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Jun 18, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot…lots of hot topics: when is it okay for a restaurant or business to refuse service? A 3year-old girl, who was maimed and lost an eye in a severe pit bull attack, was reportedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her appearance was “scaring other customers.” Does this fall into the right to refuse service? KFC offered the family 30 grand to say I’m sorry. Is that enough? Would you accept? PLUS: is the name of Washington’s NFL team on its way out? The United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, calling it "disparaging to Native Americans.” Do you believe “Redskins" is an ethnic slur? Redskins owner Daniel Snyder vowed he will never change the name. After this ruling should he reconsider? Will potential loss of revenue force his hand? ALSO: Is telling a lie for any reason okay? In a rare unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that an anti-abortion organization, has legal standing to sue regarding Ohio’s False Statement law. The law makes it a criminal offense to knowingly or recklessly make false statements about a candidate—what ordinary people might call lying. Is telling a lie ever okay? Would you vote for a candidate if you knew he or she lied about their opponent? Would you be willing to lie in court for a close friend, if it meant saving your friend from going to jail for life? AND: on the lite side-- You can select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question,…who would you choose and what is the question?

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It is made the real Robert Mitchell filling in -- -- -- -- seventy WWL welcome back to the show here's what's on our WWL talked table tonight. When is it okay pour a rush -- -- to to refuse service but three year old girl who was named. And loft and -- in a severe pit bull attack was reportedly asked to leave. Make KFC restaurant because her parents which -- and other customers but this fall into the right to refuse service. And and I'd like your baby tonight from maybe some of the few people who or in the service industry in the food industry you know restaurant industry and Telus may be about a timer too when you had. To ask subsequently -- and what do you think this would this be a legitimate reason to ask someone believe especially a three year old. They actually of offering thirty grand actually I'm sorry. Is that enough for the other side of this -- Do they really over anything at all. I mean let's place that this will probably. The work of one. Insensitive. Individual working at KFC. You know on the other side of this as. What do we do in in this society any chance we get a an opportunity to sue. Someone does something a little bit wrong and their their no war there's no more ball -- are no more accidents it in our society. Someone's always looking to sue and make a bunch of money so. When you look at that side but does KFC. They offer of thirty Grande do they would offer anymore at all and is telling a lie. For any reason. OK maybe you can share with via timer too when you. You told alive for a good reason and I'm a wonder how many guys have used this for a or -- told the slide. I'm only going up for one beer that's ultimately having one beer but the guys aunt and I'll be right now on the light side and did and this from the personal -- You can select one person from history. And have them truthfully answer one question who would you choose. And what is the question you can select one person from history. And have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you choose. And one of the question to figure what it's 7866. And nine awaits them they already know -- Amendment to the caution ahead of time capsule got a good start ago. Mine would be Lee Harvey Oswald. And I would -- Did you really killed JFK all bully yourself walls of the conspiracy. That's what -- talked let's go to John in Slidell laureate John thanks for hole. Doing good thank you. Pardon me for coming from the other side this is morally it's a bit extorted -- Red Cross your list and on the thirty that first thirty go to me that -- Yorman salute that. If they had given the 30000. And that balance something they might not shall beat the chicken for six months anywhere John. The leadership question do you find a little interest into the obviously you were the same article I read where they said that they were investigated. To see exactly what happened. But we contribute 30000 dollars a month and he's. That means you already know what happened now they're gonna try to figure out how to cover their butts in the best way. But I don't see it that way are generally -- pretty pray they did something. Or or. This quarter real shut down or so on I don't think they need in that hey here's why am I may be totally out. All right you're saying that it may not be the truth. I'm saying they. Went out and it's -- -- the -- are. Just grossly irresponsible media and -- old little girl goes to beat him. A -- important grandma right now. Three dog attack her. Tibet or what border what is useful -- -- which the three pit bulls they're. All I'm saying is and I seen it on a book four and and I -- Graham stories under per cent pack and I mean. People I -- And look beautiful girl deserves all the medical help she couldn't yet -- everybody. And then it just. I want to believe that people are bad cruel Bob May be one incident eating at some point you. But I do. One look at the other side in wonder what one of the things that -- that came out message board where I did read it. On grandma culture story little bit of a rookie starter put it on great book in and Vietnam. You know get your percent openly -- -- I don't know that to be two totally accurate. But it down. I feel I feel there must be some truth to it because I don't Arnold KFC. What would have written a check -- and issued a statement well while they stand behind her and they they wanna do whatever they can -- I believe that probably would happen is that the with an initial investigation. And it might have just been one person but in all our eyes sometimes looked at at at the other side of this to. We in in our society and I'm not saying that KFC shouldn't helpful girl. But sometimes in this society it's almost like. We'd look to sue for any reason at all -- you can no longer make mistakes in the society. Will eat you also. Lower would be too cynical here could the school girl as a result. Yet but it. But putting this story on a grandmother -- -- who's gonna get secret connections can -- actual topic on hand. And further that only her but -- that other people. Rome new illnesses and spoke on principle to the sort of you know gain and -- people well I don't. I've I think -- I think I've picked up the the story from -- I believe it was Romo put the TV station that the that ran the store job do you think it's ever OK to lie. If he can help -- you know there's an instant and bottle on an average. Order. Two angels line orbit anyway Bob when he -- to go date somebody like that would be the the only time when year or helping to Marty. You know -- -- What about when something. Would about something when your -- says can you tell of lost a few pounds and you can't. Do you. Mean -- you that you tell the truth and let out there aren't at. That's surviving. The good news or are -- -- an annual -- says the you'll my mom. All of course. Of course only. There's been lying -- in network or dared admit that like you said that -- look I just want to look at the other side. And I almost feel bad for doing it because I do this well if it would happen the way. If it. He you know people just don't make counts of money to keep him lead on going search is too little and end. And I just don't want to believe that people like it could make one -- in the group said something that. People that -- let's -- All right -- let's go to Bob on the Northrop Bob first of all thank you for holding on for so long. Let's see on the screen you have a story you -- tell what your daughter what happened. Yeah what -- involved but. Your first I want KFC has got to hire people with more common sense. But you'd think so well. You know maybe minimum. Raising the minimum wage it would -- I don't know. But I have another -- story my daughter was four years old was diagnosed with type one diabetes. And that the great work and but at age five she was doing all of their medications by herself. And she found out that she real pal. He's walking into the issue travels with me all over the country. And she could walk into bookmark now for breakfast. And layover here. -- better than ever these days this year that book for her fingers get out her insulin and the burden needles. And he -- clean out the entire McDonald's. And nobody -- that you want to see a five year old do not. The problem was I didn't have 30000 dollars -- permit the wrong. -- and we cleaned out several. But it does that ever so look. We'll give you a pretty cheeseburgers don't do that someplace else. Well they've never. Out. -- we were there eating alone and so. -- things were talking about tonight is. Is telling a -- for any reason. Okay and our brigades -- Perugia -- valuable collection says. Would you vote for a candidate if you knew he or she lied about their opponent. In an ad campaign. 80% say no 1% say yes and before you answer. My question is. I automatically lets you and medium distance I automatically assume. In all the heads there's little bit of life. Undoubtedly it and anybody who says never told alive. Is in fact. Lying on the now can you recall off the top your head where you look told the lie and you had a good reason to telling that. Yeah I guess I -- it as suffered an injury. And my wife go on this and says how does it -- I'd -- by. But I don't want her worry about Roy Roy and I and so waited and that's not a problem. Well that is if you look at it that a lot. Now did you ever get caught scoping out the good looking woman and your wife says. Are you looking at -- You are. -- and not admit it. I'm. Well I guess I hit two admitted. But I wasn't looking at her for that reason she fell. Well I've I was looking at one and my wife that. I see you looking and are you looking at that woman announced that. What woman at a bit but that would right there I. Really didn't even notice that with a -- so -- sometimes it's okay. -- I would have probation officer one of my convicts in my outlook. And he told my wife just because. He Baltimore police. Doesn't mean. That's the only thing he's going to look at. Bob if you could select one person from history anybody you want and have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you choose and what -- the questions. Anybody from history. I would look George W. Bush in the and saved or. Are you kidding me. But at at. About what to look at that. -- -- -- so you would do you would want asked him what was the real reason we invaded Iraq. Yeah he was so -- it was multiple reasons. That I would like get in the bottom of who wants control. -- thank you Bob appreciate your call it OK -- all right 260178668. At nine late seventy. What does it okay for rush truck or a business to refuse service. A three year old girl who was maimed and lost and and as severe -- -- that was reportedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because. Because her appearance what's scaring the other customers and anyway. -- this fall into the right to refuse service at KFC is Robert Bentley thirty grand slams -- is that enough. Would you accept that. Or is this just one of those -- where someone did something insensitive and really. It really shouldn't get any money at all. Is that ever OK to lie and maybe you can share with us a time where you throttles OK analyze. And you deadline I'm Bob excellent particularly in the big day it's seventy WWL. Borough in sports talk -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from Louisville hall of fame enacted a shall bring you Sean Payton on the strange players following. The final -- organized team activities who in Preston who looked distressed plus. We're a week away from the NBA draft of Republicans try to Carson pitched. Or are they better off adding through free agency called the pros weekdays 4:8 PM. Well all the states L issue in the pelicans WWL. Welcome back to show I'm Bob Mitchell -- -- to our poll numbers 26 -- 18788668. Point 90870. What is it okay for a restaurant or a visit to refuse or a three year old girl. Who had been attacked by a pit bull lost and my initial in in the pit bull attacked. Was reportedly asked to leave -- KFC restaurant because customers were complaining that her parents. Was scaring them. -- this fall in the late to refuse. Searched more emotional talking about is it ever okay. The -- lie and go I don't know why we -- we brought this subject up the Supreme Court ruled. And you have the kind of followed with -- Nixon summit. In as the Supreme Court ruled that an anti abortion organization. Had legal standing to assume. Regarding all -- false statement law -- law. May actually criminal offense to knowingly or ridiculously. Make false statements about -- candidate. In other words the ordinary people might call lines so that's Alexei and lol it's -- the law. Is it ever okay July would you vote for a candidate if you knew he or she lie about their opponent. And lonely when we're talking about these commercials these political commercials. How many of you. Actually think I'm of one of what you'd call mailed us how many of you actually think. Every ad you see or hear that they are telling the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth comment if you look at these ads and say optimal and that's going to be like and I know -- a sue. I assume that in all these commercials. I assume that somebody's line and almost every one. Or they are totally distorting the truth. 26 or 1878866889. OH seventy I'm Bob Mitchell improved note let's get to via both of 02 Brian Miller or you Brian. Eight Bubba thanks take a look I'll -- about whole redskin fiasco. I -- -- major problem what it says that bit the system in the country sent out to the point where. You know somebody treat the product and they tied it in the market the product you -- and a couple of people. Whether or not they -- support that product code. And why so many people built according I mean the Gretzky advocate for a prompt can't game the year. Obviously the big workers have no problem but the -- and Tom you know OK let me see him on NBC. He's -- opening game Simoni ESPN Monday Night Football. So effective offensively. And we took out the free market I mean if people really don't like the product because it didn't seem that. They will not support it they will not unity when people. And you know on the outcome of it from the people look at it and we got -- is a wayward marketing it pretty well they do educated. It did all it is obvious that it's not offensive to the majority but I want you to listen to this. Text message and -- had just lost a toast of the screen. Jumped. -- debate as to say a year ago. This makes me think. Bob if you had an American Indian for an would you be comfortable calling his kids and grandkids. Little Redskins to displace. What that makes me think. Yeah. Pop it. Patriot that's my problem I don't know if that is offensive to blow up the film. -- to pin the upon what the name they think the whole thing ridiculous. Yeah I had a text message earlier promo. A full blooded Indian and so that being called Redskins is the least of their problems. People we care and -- -- It. Is then. You know so we -- that this country to meet the Internet or in Indy you -- -- The patent system. You speak which you if you don't agree with the prop up and you -- you know people. That. If you look at television. Or television today. You'd pay attention outs and it is stupid and egregiously stupid people to break. Alert so yeah. -- do. They can do it right there. You have the Pacific come in the neighborhood and betrayed -- strong. Independent woman it all the answer -- look at -- whatever situation. Commercial and control of calm cool and the police. And destroy everything. Could we. Put it. Out. Between it and maintain that need to be paying. It's in the product right now complain about it take puppet of you know. That -- of the. -- -- the owner of the Redskins finished on and he has no choice though because since they have canceled. The trademark registration that means that anyone good or not Washington -- T shirts -- what church or whatever. And he would get no income from the -- -- also. He's I think is going to be forced entries and they now because -- but that means at all. All the jerseys with the -- with the Redskins means that since he doesn't no longer owns the trademark that people make any money. And there's so much money to be made and that I'm good I'm gonna predict he might change it to the Washington Indians or something like that. Well credited with the second -- that happened that happened apparently in 1980 known as well. When you -- the patent. Or whatever. I didn't know that and you know. And the second column is apparently and I know college and tomba. You know this thing they've taken them -- moral -- that's where it's and I'm an immigrant and I do not like day -- night at all. Just because it's free agency shenanigans -- Yeah and you know appreciate it to ridiculous contract like that Paula you know become a real McCain try to get creative good. -- you mean like that wonderful deal he made Albert means worth. -- One. How electable in the make me a deal like that. -- God but it -- you know it doesn't that mean he could be a major media market -- -- -- the on the top of the publicity. At the right into and the good these. The talking about -- import export to any body out of big east. And it just makes no and they -- meeting you look at that not workable. I mean he thinks it's ever been pretty simple -- it. It doesn't -- All right Brian here's our light question of the night. You can select one person from history one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you choose and what the question but he. The the pretty upload short note but I would probably go out model. And -- a question about is politics book far. He knew way back. About tyrannical government Weller Caminiti nailed it -- book I don't really shocked that somebody over 2000 years ago new. Exactly. I'll -- -- Hitler created a committee. And mine would be very simple Lee Harvey Oswald an -- woman though did you really shoot JFK and did you act alone. My will be very simple appreciate your calling Brian. -- 02 Michelle how are you Michelle. Always good to have the -- phone -- warriors. I -- So what what do you think about the situation. At the KFC where three year old girl. Who was. I mean she's lucky she's she's survived this does it pulled to and she its stars are -- -- -- on -- -- of -- half over place was paralyzed but it's a terrible situation happened on a call one out early on -- the grandfather had like. Ten that bulls in the trial was visiting and there -- three pit bulls attacked her but anyway. Someone what he complained. And said that her face was too scary and the pastor belief. I didn't. And being. -- -- for our I -- a pair. I would point greatly to draw the line at the right turkeys are you guys act and act -- country and a lack of freedom to act. He -- -- mean. You and the pork and that means indignities and that person. You know I think he's got a car -- didn't -- did little or. Not. It not right exactly all kinds of laws and you can't -- to offer and the corporations are honored to investigate. Union needed something wrong. That's my thought on it in on unknowing of the dollars of all it did that as the Arctic. I don't know I I would have to think. That a better PR thing would be if you did do anything where you immediately. Issue a statement and you say. That is totally 100%. Balls KFC would never ever ever. Do anything like that we train our people that just didn't happen if you if you plunked down thirty grand in the beginning. You'd make because and good attorney would say it in a way you're admitting guilt. Exactly. And it quietly like an American and the ability is packed. Is it. Either want to add it. All. Day on the -- it out each and in the bad. Thing. Happened. I'm looking. People are in part they're like I am content. Knocking. I'm not a -- yeah. Did you minter -- did you mention earlier you were of that. What where where what part of the city. Where. No where's your office. -- and the goodness of human buddy Greg roach who has a of that in Metairie. I mean I'm from -- -- -- -- and trouble my earnings coming on board and they share visible aren't this year on the deformity you and -- it talking about the impending war. What Michelle I appreciate you voting I'm I'm gonna ask you lauer our light -- would like to try to have something to come out. Offset. Especially when -- serious subjects. You can select one person from history. Just one and you can have them truthfully answer one question who would you choose and what is the question. Only achieved the superintendent I think we Kirch will probably choose to drink and then. Quote on why. I would ask them why they -- fashion nation and an equal enforcement. Actually structured and neck educational community. All right thank you so much. Appreciate you calling 2601878866890878. I'll get right back pew poll calls -- have a couple of lines opened below to view our whole promise I'll get -- as soon as I possibly can and Bob Mitchell in pursuit. And that's the big 870 WWL AMF -- dot com. Couple of the things we are talking about tonight a three year old girl who was named them -- the -- of a severe tripled to act. Was reportedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her parents was scaring other customers. Those has fallen to the right to refuse service also talked about as it is it ever okay. The law and when you watch political commercials do you. Automatically -- some of whom. That someone is -- just a little. And on the light side you -- like one person the mysteries and of them truthfully answer one question who would you choose. And what is the question to secure when it's 7866889. Point seven let me read this one text message that it's in what we're talking about tonight. -- used to work with the man who had one arm. It was to customers who complains film. And actually told management he was freaking their kids out. In my mind it would have been a good time to explain to their shielded children that every one. Has their own battles like it to the phones in less than thirty seconds but we need to welcome. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. Who joins the F bomb club. The governor was apologizing. To a group of Shia Arabs for not meeting with them prior to the passage of gun control bills. When pressed on the issue -- reactive league and -- exasperation instead what. I apologized and -- let's go to -- lead to in a mate how are you. I don't ask -- and that -- you know have. Good luck I don't have a cable alone I have you know no doubt it. And I had put down yet also so we -- when you TVs out to listen -- -- yeah. -- -- I have I have a daughter that went in the regular had a year ago he did not regret the vast bulk up and there acting. And. I'm sorry diagnosed with what. Written about Belmont. Hampton. -- -- It that had to remove it right back ultra right and he has been our topic and -- that would end up making it about 48 years and take the end I have. I'll you don't read my way yeah and the pat and I will live in an apartment I need not at a -- don't want them and he just one hit -- And the landlord our go to Hammond to have me on certain it had begun in the long. A lot about another house movement. My daughter then we go and places that pact on they as a lot of happen. Let me ask you did you say what I think -- -- did and describe your next door neighbor. What did you say that and what does that have to do with anything. I think it is pregnant but what does that have to do with anything. The current leader is. Now -- Okay. Governor doesn't matter doesn't matter what color if we shouldn't and congratulation we shouldn't and conversation. In all you you don't say. And if you run into a -- you'll say well this that this this white died of this do yeah okay. But an annual rate -- we had no that the matter OK so you. Dornin. You might then. -- will what is what is your opinion about this. This little girl being asked to -- out. I didn't vote as well you. They can get around that convention. I'll tell us about right. Thanks to a -- and Alexandra Tori Allen. -- Yeah. Degree champions. Two needles to make. Sure and well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yokohama all around for a tree fortunately. Put in place but you'll almost. Once you do. It up to. Utter -- -- -- -- body. Take it to that. I don't I don't know Powell if he no longer owns the trademark on the term redskin. -- you batteries search that because that is not bet that it not back. Okay well I'm reading to you okay you now are listen to me I'm just reading the you may reiterated it would keep it erupt in the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled. The Washington Redskins trademark registration. Now what does that mean. -- -- That -- morgue at that right now. No but what I save is the fact that when you don't own trademark -- like for instance the saints the saying you cannot put anything other. -- you cannot put the saints on anything otherwise the -- welcome Matthew because they own that well if you no longer own the phrase the Redskins. Then I can go make some T shirts and say the Redskins and he can't stop mate because he does not own the trademark. Bubba seated at about fifteen years ago club in. Yeah you know that they went to federal court and federal courtroom -- Gretzky. Right now now and now that they've turned this thing around because that becomes a law against -- Political correctness we have today and are correct and they're taken away so I guess we'll have to we'll have to see whether whether he tries to appeal this. I think he's gonna cave in and of -- of the Indians -- shall in like. Today could could be a possible you know but Peter you know. Hey you know you could be like you know. Alan let me ask you this question at the tar and -- light caution of the night you can select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one. Question who would you choose. And what with the -- -- anybody that ever lived you can ask them one question what -- -- -- What you stated. Well a lot probably. One question Jack Ruby. What we will quality act beat people out wall you know Campbell. That much that I she might be a better one right because you know you've got to fill that ruby knew something. Felt all right Allan appreciate -- voting and thank you for being part of the show. All right 26 Euro late 78668890. It's seven were also taken. Comment on the winners -- okay portly rush truck -- business to refuse or three year old girl. Who was named and lost and on in a severe purple. With reportedly asked to leave eight KFC restaurant because her appearance was here rain. Other customers of this fall into the light to refuse service law. Or rule whatever you call. 26 or 17866. And nine -- -- Leo Bob Mitchell and the -- Coming right by political goals of the -- seventy WW LA about them and dot com -- welcome back to the show and slammed up against the New Zealand and as Greg Mike in court is on notes Lleyton or even -- it -- quite some time but if you can. Possibly do Leo a real big favor in a hold on a really willing Yorkshire helplessly by connected to a till after the news. One of things were talking about is Redskins owner Daniel Schneider body will never change. The name of the Redskins and after the ruling where the Redskins lost their trademark registration. Should reconsider an understatement but he had no choice to have a text massage and this is Bob. Studdard doesn't have a choice this is the second time this has happened the franchise took the -- published report. And one last time that went to the Supreme Court and it was report they're right. Little have to happen though is Snyder's attorneys would have to file. And the media -- appeal and that would probably protect them for awhile. But the way I understand he doesn't file an appeal or it you know it it doesn't put some type of state action on this. Then you know people would be able to take in for Angeles merchandise put that thank you for that information. 26018788668. At 9087 if you wanna. Call and talk about the Redskins haven't changed their name or do you think they should do you think that is. And racial slur and -- -- -- okay -- restaurant business to refuse service report about that. And I -- question of the night give this some thought -- everybody can answer this question you can select one person from history. And have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you choose. And what was the question. I'm Bob Mitchell the big 870 WWL AM at -- dot com.