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Jun 19, 2014|

Monica Pierre in for Dave Cohen. Monica talks about the Saints and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning David -- and -- different morning a little calmer yes as -- cooler -- and com. We got coffee we've got elevators come out every. Roll it. Where you are really roll on it's almost like a dual. Yeah out that we want it to be Thursday. Friday. Night when you by the it is the day before Friday the day before Friday in all is well. Yeah all -- I'm not gonna complain after what we went through yesterday. What time that the -- lights come back on that the -- -- Monica on about a quarter of ten. And we were under a lockdown so there were people outside the building and you know misses a big directories and if they were out there in the sun and -- -- the looks faces and right now do you have inside happy now not every they're gonna throw some snow -- party today and in -- guys arrive -- -- -- -- -- -- back -- 11 -- -- -- -- noted -- -- absolutely. Well this first what is wrong with people's stories just so wrong or you just go right words yeah right into the -- right. It is wrong on so many levels a gun store in Southern California was robbed in the afternoon at three masked gunman. They come into the store. With a fake gun. It is the guns gun store yes it would real guns. And they come Aaron with a -- -- -- -- -- about it but it was all real when the suspects had that replica handgun. Held postal employees at gunpoint as the two others smashed the display of level with a hammer they grab real gun and got the real god and they leave you know they affiliate. And so a short time later police say you know this has got the car the car that was called and they pull the car over I tried to the cart takes off. After a freak a few quick -- the car rated two a day. If you're going to escape police involved on -- -- don't -- it did in thing. -- -- it doesn't work bird well so they've been books they just don't -- don't. Rob no shots ever fire no just -- -- -- -- -- the hands it well away as kind of like a miracle these days and nobody shoots rights that don't don't don't don't rob. If you're going to -- don't have a fake gun in a real gun store. Don't do that something on those gun stores are busy as you heard the topic is this morning. Don names will be reporting throughout the morning the gun sales urges. Red hot right red Red Hat letting guns around all you've got -- -- -- sure -- and they hear these horrible stories in the run right down get a gun. You know I'm not sure you know how that's all gonna turn -- -- to in some cases maybe you can blame people for nothing to be armed. Absolutely everybody be careful I'll say -- it's still out there yet but we'll have more on the out for you later in the morning takes a lot David appreciate your morning everyone that coming up in just a few we'll have a look at act Thursday forecast. But meteorologist Laura -- tail and the eyewitness forecast dinner. And we'll hear what Drew Brees has the say about Brandon cooks. It's all good and ideals Spain we'll talk about that coming up in sports. Thank you for starting off your morning with us on the early edition of them WL first news at 517. On the early edition of WL first news I'm Monica. And muggy day in June. It's the middle of June and it certainly feeling like it with low ninety's out there today a couple of degrees above average at at 10% chance for to stay straight storm. Another 10% chance expected for tomorrow the rain chances increase a little bit on Saturday at 20%. We keep the heat there 92 on Friday and 92 on Saturday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell thinks the law are right now it's 78 -- 77 annual international airport and 72 in Slidell. Well what can Brandon -- to bring to the saints' Drew Brees is optimistic. Steve -- Gillis joins us now good morning -- -- morning Monica and good morning everybody happy Thursday first round draft pick branding -- miss the start of organized team activities and mini camp. -- to school but is now in New Orleans for the final week of -- -- Drew Brees says that fortunately the organs they playbook resembles the saints. So the transition for -- has been a bit easier than for others. If there are some -- he's rotting in the way that they're being taught -- I think is I think it's it's similar West Coast. System which is great so you feel like he's already ahead of the curve. Well defending champion Spain the dominant global soccer power for the past six years was he eliminated from World Cup contention with a -- nothing loss to chill today. Meanwhile the Netherlands had the battle from behind against the tournament's lowest ranked team before pulling out 83 to two win over Australia. Croatia earned a four -- victory over Cameroon. -- over at the college World Series CJ hit a host a homer for the only run. And Texas eliminated UC Irvine won nothing. The longhorns move on to play Vanderbilt tomorrow. Los Angeles Dodgers left hander Clayton Kershaw all -- the second no hitter of the Major League Baseball season striking out a career high fifteen in the dodgers' -- nothing victory over Colorado. The fifteen strikeouts is the most by any left hander in baseball history in a no hitter Kershaw says it's nice to have that individual achievement. You don't really ever think about didn't do something like best you know you always think about -- World Series or you know being a part of as far as individual stuff goes though this is this ranks up there pretty cool. Former LSU tiger kept Angola's -- combined with two relievers on a five hitter as the Baltimore Orioles blanked Tampa Bay to nothing. -- men earn his third straight win an improved to 31 on the year. And the zapper beat Fresno five to one. -- pitcher -- Villa nueva earned his eighth win of the season became the team's career strikeout leader with 267. Today a four on sports talk live from the Louisiana hall of fame and Activision will bring you Sean Payton and saints players following the final day of organized team activities. Who impressed. And who -- distress. With your early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. -- you know and I had talked about yesterday too much but yes it was quite interesting so what you've got it altogether and you ran out there it started out shaky and ended off you know got everything together. Got the co -- a Christian on thirteen fifty. Bolted out of here went over the saints camp getting ready to go talk to the -- -- practice and. Sorry the media availability being canceled today it's been rescheduled for tomorrow. Which is today yet been rescheduled for Thursday so no real reason given I'm just guessing that. You know Sean Payton and the team got to go out and play some paint ball on Tuesday. -- practicing so. I guess that you want us to see what the first day of practice was really likes ago. -- -- And -- not picked up the only it's not the inconvenience to do it on the airline you know yeah we apologize inconvenience. Like there's a last minute change of plans and hey whatever Peyton says could lose absolute -- Sir luckily for me I'm five minutes away from camp I just felt bad for the Baton Rouge reporters that ago. And turn right back around and had a batters my goodness gracious and it into its own nicely because. As. Yeah we had among not sports book last. Night talking about he's got a new Jimmy -- opening in Covington today but I mean he gets the -- work with. Branding -- this week that's -- really looking forward to talking to. Today at camp and seeing him finally an action at the C a little during rookie mini camp when he was here. But he's missed organized team activities he wasn't here for training for mini camp but finally -- the team has yet to finish up school is the most important I salute at the finish that up but -- stayed even though he is a multimillionaire now. But and the line is a terrible thing to -- yet so he and outsmart the the best thing to do and beat the saints were forced. Suit you know epic he couldn't say had yet to quit school and income now but. It's -- be the interesting piece of his saints offense is here because. One he's got that speed factor. He also has this ability. Similar to Darren Sproles to be able to move in a small amount of space in just -- is slippery. So I I'm excited to see what he brings that out already. Dangerous saints' offense it gives them C a new kind of threat and I know Sean Payton and drew pretty public -- -- yet ready for this season. That should be very interesting thanks a lot stealing from a coming up if you could pick a color for the smoothie king -- what color would you choose. And -- asthma rates really on the decline this is the only addition. If we WL first news it's 525 on the early edition of their WL first news and having the best mourning for so many reasons but. Number land right now. The one and only done -- called me during a break to say hi love that guy love that guy is on his way -- so. Say travel Diana kept a whole lot of fish -- Rebecca to a whole lot of heat and maybe a shower or two looks like. -- these -- rule the next couple of days -- ninety today 92 tomorrow and 92 n.'s Saturday and it's just going to be a straight thunderstorm or two for the next couple of days. About a 10% chance this afternoon and evening another 10% chance for Friday and Saturday may be just a handful more storms out there will save 20% chance. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark -- itself. Thanks lower temperatures in the upper 778 and Audubon and 77 at the lake front. Well within the next few weeks large scale pay sample collars that could be a variation of greed of -- of gray. Hope brown our hand are expected to go up. On the smoothie king senators exterior walls as part of the extensive. Process involved in changing the current. Bluish green is Xperia that's the foam I don't know what -- -- that is on the arena which is off fourteen and a half years old it needs a new color. Besides the color change the smooth became thinner is undergoing face to. -- 54 million dollar renovation project that began in April and will include a new front entrance and a new LTD lighting system. Similar to one used on the exterior of the Mercedes-Benz superdome so as some G executive vice president of stadiums and Arenas missed the dot Norton. That putting up sample college we'll help them actually get a look at it. To determine the best choice for the building. And Doug says we want to pick the collar that would be reflective. Of the LED lighting. And the other guiding principle is that we want to have a collar that is neutral so that we don't like our. Great told brown -- and that's what they're looking at though he could pick a color for the arena which color would you select. And we had some encouraging news especially if you're an asthma sufferer. A new survey suggest asthma in the United States may actually finally be going down on the decline but the results are so surprising. That health officials are cautious about claiming an actual downturn the numbers up from a report released by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and and the findings come from a large national health survey conducted last year's. For those of us who -- -- asthma that would be fantastic fantastic news. We'll have more coming up in just a moment this is the only addition to WL first news or Joseph Morris is a Marine Corps. Veteran Andy has a message for the PA. Look guys. I'm not dead at the Houston area veterans served two tours in Iraq. But Morissette in Kansas Department of Veterans Affairs that he still alive and kicking he found out he was apparently killed off by a computer glitch. He says he has been trying to get than that of a direct deposit for disability payment and that's when he learned that he had been classified. As the -- ever since April. -- says he's getting his VA benefits again that he just wants to let veterans know that there was a problem that would happen to them. We'll have more coming up in a moment and David I can supply. -- phone call earlier this morning a surprise phone call really was a sign long lost friend or it was a long this has decades -- it was. Actually it was that. Don Dubuque -- certainly checked in the same. -- isn't that I had him in my favorite people like you know being the fisherman he is the early hours this is not a problem for Don and that's what he was on his way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Happy are you like somebody do the work area in and I'll be very appreciative. There is a Cleveland area man who says police actually violated his first amendment rights of speech. When they cited him for holding a sign David wanting motorists there is ED UI checkpoint ahead. -- you can't do that. That was a -- city held a sign with the following words. Check point and hit it yeah star and now are okay that's what he really got into trouble. Let's turn now. He is attorney five fighting the citation the and the basic police sometimes abuse their authority and he believes -- -- -- just caused by letting people well interest in case you again. At a police spokeswoman say that city attorney say the part the signs telling motorists to term. That's the illegal part okay so there are saying if he just said. Checkpoint ahead right probably no problem they -- Malone but the fact that they say turn now. Is really when they have these announcers -- you exactly where it is of front on no. That's a surprise you know Ryan and -- my wife is still embarrassed Tuesday but. This is back wouldn't you are Mario's son uses so little baby. And the little baby in the car seat and they were cruising along and she walked up way up ahead and saw there was checkpoint. So what is she you know. She turned around and horrible you'd turn the lights came on on immediately. And yeah -- yeah like tune troopers all over. And CN done in the wrong. Are there were no violations their but they wanted to know why she turned around. Suspicious the lady yeah she was kind of you know mumbling and and fumbling but. You know they wandered off. After a scolding yes. David are -- Right turn around us and turned down an absolutely. Well others -- turn in the forecast but we're joined by the wonderful meteorologist Laura but now in the Eyewitness News forecast Saturday morning to you Laura. -- -- -- It's it's Angela okay. That's a gave this the rest of the story while getting -- -- impossible. Gave the part of the -- that's the issue is that. Learn now and this is the first time that the men use the sign police actually arrested him in 22 -- are having a knife in his pocket. While holding the sign he pled guilty to disorderly conduct was sentenced to community. So -- that it's also the messenger. That is the problem. Yeah. All right let's bring in my about that I would if -- sport is that you have to start singing a. I love you -- -- -- -- -- won't ask me that it's all -- -- that go really bad back. Yet it's up and I have come to terms with a lot of people. Don't think very well and -- are not aware of I do not think very well and I area where one. -- -- -- think I -- -- thinking yes preferably not when anybody around here -- habit but only my dog I don't want to have to suffer through -- you know you're looking -- -- evening all of that he wants them look Ciara Craig Bradley an update now and say absolutely keep it -- he acts. -- -- -- -- -- So -- Four today I'll keep Angela 92 day long -- we had been ninety like yesterday we hit 91 yesterday. Think I each day at -- angry at 92 with a two -- -- -- The game I EQ -- -- it appears that the here is that right here at that pattern Horry and and just a few isolated downpours yesterday we just had one or two but one happen to be right over -- Portland. Right around -- 34 clockers and it. Rained it did it I heard it distant batteries I think it you -- I didn't believe -- not and the way I did here. Cools things off -- the -- increase the it will ease from that -- yet you're right big city. A -- New Orleans that he -- downforce right okay so it's a degree you -- -- normal but then. Is a wrist kind of feeling of the officials died of of summer is -- until it's Saturday are at this summer solstice and called mad at the official. -- start of summer I think it's kind of funny yet some people -- memorial like and it kicks off summer. -- people think once it hit ninety yeah some are I -- pregnant they're at school. Summer. A socially I guess you can think we've been feeling I have -- like for awhile now when he takes me about twenty minutes from my car to the front -- of the office building yeah -- the officials items that is that just because it's so hot yes and -- does drag act like. Archery at -- -- -- wait what is your electricity fixed today how did. Yeah they Theodore OK we all -- thank you for asking we have as I mentioned we have lights we have elevators and in the AC and can't get a copy. -- on body -- I love it was about a quarter to ten before it was actually. It's cracked up and what how. I don't know and then they would make people other than folks at the radio station in because and the economy must be on generator power how're you -- that that's basically it again -- around a girl you know the show must go on -- on -- -- the webinar galore yeah it got a generator two so you know sometimes Utley strikes or whatever the states and it. Our our power outage in the French Quarter however and. We keep it absolutely was she kept going to the 101 year old woman and she's being called -- crime fighter. As the dam is Pauline. -- briefly helped catch a -- In Michigan retirement community she was missing from the First. Amendment. And she came up with an idea for staying. At her look at. Administrators at the retirement village and the police she she's like -- community hell yeah it a ride with somebody and yet -- little -- -- -- you know. We do with sting operation and they did and they caught the person and the police she credits -- with helping to catch the suspect. He says that you won't even confessed to officers. So you know it's always not always but maybe she. Wouldn't say but I think he noticed kind of like we -- for a lot -- And she says that she -- about that down to the -- that Obama. And a lot of money for fixed a lot of money it is not money. Take my money it is in this pulleys that you know what. I'd like to kick out in his rear end. Economic she's takes its Gator bite back thank. -- Then -- you know welcome follow up on the story at what you're right on it doesn't matter how are what your circumstances are. Right right wrong. And yet -- his following through them kick you right in the rear. I think it's particular I. Yes I bogged down in the Eyewitness News or death in -- coming up -- anticipated look at Brendan. And Steve Geller is up next a look at sports this is. The early edition of WWL first news. It is 548 on the early edition. That WL first news I'm -- -- in the forest Dave Cohen this morning my thanks to Shelden Williams enjoyed Figo. Producing the only addition. Great job. Went to protect. Well Drew Brees believes that branding cooks can do a great job stepping in nice lake Steve -- joins us. Now what sports reporting good morning you know I haven't actually have a problem right now on an -- needs some help. OK -- -- I saw that there -- gonna have free snowball here from 113230. But I -- to be at saint camp was gonna save me one. Roll. That the it isn't it left. -- -- yes it Shelvin you stepping up -- -- to -- on -- strawberry condensed milk please put it there's -- We think about maybe you get our guys or. Else the practice. Yeah I've got to go back downtown for some priest noble but yeah that's absolutely well. The Morton everybody's priorities right exactly receiver -- could join the saints this week for the final round of organized team activities. As he had to finish up schooling at Oregon State quarterback Drew Brees is like a kid on Christmas morning getting to play with a brand new toys. Two very natural catching the ball -- he's got to go down portrait doesn't fighters you know so he's just got a lot of special abilities -- also a social -- -- he's got all the makings of being a great player. Float shot Hollingsworth and Travis duke limited UC Irvine to four hits as taxes -- -- and here's one nothing in an elimination game at the college World Series. The longhorns advanced to meet -- to -- tomorrow and need to beat The Commodores twice to reach next week's best of three finals. Spain was stunned at the World Cup the defending champions were blanks -- nothing by -- away. Giving them two losses and dooming chances to advance to the elimination round. Meanwhile the Netherlands won three to -- over Australia while Croatia one for nothing over Cameroon. Clayton Kershaw of the LA Dodgers has altered the second no hitter of the Major League Baseball season. The lanky lefthander struck out a career high fifteen in the dodgers' eight nothing victory over Colorado last night teammate Josh Beckett tossed a no hitter last month. Former LSU pitcher Kevin goes until six shutout innings for the Baltimore Orioles as they beat Tampa Bay to nothing. Goldmans now 31 on the year with -- three straight victories. And eaten alive bill little wave became his efforts career strikeout leader while allowing one run in six innings and added an RB -- single at the plate. Leading disease to a 51 win over the Fresno grizzlies. Today have four on sports talk alive in the Louisiana hall of fame -- -- -- issue. We'll bring you Sean Payton and saints following the final day of organized team activities find out who impressed. And who looked distressed. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports and still no ruling -- decision yet for -- and -- and I've found that they blew the whole hearing was actually in New Orleans not New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right exactly that make complete sense now because -- like there's no way the Asian this year. But the hearings going on in New York City but -- Ramon Vargas great writer for the advocate was on the stake out yesterday and waited for everybody to come out the hotel. Sean Payton was there as well came out no comment Jimmy Graham comes out. No comment the arbitrator. No cabin no comment so yes still no ruling but I think it they've wrapped up they hearing so we could hear a decision. I guess as early as today may be tomorrow as we head into the weekend but. I'm. I've been hearing so many differing opinions from folks it's hard to say whether he is going to be the -- rulers of -- and or wide receiver everyone seems to have a different opinion on it. Like off in the end it's still a bunch of uncertainty when a surprise bills bills okay I'm gonna work on making sure that people -- at least one -- I'm just were ordinary with condensed. -- more Adobe actually gone though -- it's -- in the freezer ought to put my name on Mary. Even a the. It doesn't look like anyone's been eating its notes must be -- -- dry years ago the limits and allow -- to me. And I left them out the next day and they will go on. And the trying to figure out who took my. Its -- is it to mean. Was your name. As if they knew that there was at all. Well it's just. If it's just out and about it just must be community it's free. What have a lot of signs on the refrigerator door yet exactly they'll go to the it's not that we have initials on Kremer in there -- everything and -- if. A medically field and they'll get through. But I thought that was my zip lock bag with sandwich -- -- I didn't but it may try to get. And maybe not and you favorable. To our maybe after camp I can run down here in room. I would. I'm optimistic they -- -- thank you look coming up we'll tell you about Kolb doesn't know it. Moved from his. In the early edition of WWL first news everybody. Yes milk shake. Milk shake the recently and sell milk shake is now. And she is confused. Because milk shake thinks that it's really. Well but a dog. It usually hangs out at the grace foundation ranches where it lives and if I used to hearing a -- Donald sensing -- -- of coming. You can best believe that milk shake will be with the pack of dogs usually hanging out with adults because according to the owner milk shake things. -- -- -- Negotiate with say from an abusive owner for years ago by the grace foundation that's an animal rescue organization in California. And every time milk shake appears. The auction brings all the dole looks to the pay better then yours. I think a lot of people think it's a trick according to the owners of the foundation and that you reporter walked along where. The owner and here comes -- package not a small number of golf than there was no (%expletive) right there she hangs up with the don't -- so I think she thinks she is a don't. -- account she really doesn't know the difference according to the owners and that milk shake beats comfortably with a pack of dogs to -- adult. She's even tried to get into the backseat. Of the owner of the of the foundations car. I would've loved to have seen that happen and we milk shake is invited she has no problem hanging out in the house. Could. -- milk shake. I think this chicken eggs in there and the kind of program. Right back in just a moment this is the only addition of -- WL first news. It's the same old same old for a Thursday forecast here's Laura. Now much of a change to the forecast is more summertime heat with 92 this afternoon. And only at 10% chance for just a straight thunderstorm and it stays pretty mild tonight lows dipping into the low to mid seventies. And right back up to 92 tomorrow at 92 again on Saturday. We'll keep a 10% chance and for rain on Friday may be up that just a little bit to 20% on Saturday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- in Florida right now 72 in Slidell 77 at the lake front and north in the national airport and 78 at a lot of fun. And -- sterling attorneys last -- audit Donald sterling and his attorneys to not threaten. -- Intimidate his wife's legal team in the opposite determine the LA clippers owner was mentally incapacitated have a great day everybody --

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