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06-20 8pm Scoot/ Favoirite Rock Band/Smoking

Jun 20, 2014|

Who is your favorite rock band of all tmes and what band do you wish you could have seen? Do you thnik businesses should have the right to deny someone the right to work because they smoke?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No not tonight it is -- -- it'll be real Robert Mitchell filling in -- -- who's filling in for Tommy Tucker welcome. To the show. And I have. -- -- -- -- A light oriented show tonight will have some I -- -- serious subject but. We gonna leave. A rock and the border problems alone for tonight and of course. The problems in Washington. Who wants to talk about that every night right. All right here's what's on our WWL -- table as we take you to a midnight tonight. A hospital in Maryland. Will stop hiring people who smoked. The hospital system employs more than 4000. People. Now I am a complete nonsmoker. I don't like to be around people smoking -- I was in mcdonalds today picking up a couple of vote -- every now -- -- I'm not the -- -- but every known them I'd like those original mcdonalds cheeseburgers opted for a couple of -- And published in the next two ago it was a heavy smoker I had to move about six feet away. Because the fumes were burning my god so that's how I feel about smoking but. This Maryland hospital will stop hiring people who smoke in other words they won't even consider you for a job. Shouldn't you be able to deny a person the right to work because they smoke. And if if it's getting that band. Is that just about time too. Outlaw smoking completely. -- really think about it should work you do on your own time away from work. As long as it is not against the law be a reason. For not being -- you know where president. What about maybe having a glass of beer glass of line or Margarita at home and they're going to give people you're into the seat whether or not they smoked at all. So 10 your thoughts on this should you be able to deny a person the right to work. Just because they smoked. I say absolutely not. If you disagree with Leo wanna hear premiere and I want you to tell me why you disagree 2601 late 7866889. -- of now a new report. We started this last night but I don't even think I took one column until we start going. And they totally different direction so a justices which would call a -- you know output at the refrigerator overnight a new report says. That eating before bed. Does not make you gain fat. -- -- You do -- your correct. Because you've been told for so many years -- if you eat before you go to bed. That's the best way to add a new report says that eating before bed does not make you gain that. It's actually quite the opposite eating before bed will help you build muscle. -- great. Now if those -- here. At a it can't be a banana split it's got to be like. Ruled Turkey or rolled chicken or the mother helping stuff. But let's have some -- -- are you a late nights nectar and what is your favorite bedtime. -- and we have video light caution of the night. Foo Fighters -- slated to headline on the 2014 voodoo fest in new Orleans city park this fall. Who is the greatest rock artist that you've ever seen perform. And who did you -- and perform -- I tried to answer that usually what I do these questions let's say OK let me see if I can answer. And if I can answer I think it's a pretty good question of McCain mantra that I say have to come up with something else. I don't think I can limit mine to one. I think I'd have to limit my central ball three. So since I have to limit the inside. Can't. Think less than three did you three also with me. The Eagles -- -- I think that you just rate him a couple times. The Euro Rolling Stones. Absolutely incredible. And I'm I'm holding my third and offered up details. I'm debating a couple but the top of -- -- of course would be the stones. The Eagles and then. Were probably right now I'm leaning. Rod Stewart I think was most of the incredible 2601 late seventy. 866 -- nine point seven and the potential on global -- this from the time the call and and applied and who. Did you ms. Sheehan performed. That would have to be The Beatles on all The Beatles performed here in the world -- at at at city park and I wish -- been there. But I wasn't so. Let's let's go to Phil -- the blanks so like the gonna give me the outline personal combat and fill in the blank for -- A hospital in Maryland. Will stop hiring people who smoke. The hospital -- tobacco use. Including. Hospitals have employs more than 40000 people. And current employees who smoke will not lose their jobs. But the hospital said it will now test for nicotine. As part of its routine drug screening your interest. And if they find nicotine. In and your -- then you can't work there doesn't matter what your job is you know you could you could be. Idol you could be a secretary. You could be a nurse. You could be -- the guy who carries the waste out from Leo. ER and Leo war. No matter what it is then you can't work there anymore I honestly do not think that is right about because which you do. On your own time away from more the longer it is not against. Then why why in the world shouldn't even be considered. As far as. The way you'd you do your job again I'm a nonsmoker. I don't like smoking in restaurants -- like I don't like smoking anywhere. But I I think that they -- if we're gonna go that far. We amount of what has been banned smoking completely. And we have our our our light question of the night. When it comes to rock artist. Who is the greatest rock and roll artist you've ever seen perform and well to give as many as three and who did you miss performing to a six year old -- seventy. 866 -- and I know it's -- we have some one global shall give me a -- we're gonna go to Charles now. In a typical orient Charles. I'll I'll -- an -- right about now. But Charles -- first or did you give me your thoughts are you a smoker or non. -- OK I am a nonsmoker all -- But in all fairness it should a company be able to deny a person the right to work because they smoke at home in their own private time. -- On May be what's now acknowledges that it did it if you have a glass of wine and homeless and -- you. It is. All right the -- importantly you're in the back out. Here. Ought to -- it was a police radio. Thought maybe your -- Colin on the job may be honest they elements of the -- at our. Web site. In your opinion who was the greatest rock artists that you've ever seen perform and I'll let you apology go to three okay. Are well -- Are all those -- more. I'll probably I battled back. Now about the IL the at all. -- The the only Nine Inch Nails a little of the kind that I at a drive the boards on a mud down. The other half but a double where we're -- as well. I'll watch it. No big chill after urging them and it. Red hot chili pepper -- order show well. Now I do like the run that Chile Italy. What what artists that you miss performing somebody that you that you wish who has -- that you just never got around to see them perform. Okay I'm begun mail that went -- -- Yum I'm a little -- I'm I'm I'm a little more traditional however. I which honestly in The Beatles and I never did get a chance to see Led Zeppelin in concert of our. Hobble out of liked to have seen them. Charles thank you phoning in tonight. Are all right 260 lead somebody 866889. Point seven let's go to Jake and mentally how are you Jake. Good mister mister -- you don't. I'm doing -- mystery object. Look all right let's talk about this hospital that will stop hiring people who smoke is is that -- is that relief there. It's not right at. Indeed ornery. And they're in the first place in the whole country to ban. Outdoor smoking. At Orioles in. Sporting event. They're the first ones -- -- and smoking 500 beat than 1000 feet from. -- property. They like particular and so that is liberal TrailBlazer. Regarding smoking's. And I -- In the seventies and my mom -- no acute. And -- always our number -- always area. You know considerate and now she's still smokes on occasion that she refuses smoker I don't als and sure do smoker -- car. Our home it's ridiculous and it's just another infringement on rights and assists. I don't know I don't know how that -- and how that would hold up in the court of law are recruit from a surgeon working hospital. Being as well you know. As many surgeons slogan don't. Just cry pressure. A lot of nurses smoke a -- a lot of people smoke in the amicus I don't smoke. But I have friends that do and sometimes their art and normally they get outside and -- a very good yeah. It seem like pretty cool people so -- or out there with them. And the middles. No sir okay all right yeah. They've they go outside and smoke and that they're relegated to like. There is between. The garbage down. In other -- back in it since -- They have to make it illegal at this point recruits in a -- Maryland goes shortly after a liberal states. About their rules all of them pretty soon. Trickle down place like like -- I think you and I are off of the same nature here. I'm I'm an Abbott nonsmoker OK I'd I'd do not like being around smokers but I think what's happening to smokers that the that -- all their rights but just seemed to be. Thus slowly being trampled the way and I've never been able to understand in this country where. If -- smoker. They charge you more for insurance they put on the cigarette pack the stuff is going to kill you and it does and they do everything they can the to penalize smokers but yet it's legal you -- make it illegal. Well that's how I feel and then also you know a sorry. Little into our lives next door up to. An older -- in -- five Q so. Well I'm on the doing it and it rarely -- work of search and should try to catch it early in the morning. Run out of your stroke. So a doctor Jerry did you give me some cigarettes and you know this would be I would you know struggle that is all day. And I get our -- -- now. I don't care enough cash to buyer packer to a cigarette prepare so expensive -- impacts so much. -- ridiculous. Sparked a -- You know the best performers I don't know I don't know not a 100% circuit -- our interior. Producers. Are -- right there and you know I got two performers I saw. Growing up in what was in my late teens early twenties. Who also prize. They were also not seen Bruce Springsteen and Arsenio and seen some McCurry. But my two. Concerts that I'll never forget where John Denver. And guards brought. John Denver nine Garth Brooks you might it'll -- Leo. But John Denver. I'm telling you -- hollering at him. Outdoors outside Washington receive -- place in the -- -- post pavilion. Are amazing. Amazing. I even like. It kind of music but I you know my mom. Herself and her girlfriend yeah chancellor when. They're cheering clapping. You know I was -- Accordance anchor Erica on his albums bought -- outlook and -- room. And now rest in peace you know it had an amazing life or. Yeah the of play his CDs and surgery I know you got to play music to my wife and my daughter are both. Our until -- know Leo play music or lottery. You know what -- a -- nowadays surgery it's. We're older Roger curry. I do what I choose surgery. Apparently didn't. It's usually. Are running. Song list of the people's. Like I try to -- it music. You know -- -- -- -- iris and hooters you know -- chairman. -- -- so in other words this is fully you have to be even politically correct in surgery would you pick in your music. Do because he's going to be he's going to be. Peacefully you know meaningful. You know. These -- California conducted appealed to the you know rock -- country and if you can't go too far in one direction them or it's a case there's general Eric. It's all curled at the pilot. Did you see the Eagles will they were in concert last time at the arraignment. I did it and I'm not mentioned -- it was enemy on us. You know that everyone knows there -- amazing to me see what sticks out to argue they were going to be amazing and I know there. That holds a I don't know John Denver and our -- -- never would've gone for -- or grandmother and sister. Well doctor that I appreciate your phony and I hope. I don't see you in the or anytime soon. Yes sir thank you about a doctor operation -- 260178. 86 that -- nine. Only seven are light of the night questioned the fighters later today -- issues through 2000 city part. Who is the greatest rock artists you've ever seen on divvy up the three. And who did you miss. Performing. And is it okay to discriminate. Hiring a person because they smoke that's what's happening in Maryland I'm not a smoker but I don't think that's right. And sixer -- 7866. And it finally suddenly I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WWL. I'm Bob Matsui and -- do as far as artist that I -- seen perform right there The Beatles. I'm Bob Mitchell in forest duke about a couple things on our WW -- table should you be able to deny a person the right to work because they smoked. Maryland hospitals doing -- interest to industry what happens there about text mr. Concerning that subject. On a nonsmoker but doesn't this constitute discrimination. Yeah. I would think so. Also on our WWL -- table. And doctor if you're listening you're gonna love this story eating before bed make you gain fat right. Eating right before bed does not make you -- that it's actually quite. The opposite eating before -- will not only help you build muscle you'll also improve recovery between training sessions games and practices. Now here comes the spoiler but not a at its economies like cottage cheese. Chicken breast. Or leading the Turkey breast -- one of the things that we'll hear from you to buy -- are you a late nights nectar and if so what's your favorite bedtime and we have our light of the night or light portion of the night. Food fighters -- escalated. To headline this year is that it can't wait for the Foo Fighters. Here renewal intensity park who is the greatest rock artists you've ever seen perform and I'll -- you go to three to a commitment line 21. And who did you miss performing the -- to Bob and oral and Bob are you tonight. Well it Bob ma call hey Bob you'll late nights -- Yes. Started -- model. A lot of ice cream. No no no no no you did it's got debate when I read this. I thought the same thing as well all the things I like to do not like to go home. Indeed a big bowl of ice -- of course as of before I got to a point where I figured I bypass the bowl. I just yet half down a blue bell went out of -- -- -- there are no -- and dirty in a bowl because you have to either -- to are put at the dishwasher and then eventually put it back up so. Bypass the bowl if bucket bypassed this bill that would do that too but and though at the where where -- here. Is that you have things like. -- cottage cheese. Trachtenberg how how does that sound nice nice little common. That is not -- underdog. -- got to go to the -- or ice cream together. Yet -- not obligated port. My favorite -- lately is. I've found that helps me to sleep is a drink now as soon as I told my cylinders he's a dead. You were really getting old. A cup of hot -- but wait. It's only a half a couple -- -- and you know this. Vanilla coffee cream will put tons and tons of fat and flavor and it right it's half and half a and adept at a couple of chocolate chip cookies fruit that's bus back. Moderate their sentiment and so like I like I'm apple. You know try to pineapple. Strawberries. So -- try to eat later tonight. -- like Alec pineapple upside down that night. I have I have a daughter and look who makes great on Apple's up upside down cake and windows flaw Thursday last week or something like the there aren't here are okay she brought me a pineapple upside down take. I'm not exaggerating probably had to be you and trying to measure -- -- obviously. Three feet viable one for -- -- and she said pops you can -- this up and put the freezer right. A -- that last Sunday you almost got the freezer Bob this past week. Well -- million students do you have -- -- -- pineapple cake in your freezer. And cargo that's that's that's a much -- went. 88. Or eight if all the way. A development -- -- -- needed all right let me ask you the latest impolite question of who is the greatest rock artists to Cuba -- for. Well it's been awhile but my favorite concert ever so. -- yard -- And that while back it was with Eric Clapton and I think they were all there actually get back in Jimmy Page where there are two. They had been growing call for your love. Right. For your over understandably -- only. Who retreated. Into our are both so open or if at all opera about that in our favor. Concert all that was support ground. And they've played with a cheek and strong. In between. The atomic rooster crux of the that was so warm -- favored but. She's really strong and atomic rooster and -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sounds like you play something to -- ball. Today. A lot of people were into our. Ports support program. Lot of national group and every bit. -- And populated. And -- Richard most recent -- great it would Jimmy bought. Him out balloons and Stevie ray on -- Okay. That. They played played by themselves or what. I know it is to be it would ban caught a bad coach under bird. No no no the fabulous for the -- their wrestlers. -- on the -- on the scene and in the ring aren't tight. No live particularly at a top here -- it. Not. Oh I don't know all the Fabulous Thunderbirds there aren't they a couple of wrestlers. No well it could be but there's also banned because the background on from off the deck. I think I think you put me on there I think the Fabulous Thunderbirds are wrestling group anyway. But I appreciate your call and report like before you go on the halfway serious side do you think you should be able to. Discriminate against us someone you think you should be able tell someone. I don't know what you do for a living but you think should be able tells someone. I'm not gonna hire you. If you -- a smoker. Well yeah it is if it was a hospital related I would say yes stupid anybody out though. One and a little jingle you you know it matters. It's recruitment. You leave -- Puerto. Cigarette pack it. And for people who smoke no ordinary comment that. No I mean people who smoked at home so you're you're you're telling me if you don't smoke of the hospital. That -- that you should still be discriminated against. What. A little. -- -- hypocrite. Didn't smoke in and working on law and donated a great note. They know the cock record and readers -- anybody. Yeah he will with a Fabulous Thunderbirds are they smokers to. They're probably where ultra right the I still think you put in Milan go to Google the fabulous that absolutely are rendered her Fabulous Thunderbirds all right -- And taxes a great etiquette -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If someone is listening either technical lead is that really a group called the fabulous on the boards or is this I just -- Or. Artery. -- I thank you -- to -- to the other bobbled the -- Bob divert the Fabulous Thunderbirds. No sir. -- want a -- group I don't know. -- They might well be. Oh wait here we go here we go to a text message but that's what a -- -- my audience Fabulous Thunderbirds as the band three birds. Where the rest of the free birds was a song right. I don't know it wasn't free bird by let -- dinner. Alright let's talk about this hospital. That's passing a policy that says. We will not hire smokers is that right. I agree we realize caller. Hospital in the business of saving lives and if you think about it 1000. People. That's a lot of ignorance. Or between a smoker and non smoker. But then it. Why limited to just a hospital than anyone could do that. OK then anybody should be able to her bed and they'll have their workforce. Reduced but sank about. It is going to be difficult to enforce for one. I told they're gonna make them take urine test and they have a screen of from the detain. Yeah I understand that and it's still going to be difficult. Just like it is -- NFL. Think about that time it all these people lose people that smoke and they have the -- and so -- illnesses. You know I'm sitting here and a cold beverage and smoking a cigarette myself. All right you're supposed supposedly passed the law. That you can have a cold beverage -- the passed the law. Oh -- oh -- remember they drive. -- it didn't work very well. But couldn't they do the same thing -- they say. Alcohol kills alcohol causes a certain disease alcohol causes. Liver problems and things like that was and I'm a total nonsmoker but I think it is terribly unfair I don't know how that would stand open court where you tell someone. Even if you smoke on your own time and you don't smoke around the hospital and you -- you smoke only at home. That we will not even consider you for a job I'm I'm just against I I think. If they like that the the expression that they like to use today and that's a slippery slope. Well you know I -- slippery slope. That that this is the. That the corporate decision. And I think it -- step ahead of the government and I think it is the right way to go. All right well we disagree but that's okay who -- the greatest rock artists you've ever seen perform. And who did you miss the -- In the 1957. I had the opportunity to watch. Still lists present the well being rolled into San Angelo Texas with his big Cadillac you. He put on one show Friday night we've got to go to were. And because gyrations the founding fathers said Angelo Texas canceled was to build on Saturday and ran him out of paths. -- That's funny that's good. The other one. I took my daughter and -- This city everything. You and that you know. Point 8000 screaming teenagers in -- Super -- Was something -- the hole and then Brittany spears grandmother. And she had to wait at my home church and we went out to the weight. And there's Brittany and Justin sitting there on the -- all by themselves well walked up and -- Brittany. Law firm great uncle was my military men. And took Justin -- told him that I had been to one of these boxes. And you look at me because of my aide denies yeah was the only fifty year old guy. It. All right Bob I appreciate -- being part of the show. Let me get to a couple of text messages were quick like -- Jack we'll take the break and a second Bob the stones and The Doobie Brothers in the superdome. 1978. Pressure however a console -- don't emotional The Doobie Brothers don't have to look great I turned eighteen at midnight at Robert Plant. Bob smoking is all the ball the insurance companies they ruled the world I work. As -- subcontractor. In numerous splits of all -- safety. If you get hurt. You. You get -- the play. Did -- them but the took some time to jump on the combined to. Unfortunately your company let you go college you can in the to make any sense. This dog if you're talking about Bob this on note is music obscene you know those bands. Fabulous Thunderbirds of the -- and pre birds all the wrestlers. Bob your thinking about the fabulous free boards -- right. Also on the sanctity. 2601 late 78668890870. Route to his -- David Scott Robert hang on a promise like -- to you as soon as possible. And a -- walk tall and take part of the -- tonight it's to securely 78668890. -- -- Bob Mitchell and dispute in this. The gates that that you don't do well -- -- at them it and dot com. And for you know Bob. Here's -- group. Jack found them both thunderbirds. To write that the main dish the thunderbirds all the Fabulous Thunderbirds which is our -- ago. Rock dog nicely. I noticed music these are the yard birds for your love I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit. On WW well couple things we're talking about tonight new hospital in Maryland and has a policy and I don't know how they're going through. I don't know how they're gonna and forced us from boost from a legal standpoint. That they will not hire smokers. Couple of text messages on that Iowa health club and -- poised to vote smoke another text message more and more young people shouldn't be smoking lately. We recently hired a new group of young people in the majority of them smoke we have portly. Don't have a smoking policy. They tend to take extended breaks and I believe we're losing as much as two or today that are smoking enough is enough but couldn't you. Hire smokers and say I'm sorry I'm I'm sorry you cannot you cannot take a smoking break we're also talking about. Our light question of the night who's the greatest rock artists you've ever seen perform. And what did you miss performing. The Fabulous Thunderbirds as an American Grammy nominated blues rock band Bob formed in 1974. After performing for several years -- Austin, Texas. Of the three birds all the wrestlers. Rebirth of song -- limits dinner. But I think you're ultimately you -- very much know in the build a couple. I I -- -- did not know about the bad deals on the boards on the top forty guy. About the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Let's go to. Do that today in the world in our UK. Q what about you -- -- never heard of Fabulous Thunderbirds. And you'd go okay doesn't know either are right. -- And -- -- -- -- concert. And job. I would -- otherwise well. On the page is not quite cute appendix. What -- players that would on the field and I mean it was. An unbelievable experience. The only -- to -- it went in my next door neighbor and other. Dot. The concert my mom and I'd been waiting outside the stadium there. And got to meet for The Beatles -- out and the Olympic Games and -- -- -- -- well. And one other concert was about. But certainly in all my -- A regular buried -- -- me you -- Now it is there any rock group that you will issue its -- that you did not. -- To not to publish announcing The Beatles never shall The Beatles. -- -- -- never missed an opportunity. Wish I'd seen them but did not. And get what I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Banquet mop -- all I suppose -- easily and he'd be at. All right now let me ask your question -- argue late late nights backer. Okay so what's your favorite which you're favored -- times and a -- well I'll let you know whether it helps you or Berkshire. Heard our. But no no you can't not -- eights and like role Turkey or little. Chicken breast and actually that cottage cheese -- rates that it's felt the mood is not so good. Yeah I like that and not put the version that everyone that that dark chocolate yeah they say it is. Won't put put the dark chocolate in what the cottage cheese. It. -- -- Okay back. Into that. What you get out this year I am a hot that it's receiving. -- -- In the -- and everything. It should be against the that they are requirement but you. Know and I know several doctors that still smoke. -- doubt that that that's that -- I never thought about that that's right now doctors they'll work for the hospital. They -- privileges there but I'm a nonsmoker I'm a big nonsmoker but I'd I'd do not think that you should be able tells someone. That I will not car you. Because -- -- smoker as long as you do on your own time thank. And commented legal pads sleep -- Tax dollars it better and everything. That's right thank -- today. All right I'm gonna ask hope when people hold do we if labor angle I'll be right back with you. Right after this break pistols dutrow and I'm bit Bob Mitchell and WWL. And -- -- big WWL -- drag our opinion poll question public confidence in TV news was not an all time low. Where do you go for news radio TV Internet social media newspaper water -- her. Online at WW dot com 73%. Say they go to Internet and social media that a committee. I watched the afternoon news but I I get most of mine online. All right -- or not I kind of messed up I took this last break a little late and I'm looking at the calls -- a couple you've really been holding on for all a long time. If you can possibly. In Belgium the and hold on through the newscast you know if you. Need to take a quick break for the next five minutes shall go ahead. A promise I'll get back to you as soon as possible Scott I mean David's calling from the darkest of David you can possibly hold on and Earl. And -- I'll get to -- right after the topple the hour. On the big date seventy WWL I'm Bob vigilance is the Stewart show and if you wanna call GSA a couple of them couldn't hold but but maybe if you want you can call back right after the news 260 -- seventy. 866. 88908 W complexity and 87870. Bob vigil on WWL AM FNN dot com.