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06-18 11pm Scoot, Right to refuse service, Historical questions

Jun 19, 2014|

If you could ask an historical person a question, who and what would it be? A kfc refused service to a girl who was disfigured by a dog bite; is this right and do you agree?

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It is made Robert neutral real Robert Mitchell filling in ports -- tonight as we take the show. All the way to a midnight if you just joined the show thank you so very much Ronald -- that we ball all over the world. But here's -- on our WWL talked able. Question number one win is that okay for a rush truck or business to refuse. Shorts. Three year old girl who was named in -- -- line of severe pupil cut was reportedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her appearance. Was scaring the other customers. Those this fall into the light to refuse service. Now KFC has said that they are investigating the charges but they also wrote the -- checked for. 30000 dolls which got -- tells me that they investigated and said. We've got to run -- -- for 30000 dollars -- that's just my opinion course it's also great PR move plush. The name of the Washington. NFL team. This may be on the -- the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration. Call and it despairing to native Americans do you believe Redskins as an ethnic slur. Let -- -- then your honor volley he would never change the name. After this ruling should be should be reconsider. And as you heard -- of this story is common. Develop now. -- nothing's gonna change immediately. Of course there will be appeals and it'll probably go to the Supreme Court elected did the once before so that nothing is -- trains run away the only thing that's gonna change would be if if the NFL owners put a lot of pressure on him but do you consider Redskins. -- racial or you don't really the only people credential that. Are the of the the American Indian -- -- I had one email earlier tonight. Who knows someone who claim that he was a thing I wanna say a 100% Cherokee and -- of this of the least. Of the problems that they worry about. Two of the journal late 78668890. It's Emily and is it. Acceptable. Under any circumstance. To tell a -- and would you be willing to lie in court. For a close friend -- that meant saving your pro and from going to jail and we have our light question of the night. You can select one person from history. And have them truthfully answer one question. Who would you choose. And what was the question a tip -- the pulled in just the second but political a couple of text messages I -- George Washington the following question. What is your opinion on the state of the united slaves to America in 24 to point -- Prague is pleased. And it's. Bob Bob left no not at at at why didn't he swap those two demos studios. 2601 late 7866. In -- -- it's silly but scopus dot investor hand I want you tonight's dot. Under guard Jordan show -- thank you still there I'd like frank that Roosevelt. Is it true that injured a Japanese war. Well but we detour and it happened on December's government would -- -- really part I don't know which drew and her. Right here's here's a good question on line. Oh the text message but it like to ask Hoover. How many people you killed during your time and the FBI. Look at at at. It. Right that's it's got. Are ever written all right okay let's go to love Mary commendable how are you marry. -- Question what about that. One man. Who is in -- room where you were you. -- would. Never come -- you know you might well. The security -- and I'm. Liking the guy. Came. And I think there were some rumors about have been a couple of the -- -- Roy Roy. What one of my aunt can't believe in Hamlet act when -- got. I'm Mary let me ask you is it ever OK to -- Yeah. And again. And you get. You can live and human. -- human too much lie and countries and the check it and now people. One -- And -- -- A politician speak about. It. And it happened and now that. Mario and that you really think let me ask you do you honestly think. Getting rid of Obama's gonna change all the problems in this country. -- don't change your mind but it changed and the -- They I don't think so as soon as -- I think that we I agree with what you say about. That re going to hell in a hand basket -- totally agree that but I cotton and my thought I have so little place. So little faith and an and I government. That I think that if the Republicans get in I don't think anything they'll change. I've said this over and over again. We seem to be in this ongoing cycle that when the Democrats do it and the first and the Republicans do -- try to work on re gaining power and get ready that they don't work with the middle cooperate and vice Versa. And I think the minute that the Republicans did in public the Democrats are gonna say okay we're gonna work as hard as we can. Two. To get our power back I'm I believe that they have gotten to the point where. They all they care about. Is power and all they care about as being in control and their party running the show. And we as American words we're we're just we're just collateral damage to my truly believe that I'm very worried about the future of this country Vera. And if you think about and that the president okay he has made it not been wrong and I'm just stiff. -- on the list that president. Of the equipment and -- attention to them. Actually turn the country. He -- Guess you didn't. Know and attend. Well we'll find out we'll we'll. And change and yes. And I don't want. And and they wouldn't let them. And little. I don't know about that -- a legal -- I appreciate your -- gonna go to Estonian gentility howry is the only. -- -- -- -- -- Hello. There you are power is building. On. -- so you'll ask a question one person from history truthful answer -- the person what's the question. Look at it that first and only got equipment that. Outlook and lying. This will be a -- so many -- that country I mean and it got you in the world. Well -- go back to if you go back to read the old testament that's all they did is fighting each other. -- -- -- We wanted to make everything peaceful. Because we have free will. That's one. And you would want god that would totally dictate everything you do we have free will. We can choose to do that. I mean you take the situation. Over in -- gut. You got two groups of people that hate each other and that hate each other hated each other. -- 2000 years and they raised a little children apparently you hate him and you hate him and then you hate the other side. And you know that's -- that that that that goes on in those people have a traditional current president Obama's and one thing that I. A really thought was a little and I mean no disrespect of Flint is a thought it was a little naive I was glad he says. But I don't think he's got a shot said these people have got to learn to work and live together. But for generations there they're there and I talked not to do so. Well yeah -- long ago that subject again but -- Eight cores in thanking them -- -- -- strategic. That the next world -- we ultimately. It will come ultimately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just -- and -- Nobody can you know and it's like listen. I believe that. All look -- a lot of people feel. That the country under President Obama has been does supporting. -- but -- I do not blame. The president for every thing that his goal in the wrong in this country and and I I I I believe let me put -- -- -- this. People who think. That at this next election. If if the Republicans clicked over and they think that that's that you know happy days are here again. They're going to be greatly disappointed. All I'm an advocate incident in civil. Republicans. -- But both both parties forget about the people both parties don't hear about a block I hate I hate to sound. Such a pessimist but -- -- I'd -- I wonder what this country can be like like for my grandchildren. Exactly you know what Al heavily bureau. -- demand because I think. Everything -- it would sound legal so. I'm with you thank you started a legal wanted Jack Jack how are you. I'm oh rob yes I yeah I. Think it -- Ridiculous that the rich in -- situation. You don't tickets. You don't think of that want to -- again you know opposed listening to date this afternoon he brought an average of point oh. I don't think it's offensive you don't think of the pencil but the only people could really tell us that the princes are are are are the Indian people. Yes then everyone that I heard from. And no problem -- You know put simply until somebody does that they'll all a little light bulb came on. If it's so offensive. Then how come we don't have. You know I mean that they are there a lot of Indian casinos in the in the outcome we will have more. Indians. What it is that offensive or after column. -- follow. What's the political term. Native American thank you John this -- text message on this now. It would seem to me. It if it -- that offenses that you would have more and more -- Americans stand up for instance that if someone tried to. Let's let's just say it's a one a a a team together and they said. Oh. We're gonna play and we got a -- team the black -- and they had a picture of black band on the -- How much tell -- that Derek Lowe's. Because because black leaders would stand up and say that's offensive he can't do that on I'm just curious why we don't have more. A native Americans the stand and that. They don't -- they don't find anything. That's in the market and the -- -- which requested object of the one person from history to truthfully answer one question what's the question I mean what's the what's the person and the question immediately. And an and so mini -- One no question exit. Politics one of the Q did he brought it but he really -- you'll catch up Castro. All what did this what did you know that they wanted. Although it is something -- it's urban election. Yeah they'll note that would be a good question thank you gentlemen go to Sam inherent in how -- -- -- Oh. It's arguments and that that's about it Judy about though about Mary that he well. -- don't want. Anything -- here. I think about it people hooked up. We started. You know question about why people who murder of people thought it was only police stay out. Now he says he wanted why god allowed. Well outside why without -- an outline. I agree on this in the -- -- education and our call in much etiquette. That when looked at a sellout. God gave them your leader -- that dominion -- pollute the -- that's an aunt when you live in the year. You know are challenged every day to choose between Britain and we have three well. -- -- Your your mission in your -- huge news. Good -- people at evil that men do it's terrible day I hate to say the lowest ever it is. -- perspective which you are. You know you are being giant -- -- you make the right choices what did you figure they'll like that. Pretty much you can do in that regard I'd always comment out. There. Mary Mary changed the channel merry capital wrong you said something about Obama or president are you were struck. And who -- impacted this nation more than any broker. Not being yen but that trial break. You really thinks a lot thought of the great presidents of our. Ultimately not absolutely not -- It hit the hit claim to fame was -- down the Berlin Wall and all expect -- I like I like Ronald Reagan's people were afraid of and people in the what he was gonna do it now. Right and came into off their. He'd be regulated everything he detoured around Albany. That our chairman of the may react the Wall Street actor who he allowed you allowed the bank's true. -- -- -- the banks. Regulated but I think that alone. Let's let's let's do this MI I've really were prefer to a bunch of people a little wanna change subjects but. Let's say we can agree on one that I don't care who. The next president is this country is not gonna turn around overnight this country is done after the turn around because we because we'd change leadership -- Washington. That's true and that red -- at an -- the thirty year for the Wall Street bankers to destroy our economy. It's taken in thirty years and now we've got we've lost our middle class. Dutchess and I appreciate you calling it a whole bunch of people all. I'll get through this break world quick and come back to -- on Bob Mitchell to the Bill Gates seventy WWL AMF and -- dot com. Welcome back to Lewis could show via Bob Mitchell we got a lot of calls to achieve we can come rock threw -- -- total of a mole lower your blood. -- All right mole you lost just -- got to go to Robert Metairie or you Robert. -- All right. Let's go to frank we gonna get through this goes quickest both Frank -- -- I'm so it is quite being eulogy didn't cult like to. Method of the about it -- -- at at at and say what happens that some people wait for publish them on the put the ball down. Just about the instantly come -- -- -- -- it a couple of questions you want as frank. -- -- -- Have been listened. To one you'd told. Them that that -- -- fail. I grew up right in the street and how to get you know. My my cheap. Actually. Money shooters. Try to look out front group -- to do. Are you all the talk about the subject -- may have on tonight because that's what we're talking about. And so. I'm sorry no you -- it quite. I was -- it right. I don't know I don't know. But now the Jeep driven -- usual the talk about that we're talking him out tonight. Well let her act like it's kind of opened up and not on that note this should. Did not none taken what one of our questions -- is it ever okayed a lot as someone. Certain situations yes it. You mean like I -- -- I definitely agree that sometimes. It's in there -- not hurt somebody. Mean likely by telling -- -- When your wife pro growth pro and nailed juniors it was just one comment and -- nothing. That that would be okay that. Arrow. Or no no. A runner and an all right frank and go back to the mold mole or you. Good to hear you well I'll I'll finish up this week in the all next week's hello. It's due to be filling in for atomic -- for. What kind of dog as a I'll. Ever -- our. I'm doing fine -- what's on your month. Well I know that's what your topic but it seemed like -- term you know. Threw it in there with people forget that or get rid of Obama involved the characters that glory in the works for a round I don't know what I regard I don't leave my art art and -- at least directories -- easily. The post Obama Carter that are gonna order -- -- being one of them they're right before Obama Edwards and this today. Could we practically. For eighteen years plot for -- Clinton had a little bit of -- well back at -- Republicans. Can roam roam well in her George Bush's first term all the way through the second. The Democrats far intrigue and -- in Obama got there and you what would have. Did in what you portray himself. You know as -- -- warning 2008. It would have been at a press really he's. His character or exactly -- which are -- about trying to work -- I'll report back on the. I've become so jaded but I personally think I don't care who the president is I think that the other party. Their whole point is not to work with them and try to make them look bad and try to get the -- -- was so they can get back in. And as far as the people. We're just worked worked worked collateral damage that's that's what I I hate to be that negative. And -- I don't think have ever been this negative about government my entire life I'm just disgusted. That that pretty much the status quo partner and fortunately. Our laps and not people wait. -- start collecting club for. You're brilliant and proud to appear in this country it's headed to a -- -- archer. Seventeen trillion dollars. -- for the life these -- security Medicare which which is in the you know probably close -- -- trillion dollars in an extra year to care. Child unless we really are -- They're in collect people there are basically you know it's gonna have to be almost like you want apple war war tree where the character -- And actual Bayern. Basically -- it. We you know we got to pay more taxes that we would normally -- -- would -- without some of these what three items in their instruments you know -- what we're. Do you know. We had been you know say it back in nineteen Whitney's recruit every thirty or. It was it was bad in this country and it's gonna be all like that. If we don't are separate but otherwise basically the United States is going to be financially insolvent they -- -- to dissolve the union or those -- Thank you mullah Pritchard -- go to Darryl in the world in Darrell. You can select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question who would you choose them what's the question. Question would be -- The previous president and -- One question. Just like EA Agent Orange in Vietnam. -- -- That patient what's the western. But it is what they used the eight market something to spread levels that -- the spotlight -- cartoons. Turkmen all of their. The important. You your. Problems would be all on all that Joker. Don't -- that. Time. No one that would why -- at at that and and -- All right well thank you -- gonna go to Joseph and Algiers. Joseph what what what is your question who was at four. And I beat. LBJ. All right what do you need to. These peculiar -- The other that that was a rumor that that LBJ was what was part of the assassination of JFK. You know navy actually dissing it and working at temple and you know. It could kind of EB Levy mystery beauty Killen but I mean Eric Patrick stay on mean street light all need not. Also won't seriously I think immediately to call or is all right. About the country and around. Course and the talks like -- and that you can not not like what like I mean now. We're. External -- now on civil -- on it in politics the people agree I think it got so. Kept the -- toward political parties in Washington and two in -- a needle even I don't think -- couples to -- parole. Our round could be that they -- be a certain -- in cannot think -- their job is not to do the war the American people. Mean I think -- I hate saying that you know I hate. I hate that I've gotten to the point that I have so little statement government. Yeah. Due to an -- and an analyst at different from. -- Vietnam Ortiz it's more let's look at Bubba can function at all -- considered there was a lot to people talk to a that we Indo. -- like if you question here apple incredible treat to be what the principal -- School a lot current school annex all of our -- coal -- Or -- you know Martin is not democracy. And you could be your answer about that question will an eight year and people. Which you know what you think -- that -- itself -- too little too broad party. Well liked and I I I I I can tell you how -- field. As far as as long losing our freedom our I think that. We keep creating these laws because we're or so operated. That you know if I say this I'm gonna offend someone we can do this we can't talk about god of which it lately to go on all of this would take on all that can't pray in school. That I'd I'd do I do believe that we're losing. Our freedom to do certain things. I don't expect anybody can be locked me up but it it does seem like we have the government telling this more and more. -- what we can not do let's go to Kenneth and we'll plus open answer your question. Kenneth what about you if you could go back in time you can ask anybody in history any question. Who would agree and what would you ask them. Let it be sort. It out in. TV network that we treat pain and thought that ball probably impact -- Mexico. Why is C call the Pentagon they beat the fair. -- that top -- on the Golan will be there. You're that the Taliban are made effective that -- wrote it then if you would you -- you to pick enjoyed the battle. All of the people and all the great history people that's the one caution that you wanna know. I like the food here I would as president Eisenhower. A bulk -- she pulls -- and aliens in Roswell, New Mexico. Not what they do it could be active -- mean. Have been in the almost well life and wise -- that people. Subtler than it may have been the amount that they'd be easy but because of the law back. In Georgia Tech. What if audio do do moral. All right thank you capital Roy in commendable how -- you Roy. Well Roy earlier this afternoon or during the show we have have been talking about it it's still on our talked able. Those you were just punching in. Oh a two year old girl. Who had been attacked by a -- she was named she lost. Was asked to leave -- KFC restaurant because her appearance was scaring other customers. So does this fall within the right to refuse service -- what do you think. Agree with that. Clutch and I. Is that me. I think any parent with a pit -- need to understand that if -- rapid genetic. Problem in their mental make bill. Well -- -- uninteresting. Is you keep hearing about these that that bullet time. And people who owned pit bulls they play and they defend the right and they -- and these dogs. I -- just passionately. And yet. You hear more and more ball pit bull look like for instance I have a couple of options. You never hear Bob Dotson -- you never hear about -- a couple of Boston's types of kids and a and -- of the places but when it comes to via. Football you here -- New -- quite frequently. I'm now in need speed. People swear by pit bull but with data on that saying is they have but genetic problem in their men home -- And it -- Matter. When their -- term loan from the. I think him and many aspects and and I don't know I'm no they seem to be hard wired to be that one. Yeah and and it. People. What that -- I'd say that our deep bow and be there on that your read Mac. That's probably -- The parties. The snow and ice as the -- allow it. -- bang and that they are outlined the lead the apparently. That the problem with that country because they only get 151000. Well are well here's here's here's where I think I've partially agree with you I'm I believe that too many times. People use incidents like this. To salute now -- I'm not saying it was right -- at what it was terrible and I think that was a horrible thing to make this trial go through. Just because someone does something like that doesn't mean that you automatically. Should be paid a big -- commodity. And and and that's what we do in this country every time somebody gets offended every time somebody does something. That does not harm them physically and anyway but maybe harms them a little emotionally that they they sued for big chunk of money. Yeah and I agree with you and -- there's the topic on each. That's the problem with the country could she get -- the attorneys. All the law they keep their belt and fitness. And that's all I will never get ahead in the country until we elected independent. Our president and give -- did you party sit them in that country. Roy. I actually. Agree with you but that's not gonna happen in our lifetime. You know and you -- in a lot of country able continued debate theory. That error it -- When they strike. Indy get it collateral damage that America will optimal. Armed. And they LA -- -- The problem what does can't. All right Roy only give -- one final question. You can go back in history you can select one person any great history person and asked them. To truthfully answer one question who would you truth of what's the question. I have about a question for you what is that the house and the irony that the. None of us not a Michael you have to answer my laughter. All right let's looks like break and we will be right back on the big -- seventy WWL AM anthem of the autopsy as used the question. You answer you can't pick the question this day. Most of the time I'm Bob Mitchell and dispute in the big 870 WWL AMF and the dot com you can tell it's getting late at night. And I'm Bob Mitchell was those cute show tomorrow in the Garland rub and -- Charlotte this this release of excellent is excellent got to tune in for. With your father was a serial killer. Don't listen when Garland talks the Baton -- minister -- his father with the infamous zodiac killer who took the lives of five people and then follow up close claimed he killed. 37. Gary Stewart does he solve this decade long mystery while sounds good let's go to two Rufus -- are we doing tonight. All right -- I'm gonna ask you. If you could select one person for district -- -- this started out to be well like a fun thing a lot of people are going real serious on the on this but. If you could select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question what would you truth and what is the question. -- -- -- -- -- -- an -- is still the same please stop forgetting to -- -- and it. First to -- like okay now you know. In ought not a -- -- like to do both the book before you answer the question. Every one who thinks. That every evil that we have in this country. As because of the president elect Obama here's -- what you do -- what should put a circle on your calendar and circle tonight's date and now. Three years from now. Four years ago. When this country is no better off that it is right now remember I'm telling you that it is not the president that this country is deep in the sewer where it is it's the fact that we have two sides. It's it pop I'm gonna compare them almost to the Shiites the Sunnis and all they wanna do is. Worked against each other social circle it on your calendar that you heard it but all you people think that everything is Barack Obama's vote. I'm not I'm not say and I'm not I'm not trying to defend them I'm just simply say in. An awful lot more problems in the president in this country are right. -- -- about -- correct because both parties not so it will make a difference. It did really well you know it's it it will make no. Difference of my -- if you -- -- -- on awarded a muscle -- now but I -- I can tell you one thing right now. If the Republicans. Had come up with obamacare. -- republic character would be great. -- -- blood from the Democrats will be sent -- you know raise the value we can have socialized medicine so it's just the fact that each party. All they think about is destroying the children. All right now let's get back to the -- question. It back and go back in time it is I thought about this. I would like to look supposedly John Lennon and Yoko a little edit an art -- -- late sixty you can visit any artist and. It -- back in time. I would like you may be approached John. Before he went to that gallery you and maybe make up -- Like excuse me -- are usually political -- tell you think there is you know expenses in the -- are stopping. That way he never goes and he never meet six regulating and airport The Beatles stick around for a long time Adobe's one -- two more albums for all the to enjoy. I like that not now what I would have done this problem is that John. Before you go in there. You need to get your eyes checked OK you need to get to lead you need a new pair of glasses job. Whatever works it could because that this and he comes in the picture that the the beginning of the end that we -- wicketkeeper out. Alright Rupert thought all right let's go to -- how -- you -- -- you get that Dade circuit when you Calderon. I think they can continue. And commit to a finished. Do you have you had an email address below with the new look he had an email address so that it -- you know -- -- appreciate it. They -- one and emails. Okay I you mean I don't I don't have a computer. I don't want him I don't like emails that. -- can't. Happen if a little look at. But you know a little look a little about the. And again. I. -- it is an important thing in -- -- happened in the you know something. What will be happening just -- like. Is. It. Tennis. Dubai let's -- I'll -- There -- New York. Frustrated at -- That's commute it did real well and it did get awfully all ordered. To order. A Republican and none of them a worsening. -- -- You. One may not run well we should be want to write apps and we should all work together dirt yeah. You. Know -- -- they're equipped -- I'm asking that if you can go back in time and you did beat anybody you want you know any at any person and ask him one question. Who would you choose -- will you. And turn around a turn your radio and a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you go back to the beginning of time about. If you know if you don't cave man's name you can you can do that. Dog non mobile meticulous about it and I'm going back ago. -- To win these BBC. It would report right each it would grow the club record of the year would be keep the core. The -- now while we can't hear you. Call -- Achieve. And -- good -- would say and he would say because you dummies don't follow my word I gave you freedom of choice and I'll tell you how to live. I put it in the book to tell you how to live and you don't volatile like today I. All he gave you what -- this equipment with -- Little. Police and which. Well I'll tell you one thing right now just think about this just think if everyone if everyone lived broad. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you with everybody just literally that that's all you have to do. So. Well adapted -- much secretive network. All they're as are right Larry thank you -- You're all right I want to get caught up on a couple of text messages that this goes to the took to the Redskins. Whether they should change the name I think that you -- the cowboys. Back back back back back that the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well all right I yeah I guess so you know. To -- cowboys. Here's one I'd like to -- egyptians how with the pyramids built you know that would be good. All right we're going to break and then when we come back I'll have before I go. Got a -- for you tonight Bob Mitchell and that's due to navigate seventy WWL AMF and the dot com. And I'm Bob Mitchell in for you to that'll be and due to the rest of this week and and then next week dude is filling in for. Tommy Tucker and if you missed it here's what he's talking about tomorrow I like a lot of the same stuff that we are talking about here. Talking about line protect about that the First Amendment because the Supreme Court ruled that line abolish political -- that may be protected. And who pick our country. You'd think our country is in bad shape. Now let's blame that on the president okay. Let's let the Supreme Court ruled that law anabolic political poll that may be protected. All right. -- I'm not the time to time and the night also -- to be talking about. Are you on good terms with any of your actions. No alright. 01 more thing before ago. Always try to leave you with something. Denver police say. That the suspect. 32 year old Isaak vigil was being transported. To the police station in handcuffs. Notice again this is another one of these stories that you got to follow today. He was being transported in handcuffs so. I'm assuming his hands are behind his back right and so -- -- -- cup and brought the country in the back okay. At a much -- this one he. Loney pulled a gun. From the crack of robotics. Now I'll make -- but did he have the Hata government there today and fired at officers. Now I'm trying to figure out here is that okay his hands were handcuffed behind his back. And he got. The gun -- of the Hezbollah Alex. And fired -- police. How do you. If you if you're handcuffed and your back. And you'd get. The gun -- Heidi you gather around to shoot you may -- they need a shot while fans weren't backed up. But how big it is but have to be all right. It's always got to think that John who there are. In studio producer. Runs the board answer the phones keeps me on time. Thank everybody for calling them what we have a good show tonight. Got a little heated at the end of the show to little always agreed everything but I'll see you again tomorrow night I'm Bob Mitchell tonight -- bluster from WWL.