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06-21 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 21, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- a DURECT from the cool water ranch in -- springs. Where it's a lovely day rather hot. And the grass is growing about of threw him four feet high. But where I have a new -- well affixed -- more. This is the banana split voice of -- local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And misses the big 870 WW -- WWL 105 point three FM as well heads. WWL. FM HD one end. Online WWL dot com. And it's time for the food show Saturday edition. We don't always get a chance to give you this but that this time of year is our season. Football's over basketball's over baseballs over well with the kind of baseball we carry anyway. And the saints haven't started yet and so we have the rest of the month to go this little bit of it and then most of July and then. Who knows. But it's great to be here every week talking about food and wine and restaurants -- -- again. And making yourself and doing your own. Everything. At home in your kitchen for fun not just because you have to put a plate of food on the table because you find it fun. That's I think the main difference. Between the cooks of today in the cooks of bullets in my mother's generation. My mother who was a very good cook I know everybody's everybody's mom is good cook but really I mean. As critical as I'd ever want to be even when I was a kid and I didn't need anything. And it was very picky even then I thought my mother did really really great food nine as I get older I have more and more of an appreciation for it because. I did something. That I'm -- gonna recommend to you in the second I already have you probably heard it before they'll tell you again. But what I did was I got all her recipes. Are the ones that I was really interested in anyway. And I watched him do it in a measured everything and I saw what temperature the other ones and and had all the facts. So now those recipes. Are captured. For ever. And I publish from all over the place so I don't just have it in one place it's not just a little card in a drawer in my kitchen it's on the web it's all over you can go see him yourself if you want to my mother's recipes. Anything with the name I'll lean and AL -- and he have -- 07 rate like that on my website no menu dot com just click on recipes you'll find them. Anyway what I -- I'm gonna recommend to you if you haven't already done this if there is someone in your family whether it's your mom and grandmother or aunt or an uncle even you know guys in the article to. And he or she is a really good cook and every time you go over to their house. You you'll love whatever it is that they do well. But on Thanksgiving or whatever. And this would also apply to restaurants that you like a lot to. That have some dish that you really love so much that you get it every time you go to the place. There -- danger always. That those people and those restaurants will disappear who would think for example. Two or three weeks ago that a five star restaurant -- would just suddenly disappear. Who would gas. That Brendan is on royals' streak would cease to exist. -- good thing. That they -- cook isn't in fact they have to cook books they have one was. Really quite old to do with it came out in the fifties or early sixties. And it sort of captured the style back then although it didn't change much the unity. Later Mike Roussel who was shot but Britain's royal street for a long time almost fifty years. He put out of -- he had a TV show. On PBS I think. And it was called breakfast that -- and dinner too. And I have that book in my hand right now I'm holding it and it has all the great it's affected has just about everything they ever served on their whole menu. Including my favorite issue because it was there turtle soup it's the best thing ever. But I have -- it's on paper it's right here. And so if your moderator answer your grandmother's something make something really delicious. Here's what -- do please please do this for your sake and for everybody says. Because who knows this might break out -- go beyond your family. -- up and say grandma. You know that that lima bean dish you do with the hand in it and you know that that everybody loves and I love to. I have no idea how to make that what do you need to make that I'll go to the store I'll I'll buy it all for -- And then you tell me what to do exactly and will I wanna have some of that again for one thing but then I wanna get the whole recipe on paper. And Graham -- probably beat the delighted that you wanna come over for any reason. Especially for something like that. And then you have a wonderful morning together drinking coffee and making Lima beans and you'll you'll you'll leave there with the warmest feeling you can possibly have I can't believe that you wouldn't. And then you have this recipe. To pass along anybody in your family whoever says. Gosh I love Graham was Lima beans too bad it and then you can say what he went to bed what I've got it. And think how much they will love you -- that everybody -- that do that please please please. Every so often pretty often actually someone calls me on the year here it is you know my -- and it used to make this thing where she would take some pork loin. And she would slice it up and she would put hot dog in the middle and then there would be some -- out of hand and dump it on top of that -- green onions and that she put cheese all over run and under the oven and then she'd serve all that on top of spaghetti. Well that sounds awful actually but. But -- they ask me things like that and they say how do you make that like I ever went to their grandmother's house. Or there's any place where that has been put down if you don't do it nobody's gonna do. So do would you really I'm doing you a big favor by telling. You'll thank me for at some day. No thanks necessary -- system thing to do 260. 187 is our telephone number we would love to talk review -- anything at all about food restaurants cooking wine. Or anything along those lines last night my wife and I went to a relatively new -- but they've been open about 78 months I guess. It's called the Carrollton. Market which is. I think may be and illusory kind of -- -- but -- that part is certainly good but the market. Somebody might think it's a grocery stores something -- can't really tell from the outside to renew that it's a restaurant unless you happen to know. That it has been a restaurant for quite a number of years but quite a few different restaurants in a note most recently was called to simply 10 and he was very good. But they ran out of gas and the two guys that that owned it decided that they want to move on to your career in other ways so they closed it. Last year and now it's this thing. And had a nice time sitting there at the the food counter this is something this place has. I think is a real attraction you you park yourself on a stool. Right up at the -- marble bar here it's -- the food bar and the cooks the entire. Kitchen staff. Is and that's like four people are right on the other side and they called everything. And you can just sit there and I would recommend this inspect. Get a glass of wine or cocktail or glass -- would have real -- and sit there just watch him for a few minutes. And then you'll see him only grilling something Norway in the last night it was intrigued by the way that one of the -- was. One after another putting these beautiful Foley's civil obviously red fish because it was red. Not read -- excuse me red snapper even better red snapper is a great finish. And putting him in the pan and kind of over hot fire and with a with a -- kind of squeeze in the down a little bit searing and off in a little bit of potter. And I looked at them so what does that and they said that's the red snapper and I said well that's my appetizer it's my entree. And so -- it's a you don't even have to look at a menu really you can just sit there and watch and cook and pick up the best look at things there was a lot of that. Cute little rest and try -- it's around the corner from what used to be the Camellia grill. Right around the corner on -- street speak into the Camellia -- I don't know what's with the deal was on the -- you grow these states here's JC. I Tom thank you and you can you need that little kitchen. Where. In the current quarter it's still open where. I'm sure what you -- That well I tell my paper which is. -- they did. What would have been lacking for. Way to -- I know I'll bet I know before you say. A white enamel coffee pot the old -- kind. No I've got it taken care with more accurately it -- But I'm looking for silicone bake -- or more. -- I see those in supermarkets. -- silicone and metal. No sit com. For yeah go to the supermarket big movie epic that our RL or that city Leo or any -- -- like. Wal-Mart target you know place like that that's where you'll find you don't have to go to a high pollutants kitchens or to get that are like there 000 that's. One will care restaurant's supply that's not eat it's that's a great store but that's not exactly the kind of thing a commercial kitchen would use. I'm surprised that they didn't tell you they could get it for -- oftentimes they'll be you know they might not have something but don't get it for you and he -- asked. But. Just honest to goodness go to was a supermarket or a big box store. It Wal-Mart K more -- -- one of those that's you'll find the areas that won't be too hard. Let's let's throw this out to the crowd and if anybody has bought one of those lately these silicone that there wiggly. And they're usually bright colors and you can do all sorts of cooking -- they do not -- in the other they look like they're made out of plastic -- enough. And what will get you will find you a specific plays pretty quick. All right thank you see Joseph always hear Joseph welcome. I'm doing -- you aren't. About. Quote unquote -- I didn't forget. I just given I if I told if place if I mentioned every restaurant that closed that would take up the whole show. Yeah I saw that I saw that in the paper the other day so. A wonder if species can try coming back again I'll bet you she reopens again. I had. If I were a betting man I'd bet that she reopens again. And -- She's she has a huge customer base and they all love her with good reason because she's really a character she's species really nice person and and that whole idea was so original but you know I can understand that she wants to retire she's in her seventies and she wants to you know give -- restaurants -- hard work. So LLC. Yeah. I've got a -- there. Four member board and 95 cents to be exact trip worn out. In the and people would stay in for now enhanced powers that. -- look at that you guys -- Probably. Kenya they. The Cheesecake Factory. Is considered in the restaurant business to be the gold standard of chain restaurants it's considered to be. The best of its kind in America and the only opened up. In places where they think they're gonna do huge business and they've decided that they can do with here it's the first one here there are all over the rest of the country. My wife my wife has been there twice. Already and they've only been open a week. So we've got to that particular policy the policy is don't want to talk about it. You do you actually think that my wife gives a damn about my policy. On any thing you can tell -- you must and married if you think that they listen. I'm being forced to be torn away from the UNC -- -- call me again will be back with more of the food show in just a moment after first -- -- hello hello -- it is the food show it's on. The big 870 WWL and WWL 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris we'd love to talk with you but wherever it is that you've been eating. Now or what you've been cooking. And if you liked it or not and you know everything even vaguely related to that -- call 260187260187. There was a toll free number 2866889087. And policy over here is bill bill welcome to the food show. I don't yeah. There aren't negative reportable got a -- -- for. Are you don't don't tell me the name until I ask. Unless you brought -- -- -- -- some months ago and didn't like it at all. It will likely not go back. I'm conscious that you go back it was chaser. So we're back against it today. And so saying terrible. Just not good. What's your -- give me some specifics what did you have. They're -- people or in. Any case so what came -- here. -- That people air it would not very friendly. Helpful. These children were able. -- The -- it's good for the post is terrible. And the topic though I would go back and you're given. Which it does this. Through welfare and often if you don't like it you don't like that. It's that fact that might blow but it would be great if it can't even -- quote football -- What's. That got close to being always -- -- By that that's that's a that's a would be about the top of the heap from miso. There are a lot of restaurants and aren't close the parkway but you know -- -- would probably agree okay what it would what -- -- You know. I don't hear that often. Once in awhile. And all I can figure is said it's just a style. That is not your favorite because I've never ever had a bad when there and I've had maybe fifty years 75 -- before points me over the years. But the there's no reason that you and I have to like the same thing so you know I guess you can scratch and populist go ahead. A ton of the world speak yet no -- to a at all. Bird bird bird who put. I just couldn't agree would disagree with you more I -- -- a month but that's me -- you in and that's that. Though. Thanks for the call anyway so you're here for 60. 1872601870. Women wouldn't they do appear to screw this completely save me save me. Korea and and of hello louis'. Jim welcome to our show. -- -- -- -- -- I don't expect food and authentic Mexican but I can get that. It'll let you in Mexico are let down their typical. Do you you know would. This planet and with Benicio that 100 block of nocturnal and uncle whoever this. -- You know talk to Rio Guerrero I think he's yeah some of like that. And I brought it family run family run little upper little operation he opened up right after Katrina. Yeah and oddly they've I think a pretty good I agree. Yeah packaged just right it's not our -- store perpetuate whoever. -- are certainly not that I mean it's us it's our family operation you can tell me -- that he you can you can tell family when you see one. Yeah listen up to put Jim I'm sorry about this -- -- on hold or -- unless you'd done like as I got to go to the news right now but hang on hang on and if you hang up I'll just note that you can have anything or say. But someone who does have more say is done -- And he he's about to say it too so stand back WO 105 point three FM. And here is Jim again I'm sorry Jim have to stick that in the middle of your call but. Stop clock. Well problem clearly. A case or can you go back -- here about I try to do it. And I don't like -- -- good New Mexico restruct all Williams said veteran this same battle today. Yeah -- there. I always I went there because. Someone called me and said that they have -- -- on the menu which to me is the practically the the giveaway telltale sign that you're going to be in a good Mexican restaurant -- -- hard to make and I think it might be. The either the that in the top five of the best sauces in the world of any kind it's just a great thing made with chocolate spices and things. Not what it's not sweet. Anyway -- went over there. And everything I had -- Don Jose's I thought was pretty good except the Moly which would step but. So I guess it's just you know. That's what they do well but everything else is very good. What they do appear to attempt Carroll being that's not that like besides this. This like world class the general being -- That pop -- -- -- -- Margaret last night I had -- Chalabi that I had to try to treat all that straight pretty horrible way. How I am not abnormal like. But now -- hung up a -- from Mexico which which can make small place you -- -- little adults and expanded the war. Let's save a lot of time because if you make it from scratch that is something that is our two day procedure. And -- Strong -- ordered immediate total power always very early straw I love it. -- you know let you know week two different people's movements when I found. Out that enabled at all day. That -- a lot -- will probably all -- -- we're coming up. -- we we have not. Historically had a lot of good Mexican restaurants here but -- I think we're moving up at least a little it. Or you know -- -- -- the election that's one thing bill earlier today -- the remarks. There's plenty I'm all up and down deflect Williams we probably got an out just so Williams below -- -- can -- -- thank you. So yeah I -- knew the arrest but he was bringing up is called Don Jose's it's on the corner Williams boulevard. And veterans highway which I believe is the center of the known universe is -- not at least two people in -- it is. And over here is -- hello there welcome. Oh Tom. At a couple things relevant to bring up one -- Yesterday. I think it was on the other network. Station -- -- would talk to somebody called and says something about Birmingham Alabama -- and even made a comment. And I'm I'm on original loans and from eighty tree so so. And that -- an actual burn it to you says urging -- you know -- at a restaurant sit well they have won the best restaurants that. -- they do it and I know we gonna say to. And I have this cookbook in -- can't remember his name on. We use it to while. Understand that -- me today. Well that wasn't the one that was considered. But. -- -- I'm -- Birmingham and for Burma. In him has some good restaurants the that the guy's name is Scott somebody it's an economy. But he's of these -- like the Emeril and Emeril Birmingham. And they have some good restaurants but for the number of people who live there they don't have nearly enough. And outlets say it's not a great food town so why would you bring a chef from the -- here. I'm just saying it it's like cold weather the low tonight is that travel side. I was response soup more -- -- states army to oust mr. psychoanalyst. And as a tremendous. Supermarket -- in and in Birmingham and Miami -- Abbott is meaningless take. The buyer and his -- two and a restaurant at best restaurant in Levittown was where growers -- this -- there one time. I was ball away I had my audience -- comply and now I have Macedonia. Or because you're at Bundy. Eat club not too long ago here and now you know -- -- You know -- that's fire broke and enter institute bumping into in other and it. You. I don't I don't know that I don't she couldn't -- anything like that however it is open. And we pulled out their recipes -- -- media. India menu. I mean you know look at. Its past. But that's one -- -- and so on Wednesday. About cookbooks and old recipes that people he didn't. -- from parents and grandparents and angry and well. That it there was a lady in Latvia. -- was actually Michael. Ships and number cookbooks best country. -- -- switching to the she did to each week one to each week to -- millions -- only. I didn't seem to remember seeing that now that you -- and they moment. To -- you know I don't know -- and in -- the -- almost went oh it's obvious. But anyway. She final book. What is. All La -- And it would look what does she has some problem might rest these but out of my interest he cooked it winners. Club shoes aside these belong to that yet albeit -- Ian. Whitman's cooking society whatever he would needle put together AM recipes that they're. Quiet some grandparents great on back. Mueller under two years. In it is I don't believe so you might mentioned that -- -- -- -- agent retirement age as the and this is fantastic has every -- recipe. Now my pleasure see it's the food show 260. 1872601870. We'd love to talk with Cuba where reduce you've been meeting -- -- favorite cookbooks you have what. -- we we can't leave it wide open on Saturday and try to start anything. Like in the way of -- topic. Not that we have any luck with that during the rest of the week mind. 2606368. I saw that are on there I go I thought I was proud of myself because the last time -- right but now. I think I just gave you the wrong phone number I didn't do it on purpose it's because I I save that thousands of times a week. Because I have a show exactly like this. On weekdays from noon until three same time as we were on over here just different audience different people different kind of calls. And that to -- and if you have nothing better to do. Or get the podcast. Go to a three WO thirteen fifty dot com and you can get podcast of the show. Every day. When that while. So 2601 meets symphony our program today is sponsored by and ones and I'm I'm glad that I remembered who wants. To do this commercial. Early on in the show because. What I wanna tell you about it over the here is. They are their lunch specials which. Or almost too good to be true -- them you know I don't exactly remember everything on and I know you can start off. With the oysters three ways oysters Rockefeller. Oyster BM bill and oysters. Their majority get three of them total for an appetizer which is play and if you it to the FDE. Six which is Rockefeller and I can be hungry for anything else. But that's that's one of the choices another is what I think is the best version of the -- wise. Anywhere in the city this is that famous cold potato based soup. That. It's not too many restaurants even make it anymore. But that is is just issues. And they have a salad I think -- the other thing -- -- around here trying to find their lunch menu for some reason here's. And then -- for four entrees. Have a choice. Of -- three different things and you have a choice of of three. Different. Desserts too and the crisis. And that's. It's. Twenty dollars and fourteen cents twenty dollars and fourteen cents for a three course lunch at and clients. How can you go wrong and that an is that there weren't good at. They also have. The this specialty cocktail. That's -- something different every day and those cost a quarter. Each. Not bad so if you've never been and ones where you haven't been in a long time. Refresh yourself this is the oldest restaurant in America you know not just in New Orleans but in America since 18501840. Pardon me. 713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter in all the world there is only one and ones. But he beat but never did find the entry list. We will come back with more of the food show -- a moment but first please this -- it is the food show on the big 87 EW WL. And WWL 105 point three FM and WWL. 105 point three FM HD one. Have you tried to act. HD radio it sounds are tremendous. Really great sound. Better than that. Let's see where we're -- Or mud is on the phone -- reach over and clinch him. Our -- come on in. -- while ago. I am I actually. Or traumatic or -- you're number. Range. Franks yet that's what. He has to restaurants here the yeah Asia or inquiry. It's not the -- reach out that it's his cookies with a capital years old. I have been I have ever you have never gave Russia out of immediate -- I don't well I know I've just. Ate his food is pretty straightforward actually he's now trying to reinvent the wheel but I had good luck with everything and they. And pray that my my question. No John regionally that -- A world war became not going to be their contract with John bet she'd always wondered if you had 88 alt net. -- -- I I it's already happened by the way so there's no stopping that is the -- the outfit that is. Going to do it is the same one that does food for the superdome and for the convention center. Are OK -- never been much in -- impressed by that but on the other hand. To tell you the truth I think the they -- to rest once in the John bench. -- That I can't say really governed like that that's one of them the other ones steakhouse in the casino. -- With the rest of -- adjustments I think -- to respect but those and I don't think. They had this 1940 steam over at the American sector. I. Don't want to get. It was interesting. The people who were in the back cooking and making all these -- -- -- job -- himself these are young people who have yeah working knowledge of that right. And Ali. I'd merely do myself but I do remember some of that because a lot of that who stayed on in and use a long time and I caught the back and that. But everything I have him there that was recognizable finished like for example they had -- a beef on the scene if all of our. Everybody who was an adult. Importantly it's a 1942. In 1960. They are with that is. Apparently nobody working for -- had any idea because which they were letting on had nothing in common with the the old kind of what sort of so why I don't know I don't think that's a big story actually you -- It and while playing cutesy. 260187. This -- the food show on -- the -- The boss showed me yesterday that if you go to WWL dot com our our website. That they have been put they've been putting a blogs for just about everybody on the air over there. For a long time. And I told him you know. You can get one from the every single day because I write five or six articles every single day that I put on line and you can just pull one off and stick him in the website over there and I guess they didn't think it was good enough until recently. And than Dolly finally go one up but the one that is is that is there is one you might find interesting it's the twelve best. She'll -- issues serve around town. No -- left out. Things like shrimp rubble alive because everybody's -- rumble and most of them are good. Amazingly enough. I left out raw oysters on the half shell because you know you can make a list that -- up to novelist but battled well and as well as -- -- rubble on. And a left off sushi and he could a few other things that are very widespread mostly focused on dishes that are a little offbeat. So we have any time a little later on I will. With that out in the give you that list but what I'd much prefer to do is to talk with you but the where you have been eating lately and what you've been cooking and if I can help you with that I'd be happy tour if you can help me with things you discovered by a really of that 26018. Stephanie will be back with more of the food show in just a moment but first please that's who gush really of two minutes before the news we'll get rolling here. It's John John welcome. Moments ago -- along cockpit and turn that into -- Hillary alarmed at the arrogant bear. And it will exceptionally your partner -- talk about it and I actually have your review all but it was really can't. But when whenever anyone calls me about that place. I I know in advance that they're gonna -- Everybody I've ever talked to loves it except me. -- Yeah I think it's just though it's not bad it's not a bad harassment -- First thing it's uncomfortable with so little tiny place and in the tables we just jammed in there and if you try to eat at the bar you'll never do that again it's it's it's it's really uncomfortable. Secondly in their prices a little high. And thirdly there's nothing on him and you that it couldn't think of -- two with three other places where did that in my opinion do a better. But I I think it's very possible that I may be the one who's out of joint here because again I tell you most people who have ever brought it -- say they'd love so. And immediately it. The group well yeah. I'd be good that be a good time to go when nobody else is in there because believe me when it's a full house itself full house. -- it up at night out. All. -- you got a call me during the week -- that. Outside I don't have the rig all rigged up to do it. And have run out of time anyway here on the big 870 WWL. Radio New Orleans and WWL FM. -- New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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