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6-19 :10pm Sports Talk: Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame

Jun 19, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Venus Lacy, Lionel Washington, and Coach Tom Cox at the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to our number 30 sports follow along with the Qaeda camp Bobby -- -- ability as a who's who -- greats that have played. High school college or professional football in the state of Louisiana as we are at the Louisiana sports -- of -- It's opening press conference -- ceremony. Here at the hall of fame in Louisiana on front street in an actress and Magglio is coming up just a few moments. -- Lacey who with the bears' women's basketball player in college basketball. In 1990. He would do three final fours into one national championship in 1988. He would -- -- just a few moments. Also coming up on now lost. People from doing note that name means people for cross -- Louisiana College football. A successful -- -- back -- fifteen year career in the National Football League with the Cardinals the Raiders and to give a Bronco 37 interceptions. Made it 204 games starting in a 165 with a career high eight. Picks for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1985. Season and he will be physically and also coach Pete Boudreau. Coach 39 state championship teams and another one we -- -- how to run a quality cross country indoor outdoor track and field. 58. Catholic high there so we will be speaking at that meeting -- here coming up in just a few moments plus operating. Jaguar paid your vote is on line WWL dot com it -- 601870. Total free. 866. 8890. Eighths in and he is the numbers to be involved Curtis Lofton -- on paper he thinks this currency seems that this team he has been a part of what are your expectations for the -- -- -- Super Bowl playoff team. And we've seen are winning season cast -- vote online at W did you go to guy sees one of the greats to ever play. College basketball she joins us now part of that great down the at Louisiana Tech apartment 2014 Louisiana's sports hall of fame the creeping this lacy Johnson now. Thank you so much but don't most of the gradually thanked Q. And hall of thing. What does it. -- This is what it means is that it is that it is eight and it's like you can't if you -- I never out. I quit after. Advancing past but. I see you don't teams being alone I'd. He sees -- worried. About athletes. And on they have went through and I. 213 TDs and acted never. Ever thought in my whole life. That would have no idea what just happened like this he uses. Is that -- now. And every day. You know more in line. Want to hear that in. And it parity has certainly the it probably it at the top of the list because no one you -- 81. A hall of fame -- this is something -- -- her work thorough. I thought -- and I was. AMOCO. When that. Went about it though you know. The David -- And well while -- round I know McKee yeah. But I -- other plays that. And that it. Means. I'm here I never thought I would have a -- here. Outline and coal man it everything I have ever winning the front. I have lying. I NCAA sentence you think from. I Haskell camp yeah. Tandem -- who can't field. On a prepared to their name I have that it as well. -- -- All time greats in basketball if I'm Louisiana basketball history basketball history -- goes into the 2014. Louisiana sports hall of fame. Saturday night TV -- kicked off this week he -- was right in front of the Louisiana sports hall of fame or -- a street executives. He is what it was when you look back on a totally unbearable opium smoking all the days I tell people now. And they -- Connecticut is the program on -- to to see Willis. But before all it was right in -- of Louisiana that it was Louisiana Tech with the program into it it really. Brought women's basketball to the next level. This says. That -- has carried some. You know is not about seeing minimal is about. Act. And so they've really glad that it's not act in boys fifteen minutes boy it. I think that's when and I understand. The sport didn't appreciate it happen because one person and not winning eight -- big. Takes I think absolute absolute. -- To win a high school championship in it to win a national team if you work. The best at that there that the college player of the year -- in 1990. But the rep presidential country and when you look at fickle balance that you got it somewhere we could see -- -- day if not you got me every opinion your mind. What is it like took to win a gold medal represent your country. Who. I didn't even think Alec and I hit made it I'm glad that had happened I'm -- witnesses. And I didn't make it and they and they tell me sick how mean. And I went home runs and it and I -- kind of trap for the team. When I look I read on scene in greens. And outline I don't know it in and -- you know hit -- bounds line in the fifth Davidson in -- -- got me. I'd like okay. I got into it's trap he had his hand through and -- thrash about -- Happening. And it won't Lions to a big help us at this point it. But I'm not agree I I won't want one go through and that added. And I railway. Because what. When you look back court -- career I -- this product suffered a big game QB is. It's an obvious -- but he is that if there one moment maybe so that made you you feel like what some money we had told you. You couldn't awesome once it we have and I. Well you won't be able to that was motivation always that your steady progression all them all about getting there because. It seems like you know what we talk about. Nick you're humiliate -- home witnesses saw that that was a strong point it it helps you become the best yet in college basketball. And never. I have wind. Mother. And my mother and -- He's known now. And that's -- her act with her. He also made made best. But that was that winning he would hit -- that. And is ten of us. Everybody knew what they wanted you know I just -- Class up in de activate. -- And about that because now it. And it you know have we have this. They'll step thin so to me and -- a lot of red -- is that yes yeah so -- went out and do. My mom Evans is the best out there. And kept hitting half hour with out of it hit me. If he's if you guys. And honestly I'm glad it -- about Wilson laughed at. -- -- -- -- -- You know the gold medal yeah its youth and I. Know he -- watching me down here to. She goes to dinner hall of fame which is -- -- he absolutely doing a book for the folks out there who know these and they think they know the the tradition deprived the championship. They come along with you in Louisiana Tech -- in the great sport of women's basketball. What has -- us doing these things. I'm a stay at home I'm OK I have to Q. Is that at. Houston's two. Football league and even though grant. Mean well. And with him about it now house a month. Stop it reality and have green and go you know you have one opening. So I look back on those with him at the excellent at the youth it is coming in you know I -- and I know. Now it. When I am real thick in there and mean it's a bail out of it pass -- together and I think that Matt's arm that it. It has he's won -- I mean where so it that way now you -- things and now. Both of them together. Anybody that can now but now it is being mean -- Atkins who that if you. And that is though it -- pack it. I mean acted in the net com -- with packed it wouldn't actually mean it and the fact that -- that won them. You. Hear about and that just puts me as a means that now when her. And I. We did we -- them and it's been just what a family the whole that they have and you know -- -- -- nice to have both again. Well Venus lacy truly wanted to greats to ever play college basketball the play of the year in nineteen. Three trip to the final fours two national championships of 18 best -- that you won a gold medals he's been a champion at all levels it. Those when it's all sit them means you don't think if people could say a lot of things about -- One -- -- never ever ever be and take away. As you want local mental block countries in the national champion Connecticut you won a gold medal in our past champions can get back. People have been preaching this interview because we've a couple of people years that this is Guatemala bought favorite interviews I've -- -- -- -- -- thank you and -- thank you and congratulations to -- you know fan's viewpoint is great on Saturday night when you go to all the things. Went back. -- -- folks Louisiana tech lady text that the hall of fame hockey ability that has forestall what WW. Come -- this court so here on WWR -- final four to 60187866889. Theory -- A great time here at the Louisiana sports hall of fame and Beckett is the wheezing and a and you know we've been here for many years in reviewing some of the greats. In Louisiana history and then -- interview -- -- easily see is truly one of the best I have ever been able to be a part. And he is one of the greats. In eighty. College football history here the state of Louisiana. A fifteen year career in the National Football League which is a rare a rarity now in these greens. And that's one of the greats. The Tulane green wave and I know wants to join tiznow as he goes in 2014. Hall of fame not now talk to keep before break a core member. 82 loves the Tigers they haven't -- you've come off it the victory this will be revered game I beat -- 47 that don't the year before. Because it only bowl if they become the green wait three at a Ford I can't -- it had to be some of the apart. That would hit it that's one of the things that can really in my head on I've gotten older and and there's beloved figures to get rid of the everything happened not exactly where it happened but don't make it a lot more bigot you actually has -- That -- days that you know everything we it was the right and now. That's the that's because with fortunate enough to win that football game when. You know don't get that intense just to -- -- manipulation. That was it was for me in this up and always remember and always talked. You know I know look at it you know per capita you look Louisiana. Obviously Florida Texas California -- is all the time they're getting any better. The Louisiana as far as for the producer of professional football players -- need to -- win. The proximity the river where. You know you look at the river -- in and then that well you look at it on bill. Lecture. You know there's trend that whole area boy you -- nobody just flat out studs coming out better. That was without a doubt yeah. It happened back when I was about it's it's always been that way were you from this week -- culpable for some reason that's it that's when a situation where. Guys who's nose is feeling hard workers understand what it's gonna take to be successful. -- me go what we do that and the good repairs to wherever it may be right in Louisiana and we've always been productive fit that we go out and make things happen. Now all what was your mindset just take defense back why did you choose to lane and out that that come about. You know considering you know people with development different stages of that deal late bloomer or whatever. That just think is back how you inevitably. Well. -- -- different from play fifteen straight years and bill that coach. By the way got -- the course of the things that twelve straight years. And now as what to do something you always want to go back to the college doping code because I think I could be more impact pool with the young kids come out of high school. You can taste -- and make him understand the game of football not just learn your position but the game itself. I -- -- -- you're supposed to do things the right way. And that was my motivation and that was the reason why I went to come back Curtis Johnson. A lot of it opportunities but -- -- -- -- -- that the sport Adrian and everything from their man this team you -- back at home I play for others to land it. I'm 35 miles west tournament -- a bit. Can get that -- look at it the facility now can that play on campus you know the whole campus hemisphere vs. Going theater film and the student body getting involved. As high expectation is obviously. Was established on the CJ. Going forward and now. Getting the break -- they bring to -- game on campus. And be able to be a part of that where we have the crowd of vomiting and you feel like Iran autopsy. And that's that's that's can be a big plus for -- all players that's what the field warning yes it's Rabin put this to be at your. And now we gonna get that does that extra. Reinforcement that sometime you need as a football player because you know that team they're cheering for you just don't. Dig down somehow Atlanta finds something deep down inside to play harder but those fans and anytime you get that type -- advantage. -- has always good for for the home team. I don't what is the biggest difference about. Play that game what you played became coach of the game I equal to -- you know what it like that question but if it's -- I assume at the end. Notice so that different. The planning coaches that you -- -- your understanding you with -- fourth -- a player but. Coaching. He's been in a -- at the mentality. What you can get here it just at a position but did -- -- -- -- -- -- the board is now so I got -- -- -- together. I got a good coaching staff and make sure that we are doing what we supposed to do and sometimes you gotta make adjustments granted the talent level that you have. And that's one thing that I learned from. Playing and it's -- sometimes you gotta make it just grit to what's that. Enough privacy for the since the long term -- excellent job you can have a receiver that can go across the middle man you know you you double up. For those guys does that in ticket away it -- make adjustment I think you know it is that there's so. Things like that may yet give it to him -- as a player and that's what it did make -- that just -- Dealing with a group of guys. And playing. Good he's more this small person when you need -- play for yourself. And -- you approaching. The F they've got to indicate what you -- that we got it done obviously the keyword men and communication and how you handle now is there any social media thing. Billy -- get in trouble -- you trying to advise them. That's why he gets it was the right thing yet. Just understand we do them it might finally -- -- you go to the hall of fame your family's view what does it mean to be in the whole. That was out of guys -- -- rated so you know it is this this overwhelming you know. You walk he finally companies try to imagine what it's going to be like this will be like this not that he you hear you what that building you see if history is your name. And you had a lot of great football players basketball for them through with him on that wall if this is the children feeling this that's come over by the flag while. I'm part of the -- Christian won't be there for the rest of my life him and -- like to come so I'm very proud very humbled and honored that I got an opportunity. To be selected to the Williamsport opened. He's one of the greats in the wheezing and don't football history fifteen year career in pro football game with a totally green wave Lionel Washington. My own thank you so much for -- congratulations. -- you and I don't think that you think very much all right we will continue with talk about all the greats that go to the hall of fame but. This Saturday here -- accuracy Bobby to have the ability to study video news time 632 Tampa first -- and we'll go to Jim Henson. -- some about where you say hall of fame. -- It means something it and being the best of the best the best that you sport the best that you could be hall of fame in. I was -- slick watts. Pete Richardson. Any other -- of any of the years zero Bruschi that we've been appeared. The list goes on alone. Gives Berkman and I mean aren't cognitive thinking what we talked to. But how what do you. It now beaten us. Lacey and I are talking about how. You know as a child she was always kind of thought that she could make it keep it takes to be able to walk and run like other people. She became the the leader of the year in college basketball that Matt. First team all American. That as a champion she did that article that was he became what people think it the best player in her sport. In nineteen and it hurt to sit there and if it get emotional. -- what you do it like this that you just don't know what's happen. But you gotta be there. In the -- here. What's what's so you know yeah there's this slick watts -- -- we had a few years ago when he talked about us you know -- -- you know that when you see him advance to the National Basketball Association I've ever started -- thought it -- slick watts right gates Xavier in the fallen. In the vaunted of course the goal at that have the credit Xavier. So before it got an all conference and Neitzel is slick and it's like it's. Things Rick why any of the as Lacey to go to interview that I would always take me to a load you know -- 43 years or I'll be around for awhile but. I'll remember wells it was to I mean that awful well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- said basically that. I'm sure you wouldn't have won the 1988 national title went out her and gone to three straight. Final fours without her -- do it yet national jam and then you going back to the big dance and make in the final four. It was because of her that's records for a Mora gave credit to. You look at. It is lazy. And Louisiana Tech. You look at our hometown of UT Chattanooga she's from Chattanooga. Tennessee UT Chattanooga was recruiting her -- and have an Old Dominion how's he transferred. And the when really a basketball player when you look at it that ran track. But it you've gone out that her mom was a really good basketball player. And then the rest is history. -- transfers Louisiana -- you look at the great work ethic. And shall we said good hands. As far as I'm Hank corny to catch in a ball when needed to work and footwork. And I thought oh what was it -- then that when you look at it the whole term you know being able to to establish a pivot foot. India looked Duke pulls moves. And and established in that pivot foot pivot foot and getting it done in the polls was the key. There are having his success. Which you got to Louisiana today if you transfer from all of them in in. When you look at the sophomore average in almost fifty points -- game Friday -- and a half rebounds. And then winning -- national championship then that was in his then. They went on to beat Auburn kind of realized that in that championship game yet -- to -- about the final four appearances and also. -- winning a gold medal. Invaluable. The few bits of -- -- she was in her presence. On that 1996 US team when he won the goals so. It just shows you male female they impact on the we -- athlete. In here we get ready to recognize them in Louisiana sports all the pain. So congratulations. That Venus lacy. Really -- helped establish the dominance Louisiana Tech women's basketball. I come to track and field no one has a one open more of an impact on the sport -- school or perhaps in the state of the country if he Boudreau. Was getting on -- to beat Boudreau that goes into the hall of fame. This week in here and actually she's Bobby to have big -- via this is that -- -- -- And we continue talking to the greats that have gone to the Louisiana sports hall of fame here Saturday night in fact it is always and a a guy who was a pioneering game and -- faces including no one did that broke down. Native areas coach Harold Shipman and those who don't know who coach Shipley is well I mean if we don't know who -- When he 70% of his games at the USA on was it a raging case -- now you don't Lafayette. 620 ranking the last two years in the major college polls he was the first coach at a predominant white state university in the deep south towards scholarships. The black student athletes which was groundbreaking. Back in the sixties he goes into the Louisiana sports hall of fame. This weekend coach of the congratulations. And what you think about hall of fame what what does that mean to you. Yours yours of course you're speaking to coach if there's an assistant -- and I joined coach Shipley is basketball program he asked me to join him as an assistant in the middle of his sixteen years right. So I was with him last eight years I was with him during the time when he moved from that in a guy a national permits finals. To the college division -- national finals -- and on to division on in -- and I was in the top ten the last our last two years. Sellout crowds at black come coliseum every night it was. It was a big show thankfully we had probably. Hole six or eight players that were drafted in NBA. We had the lead and coordination for three years in a row. So it was a relevant in that light goal a lot of us like Bo Lamar. I -- and I remember like so -- for the parking lot or did he does like he beat it -- going to look past half court it can be pretty act. And that's ride in his senior year he was out. He would have been in that that number one drafted players in the NBA. And he was going to be. The same thing in the eighth the day at that time they had that you know black is Elliott is San Diego San Diego like Haslem who has. Port the Portland had the first. Drafted in the NBA. And they needed a guard. And San Diego had the first pick in the ABA and they needed to guard. And the difference was for four bolt was that the eight BA already hit the three point shot. And he was a long range bombers so I went with the San Diego pavement. Coach Tom Cox is it was now an assistant coach pearl Shipley he will reduce him into the hall of fame on Saturday night coach not so what do you think -- about draft picks now. The way it stands one week from tonight the highest ranking and rating Kate didn't quite some time this -- the first round and -- for Peyton. But cement this year this year for the raging cases I know you've got to be. Out of it to be and they and I really am not I've I've been fortunate because I stayed in Lafayette after it left university I've been there since 1965. In the guys that I can remember in that position. He and Andrew Toney. Go to seven six's -- Bo Lamar Andrew Toney and and this here. That's that's three of the most outstanding guards if you could ever imagine in college you know. It was a it was a it was a great program for four he would have -- Lack -- run and shoot you know we were after -- close to a hundred points a game. Well Omar was ever been like 36 a game late in the nation. It was you know the thing of there's things about ferociously that it never ever hit the news media. I don't know if any coach that ever. Went from when I got there he was an inning guy. -- and there was only three national championships in college basketball in a bad day the NCAA had what they called it -- division. And then division one our university division that factory. He went from the finals of that inning guy a to the finals of the NCAA college division at the top ten in division one in five years. Well -- the crowd heard so it didn't matter what the level no. It was and -- need to -- though most events that's a credit for a coach Cox when you look at what. Coach -- -- and there was a time college football. -- Bear Bryant spoke. And some people listen and because of what he spoke about all the people in this so. He brokered a game with so California to come to Tuscaloosa Alabama to play yet. And they had -- American athletes but I can't we don't use these teams morning Sam bam Oakland and he went off on out of our best and he said we -- To let everyone play college football coach you repeat the same thing I imagine that he called a lot of flak for that all he could play immediately that. Though that that's the thing that got that started and it and I don't know if you were to happen to read. Story this past year and a Sports Illustrated by John at Bradley about berth if they called him the accidental hero or -- and or whatever. When I got there. That's the first thing I asked -- was what was his -- what he wanted to do and he he wanted to go into division on and win a national championship. And I said well we got to do two things one we got to recruit blacks you and we got to we've got to upper schedule. And Johnny it took it when it was talking and he took that the wrong way I think -- -- my problem then was. I have to recruit the same quality. Basketball player that could play with the -- UCLA Kentucky North Carolina. -- all the top flight five star. Players. I didn't have a chance to get it southwestern Louisiana at that time. But nobody was recruiting in the top black kids in the south. And that that was the only way I head to bring in the players that he could coach to win a national championship. And if they NCAA had that got him it'd got it benefited if it was about. What are two years -- yeah and and some of that up blame on myself in recruiting. I was responsible for probably not in that pursuit of the recruiting. In the last. Three or four years almost two years. That either one of them would probably put us in the final four it Ratliff that went on to play for the Houston Rockets and a we -- him at the last minute the week before school started he goes along -- went Jerry Tarkanian. Oh yeah. -- that I lost George mcginnis that play with the serves and aces and aces you know on a big time player in and he didn't visit any where he was gonna go to Indiana. But I hit met him when I recruited the first black mark in white -- Indianapolis George mcginnis was a freshman at that -- And I said you've got to promise me you come and visit mask too. If you did. Rock called it needs a coach you're not gonna hold me to that are united yes I am with a nicknamed ice it don't tell anybody and coming don't let depressed ordinance in that they could not be there so he came down. For the weekend was over these and I'm coming. He goes back to the Indianapolis. About a week later his day at work and construction downtown Bloomington. Falls fourteen or steals themselves -- there's nobody there were mama was fifty miles away relative to snap yet so. When I -- my -- audio message you're gonna aim at the states or they actually knew exactly those kind of authority do you know there's no -- go to people. Well cokes on me what we we certainly appreciate you -- an excellent coach -- story ain't got no he's he's glad that he looked down at proud of you -- a little salad I tell you what it's it's a great thing for him it's a long time and coming nobody deserves it more. You tickets achievements and his records need more than qualified forty years ago and from. And then when you add to that integration. A trend setter yeah yeah yeah he's got to be. One of the top candidates in college basketball go for this hall of night. And it's the only shame is that he's not here to see it took too long to get him here but. Mean look at down opponents and that's right that Tom complementing coach Bruce Shipley. Said coach Scott thank you so much we appreciate and enjoy drink highlight of achievements with hall of fame here inequities this is what's Auckland that you that you. So we finish our our last OT a quarter to have a brief. Team meeting here and then the real break until we start training camp right at the idea -- -- third 24 of July players coming back. Most probable comeback and employ actually have a charter plane leave here on Wednesday. Then Thursday is when the conditioning tests and are reporting day officially is. And it is Saints coach on paint his final opening statement on the OTA to Saints are -- with the offseason work they'll take some down time. And -- had to the Greenbrier West Virginia -- -- in the that I welcome back all of Bobby via the movie equate. Interviews last hours Venus -- Lionel Washington also look. Speaking of going in his go to pearl Shipley and inducing him this week he will be Tom -- longtime assistant coaching. Pioneer gain that ground breaking any different things. In the history of college basketball -- a lot of things having -- in -- at the Louisiana sports hall of fame where the foundation. It's a welcome reception at -- magna is on front street just in front of the hall of fame tomorrow is decent every pro am golf. Tournament at oak -- golf club in Alexandra then they'll have also been coming up tomorrow night power shift down -- everything. This is suddenly need to make a week ago now last week you we already become because of work with the NBA draft. -- -- were able to come. Bob and I have it -- before the last five years. And truly enjoyed you can make a weekend though that if you come up here. He two tickets in an attempt with the hall of fame you know it's all sellout and Saturday night Shane Reynolds from a baseball great it was -- -- -- -- -- Houston Astros. He goes to the hall of fame Venus -- all American. Three time final four. Upwards of what the Louisiana Tech played Texas and player of the year in nineteen Manny Saints at -- -- Tom Vince and coach Pete Boudreau now Watson moved Cody. Throw -- in one of the greatest offensive -- element in LSU history Alan Faneca joins us next -- WW.