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6-18 7:20pm Sports Talk: Redskins Trademark

Jun 18, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Sports Blogger for the Washington Post Cindy Boren about the Redskins trademark being revoked and what this means for the future of the team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right it's operas not welcoming Cindy -- sports blog for the Washington -- in this in the it's -- -- hot topic in got a lot of more interesting attraction today when the US patent office through. The Washington Redskins nickname is disparaging. A native Americans all -- what is what is the vibe like on the Washington Post website defeat Beck you're getting. -- Nash and his story is taken all -- sounds an awful if from a new stamp on a sports standpoint. And just a couple of weeks ago this was a big story but got a lot bigger today. Belfort stopped like I. It you know. Can stand don't want to see the name change so they're pretty happy about it I think you can probably tell that from the comments comment on the web site I mean. And our speed the issue. You know is not -- -- fraternal the issue is not really -- at that something. Was first. It. Came up in 1992. What native Americans filed a complaint that a lot it was that the panned out since the days. The same thing today and of course in -- on the -- -- spot like seventeen years. Fought it through the court because the court kept upholding. Kept overturning -- signing with the NFL on the Redskins. And them. Then ultimately that in 2009 Supreme Court declined to review it it's kinda hard not to think that. Trying to -- on the same road again I would imagine I don't think the talent going to be. Less inclined to buy it and I know that Redskins honored and not going to be less inclined I think it's I think that is going to be. Going to be that of litigation here. -- video that being said. I was reading also and you piece and he says twelve times his 1990 cute. A the United States Patent and Trademark Office has refused to register. Such marks on disparagement grounds including seven applications. From the Washington eighteen -- the terms such is. The Redskins fanatics Redskins rotors and anyone from the NFL properties. You know going to olds who don't throw back to Boston. Redskins so great what does that mean and as NFL league as a whole or from a financial standpoint how does it affect. You know not only the Redskins but the whole league as a whole. When you have this kind of ruling. Considering it seemed like the money is involved that's when he gets everyone's attention. Maybe very similar would we can compare but Donald sterling and the Clippers are. That's our -- and everybody's mind. Well you know I. Don't really know that it reached the tipping point in terms of money and and you're so right. But it will have an opinion of attention I mean that's what's gonna get detention of these billionaire you know -- you don't get to be a billionaire by turning over money. So far it's not hurting them it's not hurting them in terms of the sale of merchandise like chicken. You know the blow back has been somewhat minor and polling we did polling -- extensively at the post with. ABC news a year ago and polling showed people support that it didn't want it changed. Now you know what more can stand and it was more luckily -- select you -- the bit. I think what kind of interesting for me. It that it. Months there's been three kind of watershed moments perhaps there or maybe the beginning of the you know he had the letters from the -- from the senators in in congress sixty. Members of congress. Writing too much -- Urging him to push Snyder changed the nickname you had. The NBA's. During the NBA finals. The native American group to -- and that was there in separate from markets. You know basically saying you think column. You can Collins -- in college. Any number -- but he can't policy redskin and that was pretty persuasive -- and I I'm guessing probably an Internet again come fall. And you know now. You know it's hard you know it's a watershed moment or not I know it's a lot different than it was in 2009 because. Lot of people are interested in it now than they were in 2009 when the Supreme Court declined to hear. Now us again though it's different when you look the universe is prepared to affairs teams you look -- maybe for some kind of compromise and a Saint John was the Redman -- and Andy became the red storm. NBA case because at times you do abbreviate. Mask out call on the Washington skin. Yeah the same colors and everything and maybe go back this city Jersey and put SB year olds Noll was there on the -- so. You know I've heard that too I mean it was a great old uniform and certainly one clinic and get around -- think that would that would do a lot to -- sort of help people -- this year I. You know at the part of the problem with that they'll come up with a good nickname to replace it if someone could come up with the rate. Nickname and I think you know you might actually think people are more inclined to move. Move forward now and you know we might be critical mass. I mean -- -- might be the best but you know. Is really more. Now. What was sitting how was it when -- those are different. -- that attack him. You know -- direct. Oh native American any. You know race when Alyssa and you know Baltimore bullets because on the Washington -- -- fortunate with is -- -- that these. Area he has clap really gone down to ask. Yeah I mean I'm nominated -- is -- -- -- in the NL thinking. But I don't think it because they're all boo at the end and you -- And heaven knows the Wizards have perpetrated a lot of crime against the random over the last few years about -- -- -- -- -- And you know that was. That was really an initiative led by the owner by owner in Poland. He he was about it and it and you know that kind of -- different things and you know there's still. A great. Great many people here who who missed the bullets nickname I think we. -- gonna go back. You know but I don't see that happening. And what made the tip that maybe Americans should change their name to the bullets. And I -- of course now the next time -- -- and and now because this has happened that the Indian of course a lot of people start to sound off on -- The president be asked again about this I donate it yes it's a snowball effect is like it's. This is this is unique in a way because it's it's new leaf sports -- it's news and it's it's international mean announced. It's one of the leads all in new deceit in the 530 games over here so this this is something that's cut the it's a hot button topic in it it's been allowed a while and now with something might be a signal to continue to be to the forefront. A look at how quickly things change I mean look at how quickly. You know I'm not necessarily at -- all equating it with the Donald Sterling situation and look up quickly changed. I mean I think change things changed more quickly now than they ever have in the past. And you know the NFL and the Redskins may have the planet just you know. The fighting and having court the way they did. All those years ago you know for seventeen years I I just know that that won't work this time and you know that in some protests. When the Redskins have played in. Missed out in Green Day members of the United Nations who have been up at Buffalo. Who have been up and that kind of vicinity have have shown -- -- -- -- but you know they have been at -- huge overwhelming -- for -- again. A few headlines but nothing you know nothing really overwhelming -- -- major and you know it. -- feels like it's a ways away from the tipping point but I think looking at what's happened over the last month that your tactic. Outstanding to me it's like you look at the sponsors. -- and TO. That an American right you know. It to other native American population actually have an influences pars on the sponsors. There's how does that. The population you look this is not enough pressure I think and it if you wanna get that team. To me as the sponsors if not mean I don't know if I'm not Tennessee's negative thing that Thomas drove does that native Americans that have in this country. Well like I think you -- a real airplane and I I agree what you. You know I think that you know look at how quickly society tends to. It's in attitudes toward same sex marriage the LB and TP community. You know the thing. Change because that there with a large population. That would be. A lot more money you know in opposite not the native American population is not wealthy. You know the -- that they that they ran on the NBA finals were wonderfully it you know -- very. Beautifully produced some very effective you know maybe maybe money's coming to it now you know coming to this site now but yeah like you know for the most part. Most of it it. That they expanses of reservations in the mid west it's not something that really necessarily -- Chinese on the minds of you know people on the DMZ. And -- time that I wonder maybe. You know they're kind of a watershed moment here with with the last month remembered it was. I think before the home opener last year the Redskins brought in. -- -- topic World War II. And they honored them before the game and it was a great. Site and they. They've you know to have these elderly men at their their honoring it to the you know amazing things in sports is big here. It was really cool and can only do more that they would help their client enormously as football team but -- the conditioning himself in the foot. In terms of PR and that's not really helping them at all. Cindy Boren just as against sports blog for the Washington Post. Washington DC area sports injury it's games. The Wizards and the national -- how popular. On the nationals over there now -- I'm -- big game they've been pretty good of course that wants to camp was a disappointment there. That's also events and of course the number one seed a couple of times and didn't count that but. -- ended the nationals how how they followed in DC. Rapidly. And they're tremendously popular acting. Probably see because I'm. On -- and and you know around public transportation and things like that game night. I think I've seen. As many people in years. As a in redskins' gear. You know I think there you know I mean attendance is it you can't compare them to the Redskins certainly. But you know mile kids in it scared you feel a lot. -- a lot of -- camps around town it's kind of a younger people that I wearing it. You know the people -- redskins' -- I think a lot of people to sort of embraced them because you know now is is it different beast it's. How enormously popular. And you change now team you love it and when you blow in the wind. And you know you can watch it. And any and -- much you can watch their team play no matter where you line. And you can spot but I think it's a different people sort of embraced the Nazis you know. -- team since they've been hearing in Washington. And it it's kind of cool to see you know I mean it's disappointing to. Firm -- that they're playing awfully well right now even even when they're on the roster injured they're playing really well. Cindy -- -- sports blog from the Washington Post -- thank you so much this thing was election time we appreciate how to talk to gain -- -- Isn't it.