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6-19 11:10am Garland, zodiac killer revealed

Jun 19, 2014|

A movie was made about the Zodiac killer. In the late 50’s a serial killer took the lives of 5 people and in follow up letters claimed to have killed 37. He was never identified. Now a Baton Rouge man says he’s solved the mystery. It was his father. (From 1968-1969 the Zodiac Killer struck in Northern California. He taunted police in letters bragging about his slayings saying he killed as many as 37 people. He was never caught. Now a Louisiana man, Gary Stewart, through his search for his biological father, claims he is the son of the Zodiac Killer. If you found out your parent(s) were notorious criminal(s), what would you do?)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fascinating. A national story that has become a local story. I'm old enough to remember the name zodiac killer I think it was from the late sixties. It ended bruise somebody killing people. Or were on the ups and prince whose group remember. Killed five people claimed in these. Encrypted letters that killed 37. -- words even a movie about the zodiac killer called moved to bill and looking at the wrong thing oh and got the -- to host Roland skimpy but the bottom line is they never and never identified. And then so -- wrote a book and said they thing they know we use and he is there a father. And that all that we have with obscure -- Clinton biological plot that was the zodiac killer Gary welcome -- show or appreciated drop. I thank you. You've written a book called the -- fingers and -- all of them are -- that -- You've got that right by the way that there are so many of the books that have been written in and movies and documentaries. It's easy to get confused with the titles but the movie you're referring to was actually. A fairly decent size film. Done in 2007 by David -- based on Robert grace me. Books the cartoonist from the chronicle back in the sixties when the zodiac was active in the Bay Area and it was called the zodiac. She did tell people what the zodiac is doing in particular. The encrypted letters. And -- up to admit I never do enough homework to understand. Where were those letters this site for ball or just -- legal. Well. First of -- that the I truly believe the zodiac killer was. A copycat of Jack the Ripper from the late eighteen hundreds and non. White chapel area of London who -- this day remains the world's most elusive. Notorious still part serial killer. And you know my father just enough involvement in -- and it is infatuation and time spent in London to to. Read all about it. There's zodiac killer. Operated in California. In in the mid to late sixties and can continue to write letters into the early. And its Japanese. And those letters were basically. Taking -- for his crimes and and and bragging about how clever he was that he would never get caught and yes you right. Some of them contained. Cryptic grams or ciphers is they've been come to be called back and there I believe there is zodiac sent this three sophisticated ciphers and those were the first three that he sent. Yet they were eventually. These site -- and they did contain coded message and that didn't master -- is message was something included something to -- it. -- I'd rather kill. Human in the wild animals in the forest because after all man is the most dangerous animal ball. But what. The authorities nor the newspaper. Folks didn't understand was that he insisted that that there was more than a cryptic messages here that is. His identity. Was hidden in this site for and he insisted on that over and over again. And that was one of the first. Case closed. -- the books for me when I saw my father's name in those ciphers. Well let's give people dude you're history you're born -- very. Young mother right and what up. My my biological parents met. Just so happened my father it was a rare book dealer which in the sixties I guess it was a fairly. Respectable lucrative trade. He came out of bookstore in the sense that -- San Francisco. Selling his his wares to the book owners bookshop owner there. And saw this beautiful young girl young lady. As he described her -- to step off from the school. That would have been the first red flag for me. What he he he walked across the street introduced himself and scooped her up into the ice cream parlor that was on the other corner and -- and I screen. And two very important to me use one in seven. Correct and and so whenever. Good news of this romance became public. The police called the statutory rate but the San Francisco chronicle called that the ice cream romance. -- And and they ran in the Iran. From from San Francisco down to Mexico. And and after coming back and being arrested in my mother sent to juvenile hall and and eventually. Finding out that she she had and that the appendix. Appendicitis. And had hepatitis and oh by the way he's. Three months pregnant. My father dresses up as a doctor and discharges are maximum security war in general hospital and on the run for the -- last time this time. And where did they end -- nowhere better but. The French Quarter new world. Then is -- where they abandon you or about march. Pat actually. I don't remember that the the passenger rail line at the time but there was there was. Quite a nice. Passenger train that ran from New Orleans two Kansas City, Missouri is part of the Kansas City Southern railway called the southern bell at the time. My father took me when I was four weeks old. From my mother's arms and got on the train. Alive that the deep throat field. Historic people is now mostly gone and in downtown Baton Rouge. Walked seven blocks up north boulevard just past the old State Capitol -- just past the old governor's mansion with Jimmy Davis probably sitting in New York much sunshine that morning. And and abandon the in in the stairwell landing at an apartment building on the old war. We'd pick up the story of where you've been abandoned. By your father in in Baton Rouge. You become an adult and your mother urged Europe your blood mother. Contacted you to do that she's not. Writes he. It just twelve years ago at -- 39 mine biological mother contacted my adoptive parents since nine Muir. Someone dares birth month. And so. Wednesday they thought about it great about it said you know we need to we need to share this with him and immediately I was intrigued I looked at the photos she said and I knew there was no denying that this woman was my mother. And IA knew I needed to meet -- all the you know -- I was raised in an adoptive home and my -- adoptive parents only had one. Biological child after my sister and I were adopted. And we were treated. Equally there were no. The difference between allotment option in my family. And but but that was the only Juan. Out of me and my sister who really wanted to know where where it came from. I had no way the surge right in New Orleans in state Louisiana back in the sixties and seventies birth record source field I didn't even happening to search. Well so Idaho cheaply and you. Well you know Louisiana politics. She says for the price. Of a role of postage stamps she got someone to look under this deal. I don't think that is doesn't anymore these days because I think that young lady get in trouble and that that sort ended but she was. My mother wasn't the first. To attempt that and that may have been the last but so she got identifying information and I just I knew it was the right thing. I within two weeks I was in San Francisco met her face to face for the first time. And that reunion was so fulfilling for me. I just knew I had the -- and the other half of my identity so I asked her to help me cracked down my father. And -- look good to for a product and I don't have my notes and program. A Brit some of long -- open and brought in did your mother. Of remarry you a gentleman that was police officers -- and investigated. The U zodiac killer. You know base but the I heard this before I ever. Decided to write my story about the truth being stranger than fiction there are so many instances of that in my story. And this is just one of those and and that's what the fate eleven years after her life with my father and and myself. My mother did marry. The first ever African American homicide inspector in the San Francisco police department and he actually work the zodiac case. Good grief. And and how well more than -- the board colors. Lol how did you stumble on this -- DuPont and and I've looked at the bold program of your father. Indeed via. I guess that sketches of the killer and a good look at -- -- Yet well. So. My mother's. Second husband died in 98 she came looking forming in 2000 found in 2002. And when I told brown wanted help finding my father the first place she -- network is to some of her husband's former colleagues in the San Francisco police department. She knew that he had a criminal record I didn't actually told me he turned me into the church so I thought you know that might have been a safe haven law back then. I didn't know I was an educational. So. But she went to the police. They later came back to her instead Albanian name. Date of birth Social Security number and I started but but they said by the way there's information in Gary's father's trial that we will not -- And my mother temper that statement to me by saying well money think about it he was with the virtues of the fourteen year old right so. I let it go and start looking for eventually. I went back to her and -- police officer friends for more help. The -- found out that he would he was deceased and found out at half siblings that he would abandon -- Austria as well and I wanted to relationship and to meet those people. And my information or lack of credible information from the SS PD was getting in the way of mine integrity with this new family limited to meet. So -- -- I don't care what he did he's dead please tell me and and they told her. Judy have scary drop this thing with his father. The what is what the information in his father's file -- so heinous it would destroy him. So I dropped it and in three months later. I saw and rainy cold case special on the zodiac killer in the blast that wanted poster up there that police sketch. And the hair stood up on the back of my neck and my son says -- -- you on TV. And I go to my office and get the only photo I have my father organic brain now I was told by my mother's transit the SF PD that this was an old driver's license photo. It turns out it was his mug shot from his statutory rape of my mother and I said no -- is not. It's not me as my father. -- -- -- Hold -- sycamore and bring them in a bar -- Pedal to all in your room with garish new. But. You're not just the there are letters sent to the same as police department from the state is DNA. So that he your. Could somehow get beat him to go. -- department and then that would compare. To those of the actual zodiac killer. -- ability -- even if you it. Can. How do you say prove that corporate outlook not speak. So that being that the thing that I. And -- Gary have you heard that. Yes take that thanks for the question. Actually that it is as the story goes wrong I didn't stop there while at one eight. Called my mother and and an investigator told him I suspect my -- was it was a secular. He told my mother not me he said that cases closed insult to we note this guy from ten years ago properly Allen was zodiac. And we've proven it sort of -- years ago way. Well I did enough reserves that that the next week to find out that wasn't the case and I found a guy. Who. Was the head of homicide at the SS -- is that if you got any information indicates is close but not self. If you got any information please come forward. I did. I called him. And when he found out my mother -- married my father and then rotate Guilford and all the other compelling evidence presented. He actually took my opinion right there in his office at the all the justice. And promised to me that he would have my DNA compared to that sample that pat was talking about. That exonerated ultimately -- Just so I have closure for me in my family. And that is -- that never happened. -- do they tell you why. I don't know when that when I told my mother showed her that form the C aside form where where lieutenant and a -- -- me. I don't know for a fact. But she hasn't denied it and it is my belief that my mother went back to her friend in internal affairs and my friend. Want to lieutenant -- and shouted and. Gary and for surely will run on time we have the president come up with -- live report concerning the rock and thank you so much on blog talk to you later today -- I'm seen video. President is running like much for Tom we have no. To humans are we've got to go to news -- where Brad Garrett thank you again fascinating story if there's anything more to this love -- be back on. Thanks for having me. Garland in my pleasure that you.