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Jun 21, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If there was ever a Saturday that you might know what they get up into the attic or on the roof this might be one of those Saturdays you know we talked earlier in the season about. And it's time to get -- that this is not one of those times so if you had something to do in the attic hopefully. It's done and god bless those -- you have to go into addicts for work those of you have to work on -- Those -- you have to work and -- fall those of you who have to work construction and be outside. At times like this weaknesses and many of us are fortunate enough to via the studio I never take that for granite. If you're air conditioning don't take that for -- a lot of people out there working on a daily today. Because that's their job. I -- destruction consultant Paul agrees with the greens consulting an -- energy of the solutions Paula good morning. Good morning ties -- other than run around in the sprinkler -- something else Obama wanted to around the house Tuesday. Well listen that this is a few things we do proactive as we are. You know we're focusing right now on condition both daytime and also might come got you you know -- eighty degrees last night so. Here's some things that we can do to protect our investment that we took to time too hard it licensee HT CU that come inspector equipment. And here it is specifically I want you to even think about. He may think and it's a little anal but I'm -- tell you it it works -- it helps in the big picture look at the big picture things. When we're outside cutting grass. Or we got. A blower and we're blowing new grass shavings or dostum but never in its near our outside air condition condenser. If that air conditioned to -- operate its running which you know this time -- runs a lot of on and off throughout the day for sure. Is it's actually drawing air in through the holes through the fins on the outside. In if you're cutting grass low reading using a -- next to it would ever tossed your kicking up in the year is getting sucked into your recognition system. So it is best to do one or two things and turn off your condition for their brief ten minute -- working around it. And remember go back and turn it back on is about you kick yourself in the buff that army turnabout on will be on your house. Or. Wait stricken nation turn off naturally about a thermostat in the ankle work around it. It and and you know at that point when it's off you can very easily you know we'd he'd cut grass blow around and not have to worry about all of those contaminants. -- -- Into their conditions as. If you have a question about home improvement repairs renovations and job you're gonna do it -- gonna have done. Maybe -- gone over your house senior not exactly sure why this is happening and you don't know who to call to get something done about it. Paula grange is our construction consultant with the -- consulting editor income for solutions and our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 in a text number is 87870. From New Orleans Jolie you're under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- On a little apartment complex and there who are loot our own want to act a law. In the article on our side on the broken. I have been built -- ripped up the and I know that the heartland of Politico article I -- but my question it. Win. And -- are broke and who won -- probably. When attitude after our own Mormon -- called -- a little -- and now apple. Is Korea. But at one point cram our own MI -- -- -- on and all of a sudden vetoed it but that it. But that -- our book of Martin and bill will be woke up to that frame around it and if something wrong. Well in -- that answer be the same outlook -- circuit although it certainly could be. You may disputing other interference like through Wi-Fi. If you used your laptop -- you connecting to normal water -- our. An open when you win your -- and has an -- it's a unique but you noticing it's the pits being connected to the Wi-Fi. Hookah it may be that someone else's connecting to Wi-Fi that's near you mean and asserted that they're taking power. From valid but it certainly could be. You know it's. He here's one of things -- you make it's -- as a really depends on how how close your team neighbors and if you turn off your breaker. And -- neighbors deceived they lost power in their unit it shouldn't be that way -- compete completely separate. Because your utility abilities to be Europe bill. And not part of the usage so it really should be completely different and segregated from building or SARS from apartment Obama within that building. But it's may have its if I was paying you to bill I think they'll be more concerned about them using my electricity. Then my AM static from our radio at this point. But I can't allow them to know from our due tomorrow. -- act and then maybe they're wrong and it has come who's not it and review our vote in that it got marketing -- -- -- -- -- our -- Well look I have all been you know. A -- out -- and dump it there are more than that demanded Okobi number that's an outlet for Marcus sat. I've also seen a detail how close your cellphone is to -- -- -- -- cellphones -- -- -- with the like a peace -- to go with his Smart focus it's it's constantly communicating with the network. A scene where you can recruit you know interference of any of station so it may be something else other than in electricity usage. Well if -- open to metrics in the period are outnumbered them. In the end who from the -- that a war. Some. Probably not probably could have -- you make some friends you're neighbors and -- ask a all that you could trip the -- -- Amy did you lose power to I mean there's there's ways of farming out. Old -- to speak it listen my waist deep perpetrated interest there. They are kind of thinking we're share -- promised the speedway and we check in and you can turn -- Eric -- negotiate they have electricity and that a little about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gary stay -- have a good -- -- -- it's really amazing that you would it's -- for you would promote honesty with your neighbors. And and I against the Soviet really is important because there's so many things that it can be shared -- -- apartment Condo or. Margaret neighborhood. If you like join our show with a question about home improvement -- again Tyler reminds you toward the end of every show we get a lot of phone calls. And we don't get to everybody because we're at the end of the show. So if you have a question don't wait till the end of the show to call sometimes when we are talking about different things or somebody calls up with a question about something that will make you think about a question that can be really didn't think you had. So if you have any questions about home approved under repairs or renovations or something going over the house. A take advantage of the home improvement show every Saturday morning -- -- -- W well -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In Texas over his face of these seventy. I'm still in a construction consultant Paul agreed to we'll be right back after this break on WWL this is the home improvement show and let's get right back to your phone calls from Dallas until eventually you run home improvement show with Paula goings on WW well. I -- party. He -- morning. Am thinking -- me how that the leopard is doubted that politically in the -- that -- And where and -- that happen all the impact of the -- but it -- -- that -- Portland recently won then he picked. All the wiring was that the Antoine has been the partner above one. -- and I did like it could be. Would -- the illiquid with it and you guys aren't. Into what I was just views actually go on line in -- in it search and you can on the standards that the federal judge took place here in New Orleans probably. You -- two years ago. Where he actually very gave very specific outlines on balls could be included. And obviously -- much are -- involved with that class action -- But the school work that they outlawed with a necklace that seat is written in. Cumbersome from the standpoint hopefully -- -- everything you dress like for instance the copper supply -- The electrical -- war. The electrical devices like switches and outlets. Things you mean I think about like telephone wiring. When low voltage -- thwart the door bell warp your recognition system. Communication watering. Electronics all these things or within that. That class actions in which you can go to action looked antsy with the details of bull was okay -- be replaced. -- That the best yes I mean it it you can you can see all kinds of things pop up on your. -- -- your your research but you know specifically look for that you know that -- -- work that the federal -- and it. In and that was haven't aired it. And correct some of that he did -- -- that vial at a -- at the -- Yeah from it it does address their commissions system as well however I have to say that it. It's been a while since I read that I don't know if it actually addresses the outdoor air conditioning equipment. -- and let me tell you the the rub with is depending on the age of the equipment for the house was that a Chinese drywall. That -- instances may be still operating under the old or 22 retreats. It may not be the new for ten -- refrigerate. And if I was going as far as you war going. And I had the opportunity and resources to do it I would replace. The outdoor equipment for the new were referred to the 410 day if that are used to -- -- in your you know them -- -- game. It. Would be very much are you just have a good weekend stay cool for battery tenure on the on the provisional with Paula grange. I go on and -- water again I'll canyon ought -- HE. Pre Hewitt. That -- -- whole panel that teach the water there expand it trying to let. And herbs by -- thing. You know one thing about that system. Okay -- -- are you looking for the it's new solar AC or you looking for solar thermal. That also heats water. Now picture of what capital they are on the -- just to eat the water at that air conditioning users. What you get out -- -- -- Air conditioning system. -- -- it's not just check the water and air conditioner. Our column that I'm I'm getting a little confused -- I'm saying that it's because typically your commission system doesn't use hot water. Sometimes what happens is there's a he recovered you connect to your recognition. In it would does it takes the waste heat demeaning to keep it takes out the house it puts it heat into a tank or what do you during gives you free hot water. But you're you're -- -- use hot water. It's a you know the system I'll talk muzzled by product if you operating your recognition system in -- are free hot water. But I don't think that's what you describe what you're describing something different. Now that I'll do it and it's fun for how to put it then. I am. And -- hit -- in the effort they put in our view -- and work ordinary thing and -- got more and so look at our new groove. He shot and air -- is. -- -- it's not war. -- you get an. Air condition. Yes Emma I am now I am familiar with what you're talking about a -- -- Arab -- would would. Which -- that same company may be offering you easily separate second. Solar system for a war -- Ottawa but don't confuse the that -- So that the -- recognition systems to get you your your original question. Is something that's come on the market problem last 810 months are and as much as I have read. All the data I've -- case studies. And stay in the technology and how works. I have to tell you that I don't know anyone who's installed these systems long term. Honestly I don't know what a -- -- pass customer. Or person that -- use a third party. You know non vested for a person that it is is you know. Biased to the results. So I really don't know for sure. If that works specifically for our climate in let me explain it to you -- -- what I've been -- -- the last ten years now. Is there are some very high energy efficient. New technology out built where these systems that work rate somewhere -- park on some not so good for a climate. So it's very very specific that we have fun out. The performance data for the air condition system and there's two things on which to look at. It would be how effective that machine removing temperature for your house. In the in the top of the term since he. That -- conditions should do very well for that the second part and probably the more important part for our climate is how effective is they're commission system that removing moisture. From the air that is more -- frost and anything else. Is is that latent removal and I don't know how effective that system is late removal use those things in the exact data or. Form that manufacturers tell you how effective that system is moving party which -- It's a large outlay of money by -- apt to want that pain. Like. But very small apartment because about everyday you get from the state from the federal government. Well something else so what's it looking to pay him because there were some discussion at the legislative session that they are the beginning of the session this year. Where will without really be included or not and I know there's some some. Some marketing there at that says that is. I haven't seen the final result deceit and users not you need to find your CPA and have their research in that you yes disqualify us. Market outlook on EPA. No -- -- for you to do that are what sepia. Is. Our night to remember retired bank -- it. Our here's our W -- pretty general opinion poll this morning is the performers of teen USA in World Cup making a soccer fans. 50% say yes 50% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site -- QL dot com. I'm still -- construction consultant Paul Le grange if you have a question about home improvement are numbers 26018720386688907. And a text from receipts -- -- -- more of your calls and more of your text coming up next here's a WWL news update with Don -- Conventional home -- -- we show what's gonna be a very very hot first day of summer yeah it was some very cool. Late in the season as you're just getting into. It into the time of year when it starts to -- -- -- it was it was -- if that's to -- always -- work well the warm weather. Is here if you have a question about home improvement are numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Nines there it's every text oversees 7070. Here's a -- recess -- took a look at that picture. Love your shorts in apparently there's a picture of me on FaceBook or somewhere. For the past and it's a group picture but I'm wearing a pair of shorts and a lot of questions about the shorts. Paul here's a text that reads an interior painting to tape or not to take. While that's been a long term question. In the debate that I have done before. I have done both I have to tell you my preference. Is not the tape. And the reason I say that is because most most walls have some texture to it so if you put the tape all along the wall -- -- -- trim up to it. Is because that the tape doesn't go completely flat against the Chirac committed committed uniforms seal because the texture that's present. That the new work paint goes on the tape and you can come back and cut it in buying into anyway so it's got to the point I discuss everything with the brush it don't even tape. And from a kiln Mississippi done you know on the home improvement show and every WL with Paula grange. They call. It more. I have an air conditioning question. I have -- out of four -- -- an outside anti. I -- basic qualities and gain 15100 square foot house and one in the house like freezing cold the other hands. Like him better. Barely coming out of that. So Warner and what could possibly make that happen. I'd done that sounds like very war air flow in it could be. A failure duct system -- -- it is from the ducks got something make -- on top of it collapsed. In May be that. Per is closed and out of the house -- Too much here's can department's cold but they argue that or maybe that the the regional doctors and -- -- -- sized. And most fully -- the install that don't work to give proper air flow meaning. With docs battles are straps in in in make it airtight with mastic. May not really have been done in the third inning in this may be a long term one -- problem. So this really doesn't have much connection to this positive for ten unit is what you're describe to me. It is an air flow problem. So you know sometimes technician guys rule. You you can McCall's name and a a -- -- miles an opposite the first relations -- -- and put in the big unit and that. Sometimes may be the case most not most since he got the right does it use to repair place to dock work. Okay no problem. -- -- can't -- always what was -- 2007. I wouldn't think it should be any major issues. You. Thanks. And if there's anything obvious there and now I'll call your your he sees your licensees -- -- in common. He could be something simple as that just in the dampers and balancing the system and adjusting air flow. It is and also could be -- to support dot designing needs to be read on court justice at least. I don't -- like you know I I would hate to call the show and have the answer -- from Paul I think you need to go into the attic. George -- on the home improvement show with full range. The ones that are. More. It just 1 simple question why -- People at school so of seventeen years old now. Some threats around windows and you keep on. Like children on a long time. Ago so. And Coppola will post one -- know him a rock community one. Come out into. Personal and he. Anywhere -- -- -- you that you did to. Yes -- actually immigrants consulted the company that that. I'm associated with those that yes. -- we do any inspections. Or -- we we college inspections but essentially. It's a whole house approach of looking at. Indoor air quality called -- Building durability. And with that comes in the efficiency. So -- will look at the air condition system that -- work insulation. Windows in that put in order priority would improvement she should do first. In the also keep you the the solutions on you know how those improvements should be executed. -- -- -- Connect with Jordan and Cologne that saw them. Sure you can call the office on Monday and set an appointment. The phone numbers -- code 985. 8452148. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- good luck and stay cool if -- -- -- this if you have a question the doubts your home repairs or renovations are. Something has started happening with your house and -- exactly sure why this is going on. Which can answer those questions for you at 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text receipts in the seventh here's a quick update on WW a pretty general opinion poll. Is the performance of teen USA in World Cup making -- a soccer fans 46% say yes 54% say no. Team USA placed Portugal. Tomorrow afternoon. At 5 o'clock. I'm scoot whether construction consultant Paul LaGrange and will be back and to -- WL welcome back to the home improvement show and immediately following this show at twelve noon it's three hours of the Saturday edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris. A -- is a great blog right now on our website W if you -- -- -- The title is the twelve best shield on trees. In New Orleans and and this does being first day of summer this is a candidate thing you want to think about the best shield on trees. In new worlds might take a look at that read that -- with -- others it's on our web site. And -- if you will not count. Also obvious to blog which is the last blog and rest of turning our website is at this Fox News have liberal hosts. You can read it chairman others attribute WL dot com -- you're on a public for which -- with Paula brings on WW well. -- -- Want to. -- Is reading. The yeah indeed the the condenser. Probably -- -- Calls. Are. From -- on the on. And -- An eight year old little. -- -- I would that's right I'll. Try to -- And did the unit. In leaks out to a lead content and straight. I think I think you did brother I think -- go back and changes Roosevelt educate speckled. -- guys who -- up below to it changes even in the pocket down yeah that's part. Yeah yeah that's about blanket and you know. Before. Went -- -- went back over -- -- be checked in on what good did you are meant to look now. I did have a good weekend if you had a question about her home improvements repairs renovations may be some going over your house and you don't know who to call to get something done and maybe you're buying a house there's also good advice and they show if you're buying a house. Sometimes there's something that needs to be negotiated. Is it better to have them fix it wears it better to reduce the price. And have you fixed so we can answer those questions as well our number is 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven. In a text -- is a Sunnis have. -- here is a text that says that can you comment on -- vs copper plumbing for residential new house. Are you whether you use your parents are it'd be better pro pressed right but content. So -- first is copper pipe. The added advantage of copper is that it it's test proven lasts forever. I mean their their houses all over the the world to have copper piping. The disadvantage to it is that it is gets established value in particularly after Hurricane Katrina. A lot of copper was stolen out of a lot of homes just have brought you place from electrical from HTC and and plumbing piping. So tax relief became popular -- -- was in existence much floats sooner than. Then Hurricane Katrina fact. There were times when -- is building. -- -- -- -- used X piping for -- sites they had water wells and had very horse waters. In would you know you interact with the copper piping and and network -- was that we had to use text -- There's nothing wrong -- -- piping I think it's a great product the key is making sure it's installed properly. And it's not the pipe that at the weekly it's actually it connections with the pipe the crypt. That may be all the places could give you problems. There are also some other events of packs over koppers it -- in the freeze is that if walruses topics piping that freezes and actually has the ability to swell. Ever so slightly and that break where copper piping is -- very forgiving. Unlike -- piping so listen there's an advantage is doing it typically it's a little bit cheaper not a lot cheaper than copper. Although with these days with the cost of copper gold at that that may be a more broad of a better argument than in the past. It's it's -- a plumber who's familiar with picks by opening in -- -- -- using art. You have senate -- organ to a more of your -- coming up also more of your phone calls. That this season -- kind of controversy about that that picture of me from punch train beach years ago it's it's a group -- But I'm -- appear very short shorts. And some people comment on and I don't know where this came from my diet I guess it's out there somewhere and here's a Texas and I had forgotten that even men. Or daisy dukes back then. I shall say no more. I'm -- with her construction consultant Paul -- -- numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. -- having -- he said he said he will be right -- -- -- to hold a provincial and WW well. This is all approve -- showing WWL I'm -- without constructing consultant Paula drinks from Slidell Patricia you know on with Paul. Well. A question about whether -- in our sport. -- act that the county elevate it by about. An -- And it it. Me. There's -- and you're out -- in the wet wet or that but in. Certain. -- replay camera and I -- them. We do think. Patricia let me ask you when when you city gets -- in -- by the whether or they crack team splitting in second or that is -- There it is that Condit earned it they're like. At some pac bell one rail out one not a bad at the other. It it is in all that. It reminds me of what you -- it early on in the war so much. -- -- I think at this point I would prep which you have a wouldn't replace. There's there's many wage do that I put it in the real rough the pretty parts describing. I would start with. A lower grit. Sandpaper that really rough and course in that it would transfer to medium and then transferred towards. You know a -- types of paper and then hit the whole thing all we're cross and should be fun. OK and you know we have. Don't worry about it at least when it ready it is the actual apple they. And not really humidity is much more rain and Patricia we've got to -- -- of action option. I'd stay cool as we again. I'm more of your questions and more of your techs are coming up as a home for which a continues if you enjoy this with your question of possibly going earlier house's job you're gonna do our job against the males do. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy at a -- number is a -- seventy we'll be right back after the news on VW well.