WWL>Topics>>6-23 9:10am Scoot, online concealed carry permits?

6-23 9:10am Scoot, online concealed carry permits?

Jun 23, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about gun safety and the ability to apply for a concealed carry permit

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David occasionally of people will say to me -- -- ran into the year seniors themselves -- primary source and you and I was on the schooled on site useless to you when I was really young gee I hope it does it make you feel old. Well -- they add that line up again you know here's attacks have been listening decency bio dance era. The 70s skewed in the morning centric audio at the class a Lake Forest that city full voiced the bakery and Franklin avenue geez I'm old wild. Now I don't know about you we've been doing this for a long time but want done this is as much fun as I've ever had in this business. I even when Ty it ways may be crazier in wild -- in the years. Doing stuff doing morning radio show on FM may be that -- Maybe that was considered the -- -- but this is the most fun I've had in my life. For for anybody who is maturing as is Miami is part of the baby boomers management today and and I hope we have a positive outlook on on life and if you take carry yourself in. Just stayed as healthy she can and I think I think -- is great as I get older but and I think both of us have been very fortunate. Yeah -- -- not only just in the business in general but in this market. Nancy market here it really is not a lot of people come in and they don't while Austin and there's sometimes there's not accepted. So while I think both of us have enough to thank our lucky stars. Yeah I know things are great again I love setting an example that you don't have to get old it's it's what you feel meantime there are people in their thirties who. Who look and act older that I -- And it's it's really is state of mind and an -- their burned out already you know took custody which I'm going to be burned out -- like 32 -- you know. So don't feel old and if you if you do run in giving in and you have -- public eye on records by the memories of the past the people listened -- on the school bond served with their parents in the car I'm honored by all of that. So don't ever feel like you make in the fuel it's an honor. We've talked earlier about our road rage incident over the weekend that led to a ten year old boy being shot in the face and it miraculously -- -- always gonna live -- hospital. Also handgun sales are booming. -- have you purchased a gun recently for protection for hunting or because -- afraid you'll be able to buy a gun one day. Florida has passed what he's become known as the pop tort law. And this was just signed by the governor of Florida. It it bans schools from disciplining students. Who play with simulated weapons. And this goes back to this this kid that was eating as pop -- in class. And at one point he was eating around he just beating the pop tart. I'll play a point it looked like it was a in the shape of a handgun I'll carry and the teacher said that violated school rules in the -- was suspended. And song the bottom line is they target too far right I think and and also Florida has now updated their stand your ground law. -- to include warning shots. I -- you could always claim it was a high -- yard shot into their body but it was really just a warning shot. So there's a lot to talk about with guns and once again Dave Newman joins us on Debbie WL and -- is. With concealed carry Nolan NRA certified pistol instructor register with the Louisiana state police say welcome to our show this morning. Good there's a lot going on I'll ask you specifically about the gun ownership and -- handguns are. The sales of handguns are our skyrocketed. Do you get a sense that people -- buying guns more for protection for hunting or because they're afraid they're not going to be able to buy a -- Monday. Well that's an interesting question I would say a lot of them protection. Heard people say that they were worried that at some point they're Democrats -- and it will buy -- -- That region as well. Of course people in this area because -- are these children's sports a lot -- -- things like that there's a lot go on well. -- majority of his personal arms. -- -- -- obviously docket Avaya a handgun and two goal clotting but what what their other sport meet people to buy handguns. To participate in the sport of shooting. There are. Issues culture in -- That would neglect if he did manage something Disco you negotiate something. I meet people -- animals right -- it is target -- And and and and it's like one out of -- at the gym at the same kind of thing Armenia have enough of them and shooting hears him and and I always thought of it is therapeutic apparently they're arrange. Deal less stressed him and man a little more laid back -- -- isn't victory. -- luggage you know if if somebody does get into -- rage and get upset I mean as long as they wait till they get to the the news of the gun range before. Exact there their frustration. That would. -- -- -- When you see people register and -- wanna take a class to get to see him carry permit. Is there a spike when there's a lot of crime in the news here locally in New Orleans. Idea there is existed. Mainly because all their attention that. Maybe they need to do something and the bottom line that the police are reactionary sports and the no matter how many officers. And copd. They can't be everywhere at one time so there are going to be they're usually when it. -- -- You know sir you you're our bureau to get there no matter excrement you're there just a matter of just. Fact that they're you know you're really a personal protection strategy in some -- -- depending. And that's -- criticism of the police is just not practical for the police to be there when they -- us. Things -- Signed some things happen spontaneously news you always you can always be there. Have you noticed that there is. A new group of people wanting to to sign up to have concealed carry permit after there's a national tragedy like sandy hook corps been shooting at a school. He definitely -- I mean look at all of the press so many people see on the it is it is. You can't change the channel without any -- -- nationally. It definitely brings it to mine and put him there that they need to do. Now do you think they do that for protection or because they're afraid is if one side of the gun control debate -- to all of -- Oh they both advocates some people think. That would make it that much national attention -- the other hand that you start banning guns because. They think that the government the bad thing and actually took a person's bad attitude golden and to do somebody arms shall. They you know they -- -- you know the the popular or did you know enough people get together and put a law that will. -- -- from buying. Certain kind of gone -- and general. Dave what's sure is a reaction to this road rage incident that took place over the weekend and ended up in Kenner and -- six. A year old -- world's managed. Is in jail. He was a felon. On -- probation. And there was a road rage incident that resulted from throwing a cigarettes out of a car window that hit a truck in the net. Started this incident -- of road raged. Which ended with that the guy in the car firing I think three shots into a pick up truck and hitting a ten year old boy in the face what's your first reaction to that. That it had incredibly stupid. It makes every drug. Lawful gun owners' bed. In other thought it comes to mind I mean there's just no excuse for the. Oh. And missed it certainly isn't the console and and I think both people in this case are wrong and this dissent is an opportunity to talk about how to. How to deal with any rage that you feel -- we all feel road rage -- talked about feeling you know stressed or -- news like to go to the pistol range and and a squeeze off a few rounds and then make you feel better we have to learn to deal with that race before it manifests itself in a negative light. At -- yeah I mean you. The bottom line is in any confrontation it -- wanna talk about just confrontation in general not necessarily a life threatening situation. The one who comes out the best is the on this minded person -- met situation good man and a storm like this. Dave when you when you teach people to go through this course you teach a -- -- handle ago indeed. Do you ever recommend that somebody not not own a gun. There are those where situation. Where they had may be bought it for the wrong reason and and don't and don't show. Don't show the characteristics of somebody who would be a responsible gun owner. There are few people that I have to say that yes there. I Dave Newman is with concealed carry Nolan NRA certified pistol instructor register with the Louisiana state police state as always thanks for being on the show. I here's text you stated obviously people wouldn't be going a handgun for -- why would you say that a lot of people use handguns for honey. I was unaware of that I had no idea that people were using handguns. Running. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll do you own a gun. And have you purchased a gun recently. Why did you purchase the gun was it for protection. Fear the government was gonna take your right to buy a gun away or did you -- to go -- What did you buy -- If you gonna join a show with your comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866. 8890 a seventy and a Texan receipts and he said he will also continue to talk about this a road -- is it over the weekend. It starting with a cigarette being thrown out of a car window and led to ten year old boy being shot in the face. I'm scoot it Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back into the WL. We're talking about this road rage incident that ended hand. 26 year old New Orleans man who is now in jail these felon -- was on probation and had a gun and he's I'll have a whole list of things that he was arrested for. Obviously not a good dude and that there was a pickup truck driver who. I engaged in road rage with this guy between six year old took out a gun and fired three shots into this pick -- truck. Hitting a ten year old boy in the head in the face and miraculously he's he's gonna lift so do you Oregon. And have you purchased a -- recently. And what did you by the government to buy it for protection. To go hunting or because you're afraid the government may take away your right to -- got. If you -- our short numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. -- nearly seventy or text number is 87870. -- this past week it was gay pride week in New Orleans said the -- blog today on our web site is titled. Why it's wrong to judge gays by gay pride weekend. It's wrong to judge. Any group. By the outrageous behavior of a feud that tends to make it on the news but you can never read it they agree or disagree -- -- -- is on our website WW -- account. And -- it back to your comments we are thrilled to have the new -- royalty Angela hill and our radio family she does have great stuff coming up on our show today. At 1 o'clock is easier to raise healthy children. -- to fix broken man. African American social reformer writer and statesman Frederick Douglass says yes. And -- group of local man called the Silverbacks society impact. Did the social issue and in New Orleans and change the lives of young black men that's one thing -- talk about also. To talk about why governor Bobby Jindal has flip flopped on common -- Angela an open mind today and every week it went for. On WB well. -- stood in for Tommy Tucker from New Orleans son Michael welcome to the show. The economic cull. Lack of about. But at that year Glavine you'd (%expletive) that is happening out a check. Well like it -- But exactly it is chilly wet it is because. As you know -- it would be picked up -- Yacht and a lot of people commit crimes with guns and they were not purchased legally and -- people who war. Capable of committing crimes with guns are not the kind of people who gonna pay attention to gun laws anyway. Michael and political show thanks -- dissent. 26 year old guy David Jackson his name he's been charged with attempted second degree murder. Criminal damage to property. Possession of a firearm by a person convicted of certain felonies. Several traffic violations. Illegal carrying of weapons. And intent to distribute cocaine. This incident happened about 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon near the I 1016 and split fifty year old male driver and a pickup truck. Eyes said it this guy and and in this accurate through a cigarette out of his window and hit his truck and and he became enraged. And so they start pulling fond of each other and speeding up and pulling in front of the units of this this goes on from the -- 10610 split. All the way to I attending Kenner and ends up on Williams boulevard and -- Ford. Which use. Toward delay between west esplanade and the links of this was was deep in the Kenner. The -- the Acura. Who's in jail -- 245 year old girlfriend and his six year old son and his seven month old son were also in the car. Truck driver claims that this guy. Rams his his his his his truck both of them claim that there was -- going on in there again the chase ended -- Tim Williamson bully we -- boulevard. But this a ten year old boy it's it's a miracle that he's he's gonna live. He gets shot in the face you don't often survive that well what's your first reaction to this road rage incident if you wanna join -- -- with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And -- text amber is he 7870. I would hope that if you feel road rage if we were talking about this earlier in the show that you find a way to. Relieved that road rage you can't let it manifest itself into action. And we all feel. Like it would somebody cuts in front of me. Like it when people do certain things when I'm I'm driving or are walking I don't like -- I mean I -- I did sidewalk -- sometimes. Like when certain things happen don't like when people do certain things however. I've never acted on those feelings of rage. And you could have road rage and we had to -- earlier if you ever experienced road rage and the overwhelming majority people listening to the show have experienced road rage. But obviously they know how to control. But there's so much wrong with this road -- situation first of all the guy with the -- Using a gun in an improper manner. -- driving around using a gun with kids in the car and his girlfriend. And then the -- the pick up truck and he'd look at the activity that he's involved in on the road. And a ten year old boy in his vehicle I'm assuming it's his son but I don't know for sure. The ten year old in his truck. Is shot in the face. So because he reacted the way he did. To somebody throwing a cigarette butt out of the car. And hitting his car which is rural and I know that would make you angry. However. This guy who drives the pickup truck bears a lot of the responsibility. For the ten year old who was in his pickup truck. Getting shot in the face. Buddy Guy Chad Lewis George WWL yeah. Yet. Today that the -- -- Engaging -- that if you were on call. I played I agree and let. Him. Particularly -- the -- -- be -- -- -- it. Lewis I'm glad to -- I totally agree here's a -- reads it's about the gun. Oh it's not about the gun it's about the criminal liberal not. And that's directed -- me. I don't know what show dispersant listening to. But I've constantly says it's not the gun it's the criminal with a gone so again if you article available not find a better reason to do with -- -- Ice -- for Tommy Tucker 930 years in the WWL news updates were deeply. David a lot of text about this a road rage incident that it took place over the weekend ten year old boy shot in the face of the guys to pick up truck waited two year old boy wise. Engaging in road race because of cigarettes are apparently -- are out of a window this is what we're learning from the police report. And I here's a text big lesson for the guy in the pickup truck I can tell you to. He is a jerk with an attitude. Must be another blank on the road. You know what people do things that bother me on the road or where I'm Bruno walking but you can't. He can't let the raids take over to the point -- you where you'd you do something because she could. You could you could act in one moment it would change your life for ever. And and it's and it's not really a long range solution to any problem. Now IE if I possibly can I discovered -- ago. You know if there's any way rather than you know no flipping off no yelling and screaming. Just. Take it for what it is and -- ago although sometimes I Roland manages like probably anybody else you really really. It's steamed. When somebody's like doing thirty on the interstate when you're trying to get lawn -- all that -- that I have to admit. I do scream in the car now Maine nobody's there to here. I do a lot of yelling. I'd I'd I curse I'll admit this to fewer. Next to me you can probably read my lists and intersecting in -- you're probably saying good things -- -- not done so I do scream but that's the only thing I'd I'd I'd do what -- -- speed up then somebody all out and get alongside him and and -- make faces and and gestures and like you said on one little move like that at can be the under your life. And it that both of these people -- -- or not just the guy with the gun but the guy. Who was driving recklessly in front me but -- can't be saved zipping it got to tell you pull it from somebody in the report for review and Newport front of them and all of this over cigarette -- being thrown out of a car window which is illegal now in a state of Louisiana and it might make some people very irritated. Put people are just part some people are far too sensitive and okay the cigarette butt hits his truck and and so that's like a personal attack and so then the thing escalates to road -- to appoint retain your voice. It is shot in the head. I don't know this for fact but I'm going to guess that that cigarette but the guys that -- about. Had no intention of getting this guy's car I just enough that that's the side that's what I wanna bully may be -- -- But it you know I do I don't think he said yeah I'm gonna -- and -- -- On the car or yeah I mean you don't. You know you just flip and out of the window and you don't really have that much control over meanest thing is you know the cigarette but not aero dynamically designed to where you could direct where it says. Where it's headed and look at the troubled him. If you -- Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is 87870. Alessio what was the last time you fired a gun. When was the first time you fired ago. It -- that it's been awhile since -- is -- while a -- through -- and I got the old 22. That dad gave me for my sixteenth birthday. And it probably of would probably I know it needs cleaning and offering but it's still pretty good shape him you know but. I think about it than they ever get around it. To going and doing some target practice I would I think that would be a gaffes. If you -- enjoying our show the -- especially you know if you could pick the target you know likes of somebody that you really angry at. Well Betty -- I know this is probably not psychologically load the right thing to do but it certainly would help you vent your frustrations if you could if you could pick the target Mike and al-Qaeda leaders on the Elena. Or just the next. Hole pouch. If you go to -- review -- comment on numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. Point 78. Texas a 7870 years of -- smoking at a car with a six year old and a five month old real classy guy. You know but the guy ended up shooting. Somebody over road rage so a guy like that's really not gonna care too much about the wellbeing of people in his car when it comes to smoking a cigarette. Institute in the morning -- Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back on WW well. Earlier in the show today we were talking about what hope Francis opposing legalization of marijuana which raised the question in my mind is smoking pot a sin. And that was our WW a pretty general opinion poll earlier -- is smoking marijuana -- only 16% said yes 84%. Said no. -- smoking pot he did in moderation is a sand and -- drinking even in moderation beats him resisting a discussion earlier. Yeah I I think about this road rage incident that took place over the weekend. And while this is an isolated incident you think about the thousands and thousands of drivers on the road. Who who do the right thing and don't do the wrong thing in a very very safe drivers this is isolated. But to me this is a microcosm of just have a very big problem in this country and that is. People's anger. Breach. Getting upset. Over something that really shouldn't Buffy. And I have to admit that you know -- cuts in front of me that makes me angry. I don't do anything about it. But I do feel this -- Of and anger. And I guess it's because we're we're trying to protect our space. And and believe it or not -- buried subliminal level. I guess we consider that space either behind us or in front of us. To be our space number on the road. Somebody gets too close to me just part of my bumper. I feel like MySpace is being invaded. And that makes me angry again I don't act on it but it does make me angry. But both of these -- drivers were terribly terribly wrong. Obviously the 26 year old and let's let's that you practice a piece that we get angry. So a guy pulls it for a BUU -- a -- of your window. And it hits another vehicle. And that in rages the other driver. As of this escalates into road rage where your -- in front of each other. And this goes all the way from the iTunes six and split. To the ITN in Kenner and ends up on -- -- boulevard fort it all into it. So again this guy you think okay. I'm so mad at this guy. That I've got a gun I'm gonna take my gut and go shooting. And he shot into the vehicle. Hitting -- a ten year old boy in the face. And again thank god the ten year old boy is apparently going to be just fine which is nothing short of a miracle. Then you also think about the had to pick up truck driver. Who is a ten year old in his car. And this guy is. So upset that somebody threw a cigarette out of the window of their car and I understand that that can make of sent. But you're so upset. That you now engage in road rage. With somebody on the wrote. You know -- pulling fun of them and then and then they pull in front if you think you pullback in front of them and you know somebody ramp somebody's car. It led to. Mr. -- being shot. They both of these strippers there are clearly. Clearly wrong and both of -- put so many lives in danger not just the lives of those in their vehicle. But also everybody on the road that Saturday afternoon. From the plot stayed here and -- WL. -- -- Court -- or use common sense I mean we all we all all it and not. You know. Where you know I'm like I'm not -- Forget that day. In effect like you know you're great to witness it in. You know common sense if you're not under lord looked out I'll act that's -- people hairpin after taking bandage up the. You know there's a cool -- cute man you know. And I had -- And I hope that Dave I'm going to call and I hope -- by talking about this you know it's that so my -- to change the world but I hope like talking about things like this week. We were just reminded that we need to keep ourselves under control. And there we've just reached this point where we want instant gratification when it comes to everything. Okay somebody cuts and for earlier -- -- a sick rather out of the car window. I'm gonna I'm gonna get revenge at that that's disrespectful to the I'm gonna I'm gonna get them. We have to stop that. Because that's gonna lead to no good and it's not going to solve. The problem long range. Here's a text the truck driver was wrong by being a blank. I've could've got his son killed over a cigarette butt. It wasn't intended for him and that's true of the the -- is purposely targets of the cigarette but at this truck. But he hit and this was the reaction. So what is really scary is. Not guards. But people. With guns who can't control their their temper. Or people behind the wheel of the car when they can't control their temper. And that's what it really comes down to it it's it's about temper it's about not controlling. Anger. Here's a text. Had a lit cigarettes fly into my jacket. As a motorcyclist. Stop throwing -- OK I agree and we talked about that when this law was up for consideration and now it's -- Louisiana. I think the fine is a 300 dollars for throwing a cigarette butt out of the window of a car. If you didn't think that was -- And we'll see how you can argue that it's not later. And I've mentioned it IC downtown all the time -- the streets of New Orleans the sidewalks of new worlds littered with cigarette butts. And usually outside of buildings there's a place to put your cigarette -- Or you can -- putter doubted or trash can and then throw it in the trash can and there's a whole citywide campaign downtown walk your blood to the -- Meaning throw your cigarette by. In an appropriate place not on the street. And yet I guess there are a lot of people who have not considered that to be letter. And I don't see how that can be seen as anything other than later. I'm not a smoker. But I I'm not criticizing people for sports but the best thing that you can do to your body obviously but I'm not attacking smokers. Aggressively saying you have a right to smoke. But you don't have a right to litter and I would think that everybody can come to -- The conclusion that throwing cigarette butt on the ground -- a car is is actually -- -- however. If you see somebody do this. And it aggravates you. You can't really. Act on those emotions and that's what somebody did that obviously this is a guy who you know again and he he's been charged with felonies for Ford yeah I believe convicted. And he AM. He was on and a on probation. And cocaine in the car a garden a girlfriend. And and two sons 16 and 15 months old. And then the other guy in the truck ten year old it is it is truck so neither of these people did the right thing and I hope. I I hope this serves as a lesson for for some people that. And no matter how difficult it is you have to control your anchor. I'm -- import Tommy Tucker are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- number. Is -- 7870. Here's a text as some people are blessed to have kids for all the wrong reasons. I used to sell life insurance I have seen some things. That would turn. Anyone's stomach. Where there are values. Should be placed on the family we as a society. Have turned away from them. We'll be right back whatever WL. Do you own a gun. And gun sales have skyrocketed recently do you own a gun that has been -- WW a pretty general opinion poll this hour. Here's a final update on the poll 51%. Say no. And 49% say yes that's not a scientific poll of the population in general let's just. Reflection of those people who are listing to the shield I stood in for a Tommy Tucker this week here's a -- re -- as about road -- this just happened to me last Friday. Was going to McDonald's for coffee. I was in the left lane on veterans highway plenty of room to get over about three blocks before McDonald's so idea. It was a little sports car who didn't take too well to -- getting in front of him. So he wrote on the shoulder. Speeding up to get in front of me. Which she did it fine I thought it was over. He pulled into McDonald's. And I did also to get what I wanted. He stopped in the driveway got out of his car started yelling at me. First thing he said was by daddy is and didn't hear him it was lawyer or copper something. Anyway I told him that he was the one who -- to shoulder dangerously. Seeing how I can go around him. I did with him saying go ahead. So. So I can get your license plate. I say go ahead and he drove off. So I India again this is the this is the rage. That lives with that of so so weren't. And I had the one time I've been an anger management class I've told a story in the air. Over a woman who threw were cigarette butt and -- arrested don't you think you can throw away that throw that await your car. And she year called the police had said that I I threatened to beat her up which was actually serve but. You know I didn't they don't have a record it was since thrown out but I did have to go to court and one of the things that I had to do was gonna anger management class. And there were a couple of people this anger management class. There were in there because they had. They had got involved in some kind of road rage incident that led to a physical altercation. Likely go for -- in a gas station with somebody pulls over. Whatever is causing. Road rage but their -- I remember by -- long before road -- was a -- I remember my dad flipping people off and getting really angry with people. But it does seem to be getting worse today. And we need to just relax and realize that these personal affronts really don't amount to anything. They really don't stop and realize what really hurt Qiyue. It's often realize whether it's just something that you're allowing to hurt you were with the somebody released trying to her -- And so often -- the people are getting upset over really essentially nothing. Here's a text what is the race of these two -- Well we've got the full story our web site at WWL dot com I haven't mentioned that because that's inconsequential. It happened. And regardless of what their race is it happened with people of other races as well so that's just not even important. I do applaud the state of Florida for passing of the governor has signed what is become known as the pop -- law. It's a law that bans schools from disciplining students. Who play with simulated weapons. And it's based on this this kid who was eating up a pop -- any aided in such a way that. At one point the teacher said that looks like a handgun. And so since that looks like a handgun. That goes against school policy against handguns syndicate was spend it. So I think this is have a great new law we should have that in Louisiana every station at this law. And they were you there were kids who have been a kicked out of school because state. They were using their fingers pulling back their three fingers of putting out the index fingers sticking up the thumb to make the shape of a government. And pretended to shoot people people have been suspended for that. Also we talked about governor Bobby Jindal who says stats the American people. Are ready for hostile takeover of the nation's capital. And as a war on religion in America. Is using river diversion projects to rebuild our coastline a good idea. And that's what -- girl's gonna talk about today coming up next in a think tank and also would you pay more gas taxes. For better roads highways and bridges and -- governor Jindal the genius out of the forty other governors. With his move about a common core that's coming up next in the think tank with Garland Robinette. I'm -- to the Tami Tucker we're back tomorrow morning bloody New Orleans.

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