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6-20 6:10am Scoot, more troops to Iraq?

Jun 20, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot takes your calls and talks about the crisis in Iraq and the heat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- David this morning I kind of saw a mirror image of myself as -- obviously -- my apartment building downtown first of all this is deep pride weekend and again today at the French Quarter was crowded at 4 o'clock this morning what does that have to do over the mirror image your results are about that in just among all credit -- a lot of people out how web serving I saw a lot of what appear to be. Heterosexual couples are really ignited it was at that I saw a lot of gay couples -- -- but the city's very very crowded right now. And I guess it's in part because if a gay pride weekend. But yet it's really -- on Friday morning like this you just see so many people and you know the lucky dog cart is still out at the corner of for Burnett can now out. You know it's cut the kind of like medics. They are they're providing our medicinal medicinal food at that point because you got to get some so -- and if you you know been drinking all night and inevitably it's a little too late to do anything about it at that point -- out -- kind of like the mop up crew if you will you know offering up in the moment but -- is needed just like suggested it. So I saw this clear image of myself and obviously in my apartment building and as I walked out of the door and held the door open for it is. This girl who was coming in. Well not the particular biker girl. Some people might think I don't think arguably knowledge and -- she was -- she was just coming hole she was. -- and -- lipstick on her teeth you know should the red lipstick on Retief -- I was just short sure she just she was just coming home and thinking. She wasn't drunk and we're like procedure shall hold would you say is too strong -- is she generally did look disheveled at all to edit colorful pictures tell you but. I just thought about how. My life is just no routine right now because when I get off to -- show at midnight. And quite often I'll go out to go to the quarter and I'm not coming back drunk but sometimes of coming back at 3 o'clock Communist three hours of on hanging -- I don't know overnight but I'm thinking wait I'm leaving going to work at a time when she's coming home but sometimes that's me silly -- that. Made me realize now. How much I Atlanta routine in my in my life now point yeah. But the quarter is is crowded there were people on foot 4 o'clock this morning so it's going to be of these. And it was hot again yesterday it's gonna be hot again today. How secure some people have to work outside in this intense heat and humidity. Relative funeral yesterday in home and it was it was for a lot of different reasons but also because of the heat it was difficult to be there did you get down on time. That the service it started but I did get their time -- had a chance to work tootsie if he thinks about my dear friend -- on who passed away presents a huge it's it's about an hour and a maybe an hour fifteen minutes -- idea and probably drive that fast. And you got a beta SP mystery -- it is little towns -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's -- you know -- -- very -- area and you know this at this woman's husband mr. Jack I think he's 82. That would -- for 61 year job and a lot so we're driving back from the back from the cemetery. And he's just talking about. How many people aren't home and now and he'd he'd he'd lived at home all his life as far as I know. And so he's seen home changed so much over the years that now home is this big bustling city to yes yes he was accused look at all these people there's somebody. Wasn't complaining it was an observation. And down. I also thought it was interesting that I thought that the unemployment -- home is down to three to 4% yeah it's one of the hottest jobs cities in the entire state. So today on the show we'll talk about how do you deal with the heat. What's the worst part about the heat. And and how to deal with it means it's hot every day this time of the year and it's hot every year. And also and Dave I want you to think about this double talk about this we come and our guys at 630. -- hot a lot. But what's the hottest you ever remember -- users something that stands out in your mind. -- being really really hot and I tiger you're a real good one night over -- after 630. And we'll talk about that on the show today it is there a time -- place would you just remember being extremely hot. Even though it was hot yesterday -- there's something in my mind that stands out as being really hot moment. If you what did you and -- with a comment about anything we're talking about on this Friday morning our numbers 260187. Tool free 8668890. Point seven and a text and receive 7870 here's our WW authority -- opinion poll feel like it hot. Or call. It is your opinion are going to WWL dot com -- -- the Tommy Tucker and will be back. It's a Friday morning if we're heading into the weekend together good morning I'm scoops in the morning in for Johnny Tucker. Here's our -- at Google project -- that you pull this morning the only hot or cold. 50% say they'll like it hot 50% say they'll like -- cold -- talking about the weather or or women or or armed men but that's our our -- do you like -- pot. Give your opinion by going to our web site -- WL Todd Todd. And we're also gonna talk about the hottest we've never do it. And gators have a moment in my life and you know I'm I'm hot hot yesterday you're -- yesterday again today you're going to be out again today. We are hot every time. This time of year comes around but there. Aren't those specific moments when we just remember being so high and David laced details about his moment to after the news it is 630 you know share with you my moment here -- again this moment stands out in my mind is the hottest I've ever been and and even though life pin high at this moment Steele stands out here's attacks. That -- on the way to -- Iraq. Stepping out of a plane in Kuwait. It literally feels like a blow dryer in your face. -- you think about that moment it. It really stands out in your mind as I was really hot even though again we're -- -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- -- Saudi text a -- 7870 years it takes to be speaking of gay pride this weekend as -- gay pride weekend. How about the largest sector of the presbyterian Christians now allowing gay marriage I read that this morning before going on the air. And essentially. The battle to ban same sex marriage in this country is over even though so many people our clinging to it. It's so reminds me of the debate in this country. I guess this was in the late fifties starting late fifties and the very early sixties this debate over birth control pills. There's a debate in this country about what the birth control pills. Should be should be legal. Right there there -- I believe it was the state of Connecticut did ban birth control pills. And it went to the Supreme Court the Supreme Court declared that a ban on birth control pills is unconstitutional. Based on a person's right to decide for themselves. Also in the case of Lawrence vs the state of Texas 2003. The Supreme Court ruled that a ban on sodomy. Is unconstitutional. Based on right to privacy. So with these precedents already set by the US Supreme Court I can't see how the court is not going to ultimately uphold any ban on same sex marriage. Is unconstitutional. And it's just so interesting to me I mean I talk about this this quite often and this is a mystery guy. It doesn't directly affect me except I I like living in a world that is accepting of people. For example. Their company's. Debts except. -- expert partners and you could be buried in another state. And be respected by the company you you work for as a married couple even though gay marriage is not legally your state because this is really about freedom. And it's it's a much bigger issue than just about gay marriage because it's really an issue about. About freedom at about writes in about. Did the moral police trying to be involved in in everybody's life. If you would -- Russia with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's simply text Amber's age 7070 the escrow blogger is about Fox News host. Liberal. Bill O'Reilly said that some of the fox -- news as some of the Fox News host. Our liberal. That's a -- blog you can read it and share with others it's on our web site. It's everything you don't count we're gonna -- -- -- what's Canada -- to do well to be a real traffic update twists -- Robinson. What is a hot issues you've ever -- -- yesterday it was side of me another hot day to day -- -- have a hot weekend. How what's a hot issue ever remember being our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Recently. And a -- -- a series of its sixth hole a 5 a Friday morning we're heading in to a hot weekend substituting for Tommy Tucker here's an update on a -- -- -- a pretty -- opinion poll. Do you like it hot or cold. Right now 67% say they like it hot. And 33% say that like Nicole as I thought it might be the other way around because it's it's so hot I would think you know I would Nicole. Then of course when it's cold and it was it was cold waiting -- that'd it is spring area. This time of year this past year. -- people -- it's too cold or hot and Andy he gets here and and you think they went the other way around. I hear is attacks that reason the hottest I have ever been. The day after Katrina it took me an hour to make my way to open half blocks. To saint Tammany hospital in hopes of finding a telephone calling offered downed trees debris electrical lines. It was blistering. Here is a text -- days after Katrina working as an engineer in the CBD trying to get the building mechanics. On line. Are running flights of -- to the roof. To the basement hundreds of times. No -- to get cool couldn't even shop work. What's the hottest you've ever again and again in a world where are all the time what's what's what's in that in your mind as the hottest you've ever been. Here is attacks -- it reads hot was welding at a power house. Of an Illinois. Other top of the boiler in July. Had -- -- ice vests. It was like a 180 degrees up there. We've only allowed to morning minutes at a time it took -- two weeks to make one -- the worst part of working in the heat. Is being so to your knees in sweat. Before 9 AM. To rejoice in the country and our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Or text and receive 7870. And you detectors I was mentioning. Being an in home. And how much home here's has grown. Not from my knowledge because I haven't spent a lot of time down there but in and being with people yesterday. In Roma who have been their for a long time just talking about how busy home is this text read so Holman has grown extremely rapidly over the past fifteen years. I work here is a beer vendor. And it's always very busy and bustling it's so densely populated that it's been like New Orleans for the longest time in a sense. That it has and east and west side of town. -- -- I noticed I noticed a lot of traffic lights and in and homeless and date. They don't necessarily. Help you get through the city rapidly there there's traffic lights that did it stop before which seems like. A long period of time to meet at one point I thought it would -- time to actually get out. And rotate my tires. President Obama has announced that he is -- dispatching 302. US military advisors to wire rack to deal with the rising insurgency. In that nation and have you noticed that the networks are bringing out these experts. From the past. Experts they were totally wrong. About the war in Iraq. And they're bringing these experts out to now talk about the war in Iraq -- that the crisis in Iraq. I don't I don't get at these people were were totally wrong about this and yet they're bringing him out now to. To tell us what we need to do there. And there's still this tremendous blame game going on their people who blame President Obama because we didn't stay long enough and among those of blaming the president. Dick Cheney and -- a daughter leaders as they have been very public about two criticizing -- Obama for getting out too soon. And Fox News host Megyn Kelly I'm sure she should prize to a lot of fox news audience members this week when chief fired back at former Vice President Dick Cheney. -- blamed the current crisis in Iraq and President Obama and -- she just blasted. Back at the vice president and said. What about. What you said before the war at all of that is in the -- blog today is a Fox News host. Liberal and that's on our website at WW dot com and also as we talk about this bill -- says that some of the show on Fox News. Our liberal. So dysfunction have liberal host is is is Fox News starting to to understand something that we talked about a lot on the issue and on this crucial -- And that is that America is changing. And placating. To the far right. Is not gonna work for the Republican Party and the right and the extreme white ring media darlings. They're stars are fading. Our studio for Tommy Tucker it's 630. Friday morning popular before to the -- -- here's a -- VW real loose updates with basically. It's not supposed to line you. Couldn't convince me yesterday as I was standing outside. But Nicole dawn not -- sport coat and a director a simple. Funeral yeah you gotta do good does it out. It was a lot of food comes at funerals to that was so lots of eating you know but standing outside it you wouldn't have been able to convince me that it was -- already summer the summer hasn't arrived as you say it until tomorrow. David what's the -- -- close enough what's the hottest you remember being in and again if you just joined her show. We're gonna talk about being hide it it was hot yesterday at the last couple of days it's going to be hot again today it's going to be hot week and every year this time of year it gets hot gonna suffer -- hot every day and god bless the people left to work outside indices if you go through your day I take a moment to just say a quick prayer for those people who are actually working out in the heat. God bless all of you war. Either on the job or about to go and job where you're going to be working outside in his seat I hope everybody appreciates what you do. Use every tricky -- hottest I've ever -- I was about ten years old on a cross country drive with my mother and grandmother. There's a three of those to have resided -- she usually was in the navy and in needles. Needles California. The air conditioner broke. While it was a 122. Degrees yes it's a drawing oh yes -- got no problem. You know the old joke about frying the egg on the sidewalk and Dave -- a joke. And we had actually -- and stay over and the the walls. Of the little motel we stayed and were almost pot to the touch them. And somehow we survived they got the air conditioner up and off we went. I've been about a lot in fact my family every summer ticket but the wisdom in this every summer my family took a vacation from New Orleans our summer vacation was to go from New Orleans to thing. X and we drove in a station wagon and we in your connection. And so we're going to not screw with -- -- little children. Go to the hottest part of the -- look forward to for days the only one it was my dad to stop at a motel that at a swimming pools -- map that might take a -- that's always a thing but that wasn't the hottest I've ever been. Members. And maybe it was because I didn't expect it the hottest I've ever been. We're standing in Tokyo Japan. And I we surround the the emperor's palace. And I honestly looked down and I told my girlfriend at the time. I don't understand. Why the scores are not boiled fish. -- I mean it was humid in the and I I really think about it but Tokyo is about the same latitude as is -- as Dallas Texas. So it's it's gonna be on an assumption I just did not know I would expect that -- -- meet with. Standing still and sweat was pouring down and I couldn't I couldn't escape so that's the hottest I've ever there ago yet with your -- Court. And the others don't I don't know how they were at that but they were as sort of round and are did you what did you pressure with a comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas. 7870 it is Friday morning we are heading into weekend must first day of summer and it's already -- Which are -- that you remember being hotter than maybe any other time you can join us then also what's your reaction to our President Obama sending. 300. Military advisors to Iraq. Didn't Dwight Eisenhower's in military advisors to Vietnam. And nothing became -- -- did it I screwed over Tony Tucker will be right back on -- -- WL. It's gay pride weekend in New Orleans this weekend and I I remember the song for the Village People. In the navy. This is from the Village People singing you can be in the navy seal the seven seas being. In the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just go to for Tommy Tucker 6:45 is a Friday morning here's an update on our -- view properties jaguar opinion -- -- like it hot or cold. 58%. Say they like it hot -- -- it's really hot right now. A 42% say they like it cold here's a Texas reads. My ideal weather cold rainy and wind blowing that is both Portland and Seattle. Here's a text the hottest I remember being was after Hurricane Betsy in 1965. We had no power for three weeks we could don't even get ice lived -- no New Orleans and had to go downtown to see years to use a telephone. Here is a text to scoot on marine electrician. And work on ships in the river. I was at the top of the engine room balancing a blade. On a force draft fans. Like I know that is on the temperature was a 130 degrees. People who prefer. This summer obviously have office jobs I'll take -- because I can dress warm. In that I can dress warm in the summer you can't get naked. Are you could get naked and you'd you'd still be hot here is a text about two I racquet about former Vice President Dick Cheney who. If if anybody should keep their mouth shot. About what's going on in my Iraq. It should be Dick Cheney. And he's not he's crawled out from whatever rocky was -- And and he's talking about town the president is is to blame and Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Just fired back at at the vice president that is in the -- blog today which is about a Fox News. Liberal host you can read -- -- with others it's on our website at WW delta account -- it -- it -- -- mr. Cheney needs to be. Nine inserted now into Iraq and I'm being and I am being liberal would probably killed. The young -- and it could've made US energy independent. Here's a -- the hottest I've ever -- was welding. Welding in a steel tank in homer Louisiana in August. And here's a text about same sex marriage the beat presbyterian Christians. Are now changing the definition of marriage within their their denomination. They're changing it to. A union between two people. Not a man not a woman. And also the president has advanced same sex writes as well. Here's a Texan reads of same sex marriage is legal then why not brother sister marriage. Why not multiple partners. Why do you force your moral code on others. Who love each other I don't force -- moral code on anybody. But I don't think anybody should force their moral code and anybody else if somebody wants to have four wives. What's the problem. If it's among consenting adults that's fine brother and sister green but it's just not even a reality minute that doesn't happen. And if it did happen ball I don't know who might -- such as long as they're both adults. So they might have children that look like an octopus I can't like you know I can't explain net. But dislike it and that I I hear it's just stupidity like -- If gays can get Mary put about what about a man and a child would about a man and his dog. Well dog can't give consent. A -- can't give consent. We're talking about consenting adults. And if you look at the -- courts. Are ruling on bans against same sex marriage across this country. Even in very conservative or United States. -- the war against. Banning same sex marriage is essentially over. It's essentially over. As so now what is happening to those who were so desperate to bash homosexuals. Are those who wanna be involved in homosexuals bedroom activity. Again that's the moral police you don't get out of the debt from -- -- in your business. Time they are those who now are trying to use and we've talked about this a lot. You've heard this in the news people are now trying to use their religious beliefs to discriminate against -- -- -- the ban on same sex marriage was a working so now okay -- let's use our religious beliefs to discriminate against gays which is just really stupid because. You can assume somebody's -- they walk into your business. And yet they're people who want to have that right. To make that religious statement about gates. And what people or -- to actually doing is asking the government. To use its laws. And its force. To make a statement about morality. And that is -- -- very frightening thought. If you would like to join issue with a comment this morning are numbers 2601870. To all free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text number is 87870. I -- in for Tommy Tucker 650 here's a Debbie WL traffic updates to our problems. It's 6555. Minutes away from 7 o'clock it is a Friday morning at tomorrow's the first day of summer but Davis felt like summer. In the last week or so it's been very very warm and I do remember when it where it's very chilly actually cold for this part of the country. Earlier this year even getting close to two springtime and that the -- where where's the warm weather it's just it's too too cold and rainy. And I thought you know a lot of people who were complaining about it being too cool are going to be complaining about it being too -- here's our W Google project opinion polls this hour. Do you like it hot or cold there's been a shift in the majority. 48% like it hot 52%. Like it cold give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- count. Also be talking about to -- -- the -- the time we've been talking about that moment when you just remember being hottest you've ever did and there's always that moment that stands out our allies. A -- such marriages that come up oh once again via Presbyterian Church. Is on I don't know all the details on this but essentially they are redefining marriage as a union between. Two people not a man and woman. And the president is also moving forward to ensure. It -- six partners -- sex couples having. Having the same rights. Architectures is a dude this is a morning show kids are in the car I'm very mindful of that by the way and I'm not said anything on the show it -- callers and curiosity among children. And if you point something out to them that maybe you should be pointing out to them that -- -- Of me Europe talk show host for for mentioning things. And if they know if they already know about what I'm talking about then I didn't -- the party now. Maybe from print to school I mean that's right learned about a lot of stuff -- very mindful of everybody's listening. I did the morning shows for most of my career. Here's a text -- you said you shouldn't force individual morals upon one another. But to also say it's wrong to want to keep gays out of -- distances. I feel if we don't want those nasty people around. Why the double standard. Well discrimination in America is. Is illegal. It's wrong. And there were people who fought The Who described blocks. In the same way that they describe -- today. Don't forget that. And that was wrong. Answer was wrong today. If you own a business. You reap the benefits of being in business. And personally I think you should. Serve everybody. And not discriminate. And yet there are people who want to justified -- -- discrimination. I personally. I think that's wrong and again I don't have anything as a straight person having to gain out of it other than living in a country. That is fair to everybody. Here's a text all laws are based. Off agreed morals. It's not moral to murder somebody. So it's against the law. It's not moral to rob somebody. So it's against the law. And consenting people. Children. We see that this is skipping around so it's against the law -- I really don't to. That this is casket. Let me detected but this text is gonna continue so all laws are based off of agreed morals. It's not moral to murder somebody sets against a -- some more rough so as a result well what's the difference. Made -- difference between that. And consenting adults it a relationship. The difference is there's no victim. If somebody is killed there's -- victim. If somebody is -- There's a victim. Here's a text. I really don't let it bother me. That two men or two women who want to share a loving relationship. Like you said consenting adults. Raised by a a -- for version that will continue this conversation coming up right after the new -- and WW.

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