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6-20 8:10am Scoot, crisis in Iraq

Jun 20, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the situation in Iraq and gay pride weekend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we continue to to talk about their controversy with the crisis in in Iraq in particular Dick Cheney who is. I don't telling us what we should do and Dick Cheney is very critical of of this president for pulling out too soon went. Now a lot of people could easily blame it Cheney uses Defense Secretary and the bush administration for -- going there in the first place under essentially false pretense despite. This this is such a political game now that -- people who want to defend. The Bush Administration by blaming this president so it's we're gonna continue this conversation. I wanna take a moment because I've gotten a couple of text David asking me if I admitted to missed on his funeral yesterday. And I ideas as soon as -- got off the year went to with a homer and this is a person that I've met with in the last two weeks that I had a chance to speak briefly at her funeral. And just in a very brief period of time scientists are three times but we made really quite a connection. And one thing that I loved about her like I said -- the service yesterday. Wise I mean here's. Here's a very very strong Christian here is a woman who is -- politically conservative. She and her husband. And they really disagree with me. Lot of issues but it was a woman who somehow saw. The armed opinions and saw me for who won once as a person. And I think that's a great thing for us to try to do with each other and try to see who the person -- -- not just judge somebody by their political ideology. And that was a wonderful lesson I learned from her also she was so positive about. About it about dying she thought it was a blessing because. Because god had brought all of her family and friends together achievements and like I got to meet you which you know I didn't think was special but it apparently wants to hurt. Her daughter told me that when she was in the hospital and away from her radio she said I missed my scooped. And she just wanted to get back home where she could I guess you could it was a hospital as well but it was a tremendous compliment -- even though. It was a very brief meeting in my life if she will always be with me you know people touch our hearts but some people leave their fingerprints. Yeah she left fingerprints on my heart and such are very short period of times yet so I think the example here is. And don't be afraid to take a chance with somebody you know just follow your instincts and it's something tells you to respond to something or somebody. Do it because you don't like the spontaneous and we never know who we're gonna meet or what impact somebody's gonna have on our -- since it was released. It was -- experience and I'm not sure missed on his Washington show this morning and have -- she's sleeping late because I think I slept late and haven't America's got yeah -- like to thank you you little break yeah. It if you're at your morning -- -- -- obviously played in heaven I'm sure he could sleep later and it. If you gonna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601 -- celebrity toll free 8668890. We simply text numbers 87070. I'm meg and Kelly from Fox News put him former Vice President Dick Cheney in its place a comment about Iraq. We'll talk about that also Anderson Cooper had a Richard Clarke who worked -- with Cheney at the State Department treaty was a secretary defense. Our Richard Clarke. Wonders why anybody. Would pay attention to anything -- hypocrite Dick Cheney has to say. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker. We'll talk a more about this coming up here in just a few minutes is going to be another hot day it was hot yesterday and yeah I was outside of the funeral and cemetery and it's not fun to be there anyway but what made it even worse was originally thought. Which of the source alone food after after funerals -- to some degree it's a it's a celebration. This is gay pride weekend in New Orleans it's 813 skewed if -- Tucker and we're coming right back after this break it to be to -- The controversy over what to do about Iraq continues at the president announced yesterday that he uses sending about 300. On military advisors but you know military advisors can fight as well. I don't think this is gonna happen but I believe it was president Eisenhower who first said military advisors to Vietnam. Hoping to. Consult with the south Vietnamese to stop the spread of communism from north Vietnam to a south Vietnam of course you know what happened here. Our Richard Clarke is Simonyi who is a very respected him with the State Department and Reagan administration. As with the State Department to. With George Bush senior. And George W. Bush also. President Clinton retained and is it really respected guy who knows a lot about terrorism and one of the thoughts wise. You you do remember the first gulf war. In in 1991 there was talk of OK we've we've we've finish our job we've got the Iraqis out of Kuwait. That was our job. Do we march on Baghdad. And the feeling at the time flies in and Dick Cheney was all part of this in Richard Clarke which part of this -- the feeling once. That Iraq would have been broken into three parts. Sunni Shia Kurdish. And if they knew that then. They had to know what in 2003. But Karl Rove the architect of the Bush Administration. Was not secret about the fact that he wanted George W. Bush to be a wartime president. For the election in 2004. In fact he said da -- to the effect. It's you know that -- Clinton used it's not the it's -- it's the economy stupid that was kind of a Clinton phrase. Well they were talking about how it's on its terrorism stupid. And there -- there was little doubt that Karl Rove wanted bush to be a wartime president so. Did we go into why do we look for reasons as a country do we look for reasons to go into Iraq. Richard Clarke who worked with Cheney says he doesn't understand why anybody would pay attention to him. And I just think it's laughable. That the former vice president has crawled out from under his rock again. And is now talking about mistakes in -- so I called the -- early I think they made a great point. Dick Cheney talking about what's wrong in Iraq would be like. Ray Nagin coming back and done being a commentator and asked what do we do to make New Orleans a better city -- from Slidell Mitch you're on WWL. -- -- Sorry about you and Donna. -- -- -- a guy I knew that when I I met her but she's a wonderful person and I know where she is now and machine to right. She's looking down on. And so I don't get too much into the political part of this conversation but I just got -- got -- about an hour ago you talk. Weapons of mass destruction. A little bit on the -- laughing about it a little bit and I called it. Moves up. -- -- the reality is so funny. Saddam Hussein was not rack right. Correct yeah and that's what winter we witnessed to by -- and then at 8 o'clock. The national news said that the armed insurgents or whatever call. Had taken over our chemical weapon after. Well wait a -- What does the chemical weapons factory not weapons of mass destruction. Yeah I would fix you won't abide that but the questions. We didn't find him there. Why did we find them there was. What Saddam Hussein's smarter than the US military may well we worked we were to infect. Whereas Colin Powell right now he's nowhere to be seen and he left the Bush Administration not long after he made that plea to the United Nations to Americans and of the world. That we needed to go in there and I think that there were people in the Bush Administration. That. That content. Colin Powell who at the time was the most respected American -- according to polls. And I think he was embarrassed by that speech so. The premier's -- we didn't go in and and capture the weapons what would agree there is now -- that's -- not the point. Go to like disagree I think that I personally there was weapons of mass destruction. And -- But the same on the day up ten apparently incident -- still. Because they're popular here that they took over early -- A chemical factory. Yeah it's it's it's it's -- -- well instantly and parent. I believe it's an old weapons chemical factory but I don't know maybe some chemicals. 2000 or not I'm looking like a target market and political. Point of being the critical point called simply -- What I -- a lot of people 50% of Americans slapped a ball abuse and be -- for George Bush and Dick Cheney and Colin Powell. But yeah apparently this bill. Mr. -- calling got to get to a traffic update here I'm not laughing at any -- and it it it shouldn't appear that way. It's it is is a very serious. But. We didn't accomplish. The goals that we were. Told we were gonna accomplish. Soul. That was. That was a mistake it was a mistake to try to sell the American people -- going to war for weapons of mass destruction and yet we didn't find him. And we were not seen as liberators. And look at Iraq now. So did the original or really helped. I'm -- him for Tommy Tucker a 21 here's another WW traffic update with Gerald Robinson. I think this is exciting. Of course early in my career sampling music doing this good in the morning show. I remember. Think these guys an awful lot of this is one of the songs ever played very early in my career. Crosby, Stills and Nash. Are going to be together. At this anger theatre. August 23. Is that not going to be great setting to see Crosby, Stills and Nash. Tickets go on sale Friday June 27. At 10 o'clock. At Ticketmaster. And there's something really still. Very very comforting about the fact that these these people who -- Woodstock these people who were part of the -- that the pop culture years ago. There's still performing today because the adult generation at the time that this music was coming out the -- this was a passing fat. And that it really wasn't gonna last in my my father was which part of the generation who thought The Beatles and all that stuff was just a passing -- But it's great to see people like to still perform and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Singer theatre August 23 tickets go on sale on Friday June 27 at 10 o'clock at Ticketmaster. From the minority David your WWL. I get more. Recently -- just read on the Internet -- that was the nation mother Jones they actually put their debt on not children. Because little Lance to war. 46. Each each child -- at least 46000. Dollars in debt. But yeah I wondered if being involved in these -- these wars it and -- and bush was involved in some of these decisions I wonder if this is done anything to our national debt which seems to be according to many just Obama's fault. We -- let and it is my point -- retired numbers person and when people came into my place of business. And we hit the breakdown fine. A lot of people on the stupid enough I think that would be mean -- stand number. But. Ought Cheney and bush made twelve years ago. Decisions -- You know at this -- but walker got behind the war. You know you just -- -- Egypt can't print -- Yet -- Now. -- and sample return to put people out -- and it's not stupid. And again I'm not make -- on. -- I'm number -- it's a -- well. Okay this public let's say today you need to call in your -- said he used car lot. And it caught sales. That this night claw its 101000 now. And I can get it that your you can get you got good credit. But -- twelve years you've got it in the 2000 now Lamar. I. You know. -- David thanks for calling you know I'm I'm challenge with numbers seller Rasheed to clear -- -- on some New Orleans Greg your WL. -- -- come from yet and he you know what to talk about war. Shouldn't Obama and weapons of destruction you know that the series. Iraqi -- Short shouldn't chemical weapons on the old people just six months ago. Probably more weapons of mass destruction. And what is this big budget George Dick -- -- this group now visit. Portland Guantanamo. And when he walked out of the gates and what he's at the so it was -- -- -- -- New York. You've just got access now this. You get access. -- what about politics is -- temple full program for actually you can pick holes in the New York. People need to realize Republican Democrat independent. What are your state. Black white American Indian this has all four bit bit toward collapse not pure -- years but two years to do. This is awarded these people or -- the end. To complete its spades the cattle of Americans this a bit but did not immediately. All they understand. It is holy war amnesty and it is death -- -- Pakistan. Then try to reason with the trying to either or and that Obama do now it didn't work. Don't do it right I agree with you don't think we can be their friend and and when they're willing to sacrifice their lives in the form of suicide bombers which is equivalent to the kamikaze pilots it. -- forward to -- with Japan. When wind -- one of the things that we always had going for Alice in the Cold War was that the Russians didn't wanna die. And yet. There are people who are involved and it's Islamic Muslim extremist. And militants and dying is honorable so if you can't hold somebody's life. As part of the negotiating tools and how do you negotiate with them. Not just you can't you can't negotiate with -- again it's called a halt political outside. These people view this whole war and they're never gonna get and at all in the stands and the war will go on. For the next fifty years or seven years and years. -- don't -- truth -- what you look. Craig I'm going to call it and the disputed that area goes back thousands of years. And America is slightly -- 300 years old. I'm still for Tommy Tucker it's 831 were coming right back with more your comments here's -- deputy if you will news update is deeply that we're getting it right back to more -- about the growing crisis in Iraq -- the president sending military advisors there. And -- the game of politics that is now part of this whole discussion. Is it Bush's fault is it Obama's fault for leaving too soon and what in the heck is Dick Cheney doing talking about any of this because the Bush Administration was so wrong. About the reasons for war. In the first place will get back to that in just a moment. David you've seen this this phenomenon to witness. This handsome felons -- mug shot -- going viral on men. -- -- the guy's name is Jeremy Meeks. Thirty years old a felon. Arrested on five weapons charges in 11 game George -- guard and when that when the December Cisco police department. And it has set up a FaceBook page in march of 2012. They would get reaction to the pictures that they would post this is gone viral. And received more than 30000 lights getting comments praising his high cheekbones his chiseled face. And it's incredible blue -- -- wouldn't what do you tell you about people. I just I don't know you know women I mean you -- aren't we had some of the comments that are you know from just people on the street and and some of these women were like inviting this guy to there home and they wanna marry him. He's a good look you wanna Marion -- and know them he might be good looking bodies of selling yen on topic last. It's you know the same thing when you know when. Richard Ramirez. Of the Night Stalker was locked away finally and convicted. There were women that wanted him to get married and and he would get all kinds of correspondents on. Hey you'd gotten eight so what do we think they can change well he's a native got his -- out as your range of public human nicer guy -- good look at them. But this just goes to show you the the human instinct to like bad voice yeah and pretty things. -- pretty if you if you pretty -- about what you can get away with compared to a year if -- ugly. It's true. If you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early seven Texas 877 is a 41 I'm scoot it for Tommy Tucker. Got a text a moment ago saying white -- say that core roles. I had a strategy to make George W. Bush. He wartime president. We'll talk about that and I'll get to more of your calls when we come back on -- WL. Foo Fighters are going to be one of the headline groups at voodoo music fest. This year 2014. Foo Fighters are going to be they are -- hip hop duo Outkast. Head bangers -- year. Their early guys that's not my genre but they're very good as -- going to be here thirty seconds to Mars. Rise against a world nation I'm like that band and trombone shorty and Orleans avenue. -- music and Arctic experience runs so Halloween October 31 through. November the second to those being nice and cool for that and we've got the the full article all the information about it. The headliners on our web -- right now -- WL to account -- studio for Tommy Tucker -- -- was the first day of summer it was hot yesterday as we hot again today. Well -- gets hot this time of year. Here's -- WW a party your opinion poll do you like it hot or cold. And I guess that to be the weather to. 45%. Like it hot 55% like it cold give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. Apparently -- -- at the the front desk here at WWL. Received a phone call from somebody saying that I need to stop bashing bush. I'm not bashing bush. Just talking about the observations about the war and to why we went to war and the disappointment that. We the American people were told one thing and it didn't turn out to. To be true. For New Orleans Theodore -- under the WL. Sure the Euro. Currently. Who spoke out on our best structure to Iraq. All. Its other structural. -- -- speech will not structured and Altria. Shall. That that was trump war. Not -- action. Should be our. -- -- Is social. Order. Our troops went there in the spirit alive. In a wall for no reason all in -- coal industry -- Obama is Vietnam. Track friendly with insurgent. Are just a quorum. And shall only. Archery social trend of the we were very. Church. Are sure also to put pressure on all should know perhaps a bit and nickel back. Theodore. That former Vice President Dick Cheney. Is talking about. How Obama has made a mistake with the crisis in Iraq when. They made a mistake in the beginning and really almost by their own admission. And and meg and Kelly Fox News host put vice president Cheney in his place yesterday which was I thought was an amazing thing and I'm going to call the show. So I got a text at all to go from -- and you you can see the Karl Rove wanted bush to be wartime president I remember being on the air and and prepare for show is. And I don't remember exactly where I ran it but it a couple of different places where the the feeling was the strategy is. Bush needs to be wartime president because it will be easier to have him reelected in 2004. Now the information on him most recently received is from the New York Times dot com it's an articles it was -- published may the tenth 2003. And it says that and there is no doubt that mr. rove served notice to any and all democratic challengers. That. Feeding the aura of a wartime president. Which has been bolstering mr. Bush's standings in opinion polls by fifteen points or more would remain. His campaigners first priority. Across the next eighteen months. If you enjoy this would comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which every tax is 87870. A scoop like today is titled does Fox News have a liberal hosts. Maybe there's certain testing going on Fox News you might wanna read that is it's an interesting information. It's on our website right now at WW real dot com again nearly there angrier or disagree but it's there for you to read and share with others. This Fox News have liberal host that's what's bill rightly says and we talk about it and block. I obscurity for Tommy Tucker it's 8:50 on Friday morning and here's another WWL traffic update. With Gerald Robinson now here's a song that we play to peace -- Jordan FICO. Shelden Williams our studio producer there -- that there dancing like I add that Jordan has some kind of -- kind of relationship with this song and he wants to play every time we. Every time irony here. -- -- in four -- Tommy Tucker. I interesting bits this controversy over the war -- -- does it does continue and there's still controversy over weapons of mass destruction and why we were there in the first place. From New Orleans might you inevitably you well. Are. More Iraq. -- Bush would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The terrorists. That com. -- You know. -- war. Well when we say that Mike I wanna be careful. And I I don't want to diminish the jobs that our military did and continues to do there. Now it it's it's kind of like the Vietnam war in you'd ever want to feel like are your soldiers died in vain. They did what they were told to do and their brave soldiers. Those are -- -- I'm not saying that you're saying that but we'll -- when we talk about the war I just wanna make sure that we're clear about this we do talk about the fact that. Navy day of the war in Iraq was a mistake or was it necessary for the reasons that we were told it was necessary wanna make sure that we respecting the fallen soldiers and and those injured. In the same way that we do. In Vietnam. It -- not in the right it made it in the right action but they those soldiers did what they were asked to do. You are absolutely. Truck. -- almost a word. Or murdering -- there. Are -- -- -- -- It never. Were saying -- are doing their are forward but those who were up. Yes don't treated destruction. I. Appreciate you take a technical our show thank you for the servers that you gave to our country. You know I wonder if you think about tennis. Vietnam. Think about the Vietnamese that are now in America. Think about the Vietnamese. Individuals and families. That are part of American now. Think about World War II. How we felt as a nation about the Japanese. Think about the role they play an American now. The Germans. Is the day going to calm. When we are friendly with our current foes. Is the -- gonna come when we embrace. Those we're fighting now in the Middle East. The way we embraced. Vietnamese. Japanese. And Germans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because we certainly felt the same way that we feel about that terrorist. This country felt that way about Japanese. But he felt that we about about Germans during World War II was felt that way about Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. And look how things have changed. I will continue to talk about it but also in the next are -- have a little fun it's a Friday. An -- talk about. Your acts. If you -- appearance but -- -- Chris Martin had a conscious on toppling. But they still live in the same house is that something that's gonna work it could you spent time with your -- he's still have a good relationship with. Any directions I'm student at Tommy we'll be right back into the -- well.