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6-23 6:10am Scoot,

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There must have been a big party as we get the French Quarter because it was coming to work about 415 they were still people out. For Sunday morning that's a little usual Sunday morning Sunday -- -- -- him anymore. Monday but at the day yeah yeah that -- -- Sunday now on Sunday -- Saturday night while they're getting ready to go to church. What exactly is another thing it's -- it's warm up for church I saw this I saw this one where your girl with her boyfriend and she was leaning over. Whatever it is that she put her body replies in food -- -- make it Mexico curtail our -- -- canal street. Jobs. He went and half. The world economy. I don't remember the last and it happened but he thank god but those were just horrible horrible case and -- well that situation yeah I agree is it that you're Richard bodies strategize itself in my tenure they have -- hammer don't do that how many times do people the next -- say I'm never drink it again couple days later they're directed at. Heard that before it was a gay pride weekend in New Orleans. Very Kanye did yesterday I walked three quarters yesterday and because I think of the bickering restored it before it. What's not to it was his colors expected I gotta tell you Dave this is where those mornings it's a Monday morning. Everything that could possibly of going wrong this morning. Has gone wrong from a guy I know I mean horrible things I've got a number of those horrible things I've got to the station -- parked. -- analyst forward well. So you pulled back -- -- drive six blocks to get my phone six blocks and the horrible things. You know back that I get to the station there was some kind of power outage at my computer was turned off. I'd that I get deterred but -- is its low just horrible horrible things for a while this isn't as bad as the other day ago when we were all blacked out and elevators for Stockton remember right that we just another little power -- right before we wouldn't care and the and the and more than anything that -- the coffee did machine didn't work. And that darn near constant Ryan. You've been mentally morally it's just amazing you know when things start to go wrong -- and on Monday morning to at all. It would be very easy for me to say. -- You know there's just going to be horrible Davis -- -- you know. I'm gonna get on the year and have fun and I don't care what's happened to this point all of these horrible horrific things and -- -- respond. And I'm just going you infect this assault it's gonna inspire me. This is gonna inspire me today as a stark differences among them my Derek yeah so if you love. If you are having a tough day your efforts to restore it to be rough. -- put that behind -- and just -- on -- -- had try to make it the best thing if you're like damn the torpedoes. That's right. -- that I was having before again of the year. Probably hit me up. I skirted fortunately Tucker it's 612 -- Francis is now. Publicly denouncing the legalization of marijuana. Also we're gonna talk about guns in this tragedy and well it could have been a lot worse this kids in hospital he's going to be okay but a ten year old boy shot. In the face. Because of road rage. We'll talk about that we can back I mean if you. It's like. You know I started off kind of an an awkward way nicely just a joke these were terrific terrible things -- happening -- me really they've really worked it band would you think about some of the things active -- Are dealing with and their -- -- -- sometimes things will still throwing off very early in the day and at a Monday did that and -- -- I don't know did you start to think about Alden negative things that might happen needs just have a bad image of the whole thing about what's it like that happen. Is going to be a very very positive mood. Once I got on the air it's going to be great day today I was watching your World Cup soccer yesterday had a many of you watching it as well. -- my gosh I thought the US is gonna win. Closing seconds. Of obtain it seems like you went on forever Portugal just in a brilliant move side to tie the game. So is it a draw technically it's a draw but you know sports we refer to what -- a tie but in soccer they refer to witness. As a draw wanna make sure we have the terminology correct and I believe the next game is against Germany on Thursday morning at 11 o'clock our time. Salt a lot of people are gonna be skipping out of work Thursday -- to watch as we we take on Germany. Now when you look at the at the the past records in the two world wars we beat Germany. So I'm hoping that we can beat him in soccer as well. Ice -- for Tommy Tucker it's 6:18 on this Monday morning has some very heavy thunderstorms yesterday some more heavy thunderstorms could pop up today it's just that time of year. Really sad story about. About road rage. And we all. We we all have felt I think a sense of road rage at one timer and other factors -- WW -- opinion poll the honest. Have you ever had broad range. Right now 100% say yes 0% say no. Have you ever felt broadly I admit I have I have acted on it but I admit that I have felt that surge of broad racial some people act on it. Kenner police have a guy in jail and a -- -- Who was on parole this of road rage incident that took place. Police say that the man fired a gun into a pickup truck and hit a ten year old boy sitting in the back of the pickup truck. In the face. 26 year old David Jackson has been charged with attempted second degree murder. Criminal damage property position of a firearm. By a person convicted of certain felonies several traffic violations. Illegally carrying weapons and intent to distribute cocaine. The incident started about 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon near the I 1060 and split heading toward -- A fifty year old male driver and a red pickup truck. Passed this guy Jackson's Acura and apparently according to Kenner police. The the guy in the pick -- truck tossed out a cigarette -- which hit the accurate. Well that cause these guys to between the I 1016 and split. -- -- On the I ten and caused these guys to go back and forth changing lanes and getting in front of each other. And this. This accelerated to the point where Jackson -- the Acura pulled alongside this this pick -- truck fired a few shots into the truck hitting a ten year old boy. In the face. And chase ultimately ended on Williams boulevard. A Triplett which is on the other side it toward the lake on the other side of of west esplanade. So this went on for quite some time Jackson's 45 year old girlfriend his six year old and five month old sons were both in the car with. The good news is this two year old boys at university hospital. And apparently he's going to be okay and I mean imagine a miracle here that he's going to be. Okay. Have you ever felt road rage. And I told the story on the year I've had experience with a woman who -- very very angry with me. Because -- I've mentioned to her that she should don't have the -- cigarette butt on the ground. That throwing cigarette butts is it's it's it's unnecessary. Now -- it's -- necessary. Is never necessary to shoot somebody over throwing a cigarette butt on the ground -- are the winner of a car. And when it comes to two road rage. You have to figure out how to just relieved that sense of of rage. If you wanna -- -- -- with a comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text number is it's -- except it's 6:41 Monday morning I -- before Tommy Tucker this week Khatami is vacationing in Ireland. And here's a WWL traffic updates mr. Roberts. I hope you had a great weekend I don't Mondays are always a little difficult but -- did think about it's the only difference between today and Friday is here is your attitude because you're thinking about the weekend coming up said the reason why you could have a good attitude and a on a Monday morning I was gay pride week at a New Orleans the -- blog today on -- website is titled. Why it's wrong to judge gays by gay pride week it. -- you can read that -- share with others. That's on our website to beat him you will not come once again -- either agree or disagree we're talking about this a road rage incident that took place in ended -- started at the -- 106 tenths split. A ten year old boy shot in the face. Went 36 year old guy. In an Acura pulled alongside this pickup truck after there was an incident involving. Conflict cigarettes out of the windows it's somebody's vehicle and and there are going back and forth changing lanes and getting in front of each other. All the way to a 22 Kenner from the iTunes six and split. This is in my opinion classic example of road rage and I mentioned that when it comes to throwing cigarette butts on the grounder out of car windows. When I was in in Denver there was so woman in my apartment complex I was getting the mail. She pulled up and she flicked a cigarette -- the ground so waited for her comeback. And -- -- that you think you can put that out of your car. She became outraged. And verbally attacked me. And they went into the office and call the police. And so I had to go talk to the police. And the police believe her story over my story she said that I've had to threaten to -- arrest. But I had had threatened to I didn't indicate -- I said you know I said. Yeah I saw you kick the cigarette but I do your car to try -- -- issues of secure bears that somebody sets to. And here's a text that says that's than if your business. So is it it's it none of my business or none of your business if somebody's breaking the law. Dennis was a time in Denver when there was a -- warning in effect because it was so dry in the summertime. That no fires were allowed whatsoever that people were warned about when cigarette butts on the witness because that's what starts wildfires. So -- so a lot different they -- that it is here when it comes to to that. And -- simply said -- nicely he could you have put that on your car and she became outraged that anybody would -- confront her about it. And we talked about that with sort cigarette butts on the ground down -- -- all the time in the CB date. Do we do we confront people with them when it to other cigarette butts on the ground. And here's or WW a pretty general opinion poll the -- have you ever had broad range. 13% saying no 80%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site DaVita QL dot com from New Orleans John your Honda VW on good morning. Obama you know -- in good job. Partly it was described that. Didn't shouldn't Ramadan pentagon. Agreed. That. As a going to be pretty. Rough and from each other important people. Want and -- -- absolutely. And it caught. Me smoking cigarettes and call in and out. They test probably. Don't. I just wanted to go -- It goes to show you that people who are gonna break the law those people are gonna pay attention to these ridiculous laws anyway I like the law. Not -- cigarette butts out of car windows because it does bring awareness to the fact that that is leader even a lot of people have thought that while the distort on the ground with Dora the car window. It's not littering yes it is -- And cases it can be he can be dangerous but people who people are gonna continue to do that even though there's a law it's passed against him because you can't. He can't legislate good behavior. -- wanted to -- some. I'm arm around age. How to get used to watch old men and women in any ashtray and a metal industry. Oh yeah it's total it's not a I expect -- pick my parents did. Well. And I -- on the -- cigarettes -- now the only hit seven the government would -- and now. And I watched the -- But a process on Wednesday -- On the economy Monday. And for Amanda -- Dennis you're on WW LA good morning. In the morning morning. -- -- And the there. Will be. And it. And and well. Well. Dennis -- glad you brought that up. I disagree I don't think we should expect the police to focus their attention on. Arresting people throwing cigarette butts out of car windows however if that did happen once in awhile -- legally changing -- if that did happen that would be a good thing. And this is not the fault of law enforcement in my opinion I think this is the fault of of people who gorgeous reckless with their behavior. And I'd just think that they can act on their on their rage. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601872. All 38668890. Point seven. At a -- have receipts have recently I -- it for Tommy Tucker this week's 631 here's -- begin to wield its update with David. Talk about Pope France's so opposing legalizing marijuana which I think raises the question is smoking pot as CN. Is god for gone June is the Pope for pot to the Pope is to get back so we'll talk about that later shall also governor Bobby Jindal back in the national news. Over the weekend he. He said that -- President Obama and Democrats -- the Democrats are waging a war against religious liberty and education. And he said -- of rebellion brewing in the United States and people are ready for hostile takeover of the nation's capitol my. One -- he what does he mean by -- hostile takeover of the nation's capital. The like you know all right so we'll talk about that little bit later this year also. -- guns are in the news a guy with the gun shot a ten year old boy in the face during a road rage incident that's when he secure driver apparently -- a cigarette out of -- window. In a pickup truck that in rates to pick up truck driver and it all started on the -- ten. Between sixty and splits and and in Kenner. And I had a case here in Denver where I've confronted Obama and in a very civil matter about throwing cigarette butt on the ground it was a -- warning in effect for that area that time of the summer because it was so dry. Andy she got really upset that I would -- confront her with that. And if she called the police the police believed she called the always on you play on the said that I threatened to kick arrest. And actually I've I told her that I saw you kick -- used to work kick but it was in the context -- I saw you kick the cigarette -- a and what I found interesting was. I had to go to court. And I had to get a lawyer. And this woman did even show up in court. The case what is essentially dismissed the idea to have to go to anger management class. Enemy here I I'm trying to do the right thing by where where where -- you had to go to anger management yeah I did. And I'm sitting next to I'm sitting next a guy in anger management is is the truth. Due to go around the room and you say your name -- what -- this year. And the Steelers -- AA meeting exactly. I'm -- and you know I told me she should disorder cigarette -- on the ground. I'm Margaret and John Allen beat my cellmate Delano was in jail. A guy beat up this cell -- he's in jail and sitting next to him and anger management class somebody else got out of their cards beat up somebody and gas station over road raged out on the anger management. So like I just think that would -- it's not my record dirty thing at all. Worked out fine but it was a little angry that I had to go to. And allies and I would have kind of -- me the wrong way to. Have you ever experienced road rage. I want been planning -- people but I've never been into an incidence. Where I would've -- did someone -- as was going on in this incidents not only shots fired. Not only kids in both cars but then ramming two yeah. And and think about. The the reckless driving that went on during this whole process that endanger their color brought this have just a moment ago that endangered the lives of of others and other going to be your wife and kids are driving right by you know not expecting anything like yours could have been me. There are now -- at all I have still road rage but it never acted on. If you and enjoy pressure with a comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. At a text oversee 778. Here's AW WL pretty general opinion poll this morning. The honest have you ever had road rage. -- your opinion by going to WWL dot com also the -- blog on our web site this morning is why it's wrong to judge gays by gay pride week it. You can read -- -- others it's a tentative -- to -- -- studio for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back seven passcode on this Monday morning at -- Tommy Tucker this morning and all of this week we're talking about this road rage incident that led to a ten year old boy. Being shot in the face also we're going to be talking about guns on the -- -- a and gun sales are booming have you purchased -- -- recently. And what did you purchased the -- Protection. To go hunting or because you're afraid you might lose your right to buy a gun also Florida has passed what is known as the pop tort law. We talked about discipline here and the the kid that was suspended from school because he. He was eating a pop tart and he was fighting around the pop tart and it ended up in what the teacher perceived as the shape of a handgun. Syndicate -- suspend it. So Florida has now passed a law. Commonly known now as the -- tort law that bans schools from disciplining students. Who played with simulated weapons. That is a great great law. And does something about this zero tolerance mentality that is run amok in this country. Also Florida has updated to stand your ground law to include warning shots so will be talking about that'll that later -- Eric here on WW good morning. Mortgage suit. Up what do you. People that upper 88%. Have never act on any road rage normal gravity and audit. Omaha -- here and every day. To call law span at least -- today it's not in the -- -- men. Com I believe that people in the incident Becker were in the wrong. It was so all quote -- all people. Year old child -- -- -- note. Blocked off Leo -- of but to be other vehicle -- compensated. -- on someone that -- seriously injured. Definitely in the wrong orchestra. On what eagle island war on. -- -- children and far. I called the awards and we call you're all -- games to children experience. But topic they need to do something what is wrong policies started shall matter. Convicted element let's. Arm. And distribute. Beat second degree murder charge. -- -- that we need to appease them -- what does. It ought to believe that. All. Yeah you know -- I thought about that too I mean think about the driver of the pickup truck I'm assuming this was his ten year old son but the tenure old and in his pickup truck was shot in the face could very easily been killed some miracle this dispute is alive. And apparently doing -- university hospital. But that did the driver I'm the driver of the pickup truck could have just let this go and so he is partly to blame or upper what happened. Most definitely like a set up only a thought were in the wrong. Are there are going to be and other extreme circumstances that led up just wrote great mind. Eric general what happened there but I I think we lost you bring up some good points and drive carefully on your commute from Picayune to applause here's a Texan -- when you see litter bugs. All you have to do is report them by using the litter bug hotline. Give the license number time -- place to give up a hotline and they will be given a notice in the mail. But I think it's only for the Louisiana license plates owners make you feel better and they know others are watching and it is illegal. I'm student for Tommy Tucker if you wanna join us this morning our number is 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven Texas 8787. It's 6519 minutes away from 7 o'clock it's gonna be another hot day was some scattered showers around and they -- few heavy Wednesday yesterday you'll have an update on that coming up. In the news and right now here's a WWL traffic updates to Iraq. -- Francis now opposes legalization of marijuana I mean maybe he always did but now it's official he has now spoken against legalizing pot. Which I think raises the question is smoking pot a stand. We'll talk about that in the next hour and scooting in for Tommy Tucker we've been talking about this several radiance incident that led to over the weekend to a ten year old boy being. A shot in the face -- clearly both of these drivers were wrong. No you shouldn't throw a cigarette butt out of a window. And it gave it a car but then immediate truck in and the pick up truck driver reacts to that and they they start swapping lanes in. Pulling in front of each other and what you know what that looks like Ali you and I have to have seen it on the road. And here's our WW operator bought the -- -- be honest it never had road rage. 81% say yes only 19% saying you know. Now maybe had robberies but you haven't acted on it and I have to admit I felt road -- but it. At that point I put myself in in check and and and people need to figure out how to do that on their own personal level. Mr. -- you're on WWL. Don't mind this go more on the academy's implement -- lack of vaccine to have it. Road race but it -- -- in -- from the incident Natalie. Did these stupid people. Death under in anger which I mean. And -- Catholic anger management team you something's gonna happen no -- that probably definitely would mean to you -- out of that right. Let them -- that -- -- animal. Out of the ticket and mom gone out people who -- it and go on -- in and everything so accurately. That they'll both of those strapped. Have issued under way and that the of that ethnic insurgent irrational way. We missed our -- I'm glad you're you're better now and it's good that you recognized it before something really bad happened. Well I read about it. You can't. Run me and it about it. And they do a good part of that approach that I am. An -- circumstance. A new way decent. That debate debate I'm -- people tell me having that 88 elements. And it will want spam amendments I'll let you know to Tammy and how that country. Sound like that it had the bases. And I found that the things that happened in my life that I hadn't yet when I was still angry at. We'll miss sermon on the -- not to angry anymore and I appreciate -- call the show and I guess that's really the other question when you hear about -- when you hear about anger why are we so angry. And why are we so so quick to act on the anger. OK so you know somebody does something you don't like they throw a cigarette butt out of the -- it its year you're -- if your vehicle. Okay that make you mad and angry. But why get to the point of of creating an incident at least to the ten year old in your truck being shot in the face. If you and join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seven and a Texas a Tiffany Tiffany I'm Scopes in the morning for Tommy we'll be right back.

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