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Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this. It is it's 43 of January 2014. As -- Monday he had them on today. Man is -- a month finished a bowl and I had a week off of frolic getting in now. Sleeping and then. Late night meals and Bernanke's in things that you -- is normally would not do on during the week has stake namely time. -- Shania Florida Panhandle. Right on the beach. And then at the rate on with the family get some alone time with the white -- the project wow. Beautiful -- that is a nice schedule began recharge the batteries had a great time away from -- all and now. And better than before yes there there you go. How how were things down there in the emerald coast and a fantastic got good stuff on -- they -- as they went to the water park. Now that actually worked out well because there was no lightning so they kept an open. So you'd walk around barefoot aground what Stockton. One on people online. -- you're already soaking wet anyways. Dance that well with them anyway your water park -- a point is to get it. That didn't get sunburned at the water park and that was a good thing that -- keeps on the water park did you get the feeling that there were lots of vacationers around it's definitely that yeah. Everywhere you go in. Everything you do and any of the tumors the type places that is. No shortage of folks but back and glad to be here folks to get the opportunity. Take a vacation but I heard the report from CBS. That 13 of Americans have no money saved at all not not a dime not a dime no savings and -- -- a quarter one quarter of Americans have no money saved and two thirds did not have the recommended. Six months. Two thirds to none of the recommend it's -- six months to lose your job today. A quarter view would be really up the creek without a panel and two thirds of votes could not -- six months of paying bills. If we lost our income. It's not good now let's go back and also gas prices and eight. Cents and had in the past week and in new war on average of 347. Now according to triple. So that's up from 339 a week ago today and you have the crisis in the Middle East thing for the last. Now we're hearing more Israel is attacking Syria in retaliation effort. The rebels shooting across the Syrian forty your border in Israel meanwhile we -- rack where once the after another continuing demand -- So the unrest in the Middle East is driving oil prices up and that means gasoline prices at the pump shoot up immediately. -- there's no doubt honest and and there's conflict generalize you mentioned just down the list. It seems that every one's going to be was somebody. And -- -- kind of you know into it in snow -- -- god expects that the re elect is in the -- because it is they go that's the lay of the land folks -- out text mandates and it's that you have any money saved it -- you that one quarter that of nationally with people who have zero savings or -- in the two thirds of people. That don't have six months of savings or if you're the third of people that do have six months of your incomes they did just sitting there. -- how how did you how did you do that just sitting there just in case now. And he how do you manage to live within your means and so many people just have to live above. It's early edition of WWL first as I gotta tell yet that the biggest thing that. I miss coming back it was a week on the Gulf Coast. -- -- Everywhere let -- even now. That the whole beach cultures a funny thing. They get people in the grocery store wearing their -- -- you get people the restaurants during the day you know called for launch at their peak. Yet people just. Right around a little scooters in golf carts and stuff in bikinis everybody's. Just do in the speech he thing gas. It takes and readjusting now does this little video. I'd get up in the Martin look out on the balcony and bikinis everywhere and -- they are. Gone on the beach and go to the store. The pool realigned and got better get down theirs and real soon thought it was a week of people and beach where everywhere Ireland. And complain well not -- -- has been collected about fifteen minutes. More first news here at WWL. AM mask them and that count this as one might as it related to vacations. A summer generally. What -- -- totally unplanned. And this was it we found this is a last minute deal on line. And -- -- just picked -- the family drove to Florida. And we've made very little to -- -- do it because it was a from the known was gonna use and we literally booked it on the and detectives Saturday morning. -- -- or had no idea. I was against. Glad to be back here on WW well -- -- and that counter text messages your forecasts and years boards coming up. Yes soccer fans -- you become at least a temporary soccer fans. And big saints news finally the first draft -- thought about all that and more. Immigrants don't. With Steve Geller coming up after -- one that -- of attacks -- Mediate 7870 glad to have you back David Leadbetter Monday with news starting off on them. Out now I feel even better about coming back to work after a week's vacation the forecast. Pretty much the same every day this week. Or your Monday afternoon temperatures will be sitting around ninety degrees and of course will be watching for those downpours to roll and at least through the early evening getting what -- 40% chance today. Dropping that down to 20% tomorrow still expecting highs around ninety. And then perhaps the best chance of rain all week coming in on Wednesday at 50% with highs of 88. For the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark talk tell. As it maybe not exactly this Amy get 3040 or 50% chances of rain depending on which day right now cloudy and 76. At the airport in -- on the -- cloudy and 74 there is some light rain around. In the reported right now belt Jason seeing it on pinpoint doppler say you might find. Little shower here or there one person to activated that -- them he does I actually have six months day. Thanks to my wife OK so you -- you around -- I wouldn't buy that the wife is now more diligent about socking away. Some savings and other persons that it can't say your living above your means yeah I. Clearly and I think that most Americans now are living above their means. Heard from the bank rate -- -- survey on CBS news that most of the people who are either have no savings or are so far in debt. The savings and even an option or people or younger. Another person says in the book -- Jack. In who. Paycheck to paycheck. Now I live. That. I live paycheck to paycheck -- money when Ike yen and -- -- most people do live paycheck to paycheck and an outstanding. There's two thirds of people don't have the recommended six months. Of savings. To get them through just in case they were to lose their -- Well the coach of the US soccer team now losing his job just yet thought I'm not. There though -- unbelievable. -- -- so excited -- it's a soccer and I think there are a lot of temporary soccer fans who once every four years become soccer fans for a few days. That the US had it in the bag into the final few seconds then. My town now all but one saint are practicing with the team and I here with sports on this Monday morning we can't say hello to Steve Geller. Good morning and welcome back days. Glad to be back because you aren't here. Of thank you so much well. Like Dave said the United States had to settle for 822 tie with Portugal World Cup play after carrying a 21 lead into stoppage time. Jermaine Jones including Dempsey scored the second have to put the Americans ahead two to one and on the verge of clinching a spot in the knock out stage. But Cristiano Ronaldo set up a rail up for a game tying header in the fifth extra minute. US goalie Tim Howard says they'll put this game behind them now focus on Germany who with a win or tie who put the Americans into the next round. So most cruel sometimes you know it had inflows and we we try and take every every result as it comes we've got a great chance in the group of death. They say to go through an advance so we're excited. In other World Cup scores Belgium advanced to the knock -- stage with a one nothing win over Russia also Algeria beat South Korea fortitude. Carmelo Anthony has -- the New York Knicks in writing that he will opt out of the final year of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent. Besides resigning with the maker -- the Chicago Bulls Houston Rockets Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat are also expected to make a run at -- Carl Edwards that Hendrick Motorsports five game win streak in his first career victory on a road course. Edward sailed past Marcos Ambrose on a restart with 25 laps remaining to win at Sonoma race way. Every year's different you cannot -- and is there are always people who figure something -- there's so much time between these races at least a lot of room for innovation and improvement -- ever really know what to expect -- after practice on Friday night out carneal walked to the all right told Richie the -- -- us I think we'll win this thing. Michelle -- earned her first major victory finishing two under for a two shot win over fellow American Stacy Lewis at the US women's open. A 25 foot birdie Birdie Putt on the seventeenth hole sent wheat to the title. And Sacramento rallied for three runs in the top of the ninth inning to beat his efforts for three. Therefore on sports talk college football analysts feel that the LSU program is in a rebuilding phase. Are you OK with saying that M what are your expectations for the by -- Bengals this season. With your early morning look at sport signed Steve. Geller I never ever ever watch soccer under any other circumstances. Maybe the Olympics I'll watch settlement. And made during World Cup I will. -- -- What the second half of yesterday's. Yeah I can only tune into watch the US games I'm not a huge soccer fan at all so -- but I am a US and obviously so why not let that Nike are recover and -- which pretty -- I feel with the US game you can say us. Because -- America. It's America. Rooting for us from America -- and watch the second half. I got to see the comeback yet I was very excited -- -- -- the go ahead and that he and then I get to see in stoppage play which is I -- feels right when the dumbest things about soccer that they can't actually keep the time on the scoreboards everyone knows how much time is now it's just yes yes it at five minutes on to that maybe four minutes maybe five is being four minutes and thirty some odd seconds I think they added right. And it was like ten seconds before the game ended on belittling and also -- adding up to improve. A beautiful pass but unfortunately. I I still don't understand it and now soccer fans -- so. Very passionate passionate about the game. But I I have no idea why they can't just keep the time -- -- -- you know but. If someone's hurt and they are stopping the clock but the penalty in the stop the clock does stop the clock. We have technology today that allows right referees when they stopped the clock in their pocket. To stop the clock on the scoreboard that's one of many rules -- filming I didn't even know honestly I didn't hit this in the I didn't know in the opening round. We don't even go to overtime so -- game was over as a line. The hockey most of the time guys are okay. And I'd also like hockey soccer not I have no idea -- off sides really mean I don't mean to many guys are way too far out. One side in the but. Now there's -- like -- quarter marks in the field a third marks in the field are like near the goal. How anyone know if that's all sides and not in the know replay now. So even if they were off sides and I didn't notice Antarctic and light try to figure out the clock still roll into how this keeps going. Maybe you don't know. Thank -- -- talked to him by five minutes there was little doubt about the saints and the fact that all but one thing they're now in camp at the guy you can. He had to finish school in camp finally but the guy who may be at that -- may be a wide receiver not so much maybe your ruling this week on Jimmy Graham we'll talk about that. We get Steve -- back with more sports -- WWL I am FM and dot com your text messages your forecast next. 528 your forecast. Pretty dry for you this Monday morning we're looking at partly cloudy skies and some sunshine to kick off this new workweek but of course by the afternoon will be watching for those scattered thunderstorms downpours. A street flooding possibility always theory chapter in a lot of might be possible some of these thunderstorms as well -- to keep highs around ninety today it will go ahead keep ninety and again for tomorrow. Even though I dropped rain chances to about 20%. And Wednesday. Looks like the best chance for rain all week at 50%. That'll put high -- 88. The Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist -- -- Light hours out there -- 76 cloudy at the airport cloudy 74 in slide out coming up why. Its people and some of the text messages here on WW now 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for prisoners it's -- it's the 23 it's point fourteen its mind -- bad -- is tough for me coming back from a week of vacation on the speech hang in man. Sheila and sleep and and Eaton. Again Margarita Merrill rabble Rouse and where did you go to Margarito -- and now at pier park in Panama City Beach. Now -- are you -- -- I was I was guessing you know just the Margarito real kind of atmosphere yes now I was wasted away but it that really doing it recharging the batteries glad to be back though because. Reality sets in and you gotta make money. People -- and crazy. About this survey that says. A quarter of people in the US have no money saved it -- you know and two thirds not of the recommended six months. One person to accelerating -- underneath him he says I have six months' salary. To know the difference in immediate. And they want. Hot tan. That's that's a good point but I and it's very hard for people these days to say you know what I'm not going to go oh. On that vacation I'm not going to. Have those premiums I'm not going to get the newest latest greatest Smart not to going to be the odd thing that people should probably not -- in terms of financial ability. But they do any and look at the cars and I'm not gonna get that new car the clunker and make it another year -- can drive this one for a six year. How many people are not paying -- It does nothing and paying for a car -- or at least -- point oh boy I'm actually going to be at some stage in my life. December -- I don't have a car and I think. You think is if we didn't buy into it -- As big of cars weren't crazy situations Saturday. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the right hand and and and a pick -- truck are in New Orleans and one of the drivers -- a cigarette butt out the wind hits the other drivers. According to Kenner police this then leads to a back and forth cutting each other -- racing down on the night tan. And neither driver would like big. Could drop not know it did -- gonna keep going you cut me off you flicked a cigarette but you did -- you did so finally once they get in the -- near Williams boulevard. The driver in the sedan pulls out a gun and fires three shots into the side of the pick up one of those bullets raised. A ten year old in the face and shrapnel flew that got into sinus cavities. Of the ten year old needed emergency surgery thank god he's in stable condition now both drivers had children. Both of them both and the liking of the cigarette. Needs to be chasing of one another. The however in the pick up then rams. The driver of the Sudan once again on that Woody Williams boulevard because that'd dynamic drive license plate and his shot -- in the face he went out and go through our actions don't -- To stop before it can count and mean unbelievable. Road rage. Flicking a cigarette but these. On who. Weekend box off all employee may want to see their comedy is Kevin Hart number one did you think that think like a man to. Number why didn't I I was close though I gave. I was shocked number one by the John -- thing that we do so well right and I -- -- had one. Because there is such a mission -- stuff while 22 jump street did come at a close second I knew close second but I yen didn't get the price DeVon Hardin now all line all stark. Cast really in the comedy thing like man to -- think like a man the first one was on TV last night and watched it. And seen that -- not in the first one maybe it will -- one verdict on how to train your dragon two is in third place Clint eastwood's Jersey boys in fourth place. Followed by my left -- Coming in rounding out that top. Carrier Goldie. Ego thank you -- him look like him about twenty minutes or British Chris Miller joins us from gas station with more on these. Prices that it jumped eight cents over the past week I. Forest here in New Orleans and statewide in Louisiana. Home god let go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning. That has meteorologist Laura but now today at a super. You know what -- -- now -- second date back artist at. For -- to space for me currently works especially on the back from vacation -- -- so well rest I slept in every game is still -- -- to get up on my pants look at that stint -- well does -- in other recharge batteries are still working asked all the memories of the beach and everyone in there. Speech where everywhere and happiness in my mind it hasn't -- it too much yet. But tomorrow morning I'll have a Democrats have an alarm clock goes up it's going to be. Set appointees morning. That what we're glad to back well thank you make it easier to come back and with your. Wasn't this in your happiness here in the early edition of them don't you don't bank on it tomorrow morning episode but they you'll be happy and a day so much about as much second monster on in my mind I know it's going to be ninety degrees just about every day what does changes a chance of rain yeah. Looks a little higher than last than economists last week rain -- -- only point -- want -- to Florida can look at it but you know it's and it is. Same here a couple of isolated downpours each state but not everywhere -- Little bit different this week we're gonna see a few more scattered downpours possible each after being -- yellow higher rain chance 4050%. Talking major changes this week but it. Each day a bit higher than what we saw last week for -- after -- Yet yesterday and had to cut the grass have been gone for weeks and I don't grass got all the equipment out just as -- to cut the grass. Here came in the thunderstorm. So when and to the rest of the -- Did you think that now line and I had to do was there has now it was it was a jungle in the backyard and I had to do it's now. And we beating in the rain it's not fun I was covered from head into the grass. -- no way that. Use it all every but that to be done no street flooding in my neighborhood but a few words did have -- -- could happen again this week. Every day sneaky peek at a quick incidents happen you know those those spots that can't drain very well are gonna have street flooding that. It just depends on where the storms pop up each day -- and forcefully -- impossible to note you know several hours in advance exactly where they're gonna be lies with friends and went right and a half of these theories small scale outflow boundaries that developed you know we can track cut. Cold front coming in the area pretty good at the large LC coming across the care acting -- numerous states what we're talking about these little -- outflow boundaries that interact with each other collide into each other. And eat -- just have to kind of watch and see you know where they develop later on in the afternoons and get just keep an eye out for those today and the -- -- I'm just meteorologist Laura but tell telling us. You could get rain -- might not but I didn't bluster I'm so I have heard under close that it. And I didn't cut grass. I come back of course with a file full one. -- people. There's one coming to us from New York where. Cops found it abandoned plane in the woods in upstate New York. EA ECB will leave their cars on the side of the -- they get that -- branded vehicle stickers. That you when things that would easily planes sit and now. It -- valuable. Cars a little bit as a piper clipper. And they finally figured out what happened. The 75 year old pilot Fred Jackson missed the runway and crashed into the woods. Near a small airport. You want to tell anybody especially FAA has it Obama -- license. So heated up the -- and it. After having trouble. Didn't think about. It. Seems like it lost outright -- -- claims he had plans to toe weighting in for repairs. But it hadn't gotten around to -- that it has lasted in the woods. -- people. Just crash a plane and walk away -- down immediately. -- Cracks me. Matter who act after the end and normally it's a matter. Much -- east. To the runway thirty. Oh not at all not not even a little it. And I don't -- this and wanted to know anybody have a. Apparently it was like right in trouble. If it's Bristol it was a landings under some branches -- -- now -- camouflage and I don't know nobody would ever find a couple of late to grasp on how identifying tail Mark Rein in numbers on the tail on it like man -- Even. The landing shipment in and act now -- these big men riding out the right and the player and its players it were probably tell me. -- -- Woods or worse the runway equipment there right. Atlantic and it Laura. Lubbock now -- right from the Eyewitness News sports -- sports -- thing it's not soccer with Steve Geller the ten minutes in front of 6 AM time for sports. With Steve Geller hey Steve hey day Monday. The policy you always say happy Monday. I wanna keep it now that we not this week -- dragged in already and usually Tuesdays I can't IIR my worst day but. This this one's hurt and then afterwards but I could be a big week for the seismic and a decision on whether -- Wide receiver or. And -- then. And we got more soccer with the US this week Steve Geller and sports well the United States was seconds away from earning a berth in the knockout stage the World Cup. Clean 2821 lead deep in the stoppage time against Portugal. But the Americans had to settle for 822 tie as -- -- scored on a header in the fifth extra minute to keep Portugal alive in the tournament. The US needs just eight times now against Germany to advance to the next round but head coach Jurgen Klinsmann says they'll be playing for victory. Both teams going to this game and wanna win the group so we wanted to go into this game recover fast and good Germany and get three points. Now and have seven points and -- side and then now being in the privacy further round of sixteen that is our goal. In other scores Algeria earned its first World Cup winner in 32 years by grabbing a 42 victory against South Korea. Belgium advanced to the knock out stage with a one nothing victory over Russia. An arbitrary decision is expected this week in the Jimmy Graham grievance. He contends his rolled the saints is that of a wide receiver and should be paid twelve million dollars while carrying the team's franchise tag. As a tight end his tax salary is seven million. Grandstand supported by the NFL players union is based upon his use in the offense he lined up as a wide out for two thirds of the -- snaps in 23 team. Carmelo Anthony will be available when the NBA's free agency signing period opens on July 1. The New York Knicks forward has filed the paperwork to opt out of his current contract and test the free agent market. Team such as Chicago Houston Dallas and Miami. Have been mentioned as potential suitors Carl Edwards told of a strong challenge from Jeff Gordon on the final lap to win a script Sprint Cup race at Sonoma California. It was edwards' first career victory on a road course and ended Hendrick Motorsports five game win streak -- -- real special part to me was. Mean to stand in Victory Lane at Sonoma and had Jeff Gordon -- and giving handshake as the second place finisher means a lot. And his efforts blew a two run lead in the top of the ninth inning falling 43 to Sacramento. Therefore on sports talk college football analysts feel that the LSU program is rebuilding -- are you OK with saying that and what are your expectations for the volume Bengals this season with -- early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. I fifty -- still all confused about the whole soccer thing in stoppage time I don't know why they haven't come into the modern. And just put how much time is left in the game on the scoreboards and keeping it on the field wells it just traditionalists that wanna keep it that way. I yes they've pretty much saying this is the way we've done it's so they're continuing on with that but that's one of my many beefs with the game of soccer. The continuous clock and maybe that it's played in many poor countries -- soccer is played in almost every country in the world. Far more than an American football for sure. And dated one of the things about it as always been that all you need really is a ball. And some way to market goal right and anyone can play soccer anywhere on the face of the earth but. -- just common bond there and just how much time was left in the game the score NN though they have. You know stop watches do the rats are holding but. You know what is to say that there are completely accurate in that and if there's an injury -- locals out of bounds yeah I just don't understand why. The clock can't can to stop and then resume somebody tech and it's and it's it's -- tell me why don't they keep the real time left in the game. On the score now what's up with one the double trouble guys over -- T Bob tells mile time he's like well. Is more excitement that way because they'll -- -- commercial break it just a continuous flow. And I guess if you wanna look at that way to me. I'm I'm still mobbed by and it. And there's no there's a time out that we know there is time -- we don't know how much time out is an. The -- how cool is it that the first round draft pick it came to camp while I was very exciting to see him in action especially on a -- play. It was a sweet coming out of the backfield and when he turned the corner gave. Lightning it was very very eye opening and aren't absolutely he's got the speed and even junior -- said afterward we are talking to analog and he's like. And the seal it up masculine yet but we still don't have Jimmy Graham practicing with the team. May be a decision this week from the NFL I would imagine most likely in the first half of this week we should we be getting something at the latest that -- -- Friday you gotta get this ruled if you tight -- he's a wide receiver because. That's long term contract negotiations. The deadline is July 15 that's right around the corner Steve -- will have more -- -- the right around the corner about fifteen minutes here on WWL -- -- dot com. Your forecast here's your Monday outlook partly cloudy skies highs around ninety this afternoon and look for a 40% chance for scattered showers and storms of course like yesterday. Some heavy rain potential street flooding always a possibility this time of year -- tonight lows dropping into the seventeenth before right back up to ninety on Tuesday. Look for 20% rain chance Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday chances up a bit to 50% with highs in the upper eighties. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- tell. I really. -- made it through the show on the first Monday back from vacation so glad to be backing glad that your witness here on the -- seventy WWL 1053 WWL seven WW well like them for the early edition of WWL first news. I'll leave you with what or what wrong with people. From Portsmouth, New Hampshire so -- stole a sketch of Pee-Wee Herman off the wall and a frozen yogurt and ice cream store. Why in the world -- any with the Steelers get to Pee-Wee Herman what you do with that I don't --

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