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06-20 11pm Scoot/ Best Rock Concerts/ Smoking at work

Jun 21, 2014|

Bob continues to disciss: best rock conerts and rights of smokers to work.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News talk in sports leader. It's. And welcome to show it is B Bob that she'll be real Robert Mitchell Philly then. Again -- do tonight and I'll give you looks on our WWL -- table in just a second but Larry has been hang in on. Through the news and let me go middle Larry right away. Larry wants to talk about some of those great all time rock and roll artist -- so -- it Larry. Oh yes. And -- it's great to see you again on narrative thing what it's like you know that. And you know look at -- number one but the unity right about Cooper a -- ten years ago. Missed the casino and -- people talk show he's really. As he stood on the same putt to show. Oh my god is incredible yet it's it's like. Or Rucker wrote code -- or show I think it right before Halloween to. And I just remember that at the same time it's kind of weird but they hit some contest going on where you could have. If you line EU he could have Thanksgiving dinner. Which Alice Cooper. I'm not sister I would wanna have is -- So cute and so maybe go. When when I met him I went to his concert. And yeah and in fact I wanted to see him to. To talk about -- in the and Demi and parade and so went by captain and I expected to see a -- easily you know. And he was just but straightforward and even honestly but a two limos that you don't know. This conversation but went -- about as an adult and he said -- said. That's just an act out there and it and I'll when he -- when he wrote in and I mean if you remember he was the grand Marshal opened -- in one year. And and I spoke to him. After the the parade ride and -- remember him telling me he said you know. I performed at Madison square garden and perform at the Hollywood Bowl he says look but writing grand Marshal. Of and -- and he said coming down canal street in New Orleans was the greatest role in my life. So that that that that a -- actually you know. It's funny how a lot of liberties say that she loved me. After shooting a Broadway and everything. Lola very quickly idea when we get this and it. I get -- -- -- -- by the -- an 82. Whether took -- concert. But actually early in a two I think that that was my favorite it -- the clash at the warehouse and -- who opened for the class that the whereabouts and summer of 82. Do you need to -- closed. Lead -- was -- performing -- and. -- Dougherty. Game on yes because there aren't that rocket L old time rock like The Beatles. And that the class. A believer yet bunker whatever they were going to apparently to look at -- -- -- and he would show it's great and but he. -- mine from people who we love. Doing the Wendy's commercial so he. I think Beijing police say -- he's saying no reason to go anywhere I did -- -- Now ISI soft Fats Domino. One year at at and Demi and it was totally thrown and then went to the Jazz Fest and that was supposed to perform. And he gave -- deals to Peru deal he he came out and said that the that they made an announcement that. Betty wasn't feeling well I'm watching him -- an -- but usually sing one song and then I found out later in in an interview. That all or special on putts domino they said that that was an extremely -- individual. And that actually. That the reason that he did not perform on that Jazz -- day was it was stage -- is an unbelievable. The -- you'd be surprised that I heard telling sign and had the same condition to. C a believer not after you know professional performers believe or not they still have these you know. You wanna know what I remember the most about Carly Simon or your Carly Simon -- And very much actually. Yeah it's actually don't puberty. All right if you are under your Carly Simon thing and you know exactly. On documents say anything else but I love that album cover. You know what I'm talking -- all right okay. That's a good night all right thank you Larry all right let's let's let's do that today and Gonzales are you today. I'd still haven't high voice from the concert. Back in the sixty. -- -- Atlantic City yeah steel a year -- -- that they care and Atlantic City. -- And later here. That you are like that orange county and the -- and -- appeared India are. In the like con. They appeared there together. What I can't play -- court. Barry so well -- And The Beatles on the same concert. You you sure you world some high quality drugs. -- let our regularly enhancement. -- all right but I'd never heard of the stones in The Beatles performing together in the same concert that that. Great start right now man and they had. ANC and then made the right and well the -- and mom and pop it. And Chubby -- Not at at. That's quite an assortment there. It was one your -- that include. Straining my line. Any -- and straight line what is it brother opened ratio and then Johnny cage come -- I would've liked to have seen Johnny Cash. I have a couple of his lead these. I would have liked to have seen Johnny Cash. I'm not favor kingdom the Dutch all right today I appreciate you filling in tonight. -- I don't mean you know. Oh yeah are you wanna comment on showed -- -- should anybody be able to. Keep you from applying for a job just because -- smoker. -- just and other government control. Well this is not a government now is not federal -- that this is that this hospital so we can literally. And we can't blame that on the government we can like little pot but we can't blame them on the government. Well. And church up in an insurance company yes she. Writes. And I am a -- freedom. You are I'd I'd end and his seat that's why I am against -- I'm I'm not a smoker. I would not want to. If I want to the hospital I would and one of smell smoke. Alan on a smoker in fact let me real quick text message about that. Smokers definitely don't realize how bad they smells a former smoker. I know now and apologized to everyone that none have ever been around what I did smoke so but. I would I would think that you should be able to hire smoker and say. Here -- the terms that you were hired under. You can't take smoke breaks you can't smoke at lunch and you can't show up would smoke on your clothes if you'd do. You will lose your job the media that was smoker. Is willing to take a job under those conditions that nothing should be allowed to be hard. Make give better picture quality sealed closet -- leg -- arm but smile. All right hey I appreciate you putting into an okay. All right. Here's what's on our RW WL talk table tonight as we take the stroke of midnight. Now we talked about this in the first hour and at a -- bringing up and and look at it in a little bit different vein there's a new report opposites eating before bed. Does not make you gain fat. They say it's just the opposite. Eating before bed will help you build muscle of course. The kind of food they're talking about before you go to bed is. Playing Turkey. Cottage cheese and stuff like that a stake is not a good idea before you go to bed. So I thought it would be interesting tonight Tuesday you know what is what are -- of your favorite bed times that. And I wanna know how many have you. Are affected by these food commercials for at least fast food restaurants. That they run at night I think Taco Bell commercials after 10 o'clock at night should be illegal. Because boy you see those good looking -- legislate openly. And you wanna make a run for the border throw I would like to know how many of -- is it only the how many -- you art. Affected by these late night food commercials and -- either make you run out and did something to eat. -- roll into the kitchen and get some dignity to six year old -- seventy. 8668890878. And we also have. Are all light of the night -- like portion of the late who fighters can't wait for them or slated to headline the issues you do list. It's at city park. And who is the greatest rock or should oversee and perform and cool. Did you mills and in the words suited you wish you could have seen but. Did not let's go to -- intent or how are you -- Probably one of the best. Out. It. -- -- When I was without -- to say it. Sure didn't. Want all of a. Some kind of wonderful -- on the. Exactly do that and also enjoy. The jets figure to build -- -- -- I would like to say that. I guess they're rock. -- at this blog or back it's. A bit. Seven warned you at double the birds. And Mitch Ryder. Shortly. You know I'm glad you brought them up I had forgotten about them Mitch Ryder and the Detroit wheels. Just put on one heck of a concert. That. Senator and it support the -- -- are. The principal. Great and I tell you a concert I wish I could have been that I wish I could've been. At Simon and Garfunkel concert Central Park in New York that had to be a blast. Except that salt report while the war. You're. Now. The obvious that. This is what brought you cops are so awesome. -- in the second. Oh we just took. Etiquette so was. I mean it is industry. -- are are you late nights Decker. Okay now do you ever affected. -- late night food commercial people like pop and Taco Bell and you make you run -- and it's something to eat. -- on the London -- XT. -- -- -- -- Obviously speaking popcorn. When you go to the supermarket. It is so difficult to decide what on the popcorn -- -- up partly. Theater popcorn -- -- -- book popcorn this corn you know you can you can sit there for ten minutes trying to figure out. Would -- -- now with Leo about minus the lead from blogger. Here and it's. Currency. It was well thought they were right at that option so they should lose the -- -- leaked out. Yeah I -- it all -- like war. I -- I don't care and that like they're plot however. Yeah. -- today so all you can do to that there's been. There's these wouldn't go so well it's it's it's. It was a but more. Not even salt free Butler you can't use a -- -- Boehner. Like spray it. While I I use salt substitute I can have salt either but I tell you -- -- been upset they're watching TV and want to pick it should be legal. It's around 1030 at night. And the Taco Bell comes in this is run for the border and -- jump in the car 1030 at night. Bill Hall but let's open up a couple tacos in -- eagle. As important in -- -- we know you may be. It's the state shouldn't sit. Law. -- -- -- -- All right Kevin -- hang with me I'll get right back what do if you wanna call will be part of the show which to secure 1878. 8668 at 908 W can still tightly. At 878. 87 a -- I'm I'm way behind on text messages so. A detriment in in just a minute I'm Bob Mitchell with the Stewart show on W dot. Welcome back to a show I'm Bob Mitchell to six year old -- 78668890. It's seven are like portion of the night. What is the greatest rock -- if you've ever seen perform. And who did you miss performing were also talking about. Shouldn't you be able to deny a person the right to smoke. At at at the right to work. Just because they smoke a couple of text -- of real quick like and then I'll I'll get right to the bones. Bob sorry couldn't stay on the had to -- was going to say what about no drinking for a hospital employees that are going to go there about no smoking. How far -- employers take Dennis thanks Heather. Bob must step that works at heart clinic at home they made all employees develop smoking and he even help pay for the medicine for them to quit smoking. Let's go to -- in late few power he had done. Hey Bob are you doing a duel today. It is the only late night show up for change. Yeah I'm filling in filled in this week and I'll opulent next week also can as do filling in for Tommy. So on political dispute. Well -- -- and radio to some that that's what happened to. Back in the seventies. I was looking you can go -- to a professional school. You know at the medical center there and. 1977. Important that he -- you used to not -- -- and the opening act -- Jimmy Buffett. And he opened for the Eagles. Oh my goodness what euros us I mean. You know and I'd just saw the Eagles a few months back. And it's like the -- they haven't changed that that there what I like about them as they come out and they do the same music. That because it ultimately -- Artist changed their music while we go to see them do their -- we don't go to see them do promote their new album and things like that. Exactly and you know on the -- I configured the unit and I our crew chief you said they have not changed on the -- yeah go for undermined the such religiously. I think you know -- -- eight outlook eight B jet that it can't think like that that are happening too expensive well little ball. The Eagles up I'm sure we're not talking on any of the other into -- -- -- really love the song yeah. And he -- expecting. That was you know that was the hornsby that was our I didn't expect his consort to be that good. But let me tell you as good as the Eagles were at the jets at the New Orleans Arena there were probably. Ten times better. Absolutely. -- -- they -- that city and every might have a chance to hear a pot a year and I -- You are -- again and again you know he did it felt like there at night -- seventy. Did you see the -- It was special effective on showtime called the history of the Eagles took about a three on our special. No I haven't seen out heard that it really really league. I have heard about that I'd get the book it's called take it to the limit that look. You know about the history in the evolution of them it is buried there interstate. District -- the producers and how they evolved from individuals you know going try -- and and I don't know. The Iraq problem in of people along the way that did not -- -- Kenny Rogers was -- actually discovered Don. I didn't know that either I saw that in this special and the or are you remote towns then. Is there there is a great special call -- Are you you can get you can give her own dvd and it was on model those same things telecoms summit called standing in the shadows. And it's about the the studio band that played the music you know everyone is familiar with Smokey Robinson the port -- supremes. But what -- what people don't know. Is all of those groups used the Spain with the same studio means musicians called the phone Brothers. And it is just it is if you like music it is absolutely great. Like I like the evolution of these guys. Debt that they were getting an art in his blood related. You know it in invite poke a regular guys that would Coke so you need to -- the plane now Eagles. -- impeachment we -- little lazy. Absolutely. A bit -- I think that the the remote camping in the next. -- going to be -- evolution he would sit back and watch you know what that ended in a note to your tremendous. Tremendous interest that. Don got got a dog and a bunch of people hold wanna get to everybody okay. Thank you so let's go to Kevin in Slidell Kevin how are you tonight. Do look Kevin you ever get those late night cravings that he did to those food commercial drive you crazy on Tuesday. The like -- you. -- with a double up -- -- tell you the commercial would be used to detonate. Of the of the pop flies a what was a little chicken things the all of -- of a -- -- earlier. And it wasn't chicken strips. I'd go ahead and he'll be much a concert I'll think about why you want to talk. -- -- stick shift in the -- dejected and and I had a pop -- about five minutes away from the house. -- Tree right. Right the -- is not there anymore you know though as as a Benny gratuitously ain't there no more. Ability to Wal-Mart there. Yeah the under your name and it won't matter are they don't want my quote possible and probable all. It's a small until -- it's a small Wal-Mart isn't. A typical -- are. All right let's get -- -- back to the of the continent's greatest -- searcher Wasilla. All right all right retreat at one now a jury -- all the parties and not being able adamantly like -- yeah. Off for a pilot Jimmy Page -- army. On that on Lipitor unity ID yeah. Alice and Pete warden and bill. -- concert but -- of -- assault on what Vegas. -- that one mobile bill. I've never never got a chance to see elbows in concert to me the greatest concert the that a -- and greatest rock concert. Was the stones at the Belmont just put it you know. Obama sort of when it came down to do. -- concert relate that yeah. Hello Michael McDonnell was a good afternoon. Now there's a -- -- -- -- a great voice for you book. So. Anybody that you wish you would have saying. Well paltry don't see The Beatles -- more protection and it structurally -- Booked all along when we get tickets to go -- -- so they'll go straight down here. -- -- it can't account try to hold a concert I'll swear out a -- For me I agree for me it's the The Beatles and -- -- those of the two groups that I. Wish I would have seen that The Beatles did perform in New Orleans and I don't know I don't know why I did go but I'm really don't know but I wish I guess they were just starting in such a potent but I. Oh really bullets and it marked a pretty. Well. -- -- April. It would have been much. Would have been on goodness involve them. Really appreciate you calling Kevin I'd go thank you so -- -- go to Gregory Greg Greg how are you tonight. Would. Agree what about beauty you get that yet. Obviously the most -- And ever our follow -- treatment and I don't know the wrote down a little -- Spain Spain. -- but don't -- think the stones the greatest rock -- great. Don't you use I've heard that expression -- Holland the world did that experts are. No but I mean hotter the expression long in the tooth -- started means and noble. Yeah but how about you your -- you know UT they'll grow past certain -- They come from an old. When you dependent on your on. When your livestock or news or you you'll Citic I know how long -- charger or edict to check their piece. I didn't know that so that you can you can. If until the age by the bug -- of their teeth and -- I've learned something tonight ninety Gregory I learned. You -- com. Is the most they've been urging the -- -- that I ever saw any lies. Mark felt here in normal -- election you aware that it did it was a talking. 880. Indeed it's a fantastic of course I was only 1920 years opened a team meeting yet they can and and epic played -- like the area where it was just incredible but -- similar degree in a car it's true. Journey to -- them. And the auditorium used to have great. Yes I saw -- Cooper. Should be part tedium. Do you had to welcome them. And mentioning yeah it's a very young -- out of one per concert apparent but because Google with global product. I would discriminate frequent the most and -- -- -- -- out entered the -- republic portal. At. Greg let me ask you on I'm on the other subject that we've been talking about tonight it started when while hospital in Maryland so they're gonna stop hiring people who smoked. Should you be able. To deny a person the right to work. Just because they smoke -- -- spoke dean is legal and I can see where you tell them at the house but you can't smoke at the hospital. He can have it on your clothes but I mean. It is that. Is that they -- a thing that we don't wanna get into telling people what. They can and cannot do that legal in this country what happens if we tell people. OK you can't work here if if you drink alcohol. Well you just -- it upon its legal. Should be at the ball. Anybody right for a trapped -- off 500. Employees. However a -- you suspect they -- and it could be a problem in. That pulled a category in the commute is he on you lemonade she read it smoking it's such a detriment to your truck performance. Insurer did different things that alcohol. What -- they hit here here's here's what I find amazing. A lot of this comes from of course the insurance companies because the insurance companies. Will give you a better insurance rate if you don't have smokers can I can understand that but the thing the thing that drives me. Up the wall and has for years and upset -- so many times on the year smoking. Is a legal product. This government says. This is gonna kill you. We're going to charge you higher rates if you smoke because you're going to get cancer and -- if it's gonna lead to an early death and all these other diseases. Yet we sell and you know why we Charlotte. Because we make so much tax money on because but doesn't government uses the taxes on that the finance the government. So if we are really that stroll that we really feel that this is an evil it kills people coming. I wonder how many countries have a product where they say you can buy this legally but it's gonna kill yeah. You know well. I don't -- booked every country in the world that's then -- like. I don't know if -- what here's what I don't know and and if you know tell me. In other countries do the the the cigarettes carry the warning that it's gonna kill you or that's only in this country. Actually acting. I can tell you from my own experience especially during the eighties in most and -- -- out of feet. The cigarette packs beat you bought. On ship we're not attack. They didn't oh in -- warning we epic could we were maybe -- church but when you win a short and bought a local brand yeah killer. Don't know warning direct part in you -- smoking -- We -- like sky. Pretty well -- And there was -- -- Outlook occurred it would work cigarettes that. Think what they built that big black market of the problem. But I don't think -- only other countries. Put the warning labels don't go well that's that's the point I'm saying in this clip. I think Great Britain does it out. I've purchased -- in Great Britain. Via petition general. Recommend -- -- Multiple -- -- Very little. -- legal but it is indeed achieve your your performance like quite quickly that. -- makes you take too many breaks in that means you're not being. But then but then what should have to do is you'd have to say that we will higher -- smoker. But you do not get Rex if you get caught smoking anywhere near the high level or hospital grounds anywhere near you fired immediately. Don't let it did not write an -- yeah. Both jobs will do that I mean but it. A lot of people that I work where smokers and equipment and take a break and and you know. And com. -- I don't know he shouldn't be far -- -- -- -- but -- -- in. But -- does it get it to work actually. I mean you being like -- you know believe the. All right Gregory thank you so much George you're up next do we have room for probably a couple more -- it and it's right on. 2601878668890. It's suddenly I'm Bob Mitchell. In bestowed on WW well. Well here's a text message. That says Led Zeppelin is the best Bob even better in the -- And -- about that Bob Mitchell and -- -- in your list into the big -- seventy WW LA and a -- and dot com. Here's a text message Bob talking about -- -- which it made me do I'm gonna talk Obama. Right now let's go to Georgia George are you tonight. George you liked do you do much late night -- Do about it. A group you know. I got that haven't -- humble group. And I like it or -- mine. Yet vocal. Coca-Cola a doctorate in legal George. Quote but George why do you put the blue bell in the bowl. Just heated up the box. Well. -- ready to me you know you get. About it too much we gave me on it. But what you do you have your own box and you need a little bit each night that's why do I I well I will get -- cut way back because. I've mentioned as I was out of hand years ago when when I did this show on a regular bases. I would go through. A half for a gallon of blue bell every other night. I would I'd just what I would even put it in the bowl so. I'm I'm I'm a got to back off from a blue -- that did you ever have any of these commercials -- you -- like the like the Taco Bell and a and the pop flies commercial that never motivate you'd actually leave the house and go get some -- either at night. Are you -- are today. Watched duties all right so let's talk about let's talk about concerts. Concert. Like have seen so many. Kimmel live -- -- -- would go to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville and changed zone. Pushing the Bruins. Had a Mississippi Gulf Coast does you those are two problems. It took control. I was never I was never big structural -- clinic again committee I think the greatest. Rock and roll concert -- that that that I've ever seen. Had to be bestows and I liked the Eagles but for pure rock and roll. But I don't think anybody beats stones. The other soldier maybe even older than think. Generally even older now. Well you guys total which usually terrible or they're older than to let. And they were good judicial many. But. Moody Blues. Moody Blues were to George what do you think about. These companies that are starting to take the position here's a hospital in that says that. They won't hire smokers and other wars I don't care how qualified you are. For the job -- is not a matter of smoking on the job. This is not a matter of smoking on your break this is a matter of you will not even if you smoke in other words that they they give you a test to give your urine test. In -- team shows up in your urine they won't even higher -- even interviews if you're out. Yeah I'm -- answer that but that the reason that follows. A wanted to tell you -- did you -- -- yes -- -- Me neither I live dumping Trout intercity. And we had a million per concert tickets I got to take years. Two days before the show. It's note and -- we're. Well well well well. And it's terrible. Yes and have not answer your question. It's a very slippery slope -- -- people are going now it is there's like you said what's next. You drink -- and do it but the main thing I was thinking about Lola. Obesity. Look at all problem obesity -- So. Utterly personal losses and you're gonna say no we don't hire you because you're. Treasury this year. -- listen listen on this text message here Tony Gwynn got cancer from musing -- Yet the government says nothing about -- I were people who -- while in a reactive with patients so. Is this hospital gonna say okay you you can't use dip and a big dip. Is just as disgusting as smoking may be even more I hate when you're talking -- -- dip and they -- are spreading in a cup alt on the talk to you. Ali it. They end -- hospital interacting with patients. Well on on this thing but I meant in general in all I know a couple of guys. That dip and UB sitting there talking to them and at that they'd spit in the cup or spit in a bottle wallet while they're talking -- -- -- grosses me out. You wanna -- so really this doesn't -- about you know I used to work construction cute look houses. And the guys would be up there on the law not because the pieces Mormon and at home to home yeah. They -- out there and do and and -- down onto good. Don't I put my hand in one day and residences. That the next time I put my and then it what are you -- on and off the wall. But -- so. All right George I appreciate your joining an okay. Oh all right thank you so if you're gonna go to Lilly and industrial and then noticed until probably beat. Columbia are left call the night you wanted to explain a little bit more about the expression. A long in the tooth tooth is that it Lillian doctor said. Yes that's says basically. You're content to recede so it just appears that the internal locker. I didn't know that -- so that's what that mean this -- right now. All right did you you wanna answer our question of concerts. I thought Elton John and Berlin in 1990 -- In Berlin now -- I've often wondered when they when they perform a concert like that. Today singing in German -- they sing in English. Well I mean don't people in maybe I'm wrong but I thought people in Germany spoke German. This is the thing. We're pretty much the only country did speak one language -- and over the years speaks English. Well. -- -- At at at that I have a right denied. All right Lola take break and we will come. Right back I'll I'll finish up with a couple of -- text messages and I have my usual. Before ago something -- Alitalia vote. I'm Bob Mitchell -- good show when WWL. Year I really hope you've enjoyed the show I'm Bob Mitchell interest do tonight. I'll -- -- a couple of touch motions -- to have little extra time here. I smoked but I can't stand being around other smokers I don't smoke in my house I hate the smell of stale smoke and especially I can't stand. People to smoke while I eat. Best concert was Molly hatchet. And evergreen Alabama and a bar I can't even remember than a public consort. I wish I would -- seen. Aziz the top never got the c.'s easy to easily top. Was really really -- so you you did -- good concert. And I've got my mind nightly. Text message from saint Bernard parish Bob. When you don't talk about how wonderful shape and -- parishes. Just -- Wanna remind you that New Orleans has more restaurants than ever and that means more fun. For Tom puts more starring Tom for the Saturday edition of the food show. Noon tomorrow for three full of -- the best job dining out. Is Americas and in America's number one food town to tell you -- it and four win over who's seen you looking for takes suggestions about your favorite restaurants and issues. And if you -- who did do some cooking tips to and by the way Tom -- the great cook -- in the it really is the Bible in my kitchen. The food show accomplished more tomorrow noon to 31 WWL.