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06-20 10pm Scoot/ Favorite Rock Groups/ Smoking at Work

Jun 21, 2014|

Does an employer have the right to refuse someone the right to work because they smoke? Name your favorite Rock Group...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Didn't. -- 72. -- 86 day. Well this debate Bob Mitchell. The real Robert Mitchell filling in for a spooked about gonna get real quick couple things were part of muscle and get right to the polls. We have -- because it's evident for a drag -- opinion poll portion public confidence in television news. Is that an all time blog for you guys who were on hold please listen of this -- that like to respond to a public confidence in television news. Is that an all time low only 18%. Expressed either a great deal or eight. Lot of confidence and TV news -- where do you go for your news. Radio TV Internet social media newspaper water cooler. Or other and we have our light question of the night a lot of people -- while -- respond to this. The light caution of the night Foo Fighters leveled much related to headline the Tony fourteen -- post to new Orleans city park. Who's the greatest rock partnership -- -- perform. And is there anyone you missed team -- coach -- to a -- Nick -- see on the screen New York artist you've got a chance to see Paul McCartney yeah. Yeah well. Actually I saw him when he played out there and that I saw had to go a little and I took my daughter. He played Saint Louis. And as aptly pointed and the concert. On Thursday. Canceled because of poor -- I want to see them. Is that he isn't the optimal and professional com. He buried in the rule equally balanced because he's an excellent and actions and the band. But he at least and -- at least 2000 and probably because they're all. -- -- cup not. Does he do love you amending the old beatle songs. You've got a problem. He courts it is uncertain although I don't pay you'd know everybody on and by. He got hurt on the field on the medical potency. The get -- pepper album that you can't get much about. But it happened this song called equally well and it -- Go on because. And then put the ball court and teenagers. Appreciate and in academia. -- right. You know what when a lot of people look don't know it was a Lennon and McCartney. Are two of the greatest songwriting teams ever. Absolutely. Just -- they -- the match between them and I believe -- Gaza. More important on the court cleared by eleven because I believe he -- well back here illegally. -- quite been -- and I was really impressed by his arm and not well -- you know Perry Brad Pitt interview room. It was so -- because like technically sound. Our partner I can't believe -- It would hurt. And he didn't avenue -- robe malfunctions -- yeah. That you guys -- -- -- personal Uga in concert. You're going to get aliens and he needs a minimum -- is the company. I mean it's a family affair in any year. Excellent. Become more hands and probably merely good guy and two on ball. While -- I've become over the past couple years even more. A huge Eagles fan -- on them and they performed about three years ago saw them perform when there were here so Vermont's back. And watching the Eagles today they -- Joseph you talk about professional they perform like for three hours. That their music sounds Charles like it did when the first court that the solve this -- -- will -- And incredible and I'd like you'll notice from the audience. Column in the Eagles have been -- elect for forty years now and and UC UC teenagers. And you see old guys like me there and it's just unbelievable. That this this type of music but the Eagles to -- Paul McCartney. Does is is still around and and you would -- Have the impression that the music we grew up with is the absolute best but it's still around and I have to wonder. If some of the music today though I can't even listen to will be around forty years from now. All of yeah I agree with they're a good -- and he talked about our. I don't if not I'm not into the you know occurred and that Little Rock musical. As a group. Feel like it here is that he's so -- -- period. That it is. And what would you like I I attribute -- there. But there are. You know that only a burning in. Early you know going -- -- her concert could get that would. And Nader even bigger -- you. You know the movement. Period you know Americans and it. I'm music. I probably should. An acquaintance who who worked hectic and did capture. Extra yeah. You know not a true it was a good musicians. And actors really don't like -- -- you know got to beat -- If that's true. Anybody yet he could pick up there be prepared for these. Good. Well there there's a special on the Eagles and out of I don't know how long goal. Your friend was Porter -- talking about the flash concert or quite some time back. The comment the -- that come out there. So much and then they. Work -- and stated that they come in separate from those. State they come it really you know the body's ability. To complete group. And innately good. You don't Vick they broke up at one time it because of tension in the group and -- I think each one of them or such incredible. Artist on their own I would have to imagine that balance in all those egos this has got the really deal. What quite a -- the lay -- about our brigades -- pretty jaguar opinion poll question. They say that public confidence in TV news I think -- down to a vote. We'll -- 18%. Where do you get most of your news from the radio TV Internet newspaper. I we'll it will my news from -- because appeal that quality that I alert network out of my home. And if I can die and it. -- I might bring you got equipment now. Well naturally I get mine from WWL two but. I guess I my next would be the Internet I. I find that I get news off the Internet now my wife. Watches a TV news and I've found that most of the stories. That she's watching one afternoon I've seen one to two days earlier read it on the Internet. -- of course you know everything you and -- true right. Not yet. You know we're real broke lookalike got a didn't auto gold at Florida on the road but that's one of the problems on main. I have people call me some and they wanna say. In -- on it says this about Obama on the Internet and if you do this link it says this there just because it's on the Internet. And it looks real. It doesn't mean it's true. Like you. I -- Scott -- where that equipment is competent. -- -- But like it here. And I and I have met a personal involvement. And ultimately. Become. A neat story. I know here -- is -- -- not American they would bite cramped it is there. You know the people. There -- India. And -- they -- -- Me. In the game. I don't feel that way that he -- that. Oh holy war. -- -- -- -- and you hear about things that turned out not to be true. Grit and people lose confidence wise I feel like. All right nick thank you thank you so much for listening at WWL first for -- news Alan. Andrew Bryant I'll be with the and just the second. We have a few lines open weight shouldn't be too long if you wanna call and -- 260 late 7866. And a nine. A late seventy Allen a promise like it to you first after the break and WWL. Yeah and loathing for talking about tonight are light caution of the night. Foo Fighters slated to headline the -- fourteen prudent for us so gut thinking about some of the great rock. Concerts of all time who's the greatest rock arms of overseas and from I've seen the beach Florida I would not put them in the the greatest rock artists of -- received perform but very very entertaining. And who legitimacy performing. On a pub albeit with the Allenby with you and I tell you a good picture right now that I'll finish my thought Alan how -- -- Picayune. I how -- you. I'm due upon Allen I see on the screen that. You actually saw Elvis -- proforma. Yes that was it probably talked about bringing in my other two it was march 31. 1977. And yeah. But he canceled that come. Luckily -- and everybody showed up well it has fans -- visited Jordan Ayers. That Kathy Westmoreland. And -- them down. I'm starting Foreman Robert Albert -- not all of the world into the lap and the whitbeck in March 31 April Fool's Day yeah and it stopped backed up all equipment with -- -- at the true. So he came back exactly two months later. May 31 and had to talk Almonte two of the couples statewide though that Bachmann going to -- -- it was wet now. It was still human values. Very easily opt out. I missed that concert but. While mom. And my mom was just. So pumped up to have to see elbows and that that that that that's who she wanted to -- you know a at our bucket list but for some reason I can't remember we were not able to make it after the. Right about that you of course he has talked. We both played ball -- commonality with suburban that we all should do should. Yes and metal plate and turn -- -- city park we use another gentleman from the radio and we. An elbow to be an all out I kind of miss those days playing softball law but that that was that was just a bunch of fun and you know we -- our team at the radio station. My goodness we most of we've played together for a ball I just about seven years and that that that was good -- any artist that you wish you would have seen that you didn't make. Still -- eagle that like to say it will open big comeback and try to make -- go and I you know there's. -- different -- -- -- they have got their gates and all of -- but. And it is him. I actually saw them first day they were here about three years ago and they were just great I actually. I liked I -- -- three years ago because latest came out and perform nonstop. -- -- this this past time. There is a special they have on TV right now think it's on showtime we'll all the history of the Eagles that's pretty much what they did. And they that they kind of explained on how they got together. And how they wrote the different songs in the it it was good. I -- it's different. You know -- -- word you -- most of your news from visit radio TV -- Internet news. You know -- who were familiar you are artists you know annual TV. It took everything and so not a -- good you know I guess that is what. You -- -- you know. Yeah on notes remain. They gallop for -- and they'll -- add to the show. -- that there they appreciate it. All right thank you so much go to Andrew Andrew how are you tonight. There. I'm Andrew best rock and roll artist you have virtual performance you argued -- 23 of them. Well and their bets on so we're yeah. Where they've created back -- you there are certain stage. An -- That there -- their own special little. Belgrade. We gave back and here birdie. You know. -- -- Right what did you say. You said you went to the day rock and roll. Florida electric to gain a solar -- and other. The court. So it was a it was a it was a two day concert. Barrel for. Optimal medical schools are Currier art you know all right I'll have to -- -- Ticket proceed brokered. It was appropriate -- should go easy. And they can't do departure of -- -- to broker the proprietor. There'll that ticket should do and I'm bill this year the tournament ticket back. And -- might get Arctic. -- All right Andrew I appreciate your voting in tonight. And Kamal what goes on WW. That's that's that YouTube you'd think that's a contest but that's. All right thank you so pleased to -- -- Gerry -- -- -- -- Gary. And you. Doing fine haven't have a good time tonight talking about those -- -- time favorite music groups. Who are some -- your all time favorite rock artist. Doing want to -- -- well was trying to and a full season. You know older. There may. -- I think. Well I think I just saw on TV either a movie or play a bulk of Frankie valley in the -- she's held the Jersey boys. -- -- but clean them out in and acted Project Green week. Like Iran is that it too. Wallet must've been when they first started singing songs like cherry and big girls don't crowd. Bode well good you know. Again. And any group that you wish you would have seen the -- did not. Yeah it didn't and the diamonds. Let that little. Late fifties bright right now aren't you remember an -- they did. Yeah -- did -- -- Rule the rule. Yeah well. It quote it was good morning to gulp machine to a nine provision would quote. The coasters boy you have you like those all of these groups that. It ought to on duty at schools. Like it would have been. And to the -- as it is and then on you know. All right Jerry Richards phony and okay our -- thank him all right let's go to Wayne in -- -- brings our Elaine. -- you know element but thank you so much. How -- we -- -- all. Awkward awkward on certain in ninety that but he. That would -- an auto body ball. That would pretty well. Now -- overseen Elton John the world's. -- what they call it we a lot of people want to be in the way out. The number 10. Pot it would speed Narnia. What you -- and -- Alberto. -- -- -- We're all they didn't they altogether -- I remember in Peter Frampton I don't remember much else. Yet bureaucrat in general -- or below what you are. And our our. Wings over America -- with all the part they would be like she was a lot of it and -- all of we wanted to get chocolate and and if you went up knew that. Now the really really Chicago and only thing about that was that was in Atlanta. And we walked out that blatant about street -- be more ball. And Richie Havens he played in New York all -- and the Internet. And all the and they go out yeah total. If you want to come down but what -- I would like 200 favorite -- Then had to be something you. I mean probably. We -- Although. -- -- to get in and week. Any groups that you wish you would have seen the -- meaning to the chancellor. The I did well -- -- -- them at the original light. Oh. -- -- It -- in the the would. I don't know but not I don't know where I saw him but I do remember -- Tony Joe White and one of the groups that I absolutely loved was -- -- solve the saw the ICK is orchestra. -- you know. Aria that was all the details like that. -- I was going to ask him and let me people who are just tuning in let me kind of filled and then before you do become an okay there there's a hospital in Maryland. That is issued an order they say they won't stop hiring people who smoke that they say they will not fire. Those people who are already worked there that do smoke but in the future they're not going to hire. Smokers and my question has been. Should you be able to deny a person the right to work just because they smoke -- we're talking about not smoking at the hospital. Simply smoking on their own time. And this hospitals going to actually. What they do those the drug testing they're going to drug testing people. For -- to team -- you think about that -- You don't get to begin -- it. The point that -- and he does that -- -- -- -- he took it all you do that. -- should vote. It would work in the -- I woke up. And had weapons are on. Graphic artists that have been awful all day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Encounter -- to the scene and it didn't. Pop in and week. Is it. Smoker. Compared to non smoker in productivity. Equipment. Company that. But couldn't you couldn't you say you or not allowed to take small break you're not allowed to smoke when -- Elantra are. Yet but but you know like. Why. Launch and one off workers. And a built in should broken Margaret in it can't be an. Being an apartment or watched. Company as a bit older. Look bad and that big negative -- -- -- being that -- -- a bit. Right now I am just justice at the orchestra I'm against all that -- nonsmoker I do not like to be around smokers. -- I -- wished that smokers could smell how bad today art and maybe that might prompt them. Two that to stop smoking. I will not allow anyone to smoke in mind policy in the car. I remember one time and in the skills like years ago many many years ago I was vote. My head of the were detained two people smoking in my house I was having I was a party one night at the house. And we had this it and this sliding glass door to go on the patio. And I and I taped assigned to the thought -- sliding glass that said smoking room okay. It is that smoky room all the sudden people so want and they opened up those -- that's the smoking room. Outside but. You know Larry with quick story I'm an old. Cigarette. And dot com. And on eleven and a black. Hole. And opened up all while you can hold up at that big. These national trait that was. About them. -- Not a report. Oh million -- little I have something in to -- that. I doubt it already on hand I have a nine holes in the red. Nine -- -- and BS ought. To look at the did you know hardly felt the yeah yeah you know I know I hope or. Then when when that vote truck -- and totally I cried because it was my baby I had it for twenty years. And it was in the new and they tell you how great condition it was and I remember one time I drove -- remember or years ago when radio stations did all the radio remotes on Saturdays from all the card dealers it was a it was a a -- and a drove a one time two of those and the at the manager. Of Africa while went to unthinkable on the -- -- flip it and he said Bob. -- there's -- in storage all these years so that's the opposite it was a and so they're great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't mind at. An. Earlier. I'm with you Wayne thank you for voting in blood. But. Let's go to Bryan Murray Brian how are you tonight. I'm doing well. I want to talk about going to altered in new solar is all right now. I could say is going to be somewhat controversial but some people run out. And it's Almonte group that was predominantly on line. Up to about two years ago in the audit going out engage in the public and spreading away. And even Hugo could hit -- -- -- In these issues. Mike Mayo who you know may commit suicide sport on more than 100. The divorce it jumped the turncoat -- And you know any talk about -- capacity where. You know 80% of the capacity to commit a joint -- an ex wife and -- -- Following the excuse that they're nimble and talked about mainstream media and in jail card and they what -- doing -- community. Disingenuous. In the mainstream media really. -- -- in general where do you get most of the news Clinton you don't you don't watch TV or get a from the Internet radio or anything like that. Did people follow on YouTube. That's what got -- Stephon -- knew what freedom and radio. But you don't watch and you like a Fox News or -- and our. -- -- -- -- disingenuous. And it is nobody's received a lot of people don't even know. Yeah I -- extreme need to know about it and even -- Because the main stream media and talk about these issues -- -- of the the court this conference call and later -- Well you don't you don't follow things like what goes on in Iraq or. All of the border and things like that. All -- occurred in new way to go to really back. And that. This conference that they're putting on the talk about these issues I mean it threat. In Detroit being beasts on calling -- Our columnist hotels its particular hotel hosting the conference if you because these people were on your vote. The risk. They needed. To get. I've got to go to a break right number before you go you'll answer my my my light question who's the greatest rock Carter you've overseen perform. I don't really do concert and an adventure. All right Brian thanks to so much -- 2601878668. At nine -- somebody. I don't know. -- -- don't wanna do -- calls on this but if you -- if you heard the last newscast and we've talked about this. Often on on the show about the Ray Nagin pleading for mercy and warning people write letters. In the news that talked about that he had family. Writing the judge. And he had his grandson on. Write a note in -- -- you know pleased there in my pops or -- -- like that. I don't know about you. To meet debt is real. Low giving your grandson. Through Rite -- Korea that -- I guess on the other hand when you're desperately trying to. Stay out of jail for doing something wrong. -- again should step to. To any depth here's the text message it's just goes to show actually Reyes not learned his lesson. He uses anyone including his grandson. To give him -- feel like -- feel that you wanna talk about it will will technique via. A couple of call for that to sixer Willie 7866. David and I know it certainly the main thing we have on our WW we'll talk table tonight. There's a hospital in Maryland who said they are not going to hire people who smoke hospital employs more than 4000 people and but I just don't know I mean. Should you be able to deny a person the right to work because they -- a listen to arguments from both sides. I understand if they have to take smoke breaks. But I would I would. Today if you're a smoker. You cannot take smoke breaks you can not smoke when your lunch hour you can not have smoke when your clothes that you'll have to take and make sure. That you come to work not smelling like cigarettes all that for a hospital I can understand. And I but you know home I guess the hospital figures that it's too much work. I don't know I'm I'm I'm against smoking. I don't think putrid smoke and drink smoke and I would like to see them banned cigarettes because I've pundits so. Hypocritical for government that we sell. A product that's legal that we tell people it's -- Ilia. This is going to kill you and you shouldn't do it. But we sold to get the tax money to secure -- 17866889087. And we have our light. Question of the night. Who was the greatest rock -- you've ever seen perform and who did you missy and perform. 2601. Late 7866889. Only seven. Got a bunch of lines open flow. -- component and probably get right all I'm Bobbitt solutions don't show on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- do it. Little Frankie valley music on WWL. 260178668890878. Couple things were talking about tonight is it okay to discriminate against smokers in a fiery in the words can you say. Our business does not hire smokers. That's for the hospital in Maryland is doing. And our light question of the night who was the greatest rock artists you've ever see him perform and who did you miss seeing performance go to. Marked in Kenner marked. First of all. Is it okay to discriminate against smokers it's okay to run a business and say smokers need not apply because. Were gonna disqualify you just because -- smoke. I'm gonna say no but I would it. All on financial guess. I fully understand what they're trying to do reduce cost. Save money get more productivity. And I don't know in the business and so I do want the problem. I can -- is if you start here with this group that says that day. Well we're not hurt people and a long way. You know it's that group that -- -- about to start discriminating. Against somebody floor. -- -- -- people off. Me where'd you grow and that that's the problem. Well that's may in fact in my notes here. Say Leo what happens if they say the if you can't have a beer any 100 beer or. Anyone who drinks a glass of wine or any one who drinks a Margarita now I'm -- you -- I feel the same way but I do not like being around cigarette smoking and I quite frankly would have no problem if they ban them I find it absolutely. Crazy in this country. Then at least sell a comic that's why it's going to milieu. But it's legal so how can you tell these people as long as they don't bring smoking to the job I'm a few wears it and it is the next thing we'll look. Or we don't want to take -- -- people -- eat. Too much fried food and the words that if they stopped -- of this at WWL start saying. All we know we we don't want hire people at the the fried chicken pork chops I'd be out of a job. Right so let's say people who say two consecutive high cholesterol blood test within. Six more light it's it's it's been you have to go on a minute match and that's why. I'm against the buyer's market and it is -- written down for a long time and you talk about disingenuousness. On people. Marilyn has made -- auction off the tobacco. And in -- picture I don't wanna whitewash that as both. You know that it don't wanna do. All right mark best concert. You know look when I lived in outlook and apples to use. That tactic from around 2009. And -- somewhere and they have a concert and they look at me Lyle Lovett opened our yeah. Man that was a great contrary it didn't have all the match yeah and everything. And we know. From beginning to -- Was she is. So good all the -- Great you know I don't think you don't you know -- And -- at that point I was like you know. -- passing interest and stop like data integrity album. I won't but Portland I want I'm trying to walk on. When -- apple that was a great -- -- I tell you may easily put all the good concert was Alice Cooper. And I got a chance to medium. After the concert so I go backstage and I expect the meet this super freak you know. And he is just a nice and I'm looking at Lehman. And I even said you know you're not what expected to meet indecent or you mean the guy that was on stage -- that that's just an act council. Yeah I think it goes out -- They should -- You know -- royalties sent these -- right -- -- absolutely -- with all everything that was all the apparently think they kept to a new level. Anybody any that you did not say that you were assured of -- perform. Yeah outside of a grand marquis -- you know what literally. On top. I'll put a luggage every I would have liked to have seen The Beatles led to Nazi -- -- Yeah well I'd vote should not like you're seeing what he's that would love to achieve now. Led Zeppelin too -- bunch that's Wednesday that a lot of the Seagram. Well that that the truth the truth for me. Iowa Maine. And we'll let let Led Zeppelin was probably that the number one conference in -- -- been able to go to. And like to think -- and so much is the kinks. Yeah I'm really -- you know really quite cracked the top. -- would like to look like a glass ceilings on it and try and get a music store and. It is -- -- just electrical and okay iPod. Not tomorrow Saturday and -- a day off. I'll I'll be back next week the whole week okay great all right tune in Bob Mitchell in pursuit. And this is the big -- seventy WWL AM implement dot com. Welcome back to the show let's go to Stacy Stacy thanks for calling WWL. I'm on. European end of this hospital that is going to exclude smokers from employment. I'm bit about what my. -- look at health care industry that the bully. And why does count and I -- that we have to protect the plate and the program. Somebody that that we take our ear. And yet to meet that requirement. It measures are. Where -- at our ear outweigh blood pressure. Tobacco spree agreement and it cannot. And -- on the -- and that -- that they -- program -- -- not about oak tree and it on the line while employees and cut back on medical. -- corporate employees. And you wonder what they're collecting all -- -- that usually do helped by a year that about your diet election well you're drinking habit your stress level the actions. And it. It's collected on -- -- makes you wonder. If like these that one day they are not are equally there will -- court in -- And it isn't giving get to the point where it's gonna spread on to other businesses where. -- able to simply say we don't hire smokers and again what's next we don't hire people. Who eat fried chicken we don't hire people. Who drank beer we don't hire people who -- sit margaritas on the weekend I'm a nonsmoker but these kind of things Jeremy. Does this really Jeremy. Yeah and yet they were an industry that note as an employee if you want cheaper health insurance rates. -- and -- have to participate. Now that I understand I don't I don't have a problem that but on the other hand if you or smoker and you say will look. I'm willing to pay higher insurance rates that's the and that that bad -- your choice but. To do but to exclude. Did to exclude you'd just because you smoke I'm I'm against -- I 'cause I don't know where it's gonna go I don't know what the next weapons. I don't know either against. Here that's happening at -- -- -- -- real quick like as I have I have news coming up. Who is the greatest rock artists you've ever seen before. Armed. I don't know I don't care what you do when you were growing up -- Not -- now. The big music man. -- into the concert right. Thank you so much -- Appreciated Tony and Larry do me a big favor a -- hope all other top -- count. Out of time hold old and I'll get to your right after the news and for those of you wanna be part of the show. If you're not colander in the news and Jacqueline you -- ready to go on the after the top of the hour. It's 26018788668890. Late seventy text -- At 878 -- not a really big wave. -- lines open so if if you told him right now you really won't have that much. Avoid the news is next on WWL AM up -- dot com.