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6-19 4:35pm Sports Talk: Saints OTA

Jun 19, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Saints Sideline Reporter and Co-Host of 3WL's Double Coverage Kristian Garic about the Saints OTA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well folks it's been hot days Osama they are here. And we one month away from the start of teams preparing for the 2014. NFL football season New Orleans Saints will be West Virginia. At the green -- -- -- last week he delighted reports indicate the workfare. Saints out Porter is one of 32 NFL sound -- -- -- -- on double coverage weekday morning at 6 AM to 9 AM on three did you -- thirteen PP GM. On your radio Dow Kristian -- challenges now with todays thoughts on the final 28 a Christian we -- -- schedule to go wins -- pushed it back to the day. Which he jumping and give us so the final -- we have with the players and now they get some downtime. Did they do -- of course come back and that Wednesday before that point fourth Ferran no via charter plane hole. Slide him from the world wants to Greenbrier West Virginia for those players at that wanna take that route when they get there individually. Miles and therefore reporting day and now it's they ruled that all eyes were pretty much focused on branding coach we hadn't had an opportunity. To talk to him since. He was here for the rookie mini camp views on the quarter system at Oregon State so he joined the team. On Sunday. But I know for Sean Payton said -- last week on a mini camp that they've been able to get into the playbook -- and Carter Sheridan. Go to Irish this is -- our receiver coach on line three days a week to kind of stay up to speed with the playbook and the issue laid -- Sean Payton was asked about not having Brandon cooks at practice today. It was good he he was here all week. Of course we didn't we didn't practice Tuesday but he's so he was in on the weekend was -- was here for Monday's practice. Yesterday and today and now. Please don't well we're not I think. Like any young player you're you're quickly given as much information as you can and he's handled it well. He's a portion of today's practice we just did some specific things. With regards to three receiver sets that involved him. Overall he's he's really picked things up very quickly. And a -- and he's very comfortable. With with the playbook because -- it was -- an online and also he ran a reverse today during the team portion of drills because Bobby that. Completely fooled the defense than you neglect told me after practices. I need to see and so one of the things that the players were talking about we just how he has a noticeable. Second year. That he can get into pretty quickly he Al race that I Keenan Lewis to the end zone. Really not even -- note that the throttle down I think he ended up scored on the play I mean. Has started teller and on and pads but again that's been most of the focus today was on branding -- that. And of course also -- been focusing very much on the car we Robinson asked about that in a press conference and you guys talk about -- Robinson. Yesterday quite a bit but cornerback -- of west Texas a and M university had a pretty impressive offseason and here's coach -- talked about -- Robinson. I would definitely say further along. The one thing. -- has in year two is. He's got a year under his belt with regards to protection so not as much so when the running game. But there's an awful lot for the running back in regards to. The play action protection is the drop back protections. He's he's definitely more comfortable on those errors. Think I Robinson. I think as a player to keep an eye on an -- they started in favor him quite a bit. Down the stretch last season beacon and finally -- opinion poll here not caught up with the Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton to start until about what what he's so excited about what this TO me a smile today. You know leaving the building and we were caught it over the locker room he he was pleased very stoked about the potential. This football team for the Saints at 4040 -- those. On paper this is the best team -- Just from the -- yeah. And that excites you. Now look at us now is not really the best. Best players who is the best thing. Washington new Cardinals I really -- You have the best players. Present the best it's unknown okay. There won't be around these guys this is probably. We got a common goal and just you know we're reserve non English to -- And -- Curtis Lofton make an analogy there hit the Spurs were the better team. That that proves absolutely in the NBA finals that he might add more talent but Curtis Lofton pretty high expectations for this team and his defense. Well you see you know you don't -- -- when I look at it and -- -- -- Saints fans are you kidding me. We don't provide great individual players have -- Drew Brees and hall of Famer. We gave me his Spurs any day. When you win league championships and you look top to bottom. And with the Spurs have been able to establish they've gone on not only one decade. But it decade and a half of that two decades. As far as them being dominant. Maybe parents to be in three decades -- yeah maybe it's eighteen years Duncan seventeen but I'll find out when I really had. That's what I like about Curtis Lofton that statement that -- A team all pull 11 for all could you don't have that in his day and age. So the bottom line is CS so we don't have the sexy pick car are the sexy individual. And Drew Brees by the close is because he does get national exposure. But it is a team sport is a team effort again that the championships. And you could give all the accolades to other individuals. But come on that would speak for itself on the Sean Payton Drew Brees you get that a second to a bowl and look the hole maybe three I mean there. Who cares that I usually do -- you can humiliated India win to continue to be the opposite thousand yeah you -- it -- that you bodied. -- -- -- Yeah KW yeah -- it just -- -- -- on is that woods is Curtis Lofton either I mean what which was refreshing here's -- see your hearing this. From a lot of players they genuinely like each other any any talk about and you almost set the goal. On the break here for about four weeks or because. They enjoy each other's company in though it's -- it's on paper and but everybody. He got -- Hearing that at least in knowing that I genuinely care about being each other anyone -- love being around each other they wanna play it went for one another. Mad at that I think he's going away. Hooking -- there's going to be a game that we have the -- we want to we will hear you know but you know we go back to 061 when it's when this foundation on this. Franchise with -- of the most success and go ahead. Was an 06 more women went up to Jackson and the latter is yet to be -- at that point having there was no speaking to the dome to -- the September we played Atlanta. But I think his going away what will -- this business model coach Payton like to do. Even greater and he likes it in a -- definitely have. That makes it up. A good thing is just to mix it up because you get complacent and you never want to be complacent. You got to have guys on the edge as far as you know not maybe a familiar environment. And now you get -- I mean listen well adversity and livers you know I don't always feel what you -- are -- you kids on the same that you got to deal -- no family it's a fine but the bonding when you get together -- you teammates. You get. You know we went and basically. 24/7. Right -- -- go another inning out of nine in the Corning kind of wave -- what we grew up there you know it's different when we always you know -- he's like it's small absolutely dismal both of focus all week doing like a dog and I knew each other. But we we we had an essay to write when we will meet him -- Indianapolis. Is more than he'd been open now so he can fly anyway you don't hear but I -- -- -- rat would be the year. We we'd be bonded now I could get it is to draft one mile but we've got an epidemic in our. Big big secret ballot says let's sell a whole story I'll have and how. I've got a flat out paid out I got allied drive is nice and peaceful we're getting -- -- mean anything or Larranaga. Who make it to the -- value -- -- know. Are you master the art of drafting but you know going backers -- quick. You know in his team any game going away for for training camp it's about Fords and a little adversity and it but it. One thing that Sean Payton needs -- he's got a number of strong suits but. Wanna I think his biggest strengths is knowing exactly what to feed his team at the right time and he knows I was right I was. -- -- know what went out of -- by Sean Payton has been a master. That and and his trust factor is definitely there and I think. What do you believe it or not that when you do go way yours truly -- was hopeful -- Agassi. Going -- to lacrosse Wisconsin. Who we have there are -- -- of the wet it was unbelievable. He had a little bit of pep in his step as you wake of some mornings. I mean it's Augustin is like sixty degrees right you make Indiana Louisiana Canada that just makes you feel good yeah wake him up in Louisiana -- they have personally September October morning one that the humidity dropped about 60% it's about 85 degrees refuses so much -- you don't like you get more done here is you can't guard Dunn -- -- -- just trying to survive practice -- -- I hope I get through today and and even though our professors post that built to handle that but I must say from a psychological standpoint. It feels like football weather football season and now ending hero there and distorted for seven your run your teammates. And his -- is -- -- that we always in one environment as far as it went on its airline highway -- it's a sign of mental focus. On to a Christian what do you think about talking about in the morning. While quite a bit of Saints camp obviously their recap and OTAs and you're ready for -- training camp then. And you hear from a Curtis Lofton of one -- one I sat down on him along without running back Kerry Robinson. As well enough if you novel force for the talk a little World Cup so we'll talk like you guys do because though because I think if you do are you kidding -- England. Even without being exiled. He's durable I had Vietnam hey -- this -- from immigration as big as they go out and -- his soon to be here. I try to figure I must go to get -- I think I'll just you don't have -- there's a good to have a Suarez story you'd feel you'd think that would have been -- this -- for -- -- -- could -- plays professionally in England right -- a -- -- hard good series against -- in the there weekday morning at 6 AM the 9 AM -- double -- -- -- -- Christie -- want hardwood 5553. Paid -- thank you so much. I felt thank you guys.