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06-20 9pm Scoot, Favorite Rock Group/ Smoking

Jun 20, 2014|

Bob continues to discuss your favorite rock groups of all times....ALSO.... Is it right to deny someone the right to work because they smoke?

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And welcome back to the shuttle is maybe Bob -- be real Robert Mitchell filling in -- -- -- -- to that last newscasts. -- where Ray Nagin. Sent emails to family and friends asking to write letters and a a toward leniency. And got his grandson. Right -- and crayons. -- -- -- Mets. I think that's low all right here's what's on our -- table tonight a new report says eating before bed does not make you gain fat. They say it's actually quite the opposite eating before bed will help you build muscle. Are you a late night it's neck -- their there was a little while -- shortly there. It's things like cottage cheese and chicken breast. And -- so are you paid late nights the actor or what is your paper bedtime snack. Also we're talking a lot of hospital in Maryland says they're going to stop hiring people who smoke. Should you be able to deny a person the right to work because they smokeless and I'm a big time smoker I don't look like -- -- new year. People who smoke I think it's stinks -- not a law. Anyone to smoke in my car will not allow the smoke anymore in the smoked in my house. I don't like to be around people smoke because I think most of them stink. But should you be able to deny a person the right to work because they smoked. And if we're gonna start doing this list of banned it completely. Should what you do on your own time away from work. As long as it is not against the law be a reason. For not being fired 260187886688908. Family and the light caution of the night. -- fighters slated to headline on the 2014 voodoo -- in new Orleans city park this fall. -- in your opinion is the greatest rock artists you've ever seen perform. And I put limited to one. I had to -- mummy on -- three mine where the stones. Rod Stewart and the Eagles and who did you missy and perform absolutely I missed The Beatles that a publisher and have a chance to see them. Totals or the questions. Those of you who were on hold like before the -- -- to go call back and we'll try to get chip as soon as possible. 2601. Late 7866. AD nine awaits them -- Earl in -- power youth inaugural. Pretty good about what you -- it. Pleasure talking to -- first of all I'd give -- your your thoughts on this hospital in Maryland says that. If you smoke. Even if you don't smoke at the hospital. If you smoked in your personal life they're not even gonna consider you for implement does that sound right. No the constitution. Will -- so what do -- Julia -- Here's your beer. Out all met. Well I mean. I don't know I mean definitely if -- if I don't say I don't see how they can do that I mean. What other things in the political but they just simply saying. Like all right anyone who -- a lot of fried food your cholesterol and behind the wheel well are you either and I'm I'm a nonsmoker. But opt out I can't understand the civil. -- There or insult somebody. To. Court. Yeah I'm reading a text multitude says I smoked but it should be the light of any business to implement as they won't. I don't know about that -- mean. I I've I agree with that to a degree but I just don't know hall. You can you can tell some one. You're a smoker and I would not consider you for a job a repeat itself a couple minutes ago but Obama I utilized a -- -- So what they say what you -- a lot of fried -- -- -- cholesterol. -- -- to consider you to work. You're obese people. Problem also. I don't know that's that that that's that's that's a very good point now they say that they will not fire. The people that already worked there who or smokers. But you're right where where do you draw the line here you you bring up a good point are they get away UN and say if you -- over a certain mold. Then you can't work here either. Our our business. To the report. This let's talk about let's talk about them eat a little a little more pleasant but when it comes to rock groups. Who is the greatest rock artists you've overseen perform. Well it worked out pretty apartment. The only and by and tell me is that all -- where we were. Opera. -- bad habit of our. Stop Mercury and. A -- that left at at. I don't remember those days. I remembered. Arguably. The better I enjoyed. The -- should know the market hours. Are -- perhaps. What all poll directly responsible for. All. My wife. Some Mormon Church. One. -- because I couldn't. And so yeah ticked away. -- achieved over two days later. The book are at. -- Well I missed I missed Elvis. He was performing I won't say. I wanna say and in baton route that is his -- performing. And we. We can't we had tickets to the concert was taking my mother to the show and something happened and elbows had to cancel the concert. And -- I'll -- -- would have loved to have seen that answers. I've looked up some more well. People that. Thank you Ehrlich spoke to Anthony and Gulfport we do have some lines opened to six year old -- 78668. At nine a late seventy. What about you Antonio as far as a -- greatest rock concert shoot you ever witnessed. And I am currently a bit younger people on. Him. Sort -- where are all I'm on the court or concerts you. Well. And stress and I'm good them super is probably -- market share. It is there one rock artist that you missed the -- -- which wish you would have seen. From my generation. That you don't want. But. Smoked and -- -- -- current. Where. At eight where fired at Purdue or -- Yeah actually meteor or. You know. A look at the corporate owner. You know -- and an orientation. Errors. I mean not socially acceptable and legal opinions. So. A lot or. Just in search -- smoke at work. Here here's a text message that says I will not -- anyone who smokes and drinks coffee coffee drinkers are as bad as smokers they think. The world should stop while while they have a cup. Mean how do you do that how to how to you interview someone and say you smoked OK while Moroccan Army you'd drink coffee -- -- unlocked and are you. And -- Go ahead. But. In the larger which can't discriminate on age gender. Yeah they're they're better -- playing instruments or the smoke. Our. Smoky and former smoker. Number -- -- -- privilege and there's been a year. Ago. Do you think will oversee a time were smoking just totally banned. Are there. Aren't too much in. There again. There you look at. Everything. Matt. You -- well. Look pretty. Whatever and well. I do find it rather amazing. That we put on packs of cigarettes to -- the Killian. And we know it's bad for your health that we know what to -- but yet we still sell -- we can collect all taxes. One -- accidentally before you go off argue it late nights -- Not typically -- am. There. Typically by air and pretty or. -- like -- amber yeah yeah. Well you know that's funny because when I first read this reported that got to -- Meehan because it says new report says. Eating before bed does not make you gain fat and on sale right in album and I think back on it and there was time and I used to eat. Lots of lots of ice cream and food what before went to bed. And it definitely showed up I mentioned I think once before I didn't have a beer belly but I have an ice cream belly. But then when I read this a should maybe some of them when you read the fine print. It says what got the beat who wants political world. But on the world would want a a -- before you go to bed whom I'm gonna eat a big -- -- cottage cheese boots on the. Yet the question whether it's. I. The problem that -- better. What that's a good I don't know but according to according the report you have to eat all this healthy stock for bed but you know for a long time that would site. Don't eat anything after 7 o'clock if you want to avoid gaining weight but according to this report like to -- did something like. If you drank like a protein shake before you went to bed that that would be good for. Thank you generally. Are all right let's go to -- in Hammond when he's a warrior. Umpire when the SE you wanna talk about the question that. This hospital in Maryland will stop hiring people who smoke is all right with you. You know. -- I want a it back. Smoking is that amount to help. Body weight is. Smoke on the ground on the premises on Tuesday. At that my second point is and I -- a former smoker I haven't and nine years old today. Show. But I'll say that. Now any smoker who can go a full eight hours without a cigarette that they are trained these people. To take these at least once an hour and eight minute break. What's supposed they would say. You cannot. We will hire you but we do not give small price -- I do not think the law. Would say you have to give a smoke break you have to give a short lunch break but you don't have to give a smoke break so. Why not hire smokers and say. You. You you don't get a smoke break. Okay quite honestly can you count me any place now one. Anybody works that they smoke breaks and take them okay. It's it's really take them saying. Fer let's -- it however one -- and how you act like an hour an hour of work. Six hours. Sixteen minutes now mean their pay them and. Are right. So you you can see the logic to a I guess -- and do you think I'll ever get to the point where we totally ban cigarettes in this country. And the big thing as many think it makes it. And you know realize it out at. Me and they meet. You know this makes you think I might have considered adding prior to -- -- -- Well I went through mcdonalds today grab a burger and Fries and I was standing next to a guy. And he must've been an extremely heavy smoker because the -- was so bad my eyes started the war I had to move away from. And -- make up on it the first thing you think is really are. Think. I want people that think that -- -- -- but nobody ever called. What Wendy are you a midnight snack or late night snack here. Art. I like this new report that says that eating before bed will help you build muscle but. It's what you -- you have to eat nothing like lean. Checked in and lean Turkey and -- bullet cottage cheese if I'm gonna have a snack before go to bed at night except it's not going to be -- in health health. Not gonna -- Kramer cookie is some comfort. Yep absolutely are right like question of the night. Who is the greatest rock artists you've ever seen perform. And did you miss seeing someone you wish your currency. The great. A bit and they were all. I've met I would like this -- Jimi Hendrix. I would have to. -- that I would have liked to have seen Jimi Hendrix I would -- liked to have seen Janis Joplin. That it yet attitude -- absolutely. So what they -- when we appreciate you voting and all right we have about a couple of lines opened 26018788668890. It's somebody builds a view Warren holds that with -- A dip right with you after this break you can text mail facility -- seventy. 87 alum Bob Mitchell and pursued in the -- WW well in my apartment dot com. And the phone numbers to contact the show which 2601. Late seventy. 8668890870. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit. Couple things we are talking about the -- your favorite all time rock artist what you saw. And your favorite. All time rock artists that you didn't seize the bullet that you want to -- but to just missed the concert. To securely 78668. At 9087 also talking about late night thus the actors and that's something that he during the break. Have any have you ever been affected. I think they should be illegal you know they run these these late night food commercials these. Late night last food wrote -- drug commercials have you ever. Been watching late night TV and you saw a commercial or whatever it is trick in talk goals or pizza. And -- actually picked up the pole and ordered something or left the house remember. -- as the wicked chicken commercials. I'm watching that 1 around 2 o'clock at night get out of the get out of give off the show -- put my shoes on get the car. And had to go get me some wicked chicken to secure one late 78668. At nine point 78. And as far as the favorite all time rock groups have the technology is listen this. Went to Woodstock to -- Jimi Hendrix upland and queen but I missed The Beatles also we're talking about a hospital. In Maryland who will stop hiring people who smoke. Now does that sound right to you should you be able to deny a person the right to work just because. They smoke let's go to Richard the Cosworth power he Richard. I'm well Bob Howry. I'm joined -- and Richard -- see you want to address the smoking issue for sure she'll be able. To deny a person the right to work because the smoke. Well I think. It -- me I really. Don't have as much a problem whether it's like it's some of the callers. -- expect -- in and I am thinking. In particular because at the hospital -- and Ellis thank you what you're talking about. Cutting into somebody in -- -- and be overwhelmed you know by this now Angela Ellis Island in the goes. In smoke somebody. You've got a good point there you have a very you have a very very good point there like I I guess. I guess really when you when you take a step back and one of the things that that I like to try to do. Is I may have an opinion and of some of convertible point that helped me to see things differently and that's what I appreciate about loyalists. I guess what you would have to do. As you would have to tell them that. If you smoke. And we even smell it all knew you were out here and you and you cannot take smoke -- but yes that would. Now that would make sense to me because if I were in the hospital let's say I was getting ready for surgery. And some nurse is working for me announced -- that I might lose it right there. That's right and and then yeah it's art and legality. Of the whole issue and I'm not a lawyer but I you know do. I am -- human resources field and you know as your previous callers should you know there are certain things that you can't discriminate. Again or four. Smoking is not -- so it's not. What's called -- protected. Tried at age are sugar it's not -- the -- obesity. -- of obesity OK so for example. Voters. Hire obese people who are you. Tony I think you know it is -- to discriminate and you know where there's a catch bright -- a lawyer may come on here. You know this -- hospital. Could potentially shoot -- it -- it has what's called the disparate impact. Under certain. You know on one of those protective classes. Then. That it could be illegal the words of somebody were coming out and say well you know what. There is. A higher percentage of minorities smoke. And by having that rule. You're discriminating against minority summing it disparate impact minority populations. And in you could have and should there. Again that you could discriminate for you you know we discriminate against. You know -- place should go to our good looking people. What you you mentioned hooters and you figure in human -- a human resources. Could hooters. I don't know how to say this Sunday. -- it's good voters to discriminate against small breasted women. Well. -- again it like it but it's there and and it -- to come on you know it did in. You know owe it to all cried. Job all patient. I. Like it -- about you know higher -- you know our. And that they had to be able. Difficult. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wonder how underfed and looters they say all right you have to try that via drivers coupled burst into someone from -- -- much. After that after. Winning someone from hooters to call Linda and and clarified that. Let let's talk about the what what what was low on the Eurostar to open at the rock concerts. Food -- coming to town who is the greatest -- cars you've -- perform. Well I was like here concede Led Zeppelin back in about nineteen. The or -- And you know that I always -- that. Extension one at one on my -- list I measure eventually Led Zeppelin perform. And I got to -- Clapton in his prime at an early and two in the stone so those -- archery. -- I really I wish I would you know you know. I I came so close to seeing Elvis I've I've always taken my my public concert and I seem to remember and I'm sure there's someone listening to leave the text me or call. A changer member it was in in Baton Rouge. And we went to the concert but the concert got canceled. And I and I never got the fleet that it that he really was the greatest performer reasonable time. Sure it would. Richard thank you for uploading into about a appreciated. Are all right 260 late 7866899. OH seventy. As a look at the calls green we do have a few lines open let's go to Scott industrial and got what about you greatest. Rock art issue ever city. 33. And -- in college at ball. I got to see The Beatles. Which you couldn't hear from. And Guerrero green. Machine and matching a regular. Report of Harry Burton and most -- Hillary Albert. And are are seeing today brought our audit work commanders are -- -- -- business -- well now you know. Word usually -- brown. What they'd really performing needless. You -- have. Ever move out so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I've Solomon in Charleston topic that was the only white there are that it. It was a rushed. Night did and I actually. And gals are -- and abide. Dynamic -- I've seen -- -- the way now you know hey look. There to make roast -- -- -- talk about them a little -- and I actually meant that -- outs and they look so real -- there. You know that's that brings back the warehouse just mentioned bring back such great great great members -- An adequate. And the middle of the summer no air conditioning it was the only hot and -- and everybody want. You'd you'd you don't have to worry about bringing any. Drugs in because all the other -- then. Great that's. All right Scott are are you a midnight snack here. There are likely -- ballot. Like my -- allies -- You or man after my my own heart you know I've got to really discipline myself. I mentioned this I think a couple of nights ago when I was working nights. A few years ago. I've got into the habit of going home eating a little meal but then eating blue bell ice cream and I started to -- passed the ball. At a state run up the box and figure what. Yeah. You know it is not. All right so let this all the little. I don't I don't smoke. I don't know -- that's an tonight and -- -- just go I'm. It's a lot easier. No no no no matter written -- you know. A -- dudes coming back to the couple weeks I'm just doing the -- and let's go to Nancy Nancy how are you tonight. And I think you are you talking to me you are you talking to me our ability right are you talking to -- What is adamantly what is what movie is that from. I -- it's a Jack are you -- The you'd you'd you'd talk in the huddle well somebody that's -- moment I'll go ahead. Not -- where we disagree. Carpet that you can't go out smoking. In Europe why. And you'd be an airplane if you're -- -- and you need to try to -- and -- Yeah yeah. So you can. Carry a time without smoking is what I'm trying to say Al. I mean to riot and making a regular site. -- Leaning column and you. It's a couple of display I'm a nonsmoker -- like to be around smokers but. I believe injustice and I think -- that -- someone that we will not even consider you for the job because issues more now. Like what the guy who called in before worries that if you worked in the hospital. You can't walked in smelling cigarette smoke so it would be that person's responsibility navy. To change when that -- in the dead into the hospital not -- I think I don't have any. You -- You know it really I. And they -- Ten time. More people smoke a quick. But when you're -- and meet the trucks began QB yeah annual. Car and get your act now should. -- no I mean. When people are -- smoking. It gets you in. But here's the thing -- -- I think people who smoke. They don't realize how bad it smells I mentioned earlier I was standing next to a guy in mcdonalds today. And it was so bad of the green and I don't think he smelled it but it was so bad I couldn't get within six feet of in my eyes were actually burning. No. I I don't I don't care I don't care it's melting at an elected see that if you were at. A hospital and it smelled like that that definitely cause some problems with the with patients. Nancy you'll like rock. All right who was the greatest rock artists you've ever seen perform and is there a rock artist that you missed that you wish you -- Yeah it's a pretty. I thought early on lol thank you rally could be YE mart. The I would attracting the -- -- what happened. At lord and making indicate and I am I would like another airline right here in Akron it. -- in and acted like an opinion. Goodness I yeah I missed The Beatles Beatles performed the New Orleans a city park and I missed that concert. -- -- -- -- -- -- But. I've seen of seen the Eagles have seen Rod Stewart -- -- the stones. Stones I still think as the greatest rock general ban of all time. And they were made. By. It kind of started -- in New York sure. Even let. Me give you my eight -- market at current that are. What happened like -- -- and RPM in Long Island. -- I count every single ticket how anybody else see him. Hall. Ticket in his own union card he and only I. It could keep people waited a picture -- -- the community to experience and. That's a great story that's a great story. Thank you Nancy. 26017866889087. We have a couple of lines open. So life you call low. To get on with me wait really won't be that long I'm Bob Mitchell and -- city I wanna read it would. Text message. -- B. Ol' ball all fours midnight action. Liver cheese with garlic and onion on the week. That's your late nights that. All right as those don't show and I'm Bob Mitchell indicates seventy WW LAM at them and dot com and what I was talking about are you talking to me. Jack failed in its taxi driver of course coming right back -- WW LAM FM and dot com. I'm Bob Mitchell welcome back to the show 2601878668890. It's -- the numbers to call the show. Shouldn't lead to wall Novo await to get on the air out of the -- of the second gonna wanna remind you if you were upgrading your whole larger small. Don't miss -- WWL home improvement show screwed Schuerholz along with Paula -- a resident -- he's a construction consultant who specializes. In energy efficiency. These are less two that's the home at prudential tomorrow. In every Saturday ten afternoon on a WWL. -- much -- real quick like the legality of hiring firing Louisiana. The right to work straight you have the right to work for as little. As long and is harder if you want you can be fired for any reason at your employer position. Smoking will be made -- legal in a generation after all the smokers -- -- And we're talking tonight about the hospital in Maryland. Who was issued a warning they say they will stop hiring people. Who smoked election give them a urine test to see if there's nicotine in their blood. Should you be able to deny a person the right to work because they smoke. I mean what comes next and they tell you we're not going to -- because you have a glass of wine or you have a couple of Beers on the weekend. I'm I'm just not in favor of that it's a hospital I understand that they might have to do certain things to make sure. But people don't carry the smell inside of the hospital like and understand that by the way the other night on mentioned. Only here that I started working. In radio in those small. How little Louisiana small radio station white castle -- have a text message. Has Bob when you were in white council I lived there I remember going to the station and the only place. But had a -- the thing and I remember the most of by white council -- my first days on the year -- mentioned something missile small white council was I don't know whether it's still small. The look how small it was when I worked there. I mentioned the temperature of that whatever it was it's ninety degrees in downtown white castle. General manager walked in and to Bob there is no downtown white -- let's go to frank and all Carrollton -- you frank. -- Hospital to report to that but not the first to do that. It that's mobile hospital and a few in Ohio feel one in Los Angeles apartment on that. And they and that does that stands up in court. Yeah yeah but it felt volunteer. To work there you know to the state run hospitals. Might not. And my concern is what about people achieve their curriculum. An old lady with parkinson's that -- nick replica but also the parkinson's. Therapeutic for the a lot of social smokers and on one in Donald. -- -- smoke but like go out and not have the -- might have a cigarette. It just seems like an overreach committee and a. Well I can understand. If there were concerned about what's laypeople evident take time off for a small brick so you -- rules and and you say look. We weep for nonsmokers the worker if you work here you'll not be awhile to pick a smoke break and you will have to make sure. That we do not -- smelled of smoke when your -- if we do. That would be a reason for dismissal I don't have a problem with any of that do we -- problem where you automatically exclude. Someone -- smoking because. As you said suppose they're just a very very light smoker the the smoker I -- and today was obviously a heavy smoker I couldn't even get near the person. I'm I'm I'm just against anything where you say what you do in your private time as long as it's not against the law. Should not keep you from having job. Rise -- globe the other pro column made a good point. I'm willing to bet that it's insurance companies that are pressuring yeah that optional should do it. I mean there's there's there's such an employee shortages in certain fields there but they don't wanna do that but I think they're being pressured by other insurance company. Listen listen of those -- A ball it's true about insurance companies when I was a store manager we had to stop Christmas parties after doing them for twenty years because. Insurance companies to not want to be responsible for post party accidents while -- Man that's been new to me. So brave -- manager but all they do have to look. Now the light question of the -- food fighters plated the headlines when he fourteen voodoo -- Who is the greatest rock or if you've ever seen performance is there any bombing well. -- -- -- -- Number Cheap Trick you. They still four. Yeah they still sore and they've done over about popped out much -- -- solvable but there about ten years ago before Katrina. Called a hurricane -- a good choice to work it you know rushed to the butterflies on and on and park. And I mean technically. They've been played for so long. You know and I played for you know you know hundreds some dates a year they sounded great I won a big fan of -- I didn't expect much. But yeah I was just shocked and apparently. You know like among musicians people like appreciate -- musicianship but notably that was spoke about watching -- May -- -- live show has to be the Eagles a bit of form. That that music sounds just like the day they -- court. Right and the united group like B I mean Eagles and bring it back musician. You can hire the best. Who do you think is the better guitarist. Eric Clapton and Joseph Walsh. Current law is and Joan Walsh -- I have a friend about -- we debate this all the time he's a big Clapton fans on the -- and but Joseph Walsh all the men he. He makes that Qatar talks. I don't think he likes to promote himself -- he doesn't. That's what -- don't think of them yeah -- got a you know majors ago with them like to get well you know the. He had his problems at some buried dead drug problems and cleaned up and got cut back with the Eagles took him back in and they basically told them Joseph. If you -- help -- out here and he he's done really well but a low -- into play -- like. That that would. Joseph Welch is spam before vehicles. I'd like them but I much preferred the way he blended in with the Eagles. Thanks to frank thank you are all right 260178668. At nine OH seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell -- those don't show and your listing to the big date seventy WW LAM at them and dot com we have a a few -- -- both of you wanna call. Jack we'll get to ready to go with -- I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit -- WW well. Boom boom clock boom boom class people and boom clock boom boom clap. Boom boom clap boom boom clock boom boom -- boom boom class. At. Welcome back to the show laden. I was reading a text message during the break a year ago right here queen in New Orleans was often but he sure war. Nick and -- guys are paid to do this to you but please please please hold on I'll get to you right after the top -- it is. If I came here right now and give you about thirty seconds and that's not right nick. Saw Paul McCartney Allen saw Elvis. If you hold on I'd love to hear your stories right after the top of the hour news. We're talking about tonight a hospital that says they're not gonna hire smokers were talking about is right. Or not right here's a text message the company can choose not to party because of the bad credit. Or bad driving. Why should smokers be protected. I don't know it just just seems to me -- doing something in the privacy. Of your own home that. It should not matter. Whether you get higher. I can -- both sides now smokers are a lot different from obese people eating fried foods drinking and alcohol because smokers are more likely to miss work. For health problems and they need more sick days off. Most smokers can go eight hours from ordering a work shift. Some people say yes some people say no. Anyway if you one Arctic -- show during the news that Jacko gets ready to go over the after the top of the hour it's 2060170. 866889087. You can text me. An 87887.