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06-21 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 21, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi come on and it's time for the third courts of the food show. On the big 870 WW LWW. A 105 point three FM. This is Tom that's Boris yet yet I yeah. Get this out yet they yet. Passing as a cultured person. Although to prove that I should have just awkward and Linda. Or number is 260187. We would love to talk with you but where you've been meeting lately you've been any good -- -- one I'll buy. Even if that's awhile ago. I'd like to know what your favorite restaurant news this is. Sort of -- deep fault topic around here what's your favorite restaurant that's not what you think is the best restaurant in town I'm not asking you that if you wanna tell me at all I'll be happy to listen. And disagree with -- -- or agree with you. But what is your favorite restaurant the one. Where you go pretty often. Where you always feel good. When you believe that the food was good price was right the service was well accomplished. That really suits your style of eating -- because everybody's different we have near the beginning of the program today. When a guy who called up and said the a certain place doing roast beef pork boys. -- was terrible he he didn't like and he went twice and he didn't like it either time. And it's a place that is one of my favorite places to go well there's no reason in the worldwide the to -- they should agree I don't think there's any reason there is. So. We just we walk away. That and that's that and hope we meet in some other restaurant. But what's your favorite restaurant. Or anything else. You wanna talk about is always welcome here this is a program generically about food about cooking about going out to eat a -- whine about cocktails. The taste the pace is what we're after. Eddie is here hello -- welcome. Good afternoon sir. I'll let you know that we've Peru's juror. Very informative and all the menus dot com. What -- No you don't know that you'll know that you know me you -- what -- do you realize I thank you fat. We we often he's on the east bank over here and find. Do the social circumstances we will be on the west bank for two and a half three hours as -- afternoons evenings. And after looking exercise we've narrowed it down to one of two possibilities the world and anything. Mosque is seen this. 48 point. Battalion. And certainly some local history behind that facility. The other -- you looking was O'Brien's grill -- that seems a little higher in made more than we wanted to spend four. Just a new trial about a recommendation. -- double is that red maple. Were very impressed last concept. Please any any election may have on an after hours to blow on the West -- Well of both of the two places you mentioned Moscow news and the and O'Brien's -- both very good and I don't know what you were figuring on spending. But O'Brien's is say is a first class state -- it's up there in the same category with Ruth's Chris and and you know. Everybody like that but it's not as expensive. And they they also have a terrific bunch of appetizers the place from the outside looks like absolutely nothing inside. It's very charming in a kind of a masculine. They be charming isn't the right word but is sort of a masculine speak easy kind of way with kind of an art -- quality to it anywhere like the environment -- love the food. The result it's getting closer to a Crescent City -- state council on broad. I would say it's a little more than either one of those parity in every way you better service better environment better most things. So OK there's that much good news. Is a very. Rustic sort of a place if food is very basic. It will strike you as being a little more expensive than in ought to be although. The portions makeup that you really don't need to get an -- per person if there -- three of view really. Two on trees is enough let. The problem is that. Despite the fact that looks like a little rundown shack in the middle of nowhere. They have a fantastically. Large regular customer base. And they tend to be some of the best connected people in all of Jefferson Parish for sure and at beyond. And so getting a reservation here if they I don't think even take them on Saturday that he -- it would be worth trying but. But if he can get in it would be a lot of fun you know what I don't don't expect something fancy this is a real straightforward. Kind of thing they do chicken and they do very well they make their own sausage they'd do well. Lots of seafood oysters the shrimp dishes all that is good. If I tell you what we're gonna give Moscow as a -- and if they can citizen and that would be excellent we don't mind waiting a bit we didn't have time to kill so perhaps just sit at the bar is. What I want. That'll do they they certainly do and they would be happy to help you there too if you what you when we you thinking of going. We have to. Two. I believe it would be available for dinner from seven until about 930. Okay well that's the -- in the evenings are portable going to be in the top this stuff. Time to get but you might be able waited out especially this time a year. All right so between Moscow and O'Brien no nothing else you know I -- my wife heard you mention. -- examples. When you well in general that the great. Cuisine on the West Bank is. Asian in general and Vietnamese in particular. There's a really fine Vietnamese restaurant. I think it's the best in the city and we have a lot of Vietnamese restaurant. It's on just off West Bank expressway on Stevens. Street which is about midway between Stumpf boulevard and Whitney avenue. The name of the place second look at. The name of the place it has two names one of them is an English and one of them is Vietnamese. Law. HH. HU a lot longer HO NG. And then the big number nine and then underneath that is rose is apparently why Hong. Nine is means nine roses. Anyway you'll see it it's a nice looking place. They're menu is tremendously. Huge to a puzzling degree but. You don't have to worry about it because the waitresses. Will not let you order anything that they don't think you're gonna like. Because it's a lot of Vietnamese food that you really have to grow up with Andy and if you didn't you know LE a much of an adventuresome -- That they won't even -- -- table -- meet orders some things are they know what I am who I am so. And at debts I always have a lot of fun over there. Our and it's on your site as -- -- And that's why H each hole in the -- and yeah I think it's H 08. Let me show way HO NG while on nine -- could place. Actually I think if it's uncertain have a. Well thank you you to see the food show. It's like let's take another call wind it's done. -- -- Doing fine c'mon. You know I'm Lipitor is find out some background about the -- build. All they would call it. The -- -- -- you know takes it which put band yeah. You know different. Particularly like in the -- that any particular flight to meet you use it and discussed moderately grade. Oh okay. They're Tuukka and to build one of me you see it around christmastime more than anything at home -- sort of like a beef equivalent -- -- but that's not what you're talking about you're talking by. Italian -- What are the most common cut that use this is round. On and it's pretty much the same kind of -- you would use to make before roast -- -- voice and you would cook reporting much the same way you cook it. On top of the stove until browned off at the edges in the and you shove it in the oven until it's about a hundred in forty degrees in the middle. And then -- slice it you slice it you don't really for once you don't need thin thin slices it actually helps to have Buick maybe an eighth of an inch. -- is somewhere around there. And then you'd you'd you'd do exactly what you said you get your pot of sauce going this is the kind of sauce that cooks -- six rate hours in the and you put the the beef in the air and let it cook you know a little bit longer. Won't take much longer some of the beef juices will get out into the sauce and some of the sauce -- into the beef in the and then you heated. In lieu of meatballs. That's. Typically. In the old days. Any restaurant that had that it was you'd get spaghetti and meatballs or spaghetti and dole or spaghetti and Italian sausage is -- crisis. -- -- And it's a it's a good -- the best I know of in restaurants here and it's not something you see very often anymore. It's incidents. Over had been both locations of incidents the one on saint Charles in the wanna better. He uses brisket for news and it comes out great. So if if you there if you like risky you might try -- with that yeah it was it's really taste. OK but -- abreast of the before. -- round via via. It's easy enough and only if you know how to make a good read so less than -- about finished almost at -- I don't have fun. -- DA UBE. 2601870. And here is Jeanne residual. It will find -- -- Jeanne -- It to come to a I'm not my problem is every -- the China marinate something he did things lie. And I think even in the refrigerator overnight. But it seems like it doesn't go through beneath it states squawk and eating chicken to begin at an ankle. And I. I was wondering if I -- punch holes and it could get it. -- -- -- What is what is the -- On the -- line. Hawaii absolutely you have like pineapple. And peppers in with a host yeah. Have a game plan that would help it polyps in the bottom mount you know you book all you -- -- -- in the -- the exact well. And it really hit. It that tropical marinate with fruit juices next. Yeah he has been -- it certainly yeah. -- -- in. A. Yeah yeah. -- cures that I don't know how -- doing this but the best way to marinate things especially chicken. Is to get a big food storage bag and you know you may know all this already so excuse me if I -- and we already know but. A food storage bag you put the -- in you push all the air out then you seal the top of the bag you put in the refrigerator. And let it sit eight -- is what will go through just about anything. So. Why it's not penetrating I don't know beef won't penetrate too much anyway to begin with if it's beef chicken is pretty easy I mean it it it it's it's not gonna change the look all that much. But -- it does he will make a difference in the flavor I guarantee -- that. Although the one with the pineapple juice and it. That is of a beef tender riser right there that's a great way to tend to rise tough beef is to let it marinate in and out pineapple Jews for awhile. It makes a big difference. I feel better about it already we will return with more of the food show in a moment after first police -- the food show here is Mike. Mike welcome. -- John. -- a great or the -- like there. That's our ultimate cushy seat -- like there are you talk about Brad brought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm you know I'm a bit -- into. -- and it beat out. Which I -- well I read. His is terrific but stakes here. No -- I don't -- Older -- that's incredibly good over there. Ol Maine it -- him now and and and the PayPal like digit support I've never been able to sit down and cut down. It's always been epic which dollar bet on knows. All booked. But -- like on secret. Yeah he's yeah well he's one of the best bartenders around. And -- If if five if let me suggest this if for whatever reason you can't get -- news for dinner. They do what I think is the best Sunday brunch and now. It it's really nice it's a big menu it's not a -- big big menu and the services good and they've got a lot of flaming bananas Foster going -- it smells real good and they have little jazz band going around it's terrific. It. Wonderful. Links thanks for calling. The food show continues and we talked to nick nick welcome. -- good and and good until I just that I do. -- -- But the and we found in the spears excellent agent who on the west wondering if you had a chance to try -- chopsticks. Struggle Asian cuisines. On look alcove between Manhattan and wall that are relatively new and probably the best on food I'd had in new. No I haven't even heard of them chopsticks. The -- and it broke. Is it the does that an X at the January aren't they. It's got a job. Tactics within -- and -- stroll expelled in the agent wayward. It. Nokia all right. I don't oh it's it's close to. Culturally -- -- at close to Manhattan. Okay very close up and that's where the old Italian potty location -- And now -- And they they've. Folks that you to have people being number four in Hong Kong blocker but be moved from there and their food is hard to resist exceptional. If anybody is looking for a great place to try it on the west. OK I love Thai food that some may be my favorite Asian cuisine I really am thrilled by their retirement you'd. Well I agree -- in Thailand quite a few times in this. Place the food -- just like a patent. Okay chopsticks are all have to add that might -- might list this week. Thank you. Thanks for your eyes in the of the list. Is one that I've been keeping actually for a long long time but it really retooled right after Katrina when people wanted to know what restaurants were opened. After Katrina. And I'm still doing it and we keep track of how many restaurants are open 14114. Is the number as of today. But make that 1415 because one just another month when I didn't that was there. If you go to -- and you dot com and click on restaurants is you can see this list arranged alphabetically every single restaurant that's open in town every single one. Or. You can get it Ian by neighborhood. One neighborhood at a time all the restaurants in that neighborhood or by cuisines so you know Chinese Italian American would -- No menu dot com and OME and you. Here is Susan. Sorry -- Isn't losing my mind was at home. I can hear you fine -- You know you have the opportunity to either -- issue until it an accurate. Like. Any tan line. I. He nailed it mark -- his in the location a lot yeah. It is and then seeing which is an entry which you. Could be years. Boy I remember that I spent more than my share of time and lankans. Are. Here. I have been to Amaechi several times but I think four to be exact. And it's it's pretty good I like I I must say that that there of their highlight that would coal burning pizza oven and I think that's. The highlight of their menu. And I think I've had some of the things that I know -- really good have had a couple of clunkers but we still talking about a relatively new rest. But they I think we've been open about 910 months now so that's that's pretty good. The -- Marcello place in apparently that is how they pronounce it Marcello was supposed to Marcelo. And it -- I don't know but might I have not been there they've only been open a few weeks but my wife. Has been there and she is raving. About it she is just losing her mind it with excitement over just. -- And a so there you go that's -- that's a new and in -- that's that's become quite a block for restaurants around there you've got herb saint on the corner you've got that she blew a new place right next to it and now another Italian restaurant next of that so. Lot going on. -- We'll look thanks for calling with with that report I appreciated. By. The food show 260. When rates at any who is over here don't know them. If you want if GA is that you're welcome home on. Yeah I've. Local law. And -- difference between a white -- in -- -- you should. The rose veal shank will be older beef with the white. -- deal. Is baby beef that hasn't been how to start grazing on grass yet. And the ones that are a little red. They they are eating grass in -- they start doing that the meat goes from being white to pink invented to elect a beef color. So that's that's the main difference you could go either way in making possible go with that you probably get more Merrill under the pink when. Okay. You like you wouldn't you would do pretty great. We without you know. Are you one quick and sure they get any kind of stepping. I don't know like Ortiz. It's -- only the actual S cargo in the who's not inside. Yeah I I can't say that I have. Have you. -- A deficit that's an interesting idea. The -- I'm certainly not infallible who is -- But these two little light in the back of my head is is like orange. -- yet as opposed agreed. Yahoo! which would be the best but the problem with the with S cargo is that. There's no such thing as at least not in this area as fresh snail or you you you cannot get them. Unless you we definitely cajun country they have these big big snails that grow out there in the gulf. The turn up every now and then but should never receive that commercially I don't know -- you'd get a hold them. So what you get is a product that's out of the hands. And has probably come from Turkey that's the main producer of snails these days is Turkey. And prints to friends don't raises a lot of and and -- are chew week in usually chewy things. Don't make especially good stuff things but that's just might he started it might be great I don't know let me know. Well I had any a different while back and I had. -- you know stopped with this Google. Not actually -- -- that wasn't a lot of bread crumbs -- and it was. Kind of you know under the sounds. -- -- -- And -- is that that now that does sound that's a different story. What worldwide. -- Well I'm thinking lamb chops well I think it might work in jobs who but I thought you mentioned duck it's and we're all okay well maybe maybe a month limit some jobs that would go pretty well. Yeah a lot of garlic I would have a lot of garlic a lot of -- there -- -- escalation in the east. Where little splash of care no wars of the like that. Yeah yeah would you there are neatly on match in the quarter. Red -- Garlic -- garlic cloves that you pounded just so they pop open. If you have any fresh Rosemary. I'm lucky enough I have Rosemary bush outside -- clip on off and throw it in the or dried Rosemary would be all right to. If Gibson didn't throw that in there too in -- you know seal the bag bushel on the air routes of the need is completely covered by the marinade. That you do. There. Really needed is -- is usually pretty fancy you know right off the bat it's fat and a lack of -- is not something that lamb. -- can be guilty. Are you hoping that it would class. But the -- -- up too much -- No you if you don't like the idea that don't do it but there are other herbs and thinking you know parsley would beat him the obvious one. Even -- true although that that would take it down another road entirely. It's an interesting idea I mean you I can't have a thought of that before but let me know that comes out. Thank you thanks for calling. It is -- showed -- one will be here talking but eating and all that to a need to take a break yet. -- -- -- -- Here is somebody named Tom. And if if you and I and all the GMs in the Johns. Could get together we can take over the whole world and they hope also that les. The -- that we can get the Chinese people in and and of course the -- comets. You know of that you know the majority. Yeah well -- What what's up. Well questioned each long. But there. You're going to be. -- We'll do that don't do that staying until it's really get sport. Oh so what is brick -- I'm sorry what did you say what is your paper. On all that easy and one's. Well anybody and I. It's really easy for me because. I I news this last year in dining out to meet the whole picture it's not just about food it's not just by the atmosphere it's. And in fact you'll never -- police say that and once as the best food in on it really does not doesn't have the best service doesn't have the best prices doesn't have the best. Environment doesn't have the best pointless. But you put it altogether with that great story they have behind -- you know this they opened an 1840 and have been here ever since. Got all that they're -- and then. And and I go there and I immerse myself in that and I you know I have a waiter who's been taking care of me for years and everybody in the kitchen -- was -- and so -- next time every now and then go back and it shouldn't ought to. And I sit down and have dinner. And that to me is pretty close to the ultimate New Orleans eating experience for me. Birds of polish. I bet that I really love. Well Carlos Beltran. And her for years so long as well. And those. Or stroke so -- YouTube and here. If you are if you're encountering you don't wanna go to too far away. I would say the best as gone anywhere around here use. Austin's. Although it's yeah Austin's it's on the corner of chassis at street which runs parallel trans continental one block -- side. Well and and west esplanade it's it's a real thick -- but they have everything in the world music great steaks. Really good seafood could make the voice is great soups the place. And let me know thank you. He's hearing from you the food show one and only. Do you telling me something. One more okay and then move with a break our Margie. Hi. There we're speaking about O'Brien. Could barely there. How will we -- there -- few weeks ago and -- There are so cheesecake epic that -- -- or deletions. And it's unbelievable. Butter garlic white wine sauce. Base. He's -- is it that might sound oysters and cheesecake wouldn't go together as some people most people but if you don't put anything sweet in here. So what would you have you -- then you have cream cheese cream. -- they probably season with some creole seasoning. NA news. And that's product and then Italy Britain and if you make something out of those and put it with a oysters. Well that's kind of normal. It's just an idea but that's that is really -- good dish I completely agree with. -- -- Same tactics but we can't -- -- out here today we don't know. Good place and it's cheap as dirt and they are helping a lot of people. Including including a lot of people who don't really need to be held. Because because. Cafe reconcile takes. -- people who live pictures either close to going off the rails or have gone off the rails. And then gives them all the skills to have a really good job the rest of their lives. This makes it easier for everybody. So it's it's a great great great community service. And there was surprise he actually. You know let -- and -- decorated. -- You know you know who's to blame for that immoral in general gave them. Some like all I think two million dollars. A -- gift for anybody who thinks it Emeril. Who is a bad guy because he wasn't in town after Katrina that -- he was doing was raising money for stuff like that god bless them. Yet beautiful place just on electing elect you know red -- orbit on that. Chip actually -- election. But thank you thanks for reminding me of that one that's at O'Brien's grill it's and he'll chase high -- but midway between. -- -- Wall against. Or lapel of witches -- -- Will return with more of the food show in just a moment but first if you will this hello it's the food show. They -- seventy WW LWWO. 105 point three FM with Gregory welcome to the coach Gregory. -- believe. It. Looks. -- going into caught them. -- -- -- -- -- For couple. Under. In the. -- that's the way to go -- you don't even have to marinade it that long I mean it's such a minute are you side that's really all you need as a candidate the most and it does the job. Witness -- and he was wrong and a current. Not that I've heard. The the big issue right now and you won't believe this but I was interviewed. A few days ago on camera for Al-Jazeera. Than than the the other very. You know. Edit any of well what what happened was Ralph Brennan's. She life heard. She's been with him for for ages in and it's because of trying to figure rename and it's not coming to me but anyway. She is having according to an article that was appeared somewhere. A little bit of a problem pulling in enough. Our people to staff this restaurant with it which is gonna open in September. Like right at the labor -- the plan. But they need like a 150 people and they are doing very much an upscale classic New Orleans restaurant nicest suspect. -- heard you just mentioned the heat it's. For quite. Are. But the -- -- but then you can't have first class food service unless you have a first class team and she is finding more. More trouble than she. Expected to have Haley Haley is of -- -- daily gable that was her image she's married now so he has a different. It. She's terrific she's yeah she's she brought all its restaurants. But but anyway. That was the story and these Al-Jazeera guys and actually I was of a couple by the people call me from national media wanted to know. My power was and that that. And they were interpreting it as they're being. A shortage of people to work in restaurants which is not exactly true it's just that the -- shortage of may be high skilled people. Well -- are just so you say. -- alone because of god go talk to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey listen -- -- you your your phonies is square engine around a little bit calling -- -- or if some of the all right thank you we will be back with more of the food show after first -- this.

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