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06-21 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 21, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Over and it would all go back to. -- doctor goes when it about OK and there. -- I use -- parcel through the years and I thought -- -- -- electorate stops and so when there. The next thing among mentioned when I get through the next cycle is like and proposal -- book which you're actually pictures and that book. Yeah I wrote a book. Are you -- that race but I wrote the words. And dark. And when revenues -- that is -- -- it merely a pitch he could be hamburger. Up. Some you nightmares but then I'm river back to -- in cook and look -- Other winners or any other recipes for Arkansas and or fish -- you'd recommend. -- You can marinate fish in just about anything did them the closest I've found to an all purpose marinade is that one in that country as I mean I use that all the time. And it buried in what is what it has -- it think about it though you have you have oil. Our -- off the idea of olive oil. It has a little bit a lemon juice which is good with fish as we all know you know we put we tend to put a little bit -- -- -- almost any seafood but that does something going on there. And that's nice. And then you have the white wine which gives. Sort of a -- of everything that's sort of the liquid matrix but it has a little acidity to. And then the Worcestershire sauce adds those unique flavors and the little bit of salt. And then the Tabasco you know it's a story with Tabasco -- And a sunny that does just about everything I want done from a marinate what you could use any one of those things really. To -- something with and they are many other things like just to pick one that's a little offbeat sesame oil. Which is very widely used in Asian cooking has a distinct flavor it's -- this will host the -- something -- but it's very good with. With fish I think. And let them lime juice is good. I've I've done more than a few times I've done. A fish dish with orange juices part of the marinade. So you -- -- a wide open here the even really really good cook books. Our starting point you know with this once you get the hang of it UC wonder if by with. Soya sauce in here with a win and he could try you know you don't have to live -- book. Action will appreciate because that's -- -- -- -- -- I mean -- Under through those guys and joy -- -- college years I'm a grown so has herb garden that is -- key to building. A farm yeah yeah and his like gondola. About one article from. This is almost certainly not. That's what his backyard looks like to. Or whatever and you know well you know that's very hip right now is that. -- a lot of people are a lot of restaurants are putting in their own vegetable gardens it. You know it's gonna get mainstream. When the college. -- On Carrollton avenue has about a half a block of land that they are using to grow vegetables and -- on right next door. Well that's amazing -- who would have expected that from that place but they you know if that's what's happening in these days. But I've got smaller and smaller. Personal. But when I got -- -- and -- really appreciate our own money list I'm in vote well listen to a tune in radio like streaming -- iPhone. Well could I can pick him radio it's too panicky. You'll be able pickup this station. You must read this WWL. 870 yeah Syria -- that's all right other station that's another story. You know -- the district here all the time while well electing and Cuba I was stricken is -- -- by impeached got a couple. -- -- And Monday yes. Is what it incorrectly at that point beyond by Turkish seductive dish you know how many people can step -- just mean that you need to be quick connect. A couple hours but it and so again on the street hours -- amateur. Or oddly -- -- People but -- You know. But I judgment but don't indicate. I don't know if that's an election deterrent to do or does can give them on. I'm not I'm not familiar with the recipe bit of that takes you three and a half hours to make it you have to take into consideration. That as few as you do so. But if it's something you really love that it's worth -- -- just an ordinary -- -- -- -- -- can play with it in the little weigh in substitute a couple of things in and them kind of tone it down because. Restruct recipes. Really are different from home most of them anywhere from home cook recipes as residents have resources that you don't really have at home for exit -- You know any in any restaurant of any size. They have. At least one of -- and probably quite a few more than one that they're on all the time at about 425. Degrees so. You can take a piece of fish. And sought pay a little bit on one side with what the beginnings of your sauce and then take the whole pan and stick it in the oven because the other already pre heated and ready to go. And whether there's actually a very good way of cooking fish but who keeps their oven on and home all the time it does -- cents. So there's a lot of things like that restaurant cooking that you are kind of hard to duplicate you have to adapt the. Internet class when it would. Would occasionally but they're both sides after a anecdotes -- properly -- these things. It just like sounds like you've. Sounds like you've got it under control. Keep it up -- only just got nothing wrong with improvised. Well what area fort appeared well that's that's. The best proof of Walt Willis thanks for calling it's the food show 113 fifth was one of the gates at WWW only -- -- Jim welcome. It. Question about some Gallup sweetie. We enjoyed the and I you'd hand beauty. Beat rice Gallup. The the the problem is -- prominent expensive but the problem having as good good. Golden color that's supposed to -- -- When I go to term and that statement. So what am I doing wrong and I am -- -- -- wonderful. Job. What is the pan. Have in it. Other -- the scale. I am. I've tried just regular oil. Some tonight in new high temperature. I've tried -- So I would say basic cooking oil okay. Well. This is something I do pretty often. Even though on the only one in my household that likes -- one of them. What you what you need to do. The best of all in my opinion is clarified butter but I I don't even take the time to make that. All the time but you do have to get really hot so the point where. The oil is on the verge of smoking but not quite and McGwire is. A bubbling at the very least and is starting to brown a little bit and you you put the scallop right in that pool and you don't touch you leave it there what happens. Is that he'll stick to the panel right and then it'll pop away sort of not completely ever put sort of and that's when you take your. -- -- you little. Preferably a very thin bladed. You know flipper turner whatever you have. And slipped it under there and disengage it and then roll it over onto the other side. And do the same thing -- at stake in -- and let it break loose and then taken off. It should still be bulging. In the middle because skeletons cook really fit you can -- Ross -- that you want what -- It did they really don't take a long time to cook in the high heat and the and also. The fact the butter the oil whenever using is going to put that little brown Siro on it. There's one other thing that you might be aware of or maybe not. If you buy scallops at the store unless it's a really good store. You're gonna get the kindness -- that have been treated with this chemical that gives them a long shelf life. That's a good thing for the supermarkets real bad thing for you and me because you'll put those -- in the -- And they won't ground far enough then I mean are just will not oxidized as they got that junkie and whatever it is. And the question you have to ask whenever you buy -- I never buy scalps without asking this question and sometimes they have to go in the back and find somebody who knows the answer is. Are these dry pack scalps that's what you want dry -- Alice. That the white -- I'd. Go ahead there towards the purchase is. Actually purchase them by the hand. Eight pounds at a time they're twenty dollar now. And they come on fields. From India and north east. Coast. -- -- -- -- but they're caught -- out of but a shell into -- hand. Refrigerated. And our Q and their step and throw a buddy of mine generally look at camp. I am and that's how we get. -- -- article I -- their drive pack ago. Goods for all you're right that might have that chemical in the dry -- -- but that's right that's the magic words that takes in. Divers galaxy takes in. This one -- -- scallops. -- -- that's what you want but there are boats that go out there and they do all the shock and then they -- they they put that chemical and they are all on the ship they don't those guys stay out for days at a time. Are already in these things in. And that is no way of telling this when you're looking enemy in the in the market you have an. So yeah anyway didn't you might need you might just need a little more heat on your -- Clara what are. Clarified -- ultimate because clarified by you really have to get that like 500 degrees for it to start. Break it down. It it -- real hot. Be careful of course whenever you're dealing with anything that -- because it could splattered you'll kind of things. In any right I -- fight I use salt and -- are any other -- you would recommend that doesn't -- priest of a discount. -- No I mean I just basically salt and -- on the that's rarely ever use you know that's certainly -- scallops -- one of those things -- they're delicacies they're good as they -- you know like oysters and latte. -- thank -- so much -- later we will come back with more of the food show. After first pleased that it's it's the food show on the big 878 WWL and WWL. 105 point three FM -- not really doing that the plug my weekly show. Unless I'm doing -- subconsciously. -- possible. We. Have one pretty good festival going on this weekend. It's the whole weekend. Started yesterday in fact it's all day today and it's all. Day tomorrow in -- Altman's. Which is not all that far drive. From downtown. -- job. It's on of the metro areas sort. Right on down highway ninety. Like you were heading to race when -- -- -- or humidor place and then on your way. Anyway that you certainly. If you know anything about catfish and like catfish. You have learned at some point that. There's Norman's catfish. Is the world class. A standard. In fact the governor governor Edwards. Declared -- the catfish capital. Of the world. Back in 1975. And then the legislature not to be outdone I think they were just trying to would jockey for a favorable position with the people in those moments they. They named it the catfish capital of the universe. Imagine that I had no idea. That the state legislature of Louisiana controlled. Naming rights for something in the entire universe who would have thought I I wonder who if if -- if they have inform the Blix people over and that store just the left of the other thing. When I'm not sure. But anyway it's a fun festival you get a chance to try. Wild caught catfish. On the bunch of different ways that's who's sort of recruit the best place because they have. By news that have a pretty good flow -- them a couple of big lakes. The catfish you seem to really love it and they have the smarts. To catch the smaller catfish which are better the big big catfish are nowhere near as good as little catfish. And there are very few restaurants that serve this anymore and in fact the catfish. You know overs. They are there we are looking at the universe again or the whole catfish. Thing. Sanders on the fact that they are basically three kinds of catfish that are likely to come your way the most likely is more memories local catfish from Louisiana Mississippi. Pot then there is the Asian catfish which isn't really even the same species although it is in the same general families are catfish. Generally comes from Vietnam. But also from all around southeast Asia. It is taking over the market because it's cheaper. Not as good I wouldn't saying just that the effect that it has to be brought so far right there is a problem. The best of -- is wild caught catfish and I can only think of three restaurants that have that. And if you run a restaurant or you go to a restaurant and you know. That they have wild caught catfish. All the time I would love to know who that is here at three places. One of the news mr. ads. Oyster bar in fish grill. Which is the old photos. And Bozo the reason he has it is that Bose though when he was there. And which was he was for a very long time that's all he ever bought was wild caught catfish period that's it. There's also -- of restaurant on the North -- that has a little family connection with bozos but it's. It's not really all that material but they have always OKG's it's on Florida street in and they'll they have while -- catfish there. And then this a little bar. A bar and restaurant actually they're separate but they've I think it's the same owners on homo boulevard just so lakeside of veterans. Called the Orleans this a bistro orleans' way and had a banquet this pro Orleans and they have wild caught -- So it is a few places but not very good. 260187. Me. News whoops I was of just about the -- severe severe hang on a second we have a news break coming in and then we'll be right over to you. Hello hello it's the food show it's the big 870 WWL and mark he's here yeah Marc welcome to the food show. And -- and -- -- do you think you meant an army groups are all and that was partner on the court order and part yeah. And if you do have a hold back it was -- -- isn't it great place all of us are at our paper plates. And I know when -- and all at issue accurate summation. -- I did we got there and in. Crowded at night you know they were able. Need to call back and make sure and get out there could we make the -- on the. I think they're doing okay actually but that it it's. He's a real good guy he came out of that he always get this confused it's -- it was either -- morals or he was working at one of the commanders restaurants. I think he worked with emerald. And he's a very sharp guy and he has to rip fiction who has been handled a number of restaurants on the North Shore over the years Marvin. Oh -- what's his last name Tweety Marvin Tweety. And he's his buddhists horrific guy bit I real Leo love the stuff he puts up. And it's a much more sophisticated. Grossman the most of them on the north shorts and they've really have a style. All -- Paul Eaton and it sort of like the you. And then the very act and -- that we will be. -- well July. Yeah we did everything from. The appetizer to the you know contrary to -- and and it would not being disappointed in the so thank you very much. Thank you. Are very much -- it's the food show. Well anyway. There are a lot of those who come to town this time of year to take advantage of the garlic festival. At the upper line that's been going on for 27 years now. They started it off. As a as a promotion it was some of these the shelf and the owner. And join -- ensure she and came up with the idea with the shift on top common. And they put it on and everybody went nuts over right away every year they change it up a little bit they always have a few new -- they have some of the ones that have been big hits and passed. But it's a good deal it's in the thirties for a three course dinner. And they also have the regular menu going onto if you're not into garlic although who can imagine that I mean none at all. But it's a terrific restaurant when the leaders of the new. Rage of -- stroh's and open back in the 1980s. And they have been a leader. In that department ever since the name of places the upper line you will really love and it's charming the -- lady who owns it is one of the most. Interest in people I've ever met in the restaurant business and the food is consistently great especially that garlic and you try it out it's. Open every day Wednesday through Sunday for dinner only -- remember that -- open on Sunday for dinner because not a lot of restaurants in that category are. Sunday dinner at the up relying on -- street between Britannia in saint Charles right off protect -- Vieira. At my invitation has returned and I'm happy about that -- welcome. -- How do you like it is nineteen that a little like. -- well at outlet. I'm not not. Oh how nice. And so have. Yeah Carl and I act abstract. I don't know at least 481. I get so many compliment. It's really wonderful that -- all out. I was very flattering and I thank you very much for that. But thanks for calling back. When he you know. The name of the cookbook in case your interest it is Tom Fitzmorris is New Orleans food -- tell you what it's. 200 it's about 350. Of forget 250 to 350 recipes. New Orleans stuff you know the my favorite -- really is why should I write about issues unlike. I don't know why any cookbook thought there would write about a a dish he would doesn't like. Robbins or is it -- that. The -- -- Tuesday ruled it welcome to -- hours. -- -- -- -- -- -- Able archer normal people should know could you look like that's like clubs. OK a year ago. Current -- and solutions that we grow and so -- From there he looked very good call for -- and -- in them. And they should feel when you got my truck and didn't call he took them. And where it doesn't buy or borrow. Like people well. You know -- surely blow -- Well ever were about once every six months or so I'll have -- a chef called me up all excited and he says Tom. I've got a new take on on boiling lobster. And my answer is oh no don't tell me your another one of those guys who's putting -- in -- oil please. -- And I've I've only heard about a thousand times. -- a lot of places we'll do a thing. Well now not today your -- In mostly you are but not that. By the way I'm I'm a little concerned that you're listening to the show. Oh. Yeah for the for the reason you told me in the hallway not too long ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well a lot of it it just about anybody who. If. There -- doing boiled seafood and you bring in the lobsters and you Coleman had a tendency here here's what I'd like to do I'm sure they do it for you know it's. Yeah. Order. All right well -- literal about. You can hear -- out on the negates WW WL from ten until one every weekday afternoon did you not pick up on that day. That once. That's our -- Garland Robinette. -- just call. And will be back with more of the -- between you wanna break. Will be back with more of it in a moment -- -- pleased that -- though it's. The big 870 WWO. Kenneth that we have found you again all right. Let's let's if we can do it this time Kenneth. OK honey okay I -- on. The and you. Get up and. Mister -- Absolutely that's. They eat they took the the recipe that Minnelli said invented you know pass -- -- invented that the issue and it's still there. But let the chef at this could be back in the 1980s this is quite a while ago. He said in a lot this -- but this I think I can change a little bit in what he did. Once instead of the the -- Shrimp sort of simmering in water that we get kind of clear it was basically melted butter with a lot of pepper and everything else that. He would cook shrimp down in the hand with some white wine and a little bit limited use since Worcestershire sauce and a lot of black pepper in a little bit of garlic. And then he would. He's just with the add the butter at the very end and and he would whiskey in sort of an it would you'd get -- -- Looking you know -- ultimate edit it got this opaque kind of -- look to it and that made all the flavors come up. And I am telling you it's heads on they do it the traditional way you can't really do barbecue shrimp without heads on trip. But there are really really good that's the best site. An album after tried to be out with like that cabinet is that. Their duties -- the excellent. Yeah yeah yeah it's very much worthwhile and if you wanna try it yourself at home it's not all that hard to have the recipe on my website if you go to. No menu NO MEE and you dot com and click on recipes and just look for barbecue shrimp. But that might recipe is sort of based on mr. peace recipe. Well good enjoy thanks for Carlin that I appreciated here's she'll always just on the chuck -- I'm sorry welcome to our show. It's for them. Good. Guys ask. That question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Four men. In front close like -- almost like -- that's yeah. And let what do you. What what. We're. Almost. All -- -- yeah they take a little cookie cutter -- they cut little out of the mostly -- of various kinds. Palace gates is another you know it's the skate wings. What that is is fake scallops. And you don't see that anymore because it there was a time -- Gallup were really very expensive because they were all they all come from the northeast is -- galloped down here. And does so they would punch about it those escaped wings that are very easily available around here. And they would fool people into thinking that they were scouts when they're not well what turned that around is that skate. Has become more expensive than scalps. Did so. They don't do that anymore and I and I think also. Because they're flying in scallop so all the time now it's become a common item on menus everybody knows what they look like and I don't think anybody would be fooled anymore. Okay. He -- -- is pretty accurate and -- gallons actually found itself off. They did you know you know that when you go to get to a shell gas station. You know that -- that's on their logo that scallop shell that's exactly -- scallop shell. And one more interesting thing about scallop is you know would eat oysters there's that little white. The kind of for something right in the middle of the ways you were in the oyster shocker his point cut that away from the -- Yeah it's like that little muscle. That. And a scallop are the same thing just on a bigger figures show -- -- that's what you're eating. I have -- cute so much million new. Gone crazy yeah. Well don't go crazy called me. This until later we will come back with more of the food show in a moment after person -- -- gosh -- -- not another whole hour here but hey we have. Yet another one to go. -- -- -- The big 87 WWL radio New Orleans and WWL. FM 105 point three and our New Orleans. And HD one to where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS and the Columbia. Broadcasting system at 2 o'clock.

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