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6-23 8:10am Scoot, controversial Gov. Jindal comments

Jun 23, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether there is a war on religion in the US

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And our conversation is gonna continue -- Francis is opposed to legalizing marijuana which I think brings up the question is smoking pot Tennessean. I will continue that conversation also governor Bobby Jindal and the national news once again he continues to appear to be positioning itself for a presidential run in 2016. What do you think he means when he says a rebellion is brewing in America with people ready for a hostile takeover of the nation's capital. Sounds like the old I'm fed up and on -- are gonna take it anymore yeah so we'll talk about that this hour. You know I wrote a blog on our website today it's it to be of your other comments titled why it's wrong to judge -- my gay pride weekend. And -- I think about the nature of news something that I've been a steady throughout my career the relationship between mass media and society. And if you think about how the news tends to focus on the more extreme members of any group. When you when you see gay pride parade or coverage of the gay pride week and who do you see you see the most flamboyant. The most outrageous. And I acting and dressed cure homosexuals gays and and and lesbians because that's gonna draw. People's attention exactly and if you were in charge of of determining. Who was gonna be filmed yet you're the you're the editor at would you would you do the the average person who who is not distinguishable from mainstream America which most homosexuals. He can't distinguish them. I mean they're just like everybody else. You're not gonna focus on those during gay pride week in you're gonna focus on the more outrageous. Characters that you see on the street. In the same way that the news focuses on the most outrageous Christian stood the west Borough Baptist Church has developed a reputation for protesting funerals. Eat enough of fallen soldiers because they opposed. On military acceptance of homosexuals. So that's not you know that's not indicative of all of all Christians anymore than. Gay pride weekend the the more outrageous characters that you see. That's not indicative of the homosexual community. And I don't want to be judged by any group that somebody would put me in because I think I'm I'm I'm different from the average. Person in my group but I don't I don't wanna be judged by many of the talk show host that get attention for their extremist views and behavior. And I dealt it says that you or anybody wants to be judged by the extreme members of of the group that your partner now you don't wanna be wanted to just another one of those loud mouth talk show guys. I don't know and I wonder you know actually the air traffic training. She was supposed to get married yesterday I didn't make it but it which -- storming in the French Quarter she was getting an -- I'm Claudia traffic trinity is this as a person. Now on weekends are -- to her draft he directs traffic and the police let her do it and she does a good job. She was gonna get married -- gay pride this weekend and and I don't know if that it happened because of the rain if it did I've I've missed it -- you know you can just imagine. All of the the benefits. And the rain that that can't be pretty. Is she and he users she turned to -- Well it. You know Michael -- -- I don't know I can't I can't speak. Are -- Aaron obviously the united I don't know I get the impression it. And actually -- he'd buy one might presume that exactly and we have no idea who actually may or may not married. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about it if it's also confusing did it does -- really confusing our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy and a text number is 877. I'm scoots in the morning the Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back with your comments on -- WL. What they're talking about to -- Francis opposing legalization of marijuana which I think raises the question is smoking pot as soon. I scoot into Tommy -- if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. -- amber is 878 semi from Slidell Patricia -- on WW on good morning. I think and preaching to acquired. Through the but. Any Christian. Head as she believed in the Bible. And please think about it eat this snake in the ample. -- Ian billboards said don't eat -- Apple's. And dad of course we know what happened. So anyway. I think that any. -- is the Christian. Should take care they have bodies in treat them as a Campbell which is also would abide. Patricia if -- cry if somebody had a weight issue. And they continue to meat pies and cakes would that be as harmful as and simplest smoking pot. In probably yes but -- That cut its people is the ambition. -- Well I mean not I'm not defending taught at all and I'm not a plot so I don't I don't I do I even Patricia I do know people who a function of very well. This thing. Anything in excess is that good insight I'm considered. Like who lived to be 94%. Don't do anything that sent. Me and in -- That's my comment. Well Patricia appreciate you calling. And from Kendrick -- here on WWL. -- -- I had lost contact with -- from severed Cisco David you're under VW on good morning. The idea of the scope buried in the last time I talked to you were doing the midnight shift don't. I'd golf the dialogue filling in for Tommy Tucker right now I'm on vacation and I'll be back in discussion at night tickets next week. -- -- -- And will you know it's funny that this Pope doesn't remember Genesis 129. Where all of the herbs and fruits of the move. What's it that they quote but all of the -- you know the fruits and herbs and -- if they're to be used for food and medicine. So he doesn't remember that one and but I am also wondered. Why are these people trying to develop these unprovable. Telephones in America. In other words as a taxpayer. You know if if I'm -- in my taxes on April 15 and I want something. You know like good roads good libraries and good fresh water systems and stuff. Why do what I wanna pay the people that can't prove what they do. That's what somebody says that marijuana is -- That's unprovable. And drinking is a whole different thing to -- actually you know alcohol help your view itself. But noted in Miami in moderation you can argue that you could you can drink alcohol -- I'm gonna have to get to a traffic update -- I'm going to call. Also this hour we're talking about governor Bobby Jindal he is back in the national news. Apparently positioning himself for presidential run in 2016. Governor Jindal accused President Obama and other Democrats of waging wars against religious liberty and education. He said there's a rebellion brewing in the United States and people already for hostile takeover of the nation's capital. What do you think governor Jindal means by that. If you and join us with your thoughts are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Arctic -- 87870. Here's Texas Bobby Jindal using his comments. Like he made as a way of receiving attention like Sarah -- It did with those races. Like cross -- in our sites on hurting Democrats. Here's another text of scooter governor is selling -- -- for his own agenda he's hurting our states. -- -- -- tummy -- coming right back with more VW -- and here's another traffic update with Gerald Robinson. And so this video it and -- like Sam Smith -- earnings. Let's go to it fortunately Tucker it's 8:25 and a Monday morning I hope -- had a great weekend and I hope you don't like the fact that this is Monday bring you down. It's it's one day and just think about all the positive things going on and not think about the negatives to. I sorted out this day and in just a few things went wrong. Like I forgot my phone it's going to go back home again it's. And it came in and computers were down and had to get those back up and it puts a little stuff went wrong. And they add that to a Monday that with what you know what I'm not gonna let this get to. Could stay positive. And I'm gonna agree surety and if you do stay positive even if things don't start out the way you want them to it does turn out to be a good day. If you -- -- Russia with a comment about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Niger which have -- -- is 87870. Here's a tech's Bobby Jindal needs to venture out of Louisiana some to see the vast majority of the US doesn't agree with him. He needs to lay off the Fox News Kuwait. We're talking about -- governor Bobby Jindal back in the national news. As he continues to run for president for 2016 at least it seems obvious he says that the the American people are ready for a takeover a hostile takeover. Of the nation's capital what do you think he means by that. And he also says that President Obama and Democrats are waging a war against religious liberty. And education. Can you think of some -- -- the president. The government or the anybody else. Has taken. Your faith away from you as taking your religious freedom. Away from you. Here is -- taxed. This is about. Smoking pot. Here's a text by name is block -- a trucker love listening to WW we'll talk radio any injection a pot is a -- Because the Bible teaches us to -- The authority placed above us the authority says. It is unlawful so it is -- a C and here's another text is -- -- breaking the law sinful. So rest the question is smoking pot a -- from battery frank here on WWL. That remark appreciate what you do and while congress. The you know. The governor can't make any money for Merrill on and that's why it's pretty much illegal and if you're a smoker smoke it. And an order that would that the Christian thing to do a mean person or people. -- It it -- that. You look at the Robert Stewart. -- mark and think about it. Well -- in -- the only way. I just don't. Believe that I mean at some pretty good so. You know you wanna Oregon state bank. Our. That got then -- -- -- That. And then -- look out for amateur -- -- -- Eight our leader so you want to become leaving because they believe. People around and -- -- people were adamant that we don't like start to fire. I mean. -- -- -- Everybody is entitled to their interpretation of thought of religion of god of Jesus says of the Bible and they are are a number of people who believe what you believe or or don't believe what others believe Vanessa. It is perfectly okay I've got a text here. Says you have no idea how amusing this whole conversation is to the ears of an atheist if you would join -- show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy at a text Amber's late 77. A from Metairie billiard WW on good morning. Hello Aidan good. I'm kind of on the same. At the last couple of callers from the taxpayer to Manhattan I believe I believe -- personal problem I'm not a smoker and I believe should be legal. And the reason I'm wondering as. People who don't believe in god. After all of all that we have to follow up. But it is illegal and I wondered why and why is it illegal because it's a span that lightly made it illegal. You know I don't know the origin of of pot being illegal in this country but you know we went through that carrier where alcohol was illegal and a lot of it has to do with control or. Our perception of of society how evil it is. We've -- I do know that in the very beginning marijuana was seen as this. As horrific drug. And as some of the early. So the relief examples of what happens to you when you get stoned -- absolutely ridiculous it's more like getting really really drunk and I'm thinking about the movie. Reefer madness which is really. A comedy if you look at it in the context of the world today. So you know they are -- in the same way in its dissuaded date bill there are people who want to. Pass legislation. To instill the -- moral beliefs that's an issue with same sex marriage it's an issue it was with the birth control pill and a in the early sixties. That's my report earlier I mean. What you if you don't believe in our senior citizen of this country. -- Europe all the ball better made because. You know people who believe in it I mean I think Cutler to handle morality issue to separate economy and because. I don't know about being friends that -- whether more. I just don't know and I believe that it should be legal and I don't know why it. You don't and you don't smoke so you're like me and and Brad and I I've I constantly attacked for being a marijuana smoker because I think it should be legal -- The fact I think it should be legal issues has nothing to do with whether or not I I smoke popular political show if you -- joining us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. Purely seventy -- -- -- but he -- -- more calls more you're Tex coming up next. It's 831 institute for Tommy Tucker on this Monday morning and here's another WWL news updates -- -- -- David one of the conversations that continues on the show this morning is simple Francis opposing the legalization of marijuana and that raised the question in my mind this is smoking pot as CN. I've got a couple of text for people who say well OK at the Pope be against legalizing pot without saying it's -- CN. Can't pre season -- -- against something without the opposite and I don't horse but that this is something that does come to -- to when you you think about those who judge. -- drinking even a little bit. His decision but if you if you drink in moderation would that be any different in. A smoking pot in moderation and the Pope also came down hard on the mafia -- he did I saw an hour I was about time. Yes it yet -- the old rule on the you don't mess with the mob but. And a popular took after him pretty pretty good because that was such an interesting aspect of that the godfather which was not a true story -- based on. And I aren't a lot of what we have heard and read about the mafia. At a Catholic Church very very involved in their lives by the time we got 201. God father three -- church was heavily involved us. Very much so if you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 260187. To toll free 8668890. -- semi tech's number 87870. If -- on -- stay with -- -- back to abort your calls are just a moment here's. Part of our conversation our FaceBook page and the new FaceBook question is about. -- do you agree with. Governor Jindal there's a war on religion in America. And also what do you think of the governor's comments when Jindal says Americans are ready for. -- hostile takeover of the nation's capital. On our FaceBook page Charlie -- says Christians complaining about a war against religion. Is one of the most silly things one can imagine. In 2014. Is there -- religion in America. And if there is a war -- the casualties. And are you one of the casualties. Have have you had the government Obama or anybody for that matter take away your religious freedom your freedom to to celebrate your religion. Is anybody taking your faith away from me. And what do you think the governor means when he says people of America are ready for a hostile takeover of the nation's capital what do you think that means. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- number 87870. -- student for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back. Governor Jindal says that America is ready for a hostile takeover of the nation's capital what do you think he means by that. It is governor Jindal kinda going the way of Sarah Palin as a text earlier suggests that he's just saying radical. Insane things. Just to get attention he's back in the national news because he he said this here's a Texan reads a hostile takeover of the government means we -- sick of there. Blank. And here's attacks that reads I think Jindal means that when the Republicans win back the White House the punishment of trying to block. Everything Obama's administration. It did. Was nothing compared to what's coming what do you think the governor means when he says the people of America are ready for a hostile takeover. Of the nation's capital and we're also talking about whether or not you think smoking pot is a -- Oscar a year on WW well. Made -- -- -- you like you do go to Austin. OK guys making a carpet or what the poll which had been focusing so you know if you look in. You know. It -- all five. And we should you get used to call -- they -- what do we have to do. -- there are Catholics Oscar they believe with the Pope says his -- Exactly. -- most -- the matter of fact. About a third of people. But an optimal markets were and so. They're somewhat useful so mobile. It's an all is that it. Does bring. It -- entry. You know if they can and import it to -- and there's been an opinion and it is now to an opinion. And then marketing. Ridiculously. Good way back in the in this and six. And -- -- -- as we drive. -- teaching kids to beat Clinton street. And and and staying at school all the main thing that we we part of if you need to be skewed to the spot and an astute. Now and honestly what stresses -- property in the stir. We've been to -- Distributed to miss them so much. Do you go to court to. -- an actor. And it is available in the -- that's why it. Got people. That can you just completely. In the open. It's going to be interesting to see I I I don't disagree with Ewing Oscar went to go we we often hear. We often hear about. Law enforcement groups that are opposed to legalizing pot because. That it. The fact that pot is illegal helps fill jails. And jails are treated like hotels it's all about occupancy. Here is attacks that reads. If you aren't atheists. Why do you follow laws. That are based on God's laws for example thou shalt not steal or killed. While. That's one of the most interesting -- I've ever received. If you're an atheist why would you follow God's laws. Will. You might not agree with. The lack of belief in god or Jesus. Of atheist. But that doesn't mean that there intrinsically bad people. There's not a rash of atheist going around the country are killing people God's laws. Are based on. -- manatee. And caring for humanity. So you could be an atheist. And now wanna steal. Now wanna kill somebody. Now -- her and if you and enjoy pressure would you comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- text numbers 87870. I stood in for Tommy Tucker it's 85010 till nine on a Monday and I think we're gonna get some showers later today here's -- -- -- -- and -- traffic updates. It's a 55 and a Monday morning we had some heavy rain around yesterday and I kind of have a feeling we're gonna have some heavy rain again and -- the talking about this in our forecast another update coming appearance -- -- In just a few minutes I'm -- in four Tommy Tucker on this Monday a team USA. They believe it's -- technically to draw but they you know they tied -- anxiously Portugal came back and tied him. World Cup soccer yesterday and they were hand toward the end and I thought they were gonna win it all what do you think governor Bobby Jindal means. When he says. The American people. Are ready for hostile takeover. Of the nation's capital. Here's a Texas says it means that gender will say and do anything. That he thinks will get people to vote for him. He needs to be investigated for inciting overthrow of the government. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven in a -- a -- 77. The other part of this conversation is is there are a religious war in America. From a meets Beatrice your under the WL. Mark your morning. And now. Right out. And clean and -- out. Pretty. The way. -- -- -- -- -- That often happens I'll -- politicians. The -- and being a creation. -- The Bible. How they'll walk and got -- stronghold. That mean that we don't have to deal and I believe there is a media. What is it ain't going on but. Christine. All. Day. -- And the eco and people that are. In in there and should would be and -- come. Do you think the deepest we think there's too much judgment against Christians in general because of the beliefs of some that might be considered. Extreme. -- and I don't know how to describe it but fanatical Christians like the west Borough Baptist Church those who try to really pushed. Ridiculous. Beliefs on on others. And I'd go back for it but. I'm Kristen are in the hill Christian have really gone too far. Being done and went -- Without really be for apple without actually hearing got. The -- got India the. Yet because you can't really call yourself a Christian and then go -- Protest the funeral of a fallen soldier because you disagree with the federal government and the military's acceptance of homosexual soldiers. And -- agree that probably. Each. And -- keep that in. -- Never okay you call -- Well in -- and you may meet Jack was probably keep. It got pretty much well he you know a guy. I'm a girl confronted you know people caught my savior and he -- able while being. My Beatrice are gonna get to a news break a village to -- the color show here's a Texan -- governor Jindal makes stupid statements to get media attention. In his quest to be the vice presidential nominee for the Republicans. He will say anything the worst. Has yet to come. I imagine at the other day I really think -- Jindal has his sites more realistically set on the vice presidential -- running mate. In 2016 the will continue this conversation also gonna talk about guns in the next hour on WWL.

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