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6-23 7:10am Scoot, is smoking pot a sin?

Jun 23, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about the Pope's comments on marijuana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David a little bit later in the show we're gonna talk about something Bobby Jindal said over the weekend he is once again in the national news says he apparently positions himself to run for the presidency in 2016. He said that there is a rebellion brewing in the United States and people ready for hostile takeover of the nation's capital. So we'll talk about is there a war on religion in America. And also what does he mean when he says hostile takeover of the nation's capital got the word -- is what disturbs me there again that's it those are very insightful words and governor Jindal is using this kind of a tactic to attracting the right wing base of of the party. Will this prove to be a mistake will have to see below talk about that later she'll also coming up this -- we'll talk about -- France's. Opposing legalization of pot which I think raises the question. Is smoking Protestant. And -- that we continue to get detects a reaction to this road rage incident that took place over the weekend. 26 year old driver inaccurate throwing cigarettes out of a car window. If it hits the pickup truck on the road to pick up truck driver because in -- it is with the guy in the accurate. Who's on parole. Taking -- a gun and firing a couple of shots into the pickup truck shooting a ten year old boy in the face and by some miracle he's going to be okay now. Kids in both cars yes and residents of five year old that is sick of six year old and a five month another in the car. And I got a text year and I think this points out how sensitive people mark. It says it's both of their faults but why is most of the blame toward the pickup truck driver. I don't sense that there's more blame placed in the pickup truck driver but maybe this is a pick -- truck owner. Who is very sensitive that there's discrimination against pick up truck drivers. And I don't see that that's that's the case at all now I do it saved at the pick -- truck driver could have avoided this line. By letting the answer to report outs off his car just wanted to -- doing anything about it but that doesn't mean that the guy in the accurate -- engaged also and it. You know he -- -- realize that you know I made a mistake I -- death on the cigarette butt out of the car window and I realize that these things are angry but. If you if you ever have to deal with any kind of road rage and you can figure out a way to two to suppress it but. We try to don't make an attempt to maybe two to find some peace you know like if you made a mistake like that many people on site. Hey I'm you know government they're -- ansari one. You know and and see if that works it might not work. But at least -- -- -- -- and here's a -- reads how could you enforce people for throwing -- on the ground it's impossible -- the year too many drivers that do that. Well there are too many drivers are doing but it doesn't make it right. And I ran into a woman it torture of a couple weeks ago and -- your church quite often she discourages -- -- you might. Mine -- my dad said my dad's a smoker and he said. He's never he's at least -- school when you seemed church that I'm never gonna throw a cigarette butt on the ground again I didn't realize it was literate. So maybe passing this law. You can't throw a cigarette butts out of the car window. And maybe the campaign about walk your bullet to the trash. Cuba to the -- I think is the is did the title of campaign downtown it's to convince people not to casually throw -- cigarette butts on the ground. And deceit VD is some littered with cigarette butts and it's not that bad in in other cities so maybe reaches deal little more. Aware of -- resort trash. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- like seventy. And a text numbers 8787. Pope Francis opposes legalizing marijuana. Is smoking pot as soon. Have you thought about that. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker coming right back with your comments and to -- well. I love this -- relatively new fan -- there have been around for awhile. That is what there yourselves ain't it fun. It's Monday ain't it fun and stewed in the morning in for a Tommy Tucker this week Tommy is in Ireland and it will be for the year. -- try to -- when he comes back World Cup soccer you watch yesterday. So excited the US is ahead 21 they were behind one nothing for so much of the match. And that they they pull ahead two to one. And while in the last what thirty seconds against. Portugal -- on the -- so it ended in draw technically it's a draw but. You know we tended refer to witnesses as the tide in this country in the same waited. If there was a British commentator talking -- The saints in the falcons and the game ended in a tie. He would probably say and the game ended in draw. -- -- Is smoking pot decision. Both Francis opposes legalization -- want. So doesn't that raise the question is smoking Protestant. And -- smoking pot as -- -- -- maybe this is not something that did everybody wants to to to address it and nobody wants to think about. New since that we might be committing. But he is there hypocrisy. In saying that. Smoking pot is a CN. But yet drinking is obviously. Now for many many Christians drinking his decision. But for many it's out and -- the Catholic Church. -- to start frowned upon drinking obviously the Catholic Church doesn't support people drinking to the point where they get control. But I have seen priest. One in particular. Years ago who they didn't have a problem with occasionally getting intoxicated. And this is something the priest occasionally do this stack criticism this is just an an honest observation. So is is smoking pot a -- If you wanna join us with a comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy and a -- -- -- 7870. And if if smoking pot assisting and why would it why would -- -- considers him. Insists that -- the Pope brought this up since he opposes legalizing marijuana and recreational not just marijuana but he is supposed to. The legalization of recreational drugs is essentially what he said but that includes a marijuana. Vets raises the question this is smoking pot as soon. And if it is a CN. How would you how would you explain why that would be a -- Or is it OK to smoke pot as long as you do it and in moderation. Here's a Texan I'm getting a more text about this incident we've been talking about so far this morning. Concerning -- year old boy who was shot in the face following a road rage incident. It started at the -- 106 -- split. It ended in Kenner Williams boulevard in driftwood which is a toward the lake which is north of -- estimates that deep into. -- -- And did it started when somebody threw a cigarette butt out of a window and hit the other cars the driver of the pickup truck actually got in rage. And indeed they started pulling in front of each other and going back and forth. We've we've all seen that happen this was a clear case of of road rage in relief and release Shannon in quite a miracle that this ten year old. Acute -- is still alive. But here's a text says that reads. It's a shame that we live in a society. Where you have to have a laws saying you can't throw a cigarette butt on the ground. A sort of like a lot a sign saying wash your hands after using the -- I totally agree with you we have a lot of laws we really should have laws to tell us to do things that. Really amount to just civility and it common sense. Here's a -- -- I had a cigarette put thrown out of the car window on me when I was on my motorcycle. That was kind of dangerous. And here's. Attacks that reads it's not a -- But the abuse of idiots. To the question is is from his smoking marijuana a -- With a you do it or not do you think that's a -- conferences opposes. Legalizing pot. If you wanna join us with your comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early seventy and a text amber is he 7870 and here's a New -- and -- pretty -- opinion poll this morning. Is smoking marijuana a CN. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com we'll -- ripples throughout this hour. David update coming up in just few minutes -- screwed it for Tommy Tucker 7:21 on this Monday morning -- agree weekend. That's when it was going on in traffic hopefully no road rage and here's your Robinson with another them to -- well traffic updates. Good morning I'm scared if for Tommy Tucker here's -- talking about this morning a road rage incident led to a ten year old boy being shot in the face. You may have heard this we've got the full story on our website at WW dot com. Now also we're talking about it we'll get to more this later in the show but handgun sales are booming. Have you purchased a gun recently did you do it for protection for hunting or because you're afraid you might lose your right to purchase a gun. And also coming double talk about a Florida passing what's known as the pop tort law. Which bans schools from disciplining students. Who play with simulated weapons and this goes back to the case it was highly publicized is this kid in school was suspended. Because he was he was eating his pop tart in such a way that at one point the teacher said it was in the shape of a handgun. Seriously he was suspended. And also Florida has updated the stand your ground law to include warning shots so we'll talk more about that coming up. -- if you would join us with a comment about and UNICEF we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text is 87070. Both Francis opposes legalization of marijuana so doesn't that raise the question. Is smoking pot as soon. Here's a Texan Reid says did the -- a pot smoking is a CN or are you I'm guessing as to see and I'm simply asking the question. If the Pope opposes legalizing marijuana would that not -- the question is smoking pot of -- Here's detects it reads. As soon -- whatever the church says it it's. Here's another text. About the kind of car why it was the guy smoking with kids in the car anyway. But people who are capable of shooting into other vehicles. On the road people who are -- dangerous dangerous road rage. You think they cure about a law that bans them from smoking in the car. Here's a text that Reid says scooted back it was a recreational drug look at all the priests that smokes cigarettes. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- number -- 8787. Permit to recharge -- on WWL good morning. Good morning. Good. More. People it's. Straight -- And that the question or ball. Went to. -- Ultimately -- right. You. Should. Know it but. -- using your brain she didn't. So you so you confront her about it I mean not in an ugly way but you -- which she did that are in her own driveway and she flipped you off. People do not like to be I've called on that are here they're -- And people are very arrogant when they do something wrong. -- -- actually here to defend what they do it it was wrong and I'm glad you did that I'm glad it worked out OK but I think it was a very legitimate thing to say which you do this in -- -- I -- I'm glad you called if you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Tech's number is 87870. Here is a text. Much more talked about road rage I'm going to get radio rage whatever. EAU you do get radio I know a lot of people -- they're at their radios. The question is is smoking pot. -- -- 27% say yes 73%. Say no that's a -- of -- project opinion poll. You -- give your opinion regulatory website WW dot com also coming up in the next hour we'll talk about it governor Jindal a saying that there's a rebellion brewing in America. And people are ready for a hostile takeover of the nation's capital. And is is all about president Barack Obama and other Democrats waging a war against religious education and religious liberty. Do you agree with with governor Jindal and what do you think he means when he says. People are ready for a hostile takeover. Of Washington DC. When I go back to thinking about the Pope opposing legalizing marijuana or recreational drugs. And I think about if it's smoking pot is to stand then wouldn't -- you -- as well. And it got a couple of text about getting draw there's a difference between drinking and getting to rock. Agree. And there's a difference between taking a couple of hits off a joint and get getting totally stone. So there is there is the the marijuana smoking equivalent. Of getting dropped. So would it be okay to just take a couple of hits as long as you didn't abuse it. Is smoking marijuana itself. As -- To join a show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. Points your -- at Texas a 77. It's 730 -- in four Tommy Tucker here's another WWL news updates -- faithfully. Dave did you watch showed you watch World Cup soccer yes yes I had I did to -- but the US had it I mean they were behind one to nothing for. For much of the match and then just at the very very and -- seconds. This guy I think it's a Christiane oh yeah -- -- -- -- this -- like -- Drew -- of soccer ideas and eternally -- it was a -- he hadn't done much for the entire game. And and he does his cross kicked and a teammate just. Heads it bounces it off his head off into the -- which says it was heartbreaking but the US is still in in good shape a -- it interesting that we're playing. Germany. And our coach is Roger Michael Jackson is a German soccer legend is not something -- hearts of audience -- and before it went on the air here. Saying something ridiculous like. There might be some kind of deal made with Germany's which I think that is absolutely it's absurd deals made. You know when I look at the scoreboard -- know we beat Germany twice in two world wars. So very Mary who would do this and have some -- in its soccer they're pretty good. But it is so it's it's it's amazing to watch. -- this is the sport of the world it's not. It's not our sport does that mean that a lot of kids are playing. And grownups as well it's a great price I -- soccer would have been popular when I was young because I was not a big guy but I was really fast. And very coordinated you would have been -- the right size would have first soccer would have been like a little Italy. And a yeah and I would've been great for super -- but you know that was around when. And Asia and India competed in football but not for long because everybody got big. Yeah they don't they got much rigor in the majors prodded you into the ground as. Yet sometimes I was on the football field when an -- -- What Francis opposes the legalization of marijuana which I think raises the question is smoking pot as soon. If you -- join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy and a text of receipts and creativity if your whole stay when this repellent right back with your comments. Here's a quick update on our -- VW -- pretty jaguar opinion poll. -- smoking marijuana a cents. 37%. Say yes 63%. Say no it's not. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. I'm -- in the morning it's Tony Tucker will be right back into the WL. Is smoking -- -- -- that's our -- have -- -- -- jaguar opinion poll is an update 74% say no 26% say yes we'll get your opinion like going to a our website WW dot com and give us your opinion. On our FaceBook page which used a VW radio the question is is smoking pot immoral. I'd GAC. Says I believe not to smoke this gift. Would be immoral. And here's a tax duty god created the world including all of these different types of plants like marijuana. How could. How could pot be considered -- -- our maker reported here. For us. From Folsom tiger and a VW good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of people believe. -- to. You know Asian men creator. That light and life. Make it -- It and so it's either at home he added it's off with technology at the end today. -- -- India say wooded. Area. Okay would that be and so okay did that create. And if you leave him. -- information on. Who we all week on now someone argued that the Bible. Oh. God can beat -- The second. And just good. Written on -- It really comes down to what you choose to believe. Right so that it is provable good. Our prosperity here that. Day find the actual. But. In the gold property agreement sexual history acted out. -- just of the prefect and and -- -- as a -- supplies and. Are so let's let's it's a Todd let's relate respect to our question is a smoke marijuana in a -- Okay yeah. Jerry I'd been -- is that an. Accurate. You know not ready and it's always. And so. If you built a temple which is holy spirit I will be strongly. So I'm a little bit as strong admonition. You know treat -- on. Don't hurt. Eight. But so is so abusing -- in the same way that abusing alcohol would be a sin but smoking pot or drinking would not dubious it. Mount Juliet says the admonished him on the line for the state and -- now you know about those men. And it. And it says the -- double BY. Abuse. At any time you and one option. That the -- made. You know created and made. But do we do retail do we do we know do we know that marijuana in hailed as a noxious gas in the same way that tobacco use. Anything. Which and so slash both -- and you know it's gonna hurt or wrong I mean you don't need. So you in your opinion smoke and cause a sin. The creation. Hurting. OK so you're saying it's a -- OK Todd glitch cult from the North Shore earlier -- the VW well good morning. Good mom at all and right. Now why would be think about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our market that the people it can't hurt book almanac is out and got a bit more on it a lot -- great. -- despite the article on it might be are okay. The marijuana may -- -- -- and get the argument could be made god didn't make math you know as people made. Yeah the problem is quite gotten dumped here now. People like god don't yell out and admire -- -- -- -- now it's not a -- -- and glad to call the show here's a Texan reads what about pot animals OK so what if you don't inhale pot what does he eat it is -- If you don't abuse pot. Is that smoking pot anymore decision. The drinking. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- Amber's late 70s70. Here's a text that reads. By a team. By the ridiculous belief that we should all smoked pot. Or use pod because god gave it to us that we could that we can abuse anything for the same reason. God gave us poison -- Here's another six based on all the photographs of what Jesus was supposed to look like I can definitely picture him of twisting a big -- I'm -- in four Tommy Tucker. That's happened 4911 minutes until 8 o'clock what's gonna get another W of -- traffic update for you with -- Robinson. But Francis opposes legalizing marijuana which I think raises the question is smoking pot -- sit. -- smoking -- is a sin is Rick Anderson I don't think the Pope is four prohibition of of alcohol. And this is not a criticism of the -- this is just an observation if he opposes legalizing marijuana that I think brings up the question. Is smoking pot a same if you were to join us for the comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- Amber's late 7870 this is also part of our FaceBook discussion on our FaceBook page WWL radio. Is smoking pot immoral and here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll is smoking pot since 19% say yes 81% saying oh. Here's the texts. Do you use pot no I don't mean I've had talked about this will be here before and years ago -- smoke -- Been a long time since side a spark to do. But I I have in my life. It's not something that dictates. Hawaii -- what I am now. I don't feel like it's. I don't to judge people who do whatever they do as long as it doesn't hurt me or anybody else. But I don't smoke pot and if it was legal I'd I would spoke pot but that's just my choice but that doesn't mean that -- I think he should be illegal. Today if you say that -- support. Legalizing pot that doesn't necessarily mean you use it yourself. Here is attacks that reads that manmade beer god made pot. Who do you trust. Here's a text one of this topic skewed as they wait in line for a taco bill breakfast. I wonder if that's the result of maybe. Sort hopefully you have a smoked pot and got in the car here is attacks I'm fourteen. And I think this topic is absurd. It's not a CN and -- you make it point okay not sent to a fourteen year. You say using you say using the Bible. For proving a point is wrong and yet you're talking about. That with the topic. -- -- remember saying specifically using the Bible to prove a point use it is is wrong a lot of people do it and and a I guess -- times that I actually do that as well. But it's interesting observation from a fourteen year old it's not a -- -- should make you want. Here is a text -- or not it's illegal in most states sex is natural reproduction. But is not legal to do in public stop the nonsense of trying to make it sound. Like it's okay and not a -- I don't wanna share the road ever with anyone stoned just like I don't wanna share the road with drunks. Here's another text no it is in the season. Is smoking pot a sin if you got a comment -- numbers 2601870. Still free 86688. -- early seventy. In a text a receipt 7870 techs are pouring in here's attacks -- god -- uranium. Does -- mean we should in jest it. And here is. Another text. Than it says Reid says. Then then what about marijuana and cocaine both from plants. You know it's true but didn't didn't domain and do something to make it -- did some raid did -- decently to make it says cocaine and -- and I know the argument can be made that they they come from plants and it's. It's a natural thing. Time. I don't think smoking pot to see it but then again it's not for me to determine what is this in a -- that that's a TU. When the Pope brings out opposition to legalizing pot that was the first question -- came -- my mind does that mean this is a saint. As you can give assure a text opinion by going to -- 77 it also this morning we have been talking about this pretty secure driver who is in jail. In a ten year old boys and hospital all of this is the result. On a road rage incident the 36 year old driver inaccurate through a cigarette out of his window -- hit a pick up truck. And that's in rates to pick up truck driver who had ten year old in his in his vehicle. This started dead Saturday afternoon about 2 o'clock at the -- 1016. And split. Heading toward -- and it ended on -- is boulevard and reflect a ten year old boy shot in the face and it's a miracle that he's going to be okay. But we be talking about throwing cigarette butts out of a car windows have been talking about road rage. We all feel a sense -- most of us feel a sense of road rage at times but acting on it is very very different thing. If somebody throws a cigarette butts and it hits your car or you don't like hated it sexual. Figure out a way to deal with it don't get in reached the point where you start this. This jogging and fun of each other on the road because that is dangerous -- -- -- for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back after the news on VW well.

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