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6-19 7:10am Scoot, movies that impacted you

Jun 19, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about movies that impacted their life

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David I had a after we had our conversation where as we open the show last hour I told this story about the the forward drunk people that are right into -- over sparking my car. Last night to get a radio station this morning. And the conversation I had including do you want some LSD which of course I said I said no. -- -- back and look forward to -- anyway you just it was kind of -- so somebody said you ought to have a camera with a you know what I need to do I need to do start doing -- to carry a golf and I I can just pick up my phone and not make it obvious but just put her on video. And some of these encounters that I have with the -- did their roared into during the day downtown in the -- -- and -- quite interesting. We can post those on our website. And we would have stood -- -- ups could give I like it it's gonna work and name and this way we can really follow your adventures. Answers yet as as you run through the quarter and various parts of our lovely self regulate in -- trust me rolling around the French Quarter -- BD during the day or at night can be rather adventurous. Had a great conversation with that Drew Brees the first time I've I was a resident through one on one very well lit up on our on our podcast it's a behavioral dot com just few ministry condemned listen to that if you missed it if you would do just joyous. I Drew Brees is opening up Jimmy Johns that 70380. Highway -- when he went in Covington today. And from 11 this morning until -- this afternoon. Jimmy John substance fresh freaky fast subs. I just don't -- Margaret -- drive -- have a crowd I would think so not all but one you know and and because of the part of the country we live -- we have to say one per customer. Because you know they're people who would go in and asked for 345. How unfortunate and how does not just an -- and adapt and any repair Petrie would you go crazy right. And the only other stipulation is that does not include delivery can't say when you know here's a dollar premium of premier sought -- I mean that's reasonable when I was gonna die so our ghosts of go support Jimmy Johnston and convicting. I asked Drew Brees. What movie I'm influenced him that he thinks others should see our -- and he mentioned Legends of the Fall. The other night and I suffering -- -- that over my guess it was Saturday. I watched a movie that has has influenced me in fact I've seen it several times but as I watched it again. I took a full page of notes I was taking notes during this movie because it's so meaningful to me. The legend of Bagger Vance with Will Smith Matt Damon and Charlize -- their own -- -- it's a it's about golf but golf is the only good metaphor for life I'm not a golfer now and I I can totally relate to the movie and there are so many great messages in that movie about. How everybody comes into this world with a perfect swing and sometimes in life we lose that perfect swing we we lose our way week. We we lose who we ER. And at the movie the legend of Bagger Vance is about re discovering your swing finding that -- seen the whole. Seeing the whole field not not just on it being. Being influenced by eight is so that the immediate things that are are happening to you it's already great messages in that movie getting tomorrow go underground SI thought we would -- we've -- about this. What made it SA with France Drew Brees this question I'll ask you this question. What movie did you see that it will issue that you think everybody should see the biggest legend of Bagger Vance Drew Brees said. Legends of the. Engines in the fall I I'm gonna go. I need to think about it a little bit more as far as get a direct influence what. I agree with drew on that Legends of the Fall and you know what was great about that movie not only spectacularly. Filmed. And the story in them Bob Waldman relationships but it had the Indian influence the American Indians. And how they. Kind of viewed the world and I think maybe that's what he got out of it too. If you -- Joyner show the economy. The sort -- talk about this for a few minutes what movie have you seen recently what movie did you see did you think about. In union your daily life what movie had an influence on you. Did you think everybody should see. And for me it is by far. The number one movie -- the -- of prevents it is just a spectacular movie with agree to message it's about guardian angels it's it's a phenomenal movie. If you wanna join our show with a comment about a movie that you've seen -- do you think everybody should see our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- -- -- seventy. A -- receipt 7870 here's a -- reads I love the natural for many of the reasons you like Bagger Vance. But you know the legend of Bagger Vance and it doesn't have a catching name me and it doesn't really. Save what the movie is about so it didn't get a lot of attention because of the name. But the legend of Bagger Vance is a very very inspiring movie. And again I took notes I was watching it over the weekend nickel package ever reviewed the notes. Here's a W a pretty general opinion poll do you think the Washington Redskins will. Change their name. The federal patent office is taking away the Redskins patent because they say the name is disparaging to native Americans do you think they will change their name 82%. Say no. An 18% say yes -- -- your -- -- going to -- if you go to college student Tommy Tucker we will be right back on Debbie did you. Hey it's gonna get hot again today it was real stifling hot yesterday. Just brutally hot and humid and it's going to be that way again today that they welcomed at this part of the country this time of the year. I studio for Tony Tucker it says 7:18 on this Thursday morning. Talk to Drew Brees earlier on the show and one thing I asked it was so what movie had an impact on him that he thinks everybody should see. They said Legends of the Fall. With Tom -- Predictably action movies well. And I mentioned it and this is this is close to my heart right now because over the weekend I watched the legend of Bagger Vance with Will Smith Matt Damon and and did Jacqueline. Surely -- as well. And I actually took notes. I seen it before and taken notes but I took new notes on and that's how that's how profound this movie is to me. It's about. It's about losing yourself. Trying to find yourself again and I think -- just such a great message in that movie so what movie had an impact on you. If you think everybody should see an what was the message in that movie are numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven. And a text numbers 877. Here's a Texas is Shawshank redemption. Texas -- 64 years old grand to -- that was with Clint Eastwood. Here's a text -- Driving Miss Daisy. And other text far no way of Tom Cruise movie. Here's a text -- pay it forward. And text that says 2001 a space oddity. Another Texas. Eternal Sunshine. Of the Spotless Mind it's a great story about love. And to this day it's both my wife and my favorite movie here's a text gotta go with Brian -- That was so it's. Here's a text Rudy a story about not listening to the naysayers. And to work hard and stay focused on your ultimate goal. I would agree with that and other -- -- a river runs through. This is going to be kind of joked deliverance. And I'll stupid really and it will I guess the messages. You don't don't be alone in the woods that are gonna pursue our tree. And here's the texts baseballs are not really sure why idea what the message was there. If you wanna join us with a comment this morning at football was a movie that had an impact on you that you think everybody should see a meter -- that these are our movies were talking about. But there's a lot of brilliant writing that goes into a lot of movies in movies make this field and make us remember things and make a stink about things. Sometimes they set an example for and for our lives. On the legend of Bagger thing that's just a great movie that I think everybody should see even though it doesn't have a catchy name. If you are join us this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 it's every -- receipts have -- having to get device and Legends of the Fall with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt I did I knew it was some good looking guy. I've student for -- and -- images. Security for Tommy Tucker 721 years at WWL news updates and Iraq. -- stated -- morning let's enjoy it now because it is going to get very hot and it will be very humid later today and it's time. Seven point five points duty for Tommy Tucker my conversation with that Drew Brees a little while ago it's a relief to know when this is a potter podcast we'll have that on our. -- great conversation with withdrew we talked a little bit about a football will be about understand some of the things in the line during our conversation my first 11 withdrew. And he was also talking about the Jimmie Johnson he's opening up today. In coming tonight which when he won one dollar subs from eleven to three -- per customer that does not include delivery but it's freaky fresh off freaky fast all it's also pretty fresh as well. So you might enjoy that but I just embrace what movie had an impact on him that he thinks everybody should see. And intentionally into the fall with Brad Pitt. In public also mentioned. So what movie have you seen. Recently in the past. It to this state still has an impact on your light because you remember. You remember the meeting of the movie and what was the message of the movie from Covington and -- your WL. -- -- Yeah. Your comment on. One movie you're up at the -- and when -- and the most which are better. Tell me why geo data it's a comedy with David -- so what did you dirt inspire -- in in what way. Well look at the comedy but when you get you look how you know how unfortunate it -- to turn doubt but how Hollywood always part of the -- -- that. No matter what you gotta keep on key battle -- And all. You -- you what it was and and a you know that's bad but I got that movie you know you just -- You gotta make good when you're not you know if you go to. Yet there's a reason a comedy can have a powerful message. And I appreciate you calling thanks for listening and from the applause salon a year -- WL. Yeah. What was it. -- record that people in all the long tropical retreat it's 48. Trade in -- crawl under. I never saw so what Cicely Tyson was in that I believe. -- -- -- -- in there and. What was the message what was the message of sounder. It. Will -- I'll bet playing four on the map. Thinking bleak general we thought we'd get to war in the open door we unit and that can make it. It's agree message and all outlets and move it really touch all -- and remember the titans. And that movie that mean voltage. We all can -- alone. And we put our differences. And come together as one we all can live together and deal. And I could relate -- too. The white characters in remember the titans because. That reflects my attitude like I don't care. We're all in this together and we shouldn't judge people by the color of their skin or. Or any other reason other than the content of their their character. And I -- that movie gave me chills love remember the titans. That's why it's so much because. It issued an animal it is should be watching one planet actually worried creed probably because it's can always something that -- you expect you. A very -- from the get the regional on inner circle while we work to keep. -- sides agree thought -- appreciate you calling us from Gonzales came a year and a BWL. On the wrong and I -- and a lot of old people. Yeah and it shows that they either otter. And here it is your children. Help take care. What have you when you grow older. And that was the message. K I appreciate you calling here's a text that read says north country. Here's a text the color purple the message was the value of family love. You know we do get a lot of positive messages from movies and end. Some of the movies that it really inspired me like the legend of Bagger Vance -- movies that are against somewhat obscure. Here is a text band of Brothers and acts of valor say no more. Here's a text jaws and they'll stay ashore. Another text about Shawshank redemption here is yet another text about Shawshank redemption. He showed me never to give up. Another one was rocky it showed that you shouldn't let people tell you. That you can't do. And that's I agree with that. You know I was I was discouraged in my career nobody. The odds were against me ever making it in this business. And I I hate in my voice I never thought it would make it in the spears is because of my voice. As to what people say it's -- -- your voice it just it to this day I I still have a hard time accepting that because I just I hated the way I sounds it. And I didn't think that I had a good or -- voice for radio. And when I switch from music radio to talk radio. There were high ranking people in this business. It said scoot you're never gonna do that's. You're you're you're still in the morning Europe the DJ. Nobody's gonna ever except he was a talk show host. And I I I remember. I remember pulling out a whole notes album it was an album that that -- and was released it was an absolute bomb. And I thought if if this album. Influence if if they allowed the in the the lack of of an impact -- this album had on their career. Then they wouldn't have been really ended up being so I pulled out this -- of a disaster for whole -- that I thought this is my inspiration. And I love that message that don't ever let anybody. Tell that you can't do something if you believe inside you can do it. I'm skewed in -- Tommy Tucker 731 -- -- WW elders updates with David -- and -- border excuse David after asking a Drew Brees and our conversation earlier what movies has he seen that had an impact on him that he thinks everybody should seating Michigan Legends of the Fall you. Mission that was also one of Europe's favorite little surprised I've got -- other than any others are gonna yacht walk the line that Johnny Cash story I thought that was a great movie I thought so too. Good stuff in the via a lot of great lessons in that movie also. I'm getting a text about Forrest -- about blind side. Rudy. Shawshank redemption all -- clash. The movie crash about racism yes that was a profound movie and that makes me think of just that they -- to great lessons in a movie like American history X. With Edward Norton which ones -- which phenomenal but a lot of these movies that have inspired people that they think other people should see. Are about inspiration it's about -- overcoming obstacles. And that's what I so loved about the legend of Bagger Vance again not a fancy title but it allies it and it's some of these other movies may be that people may mention. They -- as they probably were just entertained by what they saw. But measures -- mentioning that you know beat the user other flicks and had a profound effect on some people when. And really their lives in many ways I got a text the area out of money crystal ultimate story of revenge. You know we're supposed to seek revenge but that is a great story about prevents the same thing with man in the iron mask and both of those stories were originally written by Alexander do -- I got a text you meet Joe Black shallow Hal. Which was a movie about. Seeing somebody who might not be considered by society to be beautiful seeing them as a busy beautiful person and a profound message in that movie is -- a movie that had an impact on your life that you think everybody should see. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Tex ever say seventy it's every play a conversation earlier today with that Drew Brees is on our website at WWL dot com podcast. I ask Drew Brees about when he throws an interception he had a really really interesting answer to this as a when you throw an interception. What do you say what do you do. That helps you get over right away and move on it. And it's. Disagreed answer that's on our website at WW older couple also play that back later in the show. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker this is still VW help. What will we had an impact on your mind. Drew Brees said it was so Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt what movie have you seen that had such an impact you think everybody should see it. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker got a text here says senate Titanic. And you know that was an inspiration that movie is well. -- if -- -- on the lower jacket doesn't mean you can't get to the the upper deck and it also was developed it was about laugh. I'm getting a ton of tech I'm reading a mall a ticket to all of them on a year but here's a Texas has a seven pounds of got a few text about answering Will Smith. Humility and responsibility for life and others here's a text anyone in sales needs to see and study glengarry Glen Ross and that's from John. Engine -- here's another text signs. Now with no gifts and everything happens for a recent. Actually the traffic training you're on the VW good morning. It grew about you know did you actually. Quite good -- Well we don't know this -- is going to be gay pride we can yes. Okay well. -- spiritual put forward this week -- That this Sunday. Or in my corner back director. -- -- Herbert is sane man Herbert I know well yeah that that the best think about watching actually the traffic trendy. He's watching the tourist. Respond to work. And watching the videos and the pictures that are taken in your interacted and it's a may mean. Traffic -- Directs traffic and the police are there and they let her do it and she does a great job and the motorist and the pedestrians actually pay attention -- as if she is the law it's quite a quite a phenomenal. It will be. You getting married and get married I have an open air public way. Something that on Sunday at 5 o'clock PM where I -- involved and all the street performers to come to my quarter. And -- take part in that it would serve. Why would he be inappropriate to ask you if you're burying a man or woman. Is as secret. Oh really. And and will we be able to tell by looking. -- -- Active -- that would have assaulted by that I come to the directly related. Sunday while on the record of urban answering and and what's its spectacular ceremony -- -- -- All right actually the traffic Randy -- -- and thanks for calling and they're good luck with your with your marriage. To whoever from looks lost debut under the WL. Great group of march air acting like black history here at. -- -- -- -- -- depression now. Come everybody come and get answers -- an arrangement is different about you know and in and also law. Bundle all but the part that the native American and I think think that really the goal and a lot lot more prepared meaning to me you know here's the problem I think from the. Well and in an even if you are not native American you can you can see how people overcome struggles send and obstacles and discrimination because we're. We're all in one way or another. Discriminated against they're people who don't like mr. people who put us down their people who judges -- it might that be because of our skin color sexual orientation. It might be because of how we do our job but we we all face those obstacles. Exactly yeah Drupal that rarely met a lot to be a lot. Do you think it. I appreciate the call thanks for listening. This -- you're under the WL and it -- in my batting -- -- doing this so that it didn't you know immediate. Way you'd utterly sound good but you sound like younger than 72 I'm glad I am every young guy actually a lot of crime later. Good for you can't actually remember. Actually Barack. It's I don't like that but I do agree it's it's nice to know that there's no age limit on -- in your booty. The and that that can go ahead of them demand that they do that man agreed at last illegitimate and and and -- them in the manner that that we probably dependent upon. Where you are you pretty much over the matrimony thing. -- a -- -- demand Indians look I'm I'm gonna get elected delegate getting married. We've got the lead and -- Say you're you're you're seventy -- sorry you're you're you're a cougar to somebody out there. -- -- -- -- -- It was. Me. To be married man I didn't eat them while I hope -- works as a thinking about. Yeah it -- they do everything at them. Being in that they're there to vote today. Think he has got to look at the -- eaten them -- -- only between Lebanon but the I was. Yeah. It'll will be at least want to let you know if you look of it frankly my dear I don't -- that -- And and that was that was pushing the edge of pushing the envelope. Yet he can do. And keep on. Punitive and let them. And -- -- and can. It. Is. Currently in but he didn't leave but anyway without them an amount that weather map out there about political body. At this point Baghdad it would damage and -- them down. I miss -- I really enjoyed our conversation and you have a great day here's attacks. That read -- how about the creature from the black lagoon here is tax hoosiers. Like this year spurs. Chemistry. Discipline. And teamwork. The surf movie that you saw that had an impact on unit agreed message that you think everybody should -- I've -- -- for Tommy Tucker is 7520 here's another -- W a traffic update with Terrell Robinson. Office has now ruled that the Washington Redskins nickname is disparaging of native Americans and -- for the team is losing its federal trademark. So -- system caused the team to change their name. As a -- and -- pretty general opinion poll not if they should or if you want them to the question is do you think the Washington Redskins. We -- end up changing their name. As a WTO project looking evil right now 77%. Say -- 23% say yes. -- your opinion by going to our web site W -- -- outcome on this blog today is titled is it -- playing politics with you kids' education. Talking about comic court he's withdrawn. Louisiana from common core standards. Very very controversial. We'll talk about that in the next hour. Talking about two movies that had an impact on our alliance very influential movies that we think everybody should see from the applause Paula you're into the W Hal good morning. You don't -- thank duplicate it -- -- culture. More it just it's -- -- when it's playing right now got it meant there haven't seen you want to. You've got to because. For those who apparently. It's usually ninety away to use children and send them off to college. And I'll some of these philosophy. Processes. Can take -- and talk though about the way and it's it's created its remotely when he goes to trust that bringing the the -- well. Holiday see that discourages me oh why because I'm Alex in movies. If not the proper respect for we're hoping. You can feel it got you would say there was all of war horse I'm Paula got to get through news right I appreciate you calling Harold and body is that text here Brokeback Mountain and radio. Here's a text Toy Story the power of French ship into the text movie that was influential lost in translation Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker common core it's controversial we'll talk about it next hour -- DaVita Q well.

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