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Jun 20, 2014|

Bob always has terrific topics…tonight: Our country faces 2 big problems right now: the surge of thousands of migrants, mostly children arriving at our border…and a growing crisis in Iraq. What’s your bigger concern? About immigration--President Obama says it’s an “urgent humanitarian situation.” Do we care for them or send them back? And, about Iraq…we’re not sending troops; we are sending 300 advisers and we’ll be ready to take targeted and precise military action if necessary. What would you rather see—advisors only, Special Forces, air and drone strikes or nothing? So pick a problem and give me your solution? PLUS: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith say when it comes to parenting "We don't do punishment…the way that we deal with our kids is, they are responsible for their lives.” Do you agree with this concept of parenting? If so, how do kids learn the difference from right and wrong? Should parents teach by example? And, is there a different type of parenting for the rich?

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And welcome to show here's -- RW WL -- -- things like this time of the night that people much prefer talking about just built the lighter things may be some of the more amusing things I guess you get tired of talking about the labels to -- ball all day. So -- Here's what we have this hour we have our -- question of the night in that is what is your. One of your all time favorite movie and -- and we have our big -- somebody pretty opinion poll question about whether discipline children timeouts banking. Or taken away their privilege if you go on line and give me your opinion on that but all so I thought it would be interesting tonight. We all off course were both of -- were disciplined in one way or the other so tell me about a time where you can remember. Till today what you did wrong and what punishment you received we're gonna go to Renee Renee thank you so much for holding on. No problem but the call there's -- in that lineup rocks over the program. And that didn't. Coordinate what boring. -- -- -- -- from -- -- And everything I ever brought -- out of and -- He never would think you'd get here. What -- -- my. -- and I and administer that and by literature. And -- that. But to track I -- there. -- certainly -- just. Now. -- -- -- -- Marsh land. Actually. Allowed to Wear. And Google haven't editor. It would break here. What. -- on the way. -- that was. Yeah that that that that was an incredible movies and we were talking about it during the break it's -- just like that. One of the things my mom used to like to do the mean that just that it's a three year in and in my heart Oakland. We had -- I don't know if whether you're even though is China able tree. And she would tell lead while in the yard. In. It just went and she would say. If it's not big enough. I will on it so now. You try and Tuesday -- Olympic anything to update so you'll pick anything too small. And at that that that indecision on which Wednesday. -- and that was worse than -- but he. My grandma and that will tree and but we're here. You know it like their -- get logged in archer. -- -- And strategic conflict. Can talk and where it can plot. And -- which remain thank urinate. Just go to Brian Brian first of all thank you for holding on personal -- Your favorite movie ending with what. Actually has greatly on -- front in the old movie at The Breakfast Club. Me classic and forget Terry and I have you along hammered the ball they are hazard and things that. The trouble war on. Who had the worst Asia Asia just count walks tall on the football. Is -- that was pretty cool. -- Xiamen is are you talking about. So yeah okay -- -- the -- -- that when it any -- when you said you wanted to mention. There. That the last two movies of the Batman trilogy and he -- -- big Batman Sam. Problem. That our lands they went on that and take it -- our -- that. Yet that was good that was pretty good like that went through. All right now tells about a time when you when you got punished or timeout or banking that you can still remember today. -- -- -- -- -- that ten years ago and it's gotten up off my -- Right around the neighborhood just still mustang and at. -- If somebody basics or the -- -- the order the ball. And. Only then I decided to just ride it right into it break it right and -- -- rat Katrina we have a lot of that stuff so. Okay. Inside. Thanking I am in my hour of the entire day. At standard and -- Candidate that. Ever caught like that again -- who has brought. You know -- all of wine. -- anything else. You know that I'm equipped I'd kind of integrated globalized and the -- -- that that's going to mean that should be some. -- at -- time -- yeah. I don't know I don't know how you can raise young children and say you know would just do what you want near responsible. Forward irrelevant colder. Right so thank you Brian. Our ball all right to -- 78668. -- nine point 78 I'll get to the bones and in just the second but -- We're all we're all sharing stories. That we remember. Being punished and John he's he's the in studio producer answered the phones and keep me on time and I've talked to long. Jon you said you -- one match that that you can remember that happening you when you were growing up. Yeah it was another one this was from -- dentist okay -- -- just once again and we just -- densities. Will hit two televisa. Well back in the days at this time because these components 6 PM. Want to see this little while mom and dad got to art. Day decide -- honest and -- she went into their -- its day. 6 o'clock on his -- as soft and TV. He's he's an immediate models would amount to about my mom my mom was like others run go go. So -- well I don't work Monday at some kind of way. So. A -- and -- working and in my -- watching the same exact day. And I'm working on and working on him and I didn't have my dad actually had that red button area. Which so far. He make these these little markets Wednesday among them rubber Bob home -- A must've gotten really gotten him -- heated seat and it. In one -- swoop he reached down. Grab the market and markets -- straight all -- but with all of his life. They hit him he saw part couldn't cry all -- -- grab my butt. Run down a hallway in B models like where you lose my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm under the desk I'm gonna guess you didn't get a chance to watch does need to know now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's go all the way to Nebraska Michael are you listening. On 870 realist and on line. Well that's on and on page seventy picking you up loud and clear over the years. All right that's that's sounds like WWL. Michael you know you you're you're gonna tell us a little time that you've got punished that you -- -- still remember it today. In now about. In forty years ago probably about sixteen years old and tired I'd bring it up -- And so you know I call it from located grown up where he's at their responsibility network on the or. And I remember -- Friday night I went out the boys. And studio but we were having a few beverages and stayed out way tasker -- Crawl back out about 4 o'clock in the morning and my dad happened to be sitting up in the kitchen and -- and -- are waiting for me. And I was completely shocked. And it stepped -- and tried to hide the fact that at a few beverages. Yeah and it. And he didn't say anything. Out the bad. Dot dot com and I'd get away. An hour later he got knocking on the door to me Annika on alert. And it you know and it about Nebraska in the middle of summer can be brutally hot brutal humidity. And you workspace from -- all of it on down about 10 o'clock at night in the summer time. And that -- -- bird -- Is that Saturday that you're going out and. Michael. Michael you're funny you're funny you're coming out really really bad so. Just comment back and we will love. To to buy it back to okay so to call back of what you the rest of the story of collaboration or Hitler are you tonight. -- -- -- Well I hear one story about the work -- Orton. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you have occasion get caught in a decision what do you do your -- to a little. -- -- -- to the epic of one month -- That may have an upward though -- and so. I don't know YouTube Q&A double real pebble burger -- and intricate. And such were Victor. Got my responsibilities. At home war -- British blood may have doubled drove Porsche. And mark. But not not. With whom you -- expected to grow in front door to. -- mayor to war which. Financial market. -- -- like you Graham on the buried. It. Our border with the -- And I'd be due to equipment and when it Mobo. Yeah. I'm here program. And one we use here. I was my first radio job and white -- always. Like -- -- we've run there winner could be used to make or group -- He makes you make people who -- and that occurred threatened sale yeah. And go to they would -- eat model gone out so well. It's portrait during the about. Well -- that -- You make you while. Get a week. Back with which put you between me and Kate you'll. Oh yeah. I don't I was always afraid that if I didn't get a big enough which I really thought. I thought my mother was Superman putts until the final -- rights would -- will go wild and uproot the entire tree. And hit me with that Larry gets them all the people hold you also show you want. One more thing on paper during the right. Deck of what got my two favorite movie about ticket have been getting work. That doesn't -- okay. Brandon what did you like about with a -- vigil agility in the New -- Blake. All you today QQ okay all right that's what you just getting on -- plane right. In golf he would -- to win. Equipment -- I don't -- -- what. To do want to market ginkgo. All right Larry appreciate your putting an okay. All right well let's go ahead a lot to add one more form girl will go to we'll go to Mary in man little power you married. -- I get to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't actually neck cracked him. Jim Edmonds went out and cancel the the apparently trying to send them again this -- It was a adamant that compiling it. Kabul don't want the -- that means that you would condemn him -- thought it. Patent something. Happened to the corner of the kitchen. Just -- in and do what kind. -- Time I went to that. As you -- -- I am. So it wouldn't open with can't keep 200. Well well well well can you imagine yeah. The duke did you have to lick your lips -- then. God analyst at all. Do you duplicate and -- -- -- -- -- -- Big Dig into account that was -- time -- what the hell out. All right Mary thank you so much okay. All right you know when I was on a program that I was skinny as a rail. And I had to get. Bomb an operation from my -- and the -- told my -- you got to put some weight on. So this in the beginning. Sounded like just incredible. The doctor told my mom. This is true. That I had to eat a pound of candy. -- day. Good -- caller's Amanda would. Make me gain weight pound of -- So out -- I was able to go to the store and pick out all the candy bars and all the K I want. The only problem. Is after about two weeks of doing business. It was really getting old and you -- heart beating and then it was like my mother and can you imagine ordering that kid. To eat in all always candy bar and after that. I went for -- I don't know may be years before I would even though the candy -- All right we have us some lines open let me get to a couple text messages. First. And then oh well I'll give them was logical and blitzes. The Breakfast Club member of the -- for -- was not played by -- -- was played by Judd Nelson. OK well thank you for that. But. The female thank you. Bob the Indian of the original planet of the apes when Charlton Heston plunged the head of the statue of liberty on the beach. And realized the world have been destroyed by a nuclear war that that was a -- and -- Here's what we're talking about tonight. That a fund that this -- went to discriminate people much prefer to talk about simple things rather than some of the problems labor and Fiorina and talking about all all day long so our our light portion of the night is what is. One or two of you all time favorite movie endings. And will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in an interview. Said the when it comes to parity in that we don't polish. The way we do with our kids as they are responsible for their own lives of over consequence -- -- proven they have to deal that was the talk to them about it. Don't know what can agree with that type apparently in and we have -- -- it's heavily -- opinion poll it's always. -- it's. Excuse -- What's the best way to discipline children. Timeouts by eighteen or taken away privileges of a daughter of the interest and for you to think that is there a punishment. That you received as a kid you still remember today I'm Bob Mitchell the poll numbers to secure -- seventy. 8668890. It's -- but he. Welcome back to the show. It's the Stewart show with me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in -- go to get to the folks in just a second. A -- and a reminder of the players always always something new at WW real dot com Wednesday and the more power. Congressman Steve Scully was voted the new minority whip the number three leader of the Republican Party. They just a great title of the minority whip. We have the whole story plus President Obama. This US forces will not return to Iraq but we're setting up sending up 300 US military advisors. In a prepared to target and precise military. I guess that's what element in droves of necessary. Get the complete story and listen to the podcast also the voodoo music festival and a -- out headliner of the Foo Fighters and the outcasts and lowest output as slaves. Today the saints battle OT eight before training camp we have upped the minute strange news and views and analysis then you've got to reads do its latest. A blog about common core is -- playing politics with your kids agitation it's all aligned right now at WWL. Dot com. This hour where talking about flown in -- not so heavy things. Like what is your favorite. Movie and he -- -- all time favorite movie endings and we have our WWL Prodi opinion poll. What is the best way to discipline children timeout. Spanking. Or taken away a privilege and to this day can you still remember. A punishment that you received. As a kid let's go to right now how are you right now. Doing great power in QB do you approve. It's probably worst punishment and memorable one all in line. I'm not burial yet or haven't I acknowledge ET -- -- -- -- yet. I don't want that 37 that would be today -- you take -- years off. So you're only at seven today -- something that your. -- eighteen I was it January. Like your high school -- excited that he'd snowstorm on local not interpret art and -- jury could restart and -- in the -- like -- aren't. And at a lot like to art history -- one of my brother and a couple of girl -- and he says. Albuquerque or 2 AM don't do anything stupid that's gonna get change. Class at 10 o'clock at night. How about it my all the proper early at our door and leaving there he took opera on Earl grant and apparently actor wait you much at night and -- -- my -- -- entirely on to debate it. For the children out the eight at our church. And I knew there was no error an -- it's an -- mother went to date -- to -- -- -- and it out on the on. And I eat and you're not in eagle flight the next month except for public school in a calm while. Oh well I'll TV is not and and not at the end of punishment until he said. Now then there or not and -- Yeah it might be eighteen which is still on Margaret and it's I felt the bell for the -- final spot light. -- eighteen years old and -- Actual war too much about the matter average rate by -- again and I'll remember that even at my age -- -- future economic activity Turks. In at a -- eight ED. You know it and it reminds me of a time I left home when I was seventeen years old -- to get in a radio that I was really fortunate god of Arabia and got -- high school. And went right into radio. Little station and white castle -- he has sort come home on the weekend that remember. I don't live at home of got my own apartment out of town and I support myself right so I come home in the let's spend the weekend. It's Saturday and Saturday night and Sunday with Bowman dead you know bring -- the laundry and letter marshals poorly. And I was going out one night and she said you need to be home by midnight. -- -- -- I don't live here anymore you you can't tell me that she said your -- and under my roof. You come home at midnight well I'll let that go and one the year element to all the other. And I come home I don't know 1130. In the morning and there is my mom sitting in the day and watching TV crying. And she said. I told you to be home I can't believe you disrespect me this -- and mom. -- will live here anymore you can't do this and well you're gonna stay here under -- Rupp on the weekend. You're going to live by my rules and I said. Well then I'll just stay someplace else by now now my dad is up. And as a dad helped me out here teller she can't punish me a -- is now on the team that Belichick can't punish -- don't live here anymore. And he said. Boy. When your in this house you're gonna respect you both to uphold and man oh man Omaha. -- the extent -- that -- that. That -- actually players -- I -- -- -- my -- and I drank it down like a glass of water and that's what really you know set -- that night and that day. I ski and you hit it to Egypt and here even after all my. Ears went out -- -- -- -- and I Wear out the heat bank. But that the law not -- Ali stock or neglect on them aren't that deep budget act and LTT not that I can tell you -- I'll tell help a lot that the government eight mate and he went right I mean no one saint and white at all. You know. Of that that is such an interesting comment because com. I can't remember how many years ago I don't know maybe 56 years ago. I was doing a show on this and I was interviewing a a psychiatrist who was. Who was really against. You know any type of a physical violence or. Physical punishment toward a -- No I and I told her a couple of things that happened in the trees are all you were abused illicit. No I wasn't I said I thank god that I am a mom that did those things to me because otherwise. And every one of ever spoken to who grew up. And where their parents did with the Bible said -- did not spare the rod. Not a one problem regrets that not a one album says they shouldn't have done it and yet yet their Somali people who say. Children shouldn't -- east bank and you wonder why some of them turn out the way they do today. Exactly. And I mean what impact on -- That Al in the street -- -- That make it -- supports my act by act now. You know a party here -- spent and what can act pretty eerie -- and I -- Well I haven't -- -- You know out of my apps aren't you -- immediately act like back in -- but it. And now I cannot believe that the pick out which you know like I. Brought out. He. Aaron and LT parent or make -- one -- -- -- -- I mentioned earlier that I got spying because my mother told -- -- had to give it a and behavior and I got -- -- and -- change -- let me tell you something after she spank me. I'd -- for late eighties and that. Do you have any any movie endings that that you really like. Really -- psychological thriller and one of our favorite. Movie of -- on its -- that aren't granted important treatment -- where they love. He ending. Wedeman has not and visits seven or seven monkeys is something like -- 870 at least and what their track not a serial killer who co operate under the cap and that we -- It's sounds familiar what -- Unaudited and are you haven't seen I'm not sure it sounds familiar some may be -- An outright play -- it's quite the derby and the alternate. How to act at the end like speech he killer captured. One out there and she's pregnant at a prominent bracket now that -- pregnant by -- he had a legal box the healed and drawn carriage hit more intrigue out there and it opens a box of but aren't -- whites. Ever had in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Order to catch it and attach particular prosecutor obviously David Gergen and -- and -- Egyptian that it is. Is -- -- in -- -- it in the and and they'll often in -- There -- Don't go out I -- seven -- -- -- -- looked at movie of child alone Morgan Freeman and I don't think he's an awesome in. Yeah -- -- you'll you'll marry my story. As the a quiet day here in -- -- call today -- All right you -- we're gonna go back to. Michael -- Michael Lee we've lost Michael about twenty minutes ago Michael -- you are or you're calling from Nebraska. Yet confident -- on the via loud and clear over there at the technical back yet right. Anyway after being out wait too late cabinet he drinks at the -- and out about seventeen years old. Which shocked if by Baghdad still sit up in the kitchen like stumbled back in about 4 o'clock in the morning. I thought I got away with it when it Saddam. And then expect about an hour later it will -- out and work out on the farm all day long and 400 degrees he was normal for you -- All the oh absolutely that's what normal word -- wake up 5 o'clock. -- The the -- did he ever say that was your punishment. Are now and we're all being -- to marry older. Didn't think you get it back in about -- which it about 930 to block. And that could be Saturday right now on. An eagle and out tonight that should not -- it actually in it. That that ball but he first set up then. And he said that it. I don't give a crap that you stay out all night and party but yet better rate applicable work day and I never forgot that every my. -- -- work night I always remember that election and that was twenty years ago. Michael I've I appreciate -- phoning in from Nebraska now do you have a a favorite movie ending that you like to tell us about. You know probably. That a molecule Obama an Apollo thirteen. Win at anyway and in the election everybody is excited that they now home lately and this is Canada. American victory moment that just about makes it clear out. Rudd because you knew you knew it actually happened. Yep yep that was just one of my favorite movies and it just one moment every time I've seen it. Yeah about tear up every that we see. Michael appreciate to look into the big gates seventy WWL in Nebraska. Thank you so much Alexy talking about. Punishment and stuff I used to get beat with a frying pan. Anyone else left a hole and -- It's no it is hard as a mom apparently never got -- look for blind man. I was caught skipping school and prodded -- my mom. I was not allowed to attend an invitation only Allstate wire. And my parents took me to school on Monday in May need tell myself. A received two weeks of -- suspension. And missed an amazing. Experience of the -- should talk all right. Let's take a break to 60 late 7866890. It's seventy would have some lines opened the -- Share -- those punishments that you still remembered today. That happened to you when you were a kid. Also when it comes to movies what are some of your all time favorite movie -- I'm Bob Mitchell and pursued the poll numbers 26 -- early 78668. At 9087 ago a couple of lines open so. The whole time will not be long at all. I'm Bob Mitchell and for screwed if you're wondering -- -- groups and Tommy Tucker tune in for some hot topics tomorrow morning. And including your reaction to what we have been talking about that tonight the first part of the show the president's statement on a rock. Awful. -- -- -- -- -- And gun sales were -- wise inflate the hunting. Is today reaction triggered by recent news coverage of the Santa Barbara massacre in the Seattle college -- played. Is it for you will be able to get 1 that's due tomorrow morning in retirement of text about it. But during that last commercials that -- a commercial for bobs but one. Is that your company know. No that's not -- -- are talking about. Your favorite. All time movie ending. We're talking about the best way to discipline children is -- time out spanking. Taking away a privilege. On line 14% say. Time out for 36% spanking. And 49%. Taking away a probe for possibly interest in and in you to this day still remember a punishment that you received. As a kid let's see let's go to two Mary Mary how are you tonight. They need to pay about a -- so my dad got punish. Okay the when he was younger. Boy he looked skinny dipped in India by the gallon and not put -- -- under the law. Wait a minute you're used to -- but he skinny dipping -- all about -- My father once immediately. He was in in nineteen small. Ones. Like I think meet today I. Tell you can imagine him in market panic that background Rondo -- yeah. -- deployed at a popular no clothes on the block somebody not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are they gonna get home maintained you know leaves him. That in camp. Where they had to go running into the mainland. And it -- planned. Went to the moment that. Yeah that. Earnings news neighborhoods. You know. And he with the wind light like that there one area. They more great stories about him. I've always got to guard tentacles go to Patricia. And Mississippi Patricia what's your favorite movie ending. -- movie ending when these settings that first they came in mindless Indian buried. Airlines and nobody puts baby in court. Epithet that the. Yeah and -- about it and Patrick played. So. That that last stand that they and then and then that is salaries. Work it through that movie -- might come on to watch the end. It isn't it amazing -- that there's some movies you can watch over and over and over again you know. Yeah. Minus McClintock would get on the plane and Maureen are. That the one where in their July 4 celebration. And the -- -- Back at -- rebel but that the donkey in the movie and he hit the Indian. And Maureen are at and added planes machine. Romney and I'll say look it's time you'd take care your wife and children who do you. Egos and it will that she brought -- town and and in her. On the where eighteen wondered at that time and the Indians come Argentina an issue in the store she's hiding and a court issued the the higher -- Naples here. Well and it she hit the back there and she's basically. Are these bad. State there are now. -- and get -- and now that she grabbed the back away again and then. It hasn't seen -- his name was. Out on the we. I'd wind up being on nut group and Asia group. Add on in in on. We're stir and in him Mario of course making up and in well. After all right now we also want to tell us about the time we got punished. Yeah. Fortunately I don't have a good story that you figured you're out there as a mom had a good child in one -- grownup. But there was one time when -- that would eight or nine years ago probably demand 45 and we were playing out that we had been shot out in the wrong then. At one and up and down out life and -- and it he was trying to do target HBO. And the debt and Intel once or twice hit the quick -- quit making so much -- War and that night and we're Iran. On an up and now and -- -- it and we -- -- -- behind. And we went to one man in Egypt. It was like -- at the data from the chair. Quite meet our open late. Flight and let me down at that okay what would be quiet. And key. Thank -- -- appreciated so much. Not a lot more. The other night when you actually about marries him and I was the text your dad sent in a bio. Somewhere during I say thank you complain that well that was an engineer -- -- in -- out -- That -- tell -- of that that that that was socially and I actually went home and and I told my wife I said. You know on a -- this text from a woman. There were members of and -- or were watching the that he was there said and we were able to do the story on main. I -- I was telling her the story about how are you are you watched that Newton and yet you watch it all alone now we play the music and brought tears to her are so. You you'd just you'd you'd touched our hearts to -- and a. You do or say thank you very much at that -- and go to. On all around -- the night and at tactic than it would have pounding it and and I really didn't think he'd need to Lleyton. How can you rate gap to -- and still had the radio on and you came on the and I'll let that either. And it and admit a lot that tools and you'd text me back after it said that to her and the fact that your -- made a lot but we'll that you touched rushed to -- night. Thank you Patricia are all right. John Hattig Marco reports like. Very quick all right Jeanne. You have a story about a punishment you'll tell us. And -- an -- -- that I am not able to do you put it. But. What about but I was -- that would -- don't -- model. -- -- -- big an issue and it would be -- since the -- Keep that that -- and you just. Know. All right Jane thank you so much I'm Bob Mitchell in for -- we're gonna come back in the I always like to have something before I go and you'll hear that right after the break with a big -- seventy WWL AM up and then dot job. I'm Bob Mitchell it was good one last a text message worst punishment my husband and ever hand them out -- dollar was to make our huge saints fan dollar. Watched Dallas cowboy. Highlights now bat. This child abuse. All right. Always I have to take and thank John -- -- equipment on him but couldn't do the show he wrote master control left alone keeps me on time. When over reduce the wrong. He always lets me know my headset this election for a slopes on all too much like a goof ball. I would like to give you. You know one last thing. But before ago. And tonight we'll tell you about Francisco Hernandez but dyslexia and Francisco and then guns. Like that was run -- before -- the liberal Mitchell anyway -- Francisco Hernandez. Was on trial charged with vandalism. During the trial in -- graffiti during the trial court officials noticed. Graffiti shore it up but several locations inside the courthouse itself. And officers noticed that -- Bozo. Had even gone so part of put his own little signatures on moniker on the graffiti. Pretty brazen thing to do. Also a stupid thing to do in the court so after tracing it to our Bozo. And was charged with live -- felony counts. The night publisher I'm Bob Mitchell -- we'll see you tomorrow night interest built on the Bill Gates seventy WWL AN FL and dot com.