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6-19 5:10pm Sports Talk: Saints OTA

Jun 19, 2014|

Deke and Bobby, live from the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in Natchitoches, talk to WWL listeners about the Saints last OTA of 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to sports talk about the ability -- all the BK think anybody -- we've -- the alive from the beautiful Louisiana sports hall of fame museum. In an actress Louisiana on front street well. Many of the greats in the history of sports and our state have been associated with the state will be at build it in trying to these years hall of fame including -- -- baseball great. He -- it in back to Louisiana. And watched all high school what felt Cristian -- -- Shane Reynolds Venus lacy will go into as well if you remember her as being lazy. Was a member of the Louisiana Tech played Texas in the eighties it was they would have three final fours. And they won a national championship. Also Saints and pelicans owner Tom makes it will be a part of this year's class. Of 2014. While Washington great defensive backs but that -- -- greatly. Beat Boudreau one of the greatest. Coaches and all the history but we have a sports camp time that route to great thank you coach Hiroshi vehicles -- Richard -- decoding. Also going into the -- hall of fame class of the greatest offensive lineman ever and -- being a great Alan Faneca. Of the LSU Tigers and the Pittsburgh. The 260187866. 88908. Simply use the that would be involved will be visiting. Will be talking to you getting it taken also coming -- later in the program or hear what Saints coach Sean -- at this -- after the days. Final OTA for the Plaxico will also hear from the saint. Top draft pick. -- -- -- -- mind him being groves tiny bit what's right back all equal. And he -- it back. Stanley zone that he's Auld is coming not want the latest on the -- from our staff of guys out Bobby -- Christian gatekeeper of it is the ambulance of -- -- all you have to do is go to W. They're UL dot com and operated -- opinion poll is online and I would say is we'll think about it Curtis Lofton. Compare the Saints to the San Antonio Spurs sank on paper this is the best team. He's able Biddle honestly Curtis is a humble prior -- it's got to be done on the field. But what are your expectations for the Saints this season. Super -- The play -- run -- season. All average -- canceled photo line. At that you've got to be real. Dot com is Saints coach Sean -- opening statement activities OT. So we finish our our last OTA. We're gonna have a brief. Team meeting here and then the real break until we start training camp right at the -- third 24 of July with the players coming back. Most probable comeback who do people actually have a charter plane leave here Wednesday. Then Thursday's one. Conditioning tests and are reporting day officially is. And it -- Saints coach Sean Payton opening statement today. What's Mora from Saints coach Sean Payton is a coach paid talking about -- position battles going into training camp. Look at every year this time. It may shift with regards to what position. Last year left tackle. You know was was the position obviously everyone's focus on those same position battles exist this year and I've said this before that the key here to the offseason is to prepare them as best we can for training your form we're in -- To have the best. Chances of execute plays were were teaching. You know and that's. That's -- one of the main focuses here during -- OGA is -- me. Both of Saints coach Sean Payton after today's final OT as coach jumping when ante compared running back I we Robinson from last year. Two this year. I would definitely say further along. One thing. I read this year to his. He's got a year under his belt with regards -- protection so not as much so in the running game but there's an awful lot for the running back in regards to. Play -- protections that dropped back protections. He's definitely more comfortable losers. He has a Saints coach Sean Payton talking a little bit more about some players and not in action. All of them up because I've talked through and -- You know again it's an optional. Portion some of let some other commitments nothing that was surprising. -- And coach speak -- notebook Pierre Thomas and being Grossman being here today it is the other thing to take care here is a state coach Tom right now. Talking about that period of a guy like -- -- speed and what do you mean it's. Well I think. What you hope that whenever you add speed to the field it stretches the defense both in the passing game in the running game. And do just be finding that balance and. Defensively into what we're doing. -- is top draft pick at practice this week with Payton spoke on that. It was good he he was here all week. Of course we didn't we didn't practice Tuesday but he's so he was a little weekend was -- was here for Monday's practice. Yesterday and today in. Please don't well we're not I think. Like any young player you're in -- quickly given as much information as you can. And he's handled it well. A portion of today's practice -- this specific things. With regards to three receiver sets that involved him. Overall he's he's really suffered what we. Will Brandon -- being involved in -- Saints running game anyway is Saints coach company. It would be a candidate for were -- and -- reverse or behind her a special play. He's something someone certainly with the speed that would be. You're one of the guys would look to do that with we've got a couple that we've done with typically we -- going to season. Then depending on the week and the formations. But hopefully that's something that he can have. Coach Sean Payton was asked that -- at this simplify things -- cook. -- this week in order for him to catch up with the rest of the team well you're you're not for him. Which you try to do with the young players is give them. Certain elements and so it's not keeping the progress of the overall offense back but you you try to do. Begin to see how -- -- they're able to retain and then continue to. Build on. Well the media announces that given their take on what this thing has done in ask all the offseason work. It's coach -- -- assessment on what his team was accomplished off. -- work number one I was pleased with how the hard. The hard part about it is you're not in pads and trying to get the right tempo. So no one's getting hurt and I was really pleased with -- with the way we did that after especially the first day or so we kind of got. Into I think -- productive. Series of practices that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Significant injuries. That also. Had a real accomplished. Saints coach Sean Payton talking to the media after today's practice at who wrote recchi to candidate Klecko now got about a -- month before would go to training yet big and you know you bring up branding coach teaches that here few practices that he's not. Is that like Darren Sproles. Requires that that is more like Darren Sproles as far as when you line him up in the back field. To have stability at a particular room between the tackles now you look at those speed reverses -- -- -- -- -- -- that Devery Henderson. I think I think UC Brandon cooks a utilize that way would reverse type. Running play but also in the bubble -- you know some fans hate bubble screen as far as if they don't work. What if you can make one defender miss all of us and get a key block. It's at least say eight yard gain if not more. Double the ages 1215 yards. Now look at -- those bubbles -- you know what success against us last year. And he and -- throw the ball a lot to what is -- past four yards is geno Smith. We played the Jets are -- Saints fans at a save all the gains. Look back and the jets' success. -- bubble screen type ladies. Vs the saint and I think Brandon coach a look at a lot of his -- you get his hands on the ball. He may first have been image get a key block. All of a sudden will. That that play was easy play to execute as -- Drew Brees to -- with the yards after the catch all of a sudden it's a double digit type. Play that. You continue to move the -- to move on the field it's critical to the it's because the media what he he's sound coming out and it's also Curtis Lofton -- -- -- -- We will hear from all those players coming up here. It just a few moments -- -- to -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia this is sports talk. From the Louisiana sports hall of fame mean that he's here on WW it. Easy case anybody can beat Bolivia were a couple of the Atlanta Louisiana hall of fame and act that is where the hall of fame class of 2014 will be trying. Saturday night at the beautiful new hall of funny operated jaguar paid impose our website at WW. I don't think I'm backwards all the bad thing as San Antonio Spurs. Saying it on paper was that this team he's ever been wrong. What are your expectations this thing instinct. To go deep playoff run when he -- as -- season. Cast your vote on line it if you get your -- That time and also there's something good that it did you have that now we just got a lot more power comes the police was voted in the new majority whip. Any number three leader of the Republican Party we have a whole story for us President Obama -- US forces will not return to Iraq but listening to. 300 US military advisors. Take that out that you -- music fest lineup is out the Foo Fighters now -- And it's who is out for the Saints beat the final OT before training camp and plays. From all of -- effort that you give Julio dot com Bobby the who do this without him it's even think about going if you if Foo Fighters alas -- -- city for a chance this a couple of years ago and emotional what they have music -- -- He is so much that you. I mean it was just like he's gotten in -- idiot -- -- what would you do on it don't matter weighty and it's about the unity and does he bring it again to bring it bring me. But it but yet it is it does have advantage out okay. Big boy Andre three now -- I have always wanted to make you know -- him. Know that that that you've resorted at that out of our I don't know that there will howls here am I talk but you know a lot of people felt opponent when he did he. Well obviously. Well so -- so I've I don't know that that -- music you know when I go back to outcast like the first right and I saw them play in this. Play ball and of course so afraid so you -- back after a -- clean air racing game better but that you would know it there. Her father says don't papers that there's TVs that have been well. I mean now I hope that's the case. Because he went -- great he's gonna win a championship was that about -- individuals. And Irving exam I would say it is the best team -- -- -- because this I think because the year he was on the Falcons team and what they -- whenever a top five -- -- but but but -- -- -- They with the number one seed but they got fans -- -- -- me. This Saints team last year was better than Falcons yes yes yeah well Curtis -- and he didn't need the home -- can't he can't rely it and he's been a tackling machine. Now victories between them and David Hawthorne. You wait classified them on the level -- -- Drew Brees Jahri Evans war's potentially all pro right but there as long as it steady -- And what I mean by that canyon at that a bell he Manning came out. And when you look at all said and done well above this if you more as far as tackles yeah so you can count on them. And he's a team player and he's part of the puzzle. I think helpless -- a championship as he realizes. We were only positive thing is only two teams that have. You know offense -- defense in the top ten right now. I think obviously with -- reason they don't we'll stay in the the top ten and not a top five offense but defensively. I wouldn't care -- we middle of the fact we get more turn over yeah. You get those takeaways and I think that's going to be critical it'll be a much better defense and -- that physically beat them before yeah as far as the yardage given up. And and and if we. Could do let me be opportunistic as far as you get takeaways. This you think you'll at least outwardly said this before scoring defense. Red zone defense you know that goes along we've been little break thing. That really stop them so what do they got to a prefers downs -- you come up big on third down and they got a punt. Are you got to take away was shoot you stop them right you know still love. The yardage that's kind of a misconception. Even rob -- tell you that right that the one thing scoring defense. Red zone defense takeaways. If we amongst the best in the league though when out of doubt you have playoff team if not -- -- -- a year conference in. Super Bowls all right 2601878668890. Rate simply is the number -- operated jaguar paid to pose as you Curtis Lofton. Says that the Saints are the best seat on paper but I think that this team he's ever been on what are your expectations for the Saints this season -- can't show -- Online at that BWL dot com at 6 o'clock now will be here for guess it was gonna sports hall of fame class. The 2014. With back of those here. On the front street and beautiful necklace just. Right you thought of the 2014. In front of the Louisiana sports hall of fame museum on four feet by the hole that felt welcomed back if you. -- much more of a person it's not the -- things. Is that because of the abuse it's 530 the first news and we will go to him hands it. And welcome back we're here Emmanuel -- disown -- In front of the Louisiana sports -- -- and one of the members going in bishop -- -- -- back to -- distinguished service award at sports journalism the recipient of the will be appearing here. It just a few moments will be speaking to -- throughout the rest the program also hear from. Thank you see befriending cooks here in just a few moments a lot to keep him on today's program and speaking of radical about -- -- waited to hear some of the sound. From mr. -- if he is a first acts with a -- -- views of -- with talking a little bit about what's the if he needs to take as a rookie. Then I'll be patient. You know no wanna go down. You know -- know she did that knowing a certain weaknesses and in you know -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pages wanna do the you know you said. The office August that's that talented parts and you said the pace being also -- -- you know I mean -- for about 3 weeks and I am in the in -- class of the -- -- You. How accountable is the saints' top draft pick right now I'm am finishing comfortable does it affect Gaza. Go over plays because Carter in the mornings at the times a week and I didn't play that now exiles were coming in that. Brady -- was asked about how important it is for him to be going to San Diego during Houston makes most disputes that time it work out with Drew Brees. Very critical to its effect on and I missed about three weeks and -- Have never stolen a moment so as long again and get down while I'm out there. How has the Saints contract big man's got along with the veteran receipt. I mean I felt like we -- once I came in and help me out. You know as good about that helped me out with -- my signs and things like this off what exactly would run away. In you know just like you -- bay your rookie coming in and you hang on my shoulder. -- the big comparing. These things that affect -- -- cooks out of Oregon State to Darren broke is that fair. I mean everybody nothing compares SI means fair I mean I don't know he he did a lot you know for this off season -- in this game rookies. And as tough for me to prove muscles are Smart speed as fair. -- very -- but you know some things he did a little weight on the what about using a Kooks in speed really so is sweeps and reverse how does he feel about that. -- -- -- a lot I'm -- today I was back are from me we did that a lot of or a state in this closet colossal and won't put that in. Some that's not rated. Is -- when asked about go to Daytona to your practice is gone over you know sort of route. -- that we do and you know Hobbs set a month and sometimes you gotta let us -- you gotta be patient. You know so sometimes he -- -- named -- Bob -- and and play within the offense. From Corvallis to New Orleans what's it like to be the big -- if we saint subtracted. The -- is great whether I come from the West Coast having you today he made me first day came out bottles and say. And then actually hit me in they they call me fresh legs -- -- I'm not a run. Is -- Kooks talking about what are his plans before the Saints training camp in about a month begins at the Greenbrier in west -- it there. -- me on the back to school worked on movies and there that go to San Diego came through you know he is familiar with that and obviously. Wonders what. That's. No doubt you know that I decent events you know mark he's mark his post in. He enemies and they are helped me out to Wisconsin on me here so it's -- on -- here. He's -- cooks awed being with the whole team and now for his first time since rookie mini camp. Are you no doubt it was funny you know the offense and you've gone against some friends over there and give myself acclimated you know the game like this them. What is it like to work with Drew Brees is an amazing watching film practice. And geniuses out you know we stay after practice -- a little bit extra. So give it time now that's just me. Will the Saints -- granted Randy cooks out of Oregon State beat the number one option in the return game. I mean that's that's the hope I'm looking more and like I am in. In the last one as the US because this is at the -- than I am still working you know let him decide that. That is Saints have let me Thabeet branding coach receiver out of Oregon State. Well the few -- give parents I mean he is not a running back now Darren Sproles was a running back from bars kicked dead. As far as has that ability to run a team that tackles. -- -- about those speed sweeps. You know reverses it being more -- -- he's closer. I think a faster version. I'm just speculating here at Devery Henderson. Where you feel rather refers. Lineup thing the bubbles we can take that at a different level but he is not -- -- Darren Sproles replacements though -- didn't. Just because you don't run between the tackles and not not saying anything Iraq. I think it is people as we get the schemes so you don't have to say I don't mean anyway isn't physical come out just like I want to -- -- he's -- receiver. Parents pros one of greatest. Weapons in the history of football all purpose yards -- a better program Whitman's when he was in Manhattan Kansas what Elle Roberson on the coach Snyder when he made a run the national championship Robison got trouble. A lot of big twelve team -- eight game -- the myth is that. Dance pros is one of the greatest weapons in the history of football I think you have another great year this year. Now come pants somebody that threw it great who is great with a great college player right -- and he's got a lot of potential. To look at who's already proving yet he got to leave it's never completely unfair. No it's unfair as you and you always like a potential. But Darren Sproles has the skins on the wall branding coach is trying. To put those skins on the wall right and I think he has that ability and hopefully. That comes to -- Because the Saints to continue to prep for the progress. Can be a top five off it's that you could continue but to win. But this Elvis and he's Darren Sproles -- there's replacement I mean he's different he's a receiver. There is roles of running back. The I don't know hopefully. That wasn't necessarily the case in Oregon State look at the numbers to see he's -- -- -- returner. Because basically last year. We sucked as a punt return team look at the -- we did not we were like woman for last thirtieth. Our coverage units were very capable. But out of -- -- for the 2014. And all of -- -- that it I don't go to beautify our return I don't know who's gonna step up. Who's gonna get it done all -- that you're doing at the highest level you around double digits right if you look at now I'd ever seen Darren Sproles his first year. He was -- him. Hit point three stunning in that area after that he was not at that level in -- -- Beckett yeah thirteen fourteen and yardage as that that's a team benefit. Right out of practice on return right right to block it got to be better and even got a bruise that I missed yeah. And then at that at the same thing like that you could hit and out you know we take for granted. You look at their past a high contribution. A Michael Lewis. In the return game you -- Courtney Roby. We did when Michelin Pete he is a kick returner RO I mean that -- that there was one. Big kick return that commute really influence the game last year maybe there was 21 must roles with the one particular. Was by two parts to get against the 49ers. Yeah that helped us win that game worth it like Courtney Roby. Had three or four occasions throughout the season. Now the team win. That's what Mary took you greatly improve. You look offense defense special teams to me. Is that we they gave up that big punt -- kick return. But but we did not excel and our return game as a part returned humor kick return team overall throughout the season. He's the case anybody Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- -- into -- -- when we do -- with -- payment back -- -- Louisiana celebrate the class of 2014. But more. On sports talk on location -- -- because you know. Folks already in business for themselves but they know every step of the way they conducted by him say this the big -- speaking of my friends and -- Lavoy -- he did that mean -- have email me you know the folks it's making it. We started out -- a few days a week we started out working appeared I was a ball. Native -- little money on the -- But and we got to be so you never really got to be so -- with it and we were excited with our return. We made an awful time to learn -- aging -- back up a little more investment if you can continue to grow. This year you keep it branding it only comes with being associated with it became. It's just that simple when you associate with -- making it re -- it minimal at best will be just started up in game we get it done. You will have their clients wait for you you choose the days of the week you wanna work. You just hours if you wanna work in Europe -- all of a box again during business for yourself. Put your side by you so he learned more by going -- JD he. That kind. If folks who could use an extra income they couldn't choose who. An escape from somewhere down the last official vacation all the juice for a rainy day. Go online and are more eighth JD came back and welcome back to sports -- the hall of fame as a filing in here. And coming up at the top of next hour he was a member of the Tulane green wave for us. And it's -- -- 82. Big -- Vince gives it was at him in that meeting green wave players he'd say pizza down the Tigers three out of four years but I don't Washington. Yet 10 -- yet big Lionel Washington and you look at Reggie originality. Yeah. You know that they -- him. Think it's -- coach -- yeah pride when you look at you know today it zone and -- him he was -- him on his their zealously to speak out of Florida State that we before. The go to on all of -- hate him rated and -- a threat. Bam bam -- Well the 8888. And out when I look at it but I you know you don't like that he's tired LSU fans. I live when it well. -- game I think -- comedy at its status as a rad yeah who lifted soon. Ellison to -- Gainesville to the table -- both -- but -- still hard to wake up this important it is it is notable. -- is no -- ya you got to stay home. We take up any more Gaines you know who's to -- she went to -- -- Yeah Solana was what does -- also. Share lacy will -- he what is now the program by -- all Americans with the basketball player of the year. In college basketball oh with the Louisiana lady take. Takes -- won the national championship because Lacey she went to. Three final fours two national championship game and -- -- adjective and one of the most dominant run equipment basketball it's no Louisiana today. Was the team they were a team they where they were horribly. Because she posts you up yeah and you know it -- to restore regular bring that up. About the working you pivot foot. You know how all of a sudden basketball was -- her first quarter. But you found out her mom was just a basketball player so she was encouraged to pick it up but -- to Brunette pivot foot. He's going to get things done and good hand eye coordination. That yet to do a lot more you know playing basketball and -- to attack the basket in. That it -- his story about the -- vivid put them which was able to do. -- so they thought the foul and he also threw back a loser has -- -- and the rest will be as well we'll see the sixth. It's 7 o'clock -- for this -- hall of -- that -- -- with what I hear from a Saints coach self lately it is they've Bobby frame came here. It brought some of pizzas from the pay as well as the Saints -- here and now all Angela -- isn't a pitcher with the Saints Spain and it. And then I must say if he goes he sees is beautiful the days he was -- bit. That is from the early eighties behind the dugout and added activities -- this goes back to the -- -- you the answer to burn out you know about -- basically thirty years are right on it right on the right. Thirty years and yet that's. A look at all of his memorabilia and though and I got good skier but I Audi -- -- -- asked -- he got the word go you know. If you take care with a Q smells the food. I think you would benefit I suppose of this that I -- and studio and everything to have it in a nutshell you've kind of virus. -- announced that it made the eight homes where you have it some knows she's just flat out yells at Atlanta called count in the economy but -- he's taken on a from. All of the great hall of fame was coming up a little later in the program he -- thinking about the bad Deke Bellavia. This is what's up from a hall of fame and that it is Louisiana on Saints radio bit Uga Uga. When you hear a hall of fame -- meet the best of the best next -- we will speak with -- great and Louisiana sports hall of fame -- deputies she -- class. Lionel Washington the heyday of the green wave they took down the Tigers three out of four years in Latin ails these. You -- the coach -- -- and was beaten him also legendary coach -- you feel the Boudreau. Will be here with us and beat -- Stacey what took three final fours two national championship games with the 1990. EC AA women's basketball player of the year plus Alan Faneca and many -- -- Jonas. -- Eli from beautiful front street. At the Louisiana sports hall of fame he's Bobby you grab the ability all the news talk at sports leader this is WW --