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6-20-14 12pm Your phone or your Life

Jun 20, 2014|

Has "Your phone or your life? replaced "Your money or your life?   If you read the police reports you probably noticed a huge increase in cell phone armed robberies and thefts. Why are muggers and thieves taking cell phones along with wallets and purses?  If your phone is stolen, what should you do to prevent identity or financial theft?  Is there anything you can do to prevent information from a stolen phone from being used?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to our third and final hour of the Friday edition of the think -- down to -- with -- good afternoon and all the bills my detractors who always complain about me talking too much about condoms aren't disappointed but we're not talking about guns again this week has been a while and I'm sure. The topic will come up again this now interesting topic if you follow police reports. -- closely follow -- maybe it'll follow all. Follow on sporadically but one thing never really noticed. And this came from just this past Wednesday June 18 police reports a couple of excerpts. One says authorities allege Derek entries 23 and a sixteen year old coming in boy who global war man asks. Approach demand outside -- mill -- home a little after midnight and took his money. And his cell phone at gunpoint. Same police reports says well actually same publication different. Reporting agencies in new lawless police said. That an armed robbery happened about 9 o'clock in the 600 block of third street yeah -- channel. The victim was walking home when one of the men known only as red force -- against the wall and demanded his backpack. The other Robert known -- nugget took the victim's cell phone from his pants police it. And I've seen in more and more this -- of people in some cases the cell phone goes with the person goes with the wallet goes with the vehicle. In some cases that's what they're targeted is they want the cellphone. So now the old saying in you money -- your life visit changed two years cell phone memory alive so looking into this staying in finding out what is the value. In stealing. Now burglarizing. Getting a hold of someone's Smart phone -- cellphone and what can they gather from the what can do. And how do you prevent it from happening and if it does in the unfortunate case you legal maybe just loses. Or it's stolen what can you do to prevent those things from happening we've asked. Managing partner aren't viable for -- six to come in -- -- is named Joseph thanks for being -- thanks -- -- If you let's first of all tell me what about 504. Rents explorer one and Akron and you guys -- says at all in the name. Yes where where a local. Local New Orleans digital forensics and computer security company located mid city. We deal lot what's civil litigation and and things like that so we do see a lot of cell phones and we know exactly what can be recovered from Colombia's a lot of times and our friends -- investigations. We recovering information from phones but we also do. Ups security analysis. Companies hire to turn hacking and their computer systems a point out weaknesses or if they get -- -- higher to figure out what happened. This is going to be cutting edge industry mean woman did not exist just a few years ago give me some examples of some of the work on some cases you solved. Forensic operation you've been involved in the absolutely protected to two specifics about names dissolve our clients there conference finals. But a lot of the stuff we deal with. Is maybe you have someone who might be running a business out of your presence. And more often than not there they're trying to take the company's secret sauce and taken the information with them. May be colluding with other employees to try to figure it. What's going on and a lot of times that's from the cell phones come and Arabia's that may not be emailing this information over -- you now. But people text people fire and forget and -- were able to recover that information. And interestingly enough were able to recover a lot of times even. If we don't have the cellphones so you realize they cellphone might be a personal cellphone that the company can't turn over us a look at. But if you ever plugged in your cellphone to a company computer and it does the automatic back up the back -- contains pretty much everything we can be able rip off the cellphone itself so you do pretty much the same work with computer. His own laptops as well as what was Smartphones absolute. I'm very very interest in topic. You know I know this is -- a quoted a couple of reports -- of people are stealing and burglarizing cellphones in the past no law. I didn't have once when I guess you could say it was stolen I went to the post office and I am a little flip phone was a few years ago Austin down walked out. Gotten truck drove right out of pocket and always my phone. Went back to get it. Gone and asked of the people landed they had videotape but unfortunately where -- -- -- there was no tape to see who got it so she civil it was three teenagers in the -- and you know they they laugh. As of yet they probably got a -- right away are called the number of and they didn't answer a call the cell phone company they told me they had made one long distance call and make -- the service often it was open. Pretty harmless but nowadays -- get a hold of a Smartphone O. What are the possibilities what can they do with that and why are they noted that these criminals are pretty Smart. Knowing that there's value and as cellphones are causing -- cell phone -- something they want on how to they would capitalize on. Well generally. It is generally people are stealing cellphones because there 600 dollar computers in your pocket sometimes and they go for high value a lot of people are just selling them. And then not going for information. But I mean cell phones to -- -- now. Smartphones at least carry all your information basically emails. Text messages private pitchers. And what most people don't realize -- your cellphone actually keeps track a log of your location data while whether or not you have the GPS turn down. Now and then the reason for that is is not evil the reason for that is. We have we want these apps that are convenient. Right now my app is telling me that I parked around the corner and -- tell where -- just knew that based off of my GPS data to figure out that. While I was going too fast the walk a must have been in my car. And then I stopped so it knows that. But it tries to keep a location. History that way can be more convenient to you say hey what we know that you usually we go from point a to point B while -- traffic you might wanna leave early. But if with the right tool which you can get that information so people not only can get your emails and your text messages and everything you would expect they can get -- -- and find out where you live and where you ago. On the street criminals these -- is like typically used guy nugget in one name written -- day that sophisticated that they know how to do that stuff on these the ones that it is going to make the sale on the phone my guess is that nugget is just trying upon off your phone and they need to get some cash. However corporate astronauts are coming -- biggest thing a lot of people have cellphones for for their company which contains a company -- And a lot of things and people are actually pick pocketing phones to try to -- cup competency courts so somebody. Calls humans age old I just had my cell phone rip off on skit about the information -- what is your advice to them at that point what should they do well. Most of the time at that point there's not much you can do but if your bit proactive. You can prevent someone from stealing stuff. So colleagues of mine will will just tell people switched and not Smartphones and just use a phone as a phone and and that's one way of getting around it ranked as. There really has no use -- -- and street value you can't really. Get much out of them. But the simplest thing you can do and is the same for all computer security is use a strong passer Ali's phones allow you to have passwords on it. And I'm not talking about a four digit and or even the little slight thing -- Mike beacon convenient but as involved as we feel we are still increasing mammals and a lot of times. If you take a phone and you hold an angle of the sun you can actually see you you know the buttons that they were presser or dislike code -- very easily. So -- use an actual -- might be a little bit. Less convenient for you to open the phone but it's much harder to guess a lot of these phones if you trying to. Try to put around password and five or six times a long matches try for a longer so it's actually good defense. Another thing you can do is a lot of these Smartphones have an option that's not enabled by default. It's called full disk encryption and basically does exactly what it's -- automatically crips everything that's on the phone. That way if you do -- -- phone. And someone has. Axis to forensics tools they won't be able to get much information off of it if the -- eyes so that's called full disk encryption and how is an active day it is and on -- settings it's on -- settings and it's gonna very university your phone but if you do is Google like. The type via phone -- IO you know iPhone full disk encryption or android full disk encryption. It they'll give you step by step instructions on how to do it. What about the one basic thing and I guess is wrong would come from law enforcement policy of all time wins. You know this so many people walking the streets in when this stopped analyze and Carl David Newhan preoccupied with looking -- that phone and that's the opportunity for somebody to make baloney the rabbit on. Hold you up and take it. But that's just common sense and anything you're doing. You know and a feeling New Orleans -- -- is a reasonably safe city have lived here in my life and never had problems but statistics would argue otherwise but I think it's. All about not knowing where you are being awareness situation -- McConnell you know go locked down canal street at 3 AM without. You know with my head buried in my own axis. Common sense I wouldn't take when we come back Joan will open up fallen would get the -- Slidell he's got a comment he wants to make and also anyone else. -- 260187. Theory 66889. Nearly seven you've also got some text messages. We'll share with just do that it 87870. Is simply choose tax he'll still. He's a managing partner at 50 forensics it's now is saying you. That's your money in your life if you cellphone Eli will be right back to listen to think that. -- -- And good afternoon welcome back into the think tagged out beacon for Garland Robinette Golan will be back with you on Monday. This afternoon was thinking about. Over the recent trend that was seen on the increase stealing and robbing of -- cell phones -- police Smartphones. For either the use the resale value of the phone itself or for other nefarious purposes of stealing identity giving information. Locating of the movement to these people through his GPS qualities joining us as you'll seal these with Bible forensics it's a company that. I'm deals with off forensics on and computer security here in the wall in -- mobile phones and also computers we invite your calls and comments if you got a question deals -- At free advice this afternoon at 2601870. Operates 66889087. If you -- issues -- text simply do that in a seventy but being hold on the phone real tight if you do that. Let's go to Don in Slidell long line one Don thank you for you call you on the thanked. -- -- that question about why why somebody would do you own. -- -- you know -- mainly trying to achieve but some kind of quick. Com cash I believe they want to while so let what I usually do me. Two while it's certainly important information and and I got one hit with flat out there so. That's my excuse me full aid money deputies. In the -- with a five dollar. -- June July quick release. Taki too while its army in -- I was curious about that phone you know on the part is -- my phone just vote cellphone attacks. And at that I don't deal on the Internet and has Kessler is not -- -- If the president didn't get more complex phone and my wife she's gotten it when. TV -- now these can make it into you know -- in the right. -- passwords and everything maybe some bank account and you know -- again. Like everything it's it's it's certainly possible. Especially if they have physical access to the phone. That's someone gets physical access to your phone and they steal it. And they have the knowledge and the tools to rip the information off the Al lot of times these these passwords or distort the plain text a reversal encryption. And a database and again that's a convenient feature right you don't wanna have to put your -- account pass third and every time checking year. Your ballot so you're -- thinks they have a password but with convenience is you know you're at your balancing security with convenience. You know Don I like you'd you'd be coy with the with the wallet. And I'm just thinking now is inexpensive and worthless as little flip phones on now might be worth Wallach carry one of those along with the Smartphone whip somebody's is giving you phone use animal phony benefits service on it. They're probably not gonna check if it probably is gonna is Vista that turned off they just gonna run off with a -- enough. Right and another reason they may be grabbing your phone immediately and -- it. Don't -- you call police they wanna give time or run away so if you had another phone you could call police and maybe get stuff back and done you brought up another point to us in and you comments as they take you phones so you can't take that picture. While they run away in -- down. Yep look at that incriminating evidence on them look at these lands. So again. And then any stole something that people of phone it's. But the -- said six no phone that's going down. I mean -- to go to jail full -- so it's worth their while to saxophone on the exit that they didn't get themselves and so. The particulars of the of the deal would. Thanks for the -- down we appreciate it let's go to -- New Orleans Rob Long lines to pay rob thanks for the call. What you. But. I -- it is -- -- -- -- Directed at. Order. The court you are now able. And that. The. It depends on the version of the iPhone but we can certainly try and and generally something like that is is really going to be obligated immediately or not. So if we were not able to get up off of that charge especially the situation but yes we can -- -- -- -- I'm rob thank you getting back to that Joseph. On the prevention aspect of it is new way that you can provide where would you story as were in the instance of an emergency or something like that situation where. It was only known one person. Is error registry of love and maybe that's a new party business -- that so you. A locked away. Access to vault a safely you can keep a password in the emergency situations. I don't know of any services that do that but that would be interesting one expose a few of Havel will -- could put you know -- list of your past burden and there over or something like that. But it's becoming really interesting thing now that we're relieving -- digital footprints while while after -- gone. And a lot of times -- -- members either one axis Stewart they wanna take that stuff off the Internet then and they're not able to do that. I guess you'd have to have a password that would qualify you to get the password. Or to them knowing that. Someone that you absolutely trust that the -- that would argue about it let's go to Daniel he's on I ten on line three Daniel thanks for the colonial which he'll -- Tight. That your particular column calling them. Be -- our own our own. Are there anyone out there it is there really performed poorly -- -- Or. You're the man who want or. Oh what is the bit into the strip and the -- Somebody I mean some people vote -- -- which. The right awful -- that Poland. Or what you take on thank you -- Thank you -- Well I guess it depends on the type this on there are -- viruses out there her for most of the mobile phones. But because of how these devices are set up there they're set up so that one application can't really access. Information about other applications and that's the kind of limit if you have a an application on there that that it's evil. So the antivirus. -- little bit more limited and the antivirus on your computer nanny virus and computers running as administrator can go through and and look at all these kinds of files and and look at behavior stuff like that. The antivirus. That's on phones in my opinion it is almost useless the only good thing that they come -- is they might have. -- known set of bad applications and if you try to installed as bad application and notify you and there are free ones I think. Maybe look -- mobile is one of them off the top my head. But I don't use them and second part of your question was that was the kill switch. Now all the major phones android IOS then and windows phones. And I think Blackberry does -- for at least enterprise version. They have the ability. If you sign up ahead of time where android has a device manager IOS has there find my iPhone feature. With without iCloud and Windows Phone has something where you can go to Windows Phone dot com. You can actually locate your phone says if you lose your phone if -- phones stolen. You can log on to you know their web site -- whatever it is in Iowa answer every iCloud. Windows Phone back com nor. Who will -- -- And actually locate your phone. With sixty PS if it's connected to the network. And another feature that have with it is you can remotely wipe your farm so that's something that I would absolutely recommend. And the added benefit with for IOS devices iPhone specifically. As if you have the find my phone installed and you have the newest version Iowa seven. It -- and by default installs this activation -- which is someone steals your phone and they wipe it. They're not able to reactivate the phone without using your iCloud passwords so we're seeing a lot of people are stealing phones and they're not able to resell them because they're not able or use them. -- will be right back after the news and if you got a question and a comment we've invited 2601870. 866889087. Institutions attacks and that is 8787. Against Israel's -- With Bible forensic will be right and welcome back to the think tank. If you've been checking the police report you'll notice like -- -- -- a lot more cell phone thefts and burglaries -- -- the selling of the value of all wrong. To use them for other purposes to gain access to your personal information she'll sealed with Bible forensics a company that deals with the forensics of a digital equipment including a cell phones and computers is here with a answer questions offering some. Steps to take it fiction unfortunately happen to you and also how to prevent it. Joey were talking about buying used phones there's a market that these phones it's known for several hundred dollars. If someone is trying on purchasing the phone on certain origins. Should be really careful. Absolutely and I mean -- the same for anything you're buying. Try to buy from are reputable. Dealer don't go in necessarily buy something off the Craigslist and not estimates stolen. I suppose if you wanted to be really careful -- -- -- the serial number of the phone in and you know Colin non emergency number and acts of police and once filed a report on. Definitely like a -- with the IOS activation -- before you exchange money make sure you can actually activate your phone. One of our clients is actually today. Legal reseller of of devices they use the reclaim lost luggage and -- devices -- -- not claim for ninety days like that this is a problem that they're legitimately having where. Now they have a lot of fonts that they can. Actually sell because they can reverse this -- so the locked is pretty good. There was a recently a security researcher was able bypass part of it but I think apples every patch that ultimately. We had a -- come in above LoJack now offered for cellphones. Yeah I'm sure there there are definitely third party. Maybe LoJack has has a version for this. But my guess said the numerous versions of most of the the phones. Actually had this built and where you can locate your phone remotely -- it. -- is a prevention tip that comes in from Carol she's listened to us in Picayune -- while actually to question she said should I keep my flips cell -- and use the call and tax. Is it safer to get an iPad to use for email and GPS when traveling. So there is some possible option in the yes but I mean if you you have to realize then you have the same problems with the iPad if you lose you get your iPad on the plane and have someone steal your iPad. IPad has all the same information that you have. On May be no point is if she's out in an area that maybe she might be more susceptible to being held up -- problem grabbed Enron. It be better she just had that little phone that's pretty much useless absolutely and and it's not a it's not an iPad it's you know you you're not having an iPad in your pocket for. How about a stun gun attachment for a cellular -- a month at just texted while I know nothing about that at. I would dissuade anyone from from taxing high voltage devices to -- year sensitive electronics at the is another one that comes in says that does android have the capability to snap a picture and send it back to the owner if it's -- It does. Not built in but there are some free third party apps -- quick search columns called -- watch. And the other one's called got via with an exclamation point at the end of it. As far as and what it'll do is somebody puts on the wrong password it'll take a picture with the cameras on the front of the phone and email to you and humiliate GPS coordinates of where they happen to -- He can turn that over -- law enforcement and hopefully get to device back. I will ask -- iphones have. Just because of the security model of the phones there is no apps that do this if your -- not jail broken. And if you found is -- broken there is one called I caught you. And if you don't know -- jail broken means in your phone is not -- -- All right and we get this limit came in in this kind of goes back to that call that call and wanna know about how to get into a phone that. And I had a password in the its owner had passed away this -- -- why would any company make a phone -- security was impenetrable. By investigators after an emergency Ken investigators getting into things where we might not even -- -- the path -- Well I mean as forensics investigators. We basically have the same tools is the criminals. -- anything can be anything that can be used offensively can be used defensively in this case forensics is always a balance between privacy. And and access rate because a computer can be used. You don't necessarily want some money and know everything you're doing on the computer but at the same time we wanna be able to catch a child choreographers using a computer. Law enforcement may have capabilities of this federal law enforcement have capabilities that we don't. Via agreements with with apple and Google -- But most of time they don't need the actual device that can just get this this information from the phone tire with with -- a very good to talk. With Joseph Silva of 50 forensic she got a question comment. Text message boards open and 870 phone line it's Bible fourth 2601878. So furious thus if you happen to be listening -- -- -- live streaming your outside the Bible -- dialing 8866889. 087. Will be right. Joseph -- as a managing partner of five -- forensics labs they do digital forensics and computer security here in New Orleans and we will let him give up his contact information before we go off there if you got a specific problem question and you need. To talk to GO about the defeats in general and you wanna get an answer calls at 2601 late 7866889. 087 let's go to Debra in Biloxi maybe she's joining us -- little bit late but she's got a question about locating losing phones -- thank you for you call. I. Yes. And and that they're okay. There is so. Whoever and a little -- area. -- -- -- Yeah you know. And I'm okay. And I -- It -- Is there anyway. -- -- -- Well. It. They're cute aren't. -- on the street. Well I -- the exact. If I want and that I would part of -- go to jail and it and it probably there I laugh at it. What. At some -- And now. Call it a -- and it enable. Pick it -- okay. It. Well. -- -- work. To do -- I'm out area. -- Today. All of -- humbled by it -- Been -- -- It may. However I would not suggest that you go and try to find yourself obvious. Yeah obviously don't know who has your phone you don't know if they have dangerous intentions or not. Well since it's now on in Hattiesburg I would suggest if you haven't already maybe try to talk to the state police. They generally are gonna have a little bit more resources. And obviously the you know local police in Biloxi are going to be able to do anything in in Hattiesburg. Well what it. Away. And or are on the board and others -- where did you. -- -- What medical. Pot or pan. And typically -- -- The name. -- -- they're okay. Is it is an an iPhone. Okay one thing you can do and it's not gonna help you. To your device back I think what you should you need to get to the please. But. -- and I wish they would be more helpful for him. But if you if you log into iCloud dot com and -- -- your credentials there. -- may be able to remotely wipe the device that way out they can't use it they can't get your information. But wouldn't render -- inactive wish she would no longer be able to Trace went -- it would. Got a decision to make this them. Well I want them. Well just all the police and telling you -- posse you headed that way and you get -- -- Nancy which again and again try try at the both the state police and maybe Hattiesburg police a few notes and Eisner. Yeah. -- pitcher on the eight when. There and it candidate. Located it yet they would pay but it. Enthusiast. And how good luck Debra. I. Already racquet I was back and let us not worked out for. Hockey at this Texas is saying is it's safe to jailbreak for is to go let's go back that would jailbreaking is -- -- it's. It's. Eroding our device or jail -- which is the same thing. Is something that a more advanced users to suit tried to be able to get more control over the and and it. It's great your phone limits the applications you install wanted to hear it here I've and maybe you want some additional features. However when you do route or Gilbert on you basically by passing in tight security model of the phone. So we get a hold of a phone that is -- or jail broken again the same thing. We actually are able to get a lot more awful than otherwise for instance. And and iphones were doing a -- software it basically forces. The logical acquisition which means we're basically doing the same thing that they. ITunes does and -- stuff. One thing that's not packed up there if you database. All of these secure application passwords and your email. However devices steel broke and we're able to -- physical acquisition which means really get everything off the phone. Including email and passports so again a year doing something like that years. Adding convenience and and but year by passing this security models you're actually making them -- a little bit last year. I was gonna take a break kid isn't texted comes in -- says great joke this is while never have enough -- -- That's one option you do man I will be back to wrap it up also gonna give out -- information if you contacted personally. And after this time listen to the Friday edition of the think tank of them. All right is one of our last -- Joseph is a great guests thanks for the helpful info my awards exact. League -- business from individual wants to contact -- system a computer a cell phone forensics how they find. -- Collison 504. 2108270. Or -- information off our website at 504. Labs dot com. Very good thanks -- really appreciate you committed. Thank you all right and now we'll see all actually you won't see me that you hear me tomorrow morning 5 AM for the outdoor show -- you know.

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