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WWL>Topics>>6-19 6:40am Scoot talks to Saints QB Drew Brees

6-19 6:40am Scoot talks to Saints QB Drew Brees

Jun 19, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks to Saints quarterback Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is an honor to have the opportunity to talk to saints quarterback Drew Brees this is my first one of only drew drew welcome to the show this morning. Good so I mean do you do this to me to give so much back to the community and now you're you're giving back in terms of out of the new Jimmy -- opening up to 70380. -- -- when he -- -- one dollar subs from eleven detained until three hi how do you do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they're trying to enjoy it maybe who have passed and get a lot of nonsense around city QQ that was our location or die or others. One on -- I wait close a clear view intersection on maple street does not sound a more on orders. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really excited about it you know him and -- kind of the starter you know hopefully about porn stored there will be open up on the door or. Like oh coming remember little. Live democracy in the world and the network's anchor well here and argue. Our unity to. The door I'm actually. We're gonna do silly country. And our -- -- chase. Otherwise I have to elaborate. They're -- I don't like sweet. You know I saw somebody in our building the other -- delivering Jimmy John's sandwich for a for down the street. And he only had one I'm thinking well this is great disguise delivering one sandwiched so -- basically deliver. We deliver on that it's. In our our slogan is repeat that. That door traction in the -- that we're saying. Out the door or change your -- to get that they're outdoor or Mets like sir do you want sales. -- that period. This is probably between from sister merits so. Your -- you'd be nurtured. It's burger -- so that's that's something we pride ourselves and artsy people generally do it. Aren't you just joined aside studio for Thomas -- were talking to see his quarterback Drew Brees he's opening up another Jimmy John's this when it's going to be on. Highway 21 in Covington and today from eleven until three this afternoon. Dollar subs one for customer. That doesn't include delivery drew would be there. But he's gonna is gonna keep his commitment to the saints in the DOT Saddam I think people will forgive you for that true. I hope they understand. It's they're Nazis and that's been there are pretty productive. You know negotiate Medicare but the got a lot of good will on -- their CD's where he. Band and an freeagent. Kind of close and personal. You know there there. Well laying -- interest or in our chain and all in all the all the while -- defense. And you know a lot of information from them but they currently on where you can see how well he either. Your desire to learn them and degree. Final roll on the screen your employees are well positioned together like torture and competitor and that's why we love about. -- -- -- will make it should treat him roster and they got you under couples sort. Drug -- talked about how. Optimistic you are distorted this this 2014 season are too optimistic at the beginning of every season and is there anything different about the beginning of this season. At the beginning of the -- just because -- -- the way organization or. And Mickey -- -- patent on the touchdown on the and job on the run well at the rate cut later in the cart course yeah. Electoral. And that's what -- -- also the character. The culture that we. Created here and the environment we try to create the very conducive to going in and you know. -- and the leader and so. We want to go out without part might that it will distract -- -- old you know via. And Kirsten and then certainly. Were aware that they can contribute. And so that's. So we got to look for those guys and give it a year that's why you're shot because I knew that -- -- like you wanna win. Are you starting to already conceptualize. Bring to -- role in the offense. Our ball there or that or there's there's a lot of and -- -- -- -- you know and assume it's still very early so. -- -- put all that together but -- you. You can imagine playing outside. Information as a receiver to -- in the slot and you know catch a lot of strange to him you know go and in the return -- such -- -- can go to law -- and packaging. I think it's quite admirable that he's up with the saints yet because he's finishing school so some of these players actually go to class. But let that affect all other days that majority that week we Prodi. Try to get -- about perception and that that there's there's Tony great students. -- -- not -- he certainly what you have on the quarter system at the -- straight and so. The move is -- you know come and -- critical in Utah. What's -- school. And so he himself actually last week so -- with the loosely so we have a chance. On this week so sort of particular some time together and conduct electricity well and so on and so on. He's trouble on -- will. True on a personal level I've always admired your ability to not allow throwing an interception to stay with you would affect your plea from that moment -- you're letting go and I know that that's not easy. What is it that you do or -- yourself if diesel oil a key interception. They elected. That's a great looking pretty pretty pretty simple they elect -- and we curricula. They're just -- it you have to go to. -- put the -- and -- a good idea to focus is it that the reports and export income and you you. I think you -- -- the mentality won't play the continent and be focused that you could partly be produce sex accusing Clinton that she can't. There's also making again and civic in here so each one is even more heavily weighted in order even more important. In the next and so he cannot let the passport influence. A huge negative in the heat got to be able to -- You know. War front you know there was mistake was made that you learn from. And and that you move forward -- find a way to. Overcome that war -- to make it better you continual. We're talking to your saints quarterback Drew Brees signed student or Drew Brees has a grand opening of -- -- Jimmie Johnson highway 21 it Covington. From eleven to 31 dollar subsequent per customer that does include delivery to get over there it's freaky fast and it's all really good fresh stuff. Through this morning we be talking about the federal government dropping its trademark of the Washington Redskins -- your thoughts on the team possibly changing its name. Notebooks. That they'll likely performed so well. Is that a lot of controversy about the St. Louis Rams drafting Michael Sam the first openly gay player in the NFL. Without naming any names that have you been aware of other players in the NFL have been getting. No I haven't. You know that sent -- the -- If you were to look into the locker room there's all content for people with different. Whether it's religious beliefs political beliefs and and sexual orientation or wherever IP. I -- in the day. He's put the other excellent football games and so if you're there. The mindset that I'm to a market that can help sway him. -- -- -- -- ball so. It doesn't matter you know stop just about can you help can you help -- him and you know. Are you bought into what we're trying to do here is can. You live in two great morals New Orleans and San Diego I was on here briefly in San Diego went on sale day -- Pacific beach overlooking mission beach it is it's just a beautiful part of the country. Is there a big adjustment for you kids splitting their time between these two different places with their friends. Now mean that they're a pretty young right now not reward -- also not. Not like there you know middle school high school. But you know it's actually. Actually you know we we spend more time here in the world actually -- -- -- irregular force. You know great. They threw it seemed like it stays -- in the area. I think it's Christmas spirit are essential -- -- -- -- -- -- it's the order or whatever so they. They like their argument. You know great to actual booklet is -- a -- -- -- -- from playing -- there. My lights and so well now it's certain people. Or it's it's too great morals two different worlds and two great world San Diego in New Orleans true. You're not really a spectator -- every watch football so what sport do you'll love to follow that make you feel like you just fans sitting there watching it. Well -- mean. Currently it's a World Cup you know moral compass. I love playing soccer players secure. Yet there watched a lot of TV he -- local but usually so much footballer you know. Something else but. Woke up from and -- -- bring everybody we'll work in. You -- -- four years it's it's -- but the world's biggest sports so you see how excited. The entire world it's about partnerships actually expands thanks so as to -- -- -- -- -- -- cry out. That. I've been they're like you're a guy. And he kind of where -- where they go here are pretty tough draw early in Portugal. But some of the -- about the man pictures to. If you bring your car right now what CD -- you put India in a player. Well -- Certainly. Are you were you CDs anymore but I -- music to listen to the color. -- the eighties only as -- it -- serious. And settle period. I'd like. Quote the proposed. Our commitment. -- so real you know crunched in the early nineties. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there a movie that has inspired you that you think everybody should watch. Yeah that nutri -- There's so. You know obviously -- will be the action packed movie won like you know. Gladiator. 300. Great sport you know so the vote that just. About it and you know I've -- a great player. Here just on the -- But or something that would just be. Great story here -- support -- into the fall going on here. Probably few others that. -- these numbers for a boy or girl. It trivial little girl he tonight. Well very excited and scared and well there are. I know that feeling very quickly before election go through. What something that people generally don't know about you that you would like them to know about Drew Brees. -- I'm I'm pretty much an open book. They were seaports yet and shall. Although certain things out there I. I -- and claimed victory do that you know. -- it's it looked at what I guess you'd say the aboriginal people. In -- trillion play. You know they travel Hala it hollowed out of you would. Okay this and that's so I mean like the front Lugar -- thought. Well in -- on the and terrible commercially it to make the trip around the Mexico and Australia and Britain that engagement about ten years ago and now. So occasional pick that redo this. To America -- -- -- at the season and good luck with the new Jimmy Johnson which when he went on into Tuesday. We've got.

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