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Jun 18, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot…lots of hot topics: when is it okay for a restaurant or business to refuse service? A 3year-old girl, who was maimed and lost an eye in a severe pit bull attack, was reportedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her appearance was “scaring other customers.” Does this fall into the right to refuse service? KFC offered the family 30 grand to say I’m sorry. Is that enough? Would you accept? PLUS: is the name of Washington’s NFL team on its way out? The United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, calling it "disparaging to Native Americans.” Do you believe “Redskins" is an ethnic slur? Redskins owner Daniel Snyder vowed he will never change the name. After this ruling should he reconsider? Will potential loss of revenue force his hand? ALSO: Is telling a lie for any reason okay? In a rare unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that an anti-abortion organization, has legal standing to sue regarding Ohio’s False Statement law. The law makes it a criminal offense to knowingly or recklessly make false statements about a candidate—what ordinary people might call lying. Is telling a lie ever okay? Would you vote for a candidate if you knew he or she lied about their opponent? Would you be willing to lie in court for a close friend, if it meant saving your friend from going to jail for life?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it is me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell the -- in -- starting via a regular thing a bit of a few. The rest of this week and actually the rest of vote next week who has this to a fills in for atomic clock when viewers do it is to. Shooting and in the morning on WW all right. Here's what's on our WWL talked able to win. Is it okay for a rush drug or -- business to refuse service. And if you haven't heard about the story. You've really need to listen in if you have time. Go on line and you can find the story can actually fund a picture of this Russia's little girl. She was mauled and -- she lost -- -- of beer. Pit bull test which Vick -- again wanna start talking about why do people have pit bulls as -- But she was mauled she lost the lines at a patch over her and you know you could see some of -- -- marketers place. What she was reportedly asked to leave -- KFC restaurant because her appearance was scaring some of the customers. Through obviously some of the numb skull customers went in complained. And someone in charge at the KFC says you're going to have to leave you're scaring the customers. Does this fall into the right to refuse. Service list. Boycott certain things I just can't I can't imagine. Being in that instance. I'm here for electable story KFC's as the players in the process. Of investigated. -- at the same time. They've already given the family thirty grand though. You're not gonna give anybody thirty grand. If you haven't already investigated and you will have an -- to come -- conclusion that you or kill him but so. Number one question is what do you think about this type of respectable. Action. What type penalties. Do you think that these people should have to play O -- is thirty grand enough. Well what would you accept if you were in that situation. And I'll show what I'd like to throw and of this that times when maybe you know we're in the situation. And you wish. That someone to throw I remember all -- more than a few weeks but we were eating at a restaurant. And they have this vote did the show and doable little girl probably. I don't know maybe four years old. And she which of royalty and all around the -- in our family was sitting at the table. And she would rumbled to a three tables to scream and you know going back and forth. And I know what it's like to have kids struck you have to bring my kids to the restaurants and on though I'll sometimes kids this today. But I kept wanting to say one little apparent grabbed it while someone in the restaurants say look you're a disturbing everyone else control -- But bottom line is that -- if anything does that fall. Under the right to refuse service list. If club. If indeed they were getting complaints the -- is that a reason to say. I'm sorry you know you you have to leave anyway I guess whose side you're all here I'm I'm imagining that most people going to be on the side of the three year old girl. And of course you heard deacon Bobby talking about this. Is the name. Of the Washington NFL team on the -- the Redskins and the United States patent trademark -- -- canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration. Calling it despairing to native Americans -- Let me tell you what what that means I'm sure I'm sure Bobby and he probably explain it to you. By by revoking the trade market means that you alive. Could go from Washington -- student T -- And we would have to give them a dime because now the trademark -- been taken away. Do you believe Redskins is an ethnic slower Redskins owner Daniel Schneider body would never trade the name. And after this ruling should he consider reconsider I'm I'm going to predict right now that he will and -- will change the name will probably call the Indians and openly. Also is telling a lie for any reason okay. I'll get to the polls in just the second seat of the couple people already on hold but you gotta you gotta listen of this. In a rare unanimous ruling the Supreme Court ruled that an anti abortion organization. Has legal standing to sue. Regarding all files false statement law gets a little confusing. But here's the best way to explain it to you the law makes it a criminal offense. To know what -- or recklessly made false statements about Canada. What ordinary people like -- lying -- basically. They're upholding the law and they're pretty much saying that in some cases. Line is OK so if that ever OK to tell a law in would you be willing to law in court for close for an. If that meant saving your for an from going to jail. For life. And as Bobby indeed children earlier I was actually. In of this position very close to this position and I'll tell you about pebble literal. All right just the general late 78668. And nine point seven let's -- a -- quick poll called for the break will go to Ron Ron are you tonight. Don't okay what do you think about the story of this -- three year old child. Who was asked to leave because she was -- in other. Customers. I think that's ridiculous I'm -- did it feel. It out it -- our app Shia. In the editor or whoever holding all that LEE -- at least skeptical at the to bear minimal that this sensitivity. And then I'll put it that he would he would -- multi billion dollar corporation. And thirty out like they're bought it out and it really eat eagle that burger in each side help -- yelled at yacht and had to act like act or it. And I cotton shirts -- help out. Sony computer parts of the doctor road or at what point is that despite your -- -- -- and it hurt eat up. So Ron -- the company says. We are investigating it to sleep and actually happen this way but by the way here's 30000 doctors. That that means they already know right. Absolutely -- and I stayed at -- -- out now that. -- tip the iceberg you act like -- and racquet to return it but I'll add that to eat eat eat that took ill or. And -- help these young crop at all to beat the opt out. To Egypt -- manager Eric could you hear about that yet. It it's hard to imagine the process of something like this would have happened -- some customers go complain and say look. That little girls places violence Gary notes or or my kid keeps after the Wahlberg at -- you know as -- -- -- in her. I would have to think if I were in the situation like that I would say sir ma'am. That's a little child and obviously you've gone through a whole bunch of oh. You know you need beauty departure or a priorities and or we can't told told them to leave. And as as the story goes -- she was in there with her aunt and actually knew why they were asking her to lead. The. -- yet apple can't really. If that app that. A little more questions. You know is it ever okay the law. Cool. -- -- You know and and it chart or. Are you married. -- All right and you know you know what I'm gonna ask -- with every married guy has been through that. Your wife gets a new -- -- it's a form fitting dress and maybe it's got lines a certain way and what does she say. Does this dress make me look fat. And if it does. What are you -- -- I've ever hit it on net realized I -- it that it that the right. So you're only you would say yeah -- you'll you know your buck looks -- that dress. You know I would not mind oh I got first got married -- -- -- -- a lot stick it out. Well I had of a very good friend give me some great advice when I got married -- to switch on a listen to what he said. When your wife wants you to do something. And she really wants to do what you have two choices. You can do it immediately. Are you could argue three and four days into it but either way you're going to do at. I Buick and it got so -- -- absolutely. Thank you rob appreciate you filling in tonight. All right a six year old -- 7866890. It's lovely text me at age 7870. As always say I much prefer the phone call you like entrapment if Texans all you can do that's fun to -- you're going to be next we have some lines open we want it. Hear your thoughts on of this restaurant that currently in this. -- three year old girl was named -- After his severe football -- that you had to leave. Because she was scaring other customers and is it ever ever vote today. To tell a lie and if you can give me an example when it's okay that -- law that would be great to secure only seventy. 866 and finally it's sodium Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WW while iPhone lines are open to inflict general -- 7866889087. -- eight. A Rick -- within just -- second and animals don't show with me Bobbitt shall win. Is it okay for restaurant or business to refuse service a three year old girl who was named it lost an -- and a severe pit bull attack. Was reportedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her appearance was caring. Other customers now does this fall. In the right to refuse service have you ever been in the position that you wish someone would would would have left you know maybe because of a bad -- bad behavior or. Being too noisy not KFC of over the Finley thirty Grand Slam sorry. But is that enough. What was that what would you accept. To take you know to make you happy. I certainly wouldn't want -- and at the -- chicken. But anyway attached it this is. This just got to -- your heart when you when you read about things like this to -- that Gerald late 7866. -- 90 it's -- we have someone's mobile shall call. And I'd love to get your opinion -- in Algiers. What are your thoughts on the -- does does the restaurant. Have have any right of all to as a person to leave under these conditions. Well mentioned that you it's so it's a pleasure to real that Mitchell thanks. -- honestly caddies -- speak -- -- -- most pros name change. Can't compete on the he worked today. -- EEP gold and that and that's where I've met it. Scene Andrew Luck and then -- state championship against viable. Obama -- that Ambrose earned as a child early in life. He means they're truly great guy he became distracting where the JO EBK as -- WR he's worked it. The tomato sponsorship are absolutely when he when you look at somebody if you look at it. It turns and you Reynolds is certainly isn't the point. Because it's beautiful people inside at least it's taking people. No matter peacefully. I'm sure fireman policeman to take the same thing. Just coaching mutilated that -- -- it does not make you I think it's British were. Custom. This evening complying. I would throw them got a real solutions -- state -- the art. And I'll hang up and listen. And certainly I think. I agree but I I I agree with you what kind of people would complain about something like that. On the and I mean it's it's a salute to world come into. I disagree -- that. Rick before you go is it ever OK to -- alive. Even a little white lie. Yet their own interest. Usually you -- -- give me an example where. You would lie or you did law. -- got a good injured. It. I mean Camara and bottom alphabetically you this system to put. Tumbled to a previous and that's I'll sleep at all for less than. You have to go to jury duty that'll. -- be any people like your grandma that thirty years ago. Doctors. If you were wearing them I mean it's like it. It's great thing about the American -- eats. It. -- -- -- -- Spoke gaining on deck and again Quechua and. Or when your boss says you you you wouldn't mind you wouldn't mind up. Picking up my. You know my my dog who's at at the -- were on -- William though I would mind at all absolutely. That there Rwanda again sorry I gotta go back gate and that -- so much I enjoyed your bank in the date to them and. Thank you so much okay. All right a real text message I think -- -- -- employee should. Who told the people who were complaining that they should leave. And does the line rule applied but at at at at. Two the president and all the all the politicians I guess that those statistics are one extremity. 8668 at 90878. Let's go to JJ how are you tonight. Great to hear -- Arabia again Bob we are you. Thank you general I'll be filling in this week and next -- on pot or are. It. It's ridiculous that. Other trust virtual complain about you know all a child who through no fault for Turco vault you know -- -- a veto law. It is error -- -- actual worker was. In. Well if -- -- if you see the picture you know she has an odd patch from Juan very cute little girl and -- just got some -- the -- plays but. -- what kind that would amount of people would complain about something. It can be built like the other call callers that people -- which yeah like. Look at you double fault with the regularly -- -- and Marty back there. The dog the dog broke her nose both jaws cheekbones and right on structure of the rights to replace paralyzed and she'd lost by her bottom -- was reconstructed but needs of feeding tube and basically. Grandma drop by to give -- some -- -- -- details thought should be able to. To eat them but you know what what kind of people would would complain I mean I've been in situations were kids running around like to -- Just -- and I've I've got it right. But even then I didn't go complain about figured I had kids that went on to. Well it. Roster. It bit appearance on up toward -- censorship something that person has made actually to spew like. There's some people back after pretty into. And all of you know. That some -- the people are doing to their bodies now gauging and stuff like that. I'd rather look out while I'm eating and -- saying you know all but are a little girl who has. -- -- -- all server code in your search. You know all tragedy already in -- got into -- and insensitivity. Now. Appeared in restaurants where somebody sat down next to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other side of the Ruble whatever. The cards. I mean it RTE reader you can -- body via. News. I know I've had -- I've had it happen to me where. If you got your food and you have your tray and you sit down and as a as you sit down. This does older just jumps -- elated to like that capture. And I don't say they'll do the same thing on the scale I think -- -- someplace else. I'll take that bootable their -- of you don't. Far away from that Byrd who like yeah. Today it looks like the redskins'. Ball that looked like that they've lost. The patent on the current and what that means is that you and I could if we want to we can make a bunch of money we can go pro football whole bunch -- T -- And we wouldn't have to give them a piece of the action but. Do you believe that the Redskins is to -- Washington Redskins is an ethnic slower in this whole -- Was representing five people mean is that enough to change the name. Well. I don't know not. Share your thought. Actually I want public part war effort to the -- native American speaker. The people that live Cuba for the European -- did not call this place for mayor in sector gets -- people aren't we owe much to do about. You go to picture in a cheap pot like. It's pop -- didn't happen happen eventually because they've been -- Ali forty years apparently. Bad. Like the board changed the name dropping you know hopefully that -- -- but you were three people you know. I wonder if there would be able to keep below golden flame and just column themselves the the Indians. -- -- Mean -- that -- -- Has this little old -- -- you gave him their blessing in check who changed the name would be football. You know all captured their war the tribe indigenous tribes that area. All you know I don't know. -- A lot about all of -- That -- indigenous dwellers from that report east quick means that there was about the care and the Blackhawks culture war there. Would be more than willing to say hey you should drop a little bit the -- -- -- arc -- -- you know ancestral pay. Well just like Bobby gave bear I'm -- I'm cuckoo nest so but. But but I wanna I wanna be called a French American. And at. Whatever. In the -- That that it it is what I don't get a day ago. Where where oh. All here now why do we -- All the or treated. For back you were -- that's got to be IPO. Italian Portuguese got chart there it has. Particularly on the future of error. All right Jay thank you for voting and tonight okay thank you all right to secure awards 78668. Or 90870. Buehrle would Jerry and I were talking about a -- just tuning in. What is it okay. For a restaurant or business to refuse. Service have you ever been and restaurant where. You ask them to hey you know what you asked this person to leave there making too much though is their disturbing new. A three year old girl. Was -- and lost an ally in a severe pit bull attack. And she was not a KFC restaurant and she will reportedly asked to leave because her appearance was scaring. Other. Customers does this ball into the right to refuse service. Is this one of those things you know where. I'm gonna say the majority rules I don't know how many people complained. If that had. Indeed I would've hoped I would have enough sense to say are you kidding me. But KFC is investigating to get all of the facts but at the same time -- over the plan with thirty grand right off the top so. They've got appeal the patent that they're guilty of something it's go to dean on the West Bank the how are yeah. We don't biography on radio but I treat water. And it about walked into worked on in our child. Going to the opera and she would it it will -- going to be going through LA. And and and it. If somebody even remotely. Much out of lead or leave. Wanna be jail. Got caught them on both major problem when it first thing I'd ask -- who complain and you. First all out retail quite from. And -- whoever did there. Obviously did realize they are there are guidelines and laws and trying to tablet that you could repeat or. You're talking about ultimate call a problem all or is it a welcome center. Crawling on God's name somebody can complain about a child. It didn't think they had to be at some comic and a pretty I would go by the that would go on call I mean action. I don't. Would lose my temper and it would be very very. Where you and they business where you had to ask people to leave. What what type of things that they do that you had to throw -- out. Well after Katrina are handy. Not to be so blunt but I have a woman got. Very area about trumpet in the -- urinated on call lagoons -- it again that. After Katrina when everybody which reopening. And now it big -- -- revealing that about. I'll give you a clue only treat this intent does she looked. Absolutely absolutely great thank god. And start with. We're pretty much. That -- practical. One stretch and make game and it in my extra -- lady. Not at all like that we -- cases. Where you know just people file language a lot of cases that we had which. Got a big problem where you know from these young guys coming in with the hardware -- and apparently. And I have probably lucky be tortured there W. Triple that no one beyond the way. I've I've always said the I didn't reported a bit of myself for when my kids were young we we were eating some place and there were some of people sitting next to listen on a young kids and they were defusing awful language understood right -- guys. I got my kids were OK I've I would really appreciate it if you would clean up language was OK okay no problem no problem you know. And that again I mean in the context. At and thrown by the first and they should've gone. Would hate you know certain people bring in our current understanding on. Would you mind. Maybe a world but even in the kept coming. Somebody to leave. It Charl -- -- like that did you get me. Somebody needs to be what you can get physical violence that need to be involved. At that. Dean is it ever OK to -- I I believe that line is never okay well I will Arabia. And in a case where it is to protect from one -- in the back into that of another individual. -- can't collect. I think I think it it all the look I wouldn't say OK I would say it will look simply because of the fact you'd you do want it would be sent to protect. Or care for. And I remember when my wife or merit. I was really I mean hard line law it is a law you know brutalized and someone would call the halts. And she didn't wanna speak to and you would say. Column I'm not here and obviously. Like you know just -- that you don't wanna talk to no problem -- I'm not here and I would I -- I wouldn't do it and what should should get so. Angry at me you know. I'm a little a little more mill you know. But one. Bit I think every -- and it alert alert sure Joseph was -- I think everybody. It opened that door wondered on the door and and these people so continent in some cases. And you -- you know I don't wanna get some long drawn out account station that. Yet thank everybody is probably told that. Well I -- I tell you what I did one time. -- see them coming down the block and I think about it what got my Led Zeppelin album of the year -- They figure I've played him. Are heavy metal rock and roll and hopefully that would passed by and and I had the doors wide open the music was blaring. And I could see in the went by and they said they talk to each other -- I'm sure that the guys said this guy is hopeless let's move on to the next vote you know. Absolutely and that the real quick before it ago. It's called the Indian. The Redskins the oh ridiculous. And in and it kept its gonna get there a point where. It is just what we can say that he could sit there were hurting anybody in any way. I think it's an honor. What they've done that honored one of the most. -- final word magnets are taking advantage but we did an American -- I'm -- Indian nation in the country is deplorable. And frankly I think it's an honor to have that. -- that logo and our nation's capital. On ailment and -- to read scandal. Whatever you call I don't think in any way it's derogatory and of 56 people could call -- -- to change that. It showed how the differences but at the thing -- -- cynical and hopefully we can get. I'd receive the text much of that at navy. May be the Redskins are really upset with -- affiliated with Washington. Actual vote on it but probably yeah bombing -- wonderfully but -- -- -- Thank you Dino right 260 -- 7866889. Point seven of a couple lines open. But. I've got a great and hear from a full -- that apaches. Who says basically. As a native Americans we have larger fish to fry on our land and a silly team name. I like that. 260187866889. Village seventy Bob Mitchell in -- on WWL. And the poll numbers -- in the show Joseph 60170. Told 386688908. -- Look at the call screen -- a bunch of people in mobile we do have some open lines so you did not call Lyndon. John got you ready to go on here of our big -- -- Prodi drag war opinion poll question when you vote for a candidate. If you knew he or she lied about their opponents and an ad campaign go to WWL dot com or you can simply -- call me in and talk to me about it. Online. 80% say no. 40% say yes. I would say yes because. Since they all lie and their ads I wanna vote. Do six or 178668. At nine knowledge of it I mean when you watch some of these commercials. I mean it's so hard -- hard to tell who's telling the truth and who's not because I mean. It's it's all means it's all in how they interpret certain things and holly -- Put things over with -- but I assume okay. When I watched the ads. I assume that everybody lines saw -- -- to vote for the person that I think is libelous. The hole that probably makes no sense at all but that's OK let's go to camp how are you can't. -- I'm doing fine and what -- what about you. Would you go would you vote for a politician to new line and their their ads. There are no cute by which the hot you know who's telling the truth. Yeah but if if they're talking you know I trust -- -- About what I'm saying is that do you may -- I'm just. Jaded but I assume when I watch the commercials that there's a little little line and everybody's that. All that's got to be a little bit because they wanted. Right so that's why it is not big Yemen vote for the guy that elect the best. Yeah exactly -- usually women. Record guys go look at and everything else to get into office so they can Peters secretary -- -- I'm not so you'll talk about telling the line. Yes -- need to talk to you -- that need to give. Fourteen years old. And had the drinking age was eighteen and also getting in the cloak as late -- And -- fourteen battles tall. That they have it. It's the fact that. A total of fourteen and they let me into the -- so what about my age that haven't played here. Lot of kids did a tightly clutched a three Hitler is and then go back contrition okay. Oh what about this KFC's story where. Somebody goes and complained to management about a three year old girl who have been -- it will have you seen her picture by the entrance. Why haven't put our public has seen you can you can. Really. Yeah okay cool cool but that's an -- either. An attorney. Are very -- Gaza about Medicare city might be out not serve. You know that's embarrassing if they can't they can't -- problems -- -- collectively couldn't get chicken or whatever. Well you know what -- -- interest -- about the story. There is KFC is officially saying that they are investigating it and an old they're gonna do was tried but at the same time. -- they give her a check for 3030. Grand you've got to know. Bill obviously they know that they did something wrong -- you don't give Maine thirty grand the KFC has a drop in the bucket you're right. -- you don't give anybody but the mere fact that you would be giving them the money I would think a good attorney would say that's admitting guilt right there. Exactly and I think third degree drop in the situation we have thirty -- -- -- now. -- At Andy any thought about what's going all the Redskins though now they and now they no longer have the trademark protection and what that means. Is that you would like to make of the church of jackets and put the and call the Redskins and they would have no protection we would definitely look the prophets with them at all. And I think based on that you're going to see Washington change the name and they witnessed explosive group with like. It says -- terrible read and shouldn't be offensive due to the fact that it was given to a football team team names or celebration hopes for an. And respect for the Mets -- some people just -- -- Think that nonsense you know being from Baltimore. Actor router like in the Washington DC problem. And I think he. They called the Washington -- Good place. A lot of by the way we do you. Yeah but the thing is impact report from the war of Baltimore law. And Baltimore. Well up there. And still up there. It's at that may -- because the ball from. Rob Moore that sometimes we call more rug and let up on their -- -- the I think it is is. It -- pro football team you know I called. You know I'll also put a bikini on the well that is called -- -- -- All right can't now right now that I I I might go for that all right we have Bob and John a couple of jobs Lou. And a couple of greatly. On hold a Petit in just the second. I'm Bob Mitchell this with the -- show on WWOR. Bob -- -- due to securely 78668. Or nine only seven were talking about a three year old girl who got named by a pit bull and was. Trying to be served them a victory of the room -- you -- from mash potatoes and some people complained that her face was caring of their children and they actually asked her to lead. Are you OK with that the that fall into the right to refused anyone service also talking about is is it ever okay. The law. And I have a text message here that. It moved I know I never. I never thought was never post located allied to I was pleased with the situation. My dad died about three years ago and while I was on the staff did he start asking where's the children by name. And I was the only one present and the only thing I can think -- actually is just dead they or on the way. I'm looking at the call sprain and a state report people hold. And I'm gonna ask you to do me a favorite of what came to -- right now but I just don't have any time I have to do news that I know even -- for quite some time shall. If you hang on pocket -- after the top Leo our. Tech technical break put the phone down. Walk around structural pigs or do whatever you want a guy like that you wanna literature have to say Bob on and -- story about his daughter can't wait to hear about that. John in Slidell to talk about the little girl. John -- -- most talked about the Redskins. In if you'll take part of the show you call during the news of the job market to ready to go after the top Leo or it's 260170. 8668 at 90 it's seventy text they edit them and it seventy. Mr. Stewart -- and I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WWL.