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6-19 7:10pm Sports Talk: Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame

Jun 19, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Alan Faneca and Pete Boudreaux at the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Media -- to the final -- of sports talk along with a Qaeda camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia where it Magglio is where the reception is taking place. They welcome reception for the 2014 the wheezing and a sports hall of fame players that those things Shane Reynolds. These -- Lionel Washington Saints in pelicans owner Tom -- Go to moon to -- to -- Boudreau -- chablis and the great Alan Faneca. And Alan Jones just now Bobby were out here. Big big now and I remember the victory would be great -- wanted to first we're we're back at LSU -- 95. You can't write -- college we used to go back before you know college student to do that but all the college. Drive out of big armed services. But it was just a -- it was his big picture of his humanity owners feel forward there was a Tibetan groups who. It big out safety could take me if thought this topic because I. Eleven good compromise barn out back Akron riveted to this day a big Al hall of fame man that -- -- -- -- they were younger maybe think at least they're doing -- The big out. What what is his likely will with a career you hated it at all levels of me. Expectations were well thrown upon you because of what you ask who -- the college we've recruited. Being a first round draft pick -- you reach those things. It's surreal. You know I came in here and this afternoon and walked into the hall and you know you see. The hall of fame logo and sit there and I and I'm kind of think about it thinking about it. Kind of you know I've been thinking about it but you know kind of when you're in the building it kind of -- a little more in start thinking about my journey is. You know from youth and sports took an hour and you know kind of brought back and I've back through the -- basket going -- I was kind of what I started playing right in the West Bank him. You know I've. Good chance the play for though the West Bank all star team represent ever compares him. You know from bidding here minutes is thinking about that a lot mouth like that. We'll work him and you think god decurtis let you leave. You know you you go there was quite a fifth until the eighth grade. We'll look at that we had to do whatever -- don't let it. Alan Faneca leave commodity be -- events. Average -- Curtis JT was that that he was not. Need anything give me my papers that transferred. The go to Texas easily could have. -- -- What you think back on it take just take us back to win you guys and and I wanna bring this up because when -- went Alan and -- and -- group that side. Alan Faneca Eric Eric Eric Griffin down by you least -- been brought on some of those guys teams they were all at LSU and they get. Took the bonus of tough years of -- it's -- chip. Do the coach called it in the -- -- on local team bringing back the next go to go to class on hand. But it was ranked LSU now where. Always need to know trying to go to illustrated -- a program yeah expectations were high but you guys wanted to be a part of something at that and without -- turn things around for a few. We did you know it was a bet that that's what we'd like to hang our hat on you know very that we were part of the -- kind of at the beginning of the of the process and you know we're. Like you said mentally we just we just wanted to be a part of though she know what a bunch of kids who grew up. Watch him LSU live and Embree in and wanted to be apart of it and help bring it back. And you know we we had some rough years and you know we kind of had some some good times and bad times even in some good years in the you know probably could turn things around a little bit better if -- finish in seasons output. You a bunch of guys from Louisiana who in one room and one locker room. Do we were doing and having fun and I I can't imagine anybody at that time having more fun we had been as we are working hard. And having fun and you know it just -- a -- from Louisiana just. You know it's. It's it's it's hard to put into words but it's it was just a great time -- the well Allen fan. It is us against against LSU all American all pro Pro Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers world champion one of the greats. At high school college and pro he will go to the Louisiana sports hall of fame Saturday night here in. Well not only a pro bowlers here there's a difference follows a Pro Bowl one year. We all pro. OK that's it there that's when you Conning everybody. Involved you when you get this thing. Hawaii Ian you know you vehicle that I don't know a whole lie but I mean -- -- robot there's a difference. Like all pro. Like that Jimmy Graham you know vs Pro Bowl. Of because you have a few guys that can be pro -- but all pro to tell you the best that a best and -- -- and I read this in this speaks for itself. You look at 2001. You looked great the first of nine consecutive not nine throughout. Ninth consecutive you know I can answer the bell Nike executive Robles I was glad to go to one. Now you also was an all pro 2001 to pick from 2000 -- 2007. Was all pro this is not like this avoid the Saints fans like about Drew Brees can you answered -- bell or you reliable. He started to work through one of 236 games. He's appeared in and started all sixteen games. All sixteen games of his final nine seasons. I know how hard that is to those days ever started. Was 33 and I thought I did -- do something great I think well I'm answered the bell that was two seasons in the part of another yet so when I look at it right there. All sixteen teams final -- seasons. I like today I'm like that you I think I don't know worthy you don't like like pollen down though I know our our identity -- -- that that's what I appreciate. Allen -- not throwing -- and I've said this to start the show. If you look at it you'll like it did a Pro Football Hall of Fame all 2000 team and we showed do we all of those -- history. That -- 75. Anniversary all time team. It 2007 that you go to below -- gone if you would you be talking about Alan Faneca hundred years from now. I don't -- -- -- -- I yeah I don't know how you as a value that I really don't that the players say if I -- Amanda hysterical then pressed play -- you know demise are it is it is also real and you know you go back through the playing time and not missing games and I I hung my -- on I'm extremely proud of that yeah. How the players appreciate that. Because cannot count on you look out -- give that you got my back my mental game at this and if you don't play hurt you don't last an NFL you know throughout Cougars -- truly healthy. He ain't gonna you know that I there's probably you know point five games up province of a -- -- and then. And and the durability but -- -- also the the heart and I know sometimes we get caught up and now we're talking about is hitting the business you know you get paid to play football. But I can remember in the hook up with season was 0102 season. A quarterback comes in with Tommy Maddux whose name is Ben Roethlisberger. And he -- And the Steelers go 51. Bit -- double and see -- host of New England Patriots. Big -- the least Cabrera walked at all wanted AFC championship game so well too scared to fly. The opposite -- -- watching and when they came back and he told me that that night because -- course Patriots Whitney beat Pittsburgh. It was who boldly told me how. But sit and this opponent and the ones those that don't don't work it hoarding its OK -- good things there are you week fifteen -- -- -- -- -- the AFC was but the end. Come back the following areas that we what the final six games together to play almost maybe you grow older road would -- both. Because their -- you'd know you're gonna be home where it's a huge -- for Pittsburgh to be home. In the in the mix you've got to completely do everything all grow what was it like from day European number one to the sixth seed who wins who -- Yeah like in -- you look at it as like it you know wild card team -- straight playoff victory to about adversity. That's what I think they use this as an example. That if -- team gets it up well this is any NFL city over the Steelers did in the uses the example that -- you know we have a chance to yeah we have a chance to talk about that. And being Super Bowl champs who you think has a little boy that you're able to hoist their trophy where the best of the best. You know that a year you know. We we screwed up hurling you know we had a good team. And probably didn't handle some of you know -- -- from you're talking about Matt Damon and how to deal with that comeback from that. As a team and so we we get -- we get our our. I questions -- -- -- coached our -- did the job of giving us in the right in the right direction and I tell the story and it's pretty funny. So every single team speech every time he got to the front of us from that point forward we had to win those six games before playoffs he put us on the ship. It was us against everybody else in the world. Right he's given every everything started with us on a boat right into that all the sudden about four games then all of a sudden there was a periscope. And I might sit back down like. -- on the side put aside after Islamic coach and will they should win -- submarine what do you know as I'm believing I'm not gonna tell anybody the younger guys -- the guys tell the world what a mile and a moment that -- and I know -- summer it's -- we got a periscope or not and but you know he did a really good job of put us against the world and and that's really when I was in Pittsburgh just when we were on our best. Road games. Single a single mine run -- out there and it is us against everybody. And going out there and it it was really the best thing for us you know not that home advantage. Not. That there was pressure put it you know there there's things that come when you're playing at home and and you know there DiLeo. This already this season pants before we though you guys are going down -- game. And that mr. reliable the bus each script -- big -- make the tackle they don't make a tackle of Colts scored you guys might -- go. It's a crazy game you know and on top of that -- -- before that you know we got the letter from the NFL is that there -- -- up you know afterwards we had a a fumble that they gave to them earlier that we got -- apology sorry we screwed that up -- would into the game before that that I -- from a -- Polamalu and but you know -- definitely I mean it was I mean he just barely -- this -- And I saved the day yeah and I crazy homicide and you know two games later we're we're playing in the Super Bowl. So -- Allen though he talkative fans the young offensive linemen out there what advice could you give them. And you want to beat a complete player whether you run blocking or pass blocking. But it just seems like that is a run blocker that's a natural thing that you can be more aggressive and come all the ball. We really got to develop he could have played and next though maybe you put working your pass blocking technique. It's you know it's it's not. The fun things you don't work on the I think the easy things right. And I learned that early from coach him on its -- -- me you know did you do you do or for the hardened through the group which is basically that it's it's you know left vs right so you're right handed going with the left hand. And so you don't work on -- -- and you work on what taller because that's what's gonna get you. To the next level which is what all kids there always dreaming about you know playing on the varsity theater playing college or you know even beyond. Is you know you've got to really put -- -- work in and what's not easy and let the easy stuff kind of take care of itself. Alan Faneca is what is now he goes that the Louisiana sports hall of fame all pro pro -- world champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers sit down about it they got a question but yeah. The the coaches you know look at though you know. The Redskins and looking you've been -- him the Whisenhunt and Russ Graham when he was with the Steelers all the great -- Then on the back in your career in in a season within a season. It's Thursday night game you team in New York beat the Patriots used seven at three in all we all -- I thought about. We could be on all New York's Super Bowl with Brett Favre go to New York you have to do good to get to do a good vocal -- had a good team that's -- that's rarely happen. In the air of New York football all of them like -- -- -- a lot of play were dreadful. -- -- You know. You know what happened. Late you know. Just beginning -- in it was a kind of a crazy. Kind of living inside the bubble with everybody units and the inclusion of -- What he was about his leaping. Green Bay but he's a great guy and a great player. And you know we. Again you know I think you know had we have a little more time besides Brett showing up late like -- to -- worked out you know I think maybe you know we might want a couple more games here -- there. You know snuck in the playoffs in -- damage you know I think we were or did hotly. And but it would it was crazy if money's great guy and made it made it really interest thing. All the all the same -- kind of insisting. Now -- Allen have a two part question to me it is its most amazing. And I think you -- in a class by yourself when you consider. How outstanding. Not only approval but all brawl with the linemen considering his size. That you were able to get down 215 pounds. At six foot five. And not only to run a marathon but to run a marathon on the four hours. -- what you're talking about that elaborate and also. What are you doing lately as far as what you're involved in and also you move from all the old Metairie to watch -- in the season just talk about. Because I'm like imitate. The run a marathon and I'm not talking about -- got to train physically. But the middle approach how mentally tough yet to be disorder about running America -- it would it took to get to that level. They're a lap that last four miles and I Eileen or football there and -- Pittsburgh's last four miles don't give up don't give -- totally give up on -- you -- don't give I mean between like steps left right I mean you're going through both emotions at the same time. But. You know. I wish I remembered but it was really early on markers when I got the Pittsburgh it was an older team. And you know I just say -- I don't know where it made me think of it but I as I said. When I'm done I'm gonna lose weight and if it -- it's there to help the reasons health reasons yeah clearly I don't know -- when he's older guys walking across insane -- need to be that -- That's the only thing I can say but it. It's stuck with me and now we sit back and when I decided to retire athletic. Let's do it with David -- -- Howard goes and I tell you what I lost. When I lost when I hit thirty pounds I'm down on the ground and I'm playing with my little girl who was six at the time plan on the floor like to do executes. And I've got up off the floor and when I got up. I realized I didn't make that -- man grown -- To push up off the I didn't I didn't have the -- was muscle pulled off the floor. And just kind of popped up and it would didn't love me in. I was like this is this is right this do heading in the right direction heading in the right there accidents when I was like mrs. this your -- Yeah and so I just kept lose and I lost seven pounds in three months. Well and and I lost the rest of -- come in the next couple months -- -- calorie intake is that would -- that Retief yeah I did and I did our in Arianna. I I didn't have to wait. I get our -- is six days a week. That -- -- the weights I needed to visualize in my life. The I I really still haven't historian I've done some Monica and you. Finally again you look also -- ago yeah I do not. IRS -- thinks he's they were young did beat him. He's got a hard body feel a hard audience in now. You know being able to earn a merit time and then now you transition in your life because you what you Pittsburgh assessment I explained that going from a value Livan and all -- And you go to Washington DC actually the defense about it. Pat or you know were you know came back home after retired one -- make -- home and and it just. From my daughter's health reasons she's got -- condition that's that's rare and she's fine but you know we just needed to. The head through a different area that had a little more coverage of the best that are best. The best of the best in you know I don't have a job right now I'm still retired have fun -- them than we can. So we we decided just threw it. And and make it happen for. Allen is lovely wife -- oh in the until we didn't expect it in there it's now coming up and not the correct and number 30 congratulations if that's what we -- -- resource that public tickets you know has a hard look a look at I and I say let's get back and a means that you know you get that over the course of time and that's it is -- that was it. Alan Faneca if he can we could be hit doing initial -- lull. We could be due to show up medical anything you don't matter. He'd be successful because -- -- it that he's good people in the people who knows that he does that it put wonderful person you know -- -- got a great I think have a man crush that Drew Brees I got -- man crush. And Alan Faneca is only so many people all would have been a foxhole with yeah and his wants out of -- -- because I know if I do a lot of Reading. And I do a lot of research and I know who brings you and I'm not just inequities right here and I respect them. And it's not that so many people you wanna be with who you can count on. Andy you don't know if you talked a number of people and is not a lot of it's BS right but I know there's been any BS I know that is our real what -- I know everybody in the tiger -- LH UST the nation all the -- about -- you play four on all levels. Goes in the congratulate you -- this week and is it especially now that you and your family. And you've always been good to me about it when you LSU playing pro ball whatever we think it gradually going to Louisiana hall of Franco Barca and hope and hopefully Bobby writes that will be good enough you know so we always work but when he's ink can't we won't make it. And although it adds that's about it now we don't make that trip that just a matter of time -- it -- put the -- vacation -- and now we're going to -- you know I think that showed you while. -- arcana measure different individuals. I don't have a small I am not a giant when I shake Alan Faneca and you. That's a man's pain as the -- and Al all know there's I don't know like he beat Kevin Mike Lowell I don't know who's been a fight are not that but I just look at old school okay. We got to get out of here. And I just -- a club. And I -- again and I feel like that's not mechanic drills and you know management. I'm thirty you -- come on like all of a tag on me goosebumps. But I'm just that I respect a man it's man does not know what it takes when the crowd it's the pain. Why don't usually decide I don't know and Iran the whole world we live in the event who -- -- -- -- across the Texas sports is all of these kind of Alou wanted to -- the game that there yeah. Big gap to speculate on David bank Tarek Alan Faneca folks this is what he did you. And welcome back the sports star quality -- -- -- Bobby a bear I'm Deke Bellavia. Some good stuff going on out here. Thanks so much video -- folks had a Magglio here at the beautiful restaurant it's a welcome reception for the 2014. Louisiana's sports hall of fame but it was because goto top Cox who will be a big thing. -- -- gave him a great coach barrels Shipley. Also -- -- bought a a submit this interview and she can't really emotional talk about. A childhood. Champions moved forward in -- -- for the all time -- in the history of women's college basketball. Two legendary Tulane green wave standout fifteen years in the National Football League coach Lionel Washington. Also a Saints indelicate don't topping singles in the issue former Astros. And I'm always in baseball great Shane Reynolds those -- you Richard moved Cody goes into. As well and it just about what we're gonna be speaking with coach Pete who -- that'll get operated jaguar that you both. Online at WWL dot com Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton says it -- paper this Saints team is that if -- a bit on. What are your expectations for the New Orleans Saints this sees the Super Bowl deep playoff run. Winning season or ever see if you can't you vote on line if you'd give you real. Dot com plus they don't you think coach Sean Payton on the final day of OTA's activities who repressed and who looks distress. And a week away from the in the Patriots shouldn't come as try and acquire some -- All they've been all -- Some through free free agents. 5042601878668890. Rates him they were on front street -- Louisiana the home of the hall of fame where tomorrow is decent every pro am golf and I hope we Alexandra. It in all the hall of fame activities everybody gets inducted to the whole thing the class of 2000. -- -- -- On Saturday night where -- beat -- meaning great and many sports and we go down now to the high school level game he Boudreau. 39 state championships. Another 21 run a squad to cross country indoor outdoor track and field. Sixteen of the state titles in general finishes have been across country. -- track seemed to Catholic high school that route had. Before this scores in class five a state meets -- in Louisiana. And the fans cross country team and three this scores posted in state championships. -- -- history he still looks like the date. But I don't I don't think you've now when he could put a -- he -- -- eight era vet that knows who's legendary track and field coach Pete. Boudreau -- Boudreau but an -- talking. The obviously by the way you look him in the way you coach and you -- track and field. Then at least know me if I was coaching track of the unity I would be one thing when you look like you can you can that the unit and it means a lot when I was with QB -- if. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- carried that part of life you know -- at the older I am the better -- was and it's better for the images and hear a story about it and they haven't approve it who played that they have that. I think you're as being humbled because when I read out due to know because a pole -- that you were at L issue. That you could be close to the demonstrations in the difficult. You -- long after you college days. There's certain times you would show our young athletes on the show you how it's done so I did that the thing that I think young athletes appreciate that. Because the proof's in the putting. Then I'm gonna it's gonna tell you how to do Thomas showed you how to do it well I don't play answer yeah. That's the way our coach for years you know in the last two or three probably don't demonstrate quite as much in Houston or pick nine times. You got to pick your spots you know right calico. A bit player on the basketball team terrorism when your time to go and do it and get that complete -- a critical player -- could beat the you -- -- all thirty and oh heck yeah actually -- Please don't misunderstand me here where we're at 41 it now because this year we won indoor track -- in the outdoor track right. Yeah every once -- that never again though the net everyone is unique. Now I -- classic course and off you know has anyone special unit now. -- -- everyone every one of them special this felt different in neighboring different you know obviously -- achievements -- -- table. And what I like and you got to appreciate this because you look at the Louisiana. Sports hall of fame in what it means you look at all the great athlete no matter what this sport. In Louisiana. When I read this the first high school track coach. To be honored. And you go to foundation. That has to mean a lot to you considering what past what has passed through Louisiana. Yes it does it does that that brought that I'll be quite honest when I was notified of I -- -- Robin camera that you got the inning. Because it's. It's not a -- -- I and it's not a new thing I was working toward its not -- idea. That people campaigning for them is that guy that loves what I'm doing -- go and do it every year Brandon. I'm still a little bit when I'm coaching and you know when the season ended this year is -- I'm happy as ever man with that great -- you know it's always a memorial and and now. They average a point where you its mojo down you know you all right let's go all. Shoot me or do something but no I don't wanna be -- -- ever award. They let their -- if you're coaching can't make happy Boudreau go into the Louisiana sports hall of fame Saturday night hey coach I know that Beckett he's -- he was a great player. A first round draft pick book -- And all American track and field it -- state who -- down. If you work in there and then you -- how closely were you able to work who wore it. Well there are close is that we're we're real close to the sprinters all the time and -- I'll say -- that I did not make Warrick Dunn is a pretty good product with little got there with -- supported him in the right there ailment that's what you always hope to do. But that that just the greatest thing about coaching war itself. You know his demeanor and now. Often had to get people understand that way. It's like he's quiet that's. Mean he's not a chance right rest guys -- -- intense competitor and you saw that from the that he stepped foot on the campus he didn't want about it being in the woods or race or playing ball or thrown a ball any. He doesn't -- then that's something I would do it because it is yeah -- coach can't teach them so. And everything. There is seriously. Now I only need an absentee you definitely we still mess around with each other only -- we talk to each other and but. He was just such an incredible athlete and the thing it and he. And I made these comments when he was inducted crafts do well I say you know war -- it. Catholic guys who. -- -- -- Acura at it it. In my involved there a year too pretty you know. You have the right things you know guys who -- all. At the end I remember when he was a senior and guys who who in the party hard recruiting tool and with that name again have a him again and it's a minute hailed as a -- a couple of years McCain is wanna watch and a after scrimmage. He. Didn't have a good neverland they'll never played the next level. And then -- Lee Corso and say the same thing in Florida State he data -- kind of comment they would talk about like Craig James -- what are the new things coming up these great big linemen and the backs owners -- You gonna see a different thing happens and the universities -- courses none out in the state. The guys at the hall you know Ellison and run about five feet I'll take it up. He did or did it there went to the next level so it is such a great story you know toward in the success they had Andy just. -- focused on the product. Yeah you gain a measure of the heart of a champion and that is that sorry you look like Florida State at Pennsylvania along with -- Atlanta Falcons in. And coach when you look at your your approach. And I thought this is -- him and -- -- when I read this. To coach the child or that athlete. You coach the athlete not the sport in never humiliate. Are we rate yeah athletes as far as the -- to talk about that. And then also. Visit pretty remarkable. That you started the highly successful -- guard -- program. I was reading sixteen state titles. Until by the this with the run that distance and have the mindset and I give up just. Break that down your approach coach and also. -- vs navy coach in a cross country drive badly. Sure what Bobby you know what -- think -- always to -- -- touted talent group coaches -- clinic or anything. As a you know good coaches. Coach good athletes. Great coaches -- to people. An artists that I firmly believe him and we're always trying to steal that millionaire athletes and they. I usually practices it you heard this before but listen to what I'm gonna tell you. You might be the greatest athlete in the world that -- -- -- right -- they've the government that you're at your heart but it. Believe the more you -- be a good person that it's okay you can be a great athlete and a great pars. But it's so important and I really sincerely mean that at any level of sport you know when you played at their past level. And I'm sure you have those guys that you played listed. He would he was a great player but I would go adamantly -- -- -- act like. That's what people remember that you know war and he retired in 2000 yards in jail but. Sometimes you -- comets and they talk about the wonderful things done what you guys. That was it -- have a pretty good football player. They remember more that you as a good person I have a -- humanity in a different homes he's bill. All in all of the fields aquarium yeah all the crap they actually just incredible. Then. You know coach in this writer Dan and distance runners it's those are different type mentality so. You know that you could you could say to edit. Almost any sport you don't go up -- linemen defense July 1 -- position yeah area skill badly that like a little differently and to -- to -- -- spreader the U. You know he -- Kamal forward. -- do the right thing I try to make a sprinter and distance a and some guys will make that mistake or they make them that talent. Into their coaching. But what I'm gonna do it -- whose bosses and religious war -- we're gonna kill all looked. You going to be specific about the in your coach and their ability of the athlete well coached. -- were certainly you've been you've been all those things and simplest and still going strong. Coach Pete -- goes into the Louisiana sports hall of fame. This and I coach -- always a -- congratulates you and your family onus on -- pleasure thank you throwing out all the -- -- -- -- the club with Bobby that's pretty don't I UP -- -- same clothes are go to Asia Boudreau all right we'll come back and ramped up this is sports talk on W did you. Coming up makes it this can show with against the -- allowed -- -- The real Robert Meachem about always got interesting topics topix account now -- -- -- -- saint windy it makes -- at all. I'll cut you facing two big problems right now the surge of thousands. Migrants mostly children a rabbit at all border and a growing crisis in Iraq. What -- biggest concern about immigration President Obama says. It's it urgent humanitarian situation do we care of him or send them back in about Barack what -- sending troops. We're sitting 300 advises it would be ready to take target. And precise military action necessary what would you rather see browsers old. Special forces air and drone strikes or not that. So pickle problems and he was -- -- solution plus will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith say when it comes to -- They don't do promise. The way we deal with that thought here they are responsible for their -- do you agree with this concept or parents -- And Japan's feet by example it is they're different I've prepared for the rich and take this other rich in -- Or rifts like rich people you know they got like an -- and -- yeah and on yeah yeah. My thing whether you agree with -- and now all accounts that timeout. Spanking you know year. Go pick out of suites the middle told me it was the one that you QB yeah insane. What you Wiegert and you've got to -- Joseph you know what what. But that you had to go because we talked to three. It I was like OK what is it that's the whole process that was like I I don't know I don't know I don't wanna feel like I'm old school a big game is so happy I don't -- our room. It make him his feet and you don't do you predicted acquired army -- -- it and I realize now that change yesterday in India you play but I think solve some of itself so what we used to do. Could be fast -- used today. Yet probably as the balance properly present but I don't so extreme one of the other top bubble talk about. Parts of the countries we know planning this the impact of short hours all pro given. What group of government workers will work six hour day -- -- -- a lot of Harris hit it funny Arabic validate. And no work eight do you think companies will get more down with a six Howell worked me. Well that big you that the Europeans. You know vs Americans now we more ambitious. I'd have to say because I know both cultures I've read about this and I've witnessed both of them. You know we call publication of occasion they call -- -- holiday. Bigger a lot more days off that we do and they obviously favor the forty work week vs the five day work week. So I don't know if you truly in a tickle me. Then -- Peter Carter productivity out of the way we're raise our culture right of America because it's all about it listen. If you gonna -- back. And in and maybe after a six hour work day somebody's gonna try and surpassed you get any I'll repeat it worked they now does that. Benefit your life are you happier. I'm not seen as the case. But I'm just telling you that there's a vacuum. Somebody were always trying to overtake you've been out trying to maximize. Your potential with the world. Force all right final numbers of operated jaguar opinion poll online at WWL dot com a Curtis -- Saints now back to sit it on paper he thinks is the best Saints team. -- that this team he's been -- that's sounds about right yeah we're asking what do you go to the Saints this -- with 852%. Of you say Super Bowl. All right that's all right will be don't as a -- started Garcia to Florida is at home yet we're recap all of today's action from the Louisiana sports hall of fame thanks so much that Doug Aaron at least that Babbitt in the great -- Britain for taking care of us all the -- folks here. Emanuel is and also the rest of the house when it goes up tonight. Here in beautiful Beckett is I'm the ability to think so much do you handle all the due to love -- rants on the -- in studio as always saw -- but that cajun cannon Bobby -- it. Well in the legal age all that night people.