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6-23 11am Garland, gas tax

Jun 23, 2014|

Two senators are proposing an increase in gas tax…a 12 cent increase. Why? Because if something isn’t done soon, the U.S. highway trust fund will go broke. Do we pay more or just complain about the crumbling of our nation's infrastructure? Louisiana has a $12 billion backlog of road repairs, highway upgrades and bridges. Would you pay more gas taxes for better roads, highways and bridges? Garland got the conservative view from Emily Goff, Policy Analyst, Transportation and Infrastructure @ Heritage Foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank Terry you have pretty good evidences to why you really can't tell the future. 67. To eight years ago on this program we do a lot of shows home what we've removed the middle leaves -- uses -- oil supply and in. Things -- -- get to such a point where we can -- through it and -- we've got these battery powered and hybrid chords and then it was a big debate on the show for years of that report cards will never weren't good there's no way to the recycled the boundaries and it's too expensive. -- meant for acting comes along and and our energy supplies increased and cheaper. But -- irony into. The blood got an initiative much because of the Middle East -- threat to oil supplies. We are now. Driving much more fuel efficient cars are boys. And we're paying. You're taxes. On the gasoline. So consequently. Our multi billion dollar hybrid trust fund the federal Poland. Is gonna go broke according to reports I've read by late August. So two senators one from Tennessee won from Connecticut. Wanna raise the current gasoline tax federal taxes on eighteen point 4%. Sent were of an odd percent. And they -- braves in 224. Point four cents ago. That's over the next two years. Good to index the taxes to keep pace with inflation. Better understand that we're gonna. -- to conservative Pennington and so -- -- things get votes out of your argument. Public golf policy analyst for confrontation infrastructure. Specialist. Expert Heritage Foundation. Is whether certainly appreciated call that a group calling it. Well thank you expert beyond today. So what do you think. Good idea that I do that looks like good score and broke out of we brief moment. Yet -- -- in August the federal Department of Transportation has said that it will have to begin delaying payments to the state UT's the way it works is that. The US DOT enters into agreement with the state DOT's and won the -- build projects they submit requests for reimbursement so what. The -- you're hearing about how which has been going broke it means that. That's how we transferred to Washington won't have enough of a person in order to be potatoes. State in a timely way that might have to delayed payment. Simply because this cushion that they have there's been depleted. On -- they you mentioned the increase in enough fuel efficiency. Well that plateau in driving a big part of why there's not enough money left is because spending has increased over the last couple years so much. And has spent down it. The healthy balance we had a that I would trust fund. -- for that proposal that senators. Are being Corcoran proposed hike sent. I don't gas taxes and -- people packed. I asked the question what exactly are voters going to get to. For this new money that they have to -- in -- And the answers some roads and bridges they would get they also would -- He's -- proponent of that 25% or more diverted to on wrote on bridge project it will benefit them. Like bike routes. Absolutely. There are there -- diversions. And by diversions I mean. Project activities that congress has deemed eligible for the funding for the federal gas tax revenue. Think the bicycle path as nature trails ferry boats. The subway system that we all know in big cities in the United States they receive subsidies and the my critique here it was talking about -- version is not that they're back activities inherently. But they're valued incidentally locally or you know I'll start small regional basis. They're not federal priorities so when it comes to acting federal you know -- -- -- the acting matters to pining for a federal gas tax. There's this big disconnect between that people pay into the system. And aware of the benefits where the money's going to be telling -- -- -- benefit either the benefits and that is standing. To me. You can't have any conversation about increasing taxes but please fix that -- person. And reducing the divergent somewhere around 20%. It says is the 25% in some years in recent years it has been at just 30%. And you you account for that by name that says the money's going to on general purpose threaten bridges so. You know things like Federal Transit Administration handled the cramps but take it out to. The -- the -- the -- is the biggest diversion by patent walking -- and those are much smaller. But there's still -- there. And the important thing to remember is that those folks who are benefiting from the its activities are not paying into the -- and it is on the backs of motorists. So -- motor city and traffic. Wondering why. You know a part of that is because there's spent the last three sources -- resources dedicated to stopping traffic congestion problems on the ground. Because they've been diverted to other active. And -- -- -- under his words can be convinced by whom it over. That that they should not on anything but roads and bridges with the how we approached fallen. Word would 75%. Of that 170%. And then take care of that ended so. Would the eighteen point four increased to 24 point four cent increase on the gallon Tampa. Gasoline be worth. If we work you eliminate all of the divergent overnight to. There would likely still be a small gap between the level of spending and the level of revenue -- brought it to cap the conversation at the federal level that. But I would say that. Regarding you know we're not we're not there yet right because no one's really talked about and it needs urgent -- there's not a lack of political will do that because their pet projects and in local local districts are -- activities if you will. But. You know still. Even if we ever but the diversity there it's popular that. Up the gap there but I stayed that looks -- the states -- There are twenty plus states across the great countries that are taking matters into their hands when it comes to funding transportation. They're either raise interstate gas tax because remember motorists paid state gas tax -- the well had an in addition to the eye out aspect. They're doing that they're entry into what are called public private partnerships where. They partner with the private company to build a very expensive piece of infrastructure. And the private companies but he most or all that it there's a public dollars are very few public dollars put on the line. Myriad things like it. At a out of the private companies to pay you back is that total road. It -- -- to be some sort of dedicated graphic at the told roads are one part of that and know that polls don't poll well all the time on the local level that there. I trust that the politics on the ground in local communities state according guard against. Rampant polling that would that -- it and and it can be demand and -- part of the local citizens that and people -- -- but that money goes to. The benefit them but cannot just I mean it you know all off into the -- On the -- and any other long term source of revenue to pay back that that the cost of that infrastructure. And they have a -- kind of I get strange questions. Are I'm looking at the depleted very camera and looking at. Thad Cochran and in trouble with in Mississippi. With -- -- and and everything I've read says a lot of it is people just sickened two dollar a washed. -- dollar. All the money give ways in the port Q&A money wasted and so forth and so. So I looked it up this is simply -- of Tax Foundation. Gets 46%. Of all their movies from federal spending. Louisiana is right behind we -- beat two major. Once were the port is going. And we've we've always been very happy with the every day we have Lowell -- -- bureau project board opinion -- and it was say they -- more deaths. Taxes for better roads highways and bridges. 73 presidency absolutely. Not. And everyone I've talked to people here and I communal -- -- we need money. Infrastructure with the money would. -- would you pay more taxes you don't. We don't trust him in there -- a lot of ground in a lot of ways and will never pay more. Help me with the conservative. Concept -- We don't want Washington keeps that in. So therefore we want to descend a -- outs but where I got to pay for what -- It is it is -- very deep and pervasive. Problematic. Mind that what people got used to deal. There's this misperception. That transportation funding is coming from someone else because. And simply because it's coming from Washington -- let's not forget that the money expert starred in the states it's being collected went up to Washington. But it without Louisiana and Mississippi did quite a bit more than we spent. Correct correct and actually all states right now are getting more back to. Through the I would trust fund then there's the Betty and I attending a Washington. Because we've been bailing out the trust fund with general taxpayers -- about that a problem it it it takes many incentives. Q to try to do it that your peers -- -- state pressure packed but it's. I think an important argument here and I think we need to remind ourselves -- all of this and that is that. People on the ground within their state and local officials. -- -- People in the private sector while they are far from perfect. They know that they need and solutions on the ground transportation problems much better. And Annie well intentioned bureaucrats in Washington -- not think there can be a partnership. And they can be a very limited federal role because let's face we -- in age and your country. But right now the balanced text so far in favor of the federal government in terms of control and responsibility -- spending decisions. That I mean it hamstring in the effort for the state and local officials to solve these problems. But the -- you have the money divert the gas tax money that motors campaign expecting. Good roads bridges. He hit it diverted transit and other activities. At the expense of traffic congestion -- -- on the current temperature is that the priority of Washington not on the ground. I think you have -- shifting the paradigm airport at Dayton and and localities and the private sector that it's important component here because they have capital. And the private sector. There's a shortage there if you if you shift to where they have more control over the decisions and the spending. I'm gonna have better decisions because there'll be distorted by these federal -- that the allure of federal dollars. And and the federal taxpayer you know footing the bill. I think you'll see -- incentive for state and local officials to make Smart decisions to target resource that's where there actually needed it's not based on special interest -- -- actually actually agree with you because. I would like -- control it more than that it's. But the the very factor that goes to god I have been heritage. Your regular reliever. Here on the show in the studio few months ago. And I say that I can sort of consider myself at least. Capitalists in and conservative when it comes from the tools that. But it's what you do like. For a what do you do about people like me and so it should remain. Some room for small government I'm for control -- the budgets except for Medicare. Social Security. Studio would -- god. And billion dollars we need for infrastructure in the suited for drinking water. Fifty to a hundred billion to rebuild our coach who would walk ward and -- laugh. But he had did miss that. Board we see in what we do seem to be two different things let me give an example let's go to. Don Don Europe double bill appreciate it got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that all. That have been in elected. To -- it. There. -- politically correct about. Come pocketbook. And make him. And blame that exact total amount -- have that usually it's home needs good to bring it to this date. But it becomes a thing of I don't approach it you're gonna use program you're gonna waste it. I mean an end and look -- you know I think you would agree. Politicians. Understand this -- do much about Social Security Medicare wonder cover. Because he say what you in his scorn broke. We want it but don't give -- -- office. And and they know the politically. Conservative goes on -- board can control was one of the one couple Social Security. What -- what are we doing there. Yeah I agree -- the collar that is and he has to be act to paint or struggling to make ends meet. And I I'm from Georgia -- in my friends back home church that are still struggling to make ends meet you know we're still coming out of recession. Now it's not the time today to -- -- right. And that whereas they let the congress is wrong right now first and foremost they have got to look at what they're spending money on now. And to root out the the activities in the projects that are on federal. In mean they have no federal access or that are not benefiting the people who paint attacks in the first place the motors that chocolate. And Allen estate bubble and and I think that paradigm -- talk about this paradigm shift is not gonna happen overnight nor should it because be your responsible. And it would it would it speaks right to it to the point that that -- because it just made. But. Under that new paradigm. I think would be naive to say that our perception doesn't cost -- And for example if we were to decrease the federal gas tax and him not taxing authority over to state. They could raise their state gas tax by the same amount the federal gas tax decreased the -- to the -- the public nationally. What you do is that money that's now being collected and managed by the state. Has done much more purchasing power -- it's not being wasted on Davis bacon and or similar wage requirements that are. Artificially inflating costs infrastructure products or any other host of -- you -- any other but a regulation that delayed projects and jacked -- cost. So that they have more money in more purchasing power. That's the -- to have. More -- resource that's without hiking taxes you just shifted and collecting it and you've eliminated regulations. Earlier I think we're gonna make some have to make some hard choices sooner or later and less people like you come on and explain the conservative side of the moment too liberal side and with nutrients understand what we're really yeah do our pre issued -- durable great day departure appreciate it. Governor -- bigger celebrity and -- 53 of them.