice a week currencies -- -- And -- all of -- the first time we talked to you about is this is something you you came to know when you're at Purdue right. Yeah it's so sort Jimmie Johnson the brand it originated at west victory but what I were to. Out of Purdue in 1997. Either giving dog there in India and -- that extort in the -- -- a little bit like 300. Sort nationwide now. But a legitimate -- -- -- in or out out out but where -- well -- eastern they'll actually which -- there we're not. And so I would order -- just my dorm three times a week now that you study play -- study and write about it anyway. And and it -- -- Jimmie Johnson and it would come divide or twelve minutes. Yeah had a 33. An amazing house fans they they make those sounds in the game right I mean that's I mean and the people you ought to give it right but no they are either right. Think it's outdoors for many are -- is going to be made an out or four minutes. And to view him in between 510 minutes you're gonna get -- -- about it for you could possibly yeah -- up and so. You're about the what are yours yet you're is that so so record for so I'm not start looking for a lot of fun and not out of -- -- by Purdue about five years ago sugar and number nine at my favorite -- -- location and laughed yeah that's ignore it. We got greens in the world and I immediately called body mind that would actually. The Chia chief operating officer for. Jimmy John's who I played college football he was a walk on quarterback. We mean at Purdue and that says and he agreed that it won't signal we just opened up territory or interest that I should yet or are you sure. -- -- absolutely. So that's that's got started in. Three years ago we opened up our first or patterns and now coming then this is our fit store your gut six -- being built right now so. -- -- about what stores in the normal and West Bank nor shall looks like they'll fire -- the next by the year so. We're going to typical trait in the lone marker with Jimmie -- and get everybody does. Graham and race beloved sandwiches and po boy -- -- to have success like that says a lot of the grand opening of Jimmie Johnson coming to tomorrow. Now from 11 AM to 3 PM you can buy -- -- suffered just the book. And Jimmy John's 70380. Highway 21. In -- doesn't include delivery in only one Acosta was -- of a few years ago we had you wanna we were talking about. Not Pierre Thomas he dismayed to us some knowledge and 07 in gone and away in 09 season we answer about. A complete back in FL is a talking about some guys that could be on on the move off. And one was a fascinating story guy you've got to know where we're working with curry Robinson -- took the most difficult path to the NFL a tryout player at three day tryout. Being gets a second book makes the team and he talked about how he's able to bounce off the attack was -- yards after contact and they -- he's getting better. He can't can't he'd be eight. Is he actually can't be having these -- young players -- a lot of you know learning and growing. You're maturing. You know it's part of a process by. You know. When Peter Thomas first -- spectacle seven as an undrafted free agent. I don't thinker make it and they're useless exercise on the depth chart. I'm by the guy impressed during the pre season you saw his his desires work ethic. And intelligence. And he was just one of those guys that mean you've refused to allow you to cut him. Are you settled -- we we got to fight for the guys so it -- special -- secure call. We bought the -- against Seattle and in almost seven appear out that you -- out -- Or overturn any -- government their production out of bill that we know about this he's going to be our starting running back injury bit that he was rush for a hundred yards in and received for a hundred yards. In a game at Chicago the last in the future -- -- I think the first I don't think history that happened so. It just it just tell you that it's sometimes five or diamond in the rough. You know -- Just his relentless. And just used to separated in the the other style and I I feel the same about Tyree he has that potential. So -- natural ability. To. It patients. I -- trouble getting through it and it just Macon bacon got -- need to do a powerful powerful powerful. And -- he looks you know physically. And the sky's the limit we -- get on the ball. You talk about developing his ability to. You catch the ball out of the backfield -- difficult ticket protections and all those little reluctant that that they formed a complete back that -- like your announcers. Certainly tiger Robinson at such. Now drew talk about that a -- the camaraderie ever since you've been here along with Sean Payton and the timing -- result last week abilities. I was reading where -- last night was on on Tuesday I went to amend the bill and and -- played paintball -- paint ball command. Just talk about did you are you good paintball players and if there's such a term it did just break down a number of fans. Well. It yeah it is. So every 11 day every. Policies -- -- CH and it is great would you really -- the team building exercise. We know we've -- paint -- re recruit and go carts and you know we've got the water slides we -- houses you know in this holly grove neighborhood. We've done a lot of different things as a team. It -- all together to produce something outside of football and I can play -- about what we do it all -- -- competitive. You know so like what it was. Rebuilding houses and -- -- it was so we'll look at the complaint could take the starter out that sort of computer. All the rebuild faster than inflation that. Obviously -- -- the paint ball. It's going to be extremely competitive. It was hot out there you know you're in the -- world you know effect Albert year. You you're gonna think this is sick -- -- at some point in the deal like trying to be strategic. You know sit back and I'm by the tree to start taking got one but want. I reached a point about twenty minutes into the game -- like you -- I've had been an ops. Shots more with great Boston's or else I would feel like I have participated. To Houston to its full expect that are gotten -- coached very and so I have about what well so my body that the true that I got hit point. Outlets like kind of made that decision. Because a lot of -- to resist. You know out there not real bullets so I would be as aggressive and I thought we can't if -- -- -- capture the flag and spoke at the flag and shot and that's ought to go back. You know much touch on base and -- right back at it again and so -- on and -- got into -- of course it's competitive but. -- with the black game and we want and so that's all that matters. The grand opening of Jimmie down tomorrow and Cummins in 70380. Highway 21 from 11 -- to 3 -- you can back in he suffered just. A book doesn't include delivery and only one. -- costs Saints quarterback Drew Brees drew. Thank you so much for the time congratulations again look on your new Jimmie Johnson location incumbent. -- -- And I drew -- you go right quick. Just look at if you branding coach highlights and I think that bubble screen might be part of the package this year. We're order -- the ball much as we thought we -- it straight. Up for sure will be in the game. Drew thank you so much we appreciate I got -- outright he's Bobby dandie dinmont basis sports talk on WW.