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6-19 10:10am Garland, driverless cars

Jun 19, 2014|

How much control are you willing to give to your car? Most of us heard of self-driving cars, but did you know many cars are now talking to each other? The federal gov’t declared this week—no more dumb cars…and the National Highway Safety Administration will soon require all new cars talk to one another…analyzing traffic flow; flagging roadwork or accidents ahead, and lots more. Does this excite or worry you? Garland was joined by Raj Rajkumar, Professor of Electrical Computer Engineering and Director of Carnegie Mellon's Self Driving Car Program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This -- assume they have more than Abdul long time and I'm always extremely interested in science and technology. I remember sitting here years ago when my wife borders so that he hybrid call or bought myself -- hybrid car. Lot to be called -- said the use of renewable word. Where you can put when their -- and they're being -- It's. In the level will bulldoze. Have almost 200000 miles on the car and knuckle and we're we're -- strobe with the and then. In the car with Iran in the gas mileage is great so. I think any time when your technology you rock. There are always the naysayers. That -- -- awarded or org and don't believe it's coming. And certainly a -- -- Politico needs to self driving car. And finally we have found an expert whose greed come in and talk to rock and -- screamer. Professor of electrical computer engineering. And director of Carnegie Mellon itself truck -- -- program and professor thank you so much. I thought that governments are patting me on the show. I'm thrilled to cheer of the morning talk to an expert prolonged time before I get into the cell rhyme awareness about something. -- to -- Monday. It's as a natural that we attribute traffic safety administration. Announces. -- will move forward group plans to require new technologies. And enables callers to communicate directly with the enough. With -- -- Will always we already have a little bit of that don't we have more what does this mean long term. I didn't do -- that exciting piece of technology that happens it happening right now. I got like a lot simple scan not -- -- each other. A lot of not bought an RP had a white knocked out car that. Then pocket each other. I'm so caught on the road and not on the -- Talk -- and acted after the Arctic like and that wrote sorry. And -- that he indicated that. -- in the technology in the because on the little bit not that you hit -- by -- global 8%. -- -- 80%. That amber -- back to a question -- Iran. Whenever we hear of these things we hear one side that says and far away at 567 years we hear all the people. Say 102030 years and really being role in the entrance into four on Wednesday it. And listed the timeline for safety benefits is quite long. Because you don't have a lot of bugle broadcasting the position. Speed and direction. Both for its useful. No words they think that they're gonna have to be a lot of chords on the way before this really starts to impact. I bet on it yeah. Chris population. Pop -- He'd get the -- that happen or by black. -- -- god they look at effect so the united all the government. Our -- that in that by books on the planet cool get our act machine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- absolutely not that useful but it is packed machine because -- -- coming. -- -- -- and let the market penetration problem. They've gotten that that that created the I think the technology to be new because. In putting seventeen maybe 28 being. About a fifteen million because a year. We start having technology in place. Would you. Probably seventeen greens being. One of things I thought of -- exactly that drew world. By new record for this -- catch on begin with -- -- I -- to -- who's usually with the insurance agencies. Date thing that older cars -- be retrofitted. Do you believe. Yet they can not have been probably costs about 100% -- dollars -- that they get it. Technology becomes more popular. Of people would order a card between what the country -- by technology. Well when I'm looking two and and I think this was call or the smaller blood by. Carnegie Mellon. During news road races. And it's says you know who's who move along more rooms and I was operated by the computer. Good uses input from brilliant or laser ray group binders in for a cameras motion detectors. Can we support over how do you put all that into -- and -- price for. -- So quickly via cracked what incremental process crap than. In the near them you're using. A small number of they tired. And and later finder and camera. It would not be able guy except there -- not he is maybe -- -- trends spot on the tightly name. Expect the name. And that keeps the price the ball like of people from dollar option package and or earning the price of the -- we're cool down. And the price point in about people honored but the people that the -- Are welcome back. -- -- and go with -- knowledge of Raj Kumar. Professor of electrical computer engineering director of Carnegie -- so probably core program. And professor Paula Jones is just found a doable ago about five more minutes so quickly. Everything governor breeds success. These cars. We are not going to need him somebody else like relief agency one have been minimal Colin on cell -- that means. Most of -- are gonna need public transportation means taxis would be obsolete. Use half the fuel blows up a fifth of the roads and parking lot wouldn't -- -- Kim Kim the eat the EU what's word I'm looking for and infrastructure lifestyle the roach who used to. -- sustain those kind of tremendous changes. I yet. The technology expect that the -- -- transportation as we know it. But changes we wouldn't be gradual. And -- cannot be act dramatically different -- you're asking. An example. The New York -- the work. But that make it -- -- he can pick up but it could crack a world it -- connect. -- that might basically it's what so called. For example look at guiding it cock and it can't steal. -- -- dropped to the court and demand and go out and exports and kind of brought picnic at actually. Some people would want but basically the pieces and some people still want big vehicle car because they want -- Allah. If the heat plug -- -- the back. Particularly -- won -- to be checked by other so that would be somebody of that action some that are not. And and take it like man had an example of public speaking country in the in the book because they're not in the local capacity. After the -- -- Period using professor -- we -- trip back at a later day when you've got more time. Excuse so much as I think this is the future whether it's faster slower -- -- in between. We need to rug get educated honorable for a occurs you have great -- thanks for call. It. This I I've found this fascinating cents and -- first read read indications itself struggling callers. Might be available in the future part of the future. -- -- a bit -- Oprah jug or opinion poll last Q would you trial in this -- driving call. And the answers 85%. Of abuse saying no. And I could be wrong call call me and told me to do is -- Usage or when it's. I think that percentage is so hot and because we envision sitting in the backseat. While the steel cage -- each round and is in total control. But everything I read everything I Selig be good example. Ball Bolton. Doesn't cross drivers went and mr. some new things -- -- Human beings make terrible draw they talk on the phone -- red lights that signal left turn bright. -- into -- -- play and cruise fare in the traffic. And they're blind spot leg cramps seizures started to actually -- him and Paul who goes on. And ball -- at their headquarters. Has eighteen bed every time. There's an accident with a Volvo anywhere in the certain region. -- up steam and that figure out exactly now and then they put. These type devices in the cars. And they're collisions and injury rates -- Jewish dropped by a tremendous percentages. But the board of trying to get to. You're not gonna be sitting in the backseat somebody might be of the world view which sit in the proxies in everything I read says. This is no different than cruise control. You going to where you're going on street -- and drug wiping out raising. But different I'm and a 25 mile an hour speed limit derailed with all the cameras -- I just -- -- intro. And it appears that car that comes up and problem if something happened -- at at the break. That thing that twirl there's. Those abroad in memory a broader appreciated the call. Hey I don't gonna do. Great yeah it's not just black and because. People culture and that they would do apartment believe that we are already. And self driven cars or self driven transportation. Think about all the top don't go to the used in the parks like Disney World. And jump into. The old lies killed himself -- car com. In and then -- did in the lot of people it's anyone's watched units -- air into an airplane today. Want to get ripped recruitment group of pilots matchup in the -- the computers out of the plane itself. It's not stepped off -- -- actual leak into a socket com. It's interesting news that'll mean reduce Google engineers in Google news is kind of everything you read. The moving force behind all of this. The originators like to -- driver low scores airplanes on all the piled. And then -- but pilots -- -- to stay -- and takeover in case who -- Who will do disabled drivers. Arizonans. -- -- -- Amber's already becoming the Uga. More than half. Of all eighteen to 24 year old admit to texting while Ryan. And this. Would everything that you would they would make it's late for a million cars today you're you're totally wrecked. Because the more expensive cars headed the ball blows to elect Cezanne thing you can ally Dixon a couple of the -- That have radar that I have motion detectors have in the red. And 11 of the Telstra in Germany the group will run and Dave they put the figure of the seven year old boy in the middle of tufts wrote. And they put boil and then that that serves the same purpose. Of water in a human being. Because of the infrared detection device or devices in the car detects. And determines it's an animal human -- At least -- -- tribe who was not a professional test driver. -- -- They told him dude rock. Forty miles and now. At kids figure in this is the Iran story and -- use -- -- -- -- it's just. You know -- facsimile. But. I'm in the Tacoma it's just it's just wouldn't mannequin. So we did ended ended forty miles an hour. He got close and that things are putting its -- then it stopped about six inches away from the figure. So those -- already in cars. Cruise control robotic control. Cars that can parallel park themselves. I don't want that more and I would. Tom Beckett -- between all of the -- -- And -- those people on their cellphones. All. So -- is actually thought they did it Libya -- who. Safety feature to have cells can cause. You know what. Don't get -- -- now what it is able to take. Another vehicle I have fact. There were detected so that's lobbying over. You know year it'll it'll actually tell me. You know bad that the vehicle -- -- -- -- difference between -- It on the not a foreign reached. Opted vehicle beat him there flash so alike it's helped me and then take it some corrective action and they are caught now in production. In encumbered. What they would repeat corrective action it will break for you that you will. You know full -- now one maybe takes something in the world. -- -- you know media I'd be. Now -- in the -- caught it Utley and it's it's dark. There are people come on him when he detective on the clock comments have been quick these so that is already being. You during -- -- with the beginning is definitely here I appreciate the bone cold very much I think. People just don't like change the majority of people changes Guerrier -- comparable bagel like what they've got -- -- how -- trip food safety administration. Announced Monday of this week that it can move forward -- through acquired new technology. Then enabled scores to talk to each other. So the the self rock have been self talking two cars. Much of it is here. And the rest of that definitely seems to beat. All. Here are certainly examples of the media. Traffic safety administration gives and seven driver MC in rector of course stopping. And the applications the break of the breaks and one car. Woodson did electronic signal to all the cars around it so all those -- could react immediately. Other action church is turning accelerating. Would be communicated instantly to other drivers in the inner cores. Along the course -- -- -- and other more quickly. And surely that liberal lying on human side and reflections. So cute to me it's so far in the American figures problem but -- or bring you know. Weighing in and -- what do you think I appreciate it well. Well I -- I don't. Particularly thank I would enjoy. Riding around it are done that I'm not driving it I do reject art so. We you'd still be able to drive be -- decided not argue. You can have this self driving cars and elect. Not to -- cut in yourself for that. And the other thing is I think a lot of people in -- you. Have the concept that they're sitting in the back court there not in control. It all has been taken the top of the breaks. I just don't -- it -- ago. Although maybe outmoded it. In a period remote app that technology. Down and -- other kind of transportation are -- going to be available well. Yeah I am and you're here's an actual crew inflation in its safety administration. Saying Gordon do it and you've got all the big -- and -- to a -- -- -- and think -- -- think yeah. But Bubba bomb -- bald bull and a couple of and cars. The gentleman that just called in he's got the the blind spot indicator that sports -- are you'll have to look at television. And board what I like in some of these is that the car. You didn't detect something that it doesn't understand. Right now -- it has -- vocal part of that that says prepared to take control and thirty sucked. -- and I was back to control in America and I don't know if you're aware of this Google. Is the first one did did it suit -- -- term. And today people last I think to almost ten years now. Have had self driving cars driving from. San Diego where -- who lives located at every day back and forth. The only accident they've had somebody hit their car from behind. At a stop sign it. And they and overhead and taxes I mean they've got like. Hundreds of thousands of -- so it seems like the future. The other thing I was at city and now I think -- talked about this war. Is about different view I -- fuel I don't know why they don't try to develop that more and -- topic because I'm sure they're trying to you know lining out. Yup California -- from I think it's a later San Francisco. I think they're gonna -- of the gonna happen up poems -- somebody with a hydrogen car can make it from LA to San Francisco. Yeah. And do the big problems too full right now. The cards are loaded too expensive. Some of the bill moral will to do people have looked -- as carts. It's seems to be saved I don't see any concerns about say. Oh gosh yeah -- any candidate in India a whole lot of urban -- there's no. But -- it's under its under a lot of pressure in that taken I think a lot of people were concerned about. Allegiances Allen Allen are the engineers and I've read about. Say that's not a problem the biggest problem seems to be is infrastructure. And the third problem that I never ever ever thought about. To produce the water which is hydrogen. You've got to burn fossil fuels. -- -- not -- we -- we don't give much of to say that I had no idea of who's. I was so dome on the subject I thought that. -- pull water pressure on the ground or you. Got water included in the tank and needed some -- I gotta burn fossil fuels get the hydrogen. Gives a lot of simple world this. We also now available would -- disparaged and on an airliner caught on the board. Well -- -- natural gas the fuel. Yeah yep same -- with the same exact thing -- We get drilled for a we have no infrastructure for it right now. Acknowledges little expensive but. India that could become -- -- we could have hydrogen so called driving natural gas. So a lot of legal rights exactly well just like anything else on one. Somebody's got to build a better box. That the technologies that we have to pay them line that we have today. These young people coming -- college that are really you know Gaza. There up the spot and they'll only what we came out with my -- -- -- -- banked caught. -- -- And nobody watered them because you know who you can lose. Micro -- flying through the -- and yeah nodes -- -- your food or come in through that little glance or. People like change I appreciated the call warning very good call brought up some good questions. Us they wouldn't be room and they were coming right back to be destroyed is I think this is a fascinating subject. Self driving cars or combing. In the high end cars you've already got a pretty good percentage. Awards doesn't those cars that are self fraud and Wetherbee. Self implementing blind spot to. No buyers. Are automatic. Parallel parking. Or -- read soon jurors that since humans and animals in the road -- Rene -- Euro on double. -- -- your outlook on that large pot and it is. Government agree upon. A book by. How stable air as they got the technology in the people capable of hacking into some. We can't protect financial technology an excellent wanted to do something. That our leaders that someone out and the availability. You happened to ensure that other vehicle. To do something. That we don't want. The earlier a couple. That very very good a question. Good to your second question who is liable. That's what I was gonna talk about because -- and on target again and all from the but tell quickly. If you. You've got people. That you get older and I've phone and calling self driving car company. And the card shows up and Richard rests in the destination in the cart -- should there. If he gets in an accident who pay the -- that keep pushing so there. What you're talking about it. Is feared that bureau blues and used cars -- that our target of cyber terrorism or just actors. That were boards from where. Listen this depth column hackers -- hackers that you opened and all culprits and laws -- -- Then the by -- commence through their laptop they're able maker Toyota Prius blasted torn. -- real from the driver's hands and break violently. -- thirty miles and now aren't. Then you -- and Google and they use that door about a got the answers -- say you have to get what the industry calls. The six sigma as RG and they label. Three the next for a million -- Tuesday. -- engineers at Google. And he says 95%. Isn't good enough nobody is going to be able displaying that -- insurance -- So Google has been circled its software would firewalls back of innocent. Redundant power supplies in -- reading more today. So the century is somebody's thought of portrait thinking about it and what popped into my mind. Even if like you say would with everything group were put into it we all suspected every computer is susceptible. For somebody to do -- to you know. With hundreds of millions of cars on the road. You'll either have the enemy you've got her true if they want -- badly or you'd you'd just become bad random. Chaos. Figure. Did did somebody actually and to prove because her ball and and you can bet the pursue them -- happens if it happened. We're gonna have laws and everything notes that since about it like that prison pre users in the electoral. I think. I ordered I would agree outward and liberals -- apartment technology and intervention but. Just because we need to. Which -- You know I think that's an era record engineers had said. And this is column and no doubt about it but we need to slow down. Did everything I've read sure doesn't look like it's slowing down Jim Leonhard big what do you think. I don't know Sarah would not. I'm an older truck drivers. Actually what goes all the a lot of vehicles every day. And the opponents level. The truck ground -- have a lot of electronics and the more -- -- assistant complicated but more susceptible to failure. In a more complicated system it is support helps to repair. Do you think a computer can really don't word then a lot of the drivers we have up there when you talk about the danger and what's happening in the world. A lot closer I don't know -- -- your call screener might already have some vehicles. They have problems that but it's a cult actually has also penalties. Well -- don't want I don't yelled one of those that your talking about has been making national news media. Saturday Night Live comedian -- Woodson. Traffic jam it totally New York. Eighteen -- draw -- would sleep killed as partners sure originally injured him. Injured a couple of the people put men. Intensive care in the stores all over the media about people who -- driving trucks from drug driving. Too long and how war. And appalling sweep the world nodded to the vision and not ready. To drive. If you had a device like from reading about it in here your truck would never hit anybody would stop before it. And our welders. And call him a driver asked a question about that story that most people wouldn't like about. And I'll answer shall not come out yet. But -- wanna know if that -- A company driver in a company truck. I don't believe that's possible to do or place it but I'll put chocolate already told only. But what I already know about it but it would already stopping. You know -- believe him out of that at least company -- somebody else's -- -- the quality electronics like I haven't trucks. Reduce a -- -- you do not believe he fell asleep. How that's possible. But I don't believe it was that companies trapper. That it -- and we're back -- While I'm -- I'm talking about the company all of I don't Torre were run out of time. But. We're talking about the company is talking about you don't want that technology. Could your truck drivers and -- all the bad drivers already you think to make wars. There is a controversy in this country. Showing that eighteen -- was having too many taxes -- drivers driving two world fallen asleep not paying attention. These devices -- read about boats stopped the truck -- -- -- that -- can imagine -- be against -- double --