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6-23 10am Garland, river diversion

Jun 23, 2014|

Is using river diversion projects to rebuild our coastline a good idea? Representatives of the Louisiana seafood industry are not convinced. They think the process will cause more damage than benefits. But now, scientists from across the country say diversions are the right direction for coastal restoration. Garland asks “what happens if they're wrong?” He was joined by Jerome Zerinque, Executive Assistant to the Governor for Coastal Activities & Chairman, CPRA (Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority), Capt George Ricks, President of The Save Louisiana Coalition and Denise Reed Chief scientist for The Water Institute of the Gulf.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we're both subject we've talked about the minute minute minute minute time eastern coast restoration. And a good thing it's under that particular. The master planned bond Tuesday. That relies in part of not a large part. In two. In its government. Really distribution. Settlement diversions settlement diversion projects. And I think there's new factory in the group it's called real expert panel and diversion planning and implementation. Organized through the water institute of golf and apparently is from scientists. All around the country that have been starting. Whether Louisiana's doing the right thing in its master plan nick in the river diversions. And -- drug gives details on this the man that understands this room to -- whose chairman of course protection and restoration authority. -- for some applaud you welcome the show. -- Portland -- show for the Q tell me about his old. With the team being one -- -- and who -- that. Essentially the cost of protection restoration of the league with water institute engaged this panel and essentially what there. The purpose is to provide independent guidance in addressing these scientific uncertainties. All of diplomat and diversions the operation in the versions. And it goes divert proposed diversion projects within the master plan and it will provide technical input and review guidance to secure rate. As the player and so are developed and refined as we move forward in -- -- -- in Mississippi and helping to rebuild. In the in the news reports it is equally existential. Stood dealt with Jones on the right now with the settlement diversion. Of -- Why did the -- that in June is that for a. That that the diversions or an important port obviously. Every. Previous studies that looked debt or tried to get a -- addressing this issue coastal land loss. Has suggested or indicated that we need to. Reconnect to the river and utilized revert to help rebuild reestablished and urged the more action and so. This community is going to be important in terms of both helping guide. The process. In identifying the project operations but also it's a critical questions because obviously -- issues and recording to officially social economic aspects. In the implementation we know that they will be ships. But the unfortunate reality if things continue the way they rule with the loss of articles. These uncertainties. In terms of but what may have happened with the diversion. Not to the degree of what we can anticipate in the loss and the impact associated to the resources to continue with the -- it all -- that we have right now is. If everything correctly the first settlement diversions and be admirable role in black and -- Cited the cost how long one we'll see what results -- you -- Where we're at the point right now what -- doing some preliminary design and try to get it to about 30% states. And that -- court did help. In terms of side's seeing the structure. In what will allow west to make critical decisions in terms of ultimately how would want to be operated in the anticipated benefits that can be cheap with utilizing the reverse its course to be a better carrier based in -- approach has proposed that mr. Terry divergent. And that is. Assumed to be anywhere from a sixty to 75000. -- attest to version right now but it would be further refined as we continue to move forward. It with the design anti regulatory process as well. And when you say 30%. YYOY. 30%. Well essentially you have to go to process in terms -- looking at -- structure pleats in the destruction weren't critical areas. We all know you look at. He you know Plaxico let me benefit of that developing dealt out there so. We know that utilizing the river in west -- -- -- other instances that we can build land but it placing it in the critical location to maximize her ability. The captured that seven. And so the analysis I don't study that was working and coordinating with the -- engineers -- going to assess the available sentiment but the placement of that. Location and also the sides as critical you need to go through the initial phases of design to a sensible. The need what can be accomplished and the anticipated impact associated with implementing a two person that's out. -- -- minute shows on -- rose -- Now we have billion expert panel on something called divergent planning. Problems and I mean each graduating or actually. Cutting go broke bullets into the show wetlands in delivering remote settlement what Borough of sudden they can Poland into it. And surpass -- let's take a look at the master plan that the state is working on. It continues for opponents -- states scoring in the right correction. Where are drawn to running with the chairman of the coastal protection registration authority. Just been joined by captain George Rex -- and welcome to shore pressure ridge calling you. Gingrich. And it -- be a tall order -- Good I would -- drug testing room about the of the panel itself then. Specifically. Diversion projects like myrtle grove. What are your thoughts it's a supposedly scientists from across the country. Take a look at this and saying it's good idea of the the diversions may be the -- ago. Well I don't think into -- what you should. Issued on all the law that the addition to do agree -- -- -- diversion are important article restoration. But they also ought to change about the the dimensions are. A big large scale -- that support we're gonna do that that it environments and also eager interest. Do liberal diverted. Do you still have concerns about the size of the divergent. Obviously you wanna maximize the -- to achieve the goals but there was no doubt. That are all leading to information and and -- that we're putting together. Indicate that divergence or critical in achieving the building goals and to date we haven't had any. Our scientific information Mitchell dramatic effect negative effect on future. So. When this -- and -- -- from reading for me and of which was seldom. Alone. They quote the scientists from across the country -- -- six on the right path that do they have any concerns about some thoughts. Obviously the size -- going to be important in terms of achieving goals goals and that's what we're going to the process of identifying. Are going to the engineering and -- scientific -- there's going to be a regular corporate and that will be it. Ample opportunity. For engagement and stakeholders but we also want to work and will continue to work with the -- industry. To address issues and concerns that it took their questions but also -- and for the intended utilization in the -- -- of those divergent that would have a positive benefit to the habitat. But again from the beginning we recognized that there will be ships. But the unfortunate reality is that ships have been occurring because of a loss and it's been encroaching more and more into the interior portions of our wetlands and and the loss of habitat is the greatest threat to -- morsel and all the information that we. More so than -- Captain then that sort of hear all over the place through -- don't do the diversions. -- we risk to losing the official result ago. The -- Debris they -- would it be immediate effect on pitchers. The the thing is to handle what would it as. It does that many uncertainties involved. Different -- and -- attracted. They go buy a computer miles and in fact there haven't been there or computer. It's from being paid I am expert mafia and a big deal and all the decorations and all 8000 seconds 1990. Archie will this cause devastation to march its -- -- it could open a -- area option effect this year. And I'll have a look at it is because it -- diversions. That the president diversion not -- -- less fortunate bill. -- -- -- There -- the rewards coming in right near Asher. We're probably scored on the horses and they were people seem to forget. Back in 2000 integrate -- massive losses on interest because of that the smoke and all of a diversion like monopolized entry. And these things and -- Our fisheries and bit there being outspent ship that they should that they import million dollars to engineer and as. On the -- bird and without that what we're -- -- impact the environment which Richard. Oh. Get -- -- speaks to the point that we're trying to address that because of those uncertainties that we are engaged in the design and the scientific community. And having those folks on the community to evaluate those uncertainties and helped -- The decision process but. Just a correction in the court the norm and indeed respond to with a -- that we have those of freshwater diversions their apples and orange compared to what the proposed. And -- diversions and we've been doing significant scientific monitoring. Five years prior to the implementation of those -- -- in thinking stronger operations and there was no indication at best. Or worse -- beep -- in effect to officially has been sustained it hasn't had a negative overall effect on the histories or the productivity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that they -- -- all in all. This from people and -- August well. And it completely destroyed the public courses as. It did you know that CPR. Good speed and this so check on building -- But -- in that state gave me this in. If it's shut and so did. Isn't isn't the problem is that they'll let. The rebel. The nutrients and and I Trajan. Can. War that operation we have different. One -- -- the history that Dubai that bad guy obviously at the end and commercial pressure. And in this salt water industry. It's the war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- when -- mortgage interest and volume in an actual guys this. Saying that that did to prepare that. Reports stated that bad teachers. And administrators aren't you concerned about that -- -- The that. Administration is that Atlanta. Question concerns. About the death metal -- in the caregivers. So. But yet that she is looking at. But it is already answered these questions. -- Well you know talking about spin that they kept -- great example of screening which is completely -- in terms of the approach that -- area. We've engaged -- -- losing continued to engage stakeholders with the development of the -- scientific community. And also to -- development team we also have opportunity to evaluate these as we move forward but. The questions and report to the pollutants in the river. In fact that you're not -- what others have looked at it and it's not a concern in terms of what people of their captain Rick is referring to in fact. The nutrients in terms of the nitrogen levels or as much less than what is being placed on the rice field in the western portions of the state and inspect the weapons -- -- in the valuable tool. In escalating a lot of the night on reichardt and then there are factors that are in the -- the problems in the gulf dead zones so I don't think there's -- That misconception that we are working to address the issues and concerns of the interest as we move forward we we admit that there -- certainties in network or engaging. Both the community and the public in addressing those concerns -- as meaningful. -- loved when -- braves hold your position. I think you know I go along we we never having arguments and we debated pairings who certainly go -- -- Like you're in the counter happened. A compensation debates and disagreement. And ask him multiple times on many occasions. Fifty to a hundred -- -- figures on here for the master plan and constant. I finally got look at the match play and -- at all I see -- hundreds of billions. For the first three years. Nothing but after the and he's settled and we borrowed braves sixty billion. And I've had -- -- would say calling you have done your homework queues talking about fourteen billion for the great -- Orleans parish. There's no sixteen billion there. What one is it's that you wage and with the funding do we have the money. You're in if we don't much do we have not how much do we all we have on which do. What the reality -- vote we went into this story -- -- -- checking the bank of sixty billion dollars but you're relying on. The forty plus billion funding opportunities that we currently utilized. And you write and record to the significant amount of the money watch portion of that went to the -- and vicinity flood protection but since 2008. -- implemented over two point you know in terms of restoration features as well and so. It's we're continuing to utilized projects State's surplus funding go into funding the qualities Comesa. -- the funding and other available sources. There was no -- no doubt that the unfortunate event of the hospital will provide resources. That are born to be critical in moving this point forward that. We never. We knew that the check wasn't in the bank would work and had fifty billion dollars in the open have to work toward addressing the issues and utilizing court funding and anticipated funding sources that we have to implement transported. We need to flung projects stopped playing everybody focuses on fifty billion dollars. We need to focus on implementing projects these warships significant projects that are sustainable and will help ensure war. The future or -- We we get lost in the figure but we need dimensional that we continue to move forward and trying to develop. And implement foreign exquisite that we can use and also creating efficiencies in terms of implement these projects. And how we do and some of the diversion project we implement it over 300 need in the versions. Pumping material over when he models with disturbance -- a book -- murder. In terms of addressing that significant. On so so that's what all the river to utilize for implementation project so. We're learning more we're creating efficiencies and that's going to help ultimately achieve those goals. Drones are playing captain George Rick's. I think public I certainly do. Really appreciate the the reasoned debate where -- -- -- all learn from that you've -- news that time. And getting on to -- Oh -- -- -- scientist with the panel coming up I'd wanna be more than welcome Leon as long as you'll like it kept believed truly appreciated time taken to calling. Keep it on the I have to -- applied to -- I -- to do. Thank you go out and I'm always Mary's. I've been that is since nineteen set up. And number of people that have been here for one child that that they will get reporting billion dollar bald rock and some were good ago. And did the concept. -- football you now going way sell the bonds. It seemed to really. Get into the green -- most people my true what the disconnect is. But this -- to fully understood and that it's is gigantic problem which could caused all of us to move all of those blood again. And in in trying -- rampant drug they've put -- government plan and the -- critics goes for it but it. Or try and do something about it. Latest news reports. Talks about to an expert panel on diversion planning at the settlement divergent. Primarily in rebel war. Debris builds on the bars -- it's the extra panel and divergent play in the implementation. And it's organized through something called water institute of the golf I think we -- Droughns ran the who's chairman of the coast protection frustration authority wrong he's still -- get prepared appreciative to. And did things read -- chief scientist for the quarter inch or two ago in the before welcomed the trio. Water institute of golf. And you all of these type organizations that -- and promote. But we're pretty neatly and for a couple of years now we're and independently. -- can achieve place in pantry that we see and a poor five at -- peace treaty with the port directives. And we've assembled agree it is technically capacity scientists and engineers and and we analyze the problems like the one that you're talking about today we are -- to try to. Get the -- and putting it together and putting an awful I'd like -- -- all -- ball on mister excel or whoever can can look at and and use -- -- make decisions. Initiative through my -- How are you funded. Split but eventually by the project to come -- until we put different numbers different. Organized nations we do you do a lot of work there right they come to lessons I had a united we need to know what to do about addicts. -- needed on this study of Victoria and and and we gave that we asked that was different number -- -- -- different than decent look at the core of Anthony's on. On the off demand but the hurricanes and -- -- penalty but it looking at what we can do what it because of the conflict in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. That didn't just attack as the Louisiana. -- -- toward me he's like consistently in general across the world and and we trying to engage in them. I'm paraphrasing him probably doing a poor job we have captain -- and Joseph stop with the us. Sort groups. And if he's often been on the show the number of other. People who heavily involved in the seafood industry. In a function of what they're saying they're concerned that the injections of fresh water. Are gonna created all kind of problems -- -- -- states. You're gonna watch what are you oyster bed -- -- killed the nurseries that did use the bracket water in there and very small part of the coast and very pride to. Or any of those concerns have you looked at them in the -- so what bush uses. Well with the number of studies that are ongoing at the mine until the exactly yet that we -- things and work to get ready so that. The 27 inning because the mosque planned. And we're actually doing some analysis he has that really adds on to what was done to support the 2012. We really trying to look at what the effect of this do to protect all on these communities and how they can -- do. Now particularly he has really complex. On site -- rhetoric or out there will decline and and I listen live webcam on the attention it received the nineties we see them on the war that we see that page in the created around. All the time. But when it comes the science that's the understanding. Now that all fits together. There's some pieces of that that frankly where it any better at the peace and the border -- -- there you know we're at predicted that and there's been a lot of analysis that could be years on. On him that in the days and how what amazed and has salinity changes. The most challenging but he is what the consequences of that all full of animals that does that. Back in the twenty well planned we were really be able to look at habitat a -- -- theoretically how many. Animal to have a different type would be in this area -- that -- really trying to be impolite to 2017 and -- I think support some of the diversions rotates. Where we used the most sophisticated. Numerical modeling -- -- computer models. Activists say what would happen if we did this with a -- nation -- what would happen if we did that with the diapers. The other thing about that is this I think that would probably. Because this is the too complicated that you would not even just gonna Carlisle one test models we can a look at several Japanese people in different at all. This Mexican very complex ecosystem. And so what groups like past -- that the water entities try to pull the kind of thing we know about this system together. And help but think about the consequences of taking different actions. Draw me if the Brandon end of the Stalin to stay at the conclusion there's Saudi princes -- their -- do ecosystem modeling. More she experiments. Diversion impacts come back and say you know the -- the shrimpers and Nordstrom's concerns are brought eight. These of merchants are too bitter go there's too much freshwater. Or do do you have the ball -- plan. That's the beauty of the -- of playing gold and and so much as. The adaptive management concept in terms of building on what works learning from the projects were implementing and adjusting in modifying the plan. To incorporate those -- so. Whatever the piano comes back with -- providing guidance that's going to help determine influence the path forward. Again we don't presume that we have all the answers and that's why it's important for -- utilized to distance science technology experts who can help. Four in the decision process and it's not just about diversions understand that two thirds of the restoration budget is going to dredging. A lot of what captain Rick and others are advocating that we are doing a significant amount of dredging. But these experts will help guide. Help the process in terms of utilizing these diversions which we believe more critical tool in helping sustain our coast in terms of -- them and operate. Didn't you through bear with me accountable long questioned. At eight the dude dude dude so called nurseries. Where the -- fruit and little fish all gathered to grow up without him. Without that line and nurseries. Where we just don't have moves to receive food and understand it's small -- and it's Melbourne -- Wide and it's totally independent I mean totally dependent. On the proper. Percentages. Of salt and fresh water now. When we look at the colts. Dead sooners who -- the Bay Area is that or dead in particular during the summer. We're told that nitrogen particularly good -- but it's also. Caused the apology to grow very quickly. Then that allies -- -- Dodd has sucked up that oxygen and we have the dead zone huge dead zone and go off. Walk away. Do the promptly tonight treats in the river. Put into the wetlands why would they not do this scene dating to the nurseries. Well there's several different. Several differences between offshore area where we get these type toxic conditions on an annual basis and they and street one of the things that happens optional. Is that because the war that didn't much speak for a the bill that the warden at the bottom -- oxygen for exactly the purchases you describe that the water at all. Kind of sits on top that you get this kind of -- is it that. In the estuary in the areas a case like Britain now Gilberto everyday. The war -- little -- and my people and fifteen feet deep something like that. And we get enough wind on a regular basis cut it to stirred up. -- the fact that he level look at instead regularly by the means that kind of stalled. A specific low oxygen like he would develop but there's some really good questions about what happens to those nutrients. When they get into the estuary. How much of it goes into the ball material how much -- since the policy at vegetation that we can see how much that goes into the race. And how does that change the soil that the experiments and other places that -- that most of nutrient. -- -- to tell applaud Greisen heavily influences the -- the BC about the Grant Hill influences -- alive. What about the rest of the nutrients what they can do an open border they can be by the -- Timbaland they can be Alec people in -- for the -- that -- really. Not going to be get it right at the vigil for a the kind of questions that we tried again and wants to. The estuaries and very different from social. And so we got to understand those differences and then technically to -- diversions like this. What happens in the estuary if we do -- -- -- like that what happened in the history. What happens if we don't do any diapers. What happens if we can -- in stretching. What are they wanted to do things and the one -- we really to a law but the water has achieved is we provide tools so that those can do like what did. But it probably doesn't want is that hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. And then kind of walk away because it's not doing what they thought it was -- that we can use the tools to -- -- out different scenarios. Provide information for everybody to look at. Romo broke a limited time by the men and then. We're gonna listen to do in the -- it's sounds very very very complicated a lot of questions still being naps. And -- no way ranchers or pure country not totally introduced at that point. Losing football field and -- or and that doesn't even count of stormed when they come in -- Colmes that they take way. Do we at a point where you just have to go with what you think is best without really know. -- it's not a matter of just want what we think is that it's going to be basing our decisions with the best available science. And technology that is afforded to ultimately we can't answer every question and -- 100% certain. The time to do that you may never get to the point what you get a 100% certain people didn't know that without. You know one unequivocal fact is that is that we're losing our coast in the increased vulnerability as critical to communities in -- is -- -- and will continue. We need to base our decisions on the best and sound science. And engage the experts as best we can as we move forward to implement these projects and wanted to keep things with a plan is that. With the implementation of the plane within thirty years we can get to that point you referenced -- football field every now. Where were actually going to be fielding more than we're losing something that we never been able to say. Since 1930s were completely changed the hydrology and getting to the -- point we can achieve -- Sustainable coast both for the resource in the communities rebel. Room loved to be able to get back -- leader Jerry to really understand the funding Spielberg confused. That's where the money's coming from what -- with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank both of you for the Utah and incredibly important -- I ago biggest celebrity -- 53 yeah.