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06-20 7pm Sportstalk/ Rick Barry (NBA hall of famer)

Jun 20, 2014|

Deke interviews nba hall of famer, Rick Barry; they talk of the nba draft, finals recap etc..

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hall of fame elected there Rick vary. Geologists now Ricky is always a pleasure we talked to your prior to the finals and we say that I recording like that I like the Spurs -- He can Kiki did you vision may be damn even is as good as they played all season long that they would dominate the way they he would. No I didn't think I think it would be protecting others they were. I thought they were the best -- without question. They certainly proved that but they played so exquisite. It was a joy to watch to be honest for in the call -- old school where you. Think that Adams over the best. First show the world. Thought the game of basketball should be played. It was -- -- -- marvelous performance from their part and I was real. Concede important word that -- Rickie thank you talk about their team ball and it's you know it's some points that we look at we see -- critics nearly as Tim Duncan does seventeen seasons -- -- They've looked is dominate and it's good in his -- they did it not time to strike shortened season when they defeated New York Knicks in the moving forward and it looks now this is just on this season and he sees this season and their toughest challenge who would be coming out of the west because they come out of the west and I have a very good chance that -- replant. Well for sure the -- and so is that it's much more competitive. Conference in the year and the -- And I think the -- that they can keep all of our guys together and that's you know that's -- -- I'm sure a lot of people who Beagle and apparently Eagles to the established -- So spectacularly in the play. That they can keep people or the out. Parity in the rest of the guys. We are happy. Targeted they're going to be looking to be without question first all -- -- the champions of the world together again and it wouldn't pop has played the game. There are there going to be tough team to beat. Hall of fame selected near Rick Barry is our special is our rink at annual hall of Famer but I can imagine if you -- -- -- shoes. You -- ankles I would've given -- Sosa more. Solid performances of all hall of fame football but since that point five Americans a point 5000 go out there it's right ankle is. We talk about the shoot every day is not just one bit athletes awareness notion that it helps a lot -- Yeah Q do you ever in the history in -- technology to help prevent most prevalent into the bunkers which is Buick -- Almost 200 NBA players lefties and for that regard I know the that would have prevented me from having your ankle sprain during the course of my career. And that alone I think makes it worthwhile so pretty accurate about in the bat well don't go to act BO UT TI OK he failed. -- -- -- Check up testimonials. And if you could repair -- before the promo code given next to discount the answers about the game. This is that you that you work I think you know there's gonna protect. Rick what the NBA draft is coming up in less than a week what would you see that that talent in in the game today when we're at the bit what are the biggest out this basic especially their big guys who about a month majority of them got to -- it to the top. -- lottery picks top two picks are you of the guys may be a year or two of college basketball. I would bet extra time Collins you know big game that much better or is it easy it would it would make that -- -- the different. Well. I think it would help -- and it'll work experience and but hey you know again if they have the opportunity to make that kind of money changed like for their families. They -- fault them doing it I don't think it's great beginning. Through the NBA would prefer to have them. Beard school for a longer period triarc. But it is what it is. I just think it's crazy that. But in the collective bargaining agreement when you think about it that. The players. Because the belly putter now we've gotten guys and guys can be leading eventually but they. What would give -- no -- contract something that recruitment to. You can look at project the first round draft pick and that takes away the job one of the guys figure representing the cord injury the dumbest thing ever seen in my life. There should be no guarantee contract -- was number I came out and the achievement that the parakeet contract it would just be so much more sense and so much more sense that they do that. Me being a rookie and -- -- let people know about the teal shoes and how they get it. He a key guy you know dot com gate CIO that. And put prepare twice for the promo code and get an action despair and secure about the game this year should be wearing no question about it. He's the alleged game repaired repaired quickly it's Kevin Love well what type of feat would he'd be you know with the Golden State Warriors if they were attempting. Well liked player right now up to me. -- kept them up it's gonna get a couple of sure. And I think you'd be great physical they were there and Q rebounder like -- score inside outside it looked at it. He's one of the guys that I would be an actor -- -- -- and -- being reached it's always a pleasure thank you so much for the time as always. Okay take care about right. Prepared -- articles here talk about the NBA finals and of course the upcoming draft. It Kevin Love -- nice to see a Kevin Love go to the Golden State Warriors.