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6-19 8:10am Scoot, Common Core

Jun 19, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about Gov. Jindal's efforts to withdraw Louisiana from Common Core

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Boyd resigned yesterday on Thanksgiving on it yesterday. Yes I feel badly for anybody mr. Morgan aside when I go through my name I realize how fortunate I am too. Being in an air conditioning vehicle to be an air conditioner parts into or to be here and and I schools studios and in downtown New Orleans. I think about people who were outs in the sun working and and there are a lot of people who work outside are on -- can you imagine being on route four in. Addict now on it on a day like today no. So let's think about you know those people who do have to to get out in in this I also feel badly for our account executives. Here today -- Emmanuel -- and it account. Mean that in and out of cars all -- continue to YouTube car gets hot and they're all dressed up and suits them and a nice dresses and stop. But it's different not many women Wear pantyhose anymore and I remembered years ago. Women always wore pantyhose and and I just can't imagine anything being more stifling hot thing that in. In the summertime but it is it is it's brutal out there. I've Bobby Jindal is he playing politics with your kids' education we'll talk about that says this hour here on -- WL. A -- and join us for the comment about any of the stuff we talk about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy or text number is 87870. Business insider David has come out with a surveyed. The most liberal in the most conservative towns. In every state well that would be kind of fascinating I am fascinated by the most liberal city in New Orleans. And the most conservative city in New Orleans and the most liberal city in Mississippi. I really surprised I will talk more about this tomorrow but. What do you think is the most liberal city of Louisiana. Wonder why -- think -- this widget thing. -- rule it's not once Munro go home with a duck commander Altria. I'm not it's not a Shreveport is not rust Vietnam. Baton Rouge. Senate veteran issue now I would -- New Orleans now while that's -- -- could be the most liberal town. In Louisiana according to this survey by business insider. Again this was a surprise to me point -- hash. Final hash -- now on the buy you. Now if I get a lot of calls on the school chilly night from Holman typical race -- from those areas and -- in Baghdad port sulphur and areas like that. And you would be surprised at how progressive. And liberals some of the views -- that I hear from the the most conservative city. In Louisiana is Bentley Louisiana. And the most liberal city or town in Mississippi is Jackson Mississippi. Surprise did have a couple thrown in there I got you we'll talk more about this on the show tomorrow. -- we have a new WWL pretty jaguar people have enough for you in just a moment also had a conversation earlier this morning with six quarterback Drew Brees. He has a grand opening of Jimmy Johns on the North Shore high which when he won in Covington one dollar subs from eleven to three all day today. And -- -- -- customer and that doesn't include the delivery the conversation is up on our podcast at WW real dot com. I asked and I asked drew about living between New Orleans and San Diego it was that hard as kids and I love I love his answer to the question. When you when you throw an interception. You seem to get over that right away how do you get over what is it that you do or CD yourself to help you get over that. Great answers she could hear that on a podcast -- took a playback the conversation with Drew Brees coming up. In the next hour between 830 and nine your W -- I -- it for Tommy Tucker and -- we're coming right back with. This conversation in Louisiana about common -- Is -- playing politics with your kids' education. That's the -- blog you'll either agree or disagree. It's on our website at WWL dot com. Common -- It's about education. It's about standards. It's not a federal government. Is it good it is advance. Your teacher your parent what's your experience. We'll be right back -- WL. Governor Bobby Jindal is taking steps to withdraw Louisiana from the common core standards do you give his decision an a or -- half. That sort of a W a party general people give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL to account. It's 8:18 on Thursday morning on scooting in for Tommy Tucker fanatics they're weaker -- -- is vacationing in. Ireland's great place to be had never been and bullets especially this time of year and shirts and a great break from the heat of we have. So governor Jindal has made national news this was all over the the national news over the national news web sites yesterday and -- last night. He continues to position himself for what seems to be probable run for the presidency in 2016. Yesterday governor Jindal used his power of executive order. A lot of people don't like when President Obama uses executive order. But I guess it's okay when Bobby Jindal uses executive order and goes over the head of the legislative branch of government like I've I guess that's its okay in this case. He is an executive order to withdraw common core from the state. We -- and has now become the fourth state to reject the common core standards of what is common core. Simply put in this is an explanation on the common core web site. State education chiefs and governors in 48 states came together to develop the comic core. It's a set of clear college and career ready standards. For kindergarten to twelfth grades in English language arts literacy. And mathematics. And governor general what's described yourself as a strong supporter of comic core. He was actually one of the governors. That helped develop the common core standards. And now he uses an executive order to withdraw a common core from the state. In my opinion governor Bobby Jindal was one of the most. Obvious examples of a politician that has blown around by the political wins. In denouncing comic court he used blatant political rhetoric. Like. We're we're not going to be bullied by the federal government to release are all these are all buzz words and catch -- to get the attention of the far right. She's he's trying to attract. He said in denouncing comic -- that terror we will not let the federal government takeover Louisiana's education standards. This is obvious campaign speak. Attracting. Attracting a core a core voter base. However -- governor Jindal is concerned about the federal government's impact on education Louisiana. And yet the American legislative exchange council. Ranks Louisiana 49. Out of 51 in education rankings. And 61 because it's the fifty states and the District of Columbia. So out of 51 were 49. And the governor. Doesn't want the federal government to have an input. In our education. And he was part of the group that came up with the the standards for comic -- The recent national report gives Louisiana and half. For student achievement. So it appears the state could use some help. What is been your experience with common -- As a teacher as a parent. I've talked to parents who love it. I've talked to people who hate. Is this divided along political lines is this something that is automatically rejected because it's coming from the Obama administration. There are people who have successfully. I've turned this into a debate about the federal government is controlling the education of your kids. It's about raising standards and frankly I think we need to raise standards. In Louisiana. If you would join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points nearly seventy. Our text Amber's -- 7870. I'd go to -- Tommy Tucker it's a 21 on this Thursday morning and here's senator Debbie WL traffic updates with Iraq. A controversy yesterday concourse and controversy in the state around the country for a long time it's. It's a set of standards designed to raise the educational standards because. The world is -- changing place and many of the grammar school -- high school curriculum. They seem to be outdated and and common core in theory is designed to better prepare students for college. And the new workplace today. But is -- governor Jindal playing politics with your kids he was on the national news yesterday because he is now withdrawn -- core from the state Louisiana he used an executive order. Now a lot of people don't like it when Obama uses an executive quarter. Are you hypocritical if you OK with the governor using an executive order to supersede. The power of the legislative branch of government. Here is a text a comic or is horrible. It needs to be rebuilt. And I here's attacks I think Bobby Jindal is doing the right things the federal government which stepping in to control the State's education good job Bobby. And I here's attacks to ask this question. It's all right for it's it's all right for Obama but not for gentle. Here's another text that's why gentle dated scoot. To make. To make it all over the national news he's not working for Russ he's working for the GOP. And here's attacks Bobby Jindal is say freaking moron. Another text reads yes Bobby Jindal is playing politics with our kids' education is trying to. Get in the news and get noticed for the sake of presidential hopes. Up from -- still appear on WWL good morning. That you won't do it. Yes on -- I can't believe the governor has you know trying to do away. With a common core. A curriculum. The other got federal government is trying to do this to establish a minimum level. For people to advance from one great of an act and I think we need that in Louisiana obviously for the 49. You state in the nation. And I think it's odd that we have a governor. That well he doesn't seem to represent people of Louisiana. 7% of the population. One of the paper outselling the oil companies to help to have them work on repairing our coastlines 70% of the population. And we have a legislature and the governor who simply ignores this what I what I like to see happen is someone come forward. To start a recall petition to get rid of this governor who just represented people know he's running for president. Let him run for president but he does you should be running the state of Louisiana. We've gone from a state that elected Huey Long. Who supposedly has got chicken in every -- to -- percent of people. To expect that election got Bobby Jindal who represents no one about himself. I can't believe me -- -- Wednesday. I can't believe people vote for someone like that. Element there. I'm going to call the show. Here is attacks that says the governor really can't do anything about this a common core is still in affected and that is true. In fact even -- even Bobby Jindal says education superintendent John White. I'm still supports a comic court a fact he was supposed to come on the show. They wanted to talk about it but then we got a late email yesterday that his lawyers have advised him. Not to talk about this this controversy. But this is a brazen move by the governor using an executive order to withdraw the state from from the comic -- what's your experience with it. Mean the state of Louisiana. Does not have a good education system it doesn't mean that they're not some really bright young people to come out of Louisiana. It's not that there aren't some really bright young people who were educated here in the state and going to do great things in the state and elsewhere around the country. But we compete to be at the bottom of lists. When it comes to quality education. Something needs to be done and the governor was part of the governors that came up with common course standards. And now -- support. If you wanna join our show with your thoughts in your comment -- numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. Ninths -- which -- via text number is 8787. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I immediately got a text from somebody that's -- it's not the school that was the student. And I I I have to agree with that the you know the education was there. You know I was dealing with my obsessive compulsive disorder stuff -- -- -- a lot of a lot of other things my wife -- and -- ground entry would sharply disagree for her -- there's -- what went -- what you do well it's -- see it's me -- I was that we got this job. I wasn't really to school through so we're talking about standards in education and common core has been very controversial because it comes from the federal government. And there are people who instantly freak out about the federal government. Taking over our lives. And also because it comes from the Obama administration. Yesterday we -- and governor Bobby Jindal used an executive order. Superseded the legislative branch of government used an executive order to withdraw Louisiana. From the common core standards now we don't know if that's gonna really manifest. The direct change because eyes. I don't know if the governor can actually not exactly sure what the outcome is is gonna know and I I think even the people or the parties involved don't really know yet because it's bound to end up in court. Well I like the idea of a higher standards as I just mentioned Louisiana ranks. Out of out of 51 and that includes fifty states and the District of Columbia. Louisiana ranks 49. In education rankings how we got to do better of them and so the governor is is blowing off common core. So does he have a better idea -- something needs to be done I think this is it typical politics on the part of the governor he was all over the national news yesterday. And he's trying to appease the right wing base of the Republican Party. And any candidate in my opinion that does that is gonna continue to damage the image of the Republican Party because America's not go to goal for you right wing Republican candidate. If you're whole stay -- this if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every tax is a 7870. Got a text asking me what are the other states that have withdraw and Louisiana's -- the fourth state to withdraw. The other states are. The relatives. I think it's. Indiana Indiana Indiana South Carolina and Oklahoma they have now. Back down but they had the support of both the executive and the legislative branches. And four states Nebraska Texas Virginia and Arkansas never signed on. And Minnesota agreed to partial use of of comical but the governor was part of setting the standards. And now he doesn't like him felt -- -- running for president right. I'm -- -- Tommy Tucker were coming right back with your comments on WWL. Yesterday governor Bobby Jindal took steps using an executive order and I I know that everybody criticizes Obama for not everybody but a lot of people criticize Obama for doing that and I guess it was okay Bobby Jindal did it with common core. He's withdrawing Louisiana from the common core standards do you give his decision an a or an F. That's a W if you offered general opinion poll 65%. In given an eight and 35% give it an F. I've student for Tommy Tucker more your text are coming up from Slidell Patricia -- having WL. Good morning. I tell you I've been listening to this compensation for quite awhile now and I can't Connolly and hit -- -- common course has been around for 4050 years in the noise. I was cut into the common -- like children that cut and to the comical. And they were in accelerated classes for the kind of collect. Oh yeah it does set of tools can help your child become. A competitive. With the -- I I can't imagine anyone turning down an opportunity. Like children in this 48. -- and the kind of course. Yeah definitely and they all -- man his victory. And I doing very well and I believe that. The -- In the state -- -- said it was -- different. It -- actually. I'm afraid that. Those children will become adults and thinking it down in the able be able to do that I what is right in the latest in -- Attrition first for those who were not familiar -- -- the content of common core and I know it's hard to define the content of it but. What would you say the philosophy is behind comical how would you describe it. Being able to survive in the world. It inspires inspires thinking it inspires -- beyond just coming up with -- answer but knowing how you reach the answer. How many times did your teachers tell you I want you to be able to say they -- I don't want cookie cutter answers and want you to be able to think you sound. I think that'll let it. Do you I did and it was a long time ago and I don't know -- that students -- I don't know of the students have heard that enough recently you know I've I've talked to some parents who. Love the idea that it makes their kids think now. It's a challenge it's unfortunate that this has become so politicized. But that's the -- the country is now. And it but I say it. The leader is apparently afraid that people will be able to think for themselves. In -- and -- -- a problem at all. And so we know we can't -- and a -- of the in this state in Nolan can't seem to -- the way out. You know it -- Basically I have I think that live down here -- noticed that. The -- they keep their citizens. Do run into bags and get educated. Well it's it's an option that the citizens have Patricia lady caller showed. Thanks for sharing your experience Jim you know on WW -- good morning. -- I'll work -- Error. Saint Tammany parish. And the other eleven and thirteen -- urging girl has been at -- And that's that the comic war. It bought it what they're teaching -- they're changing the way that -- -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it. Generally well or. Don't read into that -- do something now. And yeah I'll -- as they entered this. But two plus two will always equal four. Too close to will always equal four. I understand. So is Sosa Jim what would you say with your experience -- have to get through traffic update you're just a moment with our experience with your two daughters 1113 which you say that. Bet that they're coming in at a level where. They're having to re learn but a future students coming in it'll only learn this one -- so they won't be re taught something. And it ain't -- that's exactly right. And in what they need to look at that students are or something you really don't we teach and computers. And using. Jim I'm glad -- called a show have a great day if -- -- stay with this I'm -- in -- tummy -- -- coming right back with -- your comments and getting a lot of text about this deters many. As I can on the year. And RWW a project -- opinion poll is governor Jindal is -- taking steps to withdraw Louisiana from common core. You give his decision and A or NF give us your grade by going to our web site W bureau dot com. It's a 50 tennis before 9 o'clock on what is going to be a very hot Thursday it was hot and muggy yesterday opiates -- the day. Here's another WW a traffic updates with Carol -- Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal made national news he's positioning himself to run for president. I don't know that he really sees himself as being a presidential candidate but I think he wants to be in the running to. Of the good choice to be selected as a vice presidential running mate in the upcoming election in 2016. So he used an executive order to withdraw a common core from the state. -- Louisiana ranks 49 out of 5150 states and the District of Columbia when it comes to education ranking in the governor's pulling out of this and by the way. Governor Jindal was part of the group of governors the came up with a common core standards in the first place -- you're -- -- W good morning. There. Really quickly. Get ready to kick out -- -- didn't -- very well here. Here -- Like it should you. That is well we want to. Probably still get dumped them happy and that we're going to get it. Out don't. -- -- Figure out why. Well not a lot all. Day -- water to get at them and and we want to say why. It. Out. On top word problem now can you all well. And outlook. Our problem and it -- -- or. Why enter. The keyword like I am you know. Day. What -- -- one right here I'm at. It like -- let me lie. And figuring out how -- being able to tell you why do. I look at why did the right now and you'll typically. Why aren't. -- -- I think the -- I think the fear is based on political ideology and the fact that this is coming from the Obama administration are and I'm. I'm not trying to send the Obama administration but. I I totally opposed to this blanket criticism of everything that comes from the Obama administration. Eric Cantor was part of that exclusive group of Republicans that meant. I inauguration night wearing Obama won the first election. And they were dedicated to stop everything he did so that's not doing what's in the best interest of the American people. Yes and a -- out yesterday they went after that aren't equipped to teach you had a week. -- written on our program. And -- guilt that children and you'll -- though the problem that the bullion. India that. -- you you've got to get to you got to get to class and now I gotta get to the news so are kind of the same position I appreciate you sharing that would essentially listing. There's a lot of fear about a -- corn and social media inspires a lot of this hysterical on the fear about it we'll get back to more of your calls. I guess 11 thought could be if there if there's a new math question for Jonathan has 35 bullets. And he uses. Seven bullets. Per drive by how many drive by scan -- Or maybe the real question should be why is he going on a drive by in the first place I'm student at the Tommy Tucker will be right back after the news on Debbie WL.