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Jun 19, 2014|

Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot…lots of hot topics: when is it okay for a restaurant or business to refuse service? A 3year-old girl, who was maimed and lost an eye in a severe pit bull attack, was reportedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her appearance was “scaring other customers.” Does this fall into the right to refuse service? KFC offered the family 30 grand to say I’m sorry. Is that enough? Would you accept? PLUS: is the name of Washington’s NFL team on its way out? The United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, calling it "disparaging to Native Americans.” Do you believe “Redskins" is an ethnic slur? Redskins owner Daniel Snyder vowed he will never change the name. After this ruling should he reconsider? Will potential loss of revenue force his hand? ALSO: Is telling a lie for any reason okay? In a rare unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that an anti-abortion organization, has legal standing to sue regarding Ohio’s False Statement law. The law makes it a criminal offense to knowingly or recklessly make false statements about a candidate—what ordinary people might call lying. Is telling a lie ever okay? Would you vote for a candidate if you knew he or she lied about their opponent? Would you be willing to lie in court for a close friend, if it meant saving your friend from going to jail for life? AND: on the lite side-- You can select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question,…who would you choose and what is the question?

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I'm not stupid I'd just be old Bob Mitchell filling in -- pursuit tonight. When is it okay for a restaurant or business to refuse service -- don't know if you've heard this story it really as a an incredibly. Sad story in Oakland to be a little bit more information on it. A three year old girl was named. She lost the line of severe that -- that was reportedly asked to leave it KFC restaurant because her parents. Was scaring the customers to girl. Victoria Wiltshire was badly injured in the -- -- Her grandmother. -- that she was driving a granddaughter home from the hospital when they stop potentially permit details. And they just told us we have to ask -- leave because replaces disrupting. Our customers. A real -- story Victoria was attacked by pit bulls and her grandfather's home but dogs. And again you know every time this happens when people call and -- pit -- -- such great putts. I would never -- a bowl with two juveniles never never never never but dogs broker knows. Both jaws cheekbones to write a short of the right side of replace -- -- and she lost at all and our bottom drove with reconstructive that you need to. Of feeding -- And much grow more bone and replace. For more for responsible. Grandmother thought that I -- estimate for -- that she would be able to eat. So. What do we do with this. You know you can look at a couple -- You can look at it from the standpoint that -- do we do in this popular soon -- SuSE -- But it would probably boil down -- one idiot employees. Being very very insensitive KFC of the sport has offered deeper and with 30000 dollars and say and they are looking they're looking into it. You've got to believe and and our society is apparently will go for more. Should KFC give them more should KFC. You know say it looked at it was it was a mistake I look the point I'm trying to make hears it it seems that our society. That when ever anybody does anything wrong we wanna kill but we wanted to is taken and Jewish -- -- draw. So I'm I'm not really sure how much money KFC's. Should give them I don't know I don't know lower court will rule and I'm not in anyway trying to be insensitive. I just don't like the fact that I find in in today's society. That if anything happens that the mistake happens that anyway people immediately wanna sue and and one of subic. Speaking of -- Is the name of the Washington and -- team on the way yell the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration and calling it. -- -- native Americans -- we've learned a lot. Actually cents a Bobby indeed started talking about this this afternoon for the -- was done before. And the Redskins took him to the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court overturned. He now looks like the process is going to start. All over again and Daniel -- of course will probably immediately try to get this -- -- and then immediately while an appeal. Now whether or not. He has the pressure to change the Redskins the NFL. Has not as far as I know. Only be an -- drugs we use. Daniel at that point on though I think they're asking to consider but I guess that you know because everything has to be so darn politically correct but it probably. Have to do at least four -- and so purposes. And as telling a lie for any reason okay. The law makes it a criminal and we're talking about Ohio's. Balls stay below the law makes it a criminal elements to knowingly. Or recklessly make false statements Obama and a but -- of what you and I would. Consider line. And in a rare unanimous ruling the Supreme Court ruled that an anti abortion organization -- legal. Action standing to sue the words there's there they are there are still in the law -- So in essence of the Supreme Court is saying Notre Dame and some of the flight of line is okay so would you be willing to lie in -- -- close friend. Suppose that meant those saving your program going to jail would you vote for -- if you knew he or she lied about their opponent. And when you look at political. And list of a political as you automatically assume at some on his lines let's go to Mike Mike how warrior tonight. Oh good Bob OK so two things impressed well. Yet you know when I heard about -- about a year ago I did -- -- and finally -- on about it -- candidate inclusion. That yet they get it probably makes sense that they would that they should be changed their name. Because basically. You know it's that Redskins so when you look at we look at the history of the big issue of the color of skin. Battle in the national district but the the history of the world you know revenue that would color risk and some legally disabled -- skin or the white skin. You know ski and the -- and so skin color been a hot topic for. A couple of -- a couple of you know. This is what that is what made me think a little bit differently tonight but -- but that's as if you had an American Indian for an. Would you be comfortable calling his kids and grandkids. Little Redskins to his place. That that I don't think about that one boy. -- -- We look at tickets at -- that you can -- black -- and make that flight -- No no -- it does one thing in movies that just relies at any time there is an Indian in the movie. Well was calling -- -- he knows what. They actually gave the debate navigate the other guys and yet they needed IPO when it -- the breaks -- -- that the Atlanta Braves took a but I have the name it's been it for what could become an apartment and had just bought a lot. I'm gonna put out there for your consideration. And gave it. All right it is the name is the indigenous. Isn't a lot and and indigenous. -- -- -- the idea of the indigenous people but with the indigenous. Washington engine and keep they'll beat the Indians though so keep that in just go into the Indian. If you called them the Indians and they could keep the logo now here's the text version of this is Daniel Schneider already has the warriors logo. And nicknamed registered in trademark. That's what the Redskins will become I don't know. -- -- Positive what do you think about this little girls were little three year old girl. That was told that she was them scaring the customers -- leave. While apparently as well I suggested that what that was K actually get in and did some dignity of a beta. Politically incorrect move orbit data -- made global and so what they'd they'd they'd open jamaat. Well you know I don't listen I'm I'm not -- anyway aren't criticizing KOCO obviously they had Sama -- local network in form but. I guess I like. I like to sometime examine things and try to read in between the lines they said that they -- but they were investigating this -- we're gonna see exactly what happened. Well and they gave him and by the way were gonna give it 30000 dollars you know you if it if you investigates something and you know you're totally innocent. Then you're gonna go the other way and you can make a statement that's as we in no way this happens so. I just that the 30000 dollars lets me know that they know that something like this happened. Oh by the way let me throw curve ball switching back to the other night via the female linebacker. She was a defensive -- right okay. I'd say IC. And -- individual individual. -- chicken chicken place -- again to double that equipment. Let them that's them physically being. All women in the world you know. Yes. Well you know -- well -- for a while there was a semi pro. The email tackle football team here. I have seen them you know put out if it if -- if she can thank god it's been David. And and and there were there was some women I can tell you right now. Some of those linebackers if by our wide receiver and no way -- go over the middle. And you said -- she's gonna get hurt well I got a guy to get hurt all -- -- football coaches all auditing didn't get hurt. I'm like -- ask you one more question before you go our light caution of the night. If you could select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one. Question what would you choose and what is the question. Oh boy suffered at the other night and no. I'm I'm going -- Lee Harvey Oswald the asked him if he really was the one that acted alone to shoot -- president Kennedy that's mine. Ought to -- -- but that's a good one net net I was gonna say Richard Nixon and I'm not even sure what to do. That's about why did qualities of the and so stupid but the break in the -- Not -- the F Richard Nixon wanted to know what was in that fifteen minute gap on the tape. Remember early in April that was about the a fifteen or seventeen minute gap and it in the recording. I want an old what was that conversation. All right -- I -- -- are all right got to. -- 2601 late 78668. At nine point seven you can text may. At 87870. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- is the scan which showed -- got us some lines -- until you won't call. I'd love to hear from text me at 87887. In this is. The big gates seventy WW LA MF -- dot com and if you wanna be part of the show it to six year old late seventy. 866889. Point seven exactly and 87870. Here's a text message that's. I'm talking about the little girl that was asked to leave a KFC. Does she was coming straight from the hospital Kosher -- coming straight from the hospital she would have been wearing a bandage right. Well I don't think she was coming straight from the hospital after the pit bull attack of interest coming back from the hospital aft after some treatment. The picture I saw on line that she had up on a patch over -- her off KFC. Should pave the little girl medical bills make -- hole no money to the relatives down that. I like that let's go to let's go to Greg Greg how are you tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't want that too much you -- -- -- to. -- The first thing -- that pollute darling inject it should be debated that could be true. I want to cater to a more accurately well -- They are investigating but just just that but that really. Terrible. Once -- deal for you to listen to. Her and what. About it. Issued photo employee. Well you know what would be good not only see that but I would like to -- A photo of which you look like at the restaurant I did see a photo one line but I don't. -- -- -- Holland -- the cute little thing to a map but a -- beautiful thing. Right up to the photo they have on line I don't think. I don't think that was taken at KFC. And now and now. -- -- -- -- Like -- common folk from you know. That beat and you wait a minute -- com popped it kind of went the other week. It's -- -- OK expected. Directed and nobody can -- -- teachers all the tree and the trade market pat not to be it will vote you. Epic -- to the appeal process. Your little. Little -- almost become a and our partners are deflecting it in -- climate correct. Just direct cute little news on. The way to country there. Greg -- went way it was listed on this and see if you agree with it. A text matches that's the term redskin has nothing to do with a way to comes from the warriors who would pay their skin with mud or play. Well. There -- people. -- go. Back. Read -- But you know now all white people were evil cop that called a sport. Yeah. -- -- open. -- direct people. However the political. The political climate. A couple of it. Might lose -- -- and keeping it -- Married you know let. Any kind of dark green written Gretzky teacher. And a -- up short in opt. And it's so. So what. People who prepped at making. It's actually going to make a market by the people. At Google -- out -- -- but. It's still. The oil he couldn't let go out and they'll buy multiple -- -- -- Technical people. A -- of I think what is the ball down to. Is how much pressure the NFL owners put on him. And all rich and I think people like these rich guy so there are a lot of valuable service and that in all. People. We'd all shoot the ball licensing and stuff. The liberal political correct people wanna push the agenda. Are actually. It -- that he -- but. They were more important. -- let go one more question before you -- sure you can select one person from history and hand them truthfully answer one question. One person from industry out of. About that I've heard you say who do you choose. This is really felt like Vietnam. -- I would. This is really you know put it. That it can sound kind of funny who I would have gone. I would -- oh it's now. -- -- -- -- Become allies that it -- when you're all articulate thirty million people I know it's kind of but -- And hear from -- -- and tell -- -- become part of America that started spam. All right here here's a text message I would as DB Cooper where's the money but. Are. All right Greg thank you -- Right let's go to court insulin according welcome to WWL tonight. I'm sorry I'm line. Create permanent congress and -- little girl right. I. -- not. Current. Not at all actually looks like why aren't actually that way and I being. We're in court and make her or should the court and make the comment that it makes them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What type of compensation if Andy. Those KFC's. Over I mean it's obviously was an employee. A very insensitive person but sometimes in these situations. Really have a hard time because it seems like we as a society. That if someone slips up. And someone does something insensitive or someone to -- their mile -- immediately we want money for. And listen I hope that they help this young girl -- You know she's gonna lead she's gonna need a lot of cosmetic surgery for her but there's there's there's other side of me. That. I I I just feel that we as a society if 111. Want anything anybody makes a mistake or anything we even merely wants that would make a lot of money. Now I'm gonna try and I am. And Jeremy can link to what to watch out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We know we should look. At me -- a man. With certain kind. Indeed this is recently and like -- know what I mean this century and. Yeah I -- which would mean. You're talking about America. And interracial couple and beliefs -- are you kidding me. This I don't ask their question Courtney are you can only mean do do we still have people that dumb. In this in this society and. And might have been one of the week and I I got -- -- He's been an injury. Or lack com home. An office. Tell -- that they feel like. He had a right to -- -- -- Second understand this -- I can understand a person who says you know. Now here rail for -- yelling. -- -- -- I can understand a person who says because we each have -- right who's to say you know something -- like the fact. That white and black people -- that's the way you feel we're in America and you have the right bought in no way do you have a right to say. Well because I don't like oh white and black people date on the optimistic view that there's there's there's no excuse for that. And to meet you I I would really give up some of them I would opt out of -- wanted to kick some money but. And my little nine Euro wondered why we couldn't about Patrick current favorite great yeah. It meant a lot lately. It was hard to explain to her but I -- out very truthful. We -- -- we do it because. Ignorance. People still believe. OK so -- it wasn't ever concluded. Did they ever apologize to. You are being you should it. Director. -- apologize. And we -- him but not wearing it -- want my one uncle Robert guy. Art of the cart and -- and light it. -- You should've lost his job over something like that. -- I guess you -- committee are publicly knows what the I'd like what you just said you know what you wanted was justice that you probably could you go to probably. Played the race card and you could probably do and what a lot but three and a metropolitan life -- that so many people. In in our society that he needed cool this is the chance that you will lose interest to get some money burger. But walled it off -- eat my hat. Totally off the so. -- I'm remembering what it should it was. I wanna. Do. So while we work well there was this a little while -- was. My goodness gracious. Them. -- He liked you know we'd never liked his own opinion and -- -- -- goggles that ruled. Well. Again what. Was is and then. It. -- -- order -- fortunately. When that. We go and work. All right now on the light side you can select one person for ministry. One person and have them truthfully answer. One question who would you choose. And what is the question and you can't be -- the Waffle House -- OK and and can't beetle -- dollar. I would say money apparently. I wouldn't want to know I want to know why did she do and it embodied corner and it. And why you should keep in their. Now you know. It's so -- that obviously that pivot just got a text message Bob. I think I would as old bill but. If Monica was worthless if what he got the motto that was worth that but at at. I did she. -- -- -- you hear stories about. Should look at that you were quite. -- that they were going. And she would not like me. Well I did read -- in a book on the what was her book of someone's book or why she kept the dressed. Because she told a friend. What she did and what her and bill did in the office and she said in fact. Call more popular word this. And. I have some. -- I have some stains on my address to -- like a and the event was that good of a word that politically correct. And and and the persons that save that -- -- -- it would be worth the money. I do. Well. And certain liabilities. She was quite an -- A group. Are are dealt with again. I think it was just a young girl who was just so impressed I mean that the president of the United States in the Oval Office now I guess so ignorant. Or court but he I'd love -- India you always feel such a great insight we're talking about the thank you almost have been part of the show okay. You two all right. Let's. Tell you I'll take -- report like. -- how are you tonight. I'm not worried about that Dario -- you I tell you life she desires that. She needs help and not only that account for women and a lot of people that. Probably how about you Rick -- like that I intentional let those people -- -- -- ANC. -- -- I think so. Jane -- -- and it asked do -- of select one person from history and have them answer one question truthfully who would you choose. And what the question but he. Analogy is. I -- bill but I have seen. Not a problem at an epic would that be able to run. Although people in history all the people ever -- You would ask Bobby Jones you would want to ask Bobby Jindal question. You met the tax. Cut and which. Central and you wanted demand and -- one. All right Jeanne thank you so much. God -- you -- -- 017866889. Point seven -- some lines open if you want to park show. I'd love to hear from 2601870. 866889. College Sony I'm Bob Mitchell this is the don't show on WWL. If you call showed a poll numbers 26 year old late 786689. Points on the text me at age 78 -- always prefer -- poem called the texting but. If that's all you can give me that's okay here's a text. In association. We're talking about Monica Lewinsky yes and I thought she kept the dress you know to try to approves of the future. This Texas DNA testing wasn't even -- around back then we'll keep interest -- purposes is not accurate should be just put. If you wanted -- here's what I'm not sure. I'm on a take your word but I don't know when DNA. Testing started and I would need a medical person to confirm him about the study. But the stains that were on her dress. I think all she would have needed. As -- blood I'm not sure but I think that's -- to have needed in the -- -- somebody in the medical professional -- -- -- the attacks. Tell me whether I'm right -- whether -- -- wrong let's go to met and holding on quite a while Matt thank you for hanging in there. Hey are you doing tonight. I'm doing okay Matt -- do you think this time -- gonna. Actually changed the name of the Washington Redskins. Well I would data I don't know what's gonna happen with common law and so on on the -- from the different banks. But I you know what what makes me wonder about these would be about -- PC police things is that. It's a Redskins have been around 5060 years where where they. 810203040. Went on a certain and is there wa -- what they offended back in those days all of a sudden. Well because. Because back in those days that we did and this pushed to be political correctness like. Well OK then then we've we've got the you know we've gone and the list nobody's offended with the Florida. Of the Seminole -- of the Cleveland Indians. Audio Atlanta Braves or before that the Milwaukee braves before that the bastion of liberalism Boston Braves -- -- in all these different names San Diego aztecs. I mean why why did they picked on wanted to look me. I think because it's the it's the Redskins. You know like for instance if there were a team and they tried to call them the black skinned people. Would say that's that's offensive that's -- that that's but that's my thought later. The white and nobody would care hole. But you know if you and I opened up. -- they yellow skins that would that would go crazy again. You and I opened up the the Mac and you know Redskins and we were selling potatoes with -- you know with the -- You know. Try and -- We wouldn't -- -- Only problem and you've got a black owned business and I think this is the fact of the effort ads on it and that's -- -- the black owned business in uptown politic and a watermelon but no nobody -- certainly think that the black owned. Get on clay -- Taliban or Claiborne and and somewhere but you know but anyway. The but anyway that that was my consent from that I don't think it'll be changed but then again my question overall is. If you're an owner of the business. Look if you know what why in the NFL are you are you really an owner of the business are so it was really you know felt. I would have to play I would have to think it's good to have -- it's going to be up to the other owners of the political pressure on him. All right you can select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you choose and watch the -- I'd look at some fun with -- right let's go back to the real Robert days we'll go back to the summer of love and sixty cents. And the Monterey pop festival -- is in Vietnam over in Biloxi. And go to gut this -- cycle up. Variety and then I just got to ask I just became Mansfield and I think chain. I gotta tell you sound like it's talked a psychic and Monterey pop this battle live. And within the next. 567. Years. Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin and momma can't who were all -- -- mom Monterey pop we're gonna die. And you're gonna die in the next couple hours but let me try to at least help out and and and I want you would you please give me an autograph because -- I want that flat bed and that -- -- to be weighed down the road when you get between the release and the nation I get a lot of grass. All right thanks -- let's go to Cindy in memory Sunday what about you you can look like one person of a mystery and have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you choose -- what's the question. To -- and pay no real reason that he was suspended. For a year. You mean it all. In the world and the people when I -- -- everybody all the labels on people in the street you would woman and Sean Payton about that. All the all important people what does it matter. What I've of that that you want to look at that it's important you. And then as likely as human being black that you didn't expect that things -- OK we're going to. Actually. I hate idiots absolutely hate them and that was a true idiot. Let's let's just go ahead and take a break and will come right back with a big it's seventy WWL AMF and and dot com and I'm Bobbitt Childress those dutrow let's go to Robert in New -- Robert tell you -- make some comments about the three year old girl who was. Asked to leave a KFC because her parents was scaring the other customers. Yeah yeah pretty ignorant people -- I sat down with a elderly woman -- -- eight earned. And you had been made on in I asked people so what -- Absolutely inept. And is very ignorant people you know law. This lady will rest people aren't out it could have been anyone else would got a pretty ignorant people up. I know I Nocioni was like well like like every now and then we will get a call like. A call or a couple of calls -- -- hold on forever and ever just just just ask Susie to just ask you it's stupid question. A a a question that they know that we're going to dump and they're not gonna get on. And and it it it really. I get a made some time how well people have such hatred and bitterness in their hearts they can't be happy for them. Al that's where it is right now and he might make on people. Don't consider what the -- but golf. Also. Say -- Oh yes well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An error because -- where Asian and -- -- -- -- -- -- And it'll Miami used the word. Out -- in the UMB board ripped apart and -- It is true. What what is she -- -- Yeah but the bottom line is as the fact that it it was a black lady and a white guy you can't refuse to serve and you can't say. -- we we were not gonna serve your kind you can't do that. But you know people of people at the restaurant -- one -- even. All the knock off -- body and Arabic and Arab news about. -- and outside. We all didn't make it all old. But aren't. You know about the -- And -- -- what I like. These were Arab every out people. -- that happen to me you know that happened whether it. That's but it's against the law you can't if you can't say we're not gonna serve you because you're in a racial trouble that is against the law. It'd -- -- recall recall. Thank you -- and and and they don't want that you don't look at it that is a bit. For America and they run run blocker all we know. All right Robert before we go I'm gonna ask you that same question if you did let one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question who would you choose. And what's the question. Want -- Right anybody anybody that ever lived it and asked him one question and had to answer truthfully what would you ask. To do. All -- critic of Shura or allow. How are you won't have your own ball and yeah reporter Bob. Are more why would you ask him but the question -- -- -- -- All right. All right I'm coming back after a news dot hold on you will be first up if you want to take part the show he calls during the news that to secure 170. 8668 point 90 its.