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Jun 21, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the first day of summer and it's gonna feel like it is the hot weather continues we almost hope that there's a good thunderstorm to cool things off at least temporarily. This is a home a through which -- we answer your questions about home improvements or anything involving your home job you're gonna do jog you'd have done maybe there's something going over your house in. Well you don't know why it's happening and you don't know who to call our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text numbers -- of the 870. I your text are coming appeared next from saint Charles parish GO Euro on with Paul -- to more. Good morning the -- I'm calling the jacuzzi. Whirlpool. In my home. And they switch. To turn on the -- rule is going it's not is not totally but I'm afraid the music as it. Might it stopped on me -- might get stuck in my own position. Do you have anybody can recommend come out and change that which -- So to -- opposites visas rails which -- the stand and licked your round where it. You are down and it turned on the world action in. A Bobble. Or. So typically that is not a public schools which at that location that is -- stacking switch. Oh -- so it's very easy it may be the fact that the it's allowing air is that the -- that those holes mobile clear those can sometimes it works on that doesn't. -- may be that there -- But the -- pops up optical switch it back down so maybe it's OK you know maybe. If it's not gonna get stuck in the on position I'm not a -- he uses. Well you know here's a thing -- I think I would I would look underneath that if you gain access to the space that the depending on the skirting. I would look to -- that clear to being has little crack in it or a pin hole. And I would change -- that's something you can certainly do yourself. Or if if you don't feel cost with doing that then a plumber would be a person that would take care of a -- -- problem. And he would have to be aggregate the jacuzzi product current. Unnecessarily now there's a -- that it is I -- I appreciate you -- -- open -- don't have a nice day I want you to. -- here's a text that says says water flows under house 101000 dollars for French drains. Fully enclosed crawl space where thick plastic sealed -- and -- India DGP bit of fire. Turn against the turns the crawl space. Two finish storage place is this worth adding value to the house. Well. I'm a fan of close crawl spaces win. The environment. A walls that happened the very first things that they reflect her from the tax does that work flows on the home. It whether you go with a close crawl space and not you need to stop the war from flowing around you departed the way. You need to either. Ed dirt or have that French strains it mentions. To make apps looser than normal -- -- -- house. Then we get back to that the question is does it add additional value to the home. If you're able in and again depends what floods in your hand and Whitman's -- the in and FEMA regulations. Is if you're able to turn that space within a but a usable space whether it's living space -- -- game room. Or semi condition. Storage did you put the humidifier in that area. Then yesterday -- value to your house is no doubt you know would would it add enough value to overcome all your initial capital investment. And that that really depends you -- because over the rule states that expect question that. Most county answers yes it does. And if you're solving other building performance problems. Like a cup wood flooring or the Apollo -- problems could mean the bottom of your floor but your -- first floor. Then there's some value of that as well for making the clothes crawls. What's your question about home improvement are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas -- -- seventy if -- on -- stay with us for coming right back after this break to your calls and also a couple more text. Have lined up here here's an update on -- -- give you a pretty general opinion poll this morning is the performance of team USA in World Cup making US soccer fan. 35% say yes 65% say no. But many of the 65% might have been soccer fans. Already. Team USA placed Portugal 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon an acidic exit filling in for Tony Tucker this week yeah -- again next week. And I am I had a conversation Drew Brees the other day and I asked him what to what sport. To -- finds himself really being -- a spectator because he can obviously be a spectator watching football and he said soccer and he's really into World Cup. I'm scoop and our construction consultant Paula grange will be back on every WL. Every Saturday morning we answer your questions about its home improvement stuff and get back to your calls in just a moment call. -- sent a text that says converting a double garage into a media room. All. All walks. Were insulated maybe all walls were insulated when we built it a space 22 by Tony for nine foot ceilings. -- isn't a sea wall units good idea or traditional split system. The best watch. You know I think at this point you can probably. Use either one however if it's a media room. Some folks have very sensitive to the sales. That are conditions systems make. If you -- -- -- -- unit or like a hotel you know like a so would you make one up duel and his using a a split system in fact for space that small. You know it's -- -- -- its report you can use a trip house split system traditionalists would system is too big you may -- abusing eight -- many split that could be sized. More close to you peak -- -- -- so I think double -- that Douglas mini split. And it'll heat and cool it's very quiet it's very effective at removing temperatures. If you go with say eight -- or mission BC but those two great names are reckoning quite often. There are also very good at the minute -- as well. And Dan you are now on the home improvement show with Paula -- and every WL. Saw him a couple of questions. -- out pretty good. When he laid out -- -- all Leo underground bars. The -- they will be a -- with space. And the ground large about six that he cut bet it did connect it is dangerous. What you have six ground -- the heck -- I know I. Alike -- protections is coming to them which ago. Equity element typically house has won ground art typically the Anthony's house the -- -- you know that one coming ground water. And a ground rod that goes -- com. Or so it's -- an -- that in. That he is that ended the win. -- Connected to the -- that the probably. So you definitely need to reconnect those ground wires and you need to reestablish a ground rod. In typical that rod is is one pride in its. Most -- located at the entrance of the your electrical service entrance and heroes. What you meter or -- -- what do you have with that -- meter. Or service -- White House. I feel that one of those because they did put it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet yet incident that people election should put a rod and yet but -- want connected. Two of these power content. And I think I would extend those cut ground are that units moved up so -- reestablish those. Our car is licensed lectures and to make that happen. Oh oracle back today the dealer at our contract and make him -- it but that's something that we need to be done yes. They get back pain and more and of course been pleased when they took the patio. Couldn. About how -- should -- more. Driving before putting the inaudible something. Well why that would drive a cup. That is it sustainable World Cup. Then what they do that. They cut because of moisture -- So the date when they caught the the outside at the awards are hired in this matter that. -- -- -- -- -- That that tells me you haven't moisture problem underneath that porch that patio. -- sought to. Use if you -- -- were -- nailed it and I would I would. -- Against -- have a nice weekend for a New Orleans Robin you know -- -- -- -- -- with ball LaGrange. I have got a similar question I have a crawl space underneath the out totally opened their audience -- -- outcomes like slope the but I have a mildew issue on the inside outs I was don't have the yeah. Under parred out to pray with well installation and Lleyton as -- now that the. We approach. What type of foam insulation considering -- -- Can I guess that would be appropriate approach however little let me say that. You'd need to get that rivers systolic foam insulation for you need to make sure they take them moisture meter and measure the moisture content of your wood floor joist. And you would -- floor before they install that foam product because if it's greater than 15% moisture content. Once they -- that close cell phone to it. It's to be trapped in the moisture within that would and the only place and what's gonna have a way to goes in we're torture house. And that's not what you want it so you would in the -- tried not to spray it does not trying to despray. You have two options you're one option would be to you create a temporary space underneath your home. But putting plastic around the outside perimeter and adding it to humidifier for couple weeks into that is drawing. -- -- second option is wait until January or February. Before march -- it right now actually because of our weather in desperate to close cellphone. So. You. Okay one more question please. Sir I've got I've got about coming out of high return on mine in ground -- rule. And I would try to figures -- way that I can trigger there's really there's just natural -- -- was -- deal. You know there are leak detection service companies out there specifically for pulls you can hire. -- can't forget that your. I think double what fun that where it's at and -- that results. -- you have anybody recommend. You know I've never use that server drop and so no I don't but if any of our listeners if you spoke. In in you've had great results with the please call and revenue. And thank much revenue have a nice weekend and -- -- Eric here on the home improvement show with Paula grange. Yet that question about a water heater. Ten year old water heater that -- -- out at the -- now. When people to show our grandma washing machine and it turned at the Indy bow and elegant way coolest. Want someone to disarm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay now what should be a little more specific and and please come on -- I'm not trying to make fun -- you could be more specific on how. Its sales. -- -- -- about it is -- just. A moment ago. A -- and the public according to ignore. But that's way to describe it that basically it. There's some vibration against right by the dig out and now animals used during in the water heater would would help -- to -- Katrina opened. That almost sounds like there are hit -- repairs done two. Your planning or your neighbor's houses or any street repairs reselling your house. And move though. So it but it sounds like Erica into the system. So this and that is -- -- toward Euro off with the electric gas. And I I would go ahead and home. User's pop up shelves at the top -- water -- are correct you aside from the top it -- out. Don't know the pop -- -- the experience ago four. I think I would open it up and let water and Ayers. Come out of that how would mean there's a pipe connected goes all the outside -- house. Okay so we're trying to lead the the there out of their first. Major award either the highest. Plumbing pipe inside your house would you have like a second floor about it. OK so they air school and actually rods up -- and you have to do this numerous times to get all the air out of the system. When you -- connect a new water heater up. There actually air dams that -- your plumber install or to allow the air that actually migrate upward of -- toward -- -- this problem in the future. Actually. It's only on the -- -- -- You know it it's maintained well you know you get 1518 years out of breath out of warriors. -- -- then you're -- weekend. It. Paula -- cement text here that may have answered questions that analysts had earlier. American League finders and also American -- detection according to his text at function. Euro holds stable at this for come right back with more of your questions about repairs and renovations on the home improvement show. -- scoot with construction consultant told -- -- here's another WWL news update with -- talk about a -- a -- showing its first day of summer although it is going to for a long time here's a quick update on our -- Hugo project opinion poll. Is that reformers have team USA in the World Cup making US soccer fans. 27% say yes 73% say nobody answered that some of -- 33% may have already been soccer fans anyway team USA place Portugal. Tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock. Also I would remind you that coming up next right it to twelve noon that three hour edition of the Saturday show this Saturday food show with Tom Fitzmorris. And Tom has a great blog on our website right now. The twelve best shield on trees in New Orleans. A good time you'd be thinking about shields on trees opera -- city -- -- -- WL. Hey Alan Cohen about media -- with a -- extremely in the future -- went or were able. If it will turn on anymore -- the switch out check the ball -- I got to work after an hour by. It -- Re connected. The wired for the stripping back on an art doesn't work more it -- we. Gary Matthews how old is fixture. -- -- -- Now look at com. But recently -- think it was a balanced. And but it -- you know it's it's usual for ballots particularly. Ballots that new group that that says if there's 2010 there's a likelihood it's also a electronic ballots not -- -- tight. Which is. You know from the time Europe isn't as good as it is. I'm not saying that it's not the case in Rome Munich. It sounds like it is the case the bells went bad however. You know 2002 and analysis however long on the at this point that that's the opening it and they may be close. That's what that I can -- are gonna get an electrician. Well listen -- like you've you've you've done some warring with that already knew -- cult would do and you know nature of the powers off. I would disconnect the balance in bring it to electrical supply house or -- store. And fun one it's compatible and size and shape and replace its really not that difficult now anymore difficult do you party accomplished and you bury okay. I wrote it brought you so you -- parent. Elect -- you. Also -- just to finding out that there's going to be some very very hot weather tomorrow fourteen you're saying you know playing Portugal. So the -- is strong intense heat may have an impact on on some of these games enters KS ago but they might have an impact on on those games. And also I learned just a few minutes ago. That Hope Solo the soccer star has been arrested on domestic violence charges. So these are some that thinks it will be talking about next week -- for Tommy Tucker she's on vacation all next week on morning -- here into the -- -- Up from racial and Cheryl you're on with Paula grange. Thank you can call. -- quick in and grow it. Would handle that do not old but he got in -- There are heating and air conditioning is that he had. -- right I get these. I like you see in L. There will -- -- current. O box. They problem is I'm. Having problems that word and picture content. They -- You know someone that had those type of air conditioning system. -- social or you would contacting. A local license heating cooling subcontractor. And they can remove and replace does -- come. Unit that of the unit she described really are very long lasting. That's one utilities and groceries to remove and replace her quickly. So there's a problem they can almost like slot and out you know annuity -- plug in you can go and so it's very quick and aren't repaired. But you know. It's -- you need to go licensees the parts that come and see which side you have modeling you know get a replacement in -- -- -- much is -- archer Politico well I turn. AC offered my apartment. Every time I leave even in the heat of the summer like this him but I get home it's. Usually 78 degrees maybe 79 degrees no higher than net. Is 78 degrees when I turn the CR when I'm home it takes only about ten minutes to get down to seventy. Where -- like it sometimes in two but mainly around seventy. So is it worth for me to continue to turn the AC off. You know at this point I think it is for you to turn in the AC off because in an apartment building. You're surrounded or in the top to bottom the left sought the right side with other folks that are. You know probably when their recognition as you're getting the benefit of -- all right -- -- schools. Yeah exactly so it in your case it if you told me hey Paul you know that the heat it up about eighty to 8384. In its very. But if you come home at 7879 degrees and it doesn't feel marquee. -- -- thank you neighbors because I think they're doing great where you. I'm just have to put them on my Christmas card list I guess. All right if you're on hold stay -- this is the home improvement show where we answer your questions about home improvement stuff. I'm -- construction consultant Paul LaGrange who was with slick greens consulting and also energy income for solutions and we'll be right back and VW well not only is this the first day of summer there. The first weekend of suffer but this is also gay pride weekend in New Orleans and we welcome everybody who is in town for gay pride weekend. Seek shelter for the sun but for the shade. And don't forget the sunblock. I'm -- with our construction consultant Paul Le -- this is the home improvement show and -- -- on WW -- Face spirit you know when we get to show -- While we get to show the women love the daisy duke so. We were an intimate so where setback this -- them well. There's a right join us at this that is a picture of -- of where it's a group picture for budgetary feature and is -- a question about my shorts. And I was like. What I mean we may not do that puts it women want ads -- -- equipment -- -- Transport from war sites that are in house that I turn off when I'll leave that out and about 85. And do you want turn on almost a bit in the -- If I turn on all the water when I come home because there's no insulation on the walls and it takes pseudo which mind. Came down from 7872. To ten minutes mine takes three hours. And I'm just trying to live comfortable. By doing that -- -- culinary scene. Is that eight like scene in a -- credible. Well. You know. -- that they don't transferring the seat bets on those types in that would be a conductor right. That didn't all the walls. In India so by drain all that hot water out which you know in in the summertime. It's gonna come out I've already used my hot water heater does it -- -- Gartner. I'm just they can like if I did that is a yes or no is that -- in time. Now I I think you'd be wasting some some precious dollars reference to water and sewer. Are because you're not getting enough heat from the one of the pipes you getting more heat from your act in anything else so. What do they and it is by draining the cold why. Aren't you rich -- that hot. I -- like being in a. An element element. In my -- and better. We we beat -- that cold water. -- wanna I wanna replicate it out no insulation in walls and I'm trying to live efficient. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It might -- in time and energy -- just let hot water -- -- the -- and so I used it. Or -- rain and it fight overnight I don't -- hot water that can dump it into the act. Yeah I think publicly about what in the pipes and it is when you need -- -- -- -- on. Are there are not there we thank alternative Baylor head -- and a good weekend from Henry and you know WWL with the LaGrange. Well I think it's a personal -- thinking about -- and I really enjoy it. Like I have an LG front loader washing machine in the paper this question before but it doesn't there's not enough for -- -- -- for four years she loves it but. It just doesn't have enough water. And so then would call the company of course and looked into under increased the water level -- there is an option that -- You know maximum water simply put that increases the party and not enough and it just and it's virtually no water and I looked on the Internet difficult question I looked on the Internet. And it apparently. Possibly three options as the water level some concern there's your pressure which. And there's something about making the water to a little bit longer giving input and any of that. You know had I have I have a front load washing machine is that LG is it's you know similar same technology. And and I haven't had that issue. I've had other issues for the promote -- -- with the actually leaking around the casket of the door. But not actually hit a water elevation height problem volume from. I think of those three solutions. I would start the most easiest Lisa face of one person try and see if that works out there are up to move up the latter of of you know. That you could define success so. You know it -- these were to go to be difficult really difficult one -- experts will last if you have to. You know it's funny you say you you -- problem with a with a lot of people who have similar machines infected in the same machine. And they everything's fine blow maybe it's talking to them I don't know but at least they're just not enough -- -- like there's almost no. And I don't you know looking to clean clothes in fact it doesn't do a good job Clinton close. So I don't think there's something wrong there there as a web site also if you take much time because of web site also that has something about -- contest. The water level sensor. Probably going to test the detergent do that and computer doing anything like that either. You know you know I haven't -- but I -- tell you if there's a web site in this other folks that are -- solutions that means they've been some problems elsewhere have been speed you know -- the -- people at those problems that -- I think I think I'll go to elect said. He pitcher -- at least -- difficult or at least expensive solution parts were where the latter it -- to get something that's at least acceptable for you to. You know the right to use a criminal rhetoric what. Ed can you can hang on Kazaa credit I've got to get to break -- analogy you lower pressure we come back on the other side of this break. Is Jimmy Graham a tight end or wide receiver that means a lot to the saints. The decision also means a -- to Jimmy Graham the ruling could come at any time. You will be among the first to know if you sign up now for the WWL text alerts. Find out exactly when this happens and exactly what the result it is by sending the word sports text the word sports -- great 77. Text the -- sports to -- 7870. Message and data rates may apply. The home improvement show will be right back on WW and let's wrap up our show wins tonight and from Metairie who had a follow up question for all LaGrange and go ahead. OK okay how much of a question actually but I appreciate your time this morning if you have any idea where where I can go or call to get more information on this other than you -- -- supposed. You know and I think I'll call -- local appliance repair company specifically out funny company. That -- sells parts to repair appliances. -- looks actually a lot of of knowledge of the of all the -- -- can be in the body parts to make repairs yet because they see and hear everything so. I'll call them first. Particularly immediately monitored. Should just start looking. Well that it does apply to -- a place that night that I. By apart from one of the -- in -- -- It in there a moment it is going to be something the matter is that similar. But it didn't -- All right have a good weekend. If we did not answer your question if you didn't get a chance to call in or we didn't get TU you can contact Paula -- at LaGrange consulting. The website is LaGrange consulting dot com the phone numbers 9858452148. The sister company is energy and comfort solutions the website is EC has died GS phone number 9855904167. Paul will talk to you next week have a great weekend my pleasure thanks aren't they John -- our studio producers final update -- -- give -- a -- general opinion poll. His team USA World Cup making your soccer -- 26% say yes 74% say no. We'll be back next week -- WO one in New Orleans.