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Is Jimmy Graham a tight end or wide receiver? Every sports analyst and Who Dat in the nation is having the 5 million dollar debate. Does he deserve a $7 million or $12 million? Join Angela with Kristian Garic, T-Bob Hebert and Doug Mouton. The NFL Management Council, that represents the league’s 32 teams, contends Jimmy is a tight end, which would earn him $7 million this season, if a long-term deal isn’t worked out by July 15th. Graham’s camp argues coaches used him more like a wide receiver in the team’s offensive strategy, therefore he should be paid as one…which would garner #80 $12.3 million dollars under the franchise tag rules. So is he an All Pro Tight End who deserves top pay at that position? Or is Jimmy Graham a wide receiver? You be the judge!

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Knew it was going to be another gorgeous day walk out of my apartment now I know we continue to be very lucky it's warm but it's beautiful. Nice breeze hope you're having a wonderful thing. -- we're gonna have three very interesting hours and you're gonna love this first let them get back to. Our second one a little more serious were talking about homelessness. The victories that have happened. But what is happening underneath expressway. People very concerned we're gonna have to people who were formally homeless in and we're gonna have some residents and business people who just want it moved. Also on our third hour we're going to be talking about we're all talking about quality of life issues well the legislature. Did something that may make a difference because they have now. Officially doubled the fines for various ordinances in the city such as. You know as heavy trucks that are ruining your house those kinds of things or. You look at the dirty T shirts. Vile language in the stop shops now it's going to be a thousand bucks so it's gonna make a difference and we're gonna have people on both sides talking about it. But my first hour. I knew when I woke up this morning. Life was because I was going to be able to look at Christian care and T bomb. And here the melodious sounds of Doug -- who was on the phone. Yes I really mean I woke up I felt good. Because these guys are gonna be here and you know what we're going to be talking about is Jimmy Graham the tight end or -- -- either. Every sports analyst at who -- nation is having a five million dollar debate does he -- seven million. Or twelve million I say why -- you know. We'll soon find out as -- going into grievance hearing is scheduled for today but for the NFL management council. So British your vote go give us a call 2601878. And let us now. And by us that's what I really mean. Sports central hair in the studio. Kristian garic antibody beer and on the phone sports director WW LTV and dear friend -- in the time. I love you guys let's just cut to the chase after our first I want your vote and that's also our. Are -- -- opinion polls everybody can vote on that is Jimmy Graham tied into -- -- tested at W Omnova cup okay Christian your first. He's neither he's he's a hybrid a man he's he's unique player and that and that's the trouble. The -- right now with a collective bargaining agreement is speeds based on the snaps he's lined up. At wide receiver vs tight end but. Today in the NFL a -- like Jimmy Graham a player like Jimmy Graham is almost like -- us a slot receiver there's a difference between Reuben Randle. And Larry FitzGerald. McCain is a reason that they did have a different skills that Jimmy Graham has the his own unique skill set that he brings to the saints offense and he's -- Drew Brees said it best the couple months ago he's a hybrid truly. And how do you define that in SE BA and the players are a bit of trick bag here because of the fact that. It's worded that way but then how do you define him and I know. The counter arguments are going to be okay -- broke all these records is tight and he's gone -- -- of tight end but that's because you have to have position there's no. These so if football is no hybrid. Get dates back or whatever but his note by definition. I think they could split the difference the five million. I think I mean -- if you didn't. As far as what it's saying should pay Graham yeah I think ten million a year. Is about where. Graham should be slotted -- -- kind of precedent that's been said to Michael Finley. Odd couple years ago they were saying type situation they were trying to franchise tag him. And he was going to appealed to target -- wide receiver and they ended up splitting the difference -- -- eight and two year deal based off of that but I just think. All the pure production alone Graham deserves at least ten million a year he needs beehive state that it is. He's performed at the highest levels over the last three years he's got more touchdowns. -- any other player in the NFL I think he's fourth or fifth in yards and he's right outside to Upton gets that's wide receivers. Tied in anybody to the productions -- Graham is. A hybrid like Chris was saying but. As for as the NFL management council decides we tied in -- wide receiver. Eight. I see both sides I think both sides have very valid arguments but because. Of the language in this CBA. And I can't let -- do you have to designate position I'd be dead tied and will end up being what they rule but like Christian said -- do you believe there's a problem with this TBA as it needs to -- To match how the game's evolved with his new. This new type of player like Jimmy Graham Gradkowski. -- Jared Cook some of these more athletic pass catching tight ends. -- And first of all we -- ideal way and you one would be cry I believe ago. Like to does that you'll be rule the height and the reason why Jimmy Graham has the skills that these. Probably the most athletic. Tight end in the you know now there are also. Yeah I mean any help teens -- they're tight end and that it expects. The number. I. Am. Mostly war. What's the most that it has done it for years were burned. There -- a lot of guys who do what you -- grand. And all call right and to -- Just the evolution game that game because more acting game it'll be eighteen or twenty years. That's how moderate -- and or use and the genie granted you agree with Christian -- deal. The wait. Is clean -- neat. Many and a real teams split their tight ends just like that and all these people -- wide receiver. By that logic you the call me. Up the starting tight and Indian sail wide receiver. The media they'll go one way. Street screw the that the detonation that patent five million only much bigger question is and the -- and come to a long term deal. On July 15 deadline much more important. -- -- Obviously when Jim Moret in the year you want to be here. And clearly -- mean -- Standard. Would be lower salary for him UT where. Or upbeat about -- easy being green couldn't disagree with that more you know such tiny window and Ian bell. Got to try to make every penny and because it's. On The Who knows it could and soon our. Hopefully -- structured or had beaten but. And you call someone trying to make money and he's clearly been. Grossly underpaid yes. -- a year. Really. The result -- surprise. Well as far as grossly underpaid and I get that argument. But at the time he was an unknown so that was on the front and so that was a contract he was given as a third round pick now. But he did play right exactly I didn't go it never let out tons of players -- out to players try to get extensions. Early and Graham kept his head down for four years. And he fulfilled his contract like you're expected to any -- -- YY all do and that's why are you worried with all this drama they you know -- go hopefully. There's not too much of a rift greater too much ill will created because. It's it's human nature I think anybody in that situation would feel little slighted where you know you feel like you put in the work. And -- numbers to back it up two sides you know to have earned it that long term deal. And -- here you have the team that you've been playing for the job to make you play at a reduced franchise tag price for one year now. -- still think they get a long term deal done if I had to choose but calm. I edges I can't ignore. The may be possible damage that relationship especially if they don't get -- and he is on course to to play under the franchise -- actually hear it would be bad. You know I can see other debates coming up I'm so glad we have Robert -- on the line we're gonna get to them we're gonna take a break guys and we're gonna come back. And you bring up a very interesting thing he fulfilled his contract and have a question we all that yes that's right big effort will be right back stay with us everyone Robert and Joseph look at future. Christian parents keep Bob -- -- does move on belonging about you've got it Jimmy Graham hopefully they're going to the process right now probably take a day or two do you think. I think -- is -- the hearings going to be about two days and you'll they like the rule on these things on a Friday. Sunny by the end of this week. That's that's when you'll keep your difference coming here a ruling on whether. He's considered as a tight end our wide receiver and I think T about a -- right at the end of the day it's gonna be -- in -- -- decided in the but right now if your Jimmy Gramm's camp. You're given up any leverage to get a deal done now let's see with the arbitrator says and see if you can roll the dice a little bit. You don't losing then. Yeah. Let's go -- Right Joseph in Metairie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We slowdown and we haven't I'm having a hard time understanding you. -- You -- it. Will be okay. -- -- It's to particular. K okay -- can appeal K okay. And it wouldn't it. And council. -- -- -- Doing their ruling but in the end of the day just to be honest with the this is going to be a moot point. Go live -- detained by July 50 they're gonna work got a long term contract. -- I've seen this movie play out two years ago we Drew Brees it's the same thing they're gonna. Action I mean deadlines are action in the NFL we have a deadline they'll get a deal done period and that's where it's gonna work at an act -- I do we account from the you know with the -- The appeals process but. Guess what they're gonna get a deal -- And and whatever and whatever side loses. This first part. Before the other side has. -- more bargaining power what you go through the appeal process yep he has ruled like the used to and so and long term negotiation and equal the tight end. Jimmy Graham can appeal and it certainly at saint the. -- to a long term deal. Your confidence from both sides that it's gonna get on all until it's gone. It's hard to believe. You know people. You know can get on TV. Before you really believe that we haven't seen it yeah it must -- continents. All we will get there. -- the national something and this is my ignorance but why is there such a big discrepancy. In how much the individual players are paid for the position. Why is wide receivers so much wide receivers generally. -- regionally produce more as far as yards catches touchdowns they have that kind of noticeable impact just wanna hire. Paid positions whatever reason don't -- -- -- they're looking at production going back to what Christians and and this is a hybrid is the NFL as it evolves going to acknowledge we have a new position to have a hybrid. Yeah to have that's like T Bob said that this TBA is a little bit archaic in that regard. It's not caught up with the waiting game is play once I worded may. It is what it is interesting thing though they did dig it I don't know what it's like to amend the CB AC of you are keeping. Ties it tied in designated. Tied into Mars is hard to keep the position. Designation one way for that title number drove it is for these hybrids items designed big contracts and this is art and that's the first step and that of grandsons in million a year. The next big -- and we'll get a little more than a little more right. And then before long your top five Italians. Are making ten million now the question is. Will wide receiver raids that same rate is against -- and -- -- right -- intimacy. Play the -- the franchise tag works if you. Make someone your franchise player you have the right to -- that anybody on the scene they get paid. And average our top five salaries at that position. We'll be in Cuba and the tight and which you do all the tight end and yet felt the top five those tight ends. Cheaper and -- an average that out where that seven million dollars comes -- and would -- -- and what their true. Jimmy Graham being tight end is good for tight end India. Yeah because he eventually he will ease the ball so key. -- -- -- And that ten million dollar a year deal then Britain. I didn't get the franchise tag on what seven million average -- to eight or eight. And just -- the top five wide receivers or guys like Calvin Johnson who -- -- or the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it franchise. -- the top spot so yeah -- -- in the east all tied in real change. It in the nation that franchise tag teams may -- less likely to call it tight and -- franchise player to management that an -- billions last year. And I will say this album are only human on these wide receiver contract is. All the wide receivers here in the thirteen to fifteen million dollar range haven't really. Necessarily made that contract worth it for those teams I think teams are getting a little more hesitant. To kind of break the bank on the wide receivers and he had no they don't wanna go too far over that ten to twelve million dollar mark so I'm. I keep an eye on the next major free agent wide -- keep an eye on what he ends up signing for. Walden and I think the reason why -- that -- a premium now -- you right. But that the reason why I think -- are such a premium now guys like Jimmy Graham Vernon davis' Sandra. Is because the rule -- we've seen over the last decade that favors the offense to game is played a little bit more. Down a seems that -- Houston then you got played. On the outside of these wide receivers and that's why I think you're seeing so many more tight ends are so much more minutes has placed on the tide in position. And in -- right it's an average of the top five salaries -- your position or 120% increase from the previous year's salary whichever. -- one are pretty opinion poll it is 81% say Jimmy Graham is a tight end. 19% might perceive puck so that's that's a pink yeah yeah yeah. And our caller Robert real quick before we got the break Roberts Lake Charles. Are you today you know watches joked that he killed read and enjoy and like to say that -- is tighten peer. And the thing about it is the detail as the cat as a copycat league. New England play. And Seattle middle of the plate and they need to do is money they can be made that -- and a highest paid tied intimately. And I -- told him going no problem. Because. Hey it's going to be a different story a problem that -- -- without game is played an -- came. I'll lie but. I just don't think that he is the cabin down some in those guys get the kind of money that and that means I've received. Robert but he's out he's yeah I mean he has Al produce a lot of those wide receivers -- he's -- more touchdowns over the last three seasons and everybody including calendar to. 215. Assists 215 of his three and one career receptions have gone for first now I have to -- and on top of that. Yet last year some teams a couple of teams the patriots shut them out. OK but. Not everybody can can do that not everybody has the personality that matchup and it's not heard an ass and other weapons yeah they have other weapons and compliments this year. Hitter -- you do everybody kind of wants to ignore that that plan planet that you guys is. Nothing to mess and I can tell that from us here it is. It makes it harder to run it makes you do anything -- makes it hard to get any power into the ground to the fact that he still caught. Was -- sixteen touchdowns last year produced at a level that he did while playing their injury. All on the last year that now bears will -- rookie contract. He's pretty -- You know -- we're gonna take a break Robert I appreciate -- Billy stay with this let's go to the newsroom and we'll be back with the guys right after this. We're talking about Jimmy Graham going to the grievance hearing process. Is it going to be twelve million is -- going to be seven million is it going to be something in between we've got the experts Kristian -- Tia Bobby beard Doug -- on. Something experts that you are the expert who -- -- to life. The sports experts what you all talked earlier about Jimmy Graham. Fulfilled his four year contract to make huge amounts of money compared to what others and yet remember yet this umbrella turned might have been a lot money yeah exactly people get mad but. Yeah I think about holiday -- level right. So world they live and so he did it. And yet we all know that once he signs of -- assignment every -- That the NFL and just dump them. Yet -- and that doesn't seem as well now it's one more. It's not fair I think in you know today in the sense of the word like as far as what's doing what you -- getting what you are doing the right thing for someone because. When you look at the players are expected to fulfill their contract to matter what it's as a matter what it does players should keep his head down doing yet management. The NFL owners any time. They want they cut you they drop you that's like these contracts are we so heavily back loaded. With money as you salary rises and that's why you always you're always told look at. Just the guaranteed money because there's no guarantee. They're gonna see those last couple years even if you -- at the last couple years you renegotiate. They take money from you so it's not fair but it is the way it is and can't change because in -- -- I don't think about it you know money to hear what Robert Wood and a New England. And being able shot and he's like eight. There are a couple of factors. In Jimmy currency -- -- eight. There a Christian that -- was too -- -- -- incredibly unique personnel and they were shut -- a lot of teams. I think the most important act would be to step that person games and never will be right. -- the most important factor is Jimmy Graham was all the credit to speak your -- yes. That is. -- lead. Game play and against you meet him and no one else Jimmy scrambled. Them. A sort of a lack. Dean or acres. In and that. He's a good against Jimmy Graham now obviously that's the problem that the saints saw an actual -- they took -- -- in the first round began died who could stretch of -- and beard and each played a little differently. I think Kenny -- in the slot this year has a chance to have a great year. And what Brandon cooks on the I think this could be and that's the reason you want him content and gritty play. Each year in its Altman's could be Jimmy Graham and that it was last year. There are actors lined out to where this could be a spectacular. Year for him because that seems now for the first time a couple of years he got some help. And induct his numbers might not be saying that in other words like the numbers might come down a little bit only because you've got so much more explosive players from guys like Branko looks. Guys like Kenny stills and and -- that it's exactly allows touching -- right before the -- the issue he's gonna have so much more compliments but you know. Just go back to that foot injury we talk about the manifest Janice. You know the final eleven games he averaged eight and a half receptions per game I. Of the first five games. His average was like seven point two. Receptions so that production didn't tail off in terms of -- he catches the -- explosive play in happy explosive plays but right he was still out there. -- you -- Georges injury a little bit right. Let's go to Billy Billy you're saying Graham should cut his losses what do you mean. Well what that and fortunate that long drawn out process. Heritage are two a rule. Any particular. Church membership to consider yourself in the future there to -- sit there all the other side there but he. If after the result Google as their target practice and sure for all and let them on your page but not -- -- -- -- return -- You know a lot in the post to -- -- the -- that it -- it officers treated oddest couple applicable Drew -- short Jamal model. To consider himself -- -- -- this. But you know keep them saying -- matter can promote them report to camp -- need of these that's about. Opportunities in your ultimate. Total. No I'm just I appreciate. And I'm gonna have to move on real quick. And he brings up to an interesting point that. Let's say they rule that he is a wide receiver does that make him one bogey on the rosters of -- I well I mean I would guess not our enemy had the you'd still be on the roster is tied in the big part if they rule them as a wide receivers in cranks up the heat. On the saints to get that long term deal done and they haven't July 15 deadline to get it done. And the reason why it critics of the heat on him. Is because they end. Plane and the franchise tag would be twelve -- right now how for the saints under the -- all one point 31 point CNN neighborhood on so they don't have under the cap yet they don't have a five million dollar gadget if he was. -- rules wide receiver and play under that franchise tag additional roster news or restructurings are people being cut would have to take place you know that. -- -- All all the folks that like every time I've tried to do the math on salary cap yeah that's that's literally could be an accountant and you have to be -- be featured in the radical -- Hi I'm not supposed to happen. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- agree there's no you could simply figure out an even -- and -- all boat there doesn't seem to be room argument the wide receiver under the cap right now I have note. That the saints would speak to run away. They've already figured out -- party planned for that we'll it would make it would make it work but I think somebody be cut. I disagree are and his dad got it structure. And it got a -- And even to -- it means that even eighteen years declared a lot receiver. We. Deal in his best interest. Everybody what business. Do the long term deal it. Twenty odd million guaranteed thirty million guaranteed sure beside that the only twelve million dollars which took me most about it and incredibly funny that I have felt standards. These -- more than. The best car. The best thing is gonna come out of this hearing. Is it's gonna push both sides back to the table that's it gonna take a break guys I'm Angela Davila who will stay with us we are talking. Kristian -- -- -- -- done moved on about what's going on today you're in the NFL. With Jimmy -- is -- time and -- a wide receiver it'll make a financial difference on and will be interesting how plays -- I think for the average -- what we really ones that -- -- Just get playing and sign via the. And -- you see that I remember that. The Drew Brees. Contract negotiations two years ago and I was on my way to the Manning passing academy. At around 9:9 AM when you know wee hours -- that they'd just hammered out a deal our work. War -- a deal was imminent and I'm returning -- happens. You know so. And that's right around that's in July. Right before training camp and that's before you know it. He had this deadline here today and tomorrow on this week and you have. The July 15 deadline to work -- a long term deal in case if he doesn't work got a long term deal with the saints. Before that July 15 deadline -- that sent out or play on that one year franchise tag designation there's no chance to work and a long term deal passed. This season and at -- is this is gonna bring both sides back to the table and give more realistic number of what to work with the -- -- Although that's all that makes it an -- to choose. Right now what will probably happen I would think that would probably happen but until you've got in Brighton. I don't know you never know now I negotiate -- -- to wouldn't -- -- I know did I know and is immigrant. And a three weeks before Drew Brees. Signed a deal with with the saints he can't he was all about being Deke and he said he had heard a word from. And right word from in weeks which is what's in this deal can come together quickly. But it's hard. Elton on the table to me would be silent comfortable either in the I think it will grammys and they're right I mean that's not that's -- players ran out of players only. Leverage against the team in any of these type of situations really -- -- that you use with older services so Graham is not routier's not in the building. I mean he's he's the songs out guns out he's on the boats. And how they're okay and the other day and biggest concern I would have is if it goes in that you know -- the start -- training camp okay. We've seen this happen before where a guy comes in in the eighty yen in train and -- -- -- -- and Jimmy Graham are were promising yet. But my point is that the the the the concern -- -- how much. -- with a tiny miss how much will that affect his life yeah. And -- that got about -- -- -- I don't know Doug what do you think I. I think he should be fine I mean -- I see him getting back on track for the first game. What you are greater debt and Monday and came a big deal for Rite -- -- sport my debt. I do not speak to all get it. They were street area along the -- do not teaching grant -- million dollars is seven and still -- -- -- -- The -- who is in -- pretty. French. And get next year and -- -- he told -- long term deal. -- and sure what the idea to stay here again. They get set such a situation. That huge and don't want it don't need. Especially on a gene that she which you. Get revealed -- is. Huge. At each and deeply Dexter -- for our guys -- repeat until darn well believe any. Chris and I know you're very -- -- will Indiana like share with the -- -- -- for an 88. One minor version uncovered a little nugget of information that he's there have been very happy with the franchise tag. And there before you sign it you can as a player say. I you have to forego your franchise tag on me next year bubbles so we can put that in as an incentive. I'll take initiatives that do that under. No but but I it's a recourse. It's a record. Call it. And it could be ugly oh my -- Not pretty good deal. Government should be very very acknowledging of him he's not return us to doubt it too old now let's -- -- -- -- -- -- let's go to China and care about them chopped into your bones. Bill works better judgments -- -- Ball on. Call. And -- What. A good idea bored during. The other. -- Traditional spot and I could -- that big. Body builder but. I got content currently. Not a bloc that would be I mean if I. There was one -- you get on Jimmy Graham for not doing well he's not a very good blocker and but and the at this point I don't know about Doug would -- you Christie's I don't know by C Graham never really becoming a blocker. It seems like how Sean Payton and the team uses them is pretty well divide and it's constantly evolving but would you make a blah. -- -- I don't get real sketch of trash is there about trying to get -- one hit him in the side in the eerie feeling. -- -- -- -- we can. Do but yeah. Nominee he's got what you bought. And I -- -- -- Barack Jack Q how he does say dude got a good body dead -- made for the trojans it's just that. Yeah diesel diesel the diesel hybrid right he's got to hold too much what receiver. Yeah yeah yeah -- did their. I regret that -- India. That deep and the light completely. For young to hear -- and -- you guys that -- unique. You -- and Britain. Course and that's -- Granite blocker. Maybe could be. -- -- -- -- -- I'm not there which -- beat them deep and let you move it issue. The defense or. Defense -- -- Or she -- -- the ball up and and which is. Why he should he. Thanks guys hold on we'll be right back this is Angela WW well. Really wanna thank god -- Bobby and Christian who had delayed but -- John you're still with this and give us your final thoughts. -- final thought. I have a feeling there is gonna go against you need gravity can call the idea but. Or hole but I know all they can't be too that they can get along current deal I think it -- the year -- -- a legitimate chance that it. Awful lot. And I hate the fact that being it is it's bad. Like contract. Argument like it's what we get in the way we just what I sure hope he gets it's clear that. About -- we get to try it let's just be talking about football. You -- just moved on your wonderful -- thank you so much everyone stay with this. Shifting gears we're gonna talk homeless -- activist.